Tenay: We've had 2 consecutive hours of non-stop action, and we've got more to come! But first, let's welcome back the bravest announcer around, Bobby Heenan!

Heenan: Hey, sorry I had to go, guys. I got a report from one of my sources in the back, and had to follow up on it immediately.

JR: Interesting that it happened right when Mankind and Jesse James crashed the booth, huh?

Tenay: So what did this source of yours have to say, Heenan?

Heenan: Yeah, like I'm telling you. You'll take the credit for it.

JR: Sure, Weasal, whatever. Let's get to the next match. This one's the one I've been looking forward to. The Cruiserweight Division has been huge recently, mostly by the competition towards Darkstarr. But when the match was signed, a Four-Way Cruiserweight Title match, things started to get ugly...

*Shots are shown of the Darkstarr-Shorty title match, which was ended when X-Dog and LilPun attacked... various comments of each wrestler are shown...*

Darkstarr: S+M is going to take all comers and keep the gold its fought so hard for!

Shorty: I'm gonna get the ....1....2....3 and walk out of the ppv the new Cruiserweight champion! So all 3 of you cruiserweights better get ready for a Wild Ride On the Ruff Side!

X-Dog: This is my chance to prove to everyone that I deserve to be on top and thats what I`ll do.....I`ll win the Match but more inportantly ill win your title so bring it on!!!

LilPun: LilPun is 4EVER, even with the title, so you best brace yourselves!

*The screen shows some of their finishing moves, then cuts back to the announcers...

Tenay: Lots of comments from each wrestler. They all seem to think they can win this one, JR.

JR: Well, in this kind of match, ANYONE can win, so they're all correct. We're going to see some tremendous flying action from these four!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen... the next match is a Fatal Fourway match! *cheers* On the line, the prestigious GCWA World Cruiserweight Title! *more cheers* Let's bring in the competitors... first, at 5'5", 140 lbs, he's a former Cruiserweight Champion known for his speed and skills in the air.... LilPun!

*The fans clap as LilPun comes running to the ring, looking prepared for action...*

Penzer: The second man, at 6'0" and 212 lbs, held the Cruiserweight Title, among others, in other Feds, and is hoping to make his mark in the GCWA tonight.. X-Dog!

*X-Dog's applause isn't up to the level of LilPun's, but he does seem to have a fan following...*

Penzer: Now coming down the aisle... he's 5'3" and 110 lbs, but is known for the way he can fly around the ring... the masked marvel, Shorty!

*Many fans cheer as the lithe Luchador makes his way down... he enters the ring but watches the two SOS members carefully for a surprise attack...*

Penzer: Finally... the last competitor has proven himself a contender again and again... at 6'6" and 230 lbs, he's the largest of the Cruiserweights... he's also the current reigning GCWA Cruiserweight Champion... Darkstarr!!

*The place explodes as one of the most popular members heads for the ring... the belt is taken and placed nearby, as Starr slides into the ring and salutes the fans...*

Tenay: Well, that's all of them, rapid-fire. I can't pick a winner in this one, guys. Anything can and will happen! Speaking of, here we go!

*The bell rings...*

JR: It almost looks like a tag-team match in there, Mike. We've got Darkstarr and Shorty on one side, bound by the unity between their groups, and we've got the two SOS members, LilPun and X-Dog. LilPun starts things off, racing at Darkstarr while X-Dog bounces off the ropes and comes in at Shorty! Shorty jumps over X-Dog, while Darkstarr flattens out, and BOTH wrestlers join the runaround!! We've got 4 wrestlers bouncing off of all four sides of the ring, crisscrossing each other!!

Heenan: What speed!! Starr gets the first shot in, spinning in midair while dodging a LilPun clothesline and dropkicking X-Dog! Shorty runs in from the side, as Starr gives him a boost. Look at the hangtime! There's nothing LilPun can do, as Shorty does a Corkscrew and Splashes down on top of him, stopping all of his momentum!! Shorty gets a quick 1 count, but that's all.

Tenay: These guys move so fast that we're missing half the action! I know I've said that before, but it's still true!! Starr catapults X-Dog into the turnbuckle, using his feet as the anchor. Meanwhile, Shorty pulls LilPun back up, but the former champ isn't done by a long shot, wrapping Shorty up and Snap Suplexing him! LilPun gets to his feet and grabs one of Shorty's legs, twisting the knee around. It's a partial Lion Tamer, almost!

Heenan: Starr's got X-Dog in trouble in the corner, placing him on the turnbuckle. But X-Dog kicks out, knocking Darkstarr back to the mat, then leaps, dropping on top of Starr! But the ref is distracted elsewhere, checking on Shorty, so X-Dog doesn't bother with the pin, instead getting up and running over, dropping an elbow across the back of Shorty! That causes the ref to order LilPun to release the hold, which he does. He then starts arguing with X-Dog!

JR: What did he expect, X-Dog to just give him the Title? This is a 4 Corners match, not a tag-team. X-Dog surprises LilPun, wrapping him up and dropping backwards, kicking LilPun across the ring with his legs! LilPun rolls to a stop halfway out of the ring, underneath the ropes. X-Dog starts to head in that direction, then changes his mind and picks Shorty up instead, throwing him into the turnbuckle. He then charges in, smashing Shorty inbetween X-Dog and the steel buckles! As Shorty slumps down, X-Dog takes a couple of steps back, then leaps forward, using the Bucking Bronco maneuver!!

Tenay: Starr's back up, coming over to where LilPun's getting to his feet. He picks LilPun up and whips him into the ropes, but LilPun reverses it, then catches the champion with a backflip maneuver, dropping his head and tossing Starr into the air. Starr somehow lands on his feet, but LilPun was expecting it, leaping and catching him with a dropkick!

Heenan: The action's fast and furious! X-Dog's in control on Shorty, whipping him out of the corner... and right into LilPun and Darkstarr! A 3-way collision just took place! X-Dog runs over and drops on top of Starr, going for the pin... 1... 2... LilPun quickly kicks him off, then picks up X-Dog and uses a Headscissors Takedown!

JR: While those two are fighting, though, Shorty rolls over and puts an arm over Darkstarr! The ref sees it... 1... 2... Starr lifts his shoulder! Shorty pulls himself up slowly, apparently readjusting his mask, then grabs Starr and lifts him up. Darkstarr tries to fight back, but Shorty grabs him around the middle with his legs, rolling both wrestlers to the ground! Shorty then leaps up and spins, trying for a Standing Moonsault, but Starr rolls out of the way!

Tenay: X-Dog's down in the corner now, as LilPun lifts him slowly up onto the turnbuckle! Is it time for the UG Movement?? LilPun looks around, then hooks his legs upwards, and drops, with a Hurricanrana! I guess he thought it was too early for the UG Movement. Either that or he wanted to win this way, as he goes for the pin! 1... 2... Darkstarr makes the save! He hits LilPun a couple of times, then whips him into the ropes. LilPun tries a Body Splash... at the same time Starr tries one! We've got a collision alert!!

Heenan: Starr's pulling himself up slowly, while LilPun's just trying to catch his breath. Remember, Starr's got the weight advantage, which really helped him there! On the other side, Shorty's back up, with a hold of X-Dog. The SOS man is trying to punch free of Shorty, but Shorty's returning the shots! He then turns and twists, lifting X-Dog up and sending him into the turf with what looked like a variation of the Juvi Driver!! X-Dog's out of it now!

JR: Meanwhile, Starr's got LilPun up on the far turnbuckle! He signals for the Stardust! LilPun starts to move, trying to position it into the UG Movement instead, but Starr's got the momentum and the size advantage! But wait, here comes Shorty!! He uses the ropes to propell himself upwards, dropkicking both wrestlers off of the turnbuckle and to the outside!! LilPun hit pretty hard, and Starr doesn't look much better. That was quite a fall!

Tenay: Shorty's leaping up onto the turnbuckle. Is he going to continue the punishment on the outside? NO! He's using the Shortanation!! He flips, and lands right on X-Dog! That could be it!!! The ref's over, even as Darkstarr tried to come into the ring. 1... 2... 3!!! Darkstarr couldn't get there! Shorty's the new Cruiserweight Champion!! The smallest of them all just became the one to beat!!

Heenan: Unbelievable! I never would have picked the small guy! Darkstarr rolls out of the ring, grabs the title, and comes back in. He looks at it for a second, then hands it to Shorty. The two then shake hands, and Starr raises Shorty's arm! What a show of sportsmanship! It makes me sick!

JR: Too bad, Weasal. Deal with it. Let's check out some of the replays from this match!

*The shot shows the Bucking Bronco, LilPun's Hurricanrana, the fall by both LilPun and Darkstarr, then finally the Shortanation...*

Tenay: Definitely one of the best matches of the evening! Shorty pulled off the huge win, and his career just surged forward!

JR: Next up, well, we have a match that is just unbelievable. These two fought just last week, for the Intercontinental Title. What happened next, well, just watch the tape.

*The tape shows some of the images from the last Heavy P-Steve Austin match, interlaced with some of their comments... it shows the Undertaker's interference, costing Austin the title... it also shows each wrestler's demand at a title shot, and the subsequent refusals... finally a shot of the two signing the Title Shot match comes across...*

Tenay: These two already had one massive clash. Now it's time to see them go at it once again! Let's get it on!!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the next match is a very special Grudge match! On the line, a shot at either the IC Title or the Tag-Team Titles! *cheers* First, coming to the ring... at 6'4", 265 lbs... known for his brawling style and being the self-proclaimed Toughest SOB in the GCWA... "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!

*People cheer as Austin comes out, along with his favorite sound: glass breaking... he heads into the ring...*

JR: Austin looks ready for a war, ladies and gentlemen. This could be nothing short of a complete bloodbath!

Heenan: Both of these guys are at the top of their game. One mistake could prove the undoing of the other!

Penzer: His opponent... currently the GCWA Intercontinental Champion... he's 6'3", and weighs 328 lbs... the leader of SOS... Heavy P!

*The fans are somewhat subdued, but the Heavy P signs are obvious in the audience... Heavy P rolls into the ring, and is immediately attacked by Austin!*

Tenay: Wow, Austin's taking the fight right to Heavy P! He's kicking away all over that large man!

*The bell finally rings...*

JR: Austin's looking fired up! He's just punching and kicking Heavy P, and the IC Champ has no defense!! Austin pulls him up and whips him into the ropes, then runs at him, going for his infamous tackle-punch maneuver, but Heavy P dodges, turning it into a knee lift! Austin stumbles backwards, and Heavy P charges, smashing into him and sending both wrestlers tumbling to the outside! What a beginning to this one!

Heenan: Austin loves being on the outside, but remember, Heavy P was the Hardcore Champion, so he knows the 'ropes', so to speak. Austin gets up first, due to Heavy P landing on the bottom of the pile. Stone Cold shakes his head as if dizzy, then reaches over and picks the IC Champ up, while the ref counts. He slams Heavy P's forehead into the apron a couple of times, then whips him into the steps... but Heavy P gets the reverse, and Austin puts a dent into the steel stairway!!

Tenay: You can sense the loathing these two feel for each other. Heavy P lifts himself up, then grabs Austin by the trunks, pulling him up and rolling him back in the ring. He follows, stopping the count and keeping this match going. Heavy P whips Austin hard into the turnbuckle, then runs in after him. But Austin gets his legs up, stopping the Avalanche attempt, then runs out and clotheslines Heavy P down as he stepped backwards! Wow, I don't think I've seen a wrestler get in more than 2 moves in succession so far in this match! These guys may just be too evenly matched!

JR: It took outside interference last time. This time it's down to pure power! Austin climbs up to the middle turnbuckle, then jumps off, landing a shot to Heavy P's kidneys! He goes for the pin... 1... 2... Heavy P throws him off. Austin grabs Heavy P by the head and starts repeatedly slamming it into the canvas! The crowd's chanting along as Austin continues to give him whiplash!!

Tenay: Austin gets up and raises his arms, as the crowd continues to cheer. He turns and walks up to Heavy P, who's shakily getting to his feet. He kicks him in the stomach, and grabs his neck, but Heavy P throws him off! Austin tried to end this one, but Heavy P was ready for it! He comes in quickly before Austin can recover and Powerslams him! That's over 300 lbs! The ref dives in... 1... 2... NO, Austin's still alive!

Heenan: He's just flat as a pancake, that's all. Heavy P stands up and runs off of the ropes, even as Austin starts to get to feet. Austin turns as Heavy P gets there, shoulder-blocking him to the ground! Heavy P then picks Austin up and positions him, then Pancakes him near the turnbuckle! Another huge hit by the champ!

JR: This one may be nearing an ending, guys. Heavy P's climbing up the turnbuckle, preparing for the Belly Press! Heavy P takes a second to moon the crowd, causing many groans and making me glad the camera angle was on the other side!

Tenay: That cost him bigtime, JR! He's up into position, but so is Austin! Stone Cold shakes the ropes, causing the big man to fall, legs split, across the turnbuckle! Ouch! Austin doesn't waste a second, climbing up the turnbuckle and locking up with Heavy P. He's got him positioned, and he lifts 300+ lbs off of the turnbuckle and down to the mat below with a Superplex!! Wow! That may have knocked both wrestlers out!

JR: I think both wrestlers hit their heads when they landed! Neither one is moving! The ref is counting. You can see both breathing hard. Austin's eyelids are fluttering, but that's about the only movement he's giving. Wait a second, someone's coming down the ramp. It's... it's the Undertaker! He climbs in the ring, grabs the referee, and picks him up in a Tombstone Piledriver! The ref just got spiked!! My god!!

Heenan: I guess that's one way of stopping the countout! Austin's moving, trying to get up now. I don't think he knows the Undertaker's in the ring, though. He rolls over onto Heavy P, going for the pin! The Undertaker grabs Austin's neck from behind and yanks him to his feet, lifting him up by his throat into the air! Austin's struggling, and now Heavy P's up! He attacks the Undertaker, knocking him back, and forcing him to drop Austin. He then runs in, elbowing him hard. The Undertaker responds with a couple of throat chops, staggering Heavy P, who's still winded from the match!

JR: Austin, given a chance to breathe, jumps upward and slams into the Undertaker, sending both rolling out of the ring! Heavy P follows, climbing out on the apron and taking flight into both wrestlers! What a brawl! I guess this match is going to be a No-Contest. Someone, get in there and check on the ref!

Tenay: While the medics check on Holbert, and while security tries to break these wrestlers up, let's watch this tape for the last match of No Blood, No Foul!

*The picture shows Phoenix and Animal Thug facing off a few weeks ago... the cage rises, and Pagus charges in, attacking Thug.... the image switches to a shot of Thug taking out Pagus and others during their matchup... the image switches back to the "air-conditioned" broadcast booth...*

JR: This rematch should mean the world to both these wrestlers. But recently, Animal Thug's been on the Missing-In-Action list. Has anyone even seen him in the building?

Heenan: All I know is, the match hasn't been canceled. Let's go to the ring.

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the main event of the evening... the next bout is for the GCWA World Heavyweight Title! *cheers* first, the challenger... weighing 288 lbs, and standing 6'11"... the main member of the Wolfpac... Animal Thug!

*The fans look anxiously at the doorway, but no one appears... the murmuring by the audience builds up, as Penzer calls out his name again... finally, Animal Thug appears in the doorway... he looks to badly need a shave, as he comes slowly to the ring... his eyes are not focusing on anything as he simply sits in the corner...*

Heenan: My god, Animal Thug's joined the Flock!

JR: Oh, stop joking around, Weasal, this could be serious! That does NOT look like the Animal Thug of old! I wonder what's happened? He really doesn't look ready for a wrestling match.

Tenay: I don't think I've ever seen Thug look so downtrodden. Maybe this match should've been cancelled.

Penzer: Ummm... and his opponent... he stands 6'9", and weighs 265 lbs... he's not only the leader of Smoke and Mirrors, he holds the highest title in the land... the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion... Phoenix!

*Phoenix comes out to some boos, but mainly the crowd seems still stunned by the appearance of Animal Thug... Phoenix comes quickly to the ring, pausing to look at Thug before he enters the ring... he goes over and talks to the ref, pointing at Thug and shaking his head... the ref shrugs, and the two continue to talk...*

JR: I think Phoenix is telling the referee that he doesn't think Thug's fit to wrestle either! I guess, despite his sometimes 'illegal' ways, Phoenix isn't bad enough to want this match.

Tenay: Wait, Animal Thug's gotten to his feet, and he's charging at Phoenix! Phoenix turns, but not in time, as the Thug smashes into him at ramming speed! I guess no matter what we think, Thug's going to wrestle this one!

*The bell rings...*

JR: Thug's just pounding away on Phoenix, swinging madly. It doesn't look like more than half his shots are connecting fully though. He's swinging too wildly! The ref tries to tell Thug to break, but Thug shoves the referee back, steps towards him, then changes his mind and heads back over to Phoenix. However, the champ's recovered himself, and stops the Thug with a shot to the stomach.

Tenay: Phoenix still looks a little concerned, wrestling Thug in his condition, but it looks like he's decided to take advantage of it. He lifts Thug up in the air, then drops him with a hangtime Suplex! Phoenix jumps right back up and watches as Thug lies there a second, then pulls himself slowly up. Phoenix shakes his head, then starts driving fists into his face. He then grabs him by the hair and tosses him over the top rope!

Heenan: Some of the fans are booing, but Phoenix is raising his arms as if to say, What can I do? Animal Thug grabs the ropes and hauls himself back in, then getting back to his feet. He's swaying slightly, but he's waving his arms, telling Phoenix to attack. Phoenix obliges, catching him with a shot in the throat. The champ dodges Animal Thug's return swing, then locks him up and Gutwrench Suplexes him repeatedly, taking a sheet from Chris Benoit's old book!

JR: Phoenix then goes for a quick pin, but only gets a two count. He lifts Animal Thug up, then drops him with a Faceplant maneuver, and again goes for the pin... 1... 2.. NO, Thug's not gone yet, despite what he looks like! Phoenix stands up and lifts Thug up again, but Thug lashes out with his arm, delivering a low blow! Phoenix drops in agony, as Thug gets up!

Heenan: Wow, has Thug finally learned to use the best methods to win?? It's surely taken long enough. Thug pulls himself up and grabs Phoenix, slowly pulling him to his feet. He then goes for the Accelerating Thug! He locks up Phoenix, and starts to raise him up, but Phoenix blocks it with his foot, then picks Thug up and slams him down! Phoenix shakes his head, then grabs Thug, pulling him up, noticably more carefully this time, then tosses him into the corner. He slams Thug's head into the turnbuckle a couple of times, then lifts him onto the top!

Tenay: He's got Thug set up now! Phoenix climbs up next to Animal Thug, positioning himself. Thug's not even fighting back, JR! Phoenix leaps, bringing Thug along for the ride, into the Phoenix Storm!! Thug has got to be out cold! Phoenix lays on top of him, as the ref drops down... 1... 2... 3! Phoenix gets the win and stays the World Heavyweight Champ, although you know he can't be satisfied with the results. Still, Phoenix's record in PPV events jumps up to 2-0, and he still holds the high spot in the GCWA!

JR: Animal Thug's pulling himself up, even as Phoenix grabs his title and walks away. But, coming out of the entrance... it's Crusade, followed by the president, Ace!! They make their way to the ring, both coming in at different directions. Crusade starts talking to Animal Thug, while the Accelerator stands on the other side. Thug looks at both of them, then rolls out of the ring and starts to walk away. Both Ace and Crusade walk after him. The crowd's pretty quiet now.

Tenay: It's definitely been a night to remember, here in Dallas. Heenan's already taken off, you'll see him Saturday back with his broadcast pal, Zbysko. As for us, we'll see you this Wednesday, recapping what's happened here tonight, as well as what will happen in the future. We'll see you then!

*As the credits roll, some of the big moves of the night are shown behind them in stillclips... almost every match is covered... just after the credits end, the camera shows Bobby "The Brain" Heenan come out of the building with a driver, headed for the parking lot... he turns the corner, seeing the car... the last thing heard before the PPV Order screen comes up is not fit to print...*