Tenay: We're back and ready for the 2nd hour of Blood on the Battlefield! We've already had some great matches, with some major title defenses still to come! So far, I hope you fans think this is worth the money!

JR: How could they not? The next match was scheduled to be Wrath vs. Scott Steiner, but apparently Steiner is not in the building. We've heard reports that Wrath is currently searching for him. We'll keep you posted.

Heenan: Ever since Big Poppa Pump came to town, Scott Steiner has really been the Invisible Man. Well, luckily, we have no shortage of matches to go around.

Tenay: Yeah, the next match will surely be a great contest! Let's get it on!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the next match is scheduled for one fall... coming to the ring, standing 8'1" tall, and weighing 710 lbs... the largest professional athlete in the world... The Giant Milenko!

*Cheers break out as the Giant stalks to the ring and steps over the top rope...*

Heenan: Wow, that guy is huge! He's gotta have trouble breathing up there!

JR: He's one of the biggest athletes ever in professional wrestling, and he definitely has Hollywood Hogan concerned.

Penzer: His opponent... accompanied to the ring by the Outsiders... one of the most recognized wrestlers in the world today... the leader of Degeneration-X... Hollywood Hogan!

*Boos surround the trio as they walk confidently to the ring... Hogan, as usual, does his shirt tearing gimmick, then throws the shirt at Milenko and attacks!*

*the bell rings*

Tenay: Looks like Hogan's decided to get this one moving! Not a bad plan, it seems, 'cause he's got Milenko staggering after numerous right hands, while holding the shirt over his face! Leave it to Hogan to use clothing as a weapon. Hogan's got Milenko back in the corner, and he continues to slug away, climbing up the turnbuckle to make it easier for him to swing.

JR: So far, Hogan's really dishing out the punishment. For once, he seems truly determined to keep the heat on the Giant Milenko. I haven't seen him this fired up in years! Hogan's on the top turnbuckle now, and slugs Milenko a few more times. Then he jumps, and actually bulldogs him! What a move from Hogan! He goes for the pin... 1... wow, did you see how far the Giant threw him?

Heenan: This guy is so big and so strong, there's no chance you're going to get him with just one move! Milenko's pulling himself up, but Hogan's got the weight belt! He's smashing it across Milenko's back! I've always wondered why the refs don't call it a DQ when Hogan uses the belt. But, I guess if you've done so much for wrestling, you can get away with a few things.

Tenay: I guess. Hogan's using the belt to choke the Giant now, sitting on his back. The ref is admonishing him, but he continues to use the belt. But wait, Milenko's pulling himself to his feet! All of the sudden, Hogan is hanging in midair! The Giant drops forward for a second, flipping Hogan overtop of him and down to the canvas! Milenko then grabs Hogan by the head and pulls him up into a Choke Lift!!

JR: Hogan's way up there! Milenko then twists his hands and suddenly has Hollywood up in a Gorilla Press! Hogan's going down a long way!! Oooh, and he hit hard! Hogan's hurt! Milenko's just looking at him now, with a grin on his face. So far, neither of the Outsiders have come close to the ring.

Heenan: Tell me, JR, would you?? Milenko's picking Hogan back up, and holds him across his chest. He moves his arms, then tosses Hogan backward with a Fallaway Slam! It's obvious who that went out to. Hogan's still trying to get to his feet, but the Giant is merciless! He's pounding on Hogan now, much like Hogan did earlier in this match! Hogan drops through the middle rope and to the outside. Milenko doesn't hesitate, he goes right out after him. He grabs Hogan and whips him right into the guardrail!

JR: Hogan's hurting badly now. The Giant simply picks him up and launches him over the top rope, from the floor! This one looks to be about over. The Giant climbs over the top rope again... and gets racked, as Michaels and Hall suddenly jump up and yank the top rope upwards! Milenko falls into the ring as the ref signals for the DQ. The Outsiders then come in and attack Milenko, trying to knock him down. But he erupts upward, grabbing both wrestlers by the throat and tossing them back!! Hogan's using the weight belt again, but it doesn't seem to be having much of an effect.

Tenay: Wait a second, guys... who's that coming from the back? It looks like... it is! It's Paul Wight! Another Giant has arrived!! He comes in and hits Milenko from behind! The two bohemoths then start exchanging blows! Meanwhile, other members of the Ruff Ryders and DX are out! We've got a brawl going on here! Where's security??

Heenan: Who needs them?? Let 'em fight!

JR: Yeah, but we still have a bunch of matches tonight! Security's finally arrived, and they're separating the two groups. Well, except for the two Giants, I mean. None of the security guards are getting NEAR them! The two are brawling all the way back, while the rest are being led down different aisles to the back! What a clash!

Tenay: So I believe the Giant Milenko gets the win via DQ, right? But what an appearance by Paul Wight! We've got two Giants in the GCWA now! Is it big enough to hold both wrestlers??

JR: Well, now that they've emptied the ring out, maybe we can get to the best matches of the evening. The ones that put the Titles on the line! Wait, what was that? We've got something going on outside. Let's go take a look, via the feed we're getting.

*The camera shows the parking lot, where various limos are parked. You hear a roar, and a monster truck comes rumbling down the ramp. As the drivers scramble to safety, the truck rolls right over one of the limos! It parks there, then "Stone Cold" Steve Austin gets out and walks to the doorway...*

Tenay: Wow, Stone Cold just destroyed an expensive limo. Can you zoom in on that license plate? Oh man, that's the Wolfpac's limo! Austin took out the limo of the man he'll be facing for the World Title later on!

Heenan: I don't know about Austin's logic there. In my mind, that'll just make Animal Thug even tougher, 'cause he'll have anger on his side!

JR: We'll have to see, later on tonight in the Main Event! What a match it'll be! Well, it looks like Penzer and the boys have finally gotten the ring ropes resecured, so let's go to the ring!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the next bout is for the GCWA Cruiserweight Title! *cheers* Coming to the ring, at 5'3", 110 lbs... the masked Ruff Ryder... Shorty!

*The fans cheer as Shorty comes out and jogs to the ring... he slides under the bottom rope...*

Tenay: Shorty is one of the fastest in the business right now, which helped to earn him this Cruiserweight Title shot. The question is, now that Smoke and Mirrors are allies with the Ruff Ryders, how extreme is this match going to get?

Penzer: His opponent... standing 6'6", weighing 230 lbs... a member of Smoke and Mirrors, and the GCWA Cruiserweight Champion... Darkstarr!

*As Darkstarr's theme starts, the fans erupt, stomping their feet... a star is shown on the screen, as Darkstarr walks out and comes to the ring, wearing the Cruiserweight Title...*

JR: It was just last week when Starr was able to win the Cruiserweight Title from LilPun. Now, here at the PPV, he's got a tough fight ahead of him against the Ruff Ryder's smallest member!

*the bell rings*

Tenay: Shorty and Darkstarr both come to the center of the ring, and quickly shake hands. I guess they're going to try and wrestle honorably tonight.

Heenan: Great.

JR: Sometimes friend vs. friend are the best types of matches, Weasal, not that you would care. The two wrestlers lock up, with Starr getting the opening headlock. Shorty pushes them into the ropes, then flattens out as Starr jumps over him. Starr comes running back and dodges the attempted clothesline, instead throwing Shorty back into the ropes. Shorty comes out and dives over top the extended legs of Starr, before Starr could launch him into the air. What a furious combination of moves, and yet neither wrestler has been hit yet!

Tenay: Starr's back up, as Shorty's running at him. He tosses Shorty over the top rope, but Shorty hangs on and lands on his feet on the apron! Starr turns around just as Shorty slingshots himself into the air and lands a devestating rolling kick! Shorty finally takes control, as he bounces off the ropes and uses a Corkscrew Dropkick to knock Darkstarr through the ropes! Shorty then takes a step back, then dives over the top rope and lands on Starr!

Heenan: Both of these guys can really move! Shorty's back up, as he shoves Starr into the steel of the turnbuckle! He then rolls Starr back into the ring, then climbs up the side and gets on the top turnbuckle! He launches himself into a Moonsault, but Starr manages to slide out of the way, and Shorty gets planted!

Tenay: Shorty got some height there, but it was just too soon for such a high-risk maneuver! Starr's back up, grabbing Shorty and locking him up with a Dragon Sleeper! He's really cutting off Shorty's circulation! Shorty's fighting it, but this move is very hard to counter. The ref's checking on Shorty, but suddenly Darkstarr drops the maneuver, as well as Shorty, and goes to the ropes. He twists, doing a front roll right across Shorty, then goes for the pin! 1... 2.... NO, Shorty kicks out!

JR: Starr's got the control now, as he picks up Shorty above his head! Starr's really liking the weight advantage he has! First the Giant vs. Hogan, now Starr and Shorty! Starr drops Shorty hard to the canvas, then grabs him by the mask and yanks him back up. He puts Shorty on his shoulder, preparing for a Powerslam, apparently, but Shorty spins around and turns it into a huge DDT!

Tenay: Both wrestlers are giving it their all today! Shorty's got Starr stunned now, but he's pretty tired himself. He pulls Starr up, then goes into the ropes. He comes back with a Flying Senton, then goes for the pin... 1... 2... NO, again so close! Shorty gets up and lifts Darkstarr, putting him up on the turnbuckle. He then goes up himself, signals to the crowd, then goes for the Short Sensation! But, Darkstarr blocks the version of the Hurricanrana from the top rope and turns it into a Super Powerbomb!!

Heenan: Shorty's not moving! Starr gets up slowly, then tosses Shorty into the corner, where he simply sags against the ropes! Starr steps forward, lifts him up, then launches into the Stardust!! 1... 2.... 3!!! Darkstarr retains the World Cruiserweight Title!

JR: A great fight by Shorty, but a strong will by Darkstarr. Both wrestlers look exhausted, but Starr still helps Shorty to his feet. As Penzer comes in with the Cruiserweight Title, Shorty grabs it, then hands it to Starr. Apparently the two still remain friends. Good for them!

*A replay is shown of the tope suicide, the Flying Senton, and the Stardust...*

Tenay: We've had some quality matches so far tonight, with some major title defenses still to go! Penzer, it's all you!

Penzer: The next match is a Four Corners Match scheduled for one fall. These gentlemen are fighting for the GCWA Internet Title! *cheers* Now in the ring, to my left, the Outsider, Scott Hall! *boos* In this corner, the Knight of the Ring, Lothar! *boos and cheers intermingle* In this corner, the Ruff Ryders representative, the Violator! *cheers* And, finally, one of the toughest fighters around, Master P! *cheers*

JR: Boy, this should be a great match! You'll notice that no stable members are at ringside. I don't know if these boys struck an agreement or they just don't want to risk losing the title due to a DQ.

Tenay: Either that or that brawl earlier has got security watching the stables. This match is basically a tag-team match, except that you can switch partners. The one who gets the pin gets the belt.

*the bell rings*

Tenay: Lothar immediately charges out of his corner and spears Master P! These two definitely have a grudge from last week! Meanwhile, Hall and the Violator each go to their corners. I guess they decided to let Lothar and Master P fight it out!

Heenan: Lothar's got the upper hand, smashing Master P into the turnbuckle and throwing some huge rights! Master P's staggering, so Lothar suplexes him out of the corner! Lothar then goes over and tags in the Violator. This should be interesting. The Violator's a big guy, but I've never seen him wrestle.

JR: Well, here's your chance, Heenan. The Violator steps in and slams Master P to the ground, then quickly drops a couple of elbows. Master P needs to get some offense going! The Violator's looking pretty strong in there now, as he locks his arms around Master P's neck and squeezes, using a sleeper hold to wear the man down. But Scott Hall quickly comes in and hits the Violator from behind! I guess Hall was concerned about the Violator actually knocking him out!

Tenay: Yeah, but he might have stepped in too soon. Master P's getting back to his feet, locking his legs around the Violator's head and Pancaking him to the mat. He then staggers up and tags in the Bad Guy. Hall comes in and hits the Violator in the back, then catches him with an Atomic Drop. The Violator is stumbling now, and Hall takes advantage with a Backbreaker!

Heenan: Out of all of these guys, Hall definitely has the experience in tag-team type matches. Hall goes over and "tags" Lothar with a slap to the face, which causes Lothar to attack Hall instead of the Violator! The two are fighting each other, as the Violator gets to his feet. The Violator then knocks both wrestlers over the top rope! He then goes out after them, while Master P comes running in from the side and leaps off the apron, landing on Lothar! All 4 wrestlers are on the outside, Tenay!

Tenay: A double countout, or I guess, a quadruple countout, won't decide who gets the belt. Master P seems to realize this, 'cause he just rolled Lothar back in, then hits the Violator from behind and, with Scott Hall, tosses the big man through the ropes!

JR: Lothar's getting to his feet, while the Violator looks pretty tired. Lothar comes in with a quick chop, then whips the Violator to the ropes and drops his head... which gets him a quick kick to the face by the Violator! What a move! The Violator then tags in Scott Hall again, getting himself a rest. Lothar looks pretty winded in there now. Hall comes in and immediately picks up Lothar, dropping him with a Fallaway Slam! That's usually the set-up for the Outsiders' Edge, but instead Hall goes for the pinfall! 1... 2... the Violator breaks it up!

Heenan: The Violator and Hall are fighting, while Lothar manages to get over to Master P's corner. Master P takes the tag, then comes in and attacks Lothar! We've got chaos here! The ref has lost complete control!

Tenay: Hall and the Violator have gone to the outside again, while Master P and Lothar continue to fight inside the squared circle. Lothar turns things around with a couple of body slams, then jumps up on the turnbuckle and lands the Reverse DDT known as the Dragon Slayer! He's laying on top of Master P, but the ref is telling him, correctly, that Lothar is NOT the legal man! Master P looks completely wasted, and Lothar's having trouble pulling himself up.

JR: Wait, coming out of the stands... it's Jesse James and X-Pac! They're attacking the Violator from behind, while Hall jumps into the ring! The Violator is trying to fight off both of the newest recruits to the DX clan, but he's looking too winded! Meanwhile, Hall's gone in and bodyblocks Lothar right out of the ring! He then grabs Master P, who was trying to get to his feet, and sets him up for the Outsiders' Edge! There it is!!! This one might be over! 1... 2.... 3!!!! We have a new Internet Champion!

Tenay: Thanks to James and X-Pac, Scott Hall has become the first GCWA Internet Champ! Speaking of the two DXers, they're both escaping through the stands, while the Violator and the Punisher, who came out to aid his companion, chase them. Lothar's up, and looking disgusted with the results. Master P, on the other hand, is having trouble getting up. It looks like our trainer is in the ring having a look at him. They're going to help Master P move to the back.

*Replays of the match's conclusion are shown*

Tenay: What an exciting two hours this has been! And we've got the best matches coming up, with the European Title, the Intercontinental Title, and the World Heavyweight Title on the line! Anything can happen in the last hour of this...

JR: Wait, Mike. We just got a report of a disturbance, but I'm not sure where the feed is coming from. Let's have a look...

*The camera shows an alley somewhere, with loud crashing noises coming out of it... the camera turns the corner and shows Wrath and Scott Steiner going at it! Steiner's wearing his street clothes, and is just being pulverized by the monster! Wrath slams him into the brick wall, then launches him into the street, where he lands on his back... Wrath then picks up a nearby box and breaks it on Steiner's back as he tried to get up... Steiner is bleeding, while Wrath looks nearly insane... he whips Steiner into the dumpster, then yanks him backward... where Steiner runs into the cameraman... you can see the camera going down at a strange angle, then the feed turns to static...*

Tenay: WOW! I guess Wrath finally managed to find Scottie Steiner, huh? Too bad our camera was taken out. I hope our cameraman isn't too badly hurt. Steiner wasn't looking that good right then, was he?

JR: The way Wrath was going, I just hope Steiner survives! We're going to take a short break, then we'll be back for the final hour of Blood on the Battlefield! Stay tuned!

The third hour...