* We return from the break with most of the wreckage from the Last Man Standing match cleaned up. The fans still seem energized from what they’ve just seen. We go to the broadcast location, where Heenan, Tenay, and JR are all sitting back down after a brief respite. *

Heenan: Damn, I needed that. Ok, we’re set, let’s get these final bouts going!

Tenay: We will, Heenan, don’t worry. The next fight has been building ever since 1999. Let’s roll the video tape!

* The footage rolls, showing Titan 3 standing along with the rest of the Bastards of Oblivion. The next shot is the one we saw earlier, as Titan 3 made Breaker fall off the cage, nearly costing Shannon Shag-Nasty his GCWA career. We skip ahead to show Titan 3 holding the World Title, while Shag-Nasty had numerous battles with Titan 3’s ally, Napalm, who left the BOO at the same time Titan 3 did. We move way ahead to where Shannon Shag-Nasty became the President of the GCWA, after the Accelerator moved up to CEO. He is shown exploiting his power, trying to run the federation as his own personal BOO playground. Then the third power intercedes, allowing Punisher to keep the World Title. The mysterious third power continues to plague Shag-Nasty’s ability to run the GCWA the way he wants. At Knockout in November, Shag-Nasty is denied his place as the referee in the Punisher/Mobley match. Instead, Titan 3 reappears to be the ref, and sides with Punisher against Shag-Nasty and the BOO. Titan 3 is helped continually by the third power, which sets up their match tonight for the right to run the January PPV. Both men are shown giving interviews. Titan 3 talks about his career in the GCWA. Shag ignores Chloe to talk about what he’s going to do to the betrayer. The footage ends. *

Tenay: It’s time to find out who’s going to be in charge this January! Let’s go to Penzer in the ring!

Penzer: The next match is scheduled for one fall. The stipulation on this fight is that the winner will have complete control over the January GCWA Pay-Per-View, which includes selecting the matches and deciding what belts will be fought for. Introducing first, standing 6’6” and weighing 290 lbs, he’s known for having the longest Heavyweight Title reign in GCWA history. He’s the legend of the GCWA. Here is Titan 3!

*Suddenly, the lights dim until we are in full darkness. Silence covers the crowd but is soon broken as "Tales of a Scorched Earth" by the Smashing Pumpkins blasts across the arena. The stage is covered with a booming orange pyro. As it fades to the crowd's cheers, Titan 3 is seen standing on the stage in the smoke, his arms raises to the air in a show of might. The GCWA-Tron shows pictures of his past triumphs, including numerous shots of him nailing opponents with the Ground Zero. He makes his way to the ring, the fans on their feet and loving it.*

JR: This is our savior!!! Titan 3, the GCWA's greatest Heavyweight Champion ever has returned to clean house! The only dirt on his list tonight is Shannon Shag-Nasty.

Heenan: Don't speak so quickly, Ross. Titan hasn't been in the ring in a long time, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a weaker, more vulnerable Titan then we've seen in the past. Not to mention the fact that our President just happens to be one of the greatest wrestlers in the GCWA's history as well!

Tenay: I think he's reading that off a script, JR!

Heenan: I am not, that happens to be my honest….

JR: Whoever writes your check gets your vote, Heenan. That's why they call you the weasel. Now, do us all a favor, either call this match down the middle for once or go to the back.

Penzer: His opponent, standing 6’7” and weighing 265 lbs. He’s the President of the GCWA, and is a former World Heavyweight Champion, the leader of the Bastards of Oblivion, Shannon Shag-Nasty!

*As Titan stands upon the turnbuckles, a deafening BOO can be heard over the PA. The lights cut to red and orange, pyros cover the stage again, and "More then a Business" by Clutch blares loudly over the speakers. Shannon Shag-Nasty, dressed in his wrestling gear, steps out to the crowds disfavor. He ignores them, staring straight at the ring with no real sign of his usual cockiness. He charges the ring, sliding in and instantly fighting off Titan 3's stomps. The bell rings.*

Heenan: Look at our President! He isn't afraid of anything! Although Titan is doing a good job of keeping him on the ground, Shannon is fighting back with all he's got. He finally gets to his feet, swinging and connecting with a nice left! Titan fights it off though, grabbing the President by the arm and slinging him into the ropes. Shag comes back, but Titan's already dropped his head, sending Shag over his shoulder, through the air, and to the mat! Shag pops up and charges again, but Titan takes him down with a quick Drop-Toe Hold.

JR: Titan's vulnerable, huh? He looks tougher then a three dollar steak! Titan brings Shannon back to his feet now, taking Shag-Nasty by his hair, dragging him around the ring, and tossing him, head over heels, to the outside! Shannon hits the mats, and Titan starts screaming in the ring. He really looks pumped up! The former champion is definitely ready to take on the world, tonight, but all he has to take on is one measly little punk that just happens to run our company! Shannon is to his feet, leaning over on the apron, and Titan charges him, drilling him with a cold Baseball Slide, and dropping him back to the mats!

Tenay: I never was one for Shag-Nasty's wrestling ability, but now, I'll just have to say he looks out of place. I'm actually a little concerned for his health in this match.

Heenan: Have no fear, Tenay, Shag can hold his own in any fight. Look at him getting to his feet once again, he doesn't even look shaky! Titan seems to want to take this own outside the ring, climbing through the ropes and to the floor to meet Shag. Shannon sees him coming, backs off, then kicks him in the stomach. Titan shakes it off, still moving towards the President. Shannon quickly backs away, but Titan is on him, grabbing a handful of shirt and pulling him in. He lifts Shag in the air with one hand over his throat then tosses him back into the guardrail. Ouch!

JR: Oh, Titan is going to beat the President to within an inch of his life, and I'm getting paid to watch it!! What a night this has been! Titan reaches down now and brings Shag up, but Shag attacks, hitting a nice surprise uppercut. Titan takes a step backwards, giving Shag enough room to connect with a nasty low-blow!! Shag now takes advantage, grabbing Titan by the back of the head and slamming his face into the steel stairs! The stairs don't budge an inch, and Titan staggers back, only to be grabbed and dropped with a nice Back Suplex. Shannon gets to his feet again, looking down at Titan, and stomping away at the former champ's chest!

Tenay: Like I said before a thousand times, Shannon is the dirtiest player in the game. He'll take advantage of you at any moment he can, whether it's a low-blow or a shot from a steel chair. If it helps him win, he'll do it. He moves in on Titan now, bringing him slowly to his feet. He pulls him over back to the stairs, lifts him, and drops him right back down on those stairs face first. Titan pops to his feet, stands for a moment, then crumbles to the mat.

JR: Titan has got to watch out for Shannon's style. He may not be the greatest wrestler, but he has beat some pretty big names here in the GCWA, always using surprise tactics to pull off the victories. Now, Shannon lifts Titan again and sets him up for a Piledriver. He tries to lift, but Titan reverses it, lifting Shag into the air and over his back! Titan stumbles forward as Shag quickly gets to his feet. Shannon charges, but Titan was ready, spinning around and dropping him with a big clothesline. Shannon drills the mats, but Titan wants him up again, pulling him to his feet. Now, he sends Shannon running into the stairs, sending him through the air over them and crashing into the guardrail again! Shag, hurt, stands again, only to have Titan meet him with a nice shot to the jaw!

Heenan: Man! What a display of power! Shannon flipped from that shot over the rail and into the audience, and Titan isn't wasting any time following him. Shag is trying to get away, but Titan is right on him, grabbing him by the back of the head and leading him through the audience. He stops a few times to bash the President's face into the surrounding guardrails, but keeps Shannon moving towards the back. Finally he stops, but I don't like the look of where they are. All I see is electrical equipment, some speakers, and a real hard table around there!

JR: Titan seems to like the second option, sending Shag running into those giants speakers. He hits them, but they don't move, dropping Shag in a heap to the floor. Titan slowly walks over, stopping to take a drink from one of the fans and have a sip! Beating the President's ass must be hard work!

Tenay: Couldn't be that hard.

Heenan: I'd like to see you try it Tenay, President Shag-Nasty would mow through you like…

JR: Forget that, Brain! Titan is about to end Shag-Nasty's entire career in this business if he does what it looks like he may do! He's trying to tip that speaker over onto Shag! The weight of it would break a good portion, if not all, of Shag-Nasty's bones! The speaker rocks back and forth then finally slowly leans over. It falls! But Shag-Nasty rolls out of the way at the last second! Damn, that was close!

Heenan: You actually sound disappointed that the President is still alive! Titan obviously is upset. He destroyed thousands of dollars in equipment for nothing! He walks over to Shag again, who's crawling away under the table. Titan grabs hold of his trunks and pulls him out from underneath. Shag looks scared half to death! Titan smiles, lifting him to his feet, then quickly grabbing hold and Bulldogging him to the floor! I think Shag is busted open out there!

JR: Titan is really giving Shag-Nasty the beating of a lifetime! He brings him up again and rolls him onto the table! It looks like its time for something vicious! Titan follows him up and looks to Powerbomb him, but Shag drops to one knee and hits another low-blow!! He stands up, wraps Titan's head under his arm, and falls off the table with a DDT right onto that downed speaker!!! Oh my God!!! Titan's head has cracked the back of the speaker open, Shag isn't moving at all, and the crowd has erupted!!!

Tenay: I'm not sure Shag even knew what he was doing, moving more on some kind of instinct!! Both men are down now, Shag's body jolting in spasms! Titan's face is half buried into the back of that speaker, and.well, it's a mess!!!

JR: Blood has covered Shannon's face now, and most of his shirt, but the President is somehow getting back to his feet again. He looks like he barely understands what's even going on, shaking the cobwebs out of his empty head, and regaining some composure. Slowly, he makes his way back to the ring, using the guardrail to keep his balance. He falls over the guardrail back into the ringside area, but just lays there on the floor. He barely has the energy to stand, much less keep himself awake. Meanwhile, Titan is almost standing, one leg extended to keep his balance as he wobbly raises himself. He uses the table to right himself, then turns back to the ring, his face too covered in red.

Heenan: Both men have been busted open, both men are barely moving, and they haven't even really wrestled. This has been a good old fashioned street fight, neither man enjoying the outcomes of their decisions. Shannon has almost been killed, Titan is barely able to walk, and for what? The right to make the entire card for the January Pay-Per-View? This is insane!!

JR: But I'm loving it! Shag has somehow made it into the ring, falling to both knees and hugging a turnbuckle. Titan is just now climbing back over the guardrail into the ringside area. Shannon sees him falling back in, and backs off in the ring, climbing out on the other side close to us. He forces the chair away from our ring announcer, and slides back into the ring, just as Titan crawls under the bottom rope. Shag waits now, allowing Titan to stand, and then charges. He swings the chair, but misses as Titan ducks. Shannon turns back again, but Titan kicks him square in the gut! The chair falls to the mat, and Titan moves in, lifting Shag's right leg into the air, using all his strength to bring Shag's entire body up, then slamming him right back down into the mat! Once again, neither man is moving!

Tenay: The ref has started a count, but I doubt he'll get to ten. Titan is already starting to stir a tiny bit. He gets to his feet now, giving himself a moment to catch his breath. He moves in on Shag, but Shag quickly leaps up and pushes Titan back. Titan elbows the official in the face, sending the poor guy to the mat! Titan checks on the ref, but turns his back on Shannon, who picks up the chair and brings it down across Titan's back in one fluid motion! Titan doesn't fall, but looks as if he's about to pass out! Shag grabs him from behind now, and drops him with the Nasty-Snap!!! This one is…. the ref is out!!!

JR: Of course the ref is out! Shag-Nasty doesn't seem a bit confused though, in fact he looks like he's going to try something crazy off the top rope. He climbs the buckle and stands, setting up, and…. wait…. what's….

*Suddenly the GCWA-Tron flicks into life. Chloe Barnes can be seen standing in the parking deck backstage. She seems to have been crying.*

Chloe: Shannon, I know this isn't the right time, but you 've left me no choice. For weeks I've been trying to talk to you, to tell you something very important, but you've let your Presidential duties take you away from your own wife. So here it is, Shannon, my big announcement. I'm pregnant. But.that's not all. Shannon, I know for certain that you are not the father of this baby. I hope you're happy with what you've forced me to do. Goodbye.

JR: How about that! Shannon looks absolutely stunned atop the ropes! He's just standing there, and its going to cost him! Titan 3 stands and climbs up to meet him, socking him in the stomach and forcing him to sit down. Now, he stands him up, setting him up for something wicked. He turns him, and nails the Ground Zero!!! The ref is slowly crawling over to the cover…. 1… 2… .3!!!! And Titan 3 has beat our President! Titan 3 has earned himself a huge amount of power here in the GCWA!!! What a match!

Heenan: I can't believe it! I cannot believe it!! Who's the daddy???

Penzer: Your winner…. and the orchestrator of the January PPV…. Titan 3!!

Tenay: This one was almost as bloody as the Last Man Standing match, guys. I tell you, if this kind of wreckage continues, we’re really not going to make a profit today.

Heenan: Who cares about a profit? Our President is in a bloody heap in the ring, and you want to talk profits???

JR: Take a deep breath and relax, Heenan. Remember, Shag-Nasty can’t hear you right now.

Heenan: Oh, ok. In that case, let’s get on with the show!

* The biggest moments of the match, from the speakers to the final Ground Zero, are showcased by Heenan. He wraps up the replay, and we see Shag-Nasty being helped to the back. *

Tenay: It has not been a good night for the BOO. Dynamite is out, perhaps forever. Shag-Nasty and Rockwell have been badly beaten. Even Rage is Reality took a few shots from Punisher. The only bright spot could be in the next match, as Gabe Morse tries to bring in some gold. Let’s not waste any more time, we’ve got a match to go to!

Penzer: The next match is going to be wrestled under Ladder Match Rules! *cheers* It will be for the European Championship! *more cheers* Introducing first, standing 6’4” and weighing 250 lbs, the newcomer with the toughness of a bass, here is Jesse “The Fish” Fitzgerald!

* The Fish enters to his own unique music, and makes his way down to the ring, amid a chorus of “Fresh Bait” from the audience. He doesn’t pay them any attention. *

Heenan: Tough as a bass? Penzer, what are you drinking?

Tenay: There’s gotta be something, Bobby. Only a drunk person would say that. But the Fish has earned a reputation for being a tough fighter to take down. Can he come through, though, in a Ladder match with two of the top superstars in the GCWA?

Penzer: His opponent stands 6’6” and weighs 265 lbs. He’s the cold fighter who knows just how to freeze his opponents in their steps. Here is the Ice Breaker!

* Ice Breaker comes out in much the same way as the Fish, barely acknowledging the crowd as he thinks about what is to come. He enters the ring and glares across at Fitzgerald, who doesn’t seem to notice him. *

JR: Now this guy stands a serious chance of becoming the champion. He’s been impressive ever since he came to the GCWA a month or so ago. This is his first serious shot at GCWA gold, and you can be sure that he’s going to fight hard not to waste it.

Tenay: There has been talk that he and the Fish fought against each other in another federation, but I have very little information on that subject. I only watch the GCWA, after all.

Penzer: And now, the final opponent in this European Title Ladder Match. He stands 5’7” and weighs in at 197 lbs. One of the toughest small-fries ever in the GCWA, and a former Hardcore Champion. Now wrestling with the Bastards of Oblivion, here is Gabriel “Wildman” Morse!

* The boos are deafening as Morse comes out to the BOO theme. He laughs and walks past some of the fans, flipping off one who holds up an Ice Breaker sign. He comes down the aisle and slides into the ring, where he is immediately stomped on by Ice Breaker. The bell rings, and the match begins. *

Tenay: Here we go! We’re going to find out who the new European Champion is! This belt has been vacant ever since Derek Mobley had to give it up to get the title shot against Punisher at Knockout in November. It’s good to know that this belt won’t be collecting any more dust.

JR: I guess that depends on whether or not Morse wins it, Mike. The guy loves anything hardcore, which could get the belt a little more than just tarnished in the long run.

Heenan: I don’t think so, JR, Morse will make a great champion!

Tenay: He hasn’t won yet, Bobby. The Fish is over next to the other two men now, and both he and Ice Breaker are hammering away on Morse, getting in some serious damage. The BOO guy has insulted both men all week, so it’s not surprising that they’re double-teaming him now. Suddenly Ice Breaker turns and lands a hook shot to the Fish’s jaw, sending Fitzgerald stumbling back in surprise. Ice Breaker follows it up with a combination of hits, which rock the Fish back into the corner. Ice Breaker climbs up on him and starts pounding away, but only gets to 6, as Morse comes up from behind and grabs Ice, yanking him off the ‘buckle and onto his back. The Fish starts to get out of the corner, but then Morse climbs up and finishes the count with 4 more punches, then jumps backwards off the turnbuckle with a Moonsault onto Ice Breaker!

JR: You’ve got to admire the smaller man’s spunk, if not who he’s aligned with. Morse has really returned to be a force in the GCWA this last month. He pulls Ice Breaker up and whips him into the corner, slamming him into Fitzgerald. Both men fall to the mat, as Morse quickly goes to the outside and gets a grip on one of the ladders stationed at ringside. He’s in a hurry to get this one over with, guys.

Heenan: Well, of course, JR. He’s a very intelligent wrestler, and he knows that it doesn’t matter how much punishment you inflict unless you grab the gold hanging above the ring. Morse slides the ladder in and jumps in himself, even as Ice Breaker gets back up, shaking his head. He comes over to Morse, but gets clobbered by the edge of the ladder! This is where Morse excels. Anything in his hands becomes a weapon. He spins the ladder, smacking Ice Breaker in the ribs and knocking him down. Morse then goes to the center of the ring and starts to set up the ladder, but here comes the Fish! He tackles Morse from behind, taking both men down on top of the partially-unfolded ladder! Morse took the worst of it, and rolls in the ring, holding his head, as the Fish gets up. He doesn’t bother with the ladder, instead going after Morse, kicking furiously.

Tenay: This is giving Ice Breaker a chance to shake off the effects of the ladder shots. He’s pulling himself up on the ropes, even as the Fish gets Morse to his feet. He sends the Wildman into the corner and follows, but Morse leapfrogs over him using the ropes. Fitzgerald spins around, but he’s too slow, as Morse jumps up and gets a Hurricanrana on him onto the ladder!! Fitzgerald is in a ton of pain now. Morse steps out of the corner, no, he’s splashed right back into it by Ice Breaker! Ice then grabs Morse around the middle and gets a release German Suplex onto the Fish! Boy, we are seeing a lot of double-hits so far in this one!

JR: That’s the way these guys like it, I’m sure. Ice Breaker comes over and pulls Morse up, setting him in position and tossing him out of the ring! Ice Breaker then brings up the Fish and sends him in the same direction! Wow, Ice has just cleared the ring, and now he’s got some time to set up the ladder! He gets it in position and starts climbing, even as Morse tries to pull himself up on the outside. Ice Breaker is stretching out his arm, trying to grab the belt, but it’s swaying just out of his reach. He goes up another rung, on the edge of the ladder, with his arms fully extended. But wait, Morse is on the turnbuckle! The Wildman leaps off with a Missile Dropkick, knocking the ladder out from under Ice!! The wrestler plunges all the way down, landing at an awkward angle on the canvas!

Heenan: Yeouch! That’s one way to rearrange your vertebrae, I suppose.

JR: Definitely, Heenan. Ice Breaker is down, and might be out of this one. Morse gets up and grabs the ladder, then sets it on his side, putting it around Ice’s legs. He then stomps down on it, doing as much damage as possible! Ice yells in pain, trying to get his legs out from under the metal rungs that are crushing them. Morse hits it a few more times, then laughs and looks around at the booing audience in attendance. He goes and sets up the ladder again, in the correct position, and starts climbing. But wait, the Fish is back in the ring! He runs over and grabs Morse by the trunks, no, Morse kicks him away, spins, and dives off for a huge chop on the side of the head! The Fish falls to his knees, then tries to get back up, but Morse is waiting for him to rise. As the Fish turns, Morse runs at him and lands the Gambit!!!

Tenay: Morse just about took the top of Fitzgerald’s head off with that move!! Morse laughs again as the Fish rolls out of the ring and falls to the outside, possibly unconscious. He turns to go back to the ladder, but then gets smacked between the eyes with a steel chair!! Ice Breaker, hobbling, just sent a strong vibration through the brains of the Wildman! Ice falls backwards in a sitting position, his legs obviously bothering him, as Morse crashes facefirst to the mat. That was a heavy hit!

Heenan: It probably rattled loose a little more of Morse’s sanity, Mike. I love it! Ice Breaker’s now trying to pull himself up. He gets to his feet, limping badly, even as Morse stirs and moves to his stomach. Ice steps behind him and gets a grip around his ribs, pulling him up, then dropping him back down on his face by tripping him up! I’m not even sure what that move is called, but it worked beautifully!

JR: Yeah, that might be enough to get Ice Breaker the title, as well as cause another loss for the BOO.

Heenan: Yep. Hey, wait a minute…..

Tenay: Ice Breaker gets himself up and starts climbing the ladder, rung by rung. The fans seem firmly behind him now, with the Fish still not moving on the outside. He gets to the top and reaches out, but once again can’t seem to quite get a grip on the belt. Meanwhile, Morse has rolled out of the ring. He gets another ladder and comes back in, swinging it into the side of the first ladder!! This sends both the ladder and Ice Breaker toppling to the ground for the second time tonight!! Ice gets a choke-shot on the ropes and tumbles to the ground, coughing badly. Morse shoves the other ladder out of the way, then puts up his own, a ladder that looks about a foot or two taller than the other one!

JR: I wonder if that’s a BOO set-up, or if it’s just that the wrong ladder was grabbed earlier? Whatever the reason, it looks like Morse will have an easy time grabbing the belt! Wait, Ice Breaker’s getting back to his feet, even as Morse gets halfway up the ladder! He snags the other ladder and sets it back up, then starts climbing as well! Morse gets to the top and reaches out, about to grab the belt, when he notices Ice Breaker coming up right next to him! He kicks out, nearly throwing Ice Breaker back down, since Ice has less stability due to having to climb higher to reach the Wildman’s position. Ice fires back a shot of his own, and now Morse is the one fighting for balance.

Heenan: This is a true classic ladder match! Which man is going to grab the belt?

Tenay: They’re punching each other back and forth, trying to find a way to pull off the victory, by knocking out their opponent. Ice nearly does it with a surprise kick to one of Morse’s legs, but the Wildman manages to grab a hold of the rungs and hang on. He pulls himself back up as Ice Breaker stretches, and smacks the guy in the ribs! Ice falls partially down the ladder, but gets back up just as quickly. The two men exchange rights and lefts, neither willing to let the belt go. But both find the option taken away from them suddenly as the Fish comes back in the ring and knocks down BOTH ladders with a running tackle!!!

JR: What a move!!! Morse flies onto the turnbuckle, rebounding off of it with a tremendous crash, while Ice Breaker is literally thrown out of the ring!! Breaker isn’t moving, he took a serious hit on that landing. But the Fish isn’t much better. He’s pulling himself out from one of the ladders now, still looking a little dazed from the Morse Superkick he took earlier. Morse is crawling, trying to get his bearings, but doesn’t seem to know where he is. Fitzgerald grabs the larger ladder and sets it up, taking a moment to lean on it before starting to climb. If the Fish reaches the belt, we’re going to have to refer to this one as an upset!

Heenan: I don’t think it’s going to happen, though, JR, because Morse just turned and saw what was happening, and is now using the ropes to get up! He grabs the other ladder, which was tilted on the ropes, and goes up as well, trying to climb faster than the hurting Fish. On the outside, Ice Breaker is somehow pulling himself to his feet, painful as it seems to be. The guy’s knee is really giving him a lot of pain, but he’s a fighter, so he’s making his way around to where a third ladder is sitting!

Tenay: Oh my! This could be crazy indeed! Morse is most of the way up his ladder, which is still shorter than the Fish’s. Ice Breaker comes in and sets up his own ladder, which looks to be the same length as the tall one. He starts up as well! Morse gets to the top of his, and sees the Fish leaning, trying to get the belt. He fearlessly jumps over, landing on the other side of Fitzgerald’s ladder, nearly sending it toppling to the ground! The Fish sees him and swings, but Morse blocks it, then starts hammering the Fish in the head! Meanwhile, Ice Breaker is hobbling up the ladder one rung at a time, trying to get there before the battle is done.

JR: The Fish just can’t seem to stop Morse from nailing him. He’s hanging on by his fingertips from that last punch. But now Ice Breaker is up there as well! We’ve got three men attacking each other up high in the air, with the European Title dangling just overhead! Ice Breaker smashes Morse with a right hand, sending him spinning off the ladder! But the Wildman catches a lucky break and grabs the smaller ladder, preventing him from falling all the way to the ground. Ice Breaker doesn’t care, however, he just wants the belt. He smashes the Fish with a forearm, causing Fitzgerald to lose his grip and topple back down to the mat, landing hard! Morse is getting himself together again, getting his feet on the rungs, even as Ice Breaker reaches out, his fingers touching the title!

Tenay: But Morse isn’t going to let that happen, Jim! He rocks his ladder back and forth, then jumps off of it just as it falls to its side… slamming into Ice Breaker’s ladder!!! There’s nothing Ice can do but hang on as his ladder tumbles him, once again, out of the ring!!! Morse gets up off the mat, having landed the way he wanted to, and gives the Fish a kick for good measure before climbing up the sole remaining stable ladder. He looks to the crowd, strikes a quick pose, then laughs as he reaches up and gets the belt off the string! He’s done it!

Penzer: The winner… and NEW European Champion…. Gabriel “Wildman” Morse!!

* The fans boo loudly as Morse stays on the ladder, raising the gold in the air. He then starts to climb down, taking his time, as the match definitely took a lot out of him. Ice Breaker is on the outside, not moving, and the Fish is completely still. *

Heenan: A very impressive victory for Gabe Morse, as he gets his second gold ever in the GCWA! Congratulations, Morse!

* Some of the best falls are shown on the replay, as Heenan talks over it. He makes a big deal of watching Morse grab the belt three times. The replay runs out, and we’re shown the announce table. *

JR: So one BOO member manages to get a victory here tonight. We’ll just have to see what that means for Kevin O’Connor, as he goes against Punisher in our main event! Stay with us!

* The picture changes to show us the pacing O’Connor in the BOO locker room. President Shag-Nasty is nearby, getting some first aid. An attendant knocks on the door and tells them that it’s time. O’Connor reaches over and grabs his belts, then heads for the door, with Shag-Nasty right behind him. The image shifts to Punisher’s locker room, where the champion comes storming out through the door. He looks supremely confident. The picture changes once more to Ace’s private booth, where he’s talking with someone who can’t be seen. *

The Accelerator: See why I called you here? Maybe you can do something about it.

* Whoever it is doesn’t answer. He just keeps watching the television monitor, where O’Connor is again on, walking towards the ring. We go to another brief break. *

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