Tenay: The action continues here in Washington D.C., as we start our second hour of intense fighting in a big way! The upcoming match came together due to the fact that DMX, the long-time Cruiserweight champ, decided to vacate the title and depart. The President chose to sign this match with some of the younger talent, giving many of them the shot of their careers. It's time for another Rumble! Penzer?

Penzer: The next contest is going to be fought under Battle Royale Rules... 8 men will be fighting for the chance to be the next Cruiserweight Champion of the World! *cheers* The winner will be the last man standing in the ring, after every other wrestler has gone over the top rope and out to the floor... let's bring out the 8 men for the contest... the young man from Japan, Hyabusa... the powerhouse cruiserweight, DaTotalPackage... the Dark Angel, Joshua Curtis... the man with multiple personalities, Farok... a former DX member and now trying to make a comeback, Mr. Ass... from Money, Inc, one of the newest superstars, "Flyin" Ryan Reed... from the Bastards of Oblivion, the crazy one, J.Y. Kidd... and, the former Cruiserweight and European Champion, from the Wolfpac, Shorty!!

*As each man appears and walks to the ring, the fans cheer or boo accordingly... Kidd gets the most boos, while Shorty seems to get cheered above both Reed and Farok... they all enter the ring, staring at their opponents and preparing for the war...*

JR: Alright, here's your last chances to state your pics, guys. I'm sticking with my gut, and saying that the favorite, Shorty, will pull out the victory. He's got the experience, and has been in these situations before. What about you two?

Tenay: I, personally, am looking for the upset from Farok, who, I believe, hasn't really had the chance to make a name for himself in the GCWA. He's got some great skills, and very nearly surprised Shawn Reed on Warfare, a much larger man. If Farok is of sound mind in there, which will be debatable, he could pull off the win and get himself his first title.

Heenan: Both good picks, but I'm leaning towards Ryan Reed. The man is a good wrestler, with a strong partner training him. He can move around that ring like nobody's business. Also, he's got a touch of dirtiness in him, that could make him go far. He and Shorty seem to have a friendship of sorts, but I see Reed using that streak to eliminate his 'friend' and become the Cruiserweight Champ.

*The bell rings, and multiple fights break out immediately...*

JR: This is going to be another one of those tough to call, boys. Shorty and J.Y. Kidd sought each other out, and they're brawling in one corner. On another side, Reed and Hyabusa are fighting, with Reed landing some hard-hitting blows that rock the young man from Japan. Farok's got DTP in the corner, and is nailing him with elbow shots. Mr. Ass and Curtis are in the ropes, already trying to eliminate one or the other. Mr. Ass gets the first wrestling move, lifting and Scoop-Slamming Curtis into the mat, away from the ropes. He comes in, stomping on the Dark Angel, who is literally defenseless! In another corner, Farok is systematically choking down DTP, while yelling to the fans. But Reed comes up from behind, smashing both fists into the man's back. Hyabusa is getting up in the corner, and moves towards Mr. Ass and Curtis, as Shorty and Kidd haven't stopped pummeling each other yet!

Tenay: Those two probably have the greatest feud in this match, since Kidd got a pin on Shorty unfairly, thanks to Shag-Nasty. But if they keep that up, both will be easy pickings for some of these other wrestlers! Farok is now under a double-team, as Reed and DTP are attacking him, kicking him down in the corner. Reed pulls DTP over and says something, then DTP whips Reed into the corner, and Reed executes a sliding dropkick right into Farok! Nice teamwork, although there's no way it will last. Hyabusa is struggling with Mr. Ass, as they're locked up. Curtis is using the ropes to pull himself to his feet, as Shorty sends Kidd into them. Kidd rebounds and leaps high into the air, but the Buff one catches him, then hits a Spinning Slam!! Kidd just got hurt there! Shorty gets up and howls to the crowd, who respond. But that just leaves him open, as Curtis nails him from behind!

Heenan: Shorty's a vet, he shouldn't be ignoring the rest of the wrestlers in this Battle Royale, no matter how they're ranked. Curtis sends him off the ropes, no, Shorty reverses it. As Curtis comes back, Shorty lifts him up, then drops backward, sending Curtis' throat across the top rope!! Curtis rolls in agony on the mat. The friendship's over in the corner, as DTP and Ryan Reed are exchanging shots. Oh, on the other side, Mr. Ass has Hyabusa in the air! Hyabusa is clinging desperately to the ropes, trying to hang on, as Mr. Ass lifts his legs to eliminate the man! Hyabusa manages to kick Mr. Ass away, though, and stays alive. Farok's back up, looking annoyed. He says something, then answers himself, then charges into both Reed and DTP, tackling both men!!! We've got a three-way brawl there!

JR: Reed is trying to get away, as Farok attacks both men with his fists as they roll on the mat! Maybe Farok DOES have two personalities! He's sure fighting like two men! Shorty's on the defensive now, as Kidd recovered and attacked him while he was pulling Curtis up. Kidd and Curtis lift him and hit a Double-Suplex, driving the former champ into the mat! Both men get up and start stomping him, then Curtis turns and smiles at Kidd. Kidd smiles back, then kicks Curtis in the stomach and grabs him, sending his face to greet the canvas!! Kidd isn't playing allies here, guys! He lifts Curtis up and runs with him to the ropes, throwing him over the top and out to the floor!! Joshua Curtis, the Dark Angel, has been eliminated!! Kidd laughs to the crowd and turns, barely dodging a swing from Shorty! He locks up with Shorty, as we go elsewhere. There's now 7 men left!

Heenan: Curtis wasn't ready for this one. He may just need more experience, though I'm not sure if he can recover from the pain of losing here at the PPV. We'll just have to see, won't we? Ok, Farok has DTP in a separate corner, chopping away on him. He climbs up the 'buckle, a dangerous move, and then drops backwards with a Hurricanrana! DTP is hurting now! Meanwhile, Reed's come over to attack Kidd, grabbing him from behind and hitting a Neckbreaker! Reed gets up, as Shorty moves in. They look at each other, then both men grab Kidd and bring him up. I guess the two guys 'respect' each other still. Damn, that's sickening. Hyabusa has gotten in a few shots, now, kicking Mr. Ass and hitting a short clothesline that puts the man down. He's getting into this one, now. Good for the rook. Let's see, Farok has DTP in some kind of ankle submission hold, and Shorty and Reed are trying to eliminate Kidd, who's hanging on for dear life!! He's going out!! Wait, no, he lands on the apron and just barely slips back in! Reed sees him and comes back, kicking Kidd in the ribs, as Shorty heads over to Hyabusa and Mr. Ass.

Tenay: Hyabusa has the upper hand, using his leg to choke Mr. Ass on the middle rope. But Shorty comes up from behind, lifting Hyabusa off and spinning him around. He kicks Hyabusa in the stomach, dropping ' him to his knees. Shorty lifts the man up and runs to the turnbuckle, turning it into a Tornado DDT! Hyabusa might be out now! Mr. Ass gets up and comes over, though, grabbing Shorty and, dropping to his knees, hitting a Jawbreaker that sends Shorty reeling. DTP's fighting his way out of Farok's grip, struggling to get back into this one. He puts Farok in the corner and sends him a few 'presents' before locking up with him and, lifting, hitting a Suplex! Reed's got Kidd on his shoulders, trying to toss the man out, but Kidd rakes his hand across the Money Inc member's face, causing him to let go. Kidd falls behind him, and locks him up, hitting a German Suplex.

JR: And there goes Hyabusa!!!! He got up and went after both Mr. Ass and Shorty, who teamed up to pummel him, then Double-Clotheslined him out!! The number is now 6! Mr. Ass and Shorty don't celebrate, though, instead going right back at it! Kidd walks over to where Farok and DTP are, hitting DTP from behind and then grabbing his legs, trying to get him over. DTP, suddenly in a lot of trouble, grabs the ropes and fights, not wanting to be eliminated. Reed's trying to get up, holding the back of his head from a few of the shots Kidd gave him. He heads over to the mass of people as Shorty and Mr. Ass continue to struggle. Mr. Ass lifts Shorty up onto the ropes, but Shorty kicks free, then bounces off the middle rope and clotheslines Mr. Ass to the canvas! Reed heads into the pile, going after Farok again. The two roll down the ropes, each trying to get the advantage. DTP's on his own, and Kidd has him hanging for dear life! But Shorty comes over, rocking Kidd in the back of the head! DTP nearly goes out anyway, but slides back in.

Tenay: That could have been a mistake by Shorty, saving DTP. He didn't really notice, though, as he pulls Kidd over to an empty corner, back where they started. Shorty knees Kidd a few times, then whips him off towards the other corner, right into Mr. Ass!! The two wrestlers collide, with Kidd falling to the canvas and Mr. Ass spilling over and out!!! Mr. Ass is gone! He fought hard, but he didn't have a clue what nailed him there, I bet! Meanwhile, DTP gets up and comes over to Reed and Farok, where they're fighting on the ropes. He hits Reed and spins him around, then hits an Enziguiri Kick, knocking him down! Farok gets up and starts to pick Reed up, but DTP was waiting, coming in with a kick to the head that stuns him! DTP attacks, firing shot after shot, then tries to lift Farok up and out. Farok locks his arm around the ropes, hanging on, as DaTotalPackage tries to make a name for himself by eliminating one of the top competitors!

Heenan: "Flyin" Ryan's up, though! He drops painfully behind DTP and hits a low shot! DTP nearly falls down, letting go of Farok, who takes advantage, grabbing DTP and sending him out!! Ooo, DaTotalPackage hit hard on the outside. The guy's going to wake up in agony tommorrow! So we're down to 4 men, and all 3 of our picks are still there, I see! C'mon, Ryan, prove that I'm the Brain! Everyone in the ring's looking pretty tired now. We've got Ryan Reed and Farok on one side, Shorty and J.Y. Kidd on the other. Shorty has Kidd in a bad way, holding an arm around his throat from behind. At the same time, he's taking away Kidd's energy while refreshing himself. I like it. Farok's still on his feet, dragging Reed to the corner and slamming his head into it repeatedly. Shorty's still got his hold applied, as Kidd tries to figure a way out. He grabs the top rope, but that's just instinct. There's no refs, so there's no break. OH, except for that one!! Kidd lashed out with a backkick inbetween the legs, and Shorty's in a heap!

JR: He looks like your type of guy, Heenan. Kidd gets up slowly and goes after Shorty, while Farok and Reed continue to fight into the corner. Reed just caught Farok with a surprise Bulldog, knocking him into the mat! Both men are down, leaving Kidd as the only one standing. He picks up Shorty and snaps him down with a Neckbreaker, almost a smaller version of the Nasty Snap!! Shorty could be out cold! Kidd gets up, laughing even as he tries to keep his balance. Reed starts to get up, but Kidd sees him and comes over, kicking him multiple times in the stomach and shoving him against the ropes. Farok's slowly getting up as well. This one's really anyone's ballgame now! Any of these four could become the champion in the next few minutes! Kidd starts to pick Reed up, but gets a thumb in the eyes before he can really start. He staggers back, as Reed pulls himself off of the ropes. But Farok's right there again, uppercutting him! Meanwhile, Kidd turns around, waving off the other two... and he gets Speared!!! Shorty used his new move once again, just ramming into J.Y. Kidd!!! Both men are in a heap!

Tenay: I think that hurt Shorty almost as much as it did Kidd, JR. It worked, but it was also costly. No, wait, Shorty's getting up again. He pushes up with his hands, leaving Kidd on the mat, and goes over to where Farok is using his forearm on Reed. Shorty nails him with an Axehandle, then turns him around and grabs a leg, lifting him partially over the ropes! Farok claws for a handhold, trying to hang on. Reed gets up, sees what's happening, and staggers over, helping Shorty once again! Farok's just barely holding on! Can the two eliminate him?? They're trying desperately, trying to dislodge Farok's grip on the ropes. Oh, Kidd's getting up. He holds his stomach, coughing, but then sizes up the situation. He comes off the ropes, runs, and leaps, splashing into all 3 men!!!! What a move!!! Everyone but Kidd goes over the ropes!!!! J.Y. Kidd eliminated all of them!! He's the winner!!

JR: NO, no, Mike!! Reed and Farok are out, but Shorty is clinging to the apron! He pulls himself up, grabbing the bottom rope and coming back in! Kidd's celebrating, thinking it's over, as Shorty rolls through the ropes. Kidd turns around, but it's too late! Shorty charges, smashing into Kidd and knocking him into the ropes! Shorty dives, hitting one more shot that sends Kidd to the outside!! Kidd hangs on to the top rope, trying to pull himself back up, but Shorty sees it and runs forward, knocking his hands away! Kidd drops to the floor, crashing into a heap, and Shorty is now officially the Cruiserweight Champion for the second time!!! What a match!! I'm exhausted!! The ref comes in and raises Shorty's hand, as he nearly drops to the canvas from fatigue. Someone hands in the title, and Shorty takes it, hugging it like you would a child. He's fought so hard and so long to get that title back, and now he finally has it.

Tenay: As the Godfather and that new guy, ummm, X-Rated, come out to congratulate the new champ, let's watch a few replays of some of what went down in this one!

*Many moves are shown, from people going over the ropes to the Neckbreaker, the Spear, the Splash-Double Elimination, and finally Shorty's grip on the Cruiserweight Title... the picture ends, bringing us back to the announcer's booth...*

Heenan: That's two new champions. Will we see a third in a row? It's time for the Hardcore title match. I love these matches, thereís always a lot of damage.

JR: Brain, I think there may be something wrong with you. But thatís beside the point. In this next match, we have who I would say is an unlikely hardcore champ in X-Dog squaring off against Michael Breaker from the Bastards of Oblivion. We have already had two matches of DX versus the BOO, this seems to be turning into quite a stable feud, Professor.

Tenay: Yeah it is, and both of these groups really have some distaste for each other. But it always makes for good matches so I say let them fight! Now, from what I've heard from the back, this match is an officially sanctioned Hardcore Title match. However, the stipulation of the X on the table has apparently been canceled. I'm not sure why, but it is official from the President's office that a pinfall or submission is the way to win tonight. Well, why donít we go to David Penzer now and start this title match, heh.

Penzer: The next bout is scheduled for one fall and will be under hardcore rules and for the hardcore championship... *cheers* Introducing first the challenger, a member of the BOO, and a self-proclaimed hardcore icon... he is the man responsible for the departure of Chris Jericho from the GCWA and now is making his first attempt at a title since his efforts in Crescendo against Brimstone and Heavy P... he is MICHEAL BREAKER!

*Breaker comes out, and gets a surprisingly mixed ovation from the crowd... he walks to the ring, a cane in his hands... he climbs in the ring, and swings the cane a couple of times, testing it... *

Tenay: This guy is truly a monster. He in in the GCWA simply because he both likes pain and can dish it out in large samples. If anyone can take the Hardcore belt away from X-Dog, it's this man. Especially if we have some uninvited visitors from the BOO. We've already had Titan get a belt. Can Breaker bring home another?

Penzer: And his opponent... he has held numerous titles in the GCWA, and is the current hardcore champion... a leading member of DX, he is the man known as X-DOG!

*The lights dim and DX music comes on, and X-Dog makes his entrance with a gym bag full of goodies... as the lights come back up, Breaker is waiting on the floor for X-Dog... *

Heenan: X-Dog, in my mind, still hasn't proven that he deserves the Hardcore Title. He lost to Nightmare, costing himself the World Title, and was handed the Hardcore belt as a consolation prize. Ok, so he beat Sting. So what? Sting's not Hardcore! Now, Breaker, HE'S Hardcore!

*The bell rings*

JR: And here we go, this one's for the title. X-Dog jogs down the ramp to the awaiting Breaker, who has the cane cocked and ready to strike. But X-Dog throws the bag at him, and then follows it in with a spear, slamming Breaker into the side of the ring. Breaker drops the cane and we have a fight on our hands. Both men are slugging away at each other.

Tenay: But it looks like X-Dog has got the upper hand. Breaker hit hard after that spear, and I think he is still feeling its effects. X-Dog drags him to his feet and then slams his head down on the steel ring steps. The champ looks good thus far. He goes over to his bag and pulls out what looks like a slapjack. He is looking to end this one quick. But Breaker has managed to get his cane again, and drives it into the stomach of X-Dog, who drops the slapjack.

JR: Breaker rears back and swings the cane, laying it across X-Dogís back. X-Dog goes down and Breaker drops for the quick cover. But he only gets a 1 count. X-Dog has a lot more fight in him. Breaker gets up and pulls X-Dog up as well, and then slides him into the ring. But X-Dog is up, and as Breaker climbs in, X-Dog runs off the ropes and lands a moonsault, knocking both men to the canvas. X-Dog springs back to his feet.

Heenan: And Breaker is a little slow getting up. X-Dog is going upstairs it looks like. He climbs the turnbuckle and what the hell?? Someone just came from right behind us out of the crowd. Itís Brimstone, heís back. But what is he doing. X-Dog sees him and starts to yell something at him. Brimstone talks back to him, still walking towards him. X-Dog turns and tells him to get lost, but when he turns back Breaker is up, and he knocks X-Dog off of the top rope and down to the floor. Brimstone just smiles and then walks right past the fallen champ, kicking him once for good measure and then climbing in the ring.

JR: Is this match going to continue, I mean it is hardcore, but come on. Breaker has his cane again, and swings it hitting Brimstone in the head. Brimstone shrugs it off, smiling still. I had almost forgotten this guy is certifiable. Breaker runs in at the big man, but Brimstone catches him by the throat and chokeslams him. Then he turns and climbs out of the ring, and walks up the ramp to the back. Breaker is out, and X-Dog isnít moving very fast. But nonetheless, the champ is up and he rolls back in the ring. He picks up the cane and then drags Breaker to his feet and with the use of the cane Russian leg sweeps Breaker back to the mat. Then he drags him to the center of the ring and puts him in a camel clutch. X-Dog is really sitting back, stretching Breakerís neck and back. The ref asks Breaker if he wants to quit, but Breaker says no. X-Dog continues to pull back, but Breaker refuses to give up.

Tenay: Looks like Breaker wants to win this belt, because he has taken some hard hits, but heís still going. X-Dog looks a little frustrated. He picks Breaker up, and tags him with a spinning heel kick. He drops for the cover. 1... 2... NO! Breaker kicked out. X-Dog stands up and runs his hands through his hair, very frustrated now. He canít seem to keep the man down. He slides out of the ring, and grabs a table from underneath it. He slides the table in, but Breaker has managed to get back on his feet, and kicks X-Dog down as he tries to get back in the ring. Then he picks him up and gives him an underhook back breaker. That was a great move. With X-Dog down, he takes the table and sets it up in the center of the ring. He drags X-D-g to his feet and slams his head down on the table. The Champ goes down hard. Breaker laughs out loud, and turns his attention to the crowd who give him a mixed response again. The Bastards of Oblivion seem to have a little following donít they.

JR: I would say so Mike. Breaker is taking too much time though. He should stay on X-dog. He stalks over to the downed man, and bends over to pull him once again. And receives a low blow for his troubles. X-Dog was playing opossum, and now Breaker and his family jewels are regretting it. He falls to the mat holding his crotch. X-Dog pulls him up and gives him an implant DDT. Breaker is hurting now in a bad way. X-Dog drags him over to the table and places him on it, with a few punches to make sure he stays put. The he hops up on the top rope, and after a quick suck it from the turnbuckle, he flips into a version of the Harlem Hangover, a flipping leg drop from the top rope.

Heenan: And he hit it right on the money JR. Both men went right through that table. The ring is a complete mess now, with both men laying motionless in the broken shards of that table. The ref starts his count. 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6..and X-Dog is up. He seems a little unsteady but after what he just did, thatís to be expected. Whatís going on now, who is this coming down. I think itís, yes, it's Sting! What is he doing here? Nevermind, I think I know why. X-Dog sees him and gives him a crotch chop, and then goes back to Breaker. The Stinger walks over to the announce area, andÖ

JR: What the hell do you think your doing?

Sting: Iím just gonna borrow this for a sec.

JR: He just took the Hardcore title. But what is he doing with it? Hold up here comes Darkstarr. I donít think he likes what he is seeing. He runs down and standing drop kicks Sting in the back right into the ring post. The Stinger drops the belt and goes down hard. Darkstarr picks him up and throws him over the safety rail and into the crowd. Then Darkstarr tosses the belt into the ring. X-Dog picks Breaker up and send him into the ropes. As he comes back, X-Dog stands behind the belt, kick Breaker in the stomach andÖ.X-FACTOR!!!! Right on the belt too! X-Dog makes the cover. 1Ö2Ö3!!! X-Dog retains his belt despite interference from Brimstone and the Stinger!

Heenan: I donít think I would call what Sting did interference exactly, JR. All he managed to do was get tossed into the crowd by Darkstarr. Darkstarr is in the ring now, celebrating with X-Dog as Breaker is still down on the mat. X-Dog picks up his belt and the with the aid of Darkstarr makes his way from the ring. Breaker's trying to get up, holding a hand over his face. This was an exciting match, as X-Dog becomes the first of the night, if you don't count the FU Title, to retain his title! Let's look at a replay.

*We're shown a variety of moves, focusing on the Hardcore aspects... Brimstone's reappearance is captured, as is the hit through the table... Darkstarr nails Sting from behind... finally, Breaker is shown getting dropped headfirst onto the title... *

Tenay: More action is on the way for our fans, as we head towards the career match. Can Stone Cold prevail against the odds? We'll soon find out! Stay tuned!

*We fade into a shot of Shawn Michaels and Rage is Reality... they're talking, apparently near the backstage entrance... Michaels is holding a coat close over his chest, hiding something, as the three men laugh... *