Tenay: We're back, with even more for you fans to drool over! This next match was assigned by the returning Commissioner, in a bizzare series of circumstances. Let's watch the footage.

*The shot begins with close-ups of Shawn Michaels and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin... we see a picture from Crescendo, with the announcers talking about how Shawn Michaels apparently canceled his match against Tombstone for control of Degeneration-X... the next clip is a segment of various clips, with the screams heard in the background at various events... then the picture of Shorty finding Michaels is shown... Michaels' interview, followed by the reappearance of Austin and the mysterious truck driver, plays, then a few shots of the Sixpack match between the BOO and the 'Pac, where Austin Stunned Michaels, the ref... Michaels' announcement about the Handicap match flashes by, with Austin's reaction... the clip ends...*

JR: The heat is obvious between Michaels and Austin. Michaels at first stated that Austin was the one who kidnapped him, but Austin denied that, then apparently showed proof, which Michaels did not believe. Honestly, I know of no one who knows for sure. Some have wondered whether Michaels' wounds were self-inflicted, while others believe that the Four Horsemen Austin never left. Who is guilty? And who was driving the truck the night of Michaels' reappearance? Hopefully we'll find out a few things in the next match!

Penzer: The next contest is scheduled for a 20 minute time limit... it is a No DQ Handicap Match sanctioned by Commissioner Shawn Michaels... first, the singles wrestler... standing 6'4" and weighing 265 lbs... he holds two great honors in the GCWA: he was the first Heavyweight Champion, and he also won the first-ever Warriors of the Ring Rumble... formerly known as the King, and now simply the Rattlesnake... "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!

*A good portion of the fans cheer as Austin walks out and heads for the ring... he's wearing street clothes, and doesn't have any of his usual assortment of alcoholic beverages... no music accompanies him as he goes to the ring... once again, the cameras zoom in on the "Stone Cold Traitor" sign... Austin enters the ring and climbs the turnbuckle to cheers...*

Tenay: Some fans aren't forgetting Austin's reactions before he was suspended, as he did join the Horsemen and cause havoc in the GCWA. But many believe he has returned to his old ways. It doesn't really matter, because I'm sure most will cheer for Austin over his opponents.

Heenan: I don't care how loud they cheer, Mike, Austin's facing off against two men. He hasn't wrestled in months. Personally, I'd say he doesn't stand a chance. The man's career is over in the GCWA, mark my words.

JR: Marked, noted, and tossed into the trash where it belongs.

Tenay: C'mon, guys...

Penzer: His opponents... they weigh 495 lbs combined... together, they have held the GCWA Tag-Team Titles... two members of the Bastards of Oblivion... Lan Ragus... Reizrok... Rage is Reality!

*The arena again erupts in boos, as the two men step out as a unit... they both look towards the ring, and a smile crosses Ragus' lips... they march down the ramp and across the aisle...*

JR: Say what you want against the BOO, they have made a major push into the GCWA. Ragus and Reizrok themselves have held the tag-team titles for a brief time, and are probably hoping a win tonight will get them another shot at the belts they lost to the Punk Rawk Show. The odds are severely in their favor, but they need to remember not to underestimate the man standing in the ring.

*Suddenly, as Ragus and Reizrok start to enter the ring, "Sexy Boy" sounds, and the HeartBreak Kid Shawn Michaels walks out and heads for the ring with a poorly concealed grin on his face... he's wearing a black-and-white striped shirt with a broken heart on the back...*

Tenay: What is Michaels doing here? He's wearing ref clothes, well, sort of! Is he going to appoint himself the ref in this one? Oh, man, as if the odds weren't stacked against Austin enough! This match is going to be a slaughter! Micheals is telling the other ref to leave, ordering him to the back. Austin starts to come after Michaels, but Ragus and Reizrok intercept him, both punching him in the ribs!

*Michaels, with an evil grin, signals for the bell to ring, which it does...*

Heenan: So it's basically 3-on-1, then? Oh, I'm sticking to my prediction. Austin's career is over. He's getting a lifetime ban. What are the rules in this match, anyway?

JR: From what I've heard, there could be a pinfall or submission, but really, it's no DQ, and if Austin can survive without being 'eliminated' for the full time limit, he'll be allowed back into the GCWA. Ragus and Reizrok are just double-teaming Austin, and Michaels, of course, is making no move to put one of them into their corner. They grab Austin and whip him off the ropes, then try a double clothesline, which Austin ducks under! He runs back with a massive Double Flying Clothesline, putting both members of RiR on the canvas!! He then rolls onto Ragus and starts pummeling him with abandon, nailing him with shot after shot, as Reizrok rolls to the apron! Michaels circles both men, watching but not doing anything. Austin brings Ragus up and drags him over to the corner, slamming him facefirst into the padding again and again!

Tenay: But Michaels comes over, calling for the break! Austin glares at him, but Micheals signals that Austin's pulling the hair. Austin starts towards Michaels, but the Heart-Break Kid shakes his finger at him. Will Austin lose the match if he attacks Michaels? I don't remember that being mentioned, but Austin backs away reluctantly nonetheless. He pulls Ragus out of the corner and lifts, bodyslamming him then covering him.... 1......... Ragus kicks out. Michaels obviously is going to do slower counts for Austin. Stone Cold is just going to have to knock someone out cold to win this one.

Heenan: No, he's going to have to knock BOTH of them out cold, and possibly Michaels, too, and even Austin isn't strong enough to do that! Austin brings Ragus to his feet again and locks him up, hitting a Belly-to-Back Suplex. He steps over him... and Reizrok steps into the ring, pounding Austin in the back of the spine! Austin bends awkwardly, then falls to the mat. Ragus rolls to the outside, as Reizrok stays in the ring, stomping on Austin's unprotected back! Michaels is allowing it, like it was a tag! Reizrok pulls Austin up and grabs him by the throat, choking him down. Austin's flailing away, trying to get free, as Michaels moves and talks to Ragus, utterly ignoring the choke hold! Austin's quickly getting choked out! Oh, wait, Austin kicks upwards, and Reizrok releases the choke to worry about something else!! He drops back, bent over, as Michaels turns back and assesses the situation.

Tenay: That one really backfired on Michaels. He looked away for Reizrok's benefit, but it really cost the man. Then again, it's no DQ, so it wouldn't have mattered anyway. Austin gets up, still having trouble breathing through his esophagus. He blocks a swing from Reizrok, then fires three rapid punches through the big man's defenses. But Reizrok launches back with a missle that knocks Austin off his feet! He hits the mat, as Reizrok goes over and tags Ragus. Both men come in, as Austin again gets to his feet. They grab him and lift, hitting a Double Suplex, then Ragus makes the cover... 1....... 2..... Austin kicks out! Did Michaels hesitate on that count for Austin, too? That wouldn't make sense, though!

JR: It would if you remember that Michaels wants to seriously injure Austin, not just make him suspended for life. Ragus gets up, lifting Austin to his feet, as Reizrok brings a chair into the ring. Austin fights free of Ragus, though, grabbing him and tossing him headfirst out of the ring! Austin spins around... and Reizrok bends the chair right off of his ribs!! Austin collapses, as Michaels celebrates, calling for more shots. Reizrok obliges, shooting the chair down again across Austin's right leg! What a bang!! Look at how bent that chair's getting! Ragus climbs back into the ring, then goes up on the turnbuckle, calling Reizrok over. The two get together, then Reizrok catapults Ragus off the turnbuckle into a high-altitude splash right into the Rattlesnake!! Micheals drops... 1..... 2....... Ragus lifts Austin up! They might have had him there, but Rage is Reality and HBK want to inflict even more damage!

Heenan: This could be a really long night for Austin, especially since it's going to be his last one in the GCWA! Ragus gets off of Austin and grabs his legs, as... Reizrok climbs the turnbuckle??? Oh, no!! All that weight is nearly bending the 'buckle downward! Reizrok sets himself, and leaps off, flying incredibly high for the big man!! He comes down, right on top of Ragus, who Austin pulled on top of him!!! Ragus is down, taking the brunt of that shot!! Austin must have felt a good portion of it as well, though! Reizrok gets up and lifts his partner, who's hurting. He talks to him, helping him back to the corner, but Michaels orders Reizrok to get back to the match! Reizrok glares at him, then shrugs and walks over to Austin, who's not moving very fast in any direction. Reizrok peels him off the mat and Gorilla Presses him into the air, slamming him down! Michaels is happy again, even as Ragus recovers on the outside.

Tenay: Honestly, how much more can the Rattlesnake take? He could win this match still, but would there be anything left of him to wrestle with? Reizrok again pulls Austin up and shoots him into the ropes. As he comes back, Reizrok catches him and hits a beautiful Powerslam!! He covers him, but once again lifts Austin after 2! I think this one could be over by now, but they're intent on ending more than Austin's career! Reizrok gets up, all smiles. I believe he's going to go for the Crushed Reality!!! Something like this could really end a person's career on a tragic note!! He starts to Double-Underhook the Rattlesnake, who suddenly breaks free! He reaches up, grabbing Reizrok's head, and hits the Stone Cold Stunner!!!! Out of nowhere!!! Ragus is still hanging on outside the ring, but he starts to come in. But Austin reacts, running at him with a tackle that knocks him back through the ropes! He turns... and Michaels plays some Sweet Chin Music!!!!

Heenan: Did you see Austin's head snap back?? He wasn't ready for that at all! Michaels laughs, as Austin just lays, out on the mat! What I can't believe, though, is that Reizrok is back up!! Can nothing keep this man down? He received a Stunner, after all! He looks dazed, but he's back on his feet, as Ragus rolls back into the squared circle, having landed mainly on his feet outside. Austin has put up a great fight, I'll admit, but this has been all Michaels and Rage is Reality. It looks to be time for a Reality Check! Reizrok clears his head, then lifts Austin onto his shoulders! This could be it! The end of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin! What the.... ohmigod.... no, it can't be... not him!! God Damn It, NOT HIM!!!

JR: What the hell's wrong with you, Bobby? Huh? Wait, there's something happening on the Titon Tron!! Zoom in, cameraman!

*As the fans turn to see what's happening, letters start popping up on the big screen, spelling out "H E A T"... fire erupts around the screen, as well as on it... pyro explodes, and the fans start to cheer, as suddenly, running right through the explosions, comes Hawaiian Heat!!! He sprints towards the ring, where Rage is Reality and Michaels might be the only ones not to know what's happening...*

Tenay: Wow!!! Hawaiian Heat has returned!!! The former great European and Tag-Team Champion is in the building!! He comes into the ring, even as Ragus starts to set up for the finishing maneuver! He charges Reizrok, smashing him from behind and, after spinning him around, charges forward, carrying the big man right into the turnbuckle with the Shore Break!!! Reizrok folds in the corner, as Austin, thrown off, lays on the mat! Ragus comes in, but Austin trips him up, then Heat grabs the smaller man and lifts him up, powerslamming him! Michaels is yelling like crazy for security to come down, even as Heat raises his arms and screams, to the fans cheers! This is unbelievable, right guys? Heenan? Where the heck did he go??

JR: Don't you remember, Mike? Heenan and Heat had, well, problems personality-wise a while back. He ran like a chicken with his head cut off! Michaels comes in, kicking and choping at Heat, who fights back the best he can. Wait, Austin's up!! He grabs Michaels and drops him with the Stone Cold Stunner!!! Michaels is out cold!!! Austin covers him, as the ref who was told to go to the back comes to the ring and counts!! But Michaels isn't one of the... oh, hell with it.... 1.... 2..... 3!!!!! Austin is back in the GCWA!!! And apparently so is Hawaiian Heat!!! The Hit Squad has returned!!!! This is incredible!! Two of the greatest wrestlers in the GCWA's time have reunited here at Capital Punishment!! Or have they? Remember, the last time we saw Heat, Austin betrayed him!

*Austin is helped up by Heat, then pushes off and stands on his own, wrapping his arms around his ribcage... he looks at Heat, as the fans grow suddenly quieter... he puts out his hand, and Heat immediately grabs it... the two men hug, as the fans go nuts! Reizrok and Ragus leave the ring, as Michaels is still out cold... *

Tenay: That was a tremendous moment in the GCWA's long history! I guess this means Heat was the Ford driver? I hope so, you can only go so far with a 'driver' angle. *ahem* Anyway, the Hit Squad got a huge victory here, with the pinfall on Michaels. I wonder how the boys upstairs are going to score this one? Let's look at the replay, while we send someone after Heenan.

*The shots are shown without much talking from either man, showing some of the big moves by all of the wrestlers... the Sweet Chin Music is shown, along with the catapult Splash... then the return of Hawaiian Heat appears, with the Shore Break and the Stone Cold Stunner pictured... the two men celebrating is pictured last...*

Tenay: What a moment in the GCWA! As Heat and Austin head out, I'm forced to reflect on what this could mean. Austin is officially a fan-favorite again, there's no doubt of that. And the Hit Squad, one of the top tag-teams of '99, have apparently reformed, something that the Punk Rawk Show should take notice of. Ok, here comes Heenan. Welcome back, Weasal.

Heenan: Is he gone? God, I HATE that guy!! Why's he back here? The President gave him another contract? That isn't right! Thg guy stalks me, I've told you before!!

JR: You used to insult him constantly for his goody-two-shoes attitude, Brain. What'd you expect him to do? Suck it up, be a man!

Heenan: Nah, I'd rather just say that Heat can do whatever he wants, he's still too nice to be a serious contender in my mind. Hah.

Tenay: Alright, alright, let's get to the next match! The next bout has really been building for a couple of months, back when the Four Horsemen roamed the hallways of the GCWA. Let's take a look at the video tape.

*As music plays in the background, we're shown close-ups of both Arn Anderson and Phoenix... Anderson is shown with Tully Blanchard, holding up the Tag-Team Titles together... the match at the PPV flashes by, with Phoenix and Darkstarr winning the b belts from them... the camera focuses on Blanchard's face, as he shakes his head... we cut to a few months later, as Anderson is shown running down to attack Phoenix, costing him the European belt to DMX... Anderson talks on the mic, talking about how Phoenix's victory made Blanchard decide to retire from the GCWA... Phoenix's interference in the Anderson- Shorty match is shown, with Phoenix saying that the feud between them will not be settled... various soundbytes pass by, with the signing of the match at the PPV paramount... finally, the announcement about it being for the European Title is shown, with their reactions... we go back to the MCI Center...*

JR: These two really have a grudge between them. Anderson blames Phoenix for Blanchard's departure, while Phoenix feels nothing but rage about having lost the European Title in the first place. To make matters worse, the European Title is up for grabs, since DMX for some reason just gave it up and left. The final stipulation pushed this all the way, as this will be a No-Holds-Barred Brawl, with a Submission needed for this one to end! I see this one going all over the arena, with everyone in danger from the fight these two are going to have! Without further ado, take it, Penzer!

Penzer: The next match is scheduled as a Submission-Only Fight... the winner has to make his opponent quit, or pass out... this match is also for the GCWA European Title... coming to the ring, standing 6'1" and weighing 255 lbs, he's a former Tag-Team champion... known for his association with the Horsemen, he now seeks to show himself as a true professional in front of the fans... Double A Arn Anderson!

*The fans begin booing immediately, expecting the Horsemen music... instead, a song with a rock beat starts up... the people look around, surprised, as the new track plays... Arn Anderson appears in the entryway and walks towards the ring, with a determined look on his face... he enters the wrestling ring and looks around...*

Heenan: That's awfully strange. I know Anderson said that the Horsemen link was causing him problems, but I never expected him to drop the music and be his own man for this one. He looks more determined than I've ever seen him before, and since I used to manage him, that's saying a lot. We may just see an upset here, boys, mark my words.

Penzer: His opponent... at 6'9" and 265 lbs, he's held most of the titles in the GCWA, including twice as the European Champion... now he seeks his third reign with this prestigious belt... the 2-time Heavyweight Champion... Phoenix!

*Phoenix walks out with his usual serious expression and immediately heads for the ring, bypassing the fans and any other distractions... he steps in, then heads for Anderson, who's ready...*

JR: Whoa! Phoenix is ready to go, and Anderson's willing to oblige! They're attacking each other, throwing as many punches as they can at each other!! The crowd is going wild! Ring the bell, let's get this one started!

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: Phoenix and Anderson continue to swing at each other, making me wonder if we're going to see that many wrestling moves in this one. Phoenix takes control, knocking the smaller man into the corner and lashing out at him with some fierce chops. He kicks Anderson, then whips him out of the corner across the ring. Anderson hits hard in the corner, but uses the momentum to run out and tackle Phoenix! He starts pounding on Phoenix on the mat, as the ref just watches, waiting for a submission hold. Anderson really does seem to have some fire in him tonight.

Heenan: Well, from what I've heard in the back, this might as well be a Career match for Anderson. He really needs to win tonight, or else many will have no more faith in his wrestling ability. But a win over Phoenix is very hard to come by. Anderson gets off of Phoenix and pulls him up, slashing his fist in at the man's jaw a few times. He drags Phoenix to the ropes and starts to send him to the other side, but Phoenix locks onto the upper ropes. Anderson tries again, with no luck. He knees Phoenix in the stomach, then grabs him, but the movement sends both wrestlers over the ropes!! They hit on the outside, landing in a pile-up. The ref heads on out after them. It doesn't take long before Phoenix pulls himself up, closely followed by Anderson. But Phoenix, with the opportunity, moves in, getting a chokehold around Double A's throat!

JR: It's legal, Bobby, although I doubt it'll count as a submission hold. Phoenix is pressing Anderson's back into the apron as he keeps his fingers wrapped around his neck, tightening! But Anderson musters up his strength and swings upwards, knocking Phoenix's hands away. Before Phoenix can react, Anderson uses three European Uppercuts to knock his opponent backwards, into the railing. Anderson moves in, grabbing a chair from one of the people at ringside, and closes in on Phoenix. Phoenix comes forward, though, blocking the chair shot and spinning Anderson around. He grabs Anderson from behind in a Sleeper Hold, but Double A immediately drops, breaking the hold and loosening a few of Phoenix's teeth!! Phoenix clutches at his jaw, then stands back up, but this time he's a little slow, and Anderson hits pointblank on the side of the skull!! Phoenix plummets to the earth, as the chair reverberates in the hands of Anderson!

Tenay: Double A just took the advantage in this one. He lifts the chair up, jamming it down onto Phoenix's knee. Phoenix sits up in extreme pain, but Anderson just does it again, trying to take the knee off of the leg! He drops the chair and pulls Phoenix up, dragging him down the aisle. Phoenix is limping, as Anderson heads towards some of the tables set up for the Hardcore Match earlier. He throws Phoenix onto one of the tables, where he lays as Anderson climbs up next to him. He lifts Phoenix up, and hits a DDT that breaks the table cleanly in two!! Man, this is a real Hardcore match!! Anderson gets to his feet slowly, and you can see a few splinters have gourged his back up. But he doesn't stop, instead pulling Phoenix partially off the remains and steps through his legs!! He's done it, he's got on the Figure Four!

Heenan: The first major submission hold in this match is Anderson's!! Phoenix is in pain, there's no doubt of that, as the ref closes in, finally able to do some work in this one! He talks to Phoenix, who gives a negative response. He's trying to work his way up the broken table, as Anderson struggles to keep the hold firmly in place. He's really got that locked on! That's the Flair background, I guess. Of course, I helped teach him a few tricks myself. Phoenix is crawling up the table, for what reason, though? It's not like he can reach the ropes for a break! The ref stays close, as Phoenix grabs a piece of the table and hoists it up, slamming it across Anderson's head!!! He escaped the Figure Four with that table-shot!!

JR: Anderson just got a new headache to deal with! Phoenix works his way to his feet. He's got some blood on his face. Whether it's his or Anderson's, I really don't know. He brings the hurting Anderson up and starts hauling him down the aisle, towards the ring. He lifts Anderson up halfway there, hitting a Cobra Clutch Slam! Anderson's not hurting anymore, he's got to be numb now! Phoenix wipes off his face, clearing his eyesight. He steps over and grabs Anderson, lifting him back off the mat. He then gets behind Anderson and puts on a Full Nelson, using his height to really dig in on Anderson's well-known weak back!!! Anderson is yelling out in pain, now! How much can one man take? The ref watches carefully, but Anderson will not submit! He's literally screaming out "NO!", as Phoenix continues to make Anderson's arms a little closer together!

Tenay: I don't know how much longer Anderson can withstand the pain, though. The fans are watching, as Phoenix continues to apply the Full Nelson. Anderson's head droops forward, as the ref closes in to check his arms. Once, it drops. Twice, no, it stays up! Anderson comes alive with a yell, running forward and spinning, making Phoenix slam backfirst into the apron!!! Phoenix tries to hang onto the Full Nelson, but Anderson rams him again and again into the hard edge of the apron, until he has to let go! Phoenix stumbles forward, right into Anderson's hands, and he lifts, hitting the Gourde Buster!!!!!! My god, that could do it!!! But Anderson is down as well! That took the last of his strength! The ref watches, since this match cannot end in countout. He could end the match if he thought either wrestler was in danger of serious injury, but he hasn't reached that point yet. Slowly, Anderson pulls himself up, and he falls on top of Phoenix. After a second or two, he looks up at the ref, then gets up. He's hurting pretty badly, running on instinct.

Heenan: But he's acting like a true warrior, Mike. The fans don't know what to think. Anderson is fighting like a man possessed! He grabs Phoenix's legs again, and steps through, putting on a version of the Texas Cloverleaf!! Phoenix barely moves! Could this be it? The ref asks Phoenix, who doesn't respond. He lifts Phoenix's arm, and it immediately stays up! Phoenix suddenly uses his leg power to kick free, knocking Anderson onto the apron. He gets up, blocking a charge by Anderson, and throws him into the railing headfirst!! Oh, Anderson is definitely opened up now! He's bleeding from a bad cut over his eye! Phoenix is back down to one knee, trying to shake off the effects of this match, as Anderson slumps over the guardrail. One of the fans uses a rag to wipe some of the blood off, and she looks surprised to find that it's a real cut.

JR: That's a definite cut on Anderson's head, Bobby, everyone can see that! The man's hurt! Phoenix is up, grabbing Anderson and rolling him into the ring. Anderson, though bloodied and battered, tries to get to his feet, stepping unevenly back and forth. Phoenix comes into the ring, soon followed by the ref, and steps around Anderson, pulling him back from behind and locking him into what looks like the Crucifix!!!! Anderson's in a very bad spot now!!! He's shaking his head, trying to get free, but Phoenix really has it cinched on! The ref is watching, as Anderson's struggles lessen. He keeps asking, but Anderson keeps saying no, shaking his head. But Anderson doesn't have the strength left to escape! I don't think he's going to make it out. The ref assesses the situation, talking to Anderson and no longer getting the response. He thinks, then signals for the bell! Phoenix is the winner, and now the three-time European Champion!!

Heenan: But he doesn't want to let go, JR! Come on, the man gave his heart in this match! Phoenix, let the man out of the move!! After repeated appeals by the ref, finally, Phoenix drops Anderson. He gets up, grabbing the ref for support and nearly crushing him. He then takes the European Title and raises it partially above his head. Anderson is still down, as Phoenix holds onto the ropes and the ref. Wait, someone's just come out of the back... it's Crusade!! He's looking at the men in the ring with a glare. He yells something and points, but I doubt Phoenix heard him. I didn't understand a word, but I'm willing to bet it has something to do with Phoenix winning with Crusade's finisher! Phoenix just saw him, and is looking at him, matching the stare of Crusade. Crusade says something else that's unintelligible, then turns and leaves. Phoenix leaves the ring and walks down the aisle, even as Anderson starts to pull himself up. Oh, Anderson looks completely wasted. Look at his face. That's not unhappiness, that's utter dismay.

*The match highlights are shown... the DDT through the table, the Figure Four, the Full Nelson, and finally the Crucifix... Phoenix raises the belt, then we go back to the announcers...*

JR: We're down to two matches, with at least one new champion still left to be crowned! Everyone stay tuned, because the night isn't over yet!

* A split-screen shot shows Blade and Nightmare, each preparing in his own way for the Heavyweight Title match coming up in the main event... both look ready for the battle that is to come... *