Tenay: It's been a huge night in professional wrestling! Almost everything that could have happened has happened! Now all that's left is the main event, the World Heavyweight Title Match for all the marbles! Let's go to the ring!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen... it is now time for the main event of the evening... this match will be scheduled for one fall... it is a No Interference Match for the World Heavyweight Title! *cheers* First, the #1 Contender... he stands 6'6" and weighs 230 lbs... he's a former Cruiserweight and Tag-Team champion, and also currently holds the Intercontinental Title... Darkstarr!

*The fans cheer as Starr walks out, showing off his title around his waist, but signaling for a larger one... he heads to the ring and hands off the title...*

Tenay: Last Wednesday, Starr and Blade went at it, with X-Dog interfering at the end. Since then, many fights have broken out between fans, who believe that one or the other was winning. So tonight, we settle things. People are saying that this is like Ultimate Warrior vs. Hogan. The best are facing off, and second's not a place they want to be!

Penzer: His opponent... standing 5'10" and weighing 210 pounds... he's worked his way up the ladder through sweat and blood... he's held the tag gold, the Internet Title, and is currently the Heavyweight Champion of the World.... Blade!

*Blade elicts another explosion of cries from the audience, especially from the female fans... he looks serious, yet he can't help himself, stopping and kissing a lady's hand along the way... he goes into the ring, looking at Darkstarr...*

JR: Not more than an hour ago, these two were watching each other's backs against the BOO. Now, they're slated to brawl with each other! No matter what these guys are doing, whether they're going to pair up in a stable or become life-long enemies, tonight, the belt is on the line, so friendship's on hold!

*The bell rings...*

Heenan: Darkstarr and Blade meet in the center of the ring. They shake hands, showing that this will be a "great" match. I hate it when friends fight. Oh, sure, the battle's usually good, but it always feels like they're not bloodthirsty enough. However, that's just my opinion.

JR: We know, Bobby, we know. Starr and Blade lock up, with Blade getting the Arm Wringer. Starr reverses it with a turn of his wrist, then pulls Blade into the ropes. Blade rebounds off, coming back, but Starr flattens out. As Blade comes back, Starr stands up and catches him, lifting him into the air for a Back Body Drop. Blade reverses it in midair, though, grabbing Starr by the head and Faceplanting him! Blade gets the first real shot in this one! Starr's up pretty quickly, but Blade's just waiting. He grabs Starr's leg and Dragon Whips him, snapping him down. He turns it into a submission hold, twisting Starr's leg around further than it's supposed to go! It looks like Blade's going to try and wear down Starr early in this one!

Tenay: Never a bad decision, Jim. Starr immediately begins squirming to the ropes, shifting his bodyweight back and forth. Blade's got a good grip, but he can't hold the bigger man down, so he's forced to drop the leg. He gets up, bringing Darkstarr with him. Blade whips him into the ropes, and ducks his head, a serious mistake, for Starr grabs it and spins with a Neckbreaker! Darkstarr pops back up and hitches onto Blade's back, jamming a knee into it on his way up. He drives the knee in a few more times, then lifts Blade up and slams him. Starr goes off the ropes and runs back for a leg drop, which Blade easily dodges! Starr felt the pain there! Blade snatches Starr's arm and brings him up, but Starr tugs Blade down, into a roll-up! 1..... Blade kicks out.

Heenan: It'll take more than that to pin the World champ! Starr pulls Blade to his feet, then lifts him into the air, landing a picture-perfect Gutbuster! Blade curls up in pain, as Starr walks away, going up the turnbuckle. He stands on the middle pad, waiting for Blade to regain his feet. As Blade pulls himself up, Starr leaps, hitting a flying clothesline! He covers Blade up... 1..... 2..... Blade kicks out! Starr shakes his head and brings Blade back up, who promptly grabs Starr by the neck with his legs, bringing him to the mat with a head-scissor takedown! The momentum keeps shifting back and forth! It's like a tennis match! Blade works his way to his feet. Both men are starting to show fatigue. It doesn't take long, even with the best athletes. Blade pulls Starr over to the turnbuckle and uses it, propelling himself around with a Tornado DDT! Nice move! Blade doesn't waste any time, either. He goes to the ropes, and springs into a Moonsault, landing on target! The ref drops.... 1...... 2...... Starr kicks out!

JR: Blade thought he had him! He gets up and goes to the air, as Starr tries to rise up. Blade stands on the top turnbuckle, and somersaults off with a beautiful flying spin kick!! Wow! Darkstarr didn't have a clue that that move was coming! Blade drops on top of him, but the ref still only gets to 2! Blade gets up, a little frustration showing in his movements. As he reaches down, he gets tripped up by Starr, who then gets to his feet. Blade turns to face him, and the two lock up. Blade tries a suplex, but it's blocked! Darkstarr tries his own, and hits it! Starr pulls himself up, then goes to the ropes, coming off of them and dropping an elbow! He makes the cover... 1.... 2..... Blade escapes! How many pins is that? It's come close so many times already!

Tenay: I've lost count, JR. Starr brings Blade up and locks on an Abdominal Stretch, using his height to his advantage. Blade's in trouble now! The ref circles both men, watching for any sign of submission. Blade's not going to just give up, though, not to this kind of move, anyway. But Starr's really going to wear him down! Blade's struggles, saying "No" repeatedly to the ref. Starr's close enough to the ropes, but he's not using the illegal advantage against Blade, despite the added pressure it gives. Finally, Starr breaks the hold on his own. He knew as well as we did that you're not going to get Blade to give up the gold. You've got to take it from him. Starr pulls Blade up and hits a Backbreaker, adding to the damage of the Stretch, then makes the pin.... 1..... 2..... Blade raises a shoulder.

Heenan: The longer these guys fight, the more they risk permanent injuries. It's always seemed so stupid to me, but then, I'm the Brain. Everyone looks stupid to me. Starr brings Blade up and gets him onto his shoulders. He's positioning him for the Torture Rack! Blade senses the danger, though, and shakes his way out, spinning on Starr's shoulders and hitting a Bulldog!! Both wrestlers are flat on the mat! The ref starts counting... 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9.. and Blade is up! He rolls over to Starr and covers him, but doesn't get the pin, only a 2 count. He gets up slowly, then pulls Starr up and whips him into the turnbuckle. Blade charges in after him, running up his face and flipping through! Ouch! Blade lands, then uses some quick kicks into Starr's ribs!

Tenay: Blade then moves in close, whipping the Starr towards the other corner. As Starr hits, Blade waits, then moves in, trying to set up the Wetstone. He grabs Starr's legs to throw him offbalance... oh, but Starr basically falls out of Blade's grip, kicking backwards and knocking Blade down! As Blade stands back up, Starr dives forward with an-almost desperate Forearm shot to the head! Blade's out like a light! That could be it, but Starr's too tired to cover him! This has been a hard-fought match, no doubt about it! Starr finally gets up enough to get over Blade, but by then, it's too late. Blade kicks out in 2, so the match continues!

JR: You're surely going to have to knock your opponent out to win this one! Starr rolls off of Blade, then grabs the ropes, hauling himself up. Blade does the same, rolling to the opposite side. Starr walks towards him, but Blade sneaks a punch into his ribs, then locks him up and hits a Pancake variation! Blade gets up and looks to the fans, then signals. It's time for the Sure Shot! He pulls Starr up and grabs him, starting to lift him off the ground. But Darkstarr's not through yet! He shoves forward with his legs, sending both men crashing into the corner!! Blade was smashed on both sides, taking the main abuse from that. Starr then lifts Blade onto the turnbuckle! He's got Blade set up!

Tenay: This is it! Blade tries to hold onto the turnbuckle, but is only partially successful! Darkstarr hits the Stardust at an angle!!! Blade's out, but Starr didn't land on top! Wait, he rolls over and makes the pin.... 1....... 2....... 3!!!!!! We have a new Heavyweight Champion of the World!!! What a huge victory for Darkstarr!! He's finally done it! He's reached the top, and escaped Phoenix's shadow!!! Blade gave it his all and more, but Starr was the big winner tonight! What a fight!! What a night of wrestling action!! Starr's getting to his feet wearily. He looks like he can't believe what just happened, even as the ref hands him the World Title!! Blade's sitting up on the mat, in shock. Just like that, the title is lost, at least for now!

Heenan: Wait, who's that climbing into the ring? Why... that's Crusade!! That's the former Smoke and Mirrors member, an old ally of Starr's! Man, he looks terrible! At the very least, he needs a shave! What's he doing here?He just came out of the crowd! Starr sees him with a surprised expression, as Crusade raises his arms in a friendly manner. Starr smiles and shakes his hands, then the two hug in the center of the ring... and Crusade nails Darkstarr with a Belly-to-Back!!! Why'd he do that??? Blade gets up and tries to grab him, but Crusade knocks Blade back down with a European Uppercut, then grabs him and slams him down!

Tenay: I don't understand this, Bobby, Jim! These guys used to be friends for pete's sake! Crusade is leaving the ring, even as Jannetty and the Rock come running to ringside once again. He walks down to the 'rail and steps over it. The man may be unkempt, but he's still a very big man! The Rock checks on Blade, while Jannetty helps Darkstarr up. Starr looks after his former friend, spits some blood from his mouth, then grabs the gold from the ground and raises it over his head again!! He's not letting it get him down! He just won the World Heavyweight Title, after all!

JR: Well, this has been a great night of wrestling, but it's got to come to an end sometime, even if the ending's slightly tainted by Crusade's reappearance! We'll see you Wednesday, and Bobby Heenan will be back in a week! Remember, No Pain, No Gain, No Fame! Goodnight!

*Clips of the Starr-Blade match are shown, especially the Stardust... as the credits start to roll, pictures from the earlier matches go across the screen... the last one is a picture of Darkstarr, with blood on his mouth, raising the World Title over his head.... it ends, and we go back to the PPV Ordering screen...*