*The PPV screen is still showing other buys you could have... at the desired time, the screen suddenly blinks out, showing black.... after a few seconds, a rock theme starts up... the city of Phoenix, Arizona is shown, apparently from an overhead view... the city shifts into a computerized version for a second, then switches back... suddenly, a wall of fire is shown, rushing into the city and knocking buildings back... the wall of fire heads straight towards the camera, enveloping it.... as the whole screen turns orange-red, the words "GCWA In Your Neighborhood: Heat Wave" are seen... a blast of air flies across the fire, punching a hole in it... the camera quickly zooms through it, showing the overflowing seats in the America West Arena.... fans are cheering, holding up signs for their favorite wrestlers... after a brief pan, the camera view switches to a shot of the broadcast booth, where Mike Tenay, Jim Ross, and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan are sitting...*

Tenay: We're here in Phoenix, Arizona, for the biggest event around these parts. Welcome to Heat Wave! The third pay-per-view in the history of the GCWA looks to be a scorcher, with almost every title on the line! We've got debuts, grudges, and controversies. Anything can happen in this city tonight!

JR: The feuds are heated up and appear ready to explode! Vice and Kevin Nash, after a month of trials and tribulations, both look to solve their dispute tonight in a Steel Cage for the Internet Title. We've got a huge 3-way fight for the Cruiserweight Title, after weeks of ducking and dodging by Shorty. Animal Thug and Hawaiian Heat are looking to have the best match of the night for the European Title. And, of course, Heavy P will meet Phoenix in an Inferno match to decide the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion!

Heenan: Don't forget about the non-title bouts! Some of the best are in action, including "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, DMX, Darkstarr, and a horde of others. I'm particularly looking forward to the debuts of Blade and "Amish" Larry Destiny. To make your first appearance at a PPV has got to be nerveracking. I'm sure they'll give it their all, though!

JR: Oh, no doubt about it. Everyone in the back is psyched. This should go down as a major event in the history of the GCWA. It signifies that the organization is now one of the greatest. We've got some great matches ahead, and it's time to get them started if we want this show to be around 3 hours! Let's go to David Penzer, otherwise known as Penny.

David Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the first match of the evening is scheduled for one fall... introducing first, coming to the ring... standing 6'8" tall.... the hardcore member of the Ruff Ryders... "Bad Ass" Beefcake!

*Beefcake walks to the ring surrounded by boos... he enters, stretching his neck...*

Tenay: It's been a while since we've seen Beefcake. He's been one of the less vocal members of the Ruff Ryders in recent weeks. Still, he's known as a skilled wrestler who doesn't mind brawling day in and day out.

Penzer: His opponent... standing 6'7" and weighing 275 lbs... the newest member of the Wolfpac... Dynamic Dynamite!

*As the Wolfpac theme starts up, Dynamite comes to the ring... he slides in, looking at Beefcake...*

JR: Dynamite has yet to have a match he was pleased with here in the GCWA. He had a great bout with DMX, but came out on the short end that night. Then he got a forfeit victory over one of Beefcake's teammates, the Giant Milenko. You've got to think Dynamite's going into this one with determination.

Heenan: Dynamite, I think, is a champion of the future in the GCWA. He's shown his skills in his first couple of matches, and has already said that he'll soon go all out for a title. He just hasn't said which title yet. This man I'm going to be watching for the next few weeks.

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: Alright, the Heat Wave has begun! Beefcake and Dynamite lock up in the center of the ring. Beefcake gets a headlock, but Dynamite simply lifts him, hitting a Back-Body Drop! Dynamite's back on his feet, followed a few seconds later by Beefcake. "Bad Ass" looks steamed, while Dynamite is signaling for more. Beefcake charges in, but Dynamite catches him with a knee lift maneuver, sending him flipping to the floor. Dynamic Dynamite then grabs Beefcake before he can get up, and throws him into the corner turnbuckle. As the Ruff Ryder stumbles out holding his back, Dynamite wraps him up and sends him flying over Dynamite's head! That takes a lot of power!

Heenan: "Bad Ass" is down. Dynamite's moving in, even as Beefcake starts to pull himself up again. Dynamite grabs his hair, but Beefcake sticks his arm out and lands a "questionable" blow, sending Dynamite down to the ground. That move will always work, as long as the ref doesn't see it. Beefcake gets back up to his feet and grabs Dynamite, lifting him up and hitting a Side Slam. Beefcake's going for a pin... 1... Dynamite kicks out.

JR: Dynamite's not going to go down from just a couple moves. Beefcake gets back up, bringing Dynamite with him, and tries to suplex him. Instead, Dynamite drops backwards, flipping Beefcake up and over with his legs! Beefcake hits the mat awkwardly, rolling to the ropes. Dynamite's back up, as he walks over to his opponent with only a slight sign of pain. He takes Beefcake's arm to pull him up, then shifts it into an arm bar, twisting it behind him. Beefcake tries to elbow him, but Dynamite's staying behind him. Dynamite sticks one leg out, tripping Beefcake and getting him to the canvas, while still applying the arm bar. The ref's checking, but Beefcake's just shaking his head.

Heenan: Beefcake has had trouble getting anything consistent going in this one. He finally reaches out with his arm, reaching the ropes. Dynamite knees him once in the back, then releases the hold. He pulls Beefcake up, then punches Beefcake a couple of times, shoving him back into the corner. But Beefcake comes back, firing his own haymakers! About time the "Bad Ass" got it going! He shoves Dynamite, then runs in and hits a massive clothesline! He knocked Dynamite down without really building up any momentum!

Tenay: Now he's got to keep the pressure on, Bobby. He comes in, wrapping up Dynamite and slamming him down. He shows off to the fans for a second, then makes a loose pin, which Dynamite easily kicks out of. Beefcake better start taking this seriously! He says something to the referee, then turns and grabs Dynamite, pulling him up. But Dynamite comes alive once again, knocking Beefcake's hands off of him, grabbing his head, and applying the Dynamic Pain!!! Beefcake is out of it now! But Dynamite's not making the pin!

JR: He's just yelling to the fans, getting them to cheer! He could have the win! No, he's grabbing Beefcake and bringing him back up. He smiles to the fans, then hits a second Dynamic Pain! Beefcake is not moving now. Dynamic Dynamite falls on him, not bothering to grab the leg... 1.... 2.....3!!! Dynamite gets his second win of his GCWA career, and his first PPV win!

Heenan: Dynamite was just a machine tonight. Beefcake tried some moves, but he really didn't have much of a chance in this one. What a way to start off the PPV! Let's take a look at some replays.

*The shots show the leg "flip" and the multiple Dynamic Pains.... the last picture shows Dynamite raising his hands in triumph...*

JR: We have one match done, with a lot more on the card. So let's not stop the action. It's time for our next bout! Penny?

Penzer: Ok, Rossey... the next match is scheduled for one fall... coming down the aisle, standing 5'10", and weighing 210 lbs.... in his debut, the man known as... Blade!!

*Blade comes out to "Kids Aren't All Right", walking to the ring... he slides in, bouncing on his heels...*

Tenay: We don't know much about Blade, other than that his finisher is a painful submission hold. This will be his first match with GCWA, and what a way to start out, JR! This kid looks to fly into action here tonight!

Heenan: Yes, but he's got to face a veteran in Helmsley. This will be a telling match.

Penzer: His opponent... at 6'4" and weighing 246 lbs, he's now flying solo, without teammates... he's held many titles in various feds... Triple H... Hunter Hearst Helmsley!

*Helmsley comes out to a new soundtrack, looking confident... he makes his way to the ring, for once not doing any crotch chops... *

JR: This man's life has changed a lot since he came to the GCWA. He started out a member of Hollywood Hogan's Degeneration-X, then betrayed him to side with Heavy P and the Solderz of Style. Not long ago, however, Heavy P cut HHH, along with his partners. Triple H then decided he wasn't going to be part of the reforming of DX, instead going solo. He's now trying to restore his career, in the only way he can. Winning at a PPV is a good step! Let's get to the match!

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: Helmsley has a good size advantage, but as we've seen in the past couple of months, that doesn't always mean a win. Helmsley starts things off, grabbing Blade and throwing him back into the corner. But the young man immediately grabs the ropes on either side of the turnbuckle and lifts himself up, as Helmsley runs underneath him. Blade then punches Helmsley once before hiptossing him out of the corner! Helmsley rolls out of the ring and walks for a second, shaking his head off and slowing down the momentum.

JR: I think that was what Blade was waiting for, Mike! He runs off the ropes, and uses a baseball slide to catch Helmsley in the side of the head! Helmsley goes down hard, partially crashing into the guardrail! Blade's hyped up now, yelling to some of the fans nearby. He grabs Helmsley and rolls him into the ring, then follows. Oh, but Helmsley suddenly gets up and grabs him, bodyslamming him hard to the mat! Helmsley's still got a lot of fight left in this one!

Heenan: Helmsley's looking down at Blade with some contempt now. He grabs him and pulls him to his feet, then hits him with a Spinning Sidewalk Slam! Blade is down, so HHH goes for the pin... 1.... 2... Blade kicks out. Helmsley gets back up, then grabs one of Blade's legs and pulls him along the canvas! Triple H starts kicking the back of Blade's knee, probably trying to rob him of some of his speed advantage. As good a strategy as that is, boys, I think Helmsley should be using his strength to take this young man out, not cut his legs out from under him. Still, it appears to be working.

JR: That's you, Brain. Always critiqueing. Helmsley's let go of the leg now. He lifts Blade to his feet, then throws him into the ropes. Blade comes back, dodging a clothesline, then hitting the ropes on the other side and backflipping off of them with a Moonsault, smashing into Helmsley! What a move! The ref comes down, but it's only a 1 count. Blade gets up quickly, although he's limping slightly. Helmsley's rolling, trying to get back up to his feet. Meanwhile, though, Blade's headed up the turnbuckle! He's in position, just watching Helmsley!

Tenay: As Helmsley gets up, Blade leaps, catching Helmsley's head and Bulldogging it into the mat! That move could be the decider! Blade's really coming on strong, while Helmley's having trouble keeping the pace up! Blade gets back up and signals to the crowd, then rolls HHH onto his stomach and grabs his legs. But Helmsley comes alive, launching Blade onto his back by kicking out! I think Blade was going for the Wetstone, but HHH knew it was coming!

Heenan: Well, Helmsley has a lot of experience. I'm sure he studied any tapes he could find of this young man. Helmsley pulls himself up slowly. It's been a rough match. He reaches over and grabs Blade before he can fully get to his feet, and lifts him up with a tremendous Powerbomb! Blade could be out! Helmsley poses for a fans for a second, wasting some time, in my opinion. He finally turns and makes a pin attempt... 1... 2.... NO! At the very last second, Blade kicked out!

JR: Helmsley's arguing with the referee now. He needs to get back on the attack! Helmsley turns back, looking pretty angry. He grabs Blade, lifts him up, then double-underhooks him! Here comes the Pedigree! Wait! Somehow Blade breaks free! He knocks Helmsley down, then spins him around and crosses HHH's legs behind him, grabbing the arms and yanking back! It's the Wetstone!! The ref is checking on Helmsley, who's in a lot of pain right now! He's shaking his head, but there's no way he can reach the ropes! He's trying to fight it, but, no, he shook his head yes! The ref signals for the bell, and Blade releases the hold! Blade wins his first match in the GCWA!

Tenay: What a huge win for this young man. He really caught HHH with that one. I thought Helmsley had it all the way, but it only took one reversal for this match to be a mark in the book of Blade. Let's take a look at the replay.

*The tape, with Heenan 'explaining' the moves, shows HHH's powerbomb, Blade's bulldog, and the Wetstone...*

Tenay: The Heat Wave is off to a great start, and the fans here in Phoenix seem to be loving it. Let's take a look at shots taken earlier today from fans entering the building for this event. Roll it!

*Various people are shown, cheering for their favorite wrestlers... signs varying from "Vice: Sexy Sweet" to "Make Mine Mankind!" are seen... some fans act out their favorite wrestlers... the shot ends with some of the wrestlers, including Marty Jannetty and Animal Thug, out signing autographs for some of the early ticketholders... *

Heenan: We've really gotten a great fan reaction here in the GCWA. Things couldn't be brighter! The fans are waiting, so let's get to Penzer once again and go to the next match!

Penzer: Thank you, Heenan... the next match is scheduled for one fall... originally scheduled for a singles bout, it has now become the main tag-team bout of the night... introducing first, coming to the ring... weighing a combined 397 lbs... from Smoke and Mirrors... Darkstarr and Pagus!

*Cheers go up for the duo as they come down the ramp...*

Tenay: Darkstarr's been pretty determined as of late, since his loss to Jannetty just this week. He's ready for a move into the big time, and tonight he said he was going to prove it. We'll see if he's ready to shine here in Arizona with Pagus.

Penzer: Their opponents... they are both members of the Soldierz of Style, who decided to become tag-team partners.... weighing over 300 lbs combined... DMX and Billy Kidman!

*As the two wrestlers come out, another wave of cheers come through the audience... they head down the aisle...*

JR: Both of these teams seem to be respected by the fans. DMX has had a major impact on the GCWA since he came here. He's taken down some big men, most of them from the Ruff Ryders. Actually, it's somewhat surprising that he's not wrestling Konnan tonight. Instead, he's here to back up his partner, Kidman, who also has had some good matches recently against the Ruff Ryders. Tonight, though, it's really SOS vs. Smoke and Mirrors.

*The bell rings...*

JR: Kidman and Pagus are going to begin the match. They're watching each other pretty carefully, two cruiserweights looking for an opening. Pagus swipes at Kidman, but misses. Kidman then tries a grab himself, but Pagus dodges. These guys are so quick sometimes! Finally, the two lock up, pushing back and forth. Pagus shifts it into a headlock, but Kidman pushes him off and into the ropes. Kidman drops on his belly, but Pagus, instead of running overtop, stops at the last second and drops an elbow on Kidman's back!

Tenay: Pagus knew that Kidman was going to do that, so he tricked him right there! Pagus gets up and whips Kidman again into the ropes, then leapfrogs over him as he comes back. Kidman rebounds once again, with Pagus timing it so that he lands a beautiful dropkick. Pagus then walks over and tags in Darkstarr. Starr comes in quickly, but by then Kidman has tagged in DMX, so two fresh men are facing each other. The two are staring each other down, two of the best in the business. This is one of the confrontations I was most looking forward to tonight, guys!

Heenan: DMX is smiling now, saying something to Darkstarr. Starr responds with something else, which drops the smile from DMX's face. He smacks Darkstarr across the face with an open hand. Starr turns back, looks at DMX, then returns the slap! Now they're exchanging some mighty shots, and the fans are going crazy! Starr whips DMX into the ropes, but DMX meets him with a shoulder block. But neither wrestler moves. DMX comes off the ropes again, this time ducking a clothesline attempt. He comes back, but Darkstarr rolls under DMX's clotheline try. Their movements are so fluid, it makes it hard to call what's happening! Darkstarr gets in a good shot with an uppercut, then drops DMX with a faceplant. But DMX jumps right back up to his feet, landing a few shots of his own!

JR: DMX backs Darkstarr up, shoving him into his corner. Starr comes back out, but the ref says that he 'tagged' Pagus, which doesn't seem to bother the S&M member, who uses the ropes to propell himself over the ref and Starr and crash into DMX! What a maneuver! Pagus is wild, pumping his arms. He grabs DMX and gets him up, then goes for a headscissors. But DMX blocks it, then takes a couple of steps to hit a Running Powerbomb!! Pagus just became dead weight!

Tenay: That was just good ring skills by DMX. He's definitely got the skills to go far in the GCWA. DMX gets up and pulls a wounded Pagus up as well, literally tossing him over the ropes! Pagus is just on the ground now. DMX points down at him, getting a few cheers from the fans, but instead of diving, he tags in Kidman, who climbs the turnbuckle and leaps, splashing down on Pagus on the outside! Pagus is in a lot of trouble! Kidman is up again, shaking his arm a little. I guess it bounced on the edge of the mat, where the padding is not as good. Still, Kidman's in a lot better shape than Pagus is right now!

JR: You said it, Mike! Kidman rolls Pagus back into the ring, then climbs the turnbuckle once again and flies down, hitting a rolling knee shot. He smiles to the fans, then makes the pin attempt... 1... 2... NO, Darkstarr makes the save! That could have been it! As the ref escorts Starr back to his corner, DMX comes in, picking up Pagus and driving him into the mat with a shoulder, while Kidman leaves. I don't think there was a valid tag there, but what the heck. They could have tagged, so who cares?

Tenay: Other than Darkstarr, you mean? DMX is still in control now, getting an ankle hold on Pagus. The ref comes over and checks, but Pagus is able to make it to the ropes. I don't think there's much left in Pagus's tank! DMX gets up and tags Kidman back in. These two are using good teamwork in this one. They have a good movement together. Kidman picks up Pagus and positions him, either for a piledriver or a powerbomb. But Pagus suddenly starts whipping his head up, knocking Kidman into the air! After a couple shots like this, Pagus falls backwards, as does Kidman! Some of those shots can make sure you don't have any offspring!

Heenan: That's one way to put it, anyway. Darkstarr is stomping his feet and waving his arms, trying to get the fans to help Pagus get over to make the tag. DMX is stretching out as far as he can, trying to reach Kidman and keep the advantage. Both make the tag at the same time, and Darkstarr comes in on fire! He doesn't bother with any wrestling maneuvers. He simply rams DMX, knocking him backwards into Kidman, who was trying to get up after making the tag! We've got a melee now!

JR: Darkstarr's got Kidman in the corner, and is just pounding away with elbow shots. On the other side, Pagus gets back up and shoves DMX into the corner, then lands a couple of punches. Both S&M members look at each other, then whip the two SOS members across the ring, where they collide! As DMX staggers back, Pagus grabs him and goes for a Gutwrench Suplex, but DMX blocks it, then reverses it, spinning around Pagus and landing the Suplex himself!

Tenay: Pagus is going to be feeling this match for weeks! Oh, and DMX has the Arm Rip going! Pagus is just flopping now, not even reaching for the ropes. But the ref isn't watching, since Pagus isn't the legal man! On the other side of the ring, Darkstarr's got Kidman on the turnbuckle!! And there's the Stardust!! Kidman's gone! Starr's going for the pin! DMX sees it and tries to get up, but somehow Pagus trips him up... 1... 2.... 3!!! Darkstarr gets a major victory for Smoke and Mirrors tonight!!

JR: DMX looks furious, yelling at the ref and shoving him back. What's he so mad about? Was DMX the legal man?

Heenan: I'm not sure, JR. I think when DMX fell against Kidman, who was in the ropes already, that might have been seen as a tag. I know that Darkstarr was the legal man for the S&M team, though, and he made the pin, either way. Let's see some of the tremendous moves in this one.

*Pictures of the flights taken by Kidman, the Arm Rip, and the Stardust are shown...*

JR: That match could really have gone either way there at the end, but Darkstarr and Pagus managed to pull in the win. Well, as Darkstarr helps his partner to the back, we'll take a quick break for some fresh air. We'll be back for the second hour of Heat Wave! Stay tuned!!

The 2nd Hour...