*The PPV screen fades away to black... waltz music can be heard in the background... men and women in 19th-Century garb are dancing back and forth in what appears to be a ballroom... the music slowly accelerates, until the people are spinning around themselves... a deep-throated laugh is heard, as the room starts to shake... the dancers fall, as an explosion erupts in the center of the room... we're shown shots of the Bastards of Oblivion marching through towards the screen, some of them chugging beer, some not... pictures of guys like Shorty, Marty Jannetty, Dynamic Dynamite, and DX flash by on the outskirts... Animal Thug is pictured holding the Heavyweight Title, followed by a split-screen shot of the Accelerator and Shannon Shag-Nasty grinning, apparently at each other... the intro fades away, with the rock music dying down and the crowd noise echoing throughout the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada... signs range from "The Master Race is Darker Than Any Angel" to "X-Dog's The Millenium Man!"... we zoom in on the broadcast booth, where Jim Ross, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, and "The Professor" Mike Tenay are waiting the action...*

JR: Hello, and welcome to one of the biggest PPVs of the year! This one has it all! Every belt in the GCWA is on the line! Over 25 wrestlers are going to be fighting it out! The night is going to be massive, especially with the way things are going! The Professor is back! Talk to us, Mike!

Tenay: Well, it's great to be back, JR. I got the confirmation call this morning that the President had re-signed me for tonight's action, as well as far after that. I'm set up for the battles that are in the future, and I couldn't have picked a better time to return! We've got so much packed into one night! Shorty has his chance against the European Champion, Napalm, after fighting his way through the tournament! The Cruiserweight and Intercontinental belts are not only on the line, they're also possibly ready to switch owners! We've got the Internet belt, the Hardcore Title, the Tag-Team gold, all ready for an epic war for each of them! And then, we've got the 6-Man Mega Main Event for the Heavyweight Title at the end of the show. Demon may be gone, but the rest are ready to go! Speaking of, I've just been told that the President is on his way out. For the first time in a month, that's not something to dread! Here he comes!!!

*"Sweating Bullets" starts pumping through the speakers at a rapid pace... the Accelerator comes out decked in his wrestling gear... there's a wrap around his left wrist, but otherwise he looks like he's in good shape... the fans cheer him until he gets the mic...*

The Accelerator: Ladies and Gentlemen! Introducing the one, the only, the REAL President of the Global Championship Wrestling Association, the FIVE-time Heavyweight Champion of the World... the Accelerator!!!

*The cheers are very loud, and Ace's smile gets larger...*

The Accelerator: That's right, it's now December 1st, as in, no longer November. Shag-Nasty's reign is over! He may be Commissioner now, but he doesn't have the power he used to, the power I'm going to use! Right now, I'm naming some stipulations to some of the matches tonight!

JR: Stipulations? What's Ace going to do? This could be good!

Brain: Yeah, I love whatever Ace does.

JR: You? You were Shag-Nasty's biggest fan!

Brain: Me? No, no, that was just so he wouldn't beat me up. I really like Ace.

Teany: *shakes head*

The Accelerator: First, with the Neo-Breaker Long Way Down match. There will be NO INTERFERENCE! I've gotten tired of Neo almost winning, then stopped because of Jericho, or Breaker, or the Rev. So if any BOO wrestler becomes involved in the match other than Breaker, Shag-Nasty is out of the main event. Now, for X-Dog-Dead Willie? The winner gets the belt. Remember that one, Shag? DQ counts. If a guy is counted out, the other gets the belt. That's the way it works in that one. Finally, Shorty-Napalm. Oh, heck with it, let's just make this one a Burning Table Match! Yeah, that's right! It was thought that the European Tournament match would be 'special', so it's going to be. Especially since that's one of Shorty's favorite matches, but that's just a small thing, really. Those are my stipulations, Shag. What do you think about that?

*Suddenly, you hear "Shaggin' Bullets", and the former President and now Commissioner, Shannon Shag-Nasty, walks through the doorway to the boos of the crowd... he has a mic with him... *

Shag-Nasty: Ok. You want to throw out some stipulations, Acey. That's cool. I'm fine with the Neo-Breaker stip, although it's No Interference around the board. If a non-BOO member interferes, YOU'RE out of the big main event, dig it? X-Dog-Dead Willie is fine, too, but let's extend that to Buzzing The Rage-ringMasters. The winner there gets the belts as well. Shorty-Napalm should bring in the buyrates on the replay, anyway. But what about the stable match? Oh, I know, since the cage is already going to be there, let's make it a 3-Way cage fight for the trophy. That way, Acey, we can make sure that the GCWA Power-Checking is totally in line. Get it? Good.

The Accelerator: So, using that Commish power already, Shag? Sounds good to me. I'll see you later on tonight, boyo.

*Both men depart the area with cheers for Ace, as we return to the broadcast location...*

Tenay: The Accelerator and Shag-Nasty both seem pretty confident about tonight's activities. We have a battle of the powers going on, and a lot of matches now look pretty different. It's going to be a long, entertaining night. I can guarantee it. We've, huh? Oh, ok, we've got something to show you guys. It's occuring in the back.

*A shot in the back comes on, with Blade and X-Dog talking in a room... Blade seems agitated... X-Dog says that things are going to be alright once the night is over... Blade, though, says loudly "But he's not the same! This is a mistake!"... suddenly the door shuts, apparently by another DX member in the room...*

Brain: Blade looks annoyed at something, doesn't he? Do you think they're talking about Jannetty and the deal that's been made, or could it be something else?

Tenay: Whatever it is, you can sense a little friction in there. Of course, Nightmare and Blade are probably thinking a lot about tonight's main event bout. But that's for later, and we're not getting any closer just by talking! Take it, JR!

JR: The Stable Trophy was created by Shannon Shag-Nasty, and has become a very competitive trophy. Degeneration-X had it first, but Detonation was able to steal the trophy back to the BOO. Now the Wolfpac and the New Age Cliq are both challenging for the trophy for their organizations. Not only that, though, but thanks to Shannon Shag-Nasty, the cage is now down, and these men are going to battle it out for the belt! Roll tape!

*A view of the Stable Trophy, as it first appeared, is shown... parts of the massive Stable Battle Royale flash by, with Nightmare's amazing catch of Blade, winning the trophy, at the end... we switch to the battle between Nightmare/Blade and the team of Detonation, with Shag-Nasty's interference helping the BOO get the trophy for themselves... the three banners of the stables involved tonight appear on the screen, then collide with each other in an explosion, returning us to the arena...*

David Penzer: The next match is scheduled for one fall... it will be fought inside a steel cage, and will be for the GCWA Stable Trophy! First, representing the new Age cliq... weighing a combined 474 lbs... Buff Brian and Trasher!

*The two men get some boos on the way out, as they walk towards the cage... Brian does not have his entourage with him, but Trasher does have his trash can... they enter the ring, with the can staying on the outside...*

Tenay: From what I've seen, neither of these guys have had a major career in the GCWA. I'm just speaking the truth. Neither has held a title, although Trasher's come close on many occassions, most recently being denied by Shorty's actions. Now these two seek to bring home the most recent creation in the title brackets, the Stable Trophy. But they've got to get past two teams for that.

Penzer: Their opponents... weighing 490 lbs combined... they're bringing the flag of the Thug-Nation Wolfpac into the mix... two men who have seen it all in the GCWA.... Bobby... Thug Capri... the Thug-Nation Troopers!

*The Wolfpac members get a bigger cheer from the crowd, as they march towards the cage... the nAc wrestlers watch as Bobby and Thug Capri enter through the doorway...*

JR: These guys are two that you can really call veterans of the GCWA. They were here with Animal Thug back in the HWF. They've fought numerous battles whenver and wherever they can. But now they want to get the Wolfpac the Stable Trophy for the first time.

Penzer: Finally, the organization that currently holds the stable trophy... representing the Bastards of Oblivion... weighing a combined 505 lbs... Chris Jericho and Devo Croz!

*The BOO members have the Trophy between them as they walk out to the throngs of booing fans... they walk to the ring, leaving the trophy on the outside, and enter the cage... the battle begins almost immediately following...*

Brain: The BOO boys are here to fight! They barely waited before attacking their opponents! Jericho and Reizrok there really want to keep the trophy, painted in their own colors, with their camp. But it's going to take a fieresome fight! My question, though, is this: is this like a Wargames match, or is it tag-team, like the trophy's been before?

JR: I don't have a clue, Brain.

Brain: You just said a mouthful, JR.

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: C'mon, JR, sit down. We don't need to start the fight here, we have a long night ahead of us! It's looking more like a Wargames match in there right now. The ref started to try to get people to their corners, but he quickly gave up. Right now, Jericho and Buff are fighting each other. Thug Capri and Reizrok are throwing each other around. Trasher and Bobby, then, are the last two paired off, and they're really pounding on each other! You know that Trasher is just not happy with the way things have gone recently. After leaving the Wolfpac for the nAc, he's been hounded by guys like Shorty. Now's his chance for revenge.

JR: Well, he's delivering some punishment, but Bobby's not backing down either. The fight in there is furious. Just think, this is kind of what the main event is going to look like! Almost, anyway. Jericho's down, he just got slammed hard headfirst into the cage by a running Buff. Croz isn't doing much better, being choked in the corner by Capri. Trasher's on the receiving end of some punishing shots from Bobby now, and gets shoved into the corner, wait, he comes out with a running lariat to knock the big man down! Trasher really seems to have trained for this fight! He kicks Bobby a few times, then changes direction, going over to where Buff Brian is gesturing. The two lift Jericho up and send him flying hard into the cage, nearly taking the side of it off! Jericho falls off it, to the mat, as Buff and Trasher turn their attention back to Bobby, double-teaming him.

Brain: That's what you want to see, teamwork. That's the key to the Stable Trophy, after all. Capri's walking along the cage in pain, I think Croz might have slipped and kicked out in the wrong direction. *muffled groan* It could happen, JR! Croz is standing now, coughing. He steps out and nails Capri with a forearm from behind, knocking him to his kneees, then locks on a nerve hold, adding to the pain. On the other side, Bobby's off the ropes, and coming back into a double dropkick! Bobby's taking a beating right now, I'm afraid. Jericho gets up and walks a few steps away, coming back with a running elbowdrop, then tries the first cover... 1.... 2... Bobby kicks out. Buff's back on Jericho, who's just barely starting to get up. This one's not a bad fight, JR.

JR: I'm so glad you approve, Weasal. Brian smacks Jericho against the cage again, then sets him for a suplex, but then Croz runs over, running into Buff at full speed! Buff Brian hits the cage hard, with Jericho falling away from him. Croz then lifts him from behind and uses a Back Body Drop to take away some of the nAc's steam! Croz tries a cover... 1..... 2.... Buff kicks out. Croz stands, annoyed, and kicks out at Buff. Trasher sees it and starts to come over, but Bobby grabs his ankle, tripping him up. Trasher stumbles right into Croz, who gets a throat lock and lifts with a Chokeslam! The Wolfpac and the BOO worked together. There's something you never see. Everyone in this match has taken some punishment. You can see the fatigue starting to show. Croz pulls Trasher up, then throws him towards Jericho, who catches him and spins with a Neckbreaker. Trasher might be out of this fight. Buff Brian's starting to stand, and Bobby's back up, locking with Croz. Thug Capri's against the cage, trying to clear his head. I think we're nearing an end here.

Tenay: It could be, JR. These guys don't have much left. Jericho runs forward, nailing Buff Brian but falling down himself in the hit. He didn't have enough left to keep his balance. Capri steps forward, but Croz is there again, locking onto him and setting him for the Crushed Reality!! But wait, Bobby comes forward and hits Croz from behind, breaking up the move! He and Capri kick the man, then they whip him hard, with a lot of momentum, into the cage!! Croz actually rebounds off of it, though, with a Double Clothesline!!! The Thug-Nation Troopers are both down! But Trasher is up!!! He comes in, grabs Croz, and there, the Eliminator!!!!!! Croz is out!! That whip into the cage had him too stunned to dodge the finisher!! Trasher makes the pin, as Buff Brian trips Jericho up.... 1...... 2...... 3!!!!!!

Brain: This could almost be seen as an upset, guys!!! The new Age cliq have brought home the GCWA Stable Trophy! Everyone in the ring looks exhausted, but the smile on Trasher's face says a thousand words. What a win for Trasher and Buff Brian, over such established stars! I'm very impressed.

JR: I can tell, Heenan, just tone it down a little, will you? So the nAc are triumphant, something that no one saw coming. The Wolfpac and the BOO are just going to have to suck it up that, for one night, the nAc pulled out all the stops to get that coveted trophy. This finally puts that stable on the map, Mike. Let's look at the replay, while they raise the cage.

*Much of the chaos is shown on the replay... guys flying in the cage... the Double Clothesline followed by the Eliminator rounds it out... *

Tenay: That was a pretty good opening bout, JR. That's the most shocking thing. It truly was just the first in a long number of them! No reason to stop now! Let's go to the next one!

Penzer: The next match is for the Internet Title! *cheers* It is scheduled for one fall, with NO time limit... I never get tired of saying that... first, the challenger... standing 5'9" and weighing 175 lbs... he was given a special exemption to wrestle this match... formerly known as Joshua Curtis, he is now simply known as... the Dark Angel!

*DA gets a semi-soft ovation as he walks to the ring... the cage has been raised inbetween matches, but is still suspended from the roof... DA enters, sliding under the ropes...*

Brain: This is the match I'm sure about who's going to win. Tenay: Who's that, Heenan?

Brain: I'll tell you later. Anyway, Curtis, I mean, the Dark Angel has done a lot in the GCWA. He just hasn't accomplished anything of merit. Maybe tonight he can change that. You never know.

JR: The guy's got skills, Heenan. And from what I've seen, I think von Ayrian has underestimated him. We could have an upset here.

Penzer: His opponent... standing 7'2" and weighing 350 lbs... he's the master of the Kaiser Krunch... and currently the holder of the Internet Title... the leader of the Master Race... Adolf von Ayrian!

*Ayrian gets a lot of boos as he walks out with the title strapped to his waist... he stomps down towards the ring, with a small grin on his face as he looks at the much smaller opponent...*

Brain: Now this guy's a monster. He's big, he's a champion, and I personally think he should be a World Title contender. He's been a force since he arrived here. I'd say this is a great match for him. Curtis is in for some trouble.

*The bell rings...*

JR: He does have a sizable advantage in there. The Dark Angel will have to move fast to avoid those massive hands and wear the big guy down. Another David and Goliath match. What happened to matching them by size, anyway? Oh well. Adolf comes in against the Dark Angel, who backs up towards the ropes. He suddenly runs backwards, bouncing off the ropes and coming back in the air with a fist cocked, smashing into Adolf's head! The big man steps back, more surprised then hurt, but the Dark Angel is already going off the ropes again. He flies back with a forearm shot that sends von Ayrian stumbling to his knees! The fans are suddenly going beserk! Could we be seeing the beginnings of an upset? Curtis grabs von Ayrian by the head and hits a variant of a DDT, bouncing Adolf off the mat, and tries a cover... 1.... 2.. Adolf throws him off. But the Dark Angel is looking impressive in the beginning.

Brain: It won't last. D.A. goes towards the corner, quickly climbing it as Adolf pulls himself to his feet. Curtis comes off with a Missle Dropkick right on the mark, and once again Adolf is stumbling back in shock at the fight he's getting! The Dark Angel stands with a smile on his face, but doesn't let up, running forward and firing in quick punches. Oh, but wait, Adolf takes a few shots, then locks onto Curtis, throwing him backwards by the throat! D.A. rolls backwards, but quickly gets back up. He no longer has surprise on his side, though, as von Ayrian charges forward, clotheslining the man to the outside! The Dark Angel crashes to the ground at a bad angle, but Adolf's too pissed to care. He's leaving the ring!

Tenay: Could this be a mistake? We'll soon know. The Dark Angel stands, clutching his elbow in pain, as Adolf drops off the apron with a kick that knocks the man back into the guardrail! Adolf walks forward, grabbing Curtis by the head and throwing him back into the apron repeatedly, making a dent the size of the Dark Angel's head. All of D.A.'s earlier momentum is now gone, as the Internet Champ has retaken control. The ref is counting down, as Adolf does one last move, throwing Curtis back into the rail. He comes forward, picking D.A. up and Gorilla Pressing him into the ring! Adolf follows soon after, barely beating the count. The ref admonishes him about it, but Adolf just laughs. He pulls the Dark Angel to his feet and pitches him into the ropes. As he comes back, Adolf goes for a Back Drop. Oh, but the Dark Angel manages to get a lock on von Ayrian on the run, snapping him down with a Leg-Scissor Takedown!

JR: I didn't think he'd be able to get the big man over like that! Curtis still has a chance. He manages to stand as Adolf pulls himself back up, still seemingly unhurt. The Dark Angel snaps some kicks into von Ayrian's nose, driving him backwards into the ropes. Curtis whips the man off the ropes, sending him towards the other side. But before it can happen, Adolf reverses it, jetting D.A. across instead. The Dark Angel comes back with a leap, but he's caught, and... Kaiser Krunch!!! This one's over, that settles it. Adolf makes the loose pin.... 1..... 2..... 3!!!!!

Brain: I gotta admit, the Dark Angel gave it a fight there, but Adolf's just too damn powerful for someone of his size to pull it off! Looks like Curtis is going to be nursing some bruises tommorrow. So Adolf von Ayrian is still the Internet Champion. Good for him. Let's take a look at what happened.

*We switch to the replay, showing the Dark Angel's early flurry of moves... Adolf's choke"throw" runs, followed by the Legscissor Takedown... it finishes with the Kaiser Krunch and the pin...*

Next Part...