*The PPV options screen blanks off, going black... for a second, everything's quiet... then a rock theme starts blaring, and you see the screen slowly brightening, showing blurred moves of various wrestlers as they send guys flying... many of the wrestlers are performing high-risk maneuvers, or using their finishers... the view finally switches to shots of the belts, as, written in blood, GCWA No Blood, No Foul appears... it drips downward across the belts, then the belts seem to fly into the screen, before the camera breaks away to a live shot of the Reunion Arena in Dallas, TX... the camera shows the crowd, many holding signs... some of the more creative ones say "Send An SOS, 'Cause The Belly Flop's Coming!", "Two Words: Socko Rules!", "The Rock's Bringing the Smack Down!", etc... the camera shows Mike Tenay, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, and Jim Ross waiting in their special announcer's booth for the evening...*

Tenay: Hello, and Welcome To GCWA In Your Neighborhood: No Blood, No Foul!! The fans are pumped, the wrestlers are ready, and the announcers are estatic! Isn't that right, JR?

JR: No doubt, Mike. This is the second ever GCWA Pay-Per-View, and have we got a show for you!! Many titles are on the line. Bodies are at stake. Reputations will be put to the test! Quite simply, this could be the biggest night in GCWA history!

Heenan: We've got grudge matches that have been building up since Blood on the Battlefield went off the air that are coming to a head tonight, here in the beautiful city of Dallas, TX! Although I do wonder about their respect. I went for a walk earlier, and all they did was insult me when I pointed out some flaws!

JR: That does NOT surprise me, Weasal. I'd like to state a public apology to those who had to deal with Heenan today, and hopefully with this ppv, we'll make it up to you!

Heenan: Hey now, JR, I...

Tenay: Guys, please! I'm sorry, fans. Now you know why we usually keep JR and Heenan separated for regular cards. Well, it's about time for the first match. We've got a brief rewind on it, though. Let's see what's led to this match between Dragon and Wrath!

*The shot switches to a tape of various moments in the Wrath-Dragon rivalry... *

Wrath: I've just been told that Master P didn't make it here today. Now, I came here to wrestle, and I'm not leaving until I take someone's ass out! So who's going to face me? Come on, BRING IT!!

*Dragon comes out, and both wrestlers brawl to the back to a Double Count Out... next, there's a clip of Wrath attacking during the Dragon-LilPun match... also shown are their wars down the hallways, including the attack with Pagus... the screen switches back to the announcer's booth... *

Tenay: These two definitely have some aggression to get out! Let's go the ring!

David Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen... welcome to No Blood, No Foul! *cheers* The first match of the evening is scheduled for one fall... first, coming to the ring... standing 6'9", and weighing 307 lbs... Wrath!!

*The fans cheer as the popular Wrath comes to the ring...*

Tenay: Wrath is looking like the physical specimen of old. Remember when he dominated in the Fed vs. Fed? Who knows, Wrath may be on the verge of a comeback!

Heenan: Well, he'll have a lot of company. The GCWA Ladder is buckling under the guys trying to become #1. Still, if anyone can do it, Wrath's got a shot.

Penzer: His opponent... at 6'7", 280 lbs, he's one of the few wrestlers in the GCWA to wear a mask... the man known as the Dragon!

*There's a mixed reaction from the crowd as Dragon comes to the ring... he's wearing a new black w/ gold trim mask... *

JR: Whoa! As soon as Dragon stepped into the ring, Wrath attacked him! These two just don't like each other!

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: The two wrestlers are brawling away once again, exchanging those haymakers for all they're worth! Dragon gets the upperhand with an uppercut, if I can use some poetic irony.

Heenan: Leave it to the professionals, 'Professor'. Dragon isn't using a lot of technique with those forearm shots, but I doubt he's worried about that! He drives Wrath into the corner, then climbs up, driving punches into Wrath's forehead as some of the fans count along. But Wrath lifts, driving Dragon out of the corner, and Sidewalk Slams him! Dragon should have seen that one coming!

JR: Wrath's got the control now. He picks Dragon up and whips him into the ropes, where he meets him with a huge flying clothesline! Dragon's head snapped back pretty badly there! Wrath gets up and looks to the crowd for a second, then steps over and grabs both of Dragon's legs, kicking downward and, ooo, probably causing some severe pain! Wrath then drops backward, flipping Dragon into the air and across the top rope! Dragon's just hanging, with his middle across the ropes. Wrath steps in and grabs Dragon from behind, but Dragon turns and knocks him back with a Discus Clothesline!

Tenay: Apparently Dragon wasn't as hurt as he appeared! He comes forward, catching Wrath with a Reverse Atomic Drop, then throwing him into the corner. But Wrath rebounds out of the corner with a Flying Forearm shot, surprising Dragon and sending him sprawling across the mat!

JR: Wrath's always been a quick recovery type of guy, due to the shape he's in! Wrath picks himself up and steps over to Dragon, literally throwing him over the top rope! Dragon fell hard! Wrath then steps out to the apron. He's sizing Dragon up, then runs in and tries a Somersault Suicide, but Dragon drops out of the way! I think Wrath hit the guardrail, although he partially blocked it with his arms! Dragon's got a huge opportunity now!

Heenan: He's got to take Wrath out now, before the big man can recover! Dragon gets back to his feet and hits Wrath a couple of times, then rolls him into the ring. Dragon follows him in, and goes for the pinfall! 1... Wrath kicks out. I guess Dragon was hoping Wrath was still stunned from that guardrail connection. Dragon gets up and grabs Wrath's hair, pulling them both up. He twists, locking on a semi-sleeper hold. Probably more like choking, but who cares? Let them fight!

Tenay: Another expression from the Brain. Dragon's trying to knock Wrath out, but he doesn't seem to be going down. He suddenly leans forward, throwing Dragon over him! Dragon gets up quickly, but Wrath grabs him and uses the Death Penalty!! Dragon's not moving! Wrath could have the pin, but instead he's up, pointing to the canvas repeatedly as the fans cheer. He's going for the Meltdown!

JR: Dragon's certainly been stunned. Wrath lifts him up, then gets the Pumphandle hold! He flips him up, then slams him down, getting the Meltdown!! The pin... 1... 2... 3!!! Wrath gets a PPV win to start off the show!

Tenay: Dragon tried to use some moves, but Wrath was just too powerful for him! Let's look at the replay.

*The screen shows Dragon dodging as Wrath hits the guardrail, then shots of the Death Penalty and the Meltdown...*

JR: Some spectacular moves in there, especially from Wrath. Now, the next match started a few weeks ago, with the appearance of two new wrestlers. One was well-known for his actions in another Fed, while the other made a surprise entrance during another match.

*The screen switches to a shot of Vice appearing out of the crowd, helping "Stone Cold" Steve Austin hold off some of the DX/nWo crew while Hawaiian Heat attacks HHH.... another shot is shown of the appearance of Sting in the GCWA... clips of their No DQ match on 3/17 are shown, including the ending, when Vice dropped Sting across the steel chair for the win...*

Tenay: Right after that match, Sting demanded a rematch, and was granted one here tonight, in their second No DQ match. Let's go to the action!

Penzer: The next match is a No Disqualification Match scheduled for one fall... coming down the aisle, at 6'8", 295 lbs... the master of the Breakdown... Vice!

*Vice comes to the ring looking pretty confident, carrying a Heat bat in his arms... the fans react some, both with boos and cheers...*

JR: Last time, Vice got in some good shots with one of those bats, although it eventually ended up broken across Sting's knee. The fans are a little unsure about this guy, since he's been somewhat egotistical recently. Still, he's friends with Hawaiian Heat and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and that makes it hard to hate anyone!

Penzer: His opponent... 6'3", 252 lbs... a member of the Ruff Ryders, as well as the Blade Runners... the master of the Scorpion Death Lock... Sting!

*Vice looks up, but Sting appears stepping out of the crowd, surprising the fans near him... he jumps the rail and goes into the ring...*

Tenay: Looks like Sting's not going to fall for the same trick twice.

Heenan: He's always been one to surprise you, coming from a different direction. This should be an interesting match!

*the bell rings...*

JR: And here we go. Vice is waiting with his bat as Sting enters the ring. He charges, but Sting counters with his own bat, pulled from his coat! He blocks Vice's swing, then hits the surprised wrestler hard in the chest with his own shot!

Heenan: The Stinger's acting like Mark McGwire in there, swinging away at the downed Vice! It looks like Vice is protecting himself with his arms, but those shots still have to hurt! Sting lets out a howl to the audience, then drops the bat and lifts Vice to his feet. Vice looks a little dazed, but I don't think he's bleeding anywhere. Sting grabs him and Scoop Slams him, then picks up the bat and drops it across Vice's throat, choking him down!

JR: Do you think Sting's still bothered by that loss a few weeks back? Vice is trying to fight his way out, but Sting's really got that chokehold applied well. The ref can't do anything, since this is No DQ. Finally, Sting releases the bat-choke and goes for the pin! 1... 2... NO, Vice is still awake! Sting stands up, dragging Vice after him, and throws him into the corner. He then goes to the other corner, launching off of it and racing towards Vice. But Vice sees him coming, and lurches out of the way, leaving the Stinger to Splash against the turnbuckle!

Tenay: Everyone, including Vice, knew the the Stinger Splash was coming. Vice now takes the advantage, pulling Sting out of the corner and Pancaking him in the middle of the ring! Vice knows he has the edge now, as he poses for a brief second, then yanks Sting to his feet. He lifts Sting onto his shoulders, then runs towards the ropes, sending the Stinger flying to the outside! Vice then climbs outside, balancing on the apron, then leaping, driving a double axehandle into Sting's back!

JR: These two are fighting a brutal bout! Is this No DQ-No Countout? I guess it is, because it doesn't look like the ref is counting. Vice picks up Sting and smashes him into the guardrail, bending it. He then goes for a chair, but before he can get it, Sting comes up, getting some help from a fan, and charges into him, plowing into his back and sending Vice into the hard edge of the apron!

Heenan: I've never understood why someone would want a No DQ match. I mean, your career is possibly in danger of ending!! Why would anyone risk that kind of danger?

Tenay: Sometimes wrestlers need the added risk. Besides, you don't need a weapon to end someone's career. I've seen moves go wrong many times, with disasterous consequences. It's just a fact of life.

JR: If you two are finished... Sting's still in control, having driven Vice into the turnbuckle side a couple of times. He then whips Vice towards the guardrail, but Vice reverses, sending Sting in hard! He then follows it up with a big splash onto the railing, sending both tumbling into the crowd. Both take a second to get up, while the crowd parts, getting out of their way. Sting looks pretty staggered, but Vice isn't looking great, either. Still, Vice is in control, slamming Sting back down on the concrete.

Heenan: Wait, a fan just grabbed Vice from behind! He's... he's lifting Vice into the Torture Rack!!! It's Lex Luger!!! What's he doing here??

JR: He's Sting's partner, Brain, you know that. This must have why Sting wanted a No DQ rematch! Luger's about knocked Vice out with that Torture Rack of his. He drops him, and Sting grabs hold, using the Stinger Deathdrop! Vice is out. Sting drops down on top of him, and the ref, after jumping the guardrail himself, makes the pin count... 1... 2... 3!!

Tenay: With Luger's help, Sting has avenged his loss to Vice. What a turn of events! The Blade Runners are working as a team. The New Age Outlaws better watch out!

*The replays show Vice tossing Sting out of the ring, then the two wrestlers smashing over the guardrail... the last shots are the Torture Rack and the Deathdrop...*

Tenay: Definitely a wild match, right down to the ending. We've gotten two matches out of the way, with a lot of great athletic feats to come!

JR: This next one isn't one you can expect to see a lot of HeadScissor Takedowns in. These guys are fighting for the right to call themselves Giants. We've got the Giant Milenko and the "Big Show" Paul Wight. Which one's going to come out on top? Let's find out.

Penzer: The next match is scheduled for one fall... coming down the aisle.... standing 8'1" tall, and weighing 710 lbs... the largest professional athlete in the world today... the Giant Milenko!

*The large man steps through the doorway and makes his way to the ring, stepping over the top rope... *

Heenan: Man! Penzer looks like a midget wrestler in there! This guy's size makes him virtually untouchable. On the other hand, his lack of speed is a tremendous problem. Still, I've managed Andre the Giant, and I've seen Paul Wight and Kevin Nash in action, and this is the largest giant I've ever seen!

Penzer: His oppponent... at 7'4", 500+ lbs, he's also laid claim to the title of "Giant"... he is a member of the nWo... Paul Wight!

*Wight makes his way to the ring with a big grin on his face... he enters and stands in his corner...*

Heenan: You couldn't pay me to referee this match! Some of the punches we're about to see are going to echo for days!

Tenay: It's very seldom that Paul Wight is the underdog, but here, I've got to think Milenko's got the edge. But Wight's got more experience in the squared circle, and probably more speed.

*The bell rings...*

JR: The two big men both head for the center of the ring. I hope they remembered to make this ring more supportive! We've got more than 1,000 pounds being thrown around in there! Wight starts things off, swinging a wide punch into the face of Milenko. Milenko barely blinks, instead throwing back a shot of his own. Wight takes it and smiles again. Y'know, this could be a long night!

Tenay: Both of these guys are good at taking pain. The question is, can they take the pain the other Giant can dish out? The two wrestlers lock up in a test of strength, with the 300 pound weight difference of Milenko telling the tale. He pushes Wight back into the corner, a pretty small corner by the looks of it. The ref tries to get them to break, but Milenko's having none of it, nailing Wight with repeated shots in the back of the corner!

Heenan: Wight's got to get out of there, before he's pounded senseless! The ref starts counting, and finally Milenko steps backward, saying something to the ref. Wight immediately comes out of the corner, smashing into Milenko with a clothesline which staggers him. Wight sees it, and goes back into the ropes and tries again with a clothesline, causing Milenko to lurch to one knee, then get back up. Wight signals for one more, and comes in... and Milenko catches him this time, and drives him into the canvas with a DDT!

JR: Wight went to the well too many times, a common ailment of wrestlers around the world. Milenko stands, towering over Wight's body, and stands on his chest, using the ropes to balance himself! That's 700+ lbs on Wight's ribcage!! Milenko steps off, as Wight rolls over and coughs repeatedly. Milenko then gets a hold of him and pulls him, ever so slowly, to his feet. He grabs all the way around Wight and lifts him into a bear hug! Wow, I never thought I'd see the day where someone lifted Wight off the ground in a submission hold!

Tenay: Wight's fighting it, trying to break free. He finally does the best, and most painful, method of stopping a bearhug: he used his head. Both wrestlers stagger backwards, then Wight actually jogs forward, ramming into Milenko! This time BOTH wrestlers hit the ground, with Milenko dropping his head on the middle rope! Wight lifts himself back up, kicks Milenko in the head, then climbs the turnbuckle! I hope it holds his weight!

JR: Milenko's getting back up, but I don't think he knows where Wight is! He turns... and Wight leaps, using a Missle Dropkick from the top turnbuckle!! Milenko goes down in a hurry, after 500 lbs slammed into his chest! Wight quickly rolls over and makes the cover... 1... 2... NO, Milenko gets up! That's the first time I've seen anyone get a 2-count on Milenko!

Heenan: A long way to go, still, JR. Wight gets up slowly, then returns an earlier gesture, standing on Milenko! The ref again starts the count, making Wight step off. Wight seems content now, as he keeps using his fists to knock Milenko back down whenever he starts to pull himself up. He then turns to the crowd and lifts his hand in the air with a scream, saying that he's going to try the Chokeslam! Can he possibly get that big man up and down??

JR: Wight sizes up Milenko, as Milenko, somewhat dazed, gets to his feet. Wight then steps in, wrapping one hand around his throat while putting the other behind him, and lifts! But Milenko's too big! Wight's straining, but Milenko sticks a leg between Wight's knees, blocking the maneuver. He then hits Wight in the mouth, getting him to release the chokehold, then lifts him up and slams him!! Paul Wight just got pressed hard into the squared circle! The fans are in awe at what just happened!

Tenay: And it's not over yet, JR! Wight's trying to pull himself up, with one hand clutching his injured back. He stands, and Milenko's waiting for him, wrapping his hands around Wight's neck and lifting him, with the Last Don!! He's got him up! And he's going down!!! Oh my god, did you hear that hit?? That was a ton of weight crashing to the ground. It caused the ref to bounce pretty high in the air!!

JR: Wight's unconscious, I think! Milenko falls on top of him, as the referee makes the count... 1... 2... 3!!! The Giant Milenko has proven himself truly the baddest Giant in the GCWA! What a hit! The place is still echoing with it! I've never seen anything like it!

Heenan: Wight almost had him at a couple of places, but never made the right decisions to be able to put him away. Let's go to the video tape! I want to see that Slam again!

*The tape shows the power struggles, then shows the missle dropkick... the bodyslam and Last Don are at the end...*

Tenay: What an exciting first hour of No Blood, No Foul! Three big winners, with three very different endings. And we've still got some grudge fights and title matches upcoming! Stay tuned, we'll be right back!!

The Second Hour...