Tenay: We've had some exciting matches so far, with many more to go. But it's now time to start the tournament semi-finals! Let's go to Penzer!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the next match determines who goes on to the finals of the European Title Tournament later tonight! First, standing in the crowd.. at 6'1" and weighing 224 lbs... he's a former Cruiserweight Champion who is looking for another title here tonight... he's from the Fatal III... "The Rocker" Marty Jannetty!

*Jannetty jumps over the guardrail after going through the audience... he rolls under the ropes and stands tall in the ring... he's wearing the FU Title around his waist...*

Heenan: Jannetty has been looking sensational as of late, exercising his heart out for the chance at the gold tonight. He's got a tough road ahead of him, though, with two DX members and a Horsemen to possibly contend with. Just a few days ago, this match-up became more personal due to some comments that X-Dog made with Sable at his side.

JR: Well, Brain, Jannetty and X-Dog have been tag-team champions before. I'm sure he was thinking there weren't any problems between the two. But, since Sable's surprising appearance next to the DX leader, tensions have been high between the two.

Penzer: His opponent... at 6 feet, and weighing in at 212 lbs... he's become a major force in wrestling in the last month, taking champions to their limits... accompanied to the ring by Sable... the leader of Degeneration-X... X-Dog!

*X-Dog steps through the backstage entrance, with Sable by his side.... the two are smiling as they come down the aisle...*

Tenay: X-Dog's really been looking at this tournament as his best chance yet to get some singles gold around his waist. He's become one of the fastest growing cruiserweights around, winning the ACE Award for most improved wrestler. But he's facing a tough test in the Rocker tonight. This will be a huge match. Let's get it started!

*The bell rings...*

JR: Jannetty and X-Dog are nose-to-nose in the middle of that ring, just staring into each other's eyes. They're talking, but I can't make out what they're saying. Jannetty points over to Sable, then increases his volume. X-Dog pushes the Rocker, and Jannetty responds with a right hand! Here we go! Jannetty slugs X-Dog back into the corner, and continues punching, even as the ref tries to make the break. The ref has to get inbetween the two, shoving Jannetty back. Jannetty looks at the ref for a second, then reaches out, grabbing X-Dog in the corner, and yanking him out by his hair! He locks X-Dog up and Snap Suplexes him, then leaps up, yelling to the fans.

Tenay: No question, JR, Brain, Jannetty is fired up tonight! He goes and brings X-Dog back up and whips him into the ropes. He then charges right behind him! As X-Dog bounces on the ropes, Jannetty meets him with a blistering charge, sending the DX member over the top rope! X-Dog's on the outside, as Jannetty steps away. He runs into the ropes and starts to charge towards where X-Dog's getting up, but Sable comes over and stands in front of X-Dog! Jannetty stops running, skiding into the ropes, then yells something at Sable, who's shaking her head. Jannetty was going to try a high-risk move, but he didn't want to dive onto Sable. I wonder if all that talk about hitting a woman was true. Jannetty sure seems tentative about nailing Sable.

Heenan: Which is a stupid move, Mike. He could have taken out Sable and X-Dog, taking away some of Sable's ability to interfere. X-Dog grabs the ropes, climbing back into the ring, where Jannetty meets him with an elbow shot. He starts to lift X-Dog into a slamming position, but X-Dog manages to slip over top and drop behind him! He shoves Jannetty into the ropes and tries to roll off into a pinning combination, but Jannetty holds on and X-Dog flips off, rolling quickly back to his feet. Jannetty spins as X-Dog charges in, trying for a splash. Jannetty drops and uses his hands to propell X-Dog up and out! No, X-Dog caught the top rope! Jannetty jumps back up, only to get caught by one of X-Dog's fists! Jannetty takes a step back, far enough for X-Dog to spring off the ropes and hit a flying clothesline!

Tenay: X-Dog gets up to his feet, bringing Jannetty with him. He karate chops Jannetty in the throat, then soars upward, wrapping his legs around Jannetty's neck and flipping him over! Jannetty's down! Sable's happy, smacking on the mat, as X-Dog regains his balance. X-Dog then grabs Jannetty again, not bothering with a pin attempt. He sends Jannetty into the ropes and catches him almost with an Axe Kick, chopping the Rocker to the mat. Now X-Dog goes for the pin, only getting a one count. Meanwhile, we've got activity coming down the aisle. It's Shorty! I had almost forgotten that he had promised to be at ringside for this one!

JR: Well, he's a little late, but better late than never! He comes to the apron, but doesn't get onto it. He just sits and waits. In the ring, X-Dog's got Jannetty in a form of the Sleeper Hold, keeping Jannetty on his knees. He's got a tight grip on him, guys! The ref is watching, seeing if Jannetty will submit, or if he'll simply pass out in the hold. But Jannetty's getting fired up, Hulking up if you will. He gets back to his feet, breaking the Sleeper with well-placed elbows in the kidneys, spins around, and gives X-Dog a Neckbreaker! X-Dog bounces painfully on the mat, kicking his legs, as Jannetty takes a second to get his breath back. So far, this has been a war!

Heenan: You can feel the energy between these two, JR. Neither man wants to lose this one. It may have started out as a battle between old friends, but these guys truly seem to hate each other now. Jannetty's back up, rubbing his throat. He gets a hold of X-Dog and lifts him up, then hits a Powerbomb! I'm shocked X-Dog wasn't able to reverse that! Jannetty makes the pin... 1.... 2.... NO, X-Dog kicks out. Jannetty lifts both men up, then Double Underhooks X-Dog. He smiles, then drops him face-first, almost like a Pedigree! X-Dog might be out! Jannetty rolls him over... 1.... 2.... NO! X-Dog's still got some fight left! Jannetty's looking a little frustrated now. He stands up and looks to the crowd, then grabs X-Dog's scalp. Oh, but X-Dog spins off, hitting a Spinning Side Kick! Jannetty drops to the mat, as X-Dog tries to keep his balance.

Tenay: These two warriors are starting to run low, and they've still got another match tonight! X-Dog lifts Jannetty, putting his upper chest across the middle rope. He then puts his leg across Jannetty's back, pushing him into the rope with a choke maneuver! The ref counts, and X-Dog releases the hold. X-Dog's got the momentum going now! He lifts Jannetty up and uses a Fisherman's Suplex to try a pinfall! 1... 2... Jannetty gets loose. X-Dog pulls himself up and sends Jannetty into the ropes, no, Jannetty reverses it. X-Dog hits the ropes, and gets tripped by Shorty!! He stumbles into Jannetty, who nails him with a lariat! Shorty's on the apron, celebrating! He's pointing to Jannetty to keep the attack on! And... Jannetty nails Shorty, knocking him off the apron!! Shorty's down on the outside of the ring!!

JR: I guess Jannetty didn't appreciate the interference, Mike. That could have cost him the match! Shorty's getting up slowly, no, Sable's there! She hits the Sable Bomb on Shorty!!! Meanwhile, in the ring, Jannetty locks his hands around X-Dog and drives him to the mat with a Cobra Clutch Slam! That was a devestating maneuver! Jannetty doesn't go for the pin, though, instead grabbing X-Dog's legs and applying a Boston Crab! X-Dog's in a lot of pain! It's all over his face! The ref checks as X-Dog tries to rock towards the ropes. Jannetty's got it well applied, putting pressure on X-Dog's spinal cord. X-Dog's not tapping out, but he's not moving much either! The ref lifts his hand once, twice, and it stays up the third time! X-Dog then moves like a snake for a few seconds, bouncing his way to the ropes! The ref makes Jannetty break the hold, finally releasing X-Dog.

Heenan: X-Dog's maneuverability must be down, though. Jannetty pulls him up again, positioning him. He sticks X-Dog's arm between the legs, then lifts for a Pumphandle Slam. No, X-Dog reverses it in midair, dropping with a Reverse DDT! X-Dog goes for the quick pin... 1.... 2... NO! Jannetty escaped! X-Dog's having trouble getting up to complete the match. He grabs Jannetty from his knees and lifts him up, The two lean on each other as they rise. He snaps Jannetty's neck over, dropping him to the mat, then staggers back into the ropes, leaning over and spitting on the mat. X-Dog raises back up, grabbing the ropes and hopping up to the turnbuckle! He jumps with a Corkscrew Moonsault, which misses when Jannetty rolls out of the way! Both men are out on the mat, as the ref counts. Slowly, Jannetty pulls himself up, holding a hand across his ribs. X-Dog's also coming up, weak-kneed. Jannetty sees him and runs off the ropes, where Sable grabs his leg from behind! Jannetty almost falls, but manages to balance himself. He spins around, grabbing Sable and pulling her up, then uppercuts her off the apron!!

Tenay: What a punch! Sable's down! Jannetty turns around... and X-Dog nails him with a low blow!! The ref admonishes X-Dog as Jannetty falls into the ropes in exquisite pain! X-Dog shoves the ref back, then grabs Jannetty from the head, pulls him out a few steps, and uses the X-Factor!!! This one's done! 1.... 2.... 3!!!! X-Dog continues in the tournament, thanks to Sable! I guess Jannetty should have let Shorty stay on his side. The Rocker ko'ed two of the people at ringside, but X-Dog was able to come out on top! He gets up, grinning, as the ref lifts his hand. X-Dog rolls out of the ring, where Sable's on her feet. She also raises X-Dog's hand in victory, as the ref helps Jannetty to his feet. Just the fact both of these guys are still standing is a sign of how good they are. Jannetty shakes off the ref and looks at X-Dog, wow, that is a scary look! He wipes a hand across his mouth, then looks down, rubbing a hand through his hair. X-Dog's heading towards the back with Sable, still celebrating. Blade appears in the entrance, stepping out and looking at X-Dog. X-Dog sticks out a hand, but Blade walks right by it, shaking his head. Let's look at some replays.

*As Heenan talks, some of the best moves, including the Cobra Clutch Slam, the Moonsault, and the X-Factor are shown...*

JR: That last tournament match was great, but the ending might have ruined it for the highlight reels. Can the next one match it? Let's find out.

Penzer: It is now time for the second semi-finals match of the European Title Tournament... standing to my right... at 5'10", 210 lbs... he's held the tag-team titles, and is currently the GCWA Internet Champion... from Degeneration-X... Blade!

*Blade nods at the audience, who cheer... he takes off the Internet belt and hands it to an attendant...*

JR: Blade's had a great string of wins since he came to the GCWA, winning the Internet and Tag-Team Titles. I don't believe he's ever lost a singles bout, making him a heavy favorite in this tournament. If he defeats Warrior, though, he'll have to fight his tag-team partner, X-Dog. Did you see the look he gave his partner on the way to the ring?

Heenan: I got the impression that Blade didn't approve of the way X-Dog beat Jannetty. You'll notice that he's out here by himself. I'm sure DX will be on the watch in case of Horsemen interference, though.

Penzer: His opponent... standing 6'5", and weighing in at 270 lbs... he's had training from Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, and others since he came to the GCWA, and has held the Hardcore Title at one point... a member of the Horsemen... Warrior!

*Warrior walks out of the back by himself... he walks down the aisle, ignoring the booing fans... he then slides into the ring...*

Tenay: The problems between Warrior and Blade stem back to Warriors of the Ring, where Warrior cost the DX Army the tag-team gold. That's the main reason that Anderson gave up his place in the tournament to Warrior. This young man has quite a test ahead of him today. Let's see if his new training makes him better than his opponent.

*The bell rings...*

JR: Warrior and Blade lock up, with Warrior predictably getting the upper hand. He shoves Blade back into the corner, causing the ref to call for the break. Warrior raises his hands, but then steps in with a vicious knee to the gut. He wraps Blade up and hip tosses him out of the corner. I've got a question for you guys. Since Warrior does not have a title, is the Internet Title on the line?

Tenay: Well, the rules would lean towards this being for the title, but since it wasn't declared, it's impossible to judge. If Warrior wins, he may get more than just a title shot. Warrior steps over Blade and pulls him to his feet, using his size to his advantage. He Gorilla Presses Blade over his head, showing a lot of strength! Oh, but Blade kicks free and grabs Warrior's head on the way down, catching him with a surprise Bulldog! Blade hops back to his feet, grabbing Warrior and slinging him into the ropes. As Warrior comes back, Blade scores a good-looking dropkick, snapping Warrior to the canvas! Blade then seems to consider a pin, but decides to inflict some more punishment instead.

Heenan: He's got an Ankle Lock on Warrior! Blade may be a Cruiserweight, but you don't need size to wrench that ankle out of alignment! Warrior kicks out, but can't get free. He stretches out his arms toward the ropes, as the ref hovers nearby. After a roll, Warrior manages to stick his hand through the gap between the ropes and the apron, and the ref immediately tells Blade to break the hold. After a few seconds, Blade does. He gets to his feet, wrapping Warrior up with a pinning combination! 1.... 2... Warrior escapes through the back door. Blade, though, doesn't let it bother him. He's back up, grabbing Warrior by the hair and sending him chest first into the turnbuckle. Blade charges in after him, smashing Warrior in the back, then starts to wrap up his head. Oh, and Warrior kicks out behind him, landing a major shot! That one was classic Flair!

JR: Blade drops to his knees, then rolls over, cradling in a fetal position. You can tell he wasn't prepared for that one. I still say more wrestlers should wear protective gear, Mike. Especially a cup. Warrior gets out of the corner, as the ref says something to him. I doubt the ref saw the shot. Warrior raises his arms, shrugging, then grabs Blade and lifts him back up. He puts his arms around the DX member, then spins him, with a Tilt-A-Whirl Shoulderbreaker! Blade's gotta be hurting now! Warrior goes for a pin, but can't get the win. He gets up with Blade in tow, smacking him with an Atomic Drop. Blade nearly bounces over the top rope! Warrior grabs Blade from behind, simply tossing him over, flipping him back to the mat! Warrior again goes for the pin... 1..... 2..... Blade kicks out. Warrior works himself back up, flashing the four fingers to the crowd. This audience really doesn't like the Horsemen.

Tenay: Well, after everything they've done in this Fed, can you blame them? Warrior finishs messing with the fans and grabs Blade again. He locks on a nerve hold on Blade's shoulder, squeezing it. This isn't really a hold people submit to, but it does wear you down. Blade fights the pain, trying to get to his feet. He rises up, but Warrior manages to kick him in the back of the leg, dropping Blade back to his knees. Warrior continues to crush the shoulder muscle, and you can see the tension in Blade's face. Warrior suddenly releases the hold, instead running into the ropes and kicking Blade in the back of the head! Blade keels over, and Warrior drops on top of him... 1.... 2... NO, Blade gets his shoulder up. Warrior's not happy with the ref on that one, but it looked like a perfectly good count to me.

Heenan: It always looks like it, Mike, but it's also true that some refs have a preference towards the goody-goodys. They always favored guys like Hawaiian Heat, and now they're behind DX. Warrior gets up, dragging Blade behind him, and sends him crashing into the corner. Warrior runs in at him, but Blade gets a foot up, stopping Warrior's momentum in more ways than one! As Warrior staggers back, holding his chin, Blade bounces up to the second turnbuckle and leaps, landing a Blockbuster! Both wrestlers stay on the mat for about 8 counts, as the crowd cheers for the DX and Backdraft member. Slowly, Blade gets up first, clearing out the cobwebs with a shake of the head. He watches as Warrior climbs back up to his feet, then charges in, driving a knee into Warrior's forehead! Warrior tumbles, literally head over heels!

JR: Blade follows him down, then grabs him and starts to wrap him up in the Wetstone!! NO, Warrior pokes Blade in the eye before he can finish the maneuver, saving the match. Warrior was prepared for that one. As Blade blinks, trying to clear his vision again, Warrior pulls himself up and grabs him, Scoop Slamming him to the mat. He then uses the ropes to get some momentum, dropping an elbow across Blade's face, then covers him... 1.... 2.... NO! This one's still going! Warrior again says something to the ref, but shows a veteran's calm, not bothering to really argue. He lifts Blade up into a Suplex, no, Blade slips behind him and shoves them both forward.... into the Wetstone! He's got it locked on in the middle of the ring!!! Warrior's struggling, trying to get free, but it's virtually impossible to get out of this hold! The ref's circling, talking with Warrior, who's screaming No!

Tenay: He's in incredible pain, JR! But he's not going to submit! He's fighting it, trying to escape. But his struggles are lessening. I think he's running out of strength. But the way the Wetstone works, the ref can't raise the hands. Warrior's stopped struggling now. I think he's out! The ref signals to Blade, who releases the hold and instead makes a pin.... 1..... 2.... 3!!! Blade moves on in the tournament! Warrior fought pretty hard, impressively not submitting to what has been called the most painful move in professional wrestling, but Blade gets to go on to face his partner, X-Dog, in the tournament! That's going to be a huge clash, and it's later tonight!! Let's go to the replay.

*Tenay points out the great moves by both wrestlers, highlighting the Tilt-A-Whirl Shoulder Breaker, the Blockbuster, and finally the Wetstone...*

Heenan: So the partners will face each other not that long from now! But first, we have the tag-team battle that has been building the past few weeks. These two teams just plain don't like each other! Let's go to the ring!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the next bout is for the GCWA Tag-Team Championship of the World! *cheers* First, the challengers... weighing a combined 495 lbs... together, they have held most of the titles in the GCWA... former long-time members of Smoke and Mirrors, they now hold the flag of Degeneration-X... Phoenix... Darkstarr... the team of Hellfire!

*The crowd cheers as the two fan favorites make their way down the ramp...*

Tenay: Phoenix and Darkstarr have looked great against the Horsemen recently, leading the fight against them. Now they have the chance to get the big win here tonight. Can they finally take down the Bone Busters, who have held the belts for a month?

Penzer: Their opponents... weighing a combined 517 lbs... two of the toughest wrestlers ever to be in this sport, they are known both for their brute strength in the wrestling ring, and the devious minds hidden behind that power... the GCWA Tag-Team Champions... "Double A" Arn Anderson... "Terrible" Tully Blanchard... the Bone Busters!!

*The place erupts in boos as Anderson and Blanchard make their way up... both have focused looks on their face... both charge over to Hellfire, starting the fight as a brawl...*

JR: The Bone Busters decided not to wait! Blanchard, predictably, went right after Phoenix, while Anderson and Darkstarr are punching each other furiously! The ref tries to get everyone to their corners, but he just gets thrown back! We may need some muscle in here to get this match back in order! Starr is able to knock Anderson back, allowing him to get out of the corner. He punches Anderson repeatedly in the chin, driving him back. Meanwhile, Blanchard and Phoenix topple out of the ring, not sparing a second to stop their fall! They just continue to roll and punch each other on the outside! Tully Blanchard is really giving Phoenix a run for the money out there!

*The bell rings...*

Heenan: I guess now that Darkstarr and Anderson are being counted as the legal men, JR, Professor. Starr whips Anderson off the ropes, sending him rebounding into a Forearm shot. Anderson falls to one knee, but doesn't go all the way down. Starr grabs him there and lifts him up, but Anderson locks both of his fists together and springs up, chopping Darkstarr in the jaw! Starr rocks backward, nearly going down. Anderson then wraps him up and throws him over top with a Gutwrench Suplex. On the outside, Blanchard and Phoenix have finally been separated and ordered to their corners. These two hate each other over, that's for sure. It's almost a hatred due to their respect for one another, and the factions which they're sided on.

Tenay: That's an intriguing point, Bobby. I'm impressed. I guess, if you look at them closely enough, you can see a little of Blanchard in Phoenix, and vice versa. I don't think either of them likes that, so they try to batter it out of their opponent. Well, in the ring, Anderson's got Starr locked in a Full Nelson, keeping the pressure on Starr's neck. Anderson's even got his fingers locked together, showing his experience. Starr's trying to fight his way through it, as the ref watches the struggles. Anderson's keeping him away from the ropes, though. Finally, Starr slams his arms down three times, breaking the hold. He runs into the ropes and charges into Anderson, Splashing him to the canvas! 1.... 2... Anderson kicks out, throwing Starr off of him.

JR: Anderson gets to his feet quickly, but Starr has already made the tag to the former World Champion, Phoenix! Phoenix runs at Anderson, grabbing him around the head and hitting a Spinning Neckbreaker, dropping Double A hard onto the mat. Phoenix kicks Anderson a couple of times while he was down, then brings him to his feet. He sends Anderson into the corner, where Anderson slumps down. Phoenix walks up to him, drops his shoulder, and starts ramming into Anderson's midsection repeatedly! He then grabs Anderson by the head and tries to run out of the corner, but Anderson blocks it by wrapping his arm around the top rope. Phoenix tries again, and this time Anderson runs out with him and grabs Phoenix by the head, Bulldogging him! That's not something you see from Anderson much!

Heenan: Phoenix rolls on the mat, feeling the headache of that maneuver, as Anderson comes to his feet. Double A grabs Phoenix and lifts him up, then Bodyslams him. He goes off of the ropes and, after taking a second to aim, drops an elbow dead on target before making a pin attempt... 1... Phoenix kicks out at 2. Anderson doesn't despair, though, getting up and dragging Phoenix over to the corner, where Blanchard has been chomping at the bit. He tags in Blanchard, who launches through the ropes, tackling Phoenix! He starts punching Phoenix again, using those solid knuckles he's built up over the years! He then drives Phoenix's face into the mat as the ref counts to 5, then orders Blanchard off. Tully finally lets go, getting up and staring at the referee. Anderson yells something, turning Blanchard back. He grabs Phoenix on the way up, lifting him with a type of the tombstone piledriver, then spikes him! Phoenix is in trouble! Blanchard tries a pin... 1.... 2.... NO, Phoenix kicks out at the last second!

JR: That was a close one, Bobby! I could swear that Blanchard looks happy that Phoenix kicked out. He lifts the DX member up and literally tosses him, backfirst, into the corner. He runs in with a Splash, but Phoenix simply falls out of the way, leaving Blanchard to hit the turnbuckle at full gallop! Blanchard tumbles out of the corner, leaving both men on the mat, while their partners try to reach out for the tag. Phoenix slowly pulls himself up, as Blanchard gets to one knee. Phoenix sees him and kicks out, knocking Tully back down. Instead of going for the tag, though, Phoenix pulls Blanchard up and Scoop Slams him. He then leans over Blanchard and slugs him with a closed fist, as the ref watches. This has really become personal between these two!

Tenay: Phoenix wraps his legs around Blanchard's neck and begins to squeeze, choking him on the mat! The ref takes in the situation, then after a bit he starts counting. Phoenix won't release the hold, though! The ref tries pulling Phoenix off, but gets shoved away. Darkstarr's yelling out to his partner, and starts to come in, but the ref stops him. Meanwhile, Anderson uses the distraction to nail Phoenix with an Axehandle shot to the head, breaking the hold! Anderson leaves the ring again before the ref sees him. Blanchard rolls himself over, trying a one-armed pin on Phoenix.... 1.... 2... NO, Phoenix gets the shoulders up. Blanchard gets himself to his feet, stumbling around. He grabs Phoenix's legs and drops a forearm down on the left thigh, as Phoenix moves in pain.

Heenan: Anderson's yelling to Blanchard, sticking out his hand. Blanchard looks over at him, then grabs Phoenix and lifts him up. Neither Blanchard nor Phoenix want to tag! Blanchard locks Phoenix up around the waist, then lifts, making it a Side Slam! He goes for another pin, but again only gets a two count. Anderson's reaching out now, as is Darkstarr. Blanchard, though, ignores both of them, whipping Phoenix into the ropes. He swings at Phoenix on the rebound, but misses. Phoenix returns with a DDT, as Blanchard lowered his head for a back drop! Both wrestlers are just wrecked in the middle of the ring. Slowly, Blanchard and Phoenix start crawling towards their respective corners. They both make it about the same time, and Darkstarr comes in with a fire behind him!

Tenay: Anderson swings, but Starr blocks the punch, then starts rocking the Horseman with some quick fists! He spins around, hitting a Discus Punch that drops Double A. Blanchard tries to come back in, but Darkstarr hits him with a forearm, then does another Discus Punch. Phoenix gets himself up and comes over to deal with Blanchard, as Darkstarr grabs Anderson and whips him into the corner. Both Hellfire members hit their opponents, then look to the other corner. They whip the Bone Busters out of the corner, where they collide in the middle of the ring! Both Anderson and Blanchard collapse like so much kindling, while Hellfire climbs the turnbuckle, getting the crowd to erupt!

JR: They've definitely got the momentum right now, Mike! Oh, but as Phoenix and Darkstarr start to lift up the Bone Busters, Anderson and Blanchard both score low shots! Starr and Phoenix drop to the mat in intense pain, as the crowd lets loose with boos. Anderson gets up, grabbing Starr off the mat and snapping him over with a crushing Backbreaker! He tries to pin Starr, but gets a 2 count only. Meanwhile, Blanchard grabs Phoenix by the tights and launches him through the ropes to the outside! Phoenix is down! Blanchard follows, as Anderson sets Darkstarr up for a Powerbomb. No, Starr reverses it, Back Dropping Anderson! Anderson's just having spasms on the mat, clutching his head. I think he really landed wrong there! Starr pulls him up and whips him into the corner, where he barely bounces. On the outside of the ring, immune to his partner's predicament, Blanchard's got Phoenix against the steel guardrail, where he's just kneeing him repeatedly!

Heenan: Starr's got Anderson set up in the corner! He's positioned him, and there's the Stardust!!! Anderson has to be out! Darkstarr falls on top of him, exhausted... 1.... 2.... 3!!!!! Hellfire wins the tag-team titles!!! A huge win for Degeneration-X!!