Tenay: Three matches remain, each with a major title on the line! This next fight has been building since the PPV, on two fronts. Napalm issued the tournament rules, and one man managed to get through it for the chance at the belt.

*We go back to October Oblivion, where Napalm rejoined the Bastards of Oblivion by betraying Shorty, taking away the chance at the Intercontinental Title... then Napalm's tournament is shown, with Shorty fighting two men, Scary Ass Clown and Alger von Ayrian, and, thanks to SAC, getting past them... he defeats Phantom, then bypasses Lan Ragus, again partially thanks to SAC... we go back to the arena...*

JR: Shorty's earned this shot by winning all month. Now he's got one more match to win for the belt. Penz?

Penzer: The next match is scheduled for one fall... literally... it will be a Burning Table Match! The man who manages to toss his opponent through the burning table is declared the winner of the match, and gains the European Title! First, the challenger... standing 5'3" and weighing 120 lbs... a "heavyweight" in his own style, he's a 2-time Cruiserweight Champion, and looks to become a 2-time European Champion as well.... a partial representative of both the Wolfpac and Degeneration-X... Shorty!

*Shorty heads to the ring with a confident smile on his face... he pumps his fist towards the crowd along the way, getting some heavy cheers in reply... *

JR: Shorty's popularity of late has increased, due to his destructive path through the GCWA 2nd European Tournament. He took out SAC, Alger von Ayrian, Phantom, and Lan Ragus just to get to this point, a shot against one of the men who betrayed him last month at Oblivion. You know Shorty's anxious for some revenge tonight. Now that the President has made it his kind of match, the odds have gone up.

Penzer: His opponent... standing 6'3" and weighing 210 lbs... he is a member of the Bastards of Oblivion, although that title has lost a lot of weight after tonight's activities... he's a frequent partner with Titan 3, and is the current GCWA European Champion.... Napalm!

*Napalm walks out of the back to tremendous boos... he shakes his head and walks through it, with one hand on the edge of the European Title that he's held so long... Shorty is bouncing in the ring, ready to fight, as Napalm slides in...*

Tenay: Napalm has been a good champion. I'll grant him that much. Although some of his defenses haven't had a finish, he's still managed to retain the belt through a multitude of challengers. Shorty's just the next one on the list for this man. It isn't going to be easy, though. Napalm did not come prepared for a Burning Table match, which is a definite difference in styles.

Brain: But he does have the height and weight advantage, and that's always an asset in these. Will it work this time? We'll see.

*The bell rings, and the two tables on opposite sides of the ring are set on fire...*

JR: It's time to burn! Napalm and Shorty quickly lock up, with Shorty sending Napalm into the ropes. He sends Napalm, no, reversal, Shorty goes to the other side and rebounds. Napalm tries to set up for a Powerslam, but Shorty's too quick, leaping over Napalm's hands and turning it into a standing Hurricanrana! Napalm rolls on the mat and out of the ring, in shock, as Shorty bounces up. But Shorty's as reckless as ever. He runs towards Napalm for a Suicide maneuver, but Napalm sees him and ducks. Shorty somehow manages to grab the ropes, though, not going over. Napalm stands, looking like he's proud of himself, but as he turns, Shorty springs off the ropes and flies right into him!

Brain: They're on the wrong side, but they aren't concerned about the burning tables just yet. They just want to inflict pain so that the set-up can commence. Shorty gets up, slapping the hand of a fan on the front row. He grabs Napalm by the mask and rolls him in, nearly taking it off! It makes you wonder if Napalm has any honor behind that mask. Is it a Luchador-style to him? Or does he just wrestle with it because he's not that good-looking?

Tenay: There's something Heenan would never say if Shag-Nasty's Presidency wasn't over. I guess you got what you wanted, though, Brain. Anyway, back to the match. Shorty's gotten in some fancy footwork, kicking Napalm to the ground. He brings the champion up and sends him towards the corner. But wait, Napalm takes the back hit and runs back out of the corner with the momentum Shorty gave him. He rams Shorty, sending both men into the opposite corner! Shorty slumps on the 'buckle, while Napalm clears his head. That mask has got to be absorbing some sweat right about now. Napalm lifts Shorty onto the turnbuckle, then snaps him over with a Superplex! That'll kill any of the Big "Mo" that Shorty had left.

Brain: It'll also loosen some brain cells, not that that's a problem for the "Buff" boy there.

JR: ANYWAY, Napalm pulls Shorty up again, and puts him into a Fireman's Carry. That's the problem with Shorty's size. Almost anyone can pull off power moves on him. Napalm takes a step, then hits a Death Valley Driver nearly perfectly! Shorty might be out of this one now! Napalm stands and slices his arms across, signifying that it's over. He pulls Shorty to his feet and again puts the man on his shoulders, then heads towards the ropes. He's going to put him through the table! Napalm strains his muscles and Gorilla Presses Shorty up! Oh, but Shorty's suddenly struggling, I guess he felt the heat! He shoves himself off of Napalm's arms, toppling to the mat, and somehow lands with his feet taking the brunt of the fall! Napalm spins around and swings, but he miscalculates and swings over Shorty's head, allowing the man to grab him from behind after the swing and hit an Atomic Drop that almost sends Napalm over the ropes towards the table!

Brain: Shorty saw it. He comes in, grabbing Napalm from behind, and tries to flip him over. But Napalm's struggling like a madman, trying to hang on. This is looking like a Battle Royale ending, isn't it? Napalm's trying not to be tossed out. The big difference is, you get eliminated, you get burned! Napalm manages to kick out behind himself, nailing Shorty in the wrong part of town and stopping the attempt to throw the champion out. Napalm turns around, tired, and hits a few punches on Shorty, knocking him in the other direction, towards the other table! Shorty takes another roundhouse to put him almost against the ropes, then Napalm backs off, running the other direction and returning with a clothesline that spins Shorty over the ropes! It's over, it's, NO!

Tenay: Shorty landed on the apron! I don't know how, but he did! Napalm sees him and starts to run at him, but Shorty uses the ropes to springboard himself upwards with a flying Clothesline!! Napalm is down, and this one continues! How much longer can these guys go? How much more can the tables burn?? Shorty's slowly getting up. He's using every trick that he can come with in this one, and Napalm needs to get something going if he wants to retain his title. Shorty pulls Napalm up and whips him into ropes, then leaps, hitting a beautiful dropkick that has Napalm in bad shape in there. Shorty stands again and points to the table, getting some cheers from the fans. He's dragging Napalm towards the ropes now. And DX is out! They're either here to cheer Shorty on, or they just want to see another BOO fall!

JR: Shorty pulls Napalm's legs up, balancing him over the ropes. Napalm's struggling, but he has no leverage! He's going over! Wait, he's got his legs locked around Shorty's midsection, and both are going over!!! Napalm hits the apron next to the table, burning his arm, but Shorty goes crashing through it!!!! Napalm wins by the barest of margins!!!! Or does he? Is it the first breaking the table, or is it the first burned by the table? I'm not sure of the rules there, guys.

Tenay: I believe it's the first burned, JR.

Brain: Nah, it's the first one to destroy the table, it always has been! The ref knows, because he's raising Napalm's exhausted hand! DX comes down and checks on Shorty, who's been put out by a nearby fireman. This was a great match, but Shorty lost it at the very end. A few seconds told the tale. Let's go to the replay.

*Much of the action flashes by quickly, as Shorty's best moves are shown throughout, leaping off of the ropes for the clothesline, dropkicking Napalm, and others... but Napalm's last desperation move finishes the clip, leaving him the European Champion...*

JR: We're only one match away from the main event that everyone's been waiting for! Apparently it is now a 5-man rumble, since two men have now been eliminated even before the match has begun! But it features some of the greatest wrestlers of our generation, and, in case you aren't completely enthralled with everything else that's been going on, it'll make sure you didn't waste your money on this PPV! But before we get to the big one, we have one that's only slightly smaller in value! We've got the Intercontinental Title belt on the line between two long-time opponents, with a very interested bystander nearby to watch the action! Roll it!

*Jannetty and Dynamite are shown in separate stills, each in their favorite pose... the picture changes to shots of Jannetty's recent attitude shift, hitting people with chairs and attacking opponents with his own deep-seeded rage... Dynamite then is shown, tearing through various opponents, thanks in part to OG Thug... Dynamite defeats Tower with two Dynamic Pains, earning the IC Title... Jannetty is then pictured talking about the match, about his previous wins over Dynamite... X-Dog is talked about as well, showing the deal the two made... we fade back to a shot of the Brain...* Brain: Dynamite's fighting for the Intercontinental strap. Marty Jannetty is going for the Cruiserweight belt. We're expecting the FU Title as well! What a clash this is going to be! I can't wait, and I don't have to, as long as Penzer gets off his butt and gets to talking!

JR: Hey, now, Heenan, back off! I'm the one who bashes Penzer, not you! Get to it, Mercedes Penz!

Penzer: What ever you say, Jim Ross Perot... Ladies and Gentlemen... the next contest is scheduled for one fall... it will be for the GCWA Intercontinental Championship! *cheers* First, the challenger... standing 6'1" and weighing 224 lbs... he's been a standout in the GCWA for most of its existance... a former tag-team and European Champion, he's more proud of his two reigns with the Cruiserweight Title... now he fights this match not for Dynamite's gold, but for the one he can get from the man accompanying him, X-Dog.... "The Rocker" Marty Jannetty!

*Jannetty and X-Dog make their way to the ring... X-Dog's got the Cruiserweight Title in his arms... Jannetty's wearing the FU Title, which he must have pulled out of his closet... they go to the ring, with X-Dog moving towards the announcer's table and putting the Cruiserweight belt there...*

Tenay: Er, thanks, X-Dog. Well, Jannetty looks ready. I'm sure he's completely confident in his abilities for this one. I've lost count how many times he's defeated Dynamic Dynamite in their classic feud. But he could be underestimating his opponent. Still, he wants the Cruiserweight Title X-Dog has, so Dynamite's in for a serious fight in this one.

Brain: We'll see.

JR: Huh?

Penzer: His opponent... standing 6'7" and weighing 275 lbs... with his manager, OG Thug... he's the leader of the new Age cliq... currently in the midst of his second Intercontinental Title reign, to go with his tag-team title reign... Dynamic Dynamite!

*Dynamite and OG Thug, both with confident, almost cocky grins, appear and head for the ring, the Intercontinental Title glinting in the bright spotlights focused on the two of them... Dynamite hands his belt to OG Thug and rolls into the ring...*

Tenay: Dynamite's been on a tremendous run recently. He's pulled himself completely out of what many thought was terminal midcard status, and is now a top champion in the Fed. It's really been a thrilling turnaround for the big-time wrestler. But for his career move to be complete, he's got a huge obstacle to overcome. Someone he hasn't managed to pull it off against yet. Jannetty is Dynamite's worst adversary, and a win here will soothe a lot of demons that keep Dynamite up at night.

*The bell rings...*

JR: Jannetty and Dynamite immediately lock up, looking for the first move. Jannetty turns it into an upright arm bar, twisting Dynamite's arm the wrong direction. But with an elbow shot, Dynamite reverses it, then whips Jannetty into the corner. Jannetty catches himself on the turnbuckle, avoiding a hard hit, then spins around to meet the charging Dynamite. He runs forward, and the two men ram into each other with a double tackle, crashing to the ground! They're slugging each other freely, as X-Dog watches from the outside, completely captivated in the fight. There's no doubt who he's rooting for. If Jannetty wins, the Cruiserweight Title becomes his, and X-Dog gets his circuit. I wouldn't be surprised if the Degeneration-X'er tries to interfere in this one.

Tenay: He's got his eye on that gold, I'm sure. Dynamite gets control, putting a headlock on the ground on Jannetty. He's twisting the head around so Jannetty can look in the opposite direction, but Jannetty stands through it, ignoring the ref. The Rocker starts ramming elbows into Dynamite's stomach, bouncing him up and down, then shoves him off into the ropes. He whips Dynamite off, wait, reversal, Jannetty hits the ropes and returns. He ducks under a running clothesline from Dynamite, though, then rebounds. Dynamite suddenly dives to the mat, as Jannetty leaps over him, then... takes flight?? The Rocker, I, he... what the hell????

Brain: I knew it!

JR: Ladies and Gentlemen, Jannetty just did a Suicide Dive over the top ropes and crashed down onto X-Dog!!!! The champion didn't even have a chance to move out of the way! Now Jannetty is just pounding on X-Dog, using his fists like heavy weapons, as Dynamite stands in the ring. Jannetty rolls the DX member into the ring, where Dynamite joins in, stomping away on the man! The ref doesn't know what to make of it, and frankly, neither do I! I can't understand it! Hey, Bobby, how the hell did you know about this? How could you not warn us??

Brain: Hey, I can keep a secret, even when it's just a rumor. I heard that Dynamite and Jannetty had been talking recently, but I didn't want to say something that was unconfirmed!

Tenay: I don't get it!! The Rocker and Dynamite have been huge enemies of each other for months now! They had a huge feud! Why on earth would they suddenly team up? The ref's calling for the bell, and it's obvious the fight, at least between Dynamite and Jannetty, is over. That settles that. But Dynamite's not done yet. He lifts up X-Dog and gives him a Dynamic Pain!!! X-Dog's out! Jannetty steps over the fallen man and drops the FU Title on him. What's he going to do now? Oh, reinforcements are coming! Blade, Nightmare, and Neo are all on their way out!! Dynamite and Jannetty leave the ring on the other side, as DX goes in, checking on X-Dog. Look at Blade, he is absolutely furious!!!

JR: I don't blame him!! What on earth has happened to Marty Jannetty, that he would pull something like this??? Wait, Jannetty has a mic!

Marty Jannetty: Somebody be sure to tell X-Dog, when he wakes up, that a deal is a deal. Do you remember the deal, Degeneration-X'es?

*Suddenly, behind Jannetty, the Titan Tron lights up, running one of Jannetty's interviews... "But I will set the deal up the way you seem to want it, X-Dog. I'll be at ringside, and I swear I won't interfere with your match, as much as I'd want to if that pompus "champion" came near me. So you win the Cruiserweight Title quickly. Then you be at ringside when I get in against Dynamite, and watch as I drive him into the ground. After the Intercontinental Title match, you hand over the Cruiserweight Title, and I'll give you my belt. All I want is that Cruiserweight Title back, X-Dog. It won't bother me how I get it." The Tron goes silent, as DX finishes watching it...*

Marty Jannetty: I held up my part of the deal, X-Dog. I didn't interfere with the Cruiserweight Title match. I even helped it happen for you. I gave you my belt. I never said it'd be the Intercontinental Title, or even that I'd win the match. So my deal is all sewn up, and according to the contract you signed, your end is as well.

Dynamic Dynamite: *grabbing the mic* Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you, the only 3-time Cruiserweight Champion in the land, one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, and the newest member to join the new Age cliq, "The Rocker" Marty Jannetty!!!!

*The boos nearly drown out everything said, as Jannetty takes the mic back...*

Marty Jannetty: And let me introduce to you, the leader of the nAc, and still the best 2-time Intercontinental Champion of all time, Dynamic Dynamite!!!! Thank you, good night!

*OG Thug hands Jannetty and Dynamite their belts, which they hold up in the air... Shorty and Nightmare look like they want to go after the two, even as the other members of the nAc, with the Stable Trophy in hand, walk out of the back to celebrate... Blade just continues staring, a horrible grimace on his face... *

JR: This is just... incredible! I never saw it coming, and I'm sure no one else did, either, with the exception of closed-mouth Weasal over here! Marty Jannetty in about a month's time, has completely turned around! With Jannetty and Dynamite together, we could have some serious problems in the GCWA! I'd say let's look at the replay, but, I mean, we don't want to see it again!

Brain: What do you mean, JR? That was great! Jannetty is now truly ready to become an all-time great wrestler! He's a three-time Cruiserweight Champion, no one else has done it, and he's proved he can do it both with strength and with his mind! I see great things in this vet's future!

Tenay: Whatever, Heenan. We aren't going to let this spoil the last of our great card. The main event, the match everyone's waiting for, is up next! Stay with us!

*X-Dog, helped up by Neo, is angrily talking with Blade... Nightmare starts stretching, as Blade stays unfocused... he kicks out at the turnbuckle, trying to tear it apart... *

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