*As the PPV screen fades away, everything turns black... after a few seconds, you get what appears to be an arial view of Washington D.C... you can see the White House in one shot, as it appears to be in flames... the Washington Monument is on its side, and people are seen running away from the M.C.I. Center... the camera focuses on it, then shots begin to appear... most of the wrestlers flash by, from X-Dog fighting in a Hardcore match to a bunch of clips of the Cruiserweights... we see Austin and Shawn Michaels in a split-shot, followed by Phoenix and Arn Anderson duking it out... Darkstarr flies into the Stardust with his opponent, and Shannon Shag-Nasty performs the Nasty-Snap... finally, Blade and Nightmare appear, staring at each other... the M.C.I. Center is again pictured, and the camera appears to fly right at the entryway... the doors explode inwards, and we're shown the sold-out crowd cheering wildly as In Your Neighborhood: Capital Punishment begins! Signs are everywhere, with many different phrases: "BOO's got a home for everyone", "Stone Cold Traitor", "I LOVE the smell of Napalm in the morning", and "DX = Suck It!" are just a few of the signs shown during the pan of the crowd... we then are shown the broadcast location, where Mike Tenay, Jim Ross, and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan are sitting....*

Tenay: Hello, sports fans! Well, you've done it. You've ordered the top wrestling action on the face of the planet, to watch in your very own home! Welcome! Welcome to Capital Punishment!! We're live here in Washington D.C., the home of democracy, in the MCI Center, and have we got a show for you!! We have six titles on the line tonight, with a guaranteed FOUR new champions!! We've got the highly anticipated Cruiserweight Battle Royale! We've got a cage match between Napalm and Trasher! The FU Title, although not sanctioned, is being fought for for the last time, between Jannetty and Dynamite! We've got the Hardcore Title, the European Title, and the finals of the Intercontinental Title Tournament! Then, in the main event, Blade and Nightmare face off, two of the best fighting for the top title in the United States, the GCWA Heavyweight Championship!!! Throw in "Stone Cold" Steve Austin literally fighting for his career against two men, and you have a night that no one will ever forget!!

JR: The tension is high in the dressing room area, Mike. Everyone knows that the title ranks won't be the same after tonight. We could have many people holding the belts after we leave here. Some might lose their careers, while others might just lose their ability to function! No DQ is the theme of the night, that's for sure! Tonight could be someone's greatest moment, or their worst nightmare, uh, no offense, Blade. Everyone's ready to begin the action, so why should be wait? I say let's get things started!

Heenan: By all means, Ross. This is going to be a very long night of the most intense wrestling action you'll find on the face of the planet! Let's open the gates and start letting the warriors in here! I see we've already got the cage set up for the first match, can you believe it, the first match of the night is a cage match!! Boy, tonight's going to be great!! Penzer, if you please...

Penzer: Welcome to the ring! *cheers* Our first competitor for this special cage match... standing 6'2" and weighing in at 229 pounds... making his first GCWA Pay-Per-View appearance... he is Trasher!

*Trasher steps out of the back, his music blaring... there is a mixed review of cheers and jeers for him...*

Tenay: I like this guy, I'll go ahead and say it. He hasn't done much here in the GCWA, but I'm expecting nothing but big things out of him.

*Trasher steps into the cage and throws his arms into the air... more fans begin to cheer as he pumps them up...*

Penzer: And his opponent... a mystery to the GCWA... he stands in at 6'3 and weighs 210 pounds... he is also making his first Pay-Per-View appearance... ladies and gentleman welcome Napalm!

*Napalm steps out to a loud shrill of boos... the fans seem to have sided with Trasher...*

JR: This should be a good match, Tenay. Both of these men are trying to make a point to the GCWA that they are competitors for higher prizes. Only one of them can win though.

Heenan: That's right, JR. I don't expect much out of Napalm though, as Trasher just looks to be the tougher wrestler.

JR: You're supposed to have a biased opinion on the matter, Brain.

Heenan: I do.

*Napalm steps into the ring, where there are no officials... one stands on the outside, waiting to see who will make it out of the cage first. The bell rings...*

JR: This match starts out quickly, both men locking up. Trasher quickly takes advantage, sending Napalm into the ropes. Napalm ducks a clothesline, comes off the opposite ropes and ducks another. This match is moving fast, Mike.

Tenay: I can hardly keep up. Napalm hits the mat, sliding through Trasher's legs. Trasher spins, but he's caught with a series of quick jabs. The man is stunned, Napalm setting him up for a DDT and hitting it. That was a powerful move early on here. Napalm pulls Trasher to his feet, setting him up for another DDT, and he hits that one too. The entire cage just shook. Napalm's making his way to the cage, and he is already climbing it.

JR: Even after those two DDTs, its still too early to get out of this one. Trasher gets to his feet and shakes the cage, sending Napalm back down to the mat. Napalm quickly charges Trasher, attempting a spear, but Trasher side steps it, sending Napalm face first into the cage.

Heenan: I've seen bigger men not get up from that one!

Tenay: That had to hurt. The metal working of that cage can take abuse all day long, but I'm not so sure that Napalm's face can. Trasher pulls the staggering Napalm towards him, hitting a quick powerbomb. He brings Napalm back to his feet and tosses him into the ropes. Napalm slings back, and Trasher catches him with a powerslam. Trasher looks really good in there. He puts his foot on Napalm's forehead and pulls back quick. That hurts, the rubber on the sole of those boots stings the skin.

Heenan: That move could leave a mark!

JR: Trasher brings Napalm back up again, setting up for a suplex, and raising him up. Oh, he just holds the man in the air, showing off his incredible strength. Napalm is kicking with his feet, trying to bring the momentum the other way, but Trasher brings him down. That was an awkward suplex, probably hurting both men. Neither man is getting to his feet too quickly, but Trasher stands first. He backs into the ropes and Napalm gets to his knees. Trasher comes down hard with a knee to Napalm's face.

Tenay: I'll be honest, this match has been all Trasher. Napalm just does not look effective.

Heenan: He looks more like a chicken with his head cut off then a wrestler.

JR: Trasher pulls Napalm up again, tossing him into the corner. He charges Napalm and splashes into him. Napalm tries to fall onto the mat, but Thrasher's not allowing it. He climbs the turnbuckles, trapping Napalm within them, and starts punching. The crowd's counting along, 3, 4, 5, 6, uh-oh, Napalm's snapped out of his daze and has grabbed his opponent by the legs, walking him out of the corner. He brings him down hard on the mat.

Tenay: Once again, neither man is getting to his feet too quickly, but it seems like Napalm has a bit of an advantage. He stands, grabbing Trasher by the hair and pulling him to his feet. Quickly, he brings the man down with a neck-breaker. Trasher is not moving, but Napalm is, towards the cage! He begins climbing once again, this one could be over JR.

JR: I'm not too sure about that one, Trasher has gotten to his feet and is moving towards the cage. Napalm is almost to the top, his hands moving quickly, but Trasher is there, grabbing the man's boot. He's pulling, but Napalm isn't moving. He kicks at Trasher, catching him in the face, but Trasher is determined and begins climbing the cage next to him. Napalm takes the opportunity to climb higher, half of his body is over the top, and he's making his way down the other side.

Tenay: Trasher makes it to the top, but it may be too late. Napalm is over the edge, all he has to do is drop, but Trasher, sitting atop the cage, has grabbed his arms. Napalm is hanging there, only the air between him and a victory. Trasher, using every ounce of strength left in him, pulls the man back to the top of the cage. Both men are sitting up there now.

JR: This match could go either way, Brain, one man just must toss the other into the ring and then climb down that cage. They're exchanging fists, however; neither man wanting to give up. Trasher grabs Napalm by the throat, trying to the choke the man, but Napalm answers with a choke of his own. Oh my, both men have toppled into the ring, Napalm landing square on his back, while Trasher is caught in between the cage and the ropes!!!

Heenan: This is utter chaos!

Tenay: The crowd is going crazy, but neither man is moving. That fall has taken all the energy out of both of them. Excuse me folks, Napalm is slowly, very slowly, getting to his feet. He sees Trasher and makes towards him. Trasher looks helpless as Napalm pulls him into the ring. Napalm slaps him right in the jaw, smiles, and then sends the man into the corner. Trasher, instead of colliding into the buckles, has stepped onto the second buckle and climbed up to the top. Napalm didn't see it, he's turned around and is showboating to the crowd.

JR: Napalm turns and, not paying attention, charges the corner. Trasher measures him up and leaps, hitting a blockbuster. Napalm is out!! Trasher quickly gets to his feet and begins to climb the cage. This one is over folks. Wait a second, someone is coming down the ramp, it's, J.Y. Kidd?

Tenay: I don't know why he's here, JR, but he's in the ref's face. Trasher sees him, but is more concerned with getting out of the cage. He's almost to the top. Something else is going on, JR. Titan 3 has just come out of the audience. Napalm is staggering on his feet. Trasher has one leg over the cage. What is going on? Titan 3 just tossed that Singapore cane of his into the ring, Napalm has it.

Heenan: Once again the Bastards are up to their old tricks. I hate those guys, unless they're listening, then I don't hate them.

JR: This doesn't look good. Napalm climbs the closet turnbuckle to Trasher, and leaps off, bringing the cane down sharply on Trasher's back! Trasher falls back into the ring, Napalm grabs the top of the cage. He drops the cane, Titan 3 quickly scooping it up. Kidd and Titan 3 are leaving now, back up the ramp, as Napalm pulls himself over the cage. He drops, and the ref is signaling for the bell. Trasher just isn't moving inside of the ring.

JR: What does all of this mean? Is Napalm a member of the B.O.O. now too?

Tenay: I'm not sure, JR, but he has won this match. Trasher is still lying in the ring. Falling from the cage to the mat twice in one match is just not good for one's self esteem or body.

JR: We'll get him some medical attention and then get on to our next big match!! Meanwhile, let's look at a replay. Brain?

*As Heenan talks, the picture shows some of the big moves in the match... both men fall from the top of the cage, then the Blockbuster, then finally the Singapore Cane shot... Napalm is shown again, celebrating his win... we come back to the arena, as Trasher is shown being helped out of the ring... they're quickly taking the cage away, as we go back to the broadcast location...*

Tenay: So Trasher has the victory snatched away by the BOO. I'm willing to bet that this will not be soon forgotten by Trasher, who came that close to making a name for himself in his first GCWA PPV appearance. Our next match up can be considered only one thing, a blood feud. The history over the past few months between Marty Jannetty and Dynamic Dynamite is bitter to say the least.

*The footage starts rolling, showing Dynamite walking around with the FU Title... the challenge by Jannetty is shown, followed by Jannetty's big victory to allow him to take the belt... Dynamite's "handing over of the belt" into Jannetty's head at a show, then Dynamite's remarks, flash by... their second meeting for the belt, which ended with OG Thug's attack, goes by... also, the various masked man attacks, including the one that led Jannetty into an ambush from Dynamite and Shag-Nasty, is pictured... finally, a few remarks from both men are played... we return to the MCI Center...*

Heenan: It's pretty evident, Mike. Ever since Jannetty took Dynamiteís FU Title, the two of them have been at each otherís throats what seems like week in and week out. Well tonight, they settle this once and for all. Letís go to David Penzer and gets this started.

Penzer: The next match is scheduled for one fall... introducing first, heís a former Intercontinental Champion and currently is a member of the Bastards of Oblivion... he is DYNAMIC DYNAMITE!

*Dynamite walks out to a number of boos, but a few cheers mixed in as well... he struts arrogantly to the ring, OG Thug beside him... he climbs in and OG Thug stands on the outside... Dynamite runs off the ropes a couple of times, waiting for Jannettyís appearance....

Penzer: And his opponent... a former Cruiserweight and European champion, and currently one half of the Tag Team Champions... he is the GCWAís excellence of execution, from Degeneration X and the Punk Rawk Show... THE ROCKER, MARTY JANNETTY!

*The Rockerís music cues up and Marty Jannetty stalks out of the curtain heading straight for the ring, his eyes very serious... the FU Title is on his shoulder... *

Heenan: Here comes Jannetty and he looks ready to fight. He gets down by the apron and walks right past the ring. He is going after OG Thug. The Thug runs around the ring, and Jannetty chases him. As they get around the ramp, it looks like OG is gonna make a run to the back JR.

JR: It certainly does, but while Jannetty was chasing the masked man responsible for his injury, Dynamite slid out of the ring, and as Jannetty turns the corner, Dynamite lays him out with a clothesline!

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: Now that we a have officially started this match, Dynamite rolls Jannetty into the ring, and immediately goes to work. He picks up the dazed Rocker, and sends him into the ropes. As Jannetty comes back, Dynamite picks him up in a monstrous powerslam! Looks like Dynamite came ready to fight tonight Weasel, and OG Thugís little distraction helped him out too.

Heenan: Thatís for sure. Jannetty is struggling right now. Dynamite has a rear chin lock applied, and he seems to be putting a little more squeeze on it. Jannetty fights his way back to his feet, the crowd behind him now. He reaches up and grabs the back of Dynamic Dynamiteís head, and drops him into a jawbreaker. Dynamite releases the chin lock, holding his jaw. Jannetty leans on the ropes trying to get his wind back.

JR: Here comes Dynamite again, trying a running clothesline, but Jannetty ducked it, and backdrops Dynamite to the floor. And just like that the momentum starts to shift, guys. The Rocker slides out to the floor and kicks the bigger man a few times, then pulls him to his feet, and whips him into the ring post. That has got to hurt.

Heenan: Yeah it does. And Dynamite is hurting now. The Rocker pulls him up and slides him back into the ring. Jannetty stands on the apron, and when Dynamite gets up, He sling shots himself into the ring with a flying lariat. The Rocker is really rolling now. He goes over to the downed Dynamite, and grabs his legs. Is he going for the sharp shooter already?

JR: I think so, he has the legs crossed, but can he turn him? Yes, as the Rocker sits down, Dynamite yells out in pain. But he isnít through yet. The ref is asking if he wants to quit, but Dynamite refuses. He struggles for the ropes, and gets a hand on one. The ref tells Jannetty to release the hold and then starts his count. At three, Jannetty releases it, but goes right back at Dynamite. He hooks him in a front face lock, and then snap suplexes him. Jannetty really means business today. I think he really does want to finish this today.

Tenay: Jannetty runs off the ropes and tries to clothesline the wobbling Dynamite, but he ducks, and lands a knee to the mid-section of the Rocker. Then he whips him off the ropes and hits a tilt a whirl slam on the smaller man. Both men are down now, trying to recover from this fast paced match. Dynamite is up first, and he pulls Jannetty to his feet. He hooks him in a suplex, but Jannetty floats over it, and grabs Dynamite in dragon sleeper.

JR: Wait, I donít think thatís a dragon sleeper, Mike. Jannetty is signaling to the crowd and then nails Dynamite to the canvas with a guillotine drop! That is one of his partnerís moves, but he executed it with tremendous precision. Dynamite is hurting now. I think The Rocker may smell blood, as he moves towards the corner. He starts climbing to the top turnbuckle. Could he be getting ready for a flying Rocker Dropper? That's the move that nearly ended his career against Blade!

Heenan: Wait JR. Look at the top of the ramp. OG Thug is making his return to ringside, metal pipe in hand. I guess he doesnít need that mask anymore does he. This canít be good and I donít think the Rocker sees him. But wait, OG Thug is about to have company because here comes Blade. Thug is standing at the top of the ramp, beating the pipe into the palm of his hand. Blade walks up behind him and taps him on the shoulder. Thug spins around, swinging the pipe wildly at Blade. But Blade ducks and hooks The Thug in a T-Bone suplex.

Tenay: Not on the ramp!!! Blade pauses, yells something to the crowd, who respond with an emphatic cheer, and then he sends OG Thug for the ride, t-boning him on the top of the ramp. Then he picks up the pipe and walks back into the back stage area.

Heenan: Back in the ring, Jannetty has climbed down from the ropes and hits a swinging neck breaker on DD. Dynamite struggles to his feet, a little fight still left in him, but Jannetty is waiting for him. As Dynamite is almost up, Jannetty comes running in, and lands a vicious looking Rocker Dropper on the BOO member!!! Thatís got to be it. Jannetty hooks a leg and covers the man with his back on him. As the ref drops to count, Jannetty raises his hand and counts with him. 1..... 2..... 3!!! The Rocker wins! The Rocker wins!

JR: Dynamite started off strong, but Jannetty was just wound up tonight. Marty Jannetty now holds the FU Title for life, since this match was the last time these two would face for it. What a match! Don't forget to give his partner the save.

Tenay: Thatís what being a tag team is all about, JR. And Punk Rawk Show are the champions so you know they are always looking out for each other. Let's go to the replay.

*Everything, from the beginning moves to the OG Thug and Blade, to the Rocker Dropper is shown, with the Brain's 'interpretive' analysis... *

JR: Two matches are behind us, both that got the fans cheering. But now it's time to start figuring out who the champions are! The next bout started out as a three-way fight for the Internet Title, between men who have met and fought before. But that was before the shocking departure of Outcast, the Internet Champ. Let's go to the videotape.

*We see shots of Outcast, at the last PPV, winning the Internet Title from the Rock... Outcast is shown talking about the win, and the Rock's apparent disappearance afterwards... some of the fights between Outcast and Titan 3 flash by, with Titan's joining witht the BOO a prominent part... the Rock's reappearance, and his defeating of Curtis, is quickly followed by Outcast's resignation and departure, making the match Titan 3 vs. the Rock.. a few of their comments are aired, then the montage ends...*

Tenay: So, right now, in the third match of the night, let's go to the ring where Penzer's waiting!

Penzer: This contest is scheduled for one fall... it will be fought for the vacated Internet Title... first, standing 6'6" and weighing 290 lbs... he's a member of the Bastards of Oblivion, known for the A-Bomb... Titan 3!

*The crowd immediately jeers Titan 3 as he appears, remembering what he did earlier in the night... Titan just ignores it with a smile, and heads for the ring... he enters, going through the ropes... *

JR: Titan 3 has started to develop a small following since his joining the BOO. He was having a great feud with Outcast until the man left, leaving the title up in the air for either one of these wrestlers. Can Titan 3 become the first BOO member to bring home a singles title? We'll soon learn if it's going to be a good night for the BOO.

Penzer: His opponent... he is 6'5" and weighs 275 lbs... he prefers to call himself the DX Assassin, and tonight will try to reclaim the Internet Title, which he has held before... he is the Rock!

*The Rock walks out of the back, with a bright green X across the front of his black shirt... his dreads, as always, are in place... the fans cheer as he heads for the ring...*

Heenan: The Rock's surely the favorite here, since he was the champ before Outcast walked away with the title at Crescendo. He's been strangely absent most of the month, though, only appearing in the last weeks demanding a title rematch against Outcast. He's only partially getting his wish. This is the Rock's chance to become a champ once again.

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: The Rock and Titan 3 immediately lock up, not wasting any time. You can see the cords in their arms as they strain to get the upper hand. Slowly, Titan pushes the Rock backwards into the ropes. He whips the DX Assassin towards the other side, then tries a lariat, that the Rock ducks. The Rock comes back with a running Shoulder Block that knocks the big man off his feet! The Rock used his momentum well there! Titan 3 leaps back to his feet, but the Rock is there, karate-chopping him across the chest. He wraps up Titan and throws him with a Release German Suplex that sends Titan crashing to the canvas! The Rock gets up and rushes back in, as Titan pulls himself up. The Rock just runs him over with a knee lift, then tries a cover, but only gets a one count.

JR: I'm not sure how much heart the Rock really has in this match. He was really looking for redemption against Outcast, who really stole the title from him with an illegal object hit. Since Outcast walked away from the belt, the Rock's energy hasn't been as high as it used to be. Still, he's looking good right now. He gets Titan 3 in a neck hold from behind, squeezing. Titan tries to fight free, as the ref watches close. Suddenly, the ref calls for the break, saying that it's too close to a chokehold. The Rock drops his opponent and complains, but to no avail. He turns and starts to pull Titan 3 up, but the man catches him with a punch to a stomach, then another. He gets to his feet, hammering a few more shots into the DX Assassin, then grabs him and hits a Suplex, driving the Rock down. Titan gets up with the dreads in hand, then sets the Rock up and lifts him into a piledriver! He plunges downward, as the Rock's head bounces off the canvas!

Heenan: That one stung the former champ! Titan covers him... 1.... 2.... the Rock kicks out. Titan looks surprised, but only for a second. He brings the Rock back up and locks up his head again, but the Rock charges forward, breaking free and taking Titan to the mat at the same time! The Rock then fires a punch right through Titan's defenses, landing right on the two front teeth! Titan shudders in pain, covering his mouth, as he lays on the canvas. The Rock pulls himself up and grabs Titan's legs, dragging him away from the ropes. The former Internet champ then arranges the legs and drops an elbow right down the middle! That move can usually give you a serious edge in these fights! Titan's hurting from it, but then, who wouldn't be? Well, maybe Chyna, but that's a whole 'nother Fed!

JR: Ok, that's enough, Bobby. The Rock lifts Titan up and carries him over to the corner, where he hammers Titan's head into the pads in the rhythm of the crowd's chants. He then starts to lift Titan up onto the turnbuckle, but Titan refuses to allow it, kicking away from the Rock and running at him. But the Rock uses the ropes as balance to get a kick up into Titan's chest, knocking him down. The Rock then climbs up to the top turnbuckle, looking down at Titan on the mat. He throws away his armpad, and leaps, with a Flying Elbow Drop!! OH, but Titan rolled aside, and the Rock's funny bone is now in need of medical attention!! The Rock curls up on the canvas, hurting, as Titan works his way up. He steps over to his opponent and lifts him up, twisting the hurt arm behind him. The Rock tries to get free by swinging his other elbow back, but he misses, as Titan increases the pressure, lifting the Rock's arm up beyond its usual ability. The Rock grimaces in pain, and the ref walks towards him. Is this a submission hold?

Tenay: It's working like such, JR. Titan trips the Rock up and drops him to the mat, still clutching the arm. He twists it while putting a knee into the Rock's back, and his face contorts even more, feeling the tendons in his arm head towards their breaking point! The ref leans close, asking the Rock, who shakes his head vehemently. He's not going to quit! Titan 3 sees that he's not quitting, then lets go, bringing the Rock up and grabbing him on the side. He lifts, no, the Rock blocks it, then reverses it, flipping Titan over him and down on his back! The Rock turns, tired, and moves in, grabbing Titan on the way up and DDT'ing him! The Rock covers him... 1..... 2..... Titan kicks out again! Both are feeling the burn from this match. The DX Assassin gets off of Titan and waves his hands, signaling for the Rock Bottom! The fans are on their feet, as the Rock starts to bring Titan 3 up, then locks his arm around the man's throat! But Titan senses what's happening and breaks free, spinning behind the Rock and lifting him with a Reverse Face Plant!! Both men lay on the mat, tired out!

Heenan: They're really punishing each other for the chance to hold the Internet Title! Titan slowly works up, falling back into the ropes to maintain his balance. The Rock rolls to his right, trying to figure out which way is up. He stands, and turns to Titan, who starts to come towards him. The Rock staggers him with an Uppercut, though, then sends him into the ropes. As Titan comes back, the Rock tries the Rock Bottom again, but Titan reverses the hold, turns, and, A-BOMB!!! The Rock is out!!! Titan 3 rolls over, shaking his head, and puts an arm across the Rock.... 1..... 2..... 3!!!!! Titan 3 is the new Internet Champion!! The BOO have some gold in their stable!! I am impressed with this kid, that's for sure!

JR: Both men put up a pretty even fight, but Titan 3 pulled off the upset at the very end! The Rock's moving, rolling out of the ring with probably a severe headache, as Titan celebrates his victory. It's time once again for some replays!

*We're shown, with Brain's voice in the background, the piledriver, the flying elbow drop, some of the hard hits, and finally the reversal into the A-Bomb.... *

*As we fade away from the announcers, a shot of the backstage area is shown... a man comes walking through, wearing a red suede fedora and basically an old-style suit... he's got a cruiserweight build, with an angry look on his face... he walks past the cameraman, and asks someone if he knows where Shorty is... the man shrugs, so the man grabs him and throws him against the wall! He then looks at the cameraman... not surprisingly, the picture quickly cuts out... *