Tenay: The night's continuing now, as we head towards the finals of the IC Title Tournament! Wait... something's just been reported in the back, let's go to the cameras.

* You can immediately tell that a fight is going on... the Godfather spills out of the room, then the man in the fedora walks through it angrily... the Godfather gets back up and rushes him, with the two going at it... you can see Shorty come around the corner, access the situation, and break into a run, with the Cruiserweight belt on his shoulder... he goes into the room as well, but flies back out, rubbing his chin... he starts to enter again, but security hits, shoving him back and piling into the room... the cameraman gets knocked back, but continues filming as security tries to break up the fight... we go back to the announcers...*

JR: Who is that guy? I don't recognize him at all! He apparently was looking for Shorty, and ran into the Godfather! Well, let's get back to the matches at hand. Roll the tape.

*We start with a close-up of the IC Tournament symbol... then each of the matches in the tournament flash by... Outcast is shown lifting the Internet Title... Jannetty and Crusade go at it... Shag-Nasty stands alone in the Lion's Den cage... Darkstarr and X-Dog match up, fighting back and forth... Shag-Nasty is shown getting nailed by the chair from the masked man, who Jannetty then chases... Darkstarr rises triumphant from his win over X-Dog... a brief history of the two, going back to Shag-Nasty's betrayal of Phoenix, runs through, then it ends...*

Heenan: This match has many implications, between two great wrestlers! Let's go to the ring, and finally finish the big Intercontinental Title Tournament!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the next match is scheduled for one fall... it is the Finals of the IC Tournament, so the winner will walk out with the long-vacated Intercontinental Title! *cheers* First, standing 6'7" and weighing 265 lbs... he was brought into the tournament after Outcast's win of the Internet Title, and went on to get wins over Iceman and Marty Jannetty to enter the finals... he's the leader of the Bastards of Oblivion... Shannon Shag-Nasty!

*The crowd absolutely shows their hate for Shag-Nasty, as he walks slowly down the aisle with a small smile on his face... he rolls into the ring and awaits his competition...*

JR: This is really Shag-Nasty's best chance to win a title since the farce involving the tag-team titles. With a win here, Shag-Nasty could truly set a pattern for his teammates in the BOO to follow. Everyone knows the man really wants the gold around his waist, to put his name in the history books.

Penzer: His opponent... standing 6'6" and weighing 230 lbs... he's held the Intercontinental Title twice, the tag-team belts, the Cruiserweight Title, and the Heavyweight Championship of the World... he vacated the IC belt, then through a myriad of circumstances, reentered the tournament and has gotten to the finals to face Shag-Nasty... Darkstarr!

* The boos turn to cheers as the popular Starr makes his way to the ring, with high-fives for the closest fans... although he looks happy to the fans, you can see the solid look in his eyes...*

Tenay: Darkstarr's made a full circle in the last month. At Crescendo, he won the World Heavyweight Title. This vacated the Intercontinental belt, starting the Tournament. Darkstarr then lost the Heavyweight belt to X-Dog, his partner in DX. He reentered the tournament, only to face X-Dog a few more times in the tournament before pulling off a roll-up pin to get here. Now he's fighting to retrieve the title that he dropped only last month. What a strange connection of events. But, that's wrestling for you. Anyhow, let's go to the action!

* The bell rings...*

Heenan: Starr and Shag-Nasty circle around each other, then lock up. Starr gets the advantage with a headlock, that turns into a Back Body Drop! Shag-Nasty hops up and grabs Starr before he can regain his footing, catching him with a Scoop Slam. Shag then goes off the ropes and runs back for a knee drop, but Starr rolls out of the way. Shag rolls through it, protecting the knee, but leaves himself open. Starr gets up and dropkicks him, sending Shag teetering on the ropes. Darkstarr sees it and runs forward, hitting a clothesline that drops Shag to the outside! Shag landed basically on his feet, falling into a sitting position shortly thereafter. He stands up with an angry expression on his face, which quickly turns to shock as Darkstarr runs and flips over the top rope, crashing into him!!!

Tenay: Those are the moves that started Darkstarr onto success in the Cruiserweight division, then onward up the ladder! Starr gets to his feet, having traded most of his momentum with Shag on the last move. He pulls Shag up on the outside, as the ref starts his count. Shag swings, but Starr ducks under it, then shoves Shag-Nasty into the guardrail, nearly flipping it, and him, over! Shag staggers back, right into Starr, who spins him around and rolls him into the ring. Starr follows, climbing onto the turnbuckle. But Shag stands up, grabbing Starr before he can get positioned, and launches him with a great slam from the top!! Starr lands halfway across the ring, as Shag leans on the ropes, trying to work his head clear. He steps up and walks towards Starr, who's getting to his feet with a hand applied to his spinal cord. Shag-Nasty grabs him on the way up and DDTs him, then puts on the first cover of the night... 1..... 2..... Starr kicks out.

JR: Starr's suddenly in a lot of trouble in there, facing the larger man. Shag-Nasty hauls Starr up, then puts him in a Bear Hug, making Starr's lungs meet each other! Starr aches with pain, struggling to get his arms free. The ref watches, then moves in, speaking with Darkstarr. Starr, as expected, shakes his head no. He works one hand free, then tries to break the hold by grabbing Shag's face in a Claw-like maneuver! Shag shakes his head free, though, then increases the pressure, and Starr shudders in pain. But the hesitation by Shag allowed Starr to get the other arm free, and he claps his hands behind Shag's head a few times, boxing his ears, and Shag's finally forced to break the hold. Starr stumbles back, his back now seemingly on fire. Shag moves back in, but Starr's ready, kicking out towards the stomach. Shag-Nasty bends over, and Starr uses an X-Factor maneuver that leaves Shag on the canvas!!! Starr rolls him over and covers him.... 1..... 2.... Shag kicks out!

Heenan: I guess Darkstarr doesn't have the ability to knock people out with that move. It stunned Shag-Nasty pretty good, though! Starr brings both men to their feet, both almost leaning on the other. Starr whips Shag into the corner, then runs in after him. Shag takes the hit with his back, though, and bends down, flipping Starr overtop! Oh, but Starr lands on the apron with his feet, and as Shag takes a step away, Starr brings him down with a pull on his head! Shag hits the mat hard, but Darkstarr doesn't end there. He looks down at the position of Shag and grabs the top rope, springing over it and hitting a Guilotine Legdrop!! Starr rolls onto him and covers... 1.... 2... Shag again escapes! He really wants that belt! Starr pulls himself up, holding the back of his leg in pain. He may have landed a bit harder than he wanted with that legdrop. But he ignores it, pulling Shag up again. Shag answers with a thumb to the eye, and Starr's suddenly blinded! Hey, good move by Shag-Nasty!

JR: You would say that, Bobby. As Starr clears his vision, he's picked up by Shag-Nasty, who hits an Inverted Atomic Drop, sending Starr to the mat! Shag leans on his knees, getting his breath back, as Starr tries valiantly to recover, pulling himself up. But Shag sees him and runs forward, kicking Starr hard in the ribs, then adds another for good measure, knocking the man a few inches in the air! Starr's ribs just joined the spine as very tender parts on the man's anatomy! Shag lifts Starr up again and hits a suplex, then goes for the pin... 1.... 2.... Starr doesn't give up, kicking free. Shag-Nasty stands back up and angrily glares at the ref, wanting this one to be over. He pulls Starr up and carries him over to the corner, then whips him across the ring. Shag runs in from the other direction after him, but Starr catapults himself over the BOO member, then grabs him from behind and rolls him up!! 1..... 2.... Shag barely escapes!

Tenay: That's how Starr defeated X-Dog, and it nearly worked again to get him the belt back! Shag gets up with a push of his hands, and swings at Starr who ducks under it once again. He dodges a second swing, then spins around Shag and, locking up his head, drops with a Reverse DDT!! Both men lay on the canvas, as the ref starts his mandatory count. Slowly, Darkstarr pulls himself together and rolls over, putting an arm on Shag-Nasty... 1..... 2.... Shag gets his shoulder up! Darkstarr pounds the mat, then gets up with Shag in tow. He throws Shag into the corner, then signals for the Stardust!! This could be the end!! But wait, here comes J.Y. Kidd and Michael Breaker! They start to run down the aisle... and get tackled from behind!! Blade and Jannetty have come out to help out Darkstarr! But here comes Rage is Reality, oh, followed quickly by the Rock and Phoenix, of all people! The war is on outside the ring, as Starr hoists Shag onto the corner! Wait, Napalm just ran out of the crowd!!!

JR: I guess this settles it, Mike! Napalm nails the top rope with a cane, shaking the rope and dropping Starr down across it before he can perform his move! The ref didn't see the interference, looking the wrong way at the wrong time, as Napalm leaves again. Shag takes advantage, grabbing Darkstarr and spinning off the 'buckle, and hitting a Nasty Snap!!!! Starr is out!! Shag makes the cover... 1...... 2..... 3!!!!! Shannon Shag-Nasty is the new Intercontinental Champion!!! The fight in the aisle breaks down, as the BOO members head to the ring to congratulate their leader. Starr rolls out of the ring, getting caught by Phoenix, who holds him up. For the tournament to end like this, I can't believe it.

Heenan: Believe it, JR, Shag-Nasty just pulled off the victory the best way they could, and Shag-Nasty now has some gold to go around his waist! Roll the tape!

*As Heenan talks with a 'happy' tone, we see the major moves of the match... Starr's plunge over the top rope, the lift onto the turnbuckle, and the eventual Nasty Snap finishes out the footage...

Tenay: So Shag-Nasty joins Shorty, Titan 3, and Phoenix as new champions after tonight. But there's still a chance for one more. The BOO and most of DX are gone, except for one, who waits in the ring. Take it, Penzer!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the Main Event of the evening... it is scheduled for one fall, and will be fought for the Heavyweight Championship! *cheers* First, the challenger... he is 5'10" and weighs 210 lbs... in his GCWA career, he has held the Internet Title, the Heavyweight belt, and currently holds 1/2 of the tag belts... from Degeneration X and the Punk Rawk Show... Blade!

*Blade climbs the turnbuckle, looking towards the fans... he has a slight look of discouragement on his face from what just happened to Darkstarr, but he smoothes it over quickly with a deep breath, preparing himself for the match ahead...*

JR: Blade is always a serious threat for any of the titles in the GCWA. He made the Internet Title a worthy belt to fight over, and is doing the same with Jannetty in the tag division. Now, though, he's looking to join X-Dog and Phoenix as the only men to hold the Heavyweight Title more than once. If he's able to concentrate, that is, with the frequent attacks by the unknown attacker. All we know is that he's blonde and likes to come from behind.

Penzer: His opponent... he rose to prominence in other federations, where he caught the eye of the President and was signed... since then, he has held the Hardcore Title for a long period of time, and now is the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World... he is Nightmare!!

*Fans cheer on different sides, as Nightmare's usual music starts... however, Nightmare walks out again wearing his green-n-black DX colors, and even does a crotch chop... he smiles briefly and goes to the ring... *

Heenan: I still don't understand why Nightmare wears the DX colors. I mean, he's not a member of the GCWA faction, that's for sure. Or is it? He HAS teamed with X-Dog, who's the main man in the Degeneration stable. However, since he's wrestling Blade, it doesn't look like they're allied yet. I don't know. I just don't know. Hopefully, regardless, these two will beat the stuffing out of each other for the gold.

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: Blade comes in as soon as Nightmare steps through the ropes, firing in a few punches into his ribcage. Blade's done his homework, although the tape around them does make it noticable. Nightmare immediately bends over, in pain, as Blade grabs him and whips him off the ropes. As Nightmare comes back, Blade sends a sharp kick into his side, and Nightmare nearly drops in pain! Whatever's wrong with his ribs, the tape isn't helping much! Blade comes in again, kneeing Nightmare in the face as he bends over. Blade then locks him up and tries to lift him, but Nightmare stops that right away, blocking it and picking Blade into the air, throwing him off! Blade hits the mat, then jumps back to his feet. Nightmare greets him, grabs him, and lifts, smashing him down with a slam that shakes the ring!

JR: Both of these guys are going all at it here in the opening minutes. Nightmare readjusts the tape before getting back to Blade, who's locked onto the ropes to pull himself up. Nightmare wraps him up from behind, and Back Body Drops him to the canvas. Nightmare, though, gets right back up, forsaking the pin attempt to continue the attack. He knows Blade as well, knowing that a few moves aren't going to keep him down for the count. Both of these guys need to be close to unconsciousness to pin them! Nightmare's got Blade back up, as he drags him to the corner. He aims, then drives his elbow into Blade's lower chin, which has got to hurt. He then shoots Blade out of the turnbuckle and, wait, Blade doesn't let go of Nightmare's arm! He instead uses the push that Nightmare gave him to wrap around, bringing his legs up across Nightmare's back and pulling him down into a pin!! 1.... 2.... Nightmare kicks loose, but Blade just got himself a near fall!

Heenan: Yeah, like that means anything. Both men get up, with Blade coming back into the ribs, shoving Nightmare into the corner with his shoulder imbedded in his stomach!! Blade rams forward a few more times, as Nightmare coughs and bends over badly. Blade then grabs him by the head and takes a few steps for a Bulldog!! Blade's looking pretty good in there guys! He gets up again and heads for the turnbuckle, as Nightmare lays on the ground. Blade pulls himself up quickly, raises his arms, and starts to leap off. But Nightmare's on his feet again! He catches Blade in midair, spins him, and hits a great Powerslam!! He lands on top... 1..... 2.... Blade gets out of it, barely. Nightmare gets off of him, leaning on his arms, trying to forget the pain. He stands up, and looks down at Blade, who's even now working to get up. Nightmare leans down and grabs him, bringing him up and sending him into the ropes. As Blade comes back, Nightmare drops his head.

Tenay: Not a good move! Blade leaps over him, trying a Sunset Flip! Nightmare struggles, trying to hold his ground despite Blade's arm strength pulling at him. Nightmare manages to hang on, then drops down across Blade's throat for a pin! 1... 2.... Blade brings his feet up around Nightmare's arms and pulls him down for a pin of his own! 1.... 2..... Nightmare escapes. These guys are pushing themselves to the limit! They both get up at about the same time, and Blade tries for the ribs again, but Nightmare blocks him, then lifts him with a Slapjack-type shot!! Blade's hurting now! Nightmare gets himself up and starts to roll the DX member over, but Blade fools him, shooting a fist upward right into his adam's apple!! Nightmare falls back, coughing, as Blade recuperates on the mat. Blade rolls onto his stomach, then pushes himself up, working his way to his feet. Nightmare heads towards one of the corners, using the two split sides of the ropes to haul himself up.

JR: These two are just preparing to go at it again! Blade comes in towards the corner, as Nightmare shakes loose some cobwebs. Blade leaps onto the 'buckle, grabbing Nightmare from behind and strapping on a Sleeper hold!! Nightmare walks out of the corner with Blade on his back, trying to put the champ out!! Nightmare tries to shake the cruiserweight loose, but Blade's got a good grip. So Nightmare does the only thing he can. He falls backwards quickly, slamming Blade into the mat!! It doesn't do much good to Nightmare, either, though. The ref starts counting, as both men re-teach themselves how to breathe on the canvas. The ref gets to 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and then Blade just barely beats the count, using the ropes to help himself. The ref checks to make sure he can go on, then steps out of the way. Nightmare is rolling, but hasn't gotten to his feet yet. That sleeper must have taken a good portion of his energy away.

Heenan: Blade stumbles towards him, bringing him up and shoving him into the ropes. He whips Nightmare off, no, Nightmare reverses it. Blade rebounds towards him, and goes for a clothesline. But so does Nightmare, and both men decapitate each other!!! The ref hides his eyes for a second, as the wrestlers crash to the mat, both out of it now!!! The ref closes in, and begins the 10 count again. After all this, having a Double Countout would really ruin the fight! The ref continues to count, until Nightmare gets himself up before the count can expire! This one continues! Blade's still hurting, as Nightmare grabs him and peels him off the floor. Nightmare starts to lift Blade up into a Fireman's Carry, positioning him on his shoulders for an unknown move. Oh, but Blade reaches out, clawing at Nightmare's eyes! Nightmare's hurting now! He spins around, trying to get Blade off of him, and Blade's legs clock the ref!!! The referee should have ducked!! He's out cold!!

JR: What a lousy break!! Nightmare throws Blade off his shoulders, sending him to the mat. He then tries to clear his eyes, which look red now. Get that man some Visine!! Meanwhile, Blade managed to take the landing, and gets up, moving towards Nightmare. But wait, someone's in the ring with a chair!! It's the blonde-haired... wait, that's Wildfire!!!! He nails Blade in the back of the head, as the champ hits the ground at a bad angle!! What a hit!! Blade's out cold!! Wildfire then looks towards Nightmare, who's still looking the other direction. He looks tempted, but leaves the ring instead, not messing with the champ. Blade's out, as Nightmare finally turns around, still not seeing too well. He stumbles over to Blade, unsure why he's still out but willing to take advantage of it, locking on the Nightfall!!!

Tenay: Yeah, but the ref is still out! No, wait, he's moving! He crawls over to Blade, looks at him, and raises his arm once... twice... three times. It's over! Thanks to Wildfire, Nightmare's got the victory here, and is still the Heavyweight Champion!! Nightmare shoves off the mat, quickly releasing Blade, and stands up. The fans are somewhat quiet, which Nightmare doesn't seem to understand. He grabs the title and holds it up, as some fans cheer. Nightmare honestly doesn't have a clue what happened! Blade's still out, and the ref and Nightmare aren't much better. Wait, now X-Dog's coming to the ring! The Hardcore Champ rolls in, and spins Nightmare around. They start talking, as X-Dog explains what happened. He goes over to Blade and checks on him. Blade's still not moving very much. He took that shot square on the back of the head. Nightmare looks angry now, but he's too tired to do much. Here comes Jannetty as well, to check on his partner. Well, another PPV has come and gone, and we're happy you people decided to join us. We'll see you this Wednesday for the beginning of another build-up! Good night!

*Nightmare stands back against the ropes, as Blade is helped up by X-Dog and Jannetty... Blade's looking slightly better, answering their questions... the ref is already out of the ring, trying to recover... Nightmare just watches as the DX members leave... after a flash, we go to the PPV Order screen...*