*The PPV Ordering screen cuts off, showing all black for a second... in the background, a choir starts up, singing a song from "The Planets"... as the song starts to build in volume, pictures appear... a shot of Phoenix and Shannon Shag-Nasty standing next to each other... the fight between Jericho and the Rock... a split-screen of Heavy P, Brimstone, and Michael Breaker, quickly covered by a shot of Nightmare... X-Dog, talking on the mic.... the Accelerator headed towards the ring... finally, another split-screen, showing the two determined faces of Darkstarr and Blade... the sopranos in the choir hit their high notes, as a crack appears... it runs down the screen and shatters, allowing us to see the packed crowd in Madison Square Garden... the fans are erupting, screaming as loud as they can... you can see the signs everywhere: "DX = X-Dog", "Rocks cannot stand the walls of Jericho", "A Starr is born", "I want to have a Nightmare", and others... finally, we close in on the broadcast location, where the announcers are waiting...*

Mike Tenay: Hello! We're live here in New York City, in Madison Square Garden, the place where so many great matches have taken place! This is where the WWF came to prominence in 1985, at the first Wrestlemania. This is where the Match Made In Hell took place. This is where Shawn Michaels and Scott Hall, then as Razor Ramon, had their epic Ladder Match. This is the site of Ali vs. Frazier, and where the NY Rangers won the Stanley Cup in '94. And now, the Global Championship Wrestling Association is here, contiuing the wave of huge sports events! I'm here with Jim Ross and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, and we're ready to go, as we sit here at ringside for some close-up action!

JR: That's for sure, Mike. The general feeling around the world is that this could be one of the most momentous PPVs in the history of professional wrestling! We've got the Intercontinental Champion meeting the World Heavyweight Champion, one-on-one. The President himself is coming out of retirement to wrestle a Three Falls match with X-Dog, a former champion. The tag-team titles, the cruiserweight belt, the Hardcore Title, the Internet gold, they're all on the line tonight! Throw in the DX challenge, the Hardcore Contenders match, and the cruiserweight battle, and you've got one hell of a show!

Heenan: The roof's going to blow off of this place, guys. When you look at the roster tonight, with Ace, HBK, Starr, Blade, Phoenix, Heavy P, the Rock, DMX, Shorty, X-Dog, Nightmare, Jericho, Shag-Nasty, the list goes on and on about the greatest athletes in wrestling! Tonight's going down in history, I'm sure of it! We have Wrestlemania, Starrcade, and now Crescendo!!

JR: Well, that might be overstating it a tad, Bobby, but it's still going to be a great night! The rumbling's started in the back, and we'll soon start the Crescendo of noise as the top superstars in the game come out to put their bodies on the line, both to please the crowd and to earn the respect of their peers. Is everybody ready to rumble??

Tenay: I know I am, and I'm sure the fans are dying for us to start, so let's get the party going! Let's go to David Penzer, who, as always, is waiting patiently in the ring.

David Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the first match of the build-up of Crescendo! *cheers* Coming down the aisle... standing 6 feet and weighing 215 lbs... he's a former member of the Brood, trying to start climbing up the ladder here in the GCWA... Christian!

*The crowd mostly boos Christian, as he comes down, showing his fangs... he climbs up the turnbuckle and sits like a gargoyle for a few seconds, looking around, then jumps into the ring...*

Penzer: His opponent... at 6'1", 220 lbs... he's considered the future of the Cruiserweight division, and is a high-rising star in the GCWA... he's been allied with the Army of Darkness... Outcast!

*Although many still boo, Outcast's reception is slightly better than Christian's, due to the fan opinion of both wrestlers... Outcast revels in it, then comes down to the ring...*

JR: These two are somewhat of a surprise feud that broke out in the last few days. Christian and Outcast are both young cruiserweights, willing to show off their great skills tonight. The winner here will surely go up the cruiserweight ladder.

*The bell rings...*

Heenan: So the two cruiserweights lock up. Outcast takes the advantage, whipping Christian into the ropes. Christian ducks under the clothesline, but can't duck under that quick kick of Outcast's! That snapped his head for sure! Outcast quickly grabs Christian and gets him up, then lifts him and hits a shoulder breaker that levels the Brood member! Nice moves thus far from Outcast! Of course, this is the man who has had heavyweight title shots, cruiserweight title shots, and the like. He's got some serious potential in the near future, and you can quote me on that.

Tenay: I'll second it, Brain. However, he cannot overlook Christian, who, though young, has shown some good athletic abilities in the past. Outcast has Christian up again, holding him with a Full Nelson. Christian uses his tenacity, though, reaching out with both feet in one smooth motion, catching the ropes! This forces the break, which, unfortunately for Christian, sends him onto the back of his head! That was a very painful way to escape that move. Outcast is just relaxing in there now. Christian may not have prepared enough for this match, JR.

JR: It's happened before, Mike. People get too overconfident in their abilities, but don't show up at the gym enough to have an edge. Outcast sets up Christian and suplexes him down, then tries a pin... 1.... 2.... Christian kicks out. Outcast brings him up again and tries a short-arm clothesline, but Christian ducks under it! Outcast tries to spin around, but Christian's already airborne, landing a dropkick right into Outcast's nose!! Outcast hits the mat, then gets back up, only to feel a second dropkick. Christian's using some of that god-given ability to take control here! Wait, what, what are you doing here??

*Iceman appears at the announcer's table... he says something towards Bobby Heenan, who quickly jumps up and offers his seat and his headphones, which Ice takes... Heenan walks away, happy to not be injured...*

Iceman: Hello, Jim, Mike.

Tenay: This is certainly a surprise, Iceman, especially since you don't have a match scheduled for tonight! Are you just here to watch the matches?

Iceman: Well, for one, Mike, I'm here to root on for my friend Ace, who's wrestling later in the show. I also wanted to watch this match, seeing as how Outcast and Christian both have been on my mind lately. This is a good way to judge them, I think.

JR: Well, you're welcome to talk about the match with us, Ice. Right now, in the ring, Christian's had a leg-scissor hold on Outcast, twisting his knee. But Outcast just managed to reach the ropes, breaking the hold. Tell me, Ice, what do you think of the match so far?

Iceman: Both men seem to have good agility, speed, and maybe even a little strength. Of course, I could take both of them out without a sweat, although I must admit, Outcast doesn't look too shabby. But I'm 0-1 in the GCWA, and it's his fault, so don't expect a lot of sympathy from me towards him.

Tenay: Of course not. Well, in the ring, Christian's got Outcast up. He swings him into the corner, then runs in at him, but Outcast bounces up and over Christian, then catches him with a Hurricanrana! Christian's down on the mat! Outcast capitalizes, pulling the Brood member up and catching him with a Russian Leg Sweep. He tries another pin, but only gets the two count. Christian's still struggling to survive in there, although things aren't looking good. Outcast brings Christian up and drops him with a Gutbuster, holding him on his knee for a few seconds, before finally rolling him off. I don't think Christian has too much left!

JR: He's taken a beating today, despite his small offensive flurry. Outcast drags him over towards the turnbuckle. Wait, Christian shoves him forward, where Outcast's forehead collides with the top pad! Outcast is stunned, allowing Christian to pick him up from behind and drop him backwards to the mat! Christian grabs him and wraps up the legs... 1.... 2..... Outcast quickly escapes. He gets to his feet, but takes a boot to the midsection by Christian, who then Faceplants him! Outcast is suddenly in a lot of trouble!

Iceman: Outcast got a little cocky there, and Christian took advantage of it. If he can keep up the moves, he can get the upset.

Tenay: Christian brings Outcast up and chops him in the throat, causing him to double over again. Christian puts his leg across the back of his opponent's neck, maybe ready to try a version of the Rocker Dropper. Outcast lifts up, though, flipping Christian, who lands on his feet but can't duck the charging clothesline! Christian just lost about 5 inches off the top of his shoulders! Ouch! Outcast gets up, looking angry. He pulls Christian up and throws him onto the turnbuckle. He climbs up, yanking Christian with him, then drops back with the Burnout, the DDT from the top rope!! Christian's done. Stick a fork in him. Outcast covers him.... 1..... 2...... 3!!! Outcast gets a PPV victory to add to his resume!

JR: And he's not done yet, Mike. He's got out those brass knuckles he had, and starts nailing Christian in the head repeatedly! Christian's going to be out cold for a long time! Wait, Ice... Iceman just threw down his headset, and is headed into the ring! He rolls in, and attacks before Outcast can react, with multiple kicks! Outcast answers by swinging the brass knuckles, but he only wings Iceman, who responds with a samurai chop that knocks Outcast to the mat! We've got another fight on our hands! Outcast rolls out of the ring, clutching his throat, and Iceman follows! The two start fighting down the aisle, dragging each other amid punches, kicks, and curses! They're going to fight all the way to the back! Meanwhile, Christian's still down in the ring. The ref's checking on him. We might need someone to come check on the Brood member. Wait a second, Shorty's in the ring! And there's Rey Mysterio Jr! Both of them are checking on Christian! Why? Oh, they're lifting Christian up and carrying him out! Where are they taking him? He tries to get free, but Shorty sends in a punch which stuns him again. Wherever they're taking him, it can't be good for Christian!

Tenay: Remember, Jim, just a few weeks ago Mysterio and the Brood were attacking each other right and left! Christian could be in a lot of trouble, especially since we don't know if Gangrel's in the arena! Well, we need to run the replays, while the ring is cleared.

*Only a few of the moves are shown on the replay, while Bobby "The Brain" Heenan comes back to the announcer's table... the Burnout is mainly focused on...*

JR: Welcome back to our location, Heenan. Sorry that Iceman chased you off. Of course, we're even sorrier he went after Outcast, allowing you to come back.

Heenan: Thanks for your support, JR. Did you see the size of Iceman? He'd have killed me!

Tenay: In that, we're in agreement, Weasal. Now, for all our friends watching at home, we need to show something that happened earlier today. Due to problems, Shawn Michaels, the Heart-Break Kid, was forced to call in and say that he couldn't make it here tonight. He was thus forced to forfeit his match with Tombstone, giving the giant man his first win. This was unfortunate, both for HBK and for DX, since this win hands control of DX over to X-Dog, the former leader who had seemed to join with the Army of Darkness, and the Undertaker. However, during the paper signing, giving DX over to X-Dog, a surprising thing happened. Let's watch the footage.

*X-Dog is shown leaning over a table in the back somewhere... he signs some papers, with Tombstone standing beside him, looking very cocky... X-Dog turns to him and shows him the papers, points to a place, and Tombstone leans down to sign... as soon as he's through, though, X-Dog spins him around and hits a devestating Snap Kick to the face, that sends Tombstone crashing into the table, and through it! X-Dog picks up a lamp that was falling to the floor, and breaks it over Tombstone's head, who drops in a heap on the ground... X-Dog then picks up the papers and leaves the room...*

JR: This was only part of the shocking development, as X-Dog later gave this interview, in response to a pestering Mean Gene Okerlund, who, by the way, showed a lot of guts in approaching X-Dog again after being attacked the other day.

*The interview footage comes on...*

X-Dog: Well you saw me out here earlier and you saw that UT's evilness had no power over me... You saw that the whole "Fans don't matter" "I know you better then me" "I know your gonna beat me" thing was all just a big joke... Your lookin' at the X-Dog that was the GCWA Heavyweight champion before I left and I've never changed just like I said... Ace you're lookin' at a tough fight and you know, you said it yourself "the old X-Dog wouldn't doubt himself" And you're right but the old X-Dog is here he nver left he was just pretending to change... You see The Undertaker couldn't change me... I joined up with him to get him back... If you look at every one of the tapes of my title macthes who ruined the wins for me? Why do you think I gave up the title? I couldn't defend it fair and square cause he kept jumping in... But I'm back now... No UT.. Just you and me.. Ace! I'm Out!

*X-Dog fades from the screen, and we go back to the broadcast position...*

Tenay: So X-Dog has apparently left the company of the Undertaker and his former ally, Tombstone, and has moved straight back into Degeneration-X! Of course, you have to wonder where guys like Shawn Michaels, Blade, and Darkstarr fit into all this, since all three at one time were, or still are, in DX. Well, it looks like we're about ready for the next match, as the ring has been specially reinforced for some of the moves coming up! Bobby? Heenan: Gotcha, Mike. Our next match up promises to blow the roof off this place. It's the contenders match for the Hardcore title later on this evening. It features two newcomers and the return of one of the GCWA's greats.

JR: Thatís right Bobby. Brimstone and Breaker are relatively new when it comes to the GCWA, but Heavy P is a familiar face, returning after months of absence. You have to look at Heavy P as the favorite here, Mike.

Tenay: Yeah, but will all those months off show any signs of ring rust on the former Intercontinental and Hardcore champ? I think they will. Breaker is somewhat of an unknown, but Brimstone has already had a title shot here, being beaten by the Rock in a triple Threat for the Internet Title. He was mildly impressive in that match up and has been training hard and looking like he has improved over the course of the past two weeks or so.

JR: Well lets get this one going. Let's go down to David Penzer in the ring.

Penzer: Our next match up is scheduled for one fall and is a triple threat for the number one contender's spot for the hardcore title. This match will be wrestled under hard core rules and where falls count anywhere. Introducing first, a new comer to the GCWA, hailing from The Bastards of Oblivion, MICHEAL BREAKER!

*Breaker comes out to boos from the crowd. He holds his hands over his head, then drags a thumb across his throat. Then he makes his way to the ring. *

Penzer: His first opponent, a man from hell. He has been a contender for the Internet Championship and the epitome of hardcore, BRIMSTONE!

*The lights go out and an eerie laugh is heard ringing through the PA. Then a slow heavy song begins to play and Brimstone, under a red spotlight, appears at the top of the ramp. He pauses, an slightly disturbed look in his eye, and makes his way to the ring. He gets a surprisingly large pop from the crowd and Breaker looks around, then climbs out of the ring as Brimstone gets in.*

Penzer: And last but certainly not least, this man has just made his return to the ring here in the GCWA, a former Mr. Everything here, the one the only...HEAVY P!

*Heavy P's music hits and the crowd goes wild as the Heavy one himself makes his way to the head of the ramp, in his customary jean shorts and silver sunglasses. Then he walks to the ring and climbs in. *

Tenay: Brimstone is standing in the middle of the ring, just staring down Heavy P. Both men seem locked into one another. This match could get ugly real quick. Penzer slides out of the ring and the ref signals for the bell.

**the bell rings**

JR: Heavy P and Brimstone are still staring each other down. The tension in there is thicker than an Oklahoma thunderstorm Bobby. Both men seem unwilling to yield, yet also unwilling to make the first move.

Heenan: Not a good idea for the rookie I think. Wait, Heavy P charges at Brimstone and takes him down with a monstrous clothesline. Now Breaker is in the ring and hits heavy P in the head with a broom handle. Heavy P goes down, and Brimstone is not moving. Wait a minute, is he laughing?

Tenay: He sure is Bobby. Brimstone is lying on his back laughing hysterically. Breaker slides out and grabs a chair as Heavy P sits in the corner, trying to shake the cobwebs out. Brimstone is back up, and Breaker hits him in the head with that chair. It dented the chair! But Brimstone is still standing, and still laughing. Breaker looks really frustrated and goes for a clothesline. But Heavy P meets him with a running spear before he gets to Brimstone. Heavy is really taking it to Breaker on the mat with a series of huge punches to the head. Brimstone is still laughing.

Heenan: I think there is seriously something wrong with this guy. Well, Heavy P has picked Breaker up and locks him in a huge bear hug. Brimstone is still just standing there, but now he is grabbing the sides of his head, like he's in pain or something? Breaker won't give, so Heavy P slams him to the mat with a he Belly to Belly suplex. The whole ring shook! I think P has put on some weight.

JR: Could be. Heavy P is now looking at Brimstone, puzzled. Then he picks up the dented chair and runs at Brimstone, hitting him hard. Brimstone falls back into the ropes, but then springs back, right in Heavy P's face. He is not laughing anymore, Mike.

Tenay: No he's not, in fact he looks damn pissed. Heavy P slaps him in the face with a forearm. Brimstone turns his head then looks back, not budging an inch. Heavy P looks frustrated now, he runs off the ropes and goes for another clothesline, but Brimstone sidesteps and drop toe holds P on top of Breaker. That was some great agility for man Brimstone's size. I think Breaker and P hit heads when P fell on him because Breaker is rolling around holding his forehead. He rolls out of the ring onto the floor. Brimstone follows him out, and pulls him to his feet. Then, he pulls up the mat and DDT's Breaker on the concrete. That was absolutely vicious.

JR: But Heavy P is back up and he jumps off the apron, driving a double axe handle into Brimstone's back, dropping the big man to the floor. Then he picks him up and body slams him on the exposed concrete. That can't be good for the big man's chances.

Heenan: He certainly isn't smiling anymore. Heavy P is in control now, with both of his competitors down on the canvas. Heavy P goes back to work on Brimstone, picking him up and dropping him in a snake eyes across the ring steps. 'm not sure how Brimstone is going to walk away from this one.

JR: Well, Heenan, it is hardcore. Most of these men don't walk away from their matches. But it looks like Breaker is up. He is heading for the ramp. Heavy P looks up and calls out to him, did he just call him a...?

Tenay: He sure did. But Breaker doesn't care he just brushes off Heavy P and is walking up the ramp. P slams down Brimstone one more time and then gives chase. The ref checks out Brimstone and then follows. Brimstone really is looking bad down here. But I wouldn't count him out yet. The bug man can take a lot of abuse, and he is getting some much-needed rest now. Heavy P is up the ramp now and heading backstage. He calls out Breakers name, walking down the hallways looking for him. As he rounds a corner, he is met by a chair shot from Breaker. And here comes the rest of the B.O.O, Jericho and Rage is Reality! Heavy P is down, and the four men are mercilessly beating on Heavy P.

JR: Thatís a dirty way to bend the rules if you ask me.

Heenan: But effective too, since there are no disqualifications.

Tenay: You would say that Heenan. It doesn't look good for Heavy P. But who is this coming down the hall. I think the Rock just arrived, and I don't think he likes what he sees. The Rock has had problems with the Bastards of Oblivion, especially Jericho.

Heenan: I'm sure he hasn't forgotten about that shot to the head from Jericho's old partner Shag-Nasty, either.

JR: Not on your life Brain. The Rock runs in and drops Lan Ragus with a clothesline to the back of the head and then goes right after Jericho. He punches him a couple of times and then Irish Whips him into the wall. Reizrok is up and makes a run at the Rock, but Rocky sidesteps and kicks him in the knee. Reizrok goes down and Jericho is still down as well. The Rock picks up has bag and starts to walk past. As he passes Jericho, did he just spit on him, Mike?

Tenay: I think he did JR. The Rock certainly means business tonight. Breaker is taking his attention away from Heavy P and looks like he is going after The Rock. But before he can get there Brimstone appears out of nowhere and locks a hand around the throat of Breaker. The look in Brimstone's eyes is one I wouldn't care to see in Breaker's position.

JR: I don't think Breaker likes it much either. The Big man, still holding Breaker by the throat, looks over to see Heavy P moving around some. Then, he looks back to Breaker and continues to push him back. There is a reception table set up in the hallway. Brimstone walks over towards it, breaker in tow. Then he picks him up and Chokeslams Breaker right through the table. Breaker may be out of this one. He turns around and heads over to Heavy P. He starts to pick up P, but gets a low blow for his troubles.

Heenan: Heavy P is a real veteran and that was a smart move, to take away some of the big mans energy. With Brimstone in a little bit of discomfort now, Heavy P walks away, and then runs and splashes Brimstone straight into the wall. That has to hurt, guys. Heavy P, who is bigger than ever, just ran full steam and plowed Brimstone into the hall way wall. Brimstone goes down hard. Heavy P then walks over to the only semi-conscious Breaker and starts pointing his finger at the downed man. He is really angry.

Tenay: You would be too if you just got jumped by three guys. Heavy P goes and grabs the other table down the hall. He drags it into place, then grabs Breaker and pulls him to his feet. Then he picks him up in a gorilla press, and slams him through the other table too. He falls on top of Breaker, and the ref drops for the count. Brimstone is trying to get up to get there in time. 1... 2.... 3!!! Heavy P is going on to face Nightmare tonight!

HEENAN: That match was intense. Brimstone was very impressive, but just couldn't quite get it done against the former champ. If he keeps improving though, we may be looking at a clash we'll see many times here in the GCWA.

JR: I agree. Both Heavy P and Brimstone really looked good out there today. Breaker needs to hit the gym and take his matches a little more seriously I think. He showed up towards the end of the week, but it takes constant training to be one of the elite in The GCWA. Let's check out a replay.

* Many of the heaviest shots are shown... tables breaking, splashes into walls, and finally the pin on Breaker... *

Tenay: We need to break as we head into our second hour, but stay with us! We've barely scratched the surface!