Tenay: Three more titles are on the line, so let's get it on! Who's going to be the next European Champion? It's certainly going to be a member of Degeneration-X! The question is, will this be a friendly match, or will these two go at it toe-to-toe? Let's find out!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the Finals of the European Title Tournament! *cheers* We have two competitors who have won many matches to get to this point, and they'll be fighting to earn the final step to the European Title! The first competitor stands 5'10" and weighs 210 lbs... he currently holds the Internet Title, and earlier tonight defeated Warrior... he is Blade!

*Blade comes out with a serious look on his face... he walks down the aisle and slides into the ring...*

JR: There's still a question about Blade's response to the way X-Dog got by Marty Jannetty. He seems a little more distant now. I get the feeling this is going to be a great match!

Penzer: His opponent... standing 6 feet tall, and weighing 212 lbs... he's the leader of Degeneration-X, who got the win over Marty Jannetty an hour ago... walking out with his manager/valet, Sable... X-Dog!

*The cheers are more muted than they were earlier... X-Dog's also looking serious, as Sable smiles and walks behind him... they head down the aisle...*

Tenay: I see Sable's recovered from that shot Jannetty gave her. I wonder if Shorty's doing alright after that Sablebomb? X-Dog looks primed for this match-up. He's also had a longer rest period. That could be crucial.

*The bell rings...*

JR: So here we go. The DX Army is going at it for a singles title! Wait, Blade's talking to X-Dog, gesturing towards Sable. X-Dog looks upset about something. Blade's looking ticked off. X-Dog turns and walks over to Sable, then whispers to her. Sable looks at him, then shrugs and walks away from the ring! She's headed backstage! I guess Blade didn't want Sable to become involved in this match! Does that mean he's lost some trust in X-Dog?

Tenay: Who knows, JR. Trust is hard to come by sometimes. X-Dog gestures with the "Are you happy now?" handsignal. Blade looks right at him and says something else, which has X-Dog shaking his head. The two friends are just talking in there right now, possibly about what happened earlier tonight. Suddenly, X-Dog lashes out, and Blade answers with his own punch! This one's on! X-Dog and Blade are punching each other frantically, swinging multiple hooks and jabs, most of which can't be landing well! The crowd is erupting! What a set of punches! Blade takes advantage, getting X-Dog into the ropes. He slingshots X-Dog off of them, sending him into the ropes on the other side. As X-Dog comes back, Blade does a somersault, then clotheslines X-Dog to the canvas! Blade scores the first major hit to his erstwhile partner!

Heenan: This one's going to be great!! I love to see friends fight each other! Things are never the same afterwards! Blade lifts X-Dog up and sends him into the corner, then follows him in. But X-Dog catapults himself over Blade, then grabs him from behind and spikes him with an Outsiders' Edge! X-Dog jumps up, yelling to the crowd. He then leans down and checks on Blade. Oh, and Blade chops upward, causing X-Dog to stagger back, holding his throat! Blade uses his arms to spring to his feet, grabbing X-Dog and slamming his head into the turnbuckle, as the crowd chants along! Blade then lifts X-Dog onto the turnbuckle, climbing up next to him and punching him a few times. He wraps up X-Dog and lifts, dropping both back with a Superplex!! What a move! It takes Blade a second, but he lifts himself up, rubbing the back of his head. X-Dog's still down, having taken the full brunt of the shot.

JR: Remember, these guys wrestled less than an hour ago! No matter what they've done since then, both wrestlers are still feeling the effects from Warrior and Jannetty. Blade brings X-Dog to his feet, and leans him in the corner. He then chops X-Dog across the chest, as the crowd oohs and ahhs. But this just wakes X-Dog up! He grabs Blade after a few chops and spins them around, then starts chopping him back! The crowd is loving this one! X-Dog brings Blade out of the corner, and Bodyslams him in the ring. He then runs to the turnbuckle and jumps up onto it, raising his hands to the air before leaping with a Guillotine Legdrop! X-Dog then goes for the pin... 1.... 2... Blade escapes! X-Dog looks over at the ref, then gets both men to their feet and starts to scoop Blade up. But the Internet champ gets free, then hits a massive DDT on X-Dog! Both men are just laying, breathing.

Tenay: This match has been brutal! Lots of harsh shots! Blade climbs up to his feet, coughing. He leans on his knees, then raises back up and gets X-Dog before he can get up. He locks X-Dog up, then hits, was that the X-Factor??? Blade just nailed X-Dog with his own move!! Blade then goes for the cover... 1...... 2..... X-Dog slips a shoulder up!! I guess Blade can't hit the X-Factor as well as X-Dog can. Blade gets up, looking slightly frustrated. He grabs X-Dog and whips him into the ropes, then drops his head. X-Dog leaps over him with a Sunset Flip, but Blade manages to fight off the pull and stays on his feet, punching X-Dog on the mat!

Heenan: Blade then lifts X-Dog up and twists his arm behind him, pushing him into the corner. Wait, X-Dog springs off of the corner, flipping free of Blade! Blade spins around, but gets kicked in the stomach anyway. X-Dog then uses a large right hand to drop Blade into the corner. He climbs the turnbuckle, as Blade hangs there. X-Dog then leaps off the turnbuckle, turning with a Tornado DDT on the Internet Champ! Blade's down! X-Dog slowly turns Blade over and makes the pin... 1... 2.... Blade's still in this one! What a fight! Neither wants to give up!

JR: Would you, Bobby, with that title on the line? I'd hate to lose it, even to a friend! X-Dog gets up tiredly, and you can sense that the end is near for one of these guys. They're both too fatigued to fight much longer. X-Dog gets Blade up, then sends him into the ropes. He comes in with a clothesline, but Blade uses one of his own! A double clothesline! Everyone's out except the ref! He's counting, as the wrestlers lay there, barely moving! Finally, Blade makes his way to his feet. He's coughing worse now, nearly collapsing off of the ropes. X-Dog slowly rises up to a sitting position. These two are so evenly matched! Blade steps over, grabbing X-Dog by the hair and lifting him up. Oh, and X-Dog drives a knee into his chest, then uses the X-Factor!! Blade's down! X-Dog makes the pin! 1..... 2..... 3!!!!

Tenay: X-Dog is the European Champion! He beat Blade! What a match! X-Dog falls into the ropes, barely able to stand, as the ref raises his hand. David Penzer gets up and grabs the new European Title, which is replacing the Wolfpac one that Animal Thug had made up. Penzer comes into the ring and hands it to X-Dog, who clasps it like a drowning man. He raises it to the fans, then puts it on his shoulder and steps over to Blade, who's rolling up to his feet. Blade steps away from him, trying to clear the cobwebs. He and X-Dog stare at each other for what seems like an eternity. Then X-Dog sticks out a hand. Blade looks at it, then grabs it. The two teammates hug in the middle of the ring, as the crowd cheers wildly! The DX Army is still together! X-Dog's the European Champ! Things are looking alright in DX country!

*Replays are shown, including the Superplex, the Guillotine Legdrop, and both X-Factors...*

JR: Another great fight in GCWA history! It's good to know that the team won't be breaking up after tonight. We're low on tag-teams as it is! Well, it's time for the big second-to-last match, which has been carried over multiple federations in its feud! Take it, Penny!

Penzer: Y'know, JR, I'm getting really sick of you... I wish you would go and join Douglas like he asked you to... oh well... Ladies and Gentlemen, the next bout will be for the GCWA Hardcore Title! *cheers* The competitors in this match have fought in the EEWF for their Hardcore Title, and have now renewed their feud in the GCWA! First, the challenger... weighing 265 lbs and standing 6'4", he's known as the King of the GCWA, after winning the Warriors of the Ring Rumble... he's been both an Intercontinental and Heavyweight Champion, and now seeks a new title... from the Four Horsemen... "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!

*The fans boo deeply as Austin appears... he's wearing a crown and robe, and is being carried on a throne to the ring... he's drinking a beer as well... they reach the ring, and Austin steps off, throwing the now-empty can back into the throne... he raises his four fingers, then drops three of them as the crowd jeers him...*

Tenay: Austin's been looking forward to this match for some time now, getting another shot at Nightmare, who has taken him down before. Austin's career has come a long way since his stint in the EEWF. His allegances have definitely changed. Will the Stunner end the Nightmares? We'll soon see.

Penzer: His opponent... he's been a world champion in many federations, and came to the GCWA to add another one to his list... standing 6'5" and weighing 265 lbs... he's a free agent, not teaming with any other stables at this time... the man who makes it hard to sleep at night... currently the Hardcore Champion... Nightmare!

*The crowd cheers as Nightmare walks out of the back, heading towards the ring... he salutes some of the fans along the way... he gets to the ring and rolls in, where Austin is waiting... walking down the aisle after him is the Accelerator, who goes to a seat saved for him at ringside...*

JR: Austin's here, Nightmare's here, and the Pres is here! Let's get the action going! Start the match, ref!

*The bell rings...*

Heenan: Here we go! Austin and Nightmare immediately start exchanging punches. Austin gets a headlock on Nightmare and punches him a few more times, but Nightmare uses his strength to lift Austin and Back Drop him. Nightmare gets up and pounces on Austin, pounding him with heavy hands. Tell me, JR, is this match under Hardcore Rules, since the title is on the line?

JR: I would assume so, Bobby. Weapons will probably become involved sooner or later, I'm sure. Nightmare whips Austin into the ropes, then catches him on the way back, slamming him. He goes for the pin, but doesn't even get a one count. Nightmare brings the Horsemen up again, driving his arms around him for a Gutwrench Suplex. But Austin breaks out of that, then headbutts Nightmare, causing him to grab his nose. Austin also stumbles a bit, but recovers first, spinning and driving Nightmare to the ground with a solid right hand! He brings Nightmare back up and whips him into the ropes. As Nightmare comes back, Austin tackles him, then starts punching him repeatedly! So far, these guys have used their fists a lot! The Rattlesnake gets up, kicking Nightmare while he's down. He then grabs Nightmare by one of his legs and twists it. Austin's got some sort of Ankle Lock, no, he turns it into a Dragon Leg Screw!

Tenay: I didn't know Austin knew moves like that, JR! He's apparently prepared a few new moves to use tonight on Nightmare. That's what a master strategist like Arn Anderson would do. I guess he's rubbing off on Austin! "Stone Cold" pulls Nightmare to his feet and starts to whip him into the ropes, but Nightmare reverses it. As Austin comes back, Nightmare catches him around the waist, lifts him, then just slams him straight down! A nice move from the Hardcore Champ! He gets up, then grabs Austin's arm and puts him on his shoulders with a Fireman's Carry. He starts spinning, making both wrestlers, as well as me, dizzy! After some rotations, Nightmare lifts up in midspin, dropping Austin onto the mat! Nightmare steadies himself, then makes a pin attempt... 1.... 2.... Austin gets out of it. Nightmare rises back up, not surprised. He grabs Austin and brings the former World champ to his feet. He holds Austin's arm, yanking him in for a Short Clothesline!

Heenan: I've got to admit, Nightmare's looking impressive thus far. He leans down and pulls Austin up by his bald scalp. It's almost like palming a basketball! Nightmare gets Austin into the air with a Scoop Slam. He goes off the ropes and drops a leg. But Austin rolls out of the way! The Rattlesnake comes alive, getting to his feet and landing a massive shot to Nightmare as he was getting up. Austin then wraps up Nightmare and Powerbombs him! What power! Austin falls onto him, trying for the pin... 1.... 2... Nightmare's still in it! Austin gets up and nails Nightmare a few more times before bringing the champion to his feet. Austin lifts him and slams him, then goes to the second turnbuckle. He leaps with an Axehandle, but Nightmare gets his feet up, using the power of gravity to bounce Austin back! The crowd is cheering loudly, as Nightmare pulls himself to his feet.

JR: They're not just cheering him, Bobby! Someone's coming out of the stands! He's wearing a cloak of some sort! He climbs into the ring and drops the cloak.... it's the Undertaker!! He's impossible to mistake for someone else!! He attacks Nightmare from behind, driving shots into his vertabrae, as the ref backs away, unsure what to do! Does this mean that the Undertkare is behind the recent attacks on Nightmare?? The Hardcore Champion spins around and starts fighting back, swinging some good shots into the Undead man. But he's still winded from the first match! Wait, the Accelerator is entering the ring! He runs in, knocking the Undertaker back into the corner. Both men raise their fists..... then the Accelerator turns and wraps up Nightmare, Powerslamming him!!!!!

Tenay: It, it's impossible!! The Accelerator's attacking Nightmare along with the Undertaker!!! They both get Nightmare up with a Double Suplex, driving him into the mat!! Steve Austin's on the outside of the ring. He looks completely surprised at this turn of events, so this has nothing to do with the Horsemen! Nightmare's just being hammered into the mat! He has nothing left to fight with! And the Accelerator, he's just laughing!! The Accelerator has flipped! The Undertaker's choking Nightmare as the Accelerator just watches from the corner, still laughing! Wait, running down the aisle... it's Heavy P and Animal Thug!!! They were waiting for the final bout for the Heavyweight Title, but now they're coming to the aid of Nightmare!

JR: The Accelerator leaves the ring as Heavy P and Animal Thug storm in. Heavy P lands a few good punches to the Undertaker, sending him back into the ropes. He grabs him and sets him up for a piledriver. No, wait, Animal Thug nails Heavy P from behind!!!! Animal Thug, the World Champion, is still aligned with the Accelerator!! He locks Heavy P up and lifts him, dropping with the Accelerating Thug!! The Undertaker then rises back up, grabbing Nightmare and hitting the Tombstone!! We've got a new problem in the GCWA!! The Accelerator's lost it, and apparently the Undertaker and Animal Thug are with him!! What's in store for the GCWA? Where's Shawn Michaels? Is he in on this as well? What about the rest of the Wolfpac?

Heenan: A lot of questions that we just don't have any answers to, JR! Heavy P and Nightmare are down in the ring, as Animal Thug, the Undertaker, and the Accelerator are standing tall. This is just horrible! The tide of power has just shifted dramatically, and I didn't know about it!!!

Tenay: Oh, shut up, Weasal! Ladies and Gentlemen, I, I just don't know what to say. Things have changed. We'll see you Wednesday.

*The Accelerator is pictured laughing once more, as they leave the ring.... Marty Jannetty and DMX are shown coming out of the back, heading towards where Heavy P's down... the picture drops to the ordering screen...*