* As we come back (did you buy the hat?), the picture shows another car pull into the parking lot. It stops, and the door flies open, showing everyone that the World Champion is in the building!! Punisher gets out, with the strap already around his waist, and walks away from the car hefting his bag. He heads into the building, as we go back to ringside. *

Heenan: Alright! The champ is here! Good, at least no one’s going to walk out on the main event!

Tenay: It’s definitely good to know that Punisher is in the building, Bobby. I bet the BOO locker room just got a little more active with that sighting. But what I want to talk about is what happened just before the break, when that limo pulled up! The big question is, who got out? Who’s here, and why did Ace take special precautions to get him here without us knowing?

JR: If I know Ace, it’s all about ratings. Obviously someone is going to be making some sort of appearance here. Also, someone else is on the way, in another limo! Damn, so much is going on tonight!

Tenay: And you know you love it, JR. This is vintage GCWA. Let’s go to the ring, where David Penzer is standing by.

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the Intercontinental Championship! *cheers* Introducing first, the challenger. He stands 6’7” tall and weighs 275 lbs. He’s a former 3-time Intercontinental Champion, and has held many other belts, including the World Heavyweight Title. Now a member of the Bastards of Oblivion, here is Dynamic Dynamite!

* Dynamite, as always, gets a heavy boo as he comes down the aisle. He looks lethargic, even sketching a yawn with his hand at the fans who loathe him. He pulls himself up into the ring and takes a seat in the corner. *

Tenay: I don’t know, guys. Dynamite doesn’t look like he’s ready for this match at all. I think he’s still preoccupied by the thought of O’Connor getting the title shot instead of him.

Heenan: Don’t worry, Mike, Dynamite will come around. Sure, he’s a little bored, but is that really surprising? Look who he’s fighting, after all.

JR: It’s those kinds of remarks that get you sent to the hospital to get the boot taken out of your mouth, Heenan. Dynamite better take the champion seriously, or else he’s not going to get far tonight in his quest to become the first man to hold the IC belt 4 times.

Penzer: His opponent, standing 5’3” and weighing in at 120 lbs, he’s the man who has been with the GCWA almost all of his career. He’s a four-time Cruiserweight Champion, has held multiple belts in his career, and currently holds the prestigious Intercontinental Strap. He is “The Star” Steven Mysterio!!

* The crowd goes ballistic as Mysterio comes out, pumping his arms and looking completely confident in his abilities. He does a spin, pointing at the crowd, then turns and sprints down the aisleway, sliding into the ring and immediately going after Dynamite, who wasn’t prepared for such a sudden assault The bell rings. *

Tenay: Looks like Mysterio has no problem fighting Dynamite, guys. He is fired up in there at the chance to defend his belt at this PPV! He’s actually knocked Dynamite into the corner with a series of lefts and rights. As always, it’s a David vs. Goliath match, and David looks to be carrying a bunch of stones for his slingshot!

JR: Yeah, look at him go! He hasn’t even bothered to take off the gold! He hops up on the turnbuckle, punching away with his right hand on Dynamite’s forehead, and the challenger can’t seem to do anything about it! Mysterio lands a few more shots, then grabs Dynamite by the shoulders and drops backwards, getting Dynamite in a monkey flip! Dynamite nearly crushes the referee, who barely gets out of the way in time. Mysterio looks like he’s in the best shape of his career, to be able to do that to someone like Dynamite.

Heenan: I gotta admit, I’m impressed. But this match just started. At least the ref’s finally getting the gold off of Mysterio. It’s not like he can wear it the whole match, it’d be like a shield for his entire lower body.

JR: Mysterio hands over the belt, then goes over to Dynamite, who’s just now getting up. He gets met by an open-hand shot to the face that sends him leaning on the ropes. Mysterio follows it up with a dropkick, and Dynamite falls to the outside, crashing to the cement! Wow, Dynamite is in real serious trouble now. I don’t know if you can recover when someone of Mysterio’s talents has this much momentum. Dynamite grabs the edge of the ring curtain and gets up again, rubbing the back of his arm. He must have fallen on the funny bone. He turns and starts to climb back in the ring, then, startled, gets clobbered by a suicide dive from the Star!!! Mysterio just splashed the living daylights out of Dynamite! Mysterio’s back up now, grabbing Dynamite by the hair and rolling him into the ring. He comes in as well and makes a quick cover… 1…. 2…. Dynamite throws him off.

Heenan: Yeah! Dynamite’s got so much power in his upper torso that it’s nearly impossible for Mysterio to hold him down if the man is conscious. That’s why Mysterio’s going to have such a hard time putting this man away. Mysterio comes back over as Dynamite tries to stagger to his feet. Mysterio kicks out, though, catching him behind the knee and putting him back on the mat. Dynamite groans, grabbing at the back of his knee, as Mysterio smiles and reaches downwards, oh, what a sharp kick from Dynamite! I guess he was hurting too much to see where he was aiming. Poor Mysterio, what a terrible accident!

Tenay: You’ve gotta be kidding, Bobby! Everyone in this place knows that Dynamite deliberately aimed that kick! Mysterio is down and in a ton of pain. I’ve heard rumors that Dynamite’s boots might have steel toes in them. I dearly hope not, or else Mysterio is going to need a hell of a lot of ice tonight to keep down the swelling.

* There is a collective, painful sigh from all three broadcast announcers. Then we return to action. *

JR: Ok. Dynamic Dynamite is getting up, finally with a chance to get in some offense here. He reaches down and grabs the aching Mysterio and brings him up, quickly locking him into a Pumphandle Slam! That had a lot of impact to it. Dynamite makes a loose cover with both hands…. 1….. 2.. Mysterio easily kicks out. Dynamite yells at the ref to count faster, then gets up, bringing Mysterio with him. He brings the cruiserweight onto his shoulders, then spins off with him in a Death Valley Driver! Mysterio’s suddenly taking a lot of punishment in there.

Heenan: Are you surprised? It was just a matter of time before the big man started to beat up on the little man. It’s a fact of life, after all.

Tenay: Whatever you say, Heenan. This match isn’t over yet. Dynamite tries another loose pin with the same results, then gets up, grumbling about the count. It looks fair to me, but Dynamite obviously has his own opinion. He massages his stung arm for a moment, looking down at Mysterio, who rolls to his side. Dynamite leans over and gets the veteran up, snapping him into the air for a massive Powerbomb! Oh, but Mysterio reverses it in midair, bringing Dynamite’s head down to the mat with a crash! Dynamite is rolling in agony, as Mysterio takes a deep breath and gets to his feet.

JR: The cruiserweight has definitely retaken control. Dynamite pulls himself up, only to be met from behind by Mysterio coming off the turnbuckle with a Bulldog! Both crash to the ground, with Mysterio rolling on top of Dynamite for another pin attempt…. 1…. 2…. Dynamite barely kicks out this time. Mysterio doesn’t bother to say anything to the ref. Instead he rolls further, grabbing Dynamite’s legs and twisting one of them around for a submission hold! Smart move by the smaller wrestler, taking away some of Dynamite’s mobility. He’s wrenching that leg, trying to pull the knee out of its socket, as Dynamite struggles against the pain.

Heenan: Well, it works to slow him down a little, but Dynamite never submits. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen. He’s too proud. Besides, it’ll take more than Mysterio to make this guy give up.

JR: Don’t you ever stop cheering for the BOO?

Heenan: Yeah, of course I do! We have plenty of matches that the BOO aren’t involved in.

Tenay: Mysterio just released the submission hold, as Dynamite reached out with a long arm and touched the ropes to escape. Mysterio walks away towards the corner as Dynamite struggles to his feet, limping around in a circle. His leg really looks to be bothering him. Meanwhile, Mysterio is climbing to the top of the corner, watching Dynamite carefully.

JR: But he’s got company, Mike! Lan Ragus and J.Y. Kidd just came out of the back and are heading towards the ring!

Tenay: Yeah, but look who’s right behind them, JR! It’s the World Champion!! Punisher is out!! He nails both men from behind, knocking them to the ground and keeping them from interfering! Punisher then continues to the ring with a contemptuous look backwards at the two men, who are stunned from the sudden ambush. In the ring, Dynamite is starting to get his bearings again. He turns and looks in the other direction, just as Mysterio dives off the top turnbuckle and latches on for the Short Sensation!!! Dynamite is down and out!!! The Star recovers quickly from the impact and makes the pin, as the ref starts slapping the mat…. 1….. 2….. 3!!!!

Penzer: Your winner… and STILL Intercontinental Champion… “The Star” Steven Mysterio!!

Heenan: Wow, what a shocker! Dynamite, what happened?

JR: The guy wasn’t focused at all on this one, Bobby, while Mysterio obviously did his homework. He knew exactly when and where to attack the BOO member, and played out his gameplan with perfection. The Star earned this victory. He makes a fine Intercontinental Champion.

Tenay: It looks like he’s got at least a partial friendship with the current Heavyweight Champion as well, guys. Punisher helped make sure that this match didn’t turn into a BOO set-up. Dynamite is still down, as Lan Ragus and J.Y. Kidd are making their way to the ring to collect him. Punisher has already headed out, as Mysterio gets his gold and climbs the turnbuckle to celebrate. Let’s go to the video tape.

* The best moves of the match are shown, as expected. Dynamite’s Pumphandle Slam is surrounded by Mysterio clips, including the Short Sensation. Punisher’s sneak attack on Rage is Reality is shown as well. *

JR: So the first title match is in the books, with Mysterio holding onto his gold. Will that be a trend for today, or just an exception to the rule? I say we find out. How about it, guys?

Heenan: Definitely, let’s keep moving. Who’s next?

Tenay: That’s Penzer’s job, Bobby. Penzer, who’s…..

* Before Penzer can say anything, or even before Tenay can finish his sentence, a familiar Less Than Jake tune plays over the speakers, causing the fans to turn their heads and glance at the main entrance. After a few seconds go by, a man appears in the entryway. He walks out through some smoke, showing it to be none other than the Dopeman!! He’s holding a thick bag in one hand and a mic in the other as he walks to the bottom of the ramp with a very big smile on his face. *

JR: Whoa! I didn’t know this guy was going to be back! Do you suppose this is one of the guys the Accelerator snuck into the arena??

Tenay: It’s gotta be, JR, because we would have heard about it had he just arrived! Looks like he’s going to talk, so let’s see what the former champion has to say.

Dopeman: Welcome back to the Dope Show! *cheers* That’s right, the Dopeman is back in the business! I know I left you all a few months ago to deal with a few medical problems. It happens to the best of us Hardcore types. But now I’ve got a clean bill of health, and a signed contract again here in the GCWA. The Accelerator was kind enough to sit down with me himself and work out a few clauses. He’s a pretty tough negotiator, but I got what I wanted.

* The Dopeman reaches down and opens the bag, where something can be seen glinting off the light. He pulls it out, showing it to be a brand-new Hardcore Title! The fans again explode when they see the gold. The Dopeman starts to talk, realizes that he can’t be heard over the crowd, then laughs and puts the belt around his waist instead. He lets the crowd die back down. *

Dopeman: Have you figured it out yet, or do I need to be more descriptive? Alright, I’ll be obvious. You’re looking at the new Hardcore Champion! Finally, the gold is mine! Why, you ask? It should be clear. None of these other guys wanted the belt, but I knew it was still worth something. It was the gold I always wanted. After Handy Man and Morse destroyed the old one, I convinced Ace to make another one. It cost me some money in my contract, but the gold’s all that matters. The Dopeman is finally on top of the Hardcore ladder, and I dare anyone to try and push me off.

* The crowd cheers loudly, almost drowning out the new music playing over the speakers. It sounds like a Creed tune. As Dopeman turns, another familiar figure walks out of the back, looking hard at him while holding up a mic. *

Tenay: What the…. It’s “No Gimmicks Needed” Josh Curtis!!! Another man has returned to the GCWA!!!

Josh Curtis: Look here, Dopeman. That gold belongs to me, and you know it! I beat Richter fair and square for it, but the Accelerator screwed me out of it due to Titan 3’s actions. If you think I don’t want that gold, then your head is still not screwed on right!

* Dopeman raises the mic to respond, but he doesn’t get a chance, as Curtis suddenly charges at the champion, tackling him! The two men roll down the ramp, each trying to take a piece out of the other. The fans love it, getting a special match that they could not have expected! *

Heenan: So now we’ve got TWO guys that we weren’t expecting to be here, fighting in an unsanctioned match, for a brand-new title that nobody knew about? Wow, talk about a great bonus!!

Tenay: You said it, Bobby! Curtis and the Dopeman hit the bottom of the ramp, still going full at it with all four fists. Curtis takes advantage and pulls both men to their feet, whipping the Dopeman into the steel railing. But that just gives the Dopeman something to rebound off of, as he comes charging back to smash into Curtis at full speed! Both men go back down and continue to go at it furiously, slowly working their way towards the lower stage area, where many weapons are located for the Last Man Standing match that’s scheduled for later on tonight! This could get bloody!

JR: I don’t think so, Mike, considering the way that security is pouring out the back. Looks like this match isn’t going to get a chance to expand.

Heenan: Damnit!

* Security swarms down the ramp and gets between the two men, breaking up the fight before it could really get good, er, violent. Curtis tries to leap over one of the security men to grab the belt around the Dopeman’s waist, but gets blocked. They’re separated, then ‘escorted’ up the ramp one by one. The Dopeman takes a second to bow to the crowd, a mock gesture that they love. *

Tenay: We’re having a great night of action, guys. So do you think that Curtis was the other man that Ace sent the limos for? I didn’t hear any reports about the second limo pulling up in the back, but really, that wouldn’t be too surprising.

JR: I think it really could have been, Mike. Curtis and the Dopeman obviously have some animosity for each other, which would fit with Ace’s orders to keep them separated before they got to the arena.

Heenan: Yeah, but why would he then let them go at it here, THEN stop them? I don’t think even ratings would fully explain that.

Tenay: I don’t know, guys. It’s very hard to second-guess what the CEO of the GCWA is thinking. Wait, ok, I’ve got word from the back that something is happening in the BOO locker room. Let’s go there now, live.

* We go to a backstage shot in Shannon Shag-Nasty's office. The President is obviously upset. He stands before Dynamic Dynamite and OG Thug, with Lan Ragus and the J.Y. Kidd to his back. Dynamite still looks weary after the hits he took from Steven Mysterio. *

Shag-Nasty: How many times has this happened, Dynamite? I give you the chance of a life time and you just blow it.

Dynamite: C'mon Shaggy, it wasn't anything. So I lost, I was a little distracted in there. You know I can…

Shag-Nasty: Distracted? Is that what you call that performance? You looked like an idiot out there. You really made the Bastards look like pieces of trash. I think maybe it’s time for you to take a little time off.

Dynamite: Time off? I just got back! I mean, I just need a little more…

Shag-Nasty: You looked pathetic out there, not like the former champion I used to know, Double D. You made want to puke, understand that? You make me sick.

Dynamite: How the hell can you say that after everything I've…

Shag-Nasty: Don't even ask me that, Dynamite. You haven't done anything for me. I've done everything for you. And this is the thanks you give me? You're just like Titan, an ungrateful used up wrestler. Get out of my face.

Dynamite: You'll regret you ever said that me...

Shag-Nasty: I will? Lan, J.Y., get him out of my office.

*With that, Ragus and Kidd attack Dynamite. OG tries to break it up, but Shag-Nasty quickly drills him over the head with the telephone from his desk. Dynamite swings wildly, but he’s obviously still a little unsteady after the Short Sensation and can't get them away. Rage is Reality both grab Dynamite by the back of his shirt, spinning him around and tossing him through the window of Shag's office!! Ragus and Kidd back off, but the camera runs to the window and looks down. Nearly three stories below, Dynamite can be seen laying in the back of a dumpster face-up, his arm contorted behind his back. The camera turns back around to see a slightly humorous look on the President’s face. *

Shag-Nasty: The door would have been fine guys, but hell, getting him out of the entire arena is just as good. I doubt we'll have to worry about him again.

* Ragus and Kidd laugh as the President stretches his arms and leans back in his chair. Glass continues to fall from the window from moment to moment. OG Thug is still down, not moving. We go back to the announcer’s table. *

JR: My god. I can’t believe they just did that. For all we know, we may have just seen the end of Dynamic Dynamite’s career, or even possibly his life!!! Why on earth would they do that to a faithful BOO member? Dynamite’s been on Shag’s side for almost the lifetime of the BOO!

Tenay: It was definitely a shocking moment, JR. I really didn’t see that one coming. Shag-Nasty finally lost his patience with Dynamite’s attitude towards the World Title, and got rid of the problem. I just hope the emergency medical units saw what happened and are on their way to that alley. Bobby, any thoughts?

Heenan: *choked sob*

Tenay: Guess not. It’s about time for the grudge match that everyone has been waiting for. Let’s look at the history between the next two men, who have finally come to this point to settle it all in one climactic moment!

* The tape starts rolling, showing us a shot of Michael “The Man” Breaker standing next to Shannon Shag-Nasty. Breaker and Shag-Nasty are laughing at someone. The next shot is at the Bastard’s Ball, where Breaker is fighting Neo on the top of a cage in a Long Way Down match. Due to Titan 3’s interference, Breaker is sent plunging off the top through a table 20-30 feet below. Breaker is out of wrestling for a long time, while Shag-Nasty has to use a wedding loophole to salvage his GCWA career. We go to Warriors of the Ring 2000, over 5 months after Breaker’s fall, when Breaker made his triumphant return by defeating four men for the gold. He also breaks from Shag-Nasty, hammering him during the main event. Adrian Rockwell’s first appearance as Shag-Nasty’s bodyguard is shown. Rockwell starts calling himself the Main Man, claiming that he has taken over Breaker’s position in the BOO. He taunts Breaker’s hardships, as Breaker goes through an emotional rollercoaster due to the loss of the World Title. Breaker and Rockwell have numerous encounters leading up to Knockout in November, where the two met in another Long Way Down Match. The cage roof breaks in two, causing Breaker to fall to the ring, while Rockwell, who seemed to know what was coming, made it to the side. Rockwell is shown once more, bragging about the ‘importance’ of the Television Title, and how he plans to end Breaker’s career. Breaker comes back talking about how this could be the most important match of his life. The two face off, as the picture fades to David Penzer at ringside. *

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the Long Way Down Match for the Television Title!! *loud cheers* The rules for this match are simple. There are no countouts. There are no disqualifications. The only way to win is to pin your opponent, then have him stay down for the required 10 seconds. We would like to warn the fans now that there is a small danger to anyone here in the arena watching the match. Please watch out for yourselves, and do not get in either wrestler’s way. Thank you.

* The fans are cheering louder now at the thought of getting involved in the match. Some of the ones along the aisleway look a little nervous, however. Penzer takes a moment to let the crowd let out some energy, then continues his announcement. *

Penzer: First, coming to the ring, weighing in at 310 lbs and standing tall at 6’9”, he’s the Man who stands alone in the GCWA. He comes here on a quest of restoring what was once a Heavyweight Championship career. Here is Michael “The Man” Breaker!!

* Breaker’s theme starts to play as the Man walks out. The crowd shows their appreciation for all that he has done in the GCWA. Breaker seems to be almost in a trance as he comes to the ring. The camera goes back to Bobby Heenan, who takes a long drink of water before getting back in the announcing game. The thoughts of a great hardcore match has removed his sorrow for Dynamic Dynamite. *

Heenan: Breaker has always been one of my favorite wrestlers. No, seriously, guys, he has been. How can you not like a towering monster that can destroy nearly everyone in his path? Besides, if you don’t like this guy, he doesn’t like you, and that’s always dangerous.

Tenay: Breaker really has been a force in the GCWA for some time. Some say this could be a Career match for him in many ways. If Rockwell defeats him again, Breaker may leave this federation due to the frustration of being unable to defeat the man who replaced him. This is a very important match in both these wrestlers’ careers.

Penzer: His opponent stands 6’7” tall and weighs 272 pounds. He hails from New York City, New York, and calls himself the Main Man of the Bastards Of Oblivion. Here is your Television Champion, Adrian Rockwell!!

* The cheers for Breaker easily turn to jeers for Rockwell, who comes out to the BOO theme with a cocky swagger. The Television Title is securely around his waist. Rockwell’s carrying a stickball bat in his left hand. *

JR: Rockwell was really on a roll last month, guys. He defeated countless guys, including his win over Breaker at Knockout in November, then began officially calling himself the Number One Contender. That makes you wonder if he, like Dynamite, had any problems with O’Connor getting the shot.

Heenan: I doubt it, JR. Rockwell’s always said that he thinks the Television Title is the most prized belt in the GCWA. He’s always been a faithful follower of Shannon Shag-Nasty, no matter what Breaker said about his former employer.

Tenay: I can tell you this much. Rockwell’s not just here to defend his belt. He’s here to end Breaker’s career once and for all.

* The bell rings *

JR: Well, here’s his chance, Mike. They’re in the center stage, with possibly the biggest feud of the last month. Let’s see what the two of them can do with it. Rockwell hands over the Television Title to the referee, then immediately spins, aiming that stick ball bat at Breaker’s head. But Breaker easily saw it coming and dodges to the right, as Rockwell misses completely! Breaker then lashes out, smacking Rockwell in the face with a few right hands. He knocks away the bat and concentrates with his fists, hammering Rockwell backwards to the loud ovation from the fans. Breaker comes in close, lifting Rockwell partially in the air with a Belly-to-Back Suplex. Breaker’s taking control early, gentlemen.

Tenay: But in a Long Way Down match, guys, anything can happen. Breaker brings Rockwell up, knowing that a pin now wouldn’t amount to anything. He sends Rockwell towards the ropes, trying to throw him over, but wait, Rockwell reverses it, and Breaker’s the one who tumbles over the ropes! Breaker manages to turn on the way down, though, and lands mostly on his feet, only taking a small bump when his back hits the apron. He shakes it off and turns, grabbing Rockwell by the legs and pulling him out of the ring! It was inevitable that this one wouldn’t stay contained between the ropes. Breaker grabs Rockwell and tries to hammer him off the turnbuckle post, but Rockwell again changes his footing enough to throw Breaker off. Rockwell then gets Breaker by the arm and whips him into the guardrail to a thunderous hit! Breaker comes off of it holding his back, which seems to be the focus of Rockwell early on.

JR: Rockwell reaches down under the ring and pulls out a 2 x 4 which was hidden there. He swings it back and forth in one hand, then runs towards Breaker, splintering it across the Man’s chest! Breaker falls onto his back, with a red mark possibly permanently added to his collection of scars and injuries. Rockwell steps back again, bringing the 2 x 4 downwards into the ribs of his opponent, doing some internal rearranging. Rockwell drops the 2 x 4 to his side and reaches down for Breaker’s hand, getting him up and dragging him up the aisle. Who knows where these two are going to go next!

Heenan: That’s the fun of a Last Man Standing match, JR. It’s a Hardcore match with added stipulations to make it last that much longer! Rockwell moves with Breaker to the ramp, where he stops and delivers a Scoop Slam, right onto the slanted steel! Breaker’s taking some punishment tonight! Rockwell leans down and makes the first pin…. 1….. not even close. Breaker’s got a lot left, I guess. The Main Man needs to step up his arsenal.

Tenay: Rockwell seems to realize that as well. He walks around the stage to where all the items have been placed for thismatch-up. He makes the choice of a sturdy-looking chain and wraps it around his hand. He triumphantly walks back, pumping his now-iron fist to the crowd. Oh, and Breaker just levels him with a chair to the head!!! What an impact! That one’s going to be echoing long after O’Connor and Punisher leave the building! Rockwell is down. I can’t see if he’s bleeding or not, but Breaker doesn’t seem to care. He leans over, taking the chain from his wrist and wrapping it around Rockwell’s throat instead! He’s choking out the champ!

JR: Smart move by the experienced Breaker. This is a good way of taking energy away from Rockwell without expending much yourself. He continues to choke Rockwell down, as the Television champion feebly tries to break the hold. There’s no DQ, so Breaker could stay here all day, making sure that Rockwell won’t get up. But that’s not Breaker’s style, as he suddenly releases the chain choke. Rockwell slumps to the ground, sucking in air greedily, as Breaker steps away, grabbing a table that was placed along the walkway! He drags it close, then lifts Rockwell up, getting him into the air with a slam onto the top of the table! The table is sturdy and doesn’t give way, as Rockwell stays on it, barely moving. Breaker climbs up on the table with him, getting Rockwell to his feet. I think he’s planning on a Powerbomb through the table, Bobby!

Heenan: This could kill a man! Wait, Rockwell’s fighting back! He’s blocking the move by holding onto the legs of the Man, not letting him get any leverage, and now, he’s Back-Bodydropping him!! Breaker flies into the air and lands on that unforgiving cement, as Rockwell slumps on the table! What a move! The ref is watching carefully for the next pinfall, as both men are currently down. Rockwell’s up first, standing again on the table. He turns and looks down at Breaker. With one hop, he comes off the table, dropping both legs across the Man’s chest! That’s a ton of weight coming down on one man! Rockwell makes the pin…. 1….. 2….. Breaker kicks out!

Tenay: Who knows how long this match can last. These guys may just be getting started. Rockwell ‘helps’ Breaker up, then whips him into the edge of the stage, using it to clothesline his adversary. Rockwell then stumbles back around the stage to get another weapon, this time choosing what looks to be some sort of taser. Breaker grabs at the stage to haul himself up, but as he does, he leaves his back wide open, and Rockwell comes in, shocking the hell out of the Man!! Breaker shudders and crumples to the ground, as Rockwell zaps him again, and a third time, using the electricity to do a lot of damager to Breaker’s nerves! Rockwell then drops the taser and makes a third cover…. 1….. 2….. 3!!!!!

Heenan: He got the three count, but now Breaker has to stay down for the 10 count!

* 1…. 2….. 3….. 4….. 5…… *

Tenay: And Breaker is up! Somehow despite the charge that he took, he managed to pull himself together! Rockwell looks really unhappy. He dials something on the taser, possibly upping the wattage, then moves in with a swing. Breaker barely gets out of the way, as you see an electric explosion against the side of the stage! We have a small fire, send someone out with a fire extinguisher! Rockwell shakes his hand, possibly having gotten a shock himself, and turns back, as Breaker comes in. But it’s too late for the Main Man, as Breaker grabs him by both arms and gets him up for a Vertical Suplex, then drops him backwards through the table they were both on earlier!!!! We’ve got shrapnel everywhere! I hope that doesn’t help the fire!

JR: We’ve got a pile-up in the aisleway, as neither man is moving very much. Breaker’s taken a lot of damage in this one, but I think he may have just evened it up by putting Rockwell through that table. The ref stands and watches, but doesn’t interfere. He’s just there to pound the ground and count to 10. Slowly, Breaker moves first, crawling to his left and putting an arm across Rockwell’s stomach. The ref drops down… 1….. 2…… Rockwell gets a shoulder up! That was pure instinct, and I doubt that he could have done it if Breaker had a full pinfall on him. Breaker pushes off the ground and rises, trying to shake off the insane pain he must be feeling from those electric shocks he took. He gets Rockwell on his feet again and sends the Main Man tumbling up the ramp. I think, yes, Breaker’s taking them backstage!

Heenan: Oh, great, now we have to watch solely from the Titon Tron. Where’s the fun in that?

JR: Violence is violence, Bobby.

Heenan: True.

Tenay: So the two long-time foes have headed through the stage entrance. The cameramen are following, keeping this match onscreen. Breaker’s in control, slamming Rockwell into one of the walls and leaving a smear. Rockwell’s been broken open! He falls to his knees, as Breaker moves over to the Powerade refreshment area and gets himself a drink. He throws another cup into his face, wipes off his eyes, then turns back to where Rockwell is just now getting up. His head is definitely bleeding from a cut above the eye. Breaker grabs him, mumbles something about having a drink, then shoots Rockwell into the table! Liquid refreshment flows everywhere!

Heenan: I doubt it was very refreshing for Rockwell. The Main Man is in bad shape now. Breaker hauls him up, knocking the now-broken cups away. The two men continue down the hallway, as “Wreck The Halls” lives up to its name!

JR: Clever, Heenan. The two men are now headed up a stairway, and who knows where they’re going. I hope all the private booths keep their doors shut. If you’re watching, Ace, lock the door, company’s coming! Breaker’s dragging the semiconscious Rockwell up the stairs, but neither guy seems to be having an easy time of it. The ref and the cameraman are right behind them, with the other camera guy apparently having run to an elevator. Breaker gets them both to the top of the stairs and uses Rockwell’s arm to snap him through the doorway. Breaker follows, stepping out onto, yes, we’re in the balcony!

Tenay: Uh-oh. We warned these people that it could get up close and personal. I’m sure the lower-level fans took it to heart, but I doubt these guys and girls in the cheap seats were expecting this! Rockwell tries to get up, but Breaker hammers him with a few right hands, then gets him by the scruff of the neck and heaves him down the balcony stairs, right inbetween the fans who are watching this one very carefully. I don’t like the way this thing is headed towards the edge of the balcony, guys. That’s a heck of a drop.

JR: That’s right, Tenay. The Last Man Standing match may soon turn back into another Long Way Down fight! Breaker hobbles over to Rockwell, bringing him up once more and bodyslamming him on the concrete. He then goes for the cover…. 1…. 2….. 3!! We’ve got another pinfall, which starts the 10 second count!

* 1…. 2….. 3…… 4…… 5….. 6….. 7…. 8….. *

Heenan: No, this one’s not over yet! Rockwell somehow found the strength to rise up! Breaker angrily comes at him, but Rockwell ducks under the shot, then gets Breaker from behind with a Full Nelson Slam!! My god, where’d he find the strength? Both of these guys have gone to the top of my contenders’ list, Mike. They’re both impossible to stop!

Tenay: That last one cut up Breaker, I think. The back of his head is now bleeding. Rockwell’s too tired to make the pinfall, though, as the fans stand around the two men and cheer, trying to inspire Breaker to get back up. A small “Man” chant starts near the back, then spreads throughout the crowd. Rockwell is the one who responds to it, though, rolling over and making the cover…. 1…… 2…… NO!!! We’re not even getting to the 10 count, because Breaker kicked out! What a fight!!!

JR: I don’t know how much longer this can go on. Both are bleeding, both probably have internal injuries to one degree or another, hell, neither one should even be trying to stand. Yet both of them are! Rockwell gets to his feet first, leaning heavily on one of the fan’s chairs. The fan smartly stays out of the way. Breaker’s on his feet as well, though, as Rockwell comes in, hitting him with a right cross. Breaker answers with one of his own, and we’ve got a slugfest going on at one of the highest points in the arena!! They’re both firing everything they’ve got left in one last desperate gamble to take control!

Heenan: The fans seem to love it, as neither man is backing down. Both are delivering shots that could tear a hole in a brick wall, but they just don’t seem to feel the pain! Wait, Breaker takes control, delivering multiple shots before Rockwell can respond. Rockwell falls into the seat of the fan, wiping the blood out of his eyes with one arm, as Breaker steps up to get closer. He gets Rockwell to his feet and whips him towards the guardrail! But Rockwell reverses! No, Breaker reverses! Rockwell grabs him, though! OH S***!!!!!

Tenay: I don’t believe it!!!! BOTH wrestlers just went off the balcony!!!! Get the camera over there, show us what happened!! Damn it, is that cameraman scared of heights or something? We can’t see what’s going on!!

JR: Both men could be dead for all we know! There’s a ton of speakers and other objects right below there, not to mention the hard concrete surface of the arena!

Tenay: Ok, we’ve got the cameraman from earlier at ground level now. Oh my god. Look at that!

Heenan: Looks to me like the two guys found themselves another table, Mike. I’ve never seen one so devestated! The ref comes running around the corner, joining the cameraman. He made sure to take the long route down. He moves in, then drops to the ground, because Breaker landed on top!!! 1…… 2….. 3!!!!!

JR: Now it’s all a matter of the 10 count! The ref rolls Breaker off of Rockwell, then begins the count, even as Breaker somehow starts to pull himself up!

* 1…. 2….. 3….. 4….. 5…. 6…. 7….. 8…. 9…… 10!!!!!! *

Tenay: This one is over! We have a new champion!!

Penzer: The winner….. and NEW GCWA Television Champion…. Michael “The Man” Breaker!!!

JR: What a match!!! Breaker can barely stand, but he’s still in much better shape than Rockwell, who is still not moving! I think he just topped what happened to Dynamite!

Heenan: I am completely in shock, guys. That was the most incredible thing I think I’ve ever seen!

Tenay: The ref goes to the ring, then comes back, a hefty jog for the guy. He hands Breaker the Television Title, who takes it with almost tears in his eyes. Course, that could be from all the pain he’s under. The ref raises Breaker’s hand, and the crowd explodes as Breaker’s theme music starts! Meanwhile, our crack team of medical personnel are pouring out of the back, coming to check on both men. The destruction is everywhere, especially on both of these men’s bodies. We’re going to take a short break to let these guys get fixed up. But don’t go away! We still have 3 great fights to go!

* Breaker tries to shake off the medical personnel, but he’s just too hurt. They help him sit down and start bandaging him up, while someone else brings down a stretcher for Rockwell. The fans are still cheering for Breaker, and the “Man-Breaker” chant is louder than ever. We switch to the back of the arena, where the same limo driver from earlier is having a smoke. He looks up as another limo pulls up. He walks around to the driver’s side. *

Driver: What took you so long? Ace has been waiting all night for this guy to get here!

* The other driver’s response can’t be heard by the cameras. We go to a brief commercial for the GCWA, telling which events are coming soon to a city near you! *

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