JR: Thanks, Heenan. Up next we have the Hardcore title match between Nightmare and Heavy P. P is here due to a victory earlier this evening. Professor, do you think it'll be a disadvantage for P, having already taken some punishment tonight?

Tenay: Ordinarily, yes, but this is Heavy P we are talking about, and it's an inferno match, so you can throw conventional ideas out the window.

Penzer: Our next match is for the Hardcore Championship, and will be wrestled as an inferno match. Introducing first, standing 6 foot 3 and weighing in at over 400 pounds, he is the master of the belly slam and the number one contender for the hardcore championship, he is HEAVY P!!!

*Heavy P waves to the fans, most of whom don't seem to be committed to him. He doesn't seem worse for wear from his match earlier in the evening, or what just happened. He walks down to the ring and climbs in.*

Penzer: And his opponent, weighing 265 pounds and standing 6 foot 5 inches tall. He is the master of the nightfall and The Hardcore champion of the World! NIGHTMARE!!!

*The lights go out and "Freak on a Leash" rings through the arena. Nightmare appears at the head of the ramp, a spotlight on him, he marches down to the ring and as he gets closer the lights fade up. He climbs in and stares at Heavy P, who stares back.*

Heenan: Well both men are in opposite corners, and there go the flames, surrounding the ring. This one should be interesting. And neither man wastes any time. They both run at each other and Heavy P drops Nightmare with a shoulder block that took the champion down hard. P certainly has the advantage here, as far as strength and size goes. But Nightmare is right back up.

JR: He backs off a little, and then both men look to go for the lock up, but Nightmare sidesteps and drop toe holds Heavy P to the mat. He quickly grabs a leg and puts P in a half Boston crab. P is struggling to get out, but there are no ropebreaks here. Heavy P manages to roll over, rolling Nightmare off of him. But Nightmare stays on the offensive. As Heavy P begins to get up, Nightmare smashes into him, slamming his forearm into the head of Heavy P.

Tenay: That is a smart move on Nightmare's part. He needs to keep on the offensive and keep the big man down. He gets behind him and puts him in a top wristlock. But Heavy P merely swings up with his free hand and tags Nightmare right in the jaw with it. Nightmare lets go of the hold, and Heavy P struggles to his feet. Nightmare is back up also, and runs at Heavy P, who back body drops him out of the ring, Nightmare narrowly escaping the flames.

JR: P is now on the top rope. Its always amusing to watch a 400-pound man go upstairs, but P can really do it like a cruiser. Nightmare is up now, and Heavy P smashes down with a double axe handle to the top of Nightmare's head. And the big man is wasting no time, he grabs a chair and smacks the champ in the head with it. Nightmare goes down again. P picks him up and looks like he is heading for the flames.

Heenan: But you won't get a tough guy like Nightmare that easy. Nightmare struggles out of the grasp of Heavy P and pushes him towards the flames. P barely misses, but smacks into the ring post in avoiding the flames. Now Nightmare has the chair Heavy P used and, oh man, did he hit him hard with that chair shot! Even the crowd gasped at that.

JR: I think Nightmare is trying to put this one away in true hardcore fashion. He pulls P up and whips him towards the flames, but P takes a huge shot at the base of the apron to avoid them. That was a great move by P, sacrificing a little to keep his chances going. Nightmare walks over to where P has fallen, and gets a broom shot straight to the stomach. P must have pulled that from under the ring. Now Heavy P puts the broom between Nightmares legs and, ouch. He just racked Nightmares jewels with that broomstick. That can not be comfortable, Mike.

Tenay: I would assume not JR. Heavy P picks up Nightmare and stands him in front of the safety rail, and then like earlier to Brimstone, splashes Nightmare into the side of it. The champ goes down again. Both men have really taken a beating here. But Heavy P is not done yet. He drags nightmare up and is heading for our announce table. Hey, what? He, he just grabbed JR's Headset!

Heavy P: Heenan, look at this pathetic excuse for a champ. That gold is mine now, because I am Heavy P, and I am unstoppable!

Heenan: Whatever you say, champ.

Tenay: He just through the headset back at JR and now is climbing up on the table, taking Nightmare with him. He looks like he is going to Belly to Belly him right on the table! But Nightmare head butts P, saving himself from a huge move, and in the same instant, drops Heavy P face first onto the announce table in what looked like Edge's downward spiral. P is laying motionless on the table, and a still hurting Nightmare rolls off. Neither man is moving very fast.

JR: Although I wish they would move off our table. Oh well, it is the GCWA, and anything can happen as we have seen here tonight. Nightmare is back on his feet, but he looks exhausted. He pulls the big man off the table and both men start walking towards the flames. Nightmare grabs Heavy P's arm and sticks it near the fire, this could be it, but P fires back with a right hand, and pulls his hand back. Nightmare fires back, and we have a brawl on our hands now.

Heenan: Both men have always been great brawlers and they are showing it here. Right and left hands are flying so fast its hard to keep up. Heavy P staggers Nightmare with a vicious left hand and Follows it up with a boot to the chest, knocking the champ down. Hold up a sec what's that sound?

JR: It sounds like laughing to me Weasel. And look at the top of the ramp, here comes Brimstone. I don't think he took losing earlier very well. He walks to the ring and stands on the opposite side of the two men. What could he possibly be doing here?

Heenan: My guess would be interfering JR. Heavy P has the champ back up now and is hooked him an underhook, and sends him over in a double underhook suplex. A flash of technical skill form the big man there. But the champ is right up, apparently he has had enough. He runs in and clotheslines Heavy P, but can't send him down, he does it again, and still Heavy P is standing. He goes back again, and gets hit in the back of the head by a chair shot from Brimstone. But why is Brimstone helping Heavy P?

Tenay: I don't think he is brain. Heavy P is still staggering a little and Brimstone walks over and hits him with the chair too. Then he picks up the big man, pulls him into the fire!!! Heavy P's tights have caught fire! Nightmare is apparently the winner, and still champ, but this is odd. Brimstone helping Nightmare?

Heenan: I don't think he is helping Nightmare either, Prof. P has managed to roll around a little to put the flames out, but he is still lying on the floor, in obvious pain. Brimstone pulls up Nightmare, and then throws him into the flames!!! Brimstone has come down here and set both men on fire. He looks over at the two men and laughs a hideous laugh, and then still laughing, heads up the ramp and through the wrestlers entrance. Brimstone certainly sent a message to both men and all of the hardcore division tonight. And it looks like Heavy P is up and heading after Brimstone in the back. He pauses to kick Nightmare while he is down a couple of times, and then heads off up the ramp. Nightmare looks in worst shape of the two, that shot to the head was brutal.

JR: Sure was Bobby. I think he may need a little medical attention, no wait he is up and heading over here. He wants my head set! Not again!

Heenan: Give it to him!

Nightmare: Heavy P, Brimstone, this is far from over, and someday soon, both of you will have to face me, and face my wrath. No one jumps the champ, and NO ONE sets me on fire! So be prepared, you both are about to face your worst Nightmares!

Tenay: Wow, the champ seems a little irritated. But hell, he should be. How that will pan out...well we will just have to keep our eyes open. Run the clips from the match!

*We're shown the replay, with all of the great moves, from the fight on the announcers' table to the appearance of Brimstone... Heenan, a little flustered from Nightmare's anger at the end, barely makes it through...*

JR: The action is intense, with 3 matches still left on our card! And what matches they are! A Double Elimination Tag-Team Match, a 3 Falls match between two of the best in the world, and the all-star Heavyweight Title match, for all the marbles! I'm hyped, and so is David Penzer, so let's see if he gets his lines right! Go for it, Penz!

Penzer: I doubt I'll have any problems, RJ... Ladies and Gentlemen, the next bout will be a multiple falls match for the GCWA Tag-Team Championship of the World... the rules are simple: both men need to be pinned for the opposing team to win... now for the challengers... weighing a combined 495 lbs... both of them have just recently entered the GCWA, and have joined up with the Bastards of Oblivion... Lan Ragus... Reizrok... Rage is Reality!

*The two men come out to a large chorus of boos, which they quickly ignore... both look serious as they head for the squared circle...*

Tenay: These are some of the newest threats to the tag-team titles. Both of them appear to be good athletes. We have an odd combination of a cruiserweight and a heavyweight. The question is, can they match up against Phoenix without Shag-Nasty's aid?

Penzer: Their opponents... weighing 530 lbs total... they're teaming together for the first time, as one is subbing for the man known as Darkstarr... both have their reasons to dislike their opponents... defending the Tag-Team Titles... the European Champ, Phoenix... and Shannon Shag-Nasty!

*Shag-Nasty appears first, with the title firmly on his shoulder... he turns and points behind him, as Phoenix comes out, wearing both belts... the audience is on their feet, cheering... Shag-Nasty appears loose, while Phoenix is as solemn as ever... *

JR: This is still a strange pairing for me. Shag-Nasty and Phoenix were wrestling each other just last week, when Shag's partner was Shorty. Yet both have come together against a common foe. Can Shag-Nasty earn Phoenix's trust here? Or will this be the end of the Hellfire reign?

*The bell rings...*

Heenan: It appears Shag-Nasty wants to start first, but Phoenix wants in. You don't argue with someone Phoenix's size, if you're smart. So Phoenix and Lan Ragus are going to start things off. These two fought last Wednesday, and it was an obvious win for Phoenix, after Reizrok attacked him. Shag-Nasty was later seen laying out cold in the back, of course. Now Phoenix and Ragus lock up, and Phoenix lifts him in the air, throwing him back into the corner by the neck!! What a move! Ragus shakes off the hit, looks at Phoenix, and tags in Reizrok, who is at least closer to Phoenix's size at 6'5", 280 lbs. Phoenix waves him on, and the two lock arms. After a few seconds, Phoenix slowly shoves Reizrok into a neutral corner. The ref calls for the break, which Phoenix does. But Reizrok takes advantage with a poke in the eye over the ref's head. Smart move.

Tenay: As Phoenix tries to regain his sight, Reizrok comes in, grabbing Phoenix by the legs and pulling them out from under him. He then drops repeated elbows on the limb of Phoenix, trying to take his leg away from him! Phoenix is in pain now! That's the way to work on the big men, keep them on the mat. Reizrok ignores this advice, though, pulling Phoenix up and suplexing him! So far, the larger Rage is prospering against the European champ. He grabs Phoenix's legs and starts to step through, maybe for a Figure Four, but Phoenix kicks him off, knocking him to his knees. Phoenix launches upward, basically tackling his opponent and taking him to the mat! Reizrok is on his back, after being rammed by 265 pounds of pure muscle! Phoenix pulls Reizrok up and whips him into the ropes. As he returns, Phoenix spins and nails him with a huge clothesline! He tries a pin, but only gets a 1 count.

JR: This match is still young. Phoenix lifts Reizrok up and plops him down in the corner, backfirst. He then tags in Shag-Nasty, who springs over the top rope. He chops away at Reizrok, rocking him back and forth with some furious hits! He then slingshots Reizrok across the ring, no, Reizrok reverses! Shag's in the corner, as Reizrok charges in, and Shag dodges, then grabs Reizrok from behind and rolls him up! 1.... 2.... Reizrok escapes. Shag and Reizrok lock up again, with Reizrok hitting a flawless elbow shot to the face. Shag stumbles backwards, right into the wrong corner, as Lan Ragus smacks him in the back of the head! The ref warns Ragus, as Reizrok hits an Inverted Atomic Drop that will definitely leave you seeing stars!

Heenan: Oh, those always sting. Trust me. Reizrok tags Ragus back in, who climbs on the turnbuckle and leaps, ramming into Shag and knocking him to the mat. This, however, smacked Shag-Nasty the wrong direction, as he tags in Phoenix on the way down! Phoenix comes in with his furious anger, catching Ragus and bodyslamming him hard! Phoenix then goes off the ropes and drops a knee, then attempts a pin.... 1..... 2.... Reizrok's in, stomping on the back of Phoenix's head! He hits him repeatedly, while the ref stops Shag-Nasty from coming in! They haul Phoenix up and over to the corner, where they double-team him with multiple kicks to the sternum! Shag's not helping his partner right now. He's distracting the ref by trying to get over to help! Finally, the ref turns, as Ragus is back in charge, with Reizrok on the apron. Ragus uses the turnbuckle to spring off and hit a Frankensteiner, actually managing to flip the much larger man! He covers him... 1..... 2.... Phoenix gets his shoulders off the mat.

Tenay: The double-team has really balanced this match out now. Phoenix is pulled back to the corner by Ragus, as he tags Reizrok. They're using quick tags, which seems to be working against the champ. Reizrok knees Phoenix in the stomach, then DDTs him, putting him on the canvas. He then wraps his large arms around Phoenix's throat, trying to knock him out! The ref is close by, as Phoenix tries to get free of the hold. On the other side, Shag-Nasty is stomping his feet, getting the crowd to make some noise to help Phoenix out! And it's working! Phoenix pulls himself to his feet, using his elbow to free himself with 2-3 shots to the ribs of Reizrok! He turns and hits Reizrok, then again... then Reizrok slashes his hand across Phoenix's face once again, killing the momentum before it can get too high!

JR: Phoenix's eyes are going to be hurting him tommorrow, Mike. They're the ones taking a beating. Reizrok sends Phoenix into the ropes, then runs and hits a knee lift, taking him down. He tags back in Ragus, who once again climbs the turnbuckle. Reizrok walks over and lifts him off the turnbuckle, propelling him high into the air for a splash! But Phoenix got his knees up!! Reizrok just put his partner in harm's way! As Ragus rolls along the mat, holding his stomach, Phoenix pulls himself slowly up. Shag-Nasty is reaching out for the tag, but Phoenix shrugs him off and instead lifts Ragus up, whipping him hard enough into the corner to knock him face-first onto the mat! Phoenix walks over and picks the cruiserweight up, lifting him with a Gorilla Press and slamming him down! He makes the cover... 1.... 2... Reizrok makes the save with another kick! This time, though, Shag-Nasty charges in, grabbing Reizrok and throwing him against the ropes. He runs at him, clotheslining Reizrok to the outside, where he just manages to land on his feet!

Tenay: Phoenix, meanwhile, has Ragus up. He's dragging him over to the ropes! Wait, we've got people coming to the ring! It's Chris Jericho and Michael Breaker!! The BOO have arrived, as the crowd "chants" their name! Shag-Nasty saw them, though! He comes over and hops over the top rope, coming off the apron on top of both of them!! Shag-Nasty is fighting both of his former partners at once! I guess Breaker and Jericho are still hurting from their earlier matches, because they aren't putting up much of a fight! Phoenix has Ragus on the turnbuckle, and he's got him positioned! There it is!! The Phoenix Storm!! Ragus is roadkill! The ref drops down... 1..... 2..... 3!!!!!

Heenan: Only one Rage is Reality man remains! The ref signals for Ragus to leave, helping him out of the ring. Oh, and while he's doing that, Reizrok comes in, hitting Phoenix in the back of the head with some kind of brass knuckles!!! Phoenix is down in the middle of the ring! The ref missed it, I don't think Shag-Nasty saw it, and I'm certain Phoenix didn't!! Reizrok throws the foreign object out of the ring before the ref turns back, and waves him over. He rolls Phoenix over and makes the pin... 1...... 2..... NOOO!! Phoenix kicks out despite the shot to the head! Reizrok can't believe it! He argues with the ref, slapping his hands together, wanting a quicker count. He tries again, but again only gets a 2 count! Phoenix isn't ready to lose those titles that he and Darkstarr have had for a while now.

JR: Reizrok looks very annoyed as he pulls Phoenix up. The bigger man is in some serious trouble still, since that shot obviously took a lot out of him. Reizrok lifts him with a Belly-to-Back Suplex, driving him into the mat. Shag-Nasty is back up on the apron, not looking any worse for wear. Both Jericho and Breaker are checking on Lan Ragus, who's still at ringside. All three look like they've been through a wringer tonight. In the ring, Reizrok pulls Phoenix back up after another suplex. He cracks Phoenix's arm, sending him into the corner. But Phoenix rebounds with a huge lariat, knocking Reizrok onto his back!! The fans are cheering like crazy, desperately wanting Phoenix to tag in Shag-Nasty, who's sticking out his arm, stretching as far as he can! Phoenix is rolling in the right direction, stretching out towards his partner, as Reizrok gets up slowly and tries to stop him... to no avail! Shannon Shag-Nasty is in the ring!

Tenay: He heads towards Reizrok... then turns, grabs Phoenix, and hits the Nasty Snap!!!!! Shannon Shag-Nasty just took out Phoenix!! I can't believe it!! Phoenix is down on the side of the ring, not moving! Shag-Nasty turns around, where Reizrok is waiting. He touches Shag on the chest, and he falls! Reizrok makes the cover.... 1..... 2..... 3!!! Shag-Nasty is officially eliminated, mainly by himself!! I think this was a huge plot of Nasty's, to get the tag-team titles! He must never have left the Bastards of Oblivion! Reizrok still needs to pin Phoenix, though. He goes over to him, where Phoenix just isn't moving! He pulls the man up, semi-conscious though he is, and lands the Crushed Reality!! That's got to be it, but just in case, Reizrok pulls the man up again and hits it a second time! Phoenix is out cold! Reizrok makes the cover... 1..... 2..... 3!!!!!

Heenan: Rage is Reality are now the tag-team champions of the world, and it's all thanks to Shannon Shag-Nasty!! They all roll into the ring, BOO reunited, as Ragus and Reizrok get the tag titles handed to them by Jericho. Breaker and Shag-Nasty are laughing, as Shag stomps on the back of the unconscious Phoenix! Wait, from the back... here comes Darkstarr, and he looks pissed! He dives into the ring, punching Breaker down, and clotheslining Shag-Nasty! Oh, but he gets nailed from behind by the two tag champs. There's just too many for one person to fight off!

Tenay: Which is where the next group comes in, Bobby! Blade, the Rock, and Marty Jannetty are all running towards the ring! The reinforcements have arrived! Shag sees them coming, and calls for the strategic retreat, as the BOO leave the ring in different directions. The mass group comes into the ring, looking out at their opponents. Phoenix is still down, as Darkstarr checks on him. Blade, Jannetty, and Michaels are watching the group, while the Rock stands near Phoenix for added protection. We've got a pretty good force in there, JR! Is this an allied group? Is this Blade's answer to X-Dog having control of Degeneration-X?

JR: Well, this isn't the first time Blade and others have come to Darkstarr's aid. It looks like something's been formed between them, but of course, we don't know that for sure. We've got two more great matches to go. The next one will surely break this place in two. Stick around!

*Replays are shown of the Phoenix Storm, the Nasty Snap, and the Crushed Realities... the last thing shown is the face of Shag-Nasty, laughing...*