*As the picture changes from the movie ordering screen, the area goes black... you can hear wind whistling in the background, and you can see something fluttering in the dimness... suddenly, a large flash covers the screen, and you see men moving across a desert, armed and ready to fight... they open fire, as the shot zooms out, first showing the battle, then the continent, then finally the planet Earth... it's spinning around, almost out of control... the shot zooms back in, focusing on the United States... it enters a house, where the news can be seen... the newscaster is talking about another outbreak of violence... the camera goes into another room, where a person is logging onto a computer... on the screen, written in lightning-style lettering, it says "Reality Bites"... "IYN" is flashing above it... *

*The shot goes out, then pans over the screaming sell-out crowd at the Metrodome here in Minneapolis, Minnesota... signs can be seen all over the arena, saying things like "The King Shall Rule, 3:16 for life!", "When Hellfire Burns, Only Bones Will Be Left", and "DX vs. Fatal III: Who To Choose?"... the consession stands are at full force, with people wearing shirts and waving banners... the camera focuses on an expanded broadcast location, where Mike Tenay, Jim Ross, and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan are sitting...*

Tenay: It's time for the greatest wrestling action on the planet! The Global Championship Wrestling Associaton is once again on the air! Welcome to In Your Neighborhood: Reality Bites!! Things are boiling here in the Metrodome, as many of the top stars in professional wrestling today try to get the PPV win! Four titles are on the line, with so many matches, it's impossible to be sure we've counted them all! The European Title will once again be taken out of vacancy, with four worthy candidates vying for the shot. Numerous grudge matches are on the schedule, including Hellfire facing the Bone Busters and Nightmare taking on "Stone Cold King" Steve Austin!

Heenan: This night's going to be wild, Mike! We've even got wrestlers DEBUTING tonight! Talk about pressure! The matches I'm really interested in are the two you just mentioned, as well as Jannetty vs. X-Dog. Those seem to be the most highly promising matches for tonight! Will Heavy P be able to wrest the World Title from Animal Thug? Can Nightmare defeat Austin and the Horsemen once and for all? For that matter, can Hellfire? Who will win the European Title? There are a lot of interesting questions to be settled tonight, guys.

JR: I'm fired up about all of them, Brain. The odds say that at least 1 title will change hands tonight, not counting the European Title. Who will it be? We'll find out later tonight! For now, though, we've waited long enough! The people who paid for this show are going to get their money's worth! Let's go to the Priceless Penzer to kick things off! Penn?

David Penzer: Priceless? *ahem* Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the GCWA In Your Neighborhood pay-per-view, Reality Bites! *cheers overwhelm Penzer for a moment* Thank you... our first bout tonight is scheduled for one fall... coming down the aisle, weighing 251 lbs, and standing 6'1"... he's known for his physique and his skills at suplexes and the Frankensteiner, as well as the devestating submission hold known as the Steiner Recliner... he is "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner!!

*The crowd boos the former nWo member as he makes his way down the aisle... he's ignoring most, except for the pretty ladies along the path... he finally gets to the ring and flexes for the 'fans'...*

Tenay: So far, Steiner has not made as large an impact in the GCWA than he'd like. But he's got a real shot at firing things up against the rookie to the GCWA tonight. Scott also promised a surprise. Will it happen during this match? We'll find out soon enough.

Penzer: His opponent... at 6'3", 223 lbs, he's one of the newest signees to the GCWA... the man known for an unusual part of the body... Mr. Ass!

*Ass walks down the ramp, as the fans quiet down, unsure what to think about the new guy...*

JR: I really don't have anything to say about his man, other than he's obviously got some guts. He asked for a match, and he got it against Steiner. This should be very educational for us, learning about Mr. Ass's skills.

*The bell rings...*

Heenan: The two lock up, with Steiner pushing Mr. Ass back into the corner. As the ref makes them break, Mr. Ass darts forward, catching Steiner with a sucker punch over the ref's head! Mr. Ass then steps past the ref and slugs Steiner a couple more times, stinging him. Mr. Ass locks Steiner up and lifts him with a Suplex, dropping him back down with a thud. So far, the Ass is looking talented. Boy, that just sounds wrong to say!

JR: You're telling me, Weasal. Anyhow, Mr. Ass pulls Steiner up, only to get a forearm in the face! As he steps back, Steiner wraps up Mr. Ass and hits a Release German Suplex, flipping the taller man across the ring. Mr. Ass tries to bounce back up, but gets clotheslined. Steiner takes a second to pose, flexing his arms, then grabs Mr. Ass on the way up. He snaps him over and applies a neck submission hold. But Mr. Ass quickly spins on the ground, both freeing himself from the hold and unbalancing Steiner! He then springs up from the mat, Uppercutting Big Poppa Pump and causing him to fall backwards. Mr. Ass gets himself back up, then does a little 'flexing' of his own, rotating his hips. That's a sight I really didn't care to see, but I guess the ladies might like it.

Tenay: Good for them, bad for us, JR. Mr. Ass continues to hang onto control, grabbing Steiner and whipping him into the ropes. As Steiner rebounds, Mr. Ass hits a lariat, driving Steiner to the ground. He starts to go for the pin, but Steiner kicks out before the ref can get a one count. There's still a lot of fight left in Scott. Mr. Ass pulls both men up, then starts to try a toss of some sort, but Steiner blocks it, then lifts Mr. Ass onto his shoulders in a Fireman's Carry. Steiner takes a few steps, then drops with a DVD. Mr. Ass took a serious hit there! Steiner gets up, not concerning himself with a pin attempt, and grabs Mr. Ass's arms, propelling him up. As quickly as that, though, Mr. Ass surprises Steiner, kicking him in the stomach, then snapping his head with a Rotating Neckbreaker! Nice move by this young man!

Heenan: As far as we know, he's young, Mike. Mr. Ass heads over to Steiner and lifts him up, trying for a piledriver. But Steiner kicks free, then lifts Mr. Ass up and over him with a Back Drop. Steiner turns around, where Mr. Ass just hit the mat, and puts his foot right onto Ass's head, spinning on it! That's got to hurt! Mr. Ass rolls on the mat in pain as Steiner watches with a grin. He reaches down and pulls Mr. Ass up, then flings him into the corner. He steps in and drives his elbow into Mr. Ass's throat for a few seconds, then lifts Mr. Ass onto the turnbuckle. Is he going to try the FrankenSteiner? He sets him up, then lifts himself up next to him. But Mr. Ass throws a couple of punches, knocking Steiner off the turnbuckle! Steiner hits the mat, causing the ref to fall backwards himself. Mr. Ass then raises himself up to the top turnbuckle, preparing for a high-risk maneuver. Wait, someone's up on the apron! It's Rick Steiner!!! The Dog-Face Gremlin is here, and he has a chair! He nails Mr. Ass in the back, knocking him off his perch, then drops back down! The ref missed it!

JR: It didn't take long in this match for Rick to appear! He smacked Mr. Ass silly! Scott takes advantage, pulling Mr. Ass over and locking on the Steiner Recliner! The ref is still pulling himself up, but that just gives Scott the time to keep the pressure increasing. The ref comes over and checks on Mr. Ass, who's basically out. He raises his hand once, twice, three times, then signals for the bell. Scott Steiner gets the first win here at Reality Bites!

Heenan: There wasn't much Mr. Ass could do, since no one was expecting the Barking Boy to show up here. The Steiner Brothers are together again. I smell a new entry in the tag-team division! Let's view some of the action.

*Heenan talks about what happened in the match, mainly focusing on Rick Steiner's appearance from the crowd... *

Tenay: Well, one match is out of the way. Before we continue, though, we're told that the President has some announcements to make. So let's send it to the back!

*The 'Tron shows the Accelerator sitting behind a desk... he's wearing a nice suit and tie... he smiles at the camera...*

Accelerator: Hello out there... I know you want to get back to the matches, but I had an announcement I needed to make first... for the past few weeks, there has been someone messing with my company, the GCWA... he's been interfering in Nightmare's matches, and changing the outcome in others... therefore, during the Nightmare-Steve Austin match later on tonight, I personally will be in attendance, to keep the match the way it's meant to be... if this mysterious wrestler does come to ringside, he'll have to deal with the President.... that is all...

*The camera switches back to the broadcast booth...*

JR: So the Accelerator himself will be standing guard during the Nightmare - Austin match? That's certainly a new twist to that Hardcore Title match! Maybe tonight we'll finally find out who this unknown attacker is. He said he'd be in attendance tonight. We'll keep our eyes and ears open, fans. Now it's about time for the next bout, so let's go back to Penny.

Penzer: The next match is scheduled for one fall... first, he stands 5'10" tall... he's the current holder of the GCWA Cruiserweight Title, which isn't on the line tonight... affiliated with the Fatal III, he's accompanied to the ring by Marty Jannetty... DMX!

*The fans cheer as the two Fatal III members come out and head straight for the ring... Jannetty whispers something to DMX, then walks over to the apron, as DMX rolls into the ring...*

Heenan: DMX has been a dominating force, despite his size, since he came to the GCWA. He's known for his betrayal of Shorty and the Ruff Ryders to side with Heavy P, where he's stayed ever since, through both SOS and now the Fatal III. He's here to show that he's still on top of his game.

Penzer: His opponent... standing 6'7" and weighing 275 lbs... he's a member of the Triple Threat, who has held both the Intercontinental and "FU" Titles.... Dynamic Dynamite!

*The fans boo and look at the entryway, where OG Thug appears... he's laughing and pointing to the ring... he shakes his head, then starts walking towards the ring... he stops before he gets there, though, he stops, then flips DMX off with both hands! DMX immediately takes off after him, as OG Thug runs like a mad sprinter backstage...*

JR: What in the world? Get a camera back there!! Ladies and Gentlemen, quite frankly, we weren't prepared for this, but I'm sure we'll get a camera on DMX and OG Thug shortly. I have no idea what this is about, Mike. I see, though, that Marty Jannetty's still at ringside. What's that? Oh, alright, we now have a camera following DMX and OG Thug. Let's go to the footage.

*The screen shows DMX still searching, going out into the garage area... OG Thug is seen in the distance, still running... DMX takes off after him, and the shot bounces as the cameraman tries to keep up... suddenly, both the cameraman and DMX stop, then dive in different directions... you can see a dark-colored car flash in front of the camera, squeeling to a stop... the cameraman pulls himself back up, as Dynamite steps out of the car and goes over to where DMX is getting back to his feet... the two start brawling...*

Heenan: We've got a war in the back!! I think Dynamite tried to nail DMX with his car! That would have been a major catastrophy! I mean, it's a good plan, but there's no way the GCWA Committee would stand for it! I believe the match has begun, without a ref! DMX and Dynamite are punching each other like crazy. I don't see OG Thug, he may have just kept running! DMX takes the edge, knocking Dynamite back against the car. He charges into Dynamite, and both men roll over the top of the car. That will ruin any paint job! Dynamite grabs DMX and tosses him into the side of the wall, then grabs him by the head and starts dragging him out of the garage. But DMX throws him off, then dashes forward, tackling him and sending both crashing through the doorway. Look at all those GCWA employees diving for cover!

Tenay: Dynamite and DMX are just brawling throughout this arena! They crash into the hallway walls, still fighting. The cameraman's following in the rear of the destruction! Dynamite has control again, smashing DMX into a picture that was hanging on the wall. This is a Hardcore match!! DMX stumbles and rolls partially down the hallway, as Dynamite follows. Oh, but DMX springs up, holding a box of some sort, and throws it right into Dynamite's face! Papers are everywhere! DMX then grabs Dynamite and they both head through a curtain at full speed, breaking some equipment along the way! I think, yes, they're coming out here! The fans erupt as the two wrestlers come rolling down the ramp, pummeling each other! What a fight! DMX is bleeding from the picture shot, and Dynamite doesn't look that great himself. DMX grabs Dynamite and sends him crashing into the guardrail, nearly falling into the audience! He starts walking unsteadily towards the ring, as DMX follows behind him. DMX finally catches up to Dynamite, grabbing him from behind and adding momentum, so Dynamite gets driven into the apron!

JR: What a fight, and it hasn't even started yet!! DMX rolls Dynamite in, as Jannetty steps over and tries to check on the cut, which is bleeding slowly across DMX's face. DMX pushes Jannetty out of the way and rolls into the ring, meeting Dynamite with another flurry of punches, as Dynamite blocks the full brunt with his hands. The ref is consulting with some of the 'suits' at ringside. I say let 'em fight! This is a pay-per-view! People are supposed to bleed! DMX shoves Dynamite into the corner and climbs up, then drops back with a Hurricanrana! Dynamite rolls across the ring, lying and shaking his head, trying to get his breath back. DMX works his way back up over near the corner.

*The bell finally rings, making the match official...*

Tenay: It's official, we've got a match! DMX grabs Dynamite by the head and pulls him up, but Dynamite rakes his eyes, causing DMX to stagger back, with his hands on his head. Dynamite then uses the ropes to spring off with a lariat, driving DMX down. The match just got its start, but both of these guys have been fighting in the back for the past 10 minutes! They're both looking fatigued in there. Jannetty's pounding on the mat, trying to get DMX up, but Dynamite's on his feet first. He grabs the Cruiserweight champ and flings him into the ropes. As DMX comes back, Dynamite catches him and hits a Powerslam! He goes for the pin... 1... 2... DMX kicks out. Dynamite raises himself back up and puts the heel of his foot in DMX's side, multiple times. He then taunts Jannetty on the outside, running his hands across his middle in the sign of the title. Jannetty ignores him, though, still trying to get the crowd behind DMX.

Heenan: Dynamite goes back to the attack, bringing the bleeding DMX up and throwing him into the turnbuckle. He steps in, wrapping DMX up and suplexing him out of the corner to the mat. Dynamite tries another pin, but again only gets a 2 count. Dynamite jumps back up and grabs one of DMX's legs, apparently preparing for a submission hold, but DMX kicks loose. He rolls back and flips up to his feet, then ducks under the clothesline attempt. As Dynamite turns back around, DMX uses a Dropkick to emphasize his point, knocking Dynamite back into the ropes. Dynamite leans against them, shaking his head, then tries to charge DMX as he gets up, but DMX hip tosses him over, then goes for the Arm Rip! Dynamite quickly breaks free and rolls out of the ring, then turns, to face Jannetty! The two are face-to-face. This only lasts a second, as DMX comes flying over the top rope, landing on Dynamite!! Both men are down on the outside!

JR: That was a high-risk move if I've ever saw one! It takes a minute, but slowly DMX gets back up, wiping some of the blood off of his forehead. He grabs Dynamite and rolls him back into the ring, then grabs the ropes, using them to haul himself up. Wait, we've got something happening outside the ring. Shane Douglas has come out! He's coming down the aisle, stomping, as DMX wearily lifts Dynamite up. Dynamite lashes out with a low kick, though, and both men topple back to the mat! Douglas reaches the ring and leaps up onto the apron, starting to climb in! But Jannetty grabs him from behind, pulling him back! Douglas swings at Jannetty, but the Rocker ducks it, then, as Douglas spins around, delivers a Back-Body Drop! The ref runs over immediately.

Tenay: DMX is getting to his feet first somehow in the ring. He's still in pain, but he's lifting himself up. He grabs the crouched Dynamite, who spins around... and nails him with some sort of foreign object!!! DMX drops like chopped lumber, and Dynamite falls onto him, making the pin! The ref turns and sees what's happened, and drops down... 1... 2... 3!!!! Dynamite gets the win, thanks to a foreign object!! DMX is out cold in the ring, while Dynamite leaves the ring celebrating. Jannetty rolls into the ring and checks on DMX, then looks after Dynamite. He's obvious still got unfinished business with Dynamite, but he's still got the tournament, coming up shortly! Stay with us!

*A few highlights of the fight are shown, with Bobby Heenan providing the commentary... *