JR: I just still can't believe what just happened. Titan 3, seeing an opportunity, seized it. He, as a BOO member, interfered in the Long Way Down match, dooming Shag-Nasty to be unable even to fight to save his career in the GCWA! Shag-Nasty said he'd leave forever if he was eliminated before the Accelerator, and Ace agreed to it! My question is, was Ace in on this? Did he set this all up? Are Ace and Titan 3 working together?? I guess we'll find out later tonight. But for now, we can't spend time just talking. We've got a long way to do tonight yet!

Tenay: You said it, JR. The next match has a deep significance to two of the opponents fighting it out. The third, though, is the one holding the Hardcore Title. Roll it.

*Phantom and Hellbent are pictured, staring eye-to-eye with each other... the fights they've endured against each other are shown, from the first night that Phantom joined the Eternal, attacking Hellbent with his allies, to the Weapons match the two had... Richtor is also shown, winning the Hardcore Title from Tower and talking about how he would defeat both opponents... *

Brain: Ok, we've seen the tape, reminding us about everything we already knew. I mean, anyone watching this who paid the 20 bucks knows what the match is about. So let's go, Penzer!

Penzer: The next match is scheduled for one fall... it will be a Three=Way Battle for the GCWA Hardcore Championship! *cheers* First, coming down the aisle... standing 6'11" and weighing 350 lbs... the Total Annihilator of his opponents... Hellbent!

*Hellbent marches out towards the ring, ready to face the adversaries on his dance card... he enters the ring...*

Brain: This guy's entire career has been based around Phantom. He has such hatred for the man. You wonder if these two will even notice Richter. They just want to injure each other. Of course, a weapons match didn't settle it, so why should we think a Hardcore match with another person will?

Penzer: Entering the arena... standing 6'7" and weighing 279 lbs... the powerhouse, representing the Eternal tonight... the man who will send you to the Gates of Hell... Phantom!

*Phantom heads straight for the ring... Penzer immediately leaves, as Hellbent braces himself, and the two start slugging it out..*

Brain: Thataway, who needs small talk??

JR: Quiet, Brain. These two truly do hate each other, though, you're right about that. Phantom's had the advantage of numbers a couple of times, but that isn't the case today, as the only Eternals in attendance are the ringMasters, who are thinking about their own match. Phantom and Hellbent are really whaling on each other.

Penzer: Er... and the third competitor, 6'8", 277 lbs, the Hardcore Champion, Richter! I'm outta here!!

*Richter starts down the ramp, taking his time, as Phantom and Hellbent fight it out in the ring... he has a container full of items as he heads towards the battleground... someone rings the bell...*

Tenay: Richter's no fool. He's known from the beginning that these two would rather fight each other than him. Right now, in the ring, Hellbent's got control. He whips Phantom hard into the turnbuckle, then comes in himself with his 350 lbs, crashing into the man!! Phantom shudders painfully in the corner, as Hellbent yanks him up and out with a Belly-to-Back!! Twice in a row, the full weight lands on Phantom! Hellbent stands and goes off the ropes, coming back with a standing splash, adding to the damage, then makes the cover.... 1...... 2..... Richter comes in, smashing a kento stick across Hellbent's exposed back!

JR: He may be taking his time, but he's not letting the belt get away from him, either, although, to be fair, Phantom was just kicking out when the hit came. But that doesn't matter to Richter. He smashes his stick down on Hellbent again, then again, then again!!! My god, he's going to seriously injure the man with this attack!!! Just a few seconds ago, Hellbent was in control, but now he's just getting pounded flat! Richter ends his attack suddenly, though, as Phantom comes over. Phantom just ignores Richter, picking Hellbent up and actually lifting him with a Scoop Slam!! He then turns towards Richter and puts his hand out, wanting the stick. Richter laughs, then swings towards Phantom's head! Oh, but the Eternal was expecting it, ducking underneath and charging, knocking both men over the top rope!!

Brain: Another loud crash! I'm glad we gave up that policy of sitting at ringside, guys!

Tenay: Amen!

Brain: Anyway, Phantom's up, with Richter in tow, throwing him into the steel railing in front of the fans. Phantom doesn't waste time, moving forward and dragging Richter across the rail with his face! He's giving Richter a nose job with the railing! Phantom then pulls Richter up and whips him towards the hardcore carrycase, but Richter reverses, and Phantom hits it instead! Items of destruction are everywhere! Richter rubs his nose in pain, then moves in towards his opponent. Hellbent's still in the ring, barely moving. He took some heavy hits from Richter to begin this one, and it'll take him a while to recover. Richter pulls a baseball bat out of the pile, heading towards the downed Phantom. Batter up!

JR: We're looking at a major league swing coming up! Oh, but wait, Phantom pulled some kind of metal pipe off the ground, and blocks Richter's swing with it! He swings back, and all of the sudden, we have a Hardcore swashbuckling exposition!! They're slashing and parrying their shots, with some serious swings! Any of those hits could end this match, but neither's letting any through! They both swing continuously, hitting the two weapons together. But wait, Richter's bat just broke from that last hit!!! Wood does not stand up to metal, remember that! Richter starts retreating up the ramp, facing the advancing Phantom. Phantom suddenly charges with a wild swing that Richter just barely dodges. Do you see the hole that Phantom just put into the stage???

Tenay: Wow, now THAT would have hurt! Richter kicks away the pipe, then grabs Phantom, whose arms must be hurting from that collision, and whips him through the curtains! We're going backstage, folks! The cameraman is following as close as he dares, as these two Goliaths go at it! Phantom is getting slammed into the concrete wall of the arena by Richter, but, hey, we've got action out here, because Hellbent's back on his feet! He sees the Titan Tron and slides out of the ring, heading towards the fight. Meanwhile, the two backstage are fighting down the hallway. Richter goes crashing into a table set up for the wrestlers! No Gatorade for our guys tonight! Phantom continues his advantage, stepping in and lifting Richter up in a Powerslam onto the table!! Oh, and the table didn't give! Ouch! Richter is rolling in agony, as Phantom pulls him off and tries a cover.... 1...... 2....... Richter kicks free!

Brain: He's a tough champion, guys. Phantom stands him up again and drags him down the hall, and they turn down a stairwell! Are they going upstairs or down? OH, they're not going either!! How'd Hellbent get into the stairway ahead of them??? Phantom comes tumbling out, barely missing the camera, as Hellbent smacks Richter as well with the broken half of the baseball bat!! He nails Richter once more for good measure, putting him down, then goes for the Phantom, getting behind him and choking him with the bat! Talk about pain, not only can't you breathe, but you're in danger of splinters!!

JR: All of these guys have given everything and more for this belt. You can see it in their faces. Richter's trying to stand, with a thread of blood going down his forehead. Phantom's standing again, smashing elbows into Hellbent to get free. He grabs the man and throws him towards, no, Hellbent reverses, but Phantom hangs on... and both trip over Richter's outstretched feet and topple down the stairway!!! I don't know if that was on purpose or not, but I think Richter just took out both of his opponents! He stands and, using the railing, goes down towards the two guys. Phantom's just in a heap, holding his head, and Hellbent might be out! Richter falls on top of him, and the ref is right there... 1.... 2...... 3!!!!!!!

Tenay: Just to prove you don't always need your finisher when there's a staircase around! Richter is still the GCWA Hardcore Champion, getting a pretty big defense tonight! Does this solve anything between Hellbent and Phantom? Who knows. All I know is that we need to roll the footage!

*Some of the violent hits are shown... the kento stick to Hellbent's skull... the breaking of the baseball bat... the powerbomb on the table... and the finishing plunge down the stairwell, with the pin soon after...*

JR: So what's our total so far? Two solid defenses and one "title" under new ownership? And that's just the start, because we've still got 5 title matches left to go! Who's next, Mike?

Tenay: It's the one a lot of people are predicting as a squash, JR, which means an upset could go either way in this one. X-Dog's been looking forward to the next match. Tonight he has the chance to do something no one else in the GCWA has ever managed: running the circuit of titles. This is the first part of it, the Cruiserweight Title. Let's look at what's gone on over the month.

*Marty Jannetty is shown holding the Cruiserweight Title above his head, with a smile on his face... his actions against Dead Willie, including the chair shot that ended the match, are followed by Shag-Nasty declaring Dead Willie the champion... the Contenders match between X-Dog and Jannetty ends with Dead Willie knocking Jannetty out and leaving him easy pickings for a pin, giving X-Dog the shot... parts of the deal made between X-Dog and Jannetty are also shown before the foreshadowing ends...*

JR: X-Dog is listed as an odds-on favorite to win this match now, especially with Jannetty in his corner. Of course, Blade didn't seem too happy about it, did he?

Brain: Neither did Shorty. They're both jealous. If Jannetty gets the Cruiserweight belt tonight, he joins X-Dog as someone who's set a new record, since no one's held that belt 3 times. But first, X-Dog's got to win it over the BOO.

Penzer: The next bout is scheduled for one fall... it is scheduled as a No DQ, No Countout fight for the Cruiserweight Title! *cheers* First, coming through the entryway... standing 6'0" and weighing 212 lbs... he's held virtually every title imaginable, with the exception of the Cruiserweight and Intercontinental belts... accompanied by "The Rocker" Marty Jannetty... he is unofficially the glue that holds Degeneration-X together... X-Dog!

*X-Dog and Jannetty walk side-by-side to the ring, not looking at each other... Jannetty breaks off and stands at the foot of the apron, while X-Dog enters...*

Tenay: X-Dog sure looks confident in there. It's actually been a while since he's held a title in here, which is really a surprise. But then, he hasn't wrestled much recently either. Tonight, he wants that belt more than anything. The "circuit" has become pretty important to him. Important enough to make a deal with Jannetty, who, as always, just wants the Cruiserweight Title.

Penzer: His opponent... standing 6'1" and weighing 200 lbs... the submission hold master of Lucille... and known as Shannon Shag-Nasty's brother... the GCWA Cruiserweight Champion.... Dead Willie!

*Dead Willie walks out with a frown on his face, as X-Dog waits in the ring... he comes to the apron, then takes off the Cruiserweight Title, throwing it down... he shakes his head and starts back up the aisle, with X-Dog looking surprised after him...*

JR: Where's he going? Dead Willie is just leaving the Cruiserweight Title lying on the ground! Could this be because of what happened to Shannon Shag-Nasty earlier? You would think that, if Shag-Nasty has to leave, Dead Willie might be going with him, as well as some of the other BOO. Titan 3's actions must have them confused as well. But he's not even going to fight? Hey, wait a minute!

*Dead Willie gets spun around by Marty Jannetty, who clocks him on the jaw, then drags him part of the way down to the ring, tossing him in with X-Dog! The challenger doesn't waste a second, coming in and kicking Dead Willie repeatedly...*

Tenay: Looks like Jannetty wasn't going to let that happen! He knew the fans wanted a match, so he delivered Dead Willie to X-Dog! Maybe Blade is wrong. There might still be some good in Jannetty, despite all that's happened to him recently. Or he just hates Dead Willie so much, he wanted to see him punished.

*The bell rings...*

JR: However it works, the match is going now! There's no countout, no DQ, and there must be a winner! X-Dog's really in control, slamming Dead Willie's head into the turnbuckle pads. He climbs partially up the turnbuckle and comes off with a Tornado DDT, slamming the champion down! Dead Willie may not want to wrestle this one, but he needs to really consider giving some offense against this attack! X-Dog isn't bothering with the pin. He pulls Dead Willie up and sends him into the ropes, then tries a lariat. But Willie ducks under it. He comes back with a splash attempt that X-Dog ducks under. Willie manages to land with a roll and hops back up, as X-Dog spins around with a snap kick. Dead Willie dodges it, then moves in, getting multiple punches into X-Dog's face, driving him back! Alright, now we've got a fight! None of this vacating the title stuff!

Brain: I don't know if this is completely fair, but hey, neither is life. And Dead Willie isn't doing terrible despite the fact he wasn't going to wrestle. But for all we know, JR, he might be injured, which is why he'd be forced to vacate the belt. He could be risking his health in there right now!

JR: Please, Brain, it's pretty obvious why the guy wanted no part of this fight The Bastards of Oblivion have been shaken to the core, with the apparent fall of their leader due to the betrayal of one of his main Lieutenants!

Brain: Still...

Tenay: Back to the match, guys. Dead Willie has X-Dog in a sleeper hold, taking away some of his energy by choking him down. The ref is close by watching for any signs of quitting from the Degeneration-X'er. Marty Jannetty is watching from the outside, probably wanting to get involved but not bothering. Officially, he could come in and knock Dead Willie out in full view of the ref, but he said he wouldn't interfere once the match got started. X-Dog staggers, dropping to one knee as he runs out of available oxygen. Oh, wait, I was wrong, that was a defense, as X-Dog reaches up, managing to grab Dead Willie by the head, and snaps him over, flipping him to the mat! X-Dog gasps and crawls partially to the ropes, breathing through his released windpipe. Dead Willie gets to his feet rapidly, though, and grabs X-Dog on the mat, lifting him up. Oh, and there's a Jawbreaker from X-Dog that snaps Dead Willie to the canvas!

Brain: Dead Willie's checking to see that his tongue's still in one piece after that shot, as X-Dog climbs to his feet. He goes for the pin.... 1..... 2..... Willie escapes before the hand hits. X-Dog stands and grabs Dead Willie's legs and, instead of a submission hold, drops his head, in a stinger that'll hurt all night long! The ref starts to say something, then remembers the No DQ factor and shuts up. Good boy. Sit, stay. X-Dog continues to hold Dead Willie's legs, dragging him across the ring into position, then slingshots him into the air, where he crashes into the turnbuckle post!! Dead Willie's a mass of dangling limbs now. The champ's in trouble! Someone send for the Bastards!

JR: That's actually an interesting point, Heenan. Are the BOO going to appear for this one, since it's no DQ? Or are they in the back, talking about what's happened? I'm sure Shag-Nasty is pretty frantic right now. His career in the GCWA just might be over. For some reason, I don't see the Accelerator going to bat for him. Dead Willie could really use the help right now, though. X-Dog climbs up onto the turnbuckle with him, locking him for a suplex. But wait, Dead Willie blocks it with his feet, then spins on the turnbuckle, maneuvering his feet through the ropes, and comes off with what could only be called an Inverted Super-DDT!!!! X-Dog is down and possibly out after a move like that! Maybe Dead Willie does deserve that title! He stands, sits, then stands again, dizzy but in control. He spits at Jannetty, who angrily wipes a hand across his face but still does not come in. Surprising willpower from the man.

Brain: Yeah, but if he went in, he could make sure X-Dog gets the belt! This waiting is a bad idea, if you ask me, which they always do when there's a problem. Anyway, Willie drops onto X-Dog... 1.... 2..... X-Dog kicks out! Dead Willie wasted a little too much time! He looks angrily at the ref, then pulls X-Dog up, as Jannetty hits the mat, either in frustration or to get the crowd pumped. Willie Scoop Slams his opponent, then signals for Lucille! This could be the end! He starts to lock it on, but wait, he's down! What happened there? Usually Dead Willie's the one to knock the feet out from under his opponent, but that time X-Dog reversed it! X-Dog stumbles to the ropes, hanging on them, as Dead Willie rises back up, with a hand on the back of his head. He steps towards X-Dog, who turns, and there's the X-Factor!!!!!

Tenay: Dead Willie just got spiked like so many before him! Jannetty's smiling now, as X-Dog rolls over, making the cover.... 1...... 2...... 3!!!!!! X-Dog has gotten the second-to-last belt before the circuit is complete! He's the new Cruiserweight Champion!! Jannetty goes and grabs the title from the attendant's desk, looks at it, then walks over and enters the ring. X-Dog stands to meet him, and the Rocker hands over the belt that X-Dog's had so many chances against! X-Dog and Jannetty shake hands, then Jannetty leaves the ring, leaving X-Dog to celebrate! Another good fight for the video vaults! Brain, it's your time again.

*Heenan talks about the match, from Dead Willie's Inverted Super DDT to X-Dog's final X-Factor to get the win... it finishes with X-Dog and Jannetty shaking hands...*

JR: So another title changes hands. How many of those will we have tonight? Anything can happen at the PPVs of the GCWA! Speaking of that, the next match has had guys fighting each other almost since the last PPV, October Oblivion. Let's take a look.

*The first shot is back at Oblivion, when Hellfire was fighting the ringMasters for the gold... J.Y. Kidd and Lan Ragus appeared when the lights went out and took out Hellfire, allowing the ringMasters to win... next, the ringMasters defended the belts against X-Rated... right afterwards, Buzzing the Rage attacked them... then, in the European Tournament deciding match, Scary Ass Clown is pictured knocking Lan Ragus out with a 'steel' pie in the face... Shorty got the victory because of it... fade out...*

Brain: These two teams have a history, that's for sure. But are the Kidd and Ragus going to show? Dead Willie obviously didn't want to. Maybe Buzzing the Rage will stick around, though. Take it, Penzer.

Penzer: I can't.

JR: What? What are you talking about, De-Penz?

Penzer: It's so simple you might even understand, RJ. I got a note during the Cruiserweight fight. J.Y. Kidd, Lan Ragus, Shannon Shag-Nasty, Michael Breaker, Chris Jericho, Devo Croz, and probably Dead Willie have left the arena en masse, presumably in protest. So the team of Buzzing the Rage are no longer here.

JR: Really? They delivered it to you?

Tenay: Calm down, Jim. So that would mean the ringMasters win by forfeit. That's one less match, I guess. Wait, that theme music...

*The ringMasters walk out of the back with their music drumming in the speakers, to the boos of the crowd... Scary Ass Clown has a mic... they start to walk towards the ring as SAC talks...*

Scary Ass Clown: So those Buzz boys aren't going to fight? I know they're having a spat, but that's just sad. We wanted to deliver a few more gifts to them. I spent all day on a pie just for the Kidd, since he's a growing boy. All that effort, wasted? How about anyone else? Is there anyone in the back who wants to come forward and face us? Any challengers are accepted.

*The sound of horse-beats hit the speakers, shocking the fans as well as the ringMasters... coming out of the back are two men who once made a huge impact on the GCWA... "Double A" Arn Anderson and "Terrible" Terry Blanchard, in street clothes, both march onto the ramp, then break into a sprint... Anderson goes after the Boogyman, while Blanchard and SAC meet up with flying fists... *

JR: Wow! What are those two veterans doing here??? I thought Blanchard had retired, and Anderson's been gone for a while now! The Bone Busters are back in the GCWA, at least for one night!!! Blanchard's got the Boogyman in trouble, smacking him with multiple shots from his fist, which appears to be taped. Anderson doesn't have his crowbar with him, but he's fighting long and hard against the younger, we assume, Scary Ass Clown! They're fighting all the way to the ring!

*Someone decides to ring the bell...*

Brain: Does that make it official? I mean, are Anderson and Blanchard even under contract in the GCWA? Well, if they are or not, we have a fight going on! The ref somehow separates Blanchard and the Boogyman, ordering them to go to their corners, while Anderson and Scary Ass Clown enter the ring. Anderson throws SAC into the corner and follows, smacking him with right hands, as the ref moves back into position. The ringMasters were expecting to fight Cruiserweights, JR. This is an unfair battle by any stretch of the imagination! Wait, I could be wrong, since, with a rake of the eyes, Scary Ass Clown retakes control. He comes out of the corner and smacks a knee into the side of Anderson's head, sending him down. It makes you wonder if the Bone Busters have even been training for a return.

Tenay: They may have been training, Heenan, but they couldn't have known about this opportunity since the BOO lost. Neither team was really prepared to face the other, but in this kind of situation, you definitely have to go with the champs. Scary Ass Clown whips Double A off the ropes, then dropkicks him on the return. SAC then walks over and tags in the Boogyman, getting himself a breather. The big tag-team champ steps through the ropes and locks onto Anderson, pulling him up and bodyslamming him onto the mat. He tries a cover, but only gets a 1 count. Anderson's got that kick-out reflex so ingrained, he probably doesn't even get pinned in his sleep! The Boogyman lifts the man back up, no, low blow! The Boogyman felt that one, taking a step or two back, as Anderson climbs up and slams both fists upwards into his jaw! The Boogyman falls into the ropes, as Anderson goes to tag Blanchard. Hey, wait a second, we've got more company coming!!

JR: Yeah, it appears the Master Race didn't want to be left out of the fun!!! Adolf and Alger von Ayrian climb the apron and go into the ring, meeting up with the Boogyman, who's standing now. Adolf and the Boogyman start to go at it, as Alger turns towards the incoming Blanchard. The ref's signaling for the bell. I guess this is going to be a No-Contest, but none of the wrestlers seem to care! Blanchard and Anderson are now working as a team against Alger, while SAC just got smacked right out of the ring by Adolf, who turns his attention back to the Boogyman. We've got a complete brawl in the ring now, reminiscient of the Stable match! We need to get someone down there to clear the ring! Then we can sort it all out! Three matches remain! All for the big gold in the GCWA!

*Blanchard and Anderson both get knocked down from an Adolf clothesline, while the Boogyman trips up Alger and puts him into the corner... Scary Ass Clown starts to come back into the ring, as we fade to a short break...*

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