Tenay: We're nearing the end, folks! This has been a great night of matches, no question, but the main event matches are still on the way! The next match surprisingly came together suddenly, when the Accelerator laid out a challenge to the returning former champion, X-Dog. He told the champ that he had a choice: fight Blade for the World Title, or fight the Accelerator for the honor and respect of their peers. X-Dog chose to challenge the President, in what later became a monumental event: the winner must pin, or force a submission from, their opponent three times. X-Dog accepted the stipulations, and added one of his own. He said whoever loses will have to fight in a 10-man gauntlet match. This is what has led up to our match-up tonight! Let's go to the ring!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen... the next match is scheduled for multiple falls! *cheers* This match will be fought under the stipulations of No Countout, No DQ, No Interference! The wrestler who first wins three falls over his opponent will be declared the winner of the match... coming down the aisle... he weighs 225 lbs and stands 6 feet tall... he's been a member of many factions in this Fed, and is a former Tag-Team, European, and Heavyweight Champion of the GCWA... he's held the WCIF and WICW Heavyweight Titles, having proven himself worthy time and time again... he's also the new leader of his Degeneration-X, decided earlier tonight... the quickest man in the game.... X-Dog!

*X-Dog has a slow crowd reaction, although he still seems to have some fans behind him... many, however, boo him, remembering some of his earlier incidents... X-Dog mainly ignores them... he's now wearing his old DX outfit, and comes out to his old DX themesong... he doesn't look very pleased, but still does his crotch chops in the ring, to limited applause...*

JR: X-Dog's come into this match looking for a major upset. If he could defeat the Accelerator here, in Madison Square Garden, Ace's reputation would never return. I, personally, lean towards X-Dog. Ace may be a great wrestler, but he hasn't been in the ring, prepared for a match, anyway, in a long while. Can X-Dog bring down the house, taking DX to the top?

Penzer: His opponent.... standing 6'6" and weighing 280 lbs... he's a 4-time World Heavyweight Champion in three different federations, not counting the numerous lower belts he has held... from Lubbock, Texas... the master of the Rollercoaster.... and the President of the GCWA... the Accelerator!

*Ace walks out to a warm ovation from the crowd, many of whom are glad to see him wrestle, if only one more time... he's wearing his usual black trunks, as he takes off the red Wolfpac shirt and throws it into the crowd... Ace then walks the rest of the way to the ring, rolling in and looking at X-Dog... he laughs... *

Heenan: The Accelerator has always been one of the great wrestlers in this sport. He's proven himself in many different organizations as a fierce competitor, someone who's not to be trifled with. However, recently, with the events of the Corporation, many have questioned the Accelerator's sanity. Is he still the suave, smart competitor he used to be, or will he make costly mistakes? That could prove the major difference in this one.

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: So the historic match is underway! Ace and X-Dog circle around, not bothering to lock up. Ace obviously has the size and weight advantage. X-Dog's a lot quicker, while Ace is stronger. Really, if you look at them, you'd think they were complete opposites, which, I guess, is why they're wrestling. Finally, they lock horns. Ace gets the advantage, shoving X-Dog back into the corner. The ref calls for the break, which Ace surprisingly does without any treachery. He waves X-Dog out, who obliges. They lock up again, this time with Ace whipping X-Dog into the ropes. X-Dog ducks under the clothesline, but runs straight into the boot on the return trip!

JR: Ace caught him with that one. He moves to pick X-Dog up, but the former champ gets to his feet quickly. He spins and kicks Ace in the stomach, staggering him. X-Dog follows up with some furious kicks and chops, keeping Ace off his game. After a few more kicks, though, the Accelerator reaches out and catches X-Dog's foot, holding him off-balance. X-Dog responds with his other foot, hitting an Enziguri kick! Ace does a 270 in the ring, landing on his back! He was completely surprised by that! X-Dog continues the abuse, stomping on the Accelerator repeatedly. He's surely taking away some of Ace's stamina, and that's very important in an Iron Man-type match!

Heenan: Yep, you have to slow down the wrestler until he's weaker than you are. X-Dog pulls Ace to his feet and whips him into the ropes. As Ace comes back, X-Dog hits a spinning side kick that level him! X-Dog then tries a pin... 1.... 2.... Ace kicks out. X-Dog shrugs and pulls Ace back up... who knees him in the stomach, underhooks him, and hits a Powerbomb!! X-Dog's down now! Ace takes a few precious seconds to get air into his lungs. He gets up, grabbing X-Dog by the hair to pull him along. He walks over to the corner with X-Dog and begins slamming his head repeatedly into the side of the turnbuckle. After 8 counts, with the ref close by, Ace hits a perfect side elbow into X-Dog's jaw, then steps away from him. After a few steps, he turns and charges in, going for a splash, but X-Dog dives out of the way! Ace just splashed himself!

Tenay: Recklessness rarely pays off in this sport. X-Dog's up again, moving in on Ace carefully. He gets him from behind and puts on a sleeper hold. Immediately, Ace stands straight up, lifting X-Dog off the ground! Of course, that just puts more pressure on Ace's throat, but he changes that by spinning around and running backwards into the corner, squashing X-Dog! Ace coughs and clears his windpipe of X-Dog's arm, then turns and lifts the former champ onto the turnbuckle. What could this be? He locks up with X-Dog at the top, lifting him and dropping with a Superplex!! That could be it, fall #1! Ace goes for the pin.... 1..... 2..... No, X-Dog kicks out. Ace looks a little surprised, as he gets up on his knees. He grabs X-Dog's ankle and twists it for a few seconds, but then just as suddenly releases it. He stands up, shaking his head. What on earth is going through this man's mind right now?

Heenan: I don't think we want to know, Mike. Ace lifts X-Dog to his feet, then sends him into the ropes. On X-Dog's return, Ace catches and lifts him with a Gorilla Press! He walks a few steps, presses X-Dog up and down a few times, then tosses him casually over the top rope! X-Dog just crashed to the outside from around 10 feet up! Ace signals to the fans, then goes to the turnbuckle! The big man's going up! He sits on top of the turnbuckle, watching as X-Dog valiantly gets to his feet. Then he leaps, an all-out plunge... that misses! X-Dog ducked, and Ace hit the 'rail!! He might be out! That was a serious misjudgement from the President! X-Dog doesn't look too hot, either, but he's still moving. He grabs Ace and hauls him into the ring. He's got Ace set up, dazed, for the X-Factor! Wait, Ace blocks it! He knocks X-Dog's foot away, then hits a diving clothesline! Both men are down!

JR: This has been brutal so far! How on earth are these two going to last through so many pinfalls? Ace works his way to his feet, and you can see the red mark from the 'rail. He hit it pretty hard! Probably shook his head up something fierce! The President pulls X-Dog to his feet, and the former champ looks pretty dazed. Ace aims a punch, swings, and it's blocked! X-Dog fires back with his own shot, then another! He goes for a suplex, but Ace uses his leg to stop him, then twists... and hits the Ace High!! The Ace Crusher, Diamond Cutter, whatever you want to call it, just dropped X-Dog like a stone! Ace makes the cover.... 1..... 2...... 3!!!!!

Tenay: Ace got the first pinfall! He warned X-Dog about the Ace High, but there wasn't anything he could do about that! Ace gets up to a good cheer from the audience, and he points to some of them. He then goes to the corner, taking a breather, as the ref checks on X-Dog, making sure he can continue. X-Dog responds, crawling on the mat and pulling himself up. He may not even know what happened to him. Meanwhile, Ace gets out of the corner and walks over slowly. As X-Dog turns, Ace nails him with a right jab, then grabs him by the hair and flings him halfheartedly across the ring! X-Dog sprawls out, hurting, as Ace moves in for the kill. He's laughing now, having a good time. I think this could be another mistake on Ace's part. He's ahead 1-0, but that can change quickly.

Heenan: What can I say, Mike, he's enjoying himself! He's happy to be back in the ring. Ace lifts X-Dog back up and puts him in the corner. He chops him across the chest once, twice, three times, leaving a slash colored in red. Ace laughs, then hits at a different angle, leaving an "X" mark! Ace seems to think it's hilarious, but it leaves him open, and X-Dog takes it, running forward and hitting a Tornado DDT!! Ace is down! X-Dog gets up and does a quick crotch chop, getting his adrenaline going. He pulls Ace up and punches him a couple of times, loosening some teeth, before leaping and hitting a Hurricanrana! Ace is down! X-Dog tries to cover him, but still only gets a 2 count. He gets up, frustrated as well as probably near empty. He lifts Ace up and locks his head between the former champ's legs, then lifts him up for a piledriver! No, X-Dog couldn't handle the weight! Ace turns it into a Back Body Drop! OH, but X-Dog takes the shot and spins in midair, wrapping Ace with a Sunset Flip! Ace goes down! The ref is there! 1..... 2..... 3!!!!

JR: Unbelievable!! The count is now even, thanks to X-Dog's atheletism! Oh, but Ace is pissed now! He bounces up and grabs X-Dog before he can move, hitting a Tilt-A-Whirl Slam!! Ace doesn't let up, driving shots into X-Dog repeatedly, even ignoring the referee, who, of course, can't disqualify him. Ace obviously didn't like getting pinned that way! He picks X-Dog up and grabs him by the throat, wrapping him up and hitting a Death Penalty-style move! That might have come from Ace's former partner, Wrath! X-Dog is down and not moving very much now! Ace sees this, and lifts the smaller man off his feet, putting him in a Bear Hug!

Tenay: Submissions count, JR! X-Dog's not moving! The pain's still obvious on his face, but he's barely struggling to get out! The ref raises his hand once, twice, and a third time, where it stays up! X-Dog's not out of it yet! He starts struggling, and rakes his hand across the President's face, breaking up the move. Ace can't see very well now, that's for sure. X-Dog comes forward and drives a knee into his stomach, then takes a step back and hits a running knee lift, sending Ace to the mat quickly! But X-Dog doesn't have much left either. He falls onto his hind quarters, and just sits there. Both of these guys look spent, and we still need at least two more falls to end this!

Heenan: X-Dog gets up slowly, and limps over to Ace, who's on his stomach, nearly out of it. X-Dog bends his arms behind him, and starts to rock him back into the X-Stone! Wait, Ace shakes free of it, before it can be cinched on! X-Dog's too tired, or else that might have worked, and we would have found out exactly how much pain the champ can take! Ace climbs to his feet, about the same speed as X-Dog. The two look at each other, both breathing heavily. I'm sure both of them are reconsidering their once "macho" notion of signing a Three Falls Match! These will take the strength out of anyone, even superb wrestlers like these! The two lock up again, with X-Dog dropping with a Jawbreaker that puts Ace on his back! X-Dog gets up, rubbing the spot on his head where Ace's chin landed. He goes to the turnbuckle, climbing up it, as Ace tries to get to his feet! What's he going to do? Oh, he leaps into a Moonsault! But Ace caught him!! Unbelievable!! OH, and there's a huge Spinning Powerslam! That was almost a ground-based Rollercoaster!

Tenay: The Accelerator makes the pinfall.... 1..... 2..... 3!!!! The President is up 2 counts to 1! He only needs one more pinfall/submission to notch this match in the win column, his first win in the GCWA! Ace rolls off of X-Dog, reconsiders, then pins him again! It's legal! The ref makes the count.... 1..... 2.... X-Dog lifts his shoulder!! This match isn't over! Ace grumbles at the ref, then slowly brings X-Dog up. He locks him up and hits a German Suplex, then tries another pin, for another 2 count. Again Ace looks angrily at the ref, probably thinking about giving that man a paycut. He starts to bring X-Dog up again. OH, but X-Dog hits a massive low shot that sends Ace to mat, crying out in pain!

Heenan: I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the low shot always works! X-Dog pulls himself up. You can tell he doesn't have much left, but he's still moving, so he's still got a chance! He pulls Ace up and whips him into the corner, where Ace just slumps down, completely spent. That allows X-Dog to do a crotch chop, then run in, bouncing up and down on Ace's chest with the Bronco Buster!! That could be all X-Dog needs! He drags Ace out by the legs, nearly falling down, and makes the pin.... 1..... 2..... Ace moves out just in time! What resilence from both of these men! X-Dog needs to get something really heavy and break it over Ace's head. That'll get him a couple of pinfalls. I mean, it IS No Disqualification, right, JR?

JR: That's not the way superstars think, Bobby. That's just a Weasal's thought process. Although I wouldn't put it past the "new" X-Dog. He doesn't seem to know yet whether he's a heel, attacking Mean Gene, or a face, apologizing to Blade and all. Anyway, back to the match. X-Dog has Ace in a leg submission hold, similar to the Sharpshooter, yet different. Ace is still awake, struggling to reach the ropes, as the ref stays close. He asks Ace repeatedly, as he continues shaking his head. I'd normally say that Ace would never submit, but after some of the shots he's taken tonight, I really can't say for sure. Finally, Ace crawls his way to the ropes, forcing X-Dog to break the hold. X-Dog shoves the ref out of the way, then pulls Ace to his feet, such as they are. Ace almost looks bowlegged in there. To go from not competing at all to fighting in a match like this, well, I'll just say that it sure signals something about Ace's mental state.

Tenay: He's still got something, JR! He lifts X-Dog and slams him down, reversing one of the DX man's holds! X-Dog's barely moving on the mat! Ace comes off the ropes and plants an elbow, then tries a pin.... 1.... 2.... X-Dog continues to kick out! Ace is very frustrated now. He lifts X-Dog onto his shoulder, into a Fireman's Carry. What move is coming now? Oh, wait, X-Dog's scrambling, messing up Ace's balance! He gets off of Ace's shoulders, falling forward.... and hits the X-Factor on the way down!!!!! Ace is out cold!! X-Dog is laying on the mat too, though! He raises up partially, as the fans cheer! Some of them are still behind the former champ! He rolls Ace over and grabs the legs, making the pin.... 1..... 2..... 3!!!!! Ace kicked out, but a couple of seconds too late! We're at 2-2! The next to get a pin wins!!

JR: My god what a match!! These guys aren't going to be able to move for weeks! X-Dog grabs the ropes and hauls himself up. How either of these guys has anything in their tanks is beyond me. X-Dog reaches down, slowly bringing Ace up. He kicks him with a high shot, knocking Ace back to the mat, not moving. X-Dog has a serious advantage now! The Accelerator may not have anything left after that X-Factor! Can X-Dog pull off the shocker?? He goes off the ropes, then leaps, somersaulting in midair and plopping down on top of Ace! The ref is right there.... 1..... 2..... Ace kicks out! X-Dog hits the mat in frustration. I'm sure both of these guys want this match over now! I mean, look at the clock! This one's lasted almost a whole hour!

Heenan: I can honestly say that I don't know too many wrestlers who could take this punishment without injury. X-Dog's back up, wiping a hand across his bloody mouth. He grabs Ace by the head and pulls him up, but Ace struggles against him... and the two topple over the top rope!! We're to the outside, with both men down! Remember, No Countout, so this match continues! Neither man is moving, though! The ref goes to the outside to check on the two. If he thinks either is seriously hurt, the match will of course be ended. Wait, one is moving. It's X-Dog! He lifts himself up, his face more bloody than ever, thanks to the fall. It's at least a split lip. You know for sure that, if there's blood, there's a good match!

Tenay: X-Dog sends Ace crashing into the 'rail, which tilts dangerously towards the fans nearby before holding. X-Dog picks Ace back up and sends him sliding back into the ring, where he stays down. The ref rolls in as well, as X-Dog starts to climb the turnbuckle! Will this be the new move he was talking about? Oh, Ace is up, though! He falls forward, hitting the ropes, which spreads X-Dog out! Ouch! Ace looks up at X-Dog, who starts to fall off the 'buckle. Ace stops him, climbs up next to him, and locks him up! They're balanced on the top! And there it is!!! The Rollercoaster!!! They spin for what seems like half a minute on the way down, although you know in your head it couldn't have lasted more than a second! That's it! The ref makes the count... 1...... 2..... 3!!!!!

JR: The Accelerator wins the Three Falls match over X-Dog!!! What a huge victory!! This one came so close so many times, with every move you could imagine, but the President pulled it out in the last few minutes! What a battle! I know I'm being repetitive, but we just witnessed a tremendous match in the history of the GCWA! How can we get any better than that?? It wipes the Phoenix/Shag-Nasty debacle right off the slate! Oh, Iceman and Fire are out! Ace is barely standing, leaning on the 'buckle, so they both lend him a shoulder, with Ice lifting Ace's hand first. Meanwhile Outcast and Harlem Heat are out as well. Outcast checks on X-Dog, who can barely stand, then looks over at the winners... and heads towards Iceman! We might have the fight from earlier break out! No, wait, X-Dog's up, stopping Outcast! He nods towards the Accelerator, who nods back. Is that a sign of respect, or just an acknowledgement of what just happened? Either way, X-Dog's leaving the ring, with aid from his partner, Outcast. Let's take a look at just a few of the great moves in this match!

*We're shown a variety of moves, from the missed plunge into the 'rail, to the Ace High, to the X-Factor and the Sunset Flip... the last move shown is the Rollercoaster.... *

Tenay: This was an incredible match, that will go right up there with Hawaiian Heat - Animal Thug and the Warriors of the Ring match! We're about ready to start our fourth and final hour, with the big one: the World Heavyweight Title Match! Stick around, we're not done yet!

*You see both Blade and Darkstarr walking down hallways, presumably headed towards the ring area... Blade is wearing the Heavyweight gold around his waist.... *