Tenay: It looks like we're almost ready for the next bout. They checked the ring and made sure it would hold up for the rest of the night, after that Clash of the Giants match.

JR: That's a good safety precaution on their part, Mike. The next match on the menu is a very interesting one. Multiple feuds have come about due to this match. It was announced a few weeks ago that the Rock, Crusade, Hunter Hearst Helmsley and the Undertaker would go at it in a Fatal Fourway match. Since then, a lot has happened.

*The shot switches to a picture of the match being announced... it then starts showing different clips...*
- 3/06/99= The Undertaker defeated Crusade, thanks in part to Mideon...
- 3/17/99= Crusade wins, via DQ, over Mankind, when HHH enters and Pedigrees him...
- 3/20/99= The Rock, instead of wrestling the Undertaker, is carried out and laid in the ring...
- 3/24/99= During the Punisher-Undertaker Lion's Den match, Crusade came out and started rooting for the Punisher... HHH appeared, attacking Crusade... finally, the Rock dived into the cage, attacking the Undertaker...

Heenan: Looking at those stats, you can get many feuds. The Undertaker has something to settle with both Crusade and the Rock. Crusade's got trouble also with Helmsley. And it's doubtful that HHH and the Rock, two long-time enemies from a different Fed, will get along! Anyone could come out the winner in this chaos!

JR: I believe that's the point, Heenan. Also, just to make it more interesting, here comes the Steel Cage! It's hanging maybe 6 feet above the ring, to allow the others to get in, then the cage will seal them, and the ref, in, until a winner is proclaimed! We've also got some Barbed Wire around the top of the cage, just in case someone decides to fly in. I believe the interference in this match will be minimal, boys. Let's go to Pen!

Tenay: His name's Penzer, JR. Or should I call you J?

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the next bout is a Fatal Fourway Match! This means that four wrestlers will be fighting simultaneously, until one either is pinned or submits... the first competitor, walking down the aisle... he stands at 7 feet, and weighs over 300 lbs... a member of the Wolfpac... Crusade!

*Crusade heads towards the ring, as the fans cheer...*

Heenan: Recently, Crusade's been the only visible Wolfpac member. I mean, Master P vanished, probably never to return. Marty Jannetty's on the MIA list. Even Animal Thug and Bobby have disappeared. Hopefully the Thug will show up later on for his World Title shot. But really, the Wolfpac's looking like the weakest stable in the GCWA right now.

Tenay: Well, Crusade's keeping the proud tradition of the Accelerator's Wolfpac alive tonight, taking on 3 other men in a Steel Cage. He's my pick in this one.

Penzer: The second competitor... at 6'4", weighing 246 lbs, he represents the Soldierz of Style... also known as Triple H, he's Hunter Hearst Helmsley!

*Booing and cheering intermix, as HHH makes his way to the squared circle...*

JR: Some fans really aren't sure about Triple H. I mean, he started out as one of the DX boys, feuding with Hawaiian Heat. Then he suddenly left them and joined the Soldierz of Style, with the popular LilPun and Heavy P. Then he starts attacking Crusade. I really don't know about him.

Tenay: Whatever side he's on, his wrestling skills are world-renowned.

Penzer: Their opponent... weighing 328 lbs, and standing 6'10" tall... the man from the Dark Side... the Undertaker!

*The lights dim as the Undertaker walks slowly towards the ring... he steps in, then raises his hands, bringing the lights back on...*

Heenan: Now here's MY pick to win this one! The Undertaker's almost unstoppable. He very nearly won the IC Title a few weeks ago. I feel this is more his type of match than anyones.

JR: We'll see, Heenan. He also won't have his little buddy, Mideon, running around lending a helping hand.

Penzer: Finally, the last competitor in this Fatal Fourway Cage Match... at 6'5", 275 lbs, he's been known as the People's Champion... he's the Rock!

*The fans cheer as the Rock heads out of the entranceway and towards the ring... *

JR: The Rock has really rediscovered the fans recently, and they appreciate it. He's got the skills to win this one. I've seen him be the World Champion time and time again, after all.

Heenan: So you're picking the Rock to win?

JR: I didn't say that. Triple H is pretty good as well, and has defeated the Rock before.

Heenan: So you're picking HHH then?

JR: No, I didn't say that either.

*The bell rings as the cage is lowered...*

Tenay: Alright, guys, we've got a match. Well, actually, we have a war! HHH and Crusade immediately start duking it out on one side, while the Rock and the Undertaker try to destroy each other on the other! Crusade's got Helmsley by the hair, and starts slamming him into the steel cage! Meanwhile, the Undertaker gets the upper hand and slams the Rock down, then starts choking him on the canvas! We've got two matches simultaneously here, JR!

JR: You got that right! Triple H finally blocks Crusade's head smashing maneuver, and hits him with a devestating uppercut that sends the big man staggering back! HHH keeps up the attack, with numerous shots to the face! The ref's on the other side, trying to get the Undertaker to release the choke. He should just stand back. They don't call this a Fatal Fourway for nothing!

Heenan: The Undertaker finally releases the Rock, then turns and walks over to where HHH is attacking Crusade. The Phenom grabs Helmsley from behind, then sends him flying into the cage wall! HHH is down, while the Undertaker... points to his eyes?

JR: Remember that comment Helmsley made about the Undertaker opening his eyes? I guess that was payback! But now Crusade, slightly recovered, comes off the side of the cage and rams the Undertaker down to the mat, slugging and kicking for all he's worth! The Rock's slowly getting to his feet, holding his throat painfully. Crusade, on the other hand, is in control, picking up the Undertaker and Suplexing him! If there was a roof on this cage, the Undertaker would now be stuck in it!

Tenay: Triple H sees those two fighting, and steps over towards the Rock, kicking him in the stomach. He looks around, then underhooks him, going for the Pedigree! But the Rock lifts upward, flipping HHH over him, then turns and drops his weight on top of him! The ref is over... 1... HHH kicks out. In the meantime, Crusade's just pounding on the Undertaker now, trying to soften him up. No, wait, the Undertaker lashed out, cathcing Crusade in the throat! He then starts climbing the corner of the cage! The Undertaker's about halfway, before turning around and diving, using a flying clothesline on Crusade!

Heenan: What a move! Oh, but here comes the Rock! He saw the opportunity and is getting some revenge on the Phenom, smashing down on his back with the heels of his boots, not letting the Undertaker get up! Triple H comes over... and joins in! The two are teaming up, however briefly, to smash the Undertaker down! The Dark Man might be hurt, now, although I don't recall him ever expressing pain. Ooo, and the teamwork is over, as Triple H quickly turns and clotheslines the Rock to the canvas! HHH then lifts the Rock up, positions him, and uses the Pedigree!!! The Rock is out cold! HHH rolls him over... 1.... 2.... NO, Crusade makes the save, lashing out with his huge legs!

JR: This one was almost over, guys! HHH tries to rise up, but Crusade locks him up, then lifts him in a piledriver! Triple H just got hammered! The Undertaker's rising up again, as Crusade turns towards him. The Rock's out cold, and HHH isn't much better, so we've got a singles match brewing! The Undertaker suddenly charges forward, but Crusade's ready, leaping into an all-out dropkick!! The Undertaker is down!

Tenay: That's the highest I've EVER seen Crusade get! Crusade steps over and turns the Undertaker around... and puts him in the Crucifix! We're finally going to see if the Undertaker can take the pain!! He's fighting it, but he's obviously feeling it! The ref is asking him, but so far... oh, and Triple H is back up, breaking the submission hold as the Undertaker falls to the mat. He lifts Crusade to his feet, and tries to send him into the bars, but Crusade blocks it! He then wraps his arms around HHH's face and squeezes, using the Claw! But now, believe it or not, the Rock is back up, hitting HHH from behind, incidentally freeing him, then using his elbow to knock Crusade into the cage!

Heenan: Geez, this match may never end! The Rock spins, locking Crusade into the Rock Bottom, but Crusade breaks free, instead whipping the Rock across the ring... and into the returning Undertaker! The Phenom falls hard against the cage, while the Rock staggers backward... and Crusade falls back into the Crucifix!! The Rock is in horrible pain now! He's fighting, no, no, he gave up! Crusade's the winner!!

JR: That was an unbelievable match! It seemed to go back and forth constantly. Crusade has proved himself a top contender for a title today! While they raise the cage and get the wrestlers out, let's take a look at the replay.

*The tape shows the Pedigree, the flying clothesline, and the Crucifix on both the Undertaker and the Rock...*

Tenay: What an exciting night so far! And the next match is no different. This one came down after the Michaels-HH fight. Let's take a look.

*The shot shows Hollywood Hogan running in and costing Shawn Michaels the match, and his career... it switches to Kevin Nash appealing to Scott Hall to rejoin him as the Outsiders, then a shot of Hogan and Nash fighting, with Hall stepping inbetween them... finally, an image of Hogan interfering in the Outsiders' title match last week comes up...*

Heenan: Hogan and Nash have been feuding over Hall for weeks now. It's time for this to be settled, once and for all!

Penzer: The next match is scheduled for one fall... it is a special match, since the winner will retain the services of a friend... first, coming to the ring... he's 6'8", and 280 lbs... he's the Icon of wrestling... Hollywood Hogan!

*Boos ring out as the leader of the nWo faction makes his way to the ring...*

Tenay: Hogan's been looking forward to this match against Nash for a while now. He may be older, but he's still an impressive wrestler!

Penzer: His opponent... accompanied to the ring by his tag-partner, Scott Hall... he stands 7'1", 367 lbs... the master of the Jackknife Powerbomb... "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash!

*Cheers go up as the Outsiders come out together...*

Heenan: I've got to admit, I'm skeptical, JR, Mike. I mean, the last time these two fought, Nash let Hogan pin him. Hopefully, this match isn't a farce like that.

JR: Oh, I doubt it, Brain. Nash and Hogan have long since split ways, and Nash is surely looking forward to taking down one of the great ones tonight!

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: Nash steps through the ropes and immediately is met in the middle by Hogan, who drills him with a couple of rights. Nash takes the shots, then comes back with his own, knocking Hogan into the ropes. He then whips him across to the other side, then sticks out that huge boot and drives Hogan to the mat! Nash has always used those long legs to good use!

JR: Nash pulls Hogan to his feet, then Bodyslams him, bouncing him off of the ground. He then smiles at the fans and probably at Scott Hall. Nash is looking pretty confident in there now. Hogan's pulling himself up, but Nash comes in with an Axehandle.. which Hogan shakes off, turns, and starts driving shots into Nash's gut! He then picks Nash off the ground and slams him, then goes for the quick pin! 1... No, Nash easily kicks out. It's too early for that.

Heenan: Hogan gets up and starts landing blows on Nash's spine, almost locking him into a Cobra Clutch maneuver! Nash, though, quickly gets free, and like a bucking bronco, throws Hogan off of him and stands up! He stretches his back for a second, then moves in, lifting Hogan and giving him a Backbreaker! Hogan's down! Nash stands up, then grabs Hogan by his head and starts to pull him up.

Tenay: And Hall has entered the ring! The ref is telling him to leave, but he shoves the ref aside and grabs Nash from behind!! He spreads his arms, locking them, then drops, driving Nash into the canvas with the Outsiders' Edge!! Hall has turned on his tag-team partner! Scott helps Hogan up, then waves to Nash, even as the bell rings. Hogan's laughing along with Hall, and runs off the ropes and drops the big leg! He lays on top of Nash, and Hall counts, 1, 2, 3. Hall raises Hogan's hand in victory, but this'll surely be a win for Nash.

JR: Hall... Hall's signaling for the mike! Hogan's posing on the other side, while an attendant finally throws Hall a microphone.

Hall: Hey, yo. *boos* I can't believe you fell for it, Nash. Twice, even! When you wake up, remember this: friendship depends on who pays you more. Bubye.

*Hall and Hogan leave the ring, laughing, leaving Nash laying in the middle of the ring... from another direction, Sting and Lex Luger appear, checking on Nash.... they help him up, but Nash throws them aside and instead walks back under his own power, followed by his fellow Ruff Ryders...*

Tenay: Just a shocking turn of events, guys. Hall's been playing the fool the last few weeks, drawing Nash in. I guess the Outsiders really are no more.

Heenan: I guess we might as well look at the tape.

*The tape shows the Outsiders' Edge and the Big Leg Drop...*

JR: Really not much we wanted to see there. Well, let's get on with the business, as good announcers do. On the line in the next match is the Hardcore Title. A lot has happened in this division, yet not many matches. Now that Jesse James is the only Champ in the Hardcore Division, he's got to deal with Mankind. Let's go to the action!

Penzer: The next match is for the GCWA Hardcore Championship! *cheers* This match, as always with Hardcore Title matches, will be NO DQ, No Countout, and falls count anywhere! Coming to the ring... at 6'3", 287 lbs, he's known for using foot apparal to his advantage... the man from the Boiler Room, Mankind!

*Fans cheer as the insane one comes out and raises his hand in the Mandible Claw, then makes his way to the ring...*

Heenan: Mick Foley is one of the most insane individuals around. I'm worried just being in the same building with him, much less wrestling him! The Roaddog has his work cut out for him!

Penzer: His opponent.... the GCWA Hardcore Champion... standing 6'2", 236 lbs... the "Road Dog" Jesse James!

*Double J makes his way to the ring amid a chorus of cheers and boos... once again, the SOS members receive a mixed ovation...*

Tenay: Jesse James earned the Hardcore Title when Heavy P won the IC belt. Now he's got to prove his worth against a well-known Extremist. And here we go!

*The bell rings, as the two wrestlers rush at each other...*

JR: We've got a fight! James and Mankind both using what they're good at: their fists! Mankind takes control, lifting James up and tossing him out of the ring! Mankind quickly follows, lifting himself over the top ropes and slingshotting after him! James didn't see him coming, and they collide, almost head-first!!

Heenan: Notice how Mankind's quickly taken this out to the floor, where he can get a hold of weapons. It's No Holds or Weapons Barred, boys! Mankind pulls himself up first. He was probably cushioned by his facemask from that flying headbutt. Foley reaches over and gets a chair, directing the surprised occupant to find a new seat, then comes back. But James is waiting, and leaps, dropkicking the chair into Foley's noggin!

Tenay: A great move to even the score by the Roaddog! James is back on his feet, picking up the chair. He swings it, hitting Mankind a couple of times in the back. That chair doesn't look like it'll be sat in again! He then drops the chair, picks Mankind up, and throws him down the aisle, where Foley stops himself by falling and rolling! James comes quickly after him, putting his hands together and driving them into the side of Mankind! The guy's hurt, but, is he smiling?

JR: Not surprising, Mike. Mankind lives off of these types of matches. James continues the punishment, however, whipping him into the guardrail, then picking him up on the way back and piledriving him! That's Gunn's move! James goes for the cover, as the ref hurries over... 1... 2... NO, Mankind's still in this one! James pulls him up, but Mankind suddenly comes alive again, picking James on his shoulders in a Fireman's Carry, then running down the aisle! James is helpless as Mankind drops him, headfirst, into the entranceway ramp, at a high speed!!

Heenan: That one definitely took a lot out of the Roaddog! Foley gets up and picks James off the metal walkway. James is staggering, but Mankind doesn't seem to notice. He drags him over to another rail, slamming his head into it, then turns... oh geez, they're coming this way! Run, Run!

JR: Heenan, get back here! Oh, look out!

*Mankind and James smash into the announcer's booth, with James taking the chance and pushing Mankind forward... Foley falls on the desk, right in front of JR and Mike Tenay... James jumps on top of the table and tries to set up Foley with another piledriver through the table, but Mankind reverses it, instead backdropping James out of the booth's window! Mankind then turns, grabs a mike, and yells "Have A Nice Day!" before following...*

JR: Is this still on? *tap* We just had a close encounter with the action, ladies and gentlemen. Hopefully nothing critical was damaged. I don't know where the Weasal ran to, so for right now, Mike and I will keep this going. Where are they, Mike?

Tenay: JR, they've gone through a backstage entrance. The cameras following, so we can see what's going on. They're going down one of the Reunion Arena hallways, smashing each other into each of the walls they can find! I'm not sure... are they headed for the exit?

JR: I think so, Mike. Yes, that's an exit door that Mankind just threw James through! They're outside! The camera's following. It looks like it's still raining some outside tonight, for anyone who cares about the weather. They're headed for the parking lot, I think. Both of them look like they're bleeding a little from this one.

Tenay: It has been a huge Hardcore match, the kind you expect when Mankind's involved! James takes advantage, tossing Mankind over top a limo. Boy, I hope we don't get sued like when this happened in WCW!

JR: I doubt it, Mike. I think that's Heenan's limo! Heh. Mankind gets back up and tackles James around the knees, then shows him how the dent-resistant doors work! Repeatedly! James looks almost out of it. Is the ref still there? Oh, there he is, looking soaked. James lashes out with a quick right, but Mankind blocks it... and there's Socko! The poor guy is drenched, but he's also applied to the mouth of the Roaddog!! James is trying desperately to fight it off, but Mankind's got it cinched in!! James is down! Mankind falls on top of him... 1... 2... 3!!!! We have a new Hardcore Champion!!

Tenay: Unbelievable action, Jim! They fought all around the Reunion Arena, including in the broadcast booth. Mankind earned that one! We've got to take a break to get our equipment back together, not to mention find out what happened to the "Brain". We'll be back in a minute for the 3rd and Final hour! Stay tuned!

The Third Hour...