* We come back from the commercial break to show Tenay, Heenan, and Ross waiting impatiently. *

Tenay: Ok, we’re back, which means it’s time for the main event! Roll the footage!

* The tape rolls, showing Kevin O’Connor when he first appeared in the GCWA. Punisher is then shown coming back into the federation and winning the IC belt, then the World Title by besting 5 men. O’Connor’s relationship with Shag-Nasty is shown by parts, as he slowly warms to having the President as his tag-team partner. The many battles between Shag-Nasty and Punisher are shown, as well as the growing anger by O’Connor at not getting his shot. O’Connor’s comments about the Committee are aired, over shots of him beating the Great One and Dynamic Dynamite. Punisher’s own thoughts on the matter are shown next. The tag-team bout, where O’Connor and Shag-Nasty won over Punisher and Breaker, is shown briefly, followed by comments by both wrestlers. The tape finishes with a shot of both wrestlers holding all of their gold. *

JR: These two have wanted a crack at each other for the past month. It’s time they got that shot! Take us through one more time, Penzer!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the Main Event of the evening!! Are you ready? *loud cheers* That’s what I thought. The next bout is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the Heavyweight Championship of the World!!! *more cheers* Introducing first, standing 6’3” and weighing 230 lbs. He currently holds the Cruiserweight and Tag-Team Championships, and is undefeated in the GCWA. Affiliated with the BOO, and wrestling for his first World Title reign, here is “The Dragon” Kevin O’Connor!!

*"Blaze of Glory" by Bon Jovi plays over the speakers as a brilliant show of green light covers the stage. The emblem of the Dragon covers the Tron and Kevin O'Connor steps out. He looks ready and focused. The crowd has a mixed reaction for him, but he hardly seems to notice. He wears the Cruiserweight Title, but takes it off and leaves it atop the stage before making his way to the ring.*

Heenan: A lot of people in the back are saying that this could be our next Heavyweight Champion. I'm still not sure that O'Connor has what it takes to beat Punisher, but he is in very good company under the guidance of our dear President.

JR: The President's guidance may not be the best thing for this kid.

Heenan: What do you mean, thanks to Shag men like Titan 3, Michael Breaker, and Dynamic Dynamite have all been led to Heavyweight Title reigns. His influence was the best thing for all of those guys.

JR: Yeah, and look at that list again, all three men have been screwed by Shag at the same time. Hell, he may have ended Dynamite's career tonight, and he's damn well taken quite a few years off of Breaker's over the past few months. Shannon is a piece of dog….

Heenan: Watch what you say Ross, he is still your boss.

Penzer: His opponent, standing 6’8” and weighing 285 lbs, The undisputed, undefeated, Heavyweight Champion of the World…. Punisher!!!

*Without any warning, a new pyro set goes off on the stage and Method Man's "Bring the Pain" can be heard. The Heavyweight Champion steps out with the belt over his should to the loudest pop of the night. The crowd goes crazy as he makes his way to the ring. He enters, eyes O'Connor, then climbs the nearest buckle, holding his belt in the air. He makes his way to all four corners, O'Connor allowing him his time in the spotlight, before handing the belt over to the ref. The bell rings and the two men lock eyes.*

JR: Forget everything these two men have said, forget all that you've heard from the press, its time to see what they've really got to offer. This isn't about being undefeated in the GCWA anymore, this is about walking out of here with the GCWA Heavyweight Championship across your waist. The ref signals for it, and the two men lock up. Punisher takes the early advantage, moving O'Connor back, but he uses his quickness to get away. He grabs Pun by the wrist, twisting his arm behind him, but Punisher reverses. Punisher lifts the Dragon in the air from behind, but O'Connor flips out of it and lands on his feet. He moves in for a quick Dropkick, but the champ steps out of the way!

Heenan: Both of these men want this, but it isn't going to be easy. Punisher tries a stomp onto O'Connor, but he rolls out of the way. He rolls again, causing Punisher to miss once more, this time under the rope. He stands on the apron and uses the ropes to launch himself through the air, coming down with a forearm across the champ's face. Punisher moves backwards but doesn't fall as O'Connor gets up again. Punisher moves in with a swing, but O'Connor blocks it, chopping Punisher right in the throat on the return! Punisher falls to his knees, and O'Connor springs off the ropes, coming from behind Punisher with a Falling Dropkick to the back.

Tenay: O'Connor has definitely studied the champion's matches, he seems to be there with him move for move!

JR: But a couple of kicks and chops are not going to keep Punisher down, as he gets to his feet again. O'Connor moves in and wraps him up, lifting and falling with a quick Snap Suplex. He makes a quick cover..1.but its way too early for any of that! O'Connor grabs Punisher by the hair, bringing him up again, but Punisher pushes him away. Kevin comes off the ropes, trying something else, but Pun is ready, lifting a dropping the kid with a Reverse Atomic Drop. The Dragon is hurting now, falling back into the ropes, but Punisher isn't letting up. He sends O'Connor into the corner and charges in, hitting a hard Splash! O'Connor falls to the mat, face first, and Pun follows, lifting his leg and slamming his right knee into the canvas.

Heenan: This is exactly what Pun wants to do, slow the match down to his pace. If O'Connor gets the momentum and keeps this one quick, he could easily catch Punisher by surprise. Punisher seems to be focused on that leg now, applying a Single Leg Crab onto the lightweight. O'Connor grits his teeth in pain, but Punisher doesn't let off, pulling the leg back harder. Finally, he lets the Dragon go, only to turn and stomp on that knee again. Now he measures up, and drops a hard knee into the back of that leg. Punisher really seems to have a game plan.

Tenay: It's a classic story, to take out a quicker opponent, get him on the ground and hurt the legs. Punisher looks smart to me. He brings O'Connor back to his feet, hooking him up, and dropping him with a Fisherman's Suplex. He bridges it for the pin.1.2.and O'Connor's out right after two! The Dragon is definitely here to fight tonight. Punisher doesn't look surprised, standing O'Connor up again and pushing him into the corner. He lifts that right leg over the rope and kicks into it, making the muscle tense up. He's got to be hoping to wear it down enough to lock on the Painkiller and end this one.

JR: Pun kicks again into that leg, this time causing the Dragon to scream out. Punisher seems to be talking a little trash in there, asking Kevin if he wants more. He grabs Kevin now and sends him into the other corner, but the Dragon's knee buckles and he falls in the center of the ring. Pun smiles and charges in, dropping with an elbow across that leg. Quickly, he grabs the leg and twists it to the side, putting more pressure on that knee. O'Connor is screaming out now, the pain adding up, but he's managing to drag himself over to the ropes. He grabs the bottom one and the ref orders the hold to break. Punisher does break it and backs away, allowing O'Connor a moment to limp back to a standing position.

Heenan: Without that knee, O'Connor is pretty much toast. I give him five more minutes in there. Punisher must have an idea that he may be able to end this one pretty quickly, he moves in again, locking his arms around O'Connor's waist, and burying him with a Side Suplex. He covers again….. 1….. 2….. but the Dragon isn't out of this one just quite yet. Punisher brings him back to his feet, but O'Connor moves with a sudden burst of energy, grabbing Punisher's head, sweeping the leg, and falling with a massive CRASH!! That kind of move can end the match in one quick movement, but the leg sweep did its toll on O'Connor's knee, all of Punisher's weight came down on it! Punisher is getting to his knees very slowly, but O'Connor is rolled over on his back clutching that right leg.

Tenay: That was a big move from the Dragon, but the impact of the blow had to be too much for that knee. He could have serious damage in it. Punisher is the first to his feet, though he looks a little glass-eyed, and he stumbles to O'Connor. He sees the hurt knee again, and concentrates on it, wrapping up the legs and falling back into a figure four!!! O'Connor has nowhere to go in the center of the ring, and that knee has got to be ready to pop in half!!

JR: I can't even imagine the pain O'Connor is going through right now! The ref is asking him what he wants to do, as O'Connor screams back at him. He isn't going to give this one up, not when its for so much. Punisher reels back with more pressure, making O'Connor scream in pain. The Dragon has never been in a match against a guy like this before, and it may just be too much. Kevin looks like he's going to tap out of this one but.wait.here comes Shannon Shag-Nasty limping down to the ring! I thought he was going to the hospital!

Heenan: I told you nothing could keep that man down for long! He stops at ringside and starts yelling in at O'Connor, slapping the mat to get his attention. I can't make out what he's saying, but Kevin seems to have focused in on it. He quits yelling, and begins to turn the hold over! Slowly, he reverses the pressure onto Pun's legs, and Shag-Nasty is going crazy screaming, "That's the way!" Punisher is the one in trouble now, the ref in his face, but the champion isn't having it. He begins to inch his way towards the ropes, reaching out, and grabbing hold!

Tenay: The ref moves in and unwraps the competitors’ legs, neither man getting back to his feet too quickly. O'Connor is the first to get up, unable to put hardly any pressure on that right knee. He hops over to Punisher and helps him up the rest of the way, locking his arms around him with a Sleeper, then falling with the hold with a Sleeper Drop. Now it's O'Connor's turn to bring the pain as he reaches down and locks on a Dragon Sleeper!!! Punisher's trying to get out of the hold, but he can't do it! His arms are flying around in wild circles, both of them slowly coming to a stop and dropping to his side. The ref checks the arm once, and it drops. He checks again, and it drops again. He checks one more time, but Punisher keeps his arm in the air!! Quickly though, O'Connor falls to the mat, dropping with a Reverse DDT, and breaks the hold.

JR: Kevin moves in quick now for a cover…. 1….. 2……. but Punisher isn't out of it! The Dragon looks tired, slowly getting to his feet again. Punisher starts to get to his knees as well, stopping to reach out and sweep O'Connor's legs out from under him! Now he tries to lock on the Painkiller, but O'Connor manages to push him off with his legs! Punisher falls back into the ropes, dropping in for an elbow, but O'Connor rolls out of the way! That could be a costly miss! The Dragon is back to his feet, hopping towards the corner.He climbs up one buckle, the Moonsaults off, landing it beautifully!!! He covers again….. 1….. 2….. and we've got a new….. no! He kicks out at the last moment!

Heenan: I don't know what else O'Connor can do with that bum leg, but he'd better think of something quick! He brings Pun back up to his feet and sends him into the ropes, but Punisher reverses it. On the return, O'Connor ducks a clothesline, spring back again. This time, Pun reaches out and grabs him, dropping his head, lifting him, and drilling him with the Pun-bomb!!! O'Connor didn't even see that one coming!!! Punisher looks to pin, but instead decides to lock on the Painkiller!!! You can forget about this one now, O'Connor is in serious trouble!!

JR: With this move locked in, there is little O'Connor can do but tap out. He struggles against the hold, but its really no use. The ref is begging him to tap out now, but O'Connor ignores him, instead focusing in on Shannon Shag-Nasty. The President is screaming out there, urging O'Connor to the ropes. O'Connor is actually moving now, slowly edging closer and closer to breaking the hold! Shag-Nasty is turning red, the ref is yelling, and O'Connor, with a cry of total pain, moves even closer! But Punisher keeps the hold locked on and stands, moving back to the center of the ring, and locking the hold on even tighter!!! There's no hope for the Dragon! He lifts his hand….. and Shag is in the ring and on the ref! He grabs the ref by the back of the head and cracks his face into the mat! I think the Dragon was about to give this one up!

Tenay: And Punisher isn't happy about it. He breaks the hold and stands over Shag, who backs away on his knees pleading to be let go. Punisher shakes his head, and to the fans delight, lifts Shag to his feet. He slaps the President once, twice, and a third time hard across the face. Shannon is in a heap of trouble. Punisher lifts him now, charges with the Pun-bomb, and sends Shag over the top rope and to the floor!!! Now, I think the President needs to go to the hospital, what an impact!!!

Heenan: Oh no! He's got to be dead! Or his back is broken! Or…..

JR: Serves him right! Punisher had this match all wrapped up, and Shannon had to stick his nose into it. Punisher yells down at the President, extending that infamous middle finger, before turning back to O'Connor. O'Connor is up though, catching Punisher by surprise with a kick to the stomach. Now he hooks the arms, and drops him with a Reverse Russian Leg Sweep! O'Connor is getting up again, this time climbing up the turnbuckle. He's moving slow in there, but that last move might of just been enough to keep Pun down for awhile. O'Connor sets himself up on the top turnbuckle and nails the Scorcher!!! He makes the cover.the ref slowly making his way over.1...2…. and Punisher kicks out of it!!!

Tenay: How is this match still going on? One of these two men have got to give up sometime!

JR: Not when its for the championship, Tenay. Both men pull themselves to their feet, perhaps for the last time. They lock up, the ref still laying on the mat. Punisher sends O'Connor into the ropes now, but O'Connor leaps on the return and hits a big Hurricarana! They both crash to the mat, O'Connor landing with his bad knee twisted awkwardly. The ref is making a count again as neither man seems to be able to stand. He's at Punisher is moving, pulling himself up with the ropes. He turns and sees the downed O'Connor. I think its time to finish him off.

Heenan: I think you're right, JR. The ref is barely alive in there on the mat, his head buried in his arm, so anything may go here. Punisher brings O'Connor over to the corner, sitting him atop the turnbuckles. He follows him up at a slow pace, standing him for something big. But look! Shannon is on the apron somehow! He pulls Punisher by the back of the pants off the turnbuckle and the champ crashes to the canvas! Now Shag, barely aware of where he is, just falls off the apron to the floor and lays there! I really think he might be dead!

JR: That bastard did it again! That evil bastard is one determined son-of-a-bitch!! O'Connor stands on the top turnbuckle and sets up, leaping off, and hitting the Dragon Bomb!!! He hooks Punisher's leg.1….. 2….. 3!!! And we've got a new Heavyweight Champion!!! Kevin O'Connor has done it!

Penzer: Your winner… and NEW Heavyweight Champion of the World…. “The Dragon” Kevin O’Connor!!!!

JR: I don't think O’Connor saw Shag's interference out there, or if he did he didn't seem to mind it. Either way, Kevin O'Connor is walking out of here with the GCWA Heavyweight Championship around his waist!!!

Tenay: What a shocking upset!! Thanks to the President, Kevin O’Connor has realized his dream, and Punisher has lost for the first time in the GCWA singles division!! This is an unbelievable moment for the youngster, but the fans aren’t giving it to him! They’re booing like there’s no tomorrow, but O’Connor just doesn’t care! His eyes are solely on the Heavyweight Championship that’s being handed to him by the referee. I don’t think he even notices the downed Shag-Nasty. Right now all that matters is the gold!

Heenan: Do you blame him? It was his lifelong dream, and he’s finally done it! Who cares how it happened? Punisher lost, O’Connor won! That’s what the record books will say!

Tenay: I think Punisher might dispute that, Heenan, but for now, you’re correct. It’s been an unbelievable night of wrestling action, folks! We’re glad you joined us for it! We’ll see you in a few weeks! Remember, No Pain, No Gain, No Fame! Goodnight!!

* The fans continue to boo O’Connor as he climbs the ‘buckle, apparently only hearing cheers in his mind. The smile is very big. Behind him, Punisher rolls out of the ring, still trying to figure out what happened. Suddenly, the speaker music changes from O’Connor’s tune to “The Kids Aren’t Alright”, and O’Connor suddenly starts and falls off the turnbuckle to the mat. He looks straight towards the back, where a figure is walking out. The fans recognize him, and so does O’Connor, who looks to be completely shocked. The camera spins to show us….. Blade!!! Blade is back!!! He stands and stares at his former partner and student, without any facial expression, as O’Connor looks back. The credits roll, and the picture fades out…*