Tenay: We've had two pretty good matches, with the next one destined to be another one, especially with the stipulations which have been added to it. But first, let's talk favorites. There are now 6 men in the main event, with Demon being dropped from the match. I guess you could say he was the first eliminated. That leaves many choices, so let's name our picks. I, personally, am going for Nightmare. The man's got his chance at becoming a three-time champion tonight, and he has the abilities to do it.

JR: I'm more aligned towards Animal Thug, Mike. He's got the belt, and it'll take a lot to strip it from him. Heenan, what about you?

Brain: I think I'll go with Blade. I know, it's sickening, but the guy is a real fighter, and he's done it before. So it'll be Blade. Unless Titan 3 gets lucky. Of course, there is Ace and Shag. Hmm.

Tenay: I should have known. JR, tell us about the next match.

JR: Alright, Mike. The next bout tonight has a lot of impact behind it.

Brain: Especially if either wrestler falls off!

Tenay: Be quiet, Heenan.

JR: Thanks, Mike. Have I said how good it is to have you back yet? Well, it is. Now, back to business. These two men have fought many a time, and now seek to settle things with a very dangerous match. This kind of fight can end a career, and to those fans who think this is all fake, well, then, you've got to see this one! But first, let's go through the history of these two.

*The picture rolls with a close-up of Michael Breaker leaning on the ropes with a smile... another shot, this one of Neo, is next... the two's first match, or parts of it, anyway, flash by... Neo nearly gets Breaker in the Virus, but is stopped by Chris Jericho... Trinity is shown getting the "Man" Breaker... Neo's sneakattacks on Jericho are followed by Breaker yelling Neo's name... Breaker and Jericho doubleteam Neo after a match... then last week's cage match ending is run... we return to the three announcers...*

JR: These two have really been fighting since Neo first appeared in the GCWA. It's been a war between the two of them, involving others like Jericho, Lowdown, and Shorty. Now, though, the two men are high above, and from what we heard earlier, no other BOO can approach the ring or else Shag-Nasty will be forced to leave the 6-man match later tonight. So we know this one's going all out! Let's get it on! Penzer?

David Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen... the first contest tonight is scheduled as a Long Way Down Match! *cheers* There is NO time limit *more cheers*... the winner of this match will be the one who stays on top of the cage, while the loser will be determined when he hits the ground! Let me introduce first, walking to the caged ring, standing 6'3" and weighing 230 lbs... he's been the warrior against the BOO, one of the main fighters against them... now in his first PPV, he wants the victory more than anything... the One... Neo!

*Neo waves to some of the fans, then starts climbing the cage... Penzer stays on the side of the ring, making his announcements... Neo reaches the top and points to the crowd from far in the air, getting cheers everywhere he points...*

JR: Has Neo fought anyone else but the BOO since he arrived? He's had battles with Breaker, Jericho, and the new guy, Reverend Lowdown. Now he's back where he started, the first man he faced. Neo fought Breaker before he was even an official wrestler in the GCWA. I think he can pull out the win here, Mike, I really do.

Tenay: From what I've seen on tv, the guy's got talent. But don't knock the size disadvantage, JR. That means a lot in Long Way Down matches, since submission holds mean nothing, and power is everything.

Penzer: His opponent... standing 6'9" and weighing 310 lbs... for the past couple of months, he has been the dominator of the BOO, the main enforcer for Shannon Shag-Nasty... most recently known for his brutality towards Trinity, and his chair shot on the Accelerator.... Michael "The Man" Breaker!

*Breaker gets a majority of the boos, although there does seem to be a small "BOO" section up in the stands cheering and waving signs... Breaker stomps down to the ring and begins to go up the side of the cage, not an easy task for such a big guy...*

Brain: Breaker is a menace, which makes him such a great wrestler. The man is a destructive force, and he clearly has the advantage in this one. Look at his size when compared to Neo's! This might be a good match, or this might be a very short match, if Breaker can get both arms on "the One". A man that size can toss a cruiserweight like Neo any direction he chooses.

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: We'll just have to see how things go, Brain. Neo's quick and agile, which can mean a lot in most type matches. Will it work here? We'll see. Breaker comes forward quickly for his size, swiping at Neo, who ducks under it and lashes out into Breaker's ribs with those rapid punches of his. Breaker staggers, taking hit after hit, as Neo tries the combinations that have made him a very popular wrestler here. Neo then grabs Breaker's head, slamming a forearm to it, then yanks him to the side of the roof. But Breaker isn't anywhere near done. He quickly grabs Neo and lifts, SideSlamming him onto the rooftop! Neo shudders in pain as Breaker stands up, rubbing his side where the bruises are likely to form.

JR: Damn, it's good to have you back, Mike. Breaker pulls Neo to his feet and locks him up for another powermove, lifting him with a Piledriver!! He spikes Neo into the steel mesh, sending him hard down, and quickly the odds become a lot worse for Neo. Breaker may just be too big, too powerful, and simply too dangerous. He brings Neo up again and casually grabs his arm, whipping him towards the edge! Neo goes into a slide, stopping his momentum just as his feet leave the surface of the roof! Neo has a moment of fright there before he's able to get a handhold and pull himself back up. Is it me, or is Breaker glad to see it?

Brain: He wants to inflict more punishment, JR. This feud's been going on all month. Breaker doesn't want it to end too quickly. He steps over, lifting Neo up, all the way up, into a Gorilla Press!!! Oh, man, he could drop Neo in any of the front row fans' laps! Neo's struggling, though, as Breaker steps towards the edge. Oh, Neo somehow throws himself the other direction, falling behind Breaker and kicking out!! Breaker steps forward with only a few inches between him and, well, Oblivion! Breaker's arms flail wildly, but he gets his balance back and steps away, where Neo's getting up. The One comes in with some quick kicks to the sternum, then fires in a couple of uppercuts for good measure. He then snaps Breaker down with a DDT, shaking the roof's construction. I hope that holds. We all remember when Mankind got chokeslammed through the mesh, after all.

JR: Yeah, that was painful to watch. And it could happen here, if Breaker gets his way. But right now, Neo's the one in charge. He stands shakily and pulls his opponent up, kneeing him in the face. Neo tries to pull Breaker out of the center, but Breaker grabs hold of the cage, not budging, then uses his other arm as a weapon that plants Neo to the ground! Ouch. Breaker stands, wiping sweat and, just maybe, a little blood from his forehead. He stands Neo up and puts him into the air with a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker! Neo's in agony way up there. That's what makes these matches so dangerous. You take all that punishment from getting slammed on the steel, then when you don't have enough left, you're thrown 20 feet or so to the hard ground, and let me tell you, that padding does nothing from that distance.

Tenay: These guys agreed on this match, JR, so let 'em fight. You'll never see me up there, though. Breaker's got Neo up, snapping him over with a suplex that nearly causes both men to slide off of the cage! But Breaker hangs on, pulling Neo back up, only to nail him with a right hand that sends Neo toppling over! Oh, but Neo got a grip on the very edge of the cage, just barely hanging on! He'd be easy pickings if Breaker wasn't stepping the other direction, breathing heavily and celebrating the victory! Neo slowly pulls himself up, straining his fingers all the way, as Breaker turns to the cheers and realizes what's happening. He runs forward, but then suddenly changes his mind. I guess he realized that getting too close to the edge right now could cost him the match.

Brain: Either that, or he noticed the disturbance! Blade and Nightmare are headed towards the ring! Nightmare's even got a ladder with him! I'd heard rumors that Neo might be joining Degeneration-X, and I guess this confirms it, since Blade's got a DX t-shirt over his shoulder, and Breaker isn't stupid enough to leave the BOO for them!

JR: But Heenan, if DX interferes in this one, the Accelerator is forced out of the main event!

Brain: Exactly! Nightmare and Blade don't care! This would be eliminating an adversary before he made it to the ring! The Accelerator's a threat, and they know it, so they're going to take him out! Wait, Ace is running towards them now! He spins Nightmare around and angrily points backstage, wanting them to leave. But Nightmare just smiles and says something. OH, and Ace clocked him!! Blade turns and runs back as the two long-time foes go at it, tooth and nail! And now Blade's involved, making it two-on-one! Hey, haven't we seen this before from these three?

Tenay: It doesn't matter, Brain, because here comes the Wolfpac!! Animal Thug and the Thug-Nation-Troopers join in on the brawl, helping out the GCWA Wolfpac founder! X-Dog's out as well, and we've got a serious brawl going on! I wonder where Shorty is? Oh, anyway, we're ignoring the action in the ring, or rather, on top of the ring. Right now, both men are down. Neo got in some suicidal moves that put Breaker down but hurt himself as well. It's still anyone's ballgame up there. Neo's trying to climb up, and you can see the welts on his arm from the mesh biting into his skin. He stumbles over to Breaker and hauls him up, only to get tossed over Breaker's shoulder!!! But he's not at the edge, luckily for Neo, so he simply hits the cage roof instead, unluckily for Neo.

JR: The fight's still going on between the Wolfpac and Degeneration-X. I guess loyalty does count for something, since Animal Thug's fighting to preserve Ace in the main event. On the roof, Breaker's climbing to his feet. He looks around at the booing fans and grins a bloody grin, having cut his lip somewhere in the fighting. He starts to head towards Neo, but, hey, someone's climbing the cage! I can't tell who it is, the light is bad. Did one of DX make it through?? No, that's, that's Titan 3!!! But he's a BOO member!!! Breaker hasn't seen him yet, but Titan 3's up on the roof now, having climbed the cage! He spins Breaker around, smacks him in the jaw, then grabs him, propelling the shocked man off of the roof!!!!! Breaker just plunged a long way, crashing through a solid table!!!! That is absolutely no support on that landing!!!!

Brain: That makes Neo the winner!! But, wait, since Titan 3 interfered, that means that Shag-Nasty is out of the main event!!! Wait, that also means that Shag-Nasty was eliminated before the Accelerator! Shannon Shag-Nasty's career with the GCWA just crashed as hard as Breaker did!!! I can't believe it, Titan 3 just ended Shag-Nasty's reign of terror in the GCWA!!!

Tenay: This doesn't make sense!! Neo turned towards Titan 3, but the man's already climbing back down the cage. Neo has a strange look on his face. He shrugs and raises both arms into the air, as the fans cheer. Neo gets himself a PPV win here tonight, as Breaker is in need of immediate medical attention. The Wolfpac and Degeneration-X are still fighting partially, but now that the match is over, some of the momentum is gone. We'll straighten this all out in a second. We'll be right back.

*A shot of a dressing room is shown... the tv is playing, and on it, you can see DX approaching Neo and handing him a DX t-shirt... Neo takes it with a nod... the medics surround Breaker, trying to get the big man on the stretcher... we hear a voice in the background... "no.... no...... NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" Shag-Nasty comes into view, throwing a chair hard into the wall, then grabbing the tv set and smashing it to the ground... he turns and nails the cameraman with a thrown food tray, and the picture goes black quickly...*

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