Tenay: Things are heating up, as we go into our next match! Luckily, since the three Hardcore men didn't mess up the ring too badly, we can hurry on to this match while they're recovering. This one's got a lot of history in the few short weeks it's been building up! Let's watch the monitors and see how this one came to be.

*The shot changes to a view of both the Rock and Chris Jericho, staring each other down... the screen shifts to the Internet Title Three-Way match... the Rock nails Brimstone from behind, lifting him onto the turnbuckle and hitting the Sure Shot to get the win and the vacated title... after showing a few parts of their interviews, the title defense by the Rock comes on, with various moves.... Shag-Nasty comes up on the apron and hits the Rock with a foreign object, before he can do the People's Elbow... Shag-Nasty drops the ref as Jericho puts on the Liontamer, then the two leave with the Internet strap... another switch shows the Rock challenging Jericho to the Ladder match, which Jericho accepts... the final clip is at the past Warfare, where the Rock knocks Jericho out as he was returning the Internet gold... the Rock is then shown taking down Kevin Nash... the montage ends...*

JR: Needless to say, there's a lot of bad blood brewing between these two. They've faced each other a couple of times in the past few weeks, and now, they're going to try and settle it tonight, in this major ladder match! They've placed the ladder into the ring, and the Internet Title is hanging by a rope from the ceiling. We're ready, and I'm sure the wrestlers are too. Take it, Penzer!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen... the next contest will be competed under Ladder Match rules... hung from way above, the GCWA Internet Title will, literally, be up for grabs! The first wrestler to climb the ladder, grab hold of the belt, and pull it down, will be declared the winner and the rightful holder of the Internet Title... first, let's introduce the challenger... standing 6'2" and weighing 230 lbs... he's become a major name in the GCWA the past month, calling himself the Messiah... he is a member of the Bastards of Oblivion... "Lionheart" Chris Jericho!

*Jericho comes out of the back with his trademark robe on... he smiles to the fans who are unmercifully booing him... he shakes one fan's hand, then wipes it off on the side of his robe as he walks away... he drops the robe and enters the ring...*

Tenay: Jericho's been a surprise, coming in as a sensation and leaping right into contention for the Internet Title. He nearly pulled off the victory in the Three-Way Match, then was fighting toe-to-toe with the Rock at Sixpack. Now he's here, for the great Ladder match, to truly determine the better of the two.

Heenan: Many are wondering if Jericho's mind will be completely on the match tonight, since his partner, Shag-Nasty, has allied himself with the Hellfire team against BOO. This was a pretty big shocker, since Jericho came to the GCWA because of Shag-Nasty. I'm sure he'll be watching that match pretty closely. But before that happens, he needs to be concentrating on the great wrestler he'll be fighting.

Penzer: His opponent... standing 6'5" and weighing 275 lbs... he's the DX Assassin, who has been a champion elsewhere... a few weeks ago, he became a champion here as well.... the GCWA Internet Champion... the Rock!

*The Rock comes out, throwing a few of his t-shirts to the crowd... his dreads are done up as they have been recently... the audience is cheering as he makes his way towards the ring... *

JR: Here he comes, the man who's finally starting to climb the ladder in the GCWA! The Rock has been here for months now, wrestling in relative obscurity in Degeneration-X, behind guys like X-Dog and Blade. But now, as the Internet champion, he's reclaimed the popularity that's been following him around his entire career. It's time to lay the Smack Down on Jericho, if the Rock can!

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: The Rock and Jericho immediately come to the center of the ring, right next to the ladder. They both throw punches, as the crowd roars in approval! The Rock takes control, whipping Jericho right into the ladder! Both Jericho and the ladder hit the mat, as the Rock follows. He brings the Messiah up, then slams him back down onto his back. Jericho's already hurting in this one! The Rock gets him back up again, not even considering going for the title. He whips Jericho hard into the corner. As Jericho rebounds out of it, the Rock catches him and hits a big-time powerslam!! The Rock is on fire early on!

JR: We'll have to see how long that lasts. The Rock walks over and grabs the ladder, lifting it up and closing it. As Jericho gets up, the Rock turns and swings it at him, at about head level! But Jericho ducks under it, and as the Rock fights the momentum, Jericho runs in, tackling him and making him drop the ladder! Jericho's got him on the mat, and he's using his fists, pounding into the champ! It doesn't take much to shift the flow of the match, guys. Jericho pulls the Rock up, looks around at the crowd, then lifts the champ's arm across his shoulder and hits a Snap Suplex across the closed ladder!! The Rock's back just got shattered on those metal rails!! He rolls off, in obvious pain. Jericho's lucky he didn't hurt himself there. That move really paid off for him. He gets up and pulls the Rock to his feet again, then turns him and puts on an Abdominal Stretch!

Heenan: He's really working on the Rock's lower back, Jim. He's weakening it, which will make the Lion Tamer that much more painful. The only problem with that is that this match can't end by submission! There's no ref to check on the Rock, because the only way to win is to get that title! Still, if Jericho knocks the Rock out with the Liontamer, like he's done to wrestlers before, he could easily get up that ladder. The Rock is struggling, trying to escape, as Jericho reaches over and uses the ropes to give him more leverage. Again, there's no ref, so there's no one to stop the Messiah's tricks. Finally, after a couple of minutes, Jericho releases the Rock and drops him to the mat. Jericho looks to be satisfied with himself, as the Rock's been stretched badly!

JR: Jericho is so pleased, he's going to make the first attempt to win! He sets the ladder back up under the title and starts climbing. He's up two rungs, three rungs, and then he goes down! The Rock rammed the ladder, sending Jericho down to the mat! Jericho gets up fast, favoring his knee, as the Rock turns his arm and puts it on his back. He reaches out and grabs Jericho, who reacts by kicking the Rock in the stomach, bending him down. Jericho then Underhooks him, yells to the fans, and lifts, spinning the Rock around and dropping him with a Backbreaker!! That's vintage Jericho right there! He holds the Rock on his knee for a while, grinning, as the damage continues! The Rock's back has to be in bad shape! Jericho drops him and goes back to the ladder, positioning it in the corner, leaning. He walks back over and pulls the Rock up. He whips the champ towards, no, the Rock reverses it! Jericho crashes into the ladder, nearly flipping himself out of the ring!

Tenay: That'll leave a mark! Jericho's just a pile on the mat, next to the ladder. The ladder looks slightly bent up. I hope it still will stay steady enough to climb up it, or else this match could go on for a very long time! The Rock walks slowly over to Jericho, slightly bent over. We have activity in the aisle again. It looks like... is that Sting?? Yes, Sting is standing in the aisleway! He looks back and the match going on, puts his bat on his shoulder, and then goes back to looking at the entrance! He's there to keep this match fair, I think! In the ring, the Rock grabs Jericho off the mat and picks him up, hitting a spike piledriver! Jericho's down and out! This could be the Rock's chance! He grabs the ladder and drags it slowly to the center of the ring again. He sets it up and starts climbing... and Jericho gets up behind him and swings his arm through!! The Rock drops full-out off the ladder, in severe pain now! Leave it to Jericho to hit those low shots!

Heenan: Yeah, don't you just love it? Jericho's got a really good shot of climbing the ladder untouched now! He's not going to, though. Instead, he folds the ladder up again, lifts it over his head, and throws it down on top of the Rock! Jericho then sticks both arms straight out and tilts his head! He's signaling for a Crucifix, or something, I'm not sure, but the fans definitely don't like it! Jericho positions the ladder a little better, then goes off the ropes on the other side. He comes back and drops full-out across the ladder and the Rock, slamming it down on top of him!! Oh, but that one hurt Jericho as well! He rolls off, in pain. But the Rock isn't moving underneath it! He might be out cold! Jericho clutches the ropes, getting up. He coughs badly, with a hand over his ribs. But he still has enough to grab the ladder off of the Rock and lift it up. He sets it up, then starts to climb. He's halfway up. Three-fourths. He's reaching for the title, and... the Rock shakes the ladder again!! How'd he get up??

JR: He's got the heart of a champion, Bobby, something you wouldn't know a thing about! Jericho tries to hang on, but he's hurting too much, and is forced to fall from the top of the ladder! He hits the mat after a long plunge, landing on his side. The Rock stumbles over to him, and, I think the Rock's been bloodied! His nose is bleeding, possibly from that ladder shot. This match just went up a whole new level! The Rock pulls Jericho up, slowly. Jericho tries to fight back, but the Rock fires in a "Heart" Punch, right into Jericho's hurting ribs, and he drops to the mat, shouting in pain!! Those ribs might be cracked after that fall and that punch! The Rock pulls Jericho up and suplexes him to the mat. The Rock stands up, leaning on his knees before getting to his full height. He steps over Jericho and drops his elbow pad! Here we go! Off one side, off the other, then the People's Elbow!! He hit it!!

Tenay: Sting is still watching from the aisle, watching the fight continue. So far, no BOO members have tried to come down. The Rock kicks Jericho a few more times, then goes to the ladder, climbing up as the fans root him on. He reaches up, trying to grab the swinging title. He's got a hold of it... and Jericho kicks the ladder out from under him!! He couldn't hang on!! The Rock plunges a far distance, smashing into the mat at full velocity!! Jericho drops as well, onto his hands and knees, unable to breathe. But the Rock is just plain out after that fall! This has been a brutal match! Do either wrestler have anything left? Jericho gets to his feet, wiping sweat out of his eyes. He's hurting, but he's on his feet, which is more than we can say about the Rock! Jericho limps over to the ropes, leans into them, then heads back towards the Rock. He flips, hitting a Lion Sault!! He then makes the pin... but of course it doesn't count. Obviously, Jericho's running on pure instinct. Then again, so is the Rock, because he kicked out!!

Heenan: Both wrestlers are almost out on their feet, Mike. Jericho pulls the Rock up and DDTs him. He then gets up and goes to the ladder, which is miraculously still standing! He climbs up it, slowly but surely, as the fans chant for the People's Champ to get up. Jericho's almost there, he gets to the top, reaching out for the gold, as the Rock climbs to his feet and heads up the ladder as well! Jericho's got the belt! Oh, but the Rock nails him in the back, stopping him from being able to pull it down! The match continues! The Rock climbs next to Jericho, slamming his head into the top of the ladder! Jericho's out on the rungs! The Rock picks him up, twisting and coming off the ladder with the Sure Shot!!!! He just took out Jericho!! There's no way he's getting up from that! What a move!!

JR: That'll surely do it, if the Rock can get up the ladder. He rolls and uses his arms to get to his feet. The crowd is going wild! The Rock grabs the ladder, putting it into place, and starts climbing. Jericho's completely out cold! He's not moving! The Rock gets to the top and reaches out, getting a hold of the gold, and pulling it off of the rope!! The Rock has defended the Internet Title, in a big way!! What a huge victory for the Rock! Jericho put up a hell of a fight, nearly pulling it off, but the Rock would not stay down! That Sure Shot was devestating! Jericho's still just barely moving! The Rock half-climbs half-falls down the ladder, with the title on his shoulder. He's wincing, as he leans into the ropes. But he's the champion. He deserves it. Let's look at a replay!

*We're shown some of the great moves, starting with the falls from the ladder... the People's Elbow, the Lionsault, the Double Underhook Backbreaker, and the final Sure Shot are all shown, as Heenan talks about the match... we're shown a picture from the beginning of the match, when the Rock walked out...*

Tenay: So the Rock adds another notch to his belt, with a pay-per-view defense that will help put Crescendo in the record books for sure! What a clash! Oh, wait, Sting's in the ring! Jericho's already left in pain, nearly falling down on his way backstage. The Rock stares at Sting, who points the bat right at him. What does that mean? Whatever it does, that's all Sting had to say. He's leaving again, allowing the Rock to continue celebrating his huge victory! He rolls out of the ring with the title and heads backstage, as they get rid of the ladder.

JR: It looks like we're ready, so let's keep the tide of title matches moving along! Pen?

Penzer: The next match is scheduled for one fall... it will be for the GCWA Cruiserweight Title! *cheers* First, the challenger... standing 5'3" and weighing 110 lbs... he's a former Cruiserweight and European champion... and is the leader of the Natural Born Killas... Shorty!

*Shorty comes out of the back moving to his usual music... he heads down the aisle and into the ring...*

Heenan: Shorty's been in the GCWA for a while now, on and off, and he's collected a few titles along the way. Now, though, he wants to bring home DMX's gold, and become a 2-time, 2-time Cruiserweight champion! But DMX is definitely no easy match, since he's held the title for months now.

Penzer: His opponent... standing 5'10" tall.... he's been the GCWA Cruiserweight Champion for a long while now, defending against all comers... the man, the myth, the legend, DMX!

*The champion makes his appearance as the crowd mainly cheers... you can see signs that say "The Fatal III must reunite!"... DMX grins at the ring and walks down the ramp, taking off his belt along the way... *

JR: DMX, well, we really don't need to say anything else about this champion. He's proven himself one of the greats, always stepping forward to defend his belt. It's been a long time since this man has been defeated.

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: Yeah, but is DMX ready for this match? He's been trying to deal with the problems with Jannetty and Blade recently, and of course the return of Heavy P. I'm sure he's had a lot on his mind. DMX and Shorty lock up, straining against each other, trying to get the upper hand. DMX turns it into his own upper hand, getting an arm lock. But Shorty works his way out of it. The two lock up again, this time with DMX taking no chances. He drops backwards, flipping Shorty over top! Shorty lands awkwardly, but gamely gets right back to his feet as DMX uses his arms to bounce up. Shorty runs in, but DMX hits a perfect hip toss, then a second one! Shorty's game plan is not working right now.

JR: At least not yet, Mike. DMX pulls Shorty up and whips him into the ropes. As Shorty comes back, DMX lifts him for a body slam, but Shorty slips through, rolling over his back and landing behind him! Before DMX can turn, Shorty leaps onto his shoulders and falls forward, rolling the champ up! 1..... 2..... DMX kicks out! Shorty very nearly got the shocking upset right there, in only a few minutes, Mike! DMX gets up, looking seriously pissed off. He meets Shorty face-to-face, then headbutts him! Shorty staggers back, showing which of these two has the harder head. DMX grabs his arm and propells Shorty into the turnbuckle. Shorty slumps down, so DMX walks towards him. Oh, but Shorty was faking it! He lashes out with a kick to the stomach, then uses the ropes to get some height and kick DMX right in the jaw!! The champ drops like chopper lumber, even as Shorty springs up onto the turnbuckle and jumps off, hitting a Guillotine Legdrop!!

Heenan: The little man's not looking half-bad against the champ, JR! He brings DMX up and snaps him into the ropes. As he comes back, Shorty runs from the other side and grabs him by the neck, slamming him down on the canvas! Shorty covers him... 1..... 2.... again DMX escapes. Shorty doesn't waste time, pulling DMX up and chopping him a few times. He then goes up for a Hurricanrana, but DMX blocks it, then Powerbombs him! Shorty's hurting! But then again, so is DMX! I doubt DMX was expecting a fight of this calibur coming in! He shakes his head clear and pulls the NBK man up. He sends him into the turnbuckle again, but this time follows right behind, ramming him just as he hits!! Shorty crumples, in serious pain, as DMX climbs the turnbuckle and looks to the crowd! He comes off the turnbuckle and drops his weight onto Shorty's chest once, then grabs him by the legs and pulls him to the center. DMX slaps his arm, signaling for the Arm Rip! Boy, it still seems early for that, although we have seen some good moves thus far!

Tenay: DMX grabs Shorty's arm and starts to twist into his submission hold, but Shorty's ready, springing off the mat with his legs. He gets free of DMX, spins, and hits a Crescent Kick that sends DMX to the canvas in less than a second!! Shorty falls against the ropes, clutching at his leg. He really spread himself thin to hit that kick, but it really paid off! He pulls DMX up and drops into a roll-up.... 1..... 2...... DMX barely gets out. It's shocking how much of this match has been Shorty! DMX really underestimated him!

JR: Shorty gets back up with DMX in tow. He throws him headfirst over the top rope! DMX hits hard on the outside, even as Shorty goes to the turnbuckle and jumps off with a Missle Dropkick!! He hit it perfectly, although his landings have need of work. Shorty gets up slowly, while DMX is sprawled out on the cement! Shorty reaches down and pulls him up, dragging him to the ring where the ref is counting away. He gets DMX in just in time, then goes up on the 'buckle once again. Shorty's really relying on his high-flying skills. He waits, as the champ pulls himself up. Shorty then goes for a splash, but DMX ducks under it, and Shorty eats canvas!

Heenan: Shorty went to the well one too many times, and paid the price for it. DMX leans on the ropes, as Shorty shudders in pain. The champ grabs him and helps him up, then lifts him and drops him across the ropes, throat-first! Shorty grasps for his neck and rolls on the mat. The momentum is starting to shift, guys! DMX gets Shorty again, kicking him on the mat, stomping on his chest as Shorty tries to protect himself. DMX slowly leans down and brings the man up. It isn't often DMX can look down at someone. He Scoop Slams Shorty, then tries a pin, as the fans make some noise. Wait, they're yelling for another reason: Rey Mysterio Jr is walking to the ring! The man is on injured reserve, and this is the second time we've seen him! What's up with that?

JR: I don't know, Bobby, but he's got company behind him in the form of Heavy P! He grabs Mysterio, spins him around, and hits a Front Fall Slam!!! Mysterio is now as thin as the contract he signed to get in this place! Heavy P must have been waiting in the back for something like this! In the ring, Shorty kicked out of the pin, so DMX brought him up and sent him into the ropes. But he missed the dropkick because of Shorty's quick reaction, and now Shorty's back in control, standing on DMX's chest and jumping up and down! Ouch! Shorty then walks off and heads to the turnbuckle, looking tired but still ready to get the win. Wait, he's looking down at Heavy P and Mysterio, who is over his shoulder. Shorty looks confused, then angry! He's shouting at Heavy P, but he's forgetting about DMX! DMX climbs up next to him, and grabs him from behind, hitting an Inverted DDT!! DMX makes the pin.... 1.... 2..... 3!!!!!!

Tenay: Wow! What a... what a.... what a lousy ending to that match!! After such a great match by Shorty, he got distracted and lost it at the last second. DMX should be kissing that title and be very happy he's still got it around his waist. That's how close this match was. DMX just didn't have his normal fire. Shorty, in my mind, is still a major contender. Wait, Heavy P's got a mic! Everyone wants to talk today!

Heavy P: Another one down. Oh, and Jannetty, Blade, you two pansies can have the Fatal III. Me and DMX are player's forever, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Heenan: So I guess that decides what's going on with the Fatal III. When Heavy P returned, they just split right down the middle. Heavy P and DMX want nothing to do with their former partners. I see a great feud coming on there. DMX is taking off, while Heavy P is waiting in the ring. Let's go to the tape!

*All the great moves from the match are played, as Heenan talks and usually gets the names of the moves wrong...*