Tenay: It's time for the third and final hour of Blood on the Battlefield! We're ready for 3 exciting matches, which will each determine who will be wearing the gold tommorrow. Let's get this thing going!!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the next match is for the GCWA European Title! *cheers* Coming to the ring, accompanied by Scott Hall... one of the most renowned wrestlers in the world... standing 6'3", and weighing 255 lbs... from Degeneration-X... Shawn Michaels!

*The fans are booing as Shawn Michaels walks to the ring, with Scott Hall at his side... Hall has the Internet title on his shoulder, and Michaels is acting like he has one as well... *

JR: Ever since Michaels learned he was getting a shot at the European belt, he's started calling himself the next European Champion. How conceited can you get?

Heenan: I wouldn't say conceited, so much as knowing his own skills. Shawn Michaels has always been one of the greats in pro wrestling, and he knows it.

Penzer: His opponent... at 6'5", 285 lbs... the Hawaiian powerhouse, and the GCWA European Champion... Hawaiian Heat!!

*Pyro goes off, and a rumbling starts... Heat comes through the pyro with the European belt around his waist... he comes quickly to the ring, staring at the Outsiders the whole time...*

JR: Hawaiian Heat is one of the most impressive young stars in the field today. He has fought some epic battles against the best this Fed has to offer, and because of this, he managed to quickly get a title around his waist.

Heenan: Yeah, well, he...

JR: Don't, Weasal; just don't. You don't want the guy coming over here again, do you?

Heenan: No, no, I was just going to say how good a wrestler he is!

JR: Uh-huh.

*the bell rings*

Tenay: Heat and Michaels are talking to each other, while the referee is making Scott Hall leave the ring. The numbers factor is once again on the side of DX. Heat and Michaels lock up, and Heat pushes Michaels back into the corner. The ref comes over to break them up, but Michaels uses the pause to come forward with a big right, which seems to have barely affected Heat!

JR: One thing I like about HH is the way he takes pain. Heat's gesturing to Michaels, telling him to try again. HBK obliges with a left hook, then drops and uses a leg sweep to take down HH! Michaels then grabs Heat as he's getting up and uses a Neckbreaker maneuver! I guess Heat shouldn't have been gesturing, huh?

Heenan: If you ask for it, chances are you'll get what's coming to you.

JR: Advice you should follow, Heenan. Michaels is on the attack now, pulling apart Heat's legs and headbutting him! That move always gets me! HBK now working over the leg of Heat, with various twists. His gameplan seems to be keeping Heat off his feet. Always a good strategy. Michaels picks HH off the ground, and uses a knee breaker! Heat's leg is definitely hurting now!

Tenay: Michaels is really using his experience edge here. He's keeping Hawaiian Heat from instituting any real offense! Michaels drags Heat into the corner, then slingshots him out, but Heat reverses it! Heat then races in, and a second after Michaels hits the opposite corner, HH is there with a massive clothesline! What a move by Heat!

JR: That sure changed things! Heat now on the offensive, using a Side Slam to keep Michaels on the mat! Shawn looks winded now, but he's still trying to pull himself up. However, he's met halfway by Hawaiian Heat's boot! Michaels is down, but Heat's limping. His leg's going to be bothering him throughout this match, I think.

Tenay: Heat's still got some fire left though. He gets a hold of Michaels' neck and pushes it into the bottom rope, choking him down! Hall's there, trying to give Michaels some encouragement, but Heat's still got the upper hand. Heat then rolls Michaels over and goes for the pin... 1... 2... wait, Hall put Michaels foot on the rope! The ref saw the foot and stopped the count!

Heenan: More teamwork by a good tag-team, Mike. Heat's got to learn that being by himself ISN'T an asset! HH lifts HBK off of the canvas and puts him on his shoulder. He points to the crowd, then bounces off the ropes... where Hall grabs Michaels' foot and pulls, forcing all of Heat's momentum to reverse! Hall falls backwards, with Michaels landing on top of him! 1... 2... NO, Heat gets out in time! But now Michaels has a shot at a second wind, again thanks to Scott Hall!

Tenay: And Michaels is going to use it, as he puts one leg over Heat's lowered head, and just slams his face into the canvas! He then does a crotch chop towards where Scott Hall is standing, an obvious thank you.

JR: These two work together so well, it sickens me! Wait, we have a disturbance... "Stone Cold" Steve Austin just came out of the back, and is headed for the ring! Is he going to break this match up? No, he's gone to Hawaiian Heat's corner! He's pounding on the canvas, yelling at Hawaiian Heat to get moving!

Tenay: Michaels looks distracted at the sudden appearance of the Rattlesnake, but he starts again on punishing Heat's leg. He appears to have an Ankle Lock, similar to what Ken Shamrock used to use. Heat is trying to fight it with all his might, now, though, pulling himself to the nearest rope. Unfortunately, that's where Hall is! Hall knocks away Heat's outstretched hand, but here comes Stone Cold! He knocks down Hall, drilling him with repeated punches!

JR: This gives Heat a chance to re-grab the rope, forcing the break. Michaels gets up and raises his arms, then does a few more crotch chops. He turns around and sees Heat getting up, and sizes him up. He then comes in with the Sweet Chin Music, but Heat DODGES! Michaels' leg is now stretched over the top rope!! Heat's going to give him a little Bronco ride! Michaels is in deep trouble now!

Heenan: Hawaiian Heat's going to use this chance to pick up Michaels and climb the turnbuckle! He's got him positioned, and there's the Volcano Slam! 1... 2.... 3!!! Heat gets the win!! The Champ has defended his title! Uh-oh, but the rest of DX has hit the area. Hogan and HHH are helping Hall attack Stone Cold, while the rest are coming into the ring! Heat saw them, and went under the bottom rope, and actually went under the ring! What a coward!

JR: Shut up, Heenan! Heat's come back out, and he's got a bat! It looks like it says "Heat" on the side! Heat came prepared for this! He comes back into the ring, and the rest of DX scatters, leaving him and Stone Cold in the ring! The two then shake hands, while DX leaves the arena!

Tenay: We might actually have a new partnership arising here! What a pair these two make! Let's see a replay of some of what just happened.

*Replays are shown of the Volcano Slam and the postmatch activities*

Tenay: The next match has been brewing almost since the GCWA came into being. During one of the first cards, Phoenix defeated LilPun in the World Title Tournament by using a foreign object. LilPun was later given another shot in the Tournament due to the object. Later, LilPun was able to win the Cruiserweight Title over both Darkstarr and Azrael, as well as other Cruiserweights. Darkstarr later was able to win the title from LilPun, continuing LilPun's problems with Smoke and Mirrors, and particularly Phoenix. This should be a high-powered rematch! Let's get to it! David?

Penzer: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be fought for the GCWA Intercontinental Title! Coming down the aisle, weighing 140 lbs and standing 5'5"... a member of the Soldierz of Style... LilPun!

*LilPun comes to the ring with some cheers following him...*

Tenay: LilPun has always been one of the smallest, yet also one of the fastest wrestlers in the world today. He was recently challenged by Shorty for a match. What a great fight that would be!

JR: LilPun may have recently lost the Cruiserweight belt, but he's determined tonight to get his hands on the Int'l Title.

Penzer: His opponent... at 6'9", 265 lbs... the leader of Smoke and Mirrors, and the GCWA Intercontinental Champion... Phoenix!

*The fans boos as Phoenix comes to the ring... he's followed by a still slightly hobbling Azrael...*

Heenan: You definitely cannot knock the skills of Phoenix. So far, he's the only GCWA star to hold two titles.

JR: I must say, it's good to see Azrael out here again. He may be still feeling the effects from that leg injury suffered in a Cruiserweight Brawl a few weeks ago, but he's definitely looking ready to start competing again. Of course, when that happens is entirely up to the President. After all, no one wants to see a relapse of the injury from coming back too soon.

*the bell rings*

Tenay: It's time to see who's the best between these two. Although the size difference is very evident, you can't knock LilPun's many skills. LilPun immediately comes running in at Phoenix, dodging a quick clothesline and twisting behind him. He then manages to pull Phoenix backwards, rolling him up! 1... 2... Phoenix kicks out! Wow! That would have been the quickest match on record, JR!

JR: LilPun said he wants the title. Looks like he's going to try to go for the quick victory! Both men are back up, and Phoenix comes in with some right hands, driving LilPun back into the corner. He then locks up with LilPun, spinning him around into a big Tilt-A-Whirl slam! What a move! Phoenix isn't through yet, though. He lifts LilPun up and drops him, stomach-first, across the top rope! LilPun's down! Phoenix is mocking him, acting like he's a Luchador. He comes off of the ropes and tries a back-somersault drop, but LilPun moves, and Phoenix hits hard!

Heenan: Luchador types are hard to imitate! LilPun's back on his feet, and he grabs the top rope and uses it for momentum, doing a backwards flip and landing on Phoenix! 1... Phoenix quickly kicks out. LilPun then goes back to the attack, sitting on Phoenix's chest and nailing him with multiple punches to the face! For a little guy, those missles are really flying! LilPun finally stops the attack, thanks to the ref ordering him to stop.

Tenay: LilPun's looking downright mean in there right now, guys! He's got Phoenix back up, and maneuvers towards a turnbuckle. He then runs up it, twists, and turns it into a Tornado DDT! Now that's a good move! LilPun again goes for the pinfall, but again only gets a 2 count. LilPun seems slightly discouraged by that, but he still lifts up Phoenix and then dropkicks him! LilPun raises his hands, then runs to the turnbuckle and climbs up! He's got Phoenix in a good position, but, Phoenix is up!

JR: I'm having deja vu here! Phoenix and LilPun are again fighting on the turnbuckle. But this time, Phoenix doesn't bother with brass knuckles. He just tosses LilPun off of the turnbuckle and across the ring! LilPun just got blasted! Phoenix then presses his advantage, leaping off the middle turnbuckle and dropping a fist to the head of LilPun! Phoenix then goes for the pin! 1... 2.... LilPun kicks out! Both of these wrestlers are looking tired now. Phoenix lifts LilPun across his shoulders, then turns it into a Fireman's Carry maneuver, planting LilPun into the canvas!

Heenan: That really took out LilPun. Phoenix gets back to his feet and tosses LilPun into the corner. He comes in as well, and lifts up the young Luchador onto the turnbuckle. He joins him, and tries to launch into the Phoenix Storm. But LilPun blocks it! He locks his hands around Phoenix, and leaps, trying to perform the UG Movement! But somehow, Phoenix manages to hang on, twisting on the way down! Both wrestlers hit hard! The ref starts the 10 count, as both wrestlers are barely stirring. Azrael is trying to motivate Phoenix.

Tenay: Phoenix rolls over, and puts an arm over LilPun! 1... 2.... NO, LilPun rolls away! The match continues! Phoenix pulls himself up slowly, as LilPun gets to his knees. Phoenix steps forward and kicks LilPun in the side, then pulls him back over to the turnbuckle. He makes LilPun straddle the top buckle, then starts lashing out with some quick punches! He then climbs up next to LilPun and locks him up, then drops him with the Phoenix Storm! That's done it. 1.... 2... 3!!!

JR: Phoenix retains his title, after a hard fought match with LilPun! Azrael comes in with the Intercontinental belt and hands it to Phoenix, then he helps the man leave the ring.

*Replays of the twisting UG Movement and the Phoenix Storm are shown...*

Tenay: That was a great match. Now, though, we have the big one. It's time for the main event. Let's go to the ring.

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the Blood on the Battlefield Main Event! *cheers* 3 weeks ago, a World Title Tournament was started. 16 wrestlers fought for the chance to become the first GCWA Heavyweight Champion. Now it has come down to 2 people, who will fight it out here, tonight! Are you ready? *cheers* The first finalist... he is known as the Rattlesnake... he weighs 265 lbs and stands at 6'4"... he is "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!!

*Austin comes to the ring with a sixpack of beer in one hand and the "Heat" bat in the other... he climbs into the ring and salutes the fans before handing the sixpack to the attendant...*

Penzer: His opponent... he is the leader of the Wolfpac, and one of the Tag-Team Champions of the World... he is 6'11", 288 lbs... he is Animal Thug!

*The Wolfpac theme starts, and Animal Thug, with Bobby, comes out and walks to the ring...*

Tenay: Both of these wrestlers look ready for a great match, guys! In just a few minutes, we'll finally know who will hold the highest spot in the GCWA.

*"Sweating Bullets" starts playing, and the Accelerator comes out of the back, carrying a box under one arm... the fans explode...*

Tenay: It looks like the President has the World Title in that box. I guess he'll be doing the presenting, as he sits down at a seat near ringside.

*the bell rings*

JR: And here we go! Thug and Austin come to the middle of the ring, both jawing at each other. They lock up, with Austin taking the advantage with a headlock. The advantage lasts about two seconds as the Thug lifts him into an Atomic Drop! Thug then grabs Austin from behind and drops him with a Russian Leg Sweep! The Thug's looking good so far!

Heenan: Of course he's looking good to you, JR. Austin's the guy that keeps attacking you, right? So I'm not surprised you're rooting for Animal Thug.

JR: At least I pick a guy for good reasons, Brain, unlike some commentators I know!

Tenay: COULD WE??? Alright, while we were talking, the Thug pressed his advantage with a couple more moves. Currently he's got an Adominal Stretch locked on, pulling Austin's spinal cord out of whack! But Austin's able to get a hand on the middle rope, forcing Animal Thug to break the hold. Thug doesn't look too displeased, though, as he drags Stone Cold to the middle of the ring and plants him, backfirst, on Thug's knees! Another painful spinal injury from the Thug!

JR: Austin's feeling the burn now, isn't he? The Thug picks up Austin into a BearHug, continuing his assualt on Steve Austin's lower back. But Austin gets a hand free, and uses one finger planted in Thug's eye to get loose. Austin then starts firing punches upward, knocking Animal Thug back with pure strength!

Heenan: Austin's still got the fire that made him the WWF World Champ! Stone Cold whips Thug into the ropes, then clotheslines him on the return! Austin lifts Animal Thug to his feet, then lands a series of stunning uppercuts! Thug is taking some heavy hits in there!

Tenay: Austin's never been noted for his ring technique, but he's always made up for it with brute strength and a great brawling mentality! Austin's got Thug on the ropes now, literally. He whips Thug to the opposite side, then runs in with a body press! He's got Thug down! 1... 2... Thug kicks out. Austin quickly gets up and pulls Thug up with him. The two fall into the corner, where Thug starts showing some power again, landing a few kidney shots! This is starting to seem like a boxing match!

JR: Hopefully we won't see any Mike Tyson action in there! Thug's pressing his advantage, lifting Austin up and dropping him with a Tombstone Piledriver! Thug goes for the quick pin... 1... Austin kicks out. Thug probably didn't think he would get the win with that, but I guess he just had to try! Now Thug's using his head, as he smashes it into Austin's! What an extreme maneuver!

Heenan: Both of these guys are pretty hard-headed, Jim. Right now it appears that Animal Thug's must be slightly harder. Austin gets propelled into the corner, then is caught by Thug and slammed hard against the turnbuckle as he rebounded. That was almost a version of Hawaiian Heat's Shore Break! Thug's looking confident now, as he lifts Austin up onto the turnbuckle! Could this be the Da Killa??

Tenay: That might have been in Thug's plans, but it's not going to happen, as Austin's reversed the maneuver! Now Animal Thug's sitting on the turnbuckle after a couple of rapid-fire punches by the Rattlesnake. Austin pulls Thug's arm over his head, then launches into a Superplex! That move had to hurt both of these guys! Austin pulls himself up first, and goes for the cover, but gets only a 2 count for his troubles. Austin then pulls Animal Thug to his feet, only to get a boot in the, uh, lower regions.

JR: These two seem to be leaning on each other now, as they're both somewhat spent from this match. Animal Thug's in control, though, as he lifts Austin into a suplex. He's holding Austin up there, though, showing this to be the Accelerating Thug! But, he was too tired! He couldn't hold it, and both wrestlers come crashing down to Earth! For a blown move, that one still took out Austin!

Tenay: The ref counts to 7 before Austin manages to pull himself up high enough to stop the count. At the same time, Animal Thug grabs a part of the turnbuckle and starts hoisting himself up to his feet. Austin sees him, though, and charges in, smashing Animal Thug into the turnbuckle with an all-out tackle! Thug's leaning heavily on the ropes, while Austin slowly rises back to his feet. These guys are looking completely spent!

Heenan: Animal Thug turns, leans on the ropes, and bounces off of them, dropping an elbow onto the back of Austin. Austin doesn't fall to the ground, however, managing to twist through the blow and grab the leaning Thug, using the Stone Cold Stunner!!! The Thug is out! Austin's laying nearby, and rolls over, laying on Animal Thug. 1.... 2...... 3!!!!!

Tenay: We have a new GCWA World Heavyweight Champion! And that man is "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!!! The Accelerator gets up on the ring apron and looks at Austin, who is using the ropes to stand. Austin climbs the turnbuckle and signals to the fans by raising his hands high! Animal Thug is being helped out of the ring by Bobby, while the Accelerator steps into the ring, still holding the box. Austin sees him and turns, and the two men stare at each other for a good amount of time.

JR: These two guys only fought once, and it was as a trick by Shawn Michaels. You have to wonder what's going through both these guys' minds. Austin jumps down off the turnbuckle, and walks over to the edge of the ring, calling for the attendant. He gets his six-pack, then tosses a beer to the Accelerator! The President looks at the beer, then does a half-cheers motion, tipping it towards Austin. Stone Cold turns and tosses a couple more beers to Animal Thug and Bobby, then looks back at the Accelerator. The Accelerator grabs the top of the box and opens it, and pulls out the new GCWA Heavyweight Title. He hands it to Stone Cold, then leaves the ring. Stone Cold looks after him for a second, then wraps the belt around his waist and pops the top on one of his remaining beers.

Heenan: The celebration appears to be underway! It looks like Austin's going to drink the night away to celebrate his new title reign!

Tenay: Well, I hope all of you fans watching have enjoyed tonight's festivites. Tune in this Wednesday for the new Wednesday Night Warfare card! We'll see you then!

*Replays are shown of some of the highlights of the Austin-Thug match, during which some credits roll... the screen then shuts off, showing the PPV screen... a few movies are available, as well as the replay of the GCWA event... there also, of course, are possibilities at a few adult movies, considering the late hour... of course, what you choose to watch next is up to you....*