Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen... it is now time for the main event of the evening... are you ready? *cheers* Then let's get it on! This bout was first scheduled as a 7-man Invitation Elimination match, but I have been told it is now officially a 5-man match, as two men, Demon and Shannon Shag-Nasty, are no longer competing in it...

Brain: Which means that the Eternal lose a shot at the Heavyweight Title, and Shannon Shag-Nasty loses his career. This is terrible.

JR: Shut up, Bobby, Penzer's trying to talk here!

Penzer: Introducing first.... already standing in the ring... at 5'10", 210 lbs.... he's a former Internet, Tag-Team, and Heavyweight Champion... one of the representatives of Degneration-X.... seeking his second World Title reign.... Blade!

*Blade barely acknowleges the crowd... he says a few words to Nightmare, then waits for the opposition...*

Tenay: Blade's mind may no longer be focused on the World Title, guys. After that utter turnaround by his former tag-team partner, Marty Jannetty, you've got to think his juices are churning for a shot at revenge against the man. But right now, he's got to push that aside and see if he can win the big one tonight.

Penzer: Also already in the ring... and also representing Degeneration-X... standing 6'5" and weighing 265 lbs... he has held the World Title twice in his career in the GCWA, along with his reign as the Hardcore Champion... one of the odds-on favorites tonight... he is Nightmare!

*Nightmare simply gestures to the fans that chant his name... he's now deeply in concentrationg for the upcoming match...*

JR: Nightmare is an incredibly gifted athlete. I saw him wrestle in the EEWF, and he could comfortably be called one of the best, both there and here. The feud he and the Accelerator had there made the EEWF great, if only for a short period of time. You can expect some of that action tonight, since they'll both be in the ring.

Penzer: Next... standing 6'6" and weighing 290 lbs... he is the only wrestler in this event that has already eliminated an opponent... formerly with the Bastards of Oblivion... now apparently a free agent... a former Internet Champion... Titan 3!

*Titan 3, now the main enemy in the bunch, gets a lot of boos as he comes out... however, a fan section does cheer wildly for him, since he eliminated Shag-Nasty... Titan 3 takes it all in stride, barely hesitating on the way to the ring...*

Brain: So Titan 3 is now no longer a Bastard? Or is he his own type of Bastard? I don't get it. He really nailed the hand that's been feeding him for the past couple of months. I know it makes the odds a little better for him, but it still seems like a very strange thing to do at this juncture. If he doesn't win the World Title tonight, he's lost a lot of power behind him.

Penzer: Number Four... he stands 6'6" and weighs 280 lbs... he's well-known for calling himself now five-time Heavyweight Champion... but he's seeking his first time as the GCWA World Champ... he is the Accelerator!!

*Ace comes out to some strong cheers... strangely, though, he doesn't get near the amount that the DX members did... it doesn't seem to bother him, though.... *

JR: So can Ace do it? You can see from here that his left wrist is still heavily taped, and you know he's still feeling the effects from his match last night at the ICWF PPV. Will he be strong enough to survive everything put in front of him? It's going to be interesting to watch, that's for sure.

Penzer: Finally, the last wrestler tonight... he stands 6'11" and weighs 288 lbs... in his GCWA career, he has held many of the top belts, and now, for the second time, he wears the GCWA World Heavyweight Title... the leader of the Thug-Nation Wolfpac... Animal Thug!!

*The cheers for Animal Thug are very loud, eclipsing most of the wrestlers thus far... he holds up the gold he earned by defeating Shannon Shag-Nasty, then walks towards the ring, where the other four are waiting, semi-patiently...*

Tenay: There he is, the man who joined Nightmare, Phoenix, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and X-Dog as two-time Heavyweight Champions in the GCWA. It's rather surprising how many people have held the belt twice. It's a sign of the awesome talent that's come through the GCWA, no doubt. Animal Thug's facing a serious force in front of him, though. He's got to beat some of the toughest men in the GCWA, the guys who proved they deserved to get this far. It's going to be a war! I can't wait!

*The bell sounds...*

JR: Not surprisingly, the Accelerator and Nightmare renew what they started earlier tonight, immediately going after each other with flailing fists of fury! They REALLY don't like each other, they haven't for a long while now! Blade and Animal Thug match up, also repeating what happened earlier in the night. This allows Titan 3 to pick and choose. Titan 3, though, isn't bothering just yet. He's sitting in the corner, watching the two groups fight it out. I'm sure he'll get involved soon enough, he's too much of a lover of fighting. Nightmare's taken control on one side, pounding away on Ace's open chest. You can almost see the fatigue already on Ace's face. This is going to be a long night for him. Animal Thug's using his fists to smash down on Blade. He's got that massive size advantage there, but Blade is a furious fighter, and not one to back down. Now here comes Titan 3, smashing Nightmare from behind! He spins Nightmare around and starts firing cannon shots into his stomach, going for those ribs like every opponent of Nightmare's seems to do.

Brain: Always go for the weak spot, JR. Snap Nightmare's ribs. Aim for Ace's wrist. Go for Animal Thug's knees, to take them out. Hit Blade basically anywhere. Heh. Now Ace is out of the corner, and he and Titan 3 start double-teaming Nightmare. There's one we didn't expect to see, but the two did seem to have respect for one another during their interviews. Besides, Titan 3 eliminated Shag-Nasty. Ace has to be happy with him. By the way, is Shag still Commissioner?

JR: I believe the deal was that he would leave the GCWA, Brain, so he couldn't be the Commish.

Brain: Damn, so much for that raise. Oh well.

JR: What's the matter, need to buy a new car?

Brain: Don't remind me.

Tenay: Has this been the way it's been since I've been gone? Geez. Blade's turned the tables on Animal Thug. He's up on the turnbuckle, pounding away on him to the counts of the crowd. He then steps onto the turnbuckle and comes off with a Legdrop, smashing Animal Thug all the way to the ground! About time we saw a wrestling move! Blade stands and charges the other direction, showing some teamwork from DX by spinning Titan 3 around and hitting a dropkick that staggers him! The Accelerator ignores both of them, pulling Nightmare up and choking him in the corner. Animal Thug slowly gets up, a little dizzy from the hit he just took, while Blade snaps Titan 3 down with a DDT. Blade does a quick crotch chop, aiming it towards the back, where Jannetty went. Blade then turns, right into Animal Thug's hands! The Thug lifts him, spins him, and Tombstone!!! Man, Blade is down, way down!

Brain: He just got introduced to the concrete under the ring, if only for a second! Everyone in the ring turned to that move. It was too loud. That could make a difference, obviously. Nightmare reaches up and slashes across Ace's eyes, breaking the choke. But he can't get up right away, as he's trying to get his breath back. Ace follows the ropes, trying to clear his vision. Animal Thug, meanwhile, tried a pin on Blade, but only got a two count. Titan 3 is back up, but as he reaches for Blade, Animal Thug sucker-punches him in the throat! I guess the teamwork only goes so far between these guys. Titan 3 stumbles back into the ropes holding his throat, as Animal Thug steps forward and clotheslines him out of the ring! Of course, this isn't a Royal Rumble, so Titan 3's still in it. He's just down outside the ring.

JR: It's slowly dissolving into chaos here! The Accelerator grabs Blade on the way up, lifting him into a Torture Rack! That's one of Ace's old favorites as a submission hold, as I recall. Blade's in pain, as the ref approaches and checks. Ace smiles at Animal Thug, who hesitates, then heads over to where Nightmare's recovering. The Thug pounds Nightmare with his boot a couple of times, then turns and comes back, spearing Ace!!!!! The Accelerator is down!! Blade didn't fall that well, either, but what a hit that was! Animal Thug was a frieght train! Ace is rolling in agony in the ring. His wrist was around Blade when he was hit. That can't be good! Titan 3's slowly coming back into the ring, but what really matters is Animal Thug pulling Ace up and dragging him towards the corner. Blade crawls towards the ropes, out of the way. Titan 3 heads over towards Nightmare, who's just starting to rise. And Animal Thug comes off the turnbuckle with Ace in Da Killa!!!!!! Ace is gone!!! Animal Thug covers.... 1.... 2...... 3!!!!!!

Tenay: I really didn't think Ace would go so quickly, but at least Shag-Nasty went first! We're down to four wrestlers in this one! One of these four will be the Heavyweight Champion! Animal Thug walks towards the ailing Blade, while Titan 3 is now backed into the corner getting chopped repeatedly by Nightmare, who seems to have recovered somewhat. Blade's hurting. He's been focused on a lot of tonight. Animal Thug throws the man into the corner, then drives a few shots into him, adding to the pain. Animal Thug's looking really strong in this one. Nightmare, on the other side, pulls Titan 3 out of the corner, then looks the other direction, realizing something. He grabs Titan's arm and whips him the other direction, wait, Titan 3 reverses it, and Nightmare's headed there instead! Animal Thug steps out of the way, and the DX members collide!

Brain: Now there's the teamwork I like to see! I think Nightmare took the brunt, though. He stumbles back, but then spins and grabs Animal Thug in one fluid motion, hitting a Death Penalty maneuver!!!! Animal Thug, just like that, is down, but so is Nightmare! Blade isn't much better. Suddenly, Titan 3 is the fresh man! How did that happen? He pulls Nightmare up, slices a shot into his esophagus, then locks him up and hits the A-Bomb!!!! The pin.... 1...... 2...... 3!!!!!! Nightmare is no longer the odd-on favorite!! First Ace, then Nightmare! They're dropping like flies the longer we go!

JR: That's a good thing, Brain. Only three remain, the current Heavyweight Champion and two major challengers! Titan 3 pulls himself up with a smile and moves towards Animal Thug, who's trying to get to his feet. Titan 3 grabs him, but out of reflex, Animal Thug breaks away, then darts in, picking Titan 3 up and Side Suplexing him down!! Titan 3 rolls away from the Thug, surprised, as the champion follows, stomping away. Titan's trying to avoid the shots, but he runs out of room, and now he's being kicked repeatedly! So much for Titan 3 being the fresh man! Blade's just sitting in the corner, taking a much-needed breather, as Animal Thug pulls Titan 3 up and gives him a Neckbreaker! Titan 3 is in bad shape rather quickly here. The Thug spins him around and tries a pin... 1..... 2...... Titan 3 kicks out.

Tenay: The Thug wanted that one to be over, but it didn't happen. He stands, a little annoyed, and kicks out again, into Titan 3's side. Animal Thug then leans down, pulling the ex-BOO member off the canvas and towards the ropes. He leans Titan 3 against the ropes and then whips him the other direction. As Titan 3 returns, a big boot knocks him to the mat. Animal Thug steps towards him, ready to finish it, but here comes Blade! The DX member climbed the turnbuckle while Animal Thug performed his kick, and now is in midair, flying and catching the World Champ with a Bulldog maneuver!!! The Thug is down! Quickly, Blade pulls the man up and jets Animal Thug into the corner. As the stunned Thug crashes into it, Blade runs in with a knee lift, then braces the Thug partially on the 'buckle and hits a modified Sure Shot!!!!

Brain: Wow, what strength from Blade!!! Animal Thug might be done! Blade makes the cover.... 1...... 2...... 3!!!!!!! Animal Thug is no longer the World Champion, thanks to Blade!!!! We're going to have a new champion, and he's standing in the ring right now!! Will it be Blade or Titan 3? Titan 3 stands partially, holding his side, while Blade leans on the corner breathing. They're both glaring at each other, while the crowd screams like crazy! I think the fans are actually split here! Titan 3's definitely got a partial following going on! The two head towards the center of the ring, and the slugfest is on!! They're whaling away, both realizing how close they really are to getting that World Title in their arms! Blade takes control, locking Titan 3 up and going with a Fisherman's Suplex! 1..... 2....... Titan 3 barely kicks out!

Tenay: The crowd is on its feet! These two don't have much left! Blade stands first, shaking his head. He kicks Titan 3 in the head, unbalancing him, then starts to go for the Wetstone. But Titan 3 trips Blade up before he can get into position, dropping the man backwards! Blade hit his head pretty hard on that one! Titan 3 pulls himself up inch by inch, while Blade just tries to stop the world from spinning on him. The ex-BOO member grabs Blade and starts to lift him, but Blade fires up an uppercut instead, into Titan 3's jaw! Blade steps back from the stumbling wrestler in front of him, then goes off the ropes and leaps with a splash attempt. Oh, but Titan 3 catches him, spins, and.... A-Bomb!!!!! He turned a splash into an A-Bomb!!! What force!!!!

Brain: Blade is just a mass of tissue and broken bones in there now!!!

JR: Titan 3 makes the cover.... 1....... 2....... 3!!!!!! Can you believe it??? What an upset!!! Out of all the former champions who were in the ring, Titan 3 manages the incredible win!!! Titan 3, ex-BOO and now on his own, is now the World Heavyweight Champion!!!! The crowd is really divided now, between boos and cheers, as Titan 3 staggers to the ropes and drops to his knees, an expression of complete joy flashing across his exhausted features. The referee comes in with the World Title and hands it to him, even as Blade is checked on. What a fight! What a night!!! We hope you've enjoyed it! I know I have! For Bobby "The Weasal" Heenan and Mike Tenay, I'm Jim Ross, and we'll see you next week!!!

*The tape rolls, showing Da Killa, the first A-Bomb, the Sure Shot, and the final reversal... the clips switch to stills of Breaker falling from the roof; Richter making the pin in the stairwell; X-Dog with the Cruiserweight Title; the Burning Tables; the Bone Busters attacking the ringMasters; Jannetty and Dynamite saluting each other; and finally, Titan 3 raising the Heavyweight Title ever so slowly above his head... the picture ends...*