*A battlefield is shown on the screen, and explosions can be seen erupting all over the place... screams of pain are heard, then rock music starts piping over the speakers... screened over the battlefield, you can see shots of various wrestlers and their moves... Hawaiian Heat is shown screaming to the crowd... DX and their crotch shots... then the Wolfpac and their members are shown coming out... finally, on a split screen silhouette shot playing over the battlefield, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Animal Thug perform their finishing maneuvers, then a shot is shown of the two coming head-to-head... the music continues to blare, as the fans are shown cheering in the United Center in Chicago, IL... the camera focuses on the broadcast booth, where Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, Mike Tenay, and Jim Ross are sitting...*

Tenay: Hello, and welcome to the Global Championship Wrestling Association's first ever Pay-Per-View, Blood on the Battlefield! We thank you for having the faith in purchasing this event over what the competition, WCW, is putting on. I promise, you will not be disappointed in the action!

JR: Tonight's going to be a huge event, boys! Tonight, we finally learn, after weeks of matches, who will be the first GCWA World Heavyweight Champion! We also have a 4-Corners match for the Internet Title, as well as having the Intercontinental, European, and Cruiserweight Belts on the line! All-in-all, we have 11 matches which should keep you entertained for the full 3 hours! Prepare to enjoy yourselves!

Heenan: We have so many great matches tonight, as well as so many things that could happen! Degeneration-X is said to have a "surprise" for the Giant Milenko. We have the apparent union of two large stables, Smoke and Mirrors and the Ruff Ryders. Almost all of the great wrestlers are here tonight, so who knows what wars will break out! I tell ya, tonight's going to be the most exciting night in GCWA history!

Tenay: You said it, Brain! I see Penzer is ready to get things started, so let's give the people what they paid for! Let's go to the ring!

David Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Blood on the Battlefield! *cheers* Tonight, you will see over 2 dozen wrestlers try to earn their worth. Are you ready? *another explosion of cheers* Then let's get it on!!

*The fans continue to go crazy, as pyro and fireworks go off all around the building... the entranceway is completely lit up, and strobe lights are flashing from the ceiling... the GCWA main theme is pumping through the speakers as loud as possible, as the fans go ballistic!

Penzer: The first match of the evening is scheduled for one fall. Coming down the aisle, weighing 246 lbs and standing 6'4". The newest member of the GCWA, and the master of the Pedigree... Hunter Hearse Helmsley!!

*The fans seem to still remember HHH from his WWF days, as they start to cheer while he comes to the ring... he walks in and goes to his corner...*

JR: Although his former teammates Jesse James and X-Pac have rejoined the DX group, we still have not heard an official announcement about HHH's involvement with the group. Is Triple H still one of the DX crew, now that Hollywood Hogan is the leader? I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.

Penzer: His opponent... at 6'3", 328 lbs... a member of the Soldierz of Style... known for his devestating Belly Press... Heavy P!

*As Heavy P comes out, signs are seen waving in the background... he goes over and grabs one, which says "No 'Pac can beat an ARMY!!"... he then tosses it back to the fan and goes into the ring...*

Tenay: This will be Heavy P's first match in a while, now that he's come back on the Active list. It will be interesting to see how the big man does against a veteran like Helmsley.

Heenan: This match apparently has been made for the "unofficial" Hardcore Title. We know that DX wanted to have it put up for this fight, but we still haven't heard from the President's office whether it'll be made official. Either way, I'd love to see Heavy P and Helmsley have themselves a nice bloody match!

JR: I'm sure you would, Heenan. Just go back to your notes and study, while Mike and I handle the official call, ok?

Heenan: Well, excuse me, Mr. Ross, I didn't know you were the one in charge.

JR: You're lucky I'm NOT the one in charge, you...

*the bell rings*

Tenay: Come on, guys, we have a match to call. Settle down for at least one night! Heavy P and HHH lock up in the middle of the ring, each trying to use his strength to propell the other wrestler backwards. This continues for a second, then both wrestlers break. They stare at each other, then Heavy P says something. I'm not sure what it was, but it's got HHH looking ticked off! He shoves Heavy P, then Heavy P comes back with a quick punch to the chin! The two are slugging it out!

JR: Both of these guys are known for their strength, and you can see the muscle behind those punches! HHH managed to push Heavy P back into the corner, but the ref breaks the two up. HHH backs up and waves Heavy P on, and that's what he does! Heavy P basically just ran over Triple H, using that weight, and a push off the turnbuckle, to knock HHH to the ground! HHH quickly gets back up, where he's met by a running clothesline by Heavy P. A second clothesline on the rebound sends Helmsley back to the canvas! Heavy P's actually showing some speed in there!

Tenay: He sure looks like he's been working out during his inactive period, wouldn't you say, Heenan?

Heenan: *hiding*

Tenay: ... Heenan? Oh, wait, Hawaiian Heat is standing on the ramp! He's watching both wrestlers! I guess that explains why you're so quiet, eh, Weasal?

Heenan: Shhhh! *hiding*

Tenay: ... well, Heavy P continues his attack. He's got Hunter in a chinlock, holding him on the canvas while twisting his neck. Helmsley's trying to fight his way out of it, but Heavy P's really got it locked on! Helmsley finally manages to break the hold, pulling Heavy P's arm away from his throat and lifting him into an Atomic Drop! Whew, that can't be a light shot to HHH's knee, but he seems not to be bothered by it. Heavy P, on the other hand, is feeling the pain. As he turns back to HHH, he gets hiptossed across the ring, then slides out. Heavy P's trying to use some time to get control back.

JR: But Hunter's following him out, Mike! Helmsley grabs Heavy P from behind, hits him in the back of the neck, then spins him and DDT's him on the floor! A nice combination from the newcomer! Helmsley's using everything the outside has to offer, wrapping a TV Cable around the throat of Heavy P! The ref's still counting, though, so Helmsley releases the grip and rolls Heavy P back into the ring. He then climbs the turnbuckle! HHH does a quick crotch top on top of the turnbuckle, then dives off... and lands on Heavy P's raised knees!

Heenan: *hiding, sulking from earlier comments*

Tenay: That was a great counter from Heavy P! The big man is on his feet, pulling on HHH's hair to get him up as well. He then slingshots Helmsley into the turnbuckle, then runs in with a huge splash! I think the ring moved! He got some good altitude before he landed on HHH! Heavy P then drops HHH with a double-arm powerbomb, then signals to the fans that he's going up! Heavy P has climbed the turnbuckle! Could it be... YES!!! The Belly Press! He just landed the flying splash on HHH! What a crushing maneuver to say the least!

JR: He could easily have the pinfall, but instead he's rolling HHH over, and locking on a submission hold! I guess you could call it the Heavy Recliner!! HHH is being stretched out! The ref is asking HHH, but Helmsley's shaking his head. He's slowly dragging Heavy P to the ropes! Can he make it? NO, Helmsley finally taps out! Heavy P gets the win!

Tenay: The ref tells Heavy P to release the hold, and he finally does. He then starts celebrating, raising his hands to the sky, as "Goodbye to my Homies" comes on.

*Heat shakes his head, smiles, then walks backstage again...*

Tenay: This was a big win for Heavy P! I guess that would mean that Heavy P's the Hardcore Champ, although that wasn't a Hardcore match, since the President didn't officially announce it. This will be an interesting debate in the coming weeks.

Heenan: *pops back up* Yes.

Tenay: *looks at Heenan* Ok. While both wrestlers leave the ring, let's see some replays.

*replay of Heavy P's Belly Press and Heavy Recliner are shown...*

JR: Definitely a great move. This Heavy P has the potential to go far in this fed, Mike.

Tenay: Yes, he showed many skills tonight. So, Heenan, care to join us for the next match? You aren't getting paid to sit.

Heenan: No, other people have that job here. Ok, you don't have to beg, I'll add my talent back in.

JR: ... joy... It looks like we're about ready for the next match.

Penzer: The next match is scheduled for one fall. Coming to the ring, weighing in at 360 lbs and standing 7'2"... the leader of the Ruff Ryders... the Punisher!

*The Punisher comes out to a mixed crowd reaction... he walks to the ring, then steps over the top rope...*

JR: This is one of the biggest wrestlers in the GCWA. Crusade's got a tough task ahead of him.

Heenan: Of course, we all know that the Punisher would rather have one of the DX members at his fingertips, after their set-up last week.

Tenay: Still, with the new relationship between the Ruff Ryders and Smoke and Mirrors, I doubt the Punisher is feeling that badly.

Penzer: His opponent... 7'0", 300 lbs... the creator of the Crucifix, and a member of the Wolfpac... Crusade!

*Crusade comes out with a smirk on his face, as the howl rings out... the people are cheering as he comes to the ring...*

Tenay: It sounds like Crusade's finally winning over the fans, the way he's been supporting his fellow Wolfpac members. It's hard to believe not that long ago that he was one of the most hated wrestlers in this Fed's history.

JR: Yep, Crusade's a fan-favorite. But for once, he doesn't have the size advantage. This should be a brawl between these two giants! Let's get to the action!

*the bell rings*

Tenay: The two men are just staring at each other from their respective corners. The bell's rung, but they aren't attacking each other. What could be going through their heads?

Heenan: Both wrestlers are being cautious here at the beginning, Tenay. But now they're moving. They're circling each other, still looking into each other's eyes. The ref is staying out of the way of these two, as they meet, head-to-head, in the center of the ring! What a staredown!!

JR: Crusade suddenly takes a step backward and slaps the Punisher in the face! The Punisher barely flinches, though, and comes back with a smack of his own! Crusade stands his ground, and smiles at the Punisher! The two then finally lock up, and Crusade comes out of it with an armbar on the Punisher. The Punisher uses a reversal, but then Crusade uses it to whip him into the ropes. Both wrestlers collide with Bodyblocks, but neither moves! We've got a fight between two immovable objects!

Tenay: After another brief staredown, Crusade comes firing back with a right cross to the chin! That one moved the Punisher a few steps. Crusade comes in with a forearm shot, then shoves the Punisher back into the corner. He then proceeds to slam the Punisher's head into the turnbuckle, as the fans chant along. After 10, he throws the Punisher back out of the corner, where he falls to the ground, obviously hurting!

Heenan: That padding around the steel doesn't help much, Mike. Trust me on this one. The Punisher's trying to get to his feet, but Crusade's right there with a boot to the back! He then comes off the ropes and lands on the Punisher, smashing him back into the canvas! 1... 2... the Punisher kicks out! Crusade's not that concerned, however. He immediately locks on a choke hold, despite what the ref's saying to him. Crusade lets go just before the ref reaches "5", then lifts the Punisher to his feet. He's setting him up for a suplex, but the Punisher makes a block, then instead suplexes Crusade!

JR: Wow! I don't think I've ever seen Crusade that high in the air before! The Punisher just turned this one around in a hurry! Crusade manages to get to his feet first, but the Punisher is a close second, as he comes running in and knocks Crusade over the top rope and down to the floor! Crusade took a bad spill, but he's pulling himself up. The Punisher waits, then grabs him and pulls him up on the apron. But Crusade gets a good grip, and drops off the apron, clotheslining the Punisher on the top rope!

Heenan: Crusade tricked him good that time! He rolls into the ring and actually body slams the Punisher! That's over 360 lbs he just threw down! Crusade then goes for the pinfall... 1... 2... NO, the Punisher's not done yet! Crusade gets up and crosses his arms, showing the crowd that he thinks the Punisher is ready to be given the Crucifix!

Tenay: Can he get the Punisher, such a large man, into that hold? It looks like we're going to find out... wait, Crusade's suddenly falling backward, while the Punisher is pulling himself to his feet! I think he caught Crusade with a European Uppercut from the canvas!

Heenan: He's lucky it wasn't a "lowbrow" European Uppercut.

JR: Let's not even think about it. The Punisher's back up, and he slingshots Crusade into the ropes. He then spins and catches him with a version of the Chartbuster!! That's the set-up for the Jack-in-a-Box! But, once again, can the Punisher get that huge man up on his shoulders? He's going to try! He picks Crusade off of the canvas and again tosses him into the ropes. He then bends low, and catches Crusade as he runs in, lifting him into the Jack-In-The-Box!!! He used Crusade's own momentum against him!

Tenay: The ref checks, then signals for the bell to be rung! The Punisher pulls out a big win against a big man tonight! Chalk one up for the Ruff Ryders! Heenan, talk us through the replay.

*The replay of moves like the Crusade bodyslam and the Chartbuster are shown, with Heenan pointing out some various steps...*

Heenan: Basically, we've had two pretty competitive matches. And to think, we still have 9 more to go!!!

JR: No doubt about it, gentlemen, we have a historic night still ahead of us. The next match is the second of four matches which will have Wolfpac members facing against Ruff Ryder members. Let's get it going!

Penzer: The next match is scheduled for one fall. This match has been assigned as a "Challenge" Match. First, standing in the ring... weighing 248 lbs and standing 6'10"... the co-tag-team Champion... Bobby!

*The fans cheer as Bobby waves his hands in the air to the beat of the Wolfpac theme... *

Tenay: Bobby's already made a big impact since his return, helping Animal Thug retain the Tag-Team Titles. But this will be his first singles action in a while. This should be an interesting match!

Penzer: His opponent... coming down the aisle, at 320 lbs, 6'10"... a member of the Ruff Ryders, as well as the tag-team known as the Tight Dawgs... Big Poppa Pump!

*Big Poppa Pump comes to the ring accompanied by Buff Daddy... the two wave at the fans, who are letting out boos...*

JR: Big Poppa Pump's been given an opportunity to push his team up the rankings tonight. Since this is a "Challenge" Match, if Big Poppa Pump wins, then the Tight Dawgs will get a Tag-Team title shot in the next few weeks!

Tenay: That gives BPP some serious incentive tonight. We'll see if he can use it to his advantage!

*the bell rings*

Heenan: And they're off!

JR: Wrong sport, weasal. BPP is talking to Buff Daddy in the corner, but Bobby comes charging in and helps the two have a meeting of the minds! Bobby then suplexes Big Poppa Pump out of the corner and into the middle of the ring! Bobby's showing that he's here to fight!

Tenay: Bobby's really attacking now, with rights and lefts on the downed BPP! Buff's getting back to his feet on the outside, and is pounding on the apron, trying to get BPP moving again. Bobby's not letting up, however, picking BPP up in a piledriver! Bobby quickly goes for the pin, but only gets a one count. He then gets up and bounces off the ropes... wait, Buff Daddy caught his leg from the outside and tripped him! Bobby goes sprawling, and the ref comes over to admonish Buff, who's acting innocent.

Heenan: Well, Tenay, he IS innocent if the ref didn't see it! Good teamwork by the Tight Dawgs!

JR: Yeah, but this ISN'T a tag-team match, Heenan!! Big Poppa Pump's back on his feet, knocking Bobby back to the ground. He then twists Bobby's arm behind him and drops a knee on the elbow joint. Bobby's in pain now! Big Poppa Pump then yanks him up and tosses him, hard, into the corner! As the ref's talking with BPP, Buff climbs up on the apron and starts choking Bobby from behind! Man, what a doubleteam these two are pulling!

Tenay: Yeah, but help's on the way, JR! Here comes Marty Jannetty, at full speed! He flies into Buff Daddy, knocking both wrestlers back into the guardrail!! We've got a brawl on the outside! Jannetty and Buff Daddy are supposed to face each other later in the show, but they're going at it now!

JR: Meanwhile, BPP's dropping elbows on Bobby's cranium. Wait, he saw what's going on outside, and he's going out to help his partner! But Bobby's right behind him! All 4 wrestlers are going at it on the outside!! The ref looks lost! He signals to Penzer, talks with him a second, then goes down to try and break up the four wrestlers.

Penzer: Ladies and gentlemen, due to the fight between these four wrestlers, the referee, Earl Hebner, has decided to make this a Tag-Team Bout! *cheers*

Tenay: Wow! Hebner's made a big decision now. I guess it was really the only one he could make! So, who are the legal men in there?

JR: It's still got to be Bobby and BPP, you'd think. As much as I like Jannetty's skills, I've got to say the advantage just went to the Tight Dawgs. After all, they've been a team for a while now.

Heenan: Yeah, but don't count out the fluid movement of Marty Jannetty. Plus, Bobby's always been a great tag-team member! Jannetty and Buff have gone to their respective corners, while Bobby, who gained control on the outside, rolls in Big Poppa Pump. He then makes the tag to Jannetty, who springs off of the top rope and drops a knee on BPP's throat! The Rocker looks fired up, boys!

Tenay: Jannetty always looks fired up to me, but he's still got to keep the attack on BPP. He is at a severe disadvantage, sizewise. Jannetty balances on the middle rope, then flips into a Moonsault, landing on BPP's chest! 1... 2... BPP kicks out! Jannetty picks BPP off of the canvas and starts to whip him into the ropes, but Pump reverses it into a short-arm Clothesline! BPP then drops to his knees, but manages to dive over and tag in Buff Daddy!

JR: This was the match-up I was looking forward to. Buff Daddy immediately comes flying in with a sitting dropkick, then stands and poses for the fans! He then lifts up Jannetty by his hair and slams him to the canvas, going for the pin... 1... kickout by Jannetty. So Buff slings him into the ropes, then catches him with a Sidewalk Slam! Another pin attempt... 1... 2.... NO, Jannetty gets a shoulder up.

Tenay: We're seeing a lot of quick pin attempts by the Tight Dawgs. You know that they want that shot at the belts! Buff tags BPP back in, who picks Jannetty up in a Bear Hug! He's crushing the spine of the Rocker! Jannetty's trying to fight his way out of it, however, getting a hand free and hitting BPP in the face. But BPP just squeezes harder, then throws Jannetty into the corner and tags Buff, who grabs Jannetty's head and launches out of his corner into a Bulldog! He goes for the pin! 1... 2.... Bobby makes the save!

Heenan: While Bobby's being escorted back to his corner, the Tight Dawgs again use teamwork, both wrestlers choking Jannetty in the corner! BPP comes in and starts dropping Axehandles on Jannetty, while Buff goes back to the corner.

JR: I must admit, the tactics are working for the Tight Dawgs. Jannetty's hurting in there. Big Poppa Pump slingshots the Rocker into the ropes, then tosses him high into the air... and Jannetty grabs BPP's head on the way up, and Face Plants him!! A desperation move by Jannetty pays off! Both wrestlers are down in the center of the ring, while their partners stretch out, trying to make the tag! Who will make it?? Buff gets tagged first, but he's a few seconds too late to stop Jannetty from making the tag! Bobby comes in swinging, smashing Buff into the canvas with a Discus Clothesline! As BPP comes in, Bobby clotheslines him back out of the ring!

Tenay: Jannetty's running at Bobby, who tosses him high into the air! He goes over the top rope and smashes into BPP! What a suicidal maneuver!! Meanwhile, Bobby's got Buff Daddy in the corner, where he grabs him on the middle turnbuckle and pulls off a Backdrop! Bobby then pulls up Buff, tosses him into the ropes, and lands the Gamble!! 1... 2.... 3!!!!! Bobby and Marty Jannetty get the pinfall victory on the Tight Dawgs!

JR: All 4 of these wrestlers had some incredible moves, but that tope suicide by Jannetty was unbelievable!

*A replay of the tope suicide (with Bobby's help) done by Jannetty out to the floor, followed by the Gamble and the pinfall*

JR: That's 3, or I suppose, 4 matches done tonight! With an undercard like this, how can the next hour be any better? Well, I'm sure we'll find out! Stay tuned!!!

The 2nd Hour...