* The picture fades to black, signaling that the pay-per-view is not that far from beginning. In the background, the sound of sleigh bells can be heard, slowly building in volume. The image comes up on a shot of a fancy hallway of what looks to be a top-notch hotel. Pictures line the walls, each their own definition of art. Antique tables that appear to have been painstakingly carved hold vases of flowers and other fine items. At the end of the hall, a tall man steps out. He is wearing a complete Santa Claus costume, including the beard, which makes it impossible to recognize. You can hear slight laughter coming from him. He lifts one arm, showing the sledgehammer that he has in his possession. Heavy rock music starts to play, sounding like a Godsmack rendition of a Christmas tune. The man spins, and with a roar, smashes the sledgehammer into one of the paintings, ripping right through it, as the music gains volume. With the hit, you see a flash of X-Dog leaping into the air with a snapkick to a helpless opponent. The image returns to “Santa”, who is now swinging wildly at every piece of furniture in the hallway. With every impact, another image of a superstar is seen: Adrian Rockwell tossing an adversary over the top ropes; Michael Breaker, wearing his half-face mask, putting someone into a Torture Rack; Gabriel Morse swinging a chair into a forehead; Ice Breaker latching on his finisher, the Frost Bite; Steven Mysterio launching off the turnbuckle with a moonsault; Titan 3 coming down from the ceiling. The final hit, destroying what looked to be a copy (hopefully) of the Mona Lisa, shows us Kevin O’Connor and Punisher, in a split-screen, with both looking furiously in the other’s direction. The image switches back once more to the man wearing the Santa suit. He drops the sledgehammer and pulls down the beard, revealing himself to be Shannon Shag-Nasty. *

Shannon Shag-Nasty: Merry Christmas. Hah hah hah hah…

* Shag-Nasty continues to laugh as he walks back down the now utterly annihilated hallway. The Godsmack tune slams up again, rattling the speakers. The words flash across the screen in large green ‘n’ red letters: Wreck The Halls. The music dies down, and the picture cuts to a shot of the private booth of the Accelerator. The Chief Executive Officer is on the phone, talking rapidly into it with a slightly irritated look on his face. *

The Accelerator: C’mon, guy, I wanted them here at the start of the show! Damn airline. I knew I should have gotten myself my own personal jet. Oh well, that’ll be my Christmas present to myself. So how soon will those two be arriving? You remember to have them come in separate limos, right? I don’t need them getting riled up again tonight. Ok, ok, good. Get them here as soon as possible. Damn this is going to be fun. Ok, thanks.

* The CEO hangs up the phone with a smile on his face. He puts his hands together and leans on the desk, thinking about what is to come tonight. The image slips off of him and goes instead to the MCI Center in Washington D.C., where the crowd is screaming wildly at the exploding pyro and fireworks. The fans are everywhere, most with signs with different messages: “Not Even A Dragon Can Take The Punishment”, “There’s Only One ‘Man’ in the GCWA”, “I’m A Wildman Too!”, et cetera. The camera zooms in on the broadcast location, where Jim Ross, Mike Tenay, and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan are seated. *

Mike Tenay: Hello, everyone, and welcome to the biggest event this side of New Years! Welcome to Wreck The Halls! I’m “The Professor” Mike Tenay, back in the driver’s seat tonight, and with me are my broadcast partners, Bobby Heenan and Jim Ross! Guys, it’s good to be back.

Jim Ross: It’s good to have you back, Mike.

Bobby Heenan: Yeah. So what happened to Cole, exactly?

Tenay: Cole is temporarily reassigned, Heenan. Remember, I’ve been with the GCWA a long time. You can’t help but gain some friends in the back. Understand?

Heenan: You know I’ve always liked you, Mike. I’ve always thought of you as one of the great announcers in this business…

Tenay: Ok, that’s enough, Brain. Let’s talk about what we’ve got upcoming tonight, here in Washington D.C. We’re going to see the debuts of many wrestlers tonight, as a bunch of rookies get their shot to move upwards in the GCWA. One of them, Lance “Yung Wun” Washington, will be in two consecutive matches, which could really get him noticed here, if he can put on a good show.

JR: Yes, a lot of eyes have been on Washington as of late, to see if he’ll be a major factor in this federation. Once we’re past the rookies, we move into contendership matches. Silverfreak will be looking to try and take down the returning X-Dog, with the winner to get a Heavyweight Title shot somewhere down the line. At least, we hope this match will happen. There has been little word from the Silverfreak camp on his being here tonight, while rumors fly that he’s actually decided to jump to another federation. We’ll keep you informed on this situation throughout the night. Heenan: Personally, JR, I’d rather talk about the matches that we KNOW are going to happen. Like Rockwell vs. Breaker, in the Last Man Standing match! Do you know how long that match could go, with these two guys beating the hell out of each other? That one match alone could take up an hour or two of time! With the feelings between those two, and with the Television Title on the line, that one could really steal the show tonight. Then we have the European Title match, with Morse, Ice Breaker, and Fitzgerald taking each other apart just for the honor of finally getting the vacated belt. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Morse and Ice do to each other, guys.

Tenay: Aren’t we all. After those come to a close, we have the big 3 that everyone is keeping an eye on! First, “The Star” Steven Mysterio defends his Intercontinental Championship against the former 3-time holder of the belt, Dynamic Dynamite, in a clash that could be a war! Next, we have the match that was set up by the mysterious third power, between Titan 3 and Shannon Shag-Nasty. The winner of that match sets up the matches for the January pay-per-view, whenever that will be. Finally, in the main event, it’s the one that everyone has been tuning in for. Punisher, the World Heavyweight Champion, will go against the Cruiserweight Champion and one of the holders of the Tag-Team Titles, “The Dragon” Kevin O’Connor. I don’t think we’ve ever had two men that were both favorites to win.

JR: Both men have a good shot at it at least, Mike. We’re talking about two individuals that have never been defeated in singles competition. Both are World Champions in their respective divisions. You just know that neither man will back down in the main event. Punisher wants to stay the champion, and rub another opponent in President Shag-Nasty’s face. O’Connor’s dream has always been to reach the peak of the GCWA. This feud has grown a long way in the last month. I’m expecting an unbelievable battle tonight for the top prize in the federation.

Heenan: Oh, definitely. I can’t wait for that one, guys. O’Connor has a slight edge, I think, with Shag-Nasty behind him. But Punisher has been fighting the BOO pretty well over the past few months. Who knows what tricks he might have under his sleeve to come out of Wreck the Halls with the World Heavyweight Title still around his waist. Hey, how about we go to that match right now? No time like the present, right?

JR: Sorry, Heenan, but that’s not what the schedule says.

Heenan: Awwww….

Tenay: Suck it up, Heenan. You’ll survive. Besides, we have a lot more action to come before the main event. Before we get to that, though, I wanted to ask both of you about what the Accelerator was talking about earlier over the phone. It seemed to me that Ace was trying to get at least two people to the arena. The million-dollar question is, of course, who?

Heenan: I wish I knew, Mike. I hate mysteries. But none of my sources have told me anything.

JR: There’s a surprise. All we know, Mike, is that the Accelerator is planning something for tonight. Knowing him, it’ll be something very entertaining.

Tenay: With that, let’s go to the ring to David Penzer for our first match of the night!

David Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Wreck The Halls!! *loud cheers* Our first contest of the night pits two newcomers against each other, each trying to show which deserves to be in the GCWA! Introducing first, standing 5’10” tall and weighing in at 212 lbs… the master of the Fallen Angel, making his official debut… here is the Saint!!

* Religious music plays as the Saint comes out of the back and heads towards the ring. There really isn’t much of a reaction by the fans, since few know much about this wrestler. *

JR: This guy is actually a pretty interesting character, guys. He said that he was coming here to destroy all the evil in the GCWA. He calls himself God’s Greatest Saint, and that he’s bringing Judgement Day to the worst elements of this federation.

Heenan: In other words, he’s nuts. But hey, some of the best wrestlers have been short of a few marbles, so maybe he’s worth watching.

Penzer: His opponent, standing 6’4” and weighing 240 lbs, wrestling out of Connecticut in the first of two consecutive matches tonight, here is “Yung Wun” Lance Washington!!!

* Washington gets a much better response from the crowd as he comes out. “What’s My Name” by DMX is playing in the background as the newcomer to the GCWA makes his way to the ringside area. He rolls in, taking a moment to gaze around at all the fans in attendance. *

Tenay: You’ve got to love the enthusiasm of this youngster. Not only did he get himself assigned to the Rookie’s Chance match so that he could vye for a European Title shot, he also accepted the open challenge levied by the Saint. Really, this doesn’t look like the type of match you would expect from these two. Yung Wun is a pretty earnest young man, and surely doesn’t look like the “evil” that the Saint would be looking for.

JR: That doesn’t make a difference to them, Mike. This is their chance to ignite their careers and start earning some respect from both the fans and the guys in the back. That’s why Yung Wun signed both matches, I’m sure.

* The bell rings *

Tenay: So here we go, the start of Wreck the Halls! The Saint quickly moves in, swinging wildly, but Yung Wun gets the block. He swings his free hand into the Saint’s jugular, causing his opponent to stumble back, hacking wildly. Yung Wun isn’t waiting for him to get his breath back, though. He motors in, hammering away on the Saint with lefts and rights. The larger man is quickly taking advantage here.

JR: They’re backed into the ropes now. The Saint gets whipped across the ring by Yung Wun, who then charges after him, meeting him in the middle with a clothesline that sends the Saint spinning backwards to the mat! Yung Wun doesn’t waste a second, leaning over and grabbing the Saint by the head and pulling him up. He lifts the Saint into the air and delivers an Inverted Atomic Drop, a move that is always painful to watch. Of course, I know that no matter how bad it looks, it feels a hundred times worse. The Saint stumbles away, not walking very well, and takes a devestating super kick to the jaw! The Saint flies backwards into the ropes, his momentum enough that he backflips to the outside! Yung Wun quickly moves after him, stepping through the middle of the ropes.

Heenan: So far, Yung Wun is looking like nothing can stop him in there. He drops off the apron, bringing a fist down onto the back of the Saint, who has shown no offense thus far. Washington looks over at some of the fans, who are starting to cheer him on. I think Yung Wun is already starting to feel the rush of a GCWA crowd cheering for him. Big deal. Anyway, Yung Wun pulls the guy up and rolls him into the ring, then follows, not letting up for even a second.

Tenay: You’ve got to admire the way Washington is handling this match. He’s not taking too many risks, but he’s keeping the fight under his complete control. You can tell he’s partially holding something back for the next match. Normally, that’s a bad idea in the wrestling business. But the way that the Saint has been wrestling tonight, it doesn’t look like Yung Wun needs his full arsenal to win.

Heenan: Yeah, what’s wrong with this Saint? If this is the way his Crusade is going to go, the evil in the GCWA will surely win out!

JR: That’d be in your favor, I would think, Heenan. In the ring, the Saint is back up, thanks to Lance Washington’s efforts. The wrestler sends the Saint towards the turnbuckle, wait, reversal by the Saint, Yung Wun goes into the corner instead. He hits and sits in the corner for a second, as if stunned by the sudden hit. The Saint shakes off his pain and comes in, going for a splash, but Yung Wun quickly darts to the right, allowing the Saint to ko himself on the top turnbuckle pad! The Saint grabs his head and steps back, right into the arms of Yung Wun, who rolls him up! 1…. 2…. somehow the Saint kicks out. I thought this one might be over, guys.

Tenay: Apparently the Saint’s not done yet, although if he wants a victory here, he needs to do something inside the squared circle. Washington brings him to his feet, then suplexes him over, hammering him into the mat. Another pin is made…. 1….. 2….. no, the Saint gets a shoulder up. Yung Wun looks a little confused, seeing as how he has really pounded on the Saint this whole time. He gets the Saint back up, no, wait, the Saint spins back down with a DDT! Washington rolls across the mat in pain, as the Saint simply lies on his back, trying to get some semblance of air into his lungs.

Heenan: Finally, a good maneuver from the youngster! I was beginning to wonder why on earth we even hired this kid. I mean, he doesn’t LOOK like Shag-Nasty, but you never know for sure…

JR: No, I don’t think he’s related to the President, Brain. *shakes head* Well, Yung Wun is pulling himself back up by using the ropes. He gets to his feet, only to get met by a charging Saint, who gets a knee lift right into his kisser! Washington snaps back to the mat, and the Saint dives to make the pin…. 1… Yung Wun quickly throws the smaller man off. It’ll take more than a shot to the head to make Yung Wun stay down. The Saint gets back up as quick as he can, latching onto Washington on the way up. He tries to get a Spinning Neckbreaker, but the move is blocked. Instead, Yung Wun gets underneath the Saint and lifts him into the air with a jerk. Washington holds the Saint in the air for a second longer, then slams him down to the mat. Yung Wun follows it up with a quick leg drop, followed by another pin, which gets a 2 count, as the Saint fights on.

Tenay: But for how much longer? Yung Wun climbs to his feet and looks to the crowd, signaling for the Buzzkiller! I doubt too many in the crowd know what this move is, but they’re cheering nonetheless! Yung Wun watches as the Saint slowly pulls himself vertical, coughing. Washington moves in, kicking the Saint in the stomach, then grabbing him and delivering the Buzzkiller just as promised!! He snapped the Saint down like he didn’t weigh an ounce! Washington rolls the man over, making the cover, as the ref routinely drops down next to him… 1…. 2….. 3!!!!

* The bell rings again *

Penzer: Your winner…. Lance “Yung Wun” Washington!

Tenay: So Washington gets his first pay-per-view victory by beating down the Saint, who really was dominated the entire match.

Heenan: The guy never seemed to be able to get into the flow of this fight. He was always on the defensive. You can’t wrestle like that in the GCWA. All it will do is get you killed.

JR: That’s the way it works in this business, Heenan. You’re either good enough to handle yourself in the ring, or you get to count the number of bruises on your body.

* Heenan takes us through a brief replay of some of the highlights of the match. There aren’t too many to speak of, and all of the ones shown are of the Saint taking abuse. Heenan wraps it up with the Buzz-Killer. We return to the broadcast position. *

JR: Unfortunately for Washington, we don’t have commercial breaks. He’s going to have to pull himself back together for the next match if he wants to compete. Before we go on, we have received another note about a wrestler departing the GCWA. Apparently Tommy Flamer is not going to be here tonight.

Heenan: Wow. First the Great One, then Silverfreak, and now Flamer? That’s a lot of talent just walking out of their contracts, JR. I wonder why they aren’t sticking around?

JR: Think it could have anything to do with the fact that the President is a low, conniving Bastard who always works things out to suit him and his friends?

Heenan: Nah. I mean, that never bothered the folks when Ace was in charge, now, did it?

JR: Good point. Well, Flamer’s out, but that still leaves four for this one. It’s time for the rest of the rookies to have a crack at this Pay-Per-View! Take it, Penzer!

Penzer: The next match is scheduled for one fall. The winner of this match will be awarded a shot at the European Title. Introducing first, already standing in the ring at 6’4” and 240 pounds, the Yung Wun of the wrestling industry, Lance Washington!!

* This time the cheers are a little louder for Washington, who takes the adulation in stride, waving at some of the fans. He’s resting in the corner, waiting for his opposition. *

JR: Not that many people were giving Washington good odds in this European Contendership fight, seeing as how he’s the only one of the five who has wrestled. But after the way the Yung Wun took out the Saint, you have to think he still has a lot of energy left. Plus it seems that he’s got the fans behind him at the moment. That can always be the deciding factor in a match.

Heenan: Yeah, but the fatigue is evident on Yung Wun’s face. Don’t forget, even if you pound a guy mercilessly, inflicting the punishment still takes something out of you. It’s not going to be easy for Washington to get the title shot.

Penzer: Now coming to the ring, he’s one of the newest wrestlers on the GCWA roster, looking to make a stunning debut tonight in Washington D.C. Here is Willy O. WoW!

* A Korn song starts playing, then is suddenly cut off and replaced by another tune. The lights start flashing around the area as WoW walks out, smirking towards the ring as he makes his way down. He’s carrying a Playboy in one hand. *

Tenay: I see WoW’s been doing some heavy reading.

Heenan: Haven’t we all?

JR: There has been a lot of talk about this guy Willy in the past week or two. Many are wondering what he can do in the ring, since very little information is known about the man. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Penzer: Their opponent…..

* “One Step Closer” Linkin’ Park starts to play over the loudspeakers, causing Penzer to stop reading his card and look up. Both Yung Wun and WoW take a look down towards the entrance, where BreakDown steps out! He tosses a man, Kyle Kidd, ahead of him, sending Kidd toppling over the edge of the stage! You see another guy come from behind, Johnny “Roastbeef” Canoli. The wrestler dives at BreakDown, who turns just in time and grabs him, lifting the 300-pounder into a powerslam on the ramp! BreakDown continues to beat on the two rookies, as the two left standing in the ring watch in shock. The fans are cheering, apparently loving the action. *

Heenan: Now what’s this guy doing here? He’s ruining a great match!

Tenay: We all heard the comments of BreakDown over the past week, Bobby. He had very little respect for any of these rookies, saying that he was the best ‘rookie’ in the fed right now. He also claims to be a former 3-time Heavyweight Champ in another fed. I guess he decided to prove that tonight by attacking two wrestlers at once!

JR: Well, Kidd and Canoli are sure making a good case for him. Neither is getting much in against this man. BreakDown is in complete control, lifting Canoli up and throwing him off the stage on top of Kidd! He follows them down, apparently having a lot of fun beating on these guys. Look at him, he’s laughing. Yung Wun is just watching from the ring, trying to figure out what to do, and, oh, wait, WoW has come up behind him and gone for a roll-up pin!! The ref is right there! 1…. 2…. No, Yung Wun kicks out!

* The bell rings, a tad tardy this time…. *

Tenay: This match was literally almost over before it began! WoW saw an opportunity, make sure to get the ref’s attention, then grabbed a handful of trunks and rolled up his sole-standing opponent. Washington made a rookie mistake, concentrating in the wrong direction, but he still managed to kick out at the last second. WoW brings the man up and immediately gets a Scoop Slam, taking to the man who’s already had a match. He stands over Yung Wun and starts kicking away with his feet, aiming one shot to land squarely on Yung Wun’s fingers. Washington tries to roll out of range, holding his fingers tightly to his chest, as WoW follows, kicking away.

JR: Meanwhile, Mike, security’s out to make sure that BreakDown doesn’t come to the ring. This match is going to continue, it’s just not going to be a 5-man fight. We’re down to 2 men, both of whom surely want that European Title shot. WoW leans over and grabs Yung Wun, getting him back up. He sends him into the ropes, then tries a dropkick, but Washington hangs onto the ropes, dodging the hit. WoW falls onto his back, stunned for a second, and Yung Wun comes in to take advantage, planting an elbow directly into his opponent. He grabs the legs and tries a pin, but only gets a 1 count. Both wrestlers get to their feet, with Yung Wun kicking WoW in the ribs on the way up. He double-underhooks WoW and tries to lift him for a Pedigree-type maneuver, but WoW lifts up instead, flipping Yung Wun over top. Oh, but Yung Wun grabs the man’s legs on the way down, getting a Sunset Flip for a pin! 1….. 2….. WoW kicks free.

Heenan: These guys are going back and forth here. Whew, I was worried this match was going to suck, thanks to that BreakDown guy. But these two are making it happen, just like it should be at a PPV. Yung Wun is back on his feet, charging towards WoW, who spins and kicks out, tripping his adversary up and sending him careening into the ropes, throat-first! Before Yung Wun can recover, WoW runs in, putting his leg across the man’s back to force the bottom rope to cut off Washington’s oxygen. WoW stays there for the mandatory 5 count, then lets Yung Wun up. He grabs the man by the back of the head, hauling him up and flinging him into the corner. WoW comes in right after with an elbow to the side of the head, then reaches down and grabs Yung Wun’s legs, putting him up on the turnbuckle. WoW follows, then gets a firm grip on Yung Wun and comes off with a Superplex! The two fly towards the ground, with the ref making sure to be out of the way, and Yung Wun takes the majority of the impact! I love that move!

Tenay: That could spell the end of this one! WoW rolls over and makes the pin, as the ref drops down next to them…. 1…. 2….. NO! Yung Wun kicks out! WoW pushes off the mat and glares for a second at the referee, then shrugs and laughs. He pulls Yung Wun back up and grabs him around the middle, lifting the young man up with a piledriver. He drops, bouncing Washington’s head off the ground like a basketball! Another pin attempt, another 2 count. Yung Wun is just not willing to walk away from this one with a loss. WoW is starting to look a little annoyed now as he rises back up. He steps around and grabs one of Yung Wun’s feet, then drops an elbow onto it. He then proceeds to wring the leg for all its worth, causing Yung Wun to yell out in pain. WoW is really taking it to this guy, JR.

JR: Well, don’t let appearances fool you, Mike. We’ve got to remember that Yung Wun’s already been through one match, while WoW was completely fresh when he came down. He also took advantage early on thanks to BreakDown. Still, the momentum’s clearly in his favor. Yung Wun is in trouble.

Heenan: Thanks for that detailed analysis, Jim, but can we just call the match? Sheesh!

JR: Sheesh? Who in the world says sheesh anymore?

Tenay: Guys, cool it, do we have to do this every pay-per-view? Ok, in the ring, WoW’s still got on the leg submission hold. He’s moved down slightly to make it more of an Ankle Hold. Yung Wun’s fighting, though, shaking his head to the ref, who is standing close by, looking for a submission. Yung Wun stretches out his hands, only inches away from the ropes now. WoW sees it, realizes that he’s going to make it, and simply lets go of the hold. He gets to his feet, even as Yung Wun shakes his right leg, trying to get the circulation back into it. WoW reaches down, grabbing the man by the arm, and hauls him up, then snaps him over with a Fisherman’s Suplex! 1…… 2….. again Yung Wun kicks out! WoW just can’t seem to put the rookie away!

JR: But if he keeps up this pace, Mike, it’s only a matter of time. Willy gets back to his feet, with his arms on his sides, looking down at Washington. Yung Wun rolls over onto his stomach, then pushes off with his hands, again working his way to his feet. He gets up, only to get grabbed from behind by WoW with a sleeper hold! Another submission hold, and this time it’s in the center of the ring! Yung Wun struggles for a few seconds, trying to find a way out, but WoW has him tightly around the throat! Yung Wun stutter-steps, unable to keep his balance, no, wait, he drops suddenly with a Jawbreaker, taking WoW completely by surprise! WoW falls to the mat holding his teeth in his mouth, as Yung Wun takes a breather. Something like that can really turn the tide in these kind of matches. Let’s see if Washingtong can take advantage.

Heenan: Doesn’t look like it, JR. WoW’s already back on his feet, thanks to the fact that he landed next to the ropes. He comes over angrily, grabbing Yung Wun on the way up and giving him a Russian Leg Sweep! WoW goes for another cover…. 1….. 2….. and again Washington kicks out! Where’s this kid getting the energy? Hey, Yung Wun! I want to see the main event! Let’s hurry this up, alright?

Tenay: Sit down, Brain! You’re embarrassing yourself!

Heenan: What? What’d I say?

JR: Man, sometimes, Heenan…. ok, back to the match. WoW’s up once more, looking towards the audience, who seem to be moving towards Yung Wun’s side in this encounter. WoW raises both arms, then drops them, as if shrugging to the crowd. He comes back over and grabs Yung Wun, bringing him back up, wait, oh, Yung Wun drops backwards and twists WoW with him into a Small Package!! The ref drops down, smacking the mat…. 1….. 2….. 3!!!!!!!

Heenan: Wow! Just like that, the match is over!

* The bell rings, and Penzer enters *

Penzer: Your Winner, for the Second Time Tonight….. Lance “Yung Wun” Washington!!!

JR: You could really call this one an upset, guys! Yung Wun wins the first two matches here at Wreck The Halls, and gains a European Title shot out of it! This rookie could really be going places in the GCWA!

* Heenan breaks into his normal, one-sided narrative, as replays of the match are shown. The superplex and the small package are both featured in the clips. *

* We cut to the backstage area, where the BOO office is packed full of activity. Gabe Morse is stretching against one wall. Adrian Rockwell and Lan Ragus are having a discussion to the side, perhaps making friendly bets on the matches. Dynamic Dynamite is standing on his own to the right, with his head to his chest, looking like he’s about to fall asleep. At the center, President Shannon Shag-Nasty is seated at his desk, with Kevin O’Connor pacing in front of him. *

Shag-Nasty: Look, Kevin, you’re burning all your energy! Just relax, you’re in great shape, and you’re the best there is in the federation. You’re going to kill the guy and become the champion, just like I promised.

O’Connor: I know, Shannon, but that doesn’t mean that I have to sit still, does it? Damn, I wish that match was starting right now.

Shag-Nasty: Well, if you’re going to run around anyway, why not go check out your lady in the BOO booth? Maybe she can settle you down.

O’Connor: Good idea, Shannon. I want to see how Amy’s enjoying the seats you gave her. I’ll be back.

* O’Connor departs quickly through the door, slamming it behind him. Shag-Nasty shakes his head in dark amusement, then looks to his right, where Dynamite’s head has come back up. Dynamite now just looks angry as he stares down at Shag-Nasty.

Dynamic Dynamite: Sometimes I can’t stand that kid, Shannon. Why do you have to keep buttering him up like that? You know that I’m still your best shot at getting the belt back, not that youngster.

Shag-Nasty: That’s not your concern, Dynamite. Your job is to get the Intercontinental Title for the BOO. Concentrate on that, not the main event.

* Dynamite grumbles, then nods his head reluctantly. He sits back, even as we return to the arena, where the fans have been watching everything. The announcers are shown, sitting in their plush chairs at the broadcast table. *

Tenay: There’s a lot of things going on in the back, it seems. I guess we should have known that Dynamic Dynamite might be a little upset at O’Connor getting the title shot instead of him. But then, Dynamite was defeated by O’Connor in their Number One Contenders match only a few weeks ago, so there’s no doubt that O’Connor earned the right to face Punisher tonight.

Heenan: Well, Dynamite tripped, and O’Connor got lucky, but that’s not the point. What matters is that whoever arranged the Dynamite/O’Connor match has caused a small rift in the Bastards of Oblivion, probably exactly what that person wanted. We’ll just have to see what comes of it.

Tenay: And on that note, let’s go to the ring, where David Penzer is waiting to make the next announcement.

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen…. it is my duty to announce to you that the Heavyweight Contendership Match, which was supposed to take place, has been canceled.

* Boos cover up Penzer’s next statement, so he stops talking until the crowd settles down slightly. *

Penzer: I am sorry to report this, but the deal between Silverfreak and the GCWA has fallen apart, so the match has been thrown out…..

* As the crowd continues to boo, X-Dog’s theme hits the speakers, and the only Circuit Champion of the GCWA comes out to a loud ovation. He walks down the aisle and does a few chops, just for old time’s sake, before entering the ring and lifting his hand. After a second, Penzer realizes that he wants the mic and hands it over. *

Heenan: This should be entertaining.

X-Dog: I guess I shouldn’t have expected the Freek to show. After all, it was obvious that he didn’t care about the GCWA. If you don’t care about a title shot, then why show up and risk your neck against the most experienced wrestler in the fed? Still, I was looking forward to my first match here in over a year. Looks like I’ll have to settle for a chance to be the World Champion again. I’ve broken records before. I’m the only wrestler to have won every belt at one time or another. Now I’ve set my sights on a new goal. It’s a goal that Nightmare never managed. Animal Thug couldn’t do it, neither could Darkstarr or Phoenix. Not even our great President, Shag-Nasty, has pulled it off. You see, I’m the next 3-time Heavyweight Champion. So O’Connor, Punisher, whoever wins, remember that I’ll be waiting in the wings for you. Punisher, you’ve done a lot in your short time here, and I respect that, but you’re still nowhere close to what I’ve done, and will still do, for the GCWA. O’Connor, you were trained by my partner, which means I know everything about you. If you somehow manage a miracle against Punisher, then I know that I’ll be the next champ. I'm paving my own path on the ladder to the top of this company for a thrid time, guys, which means I’m coming through one of you!

* The fans are fully behind X-Dog now, and you can hear chants of Triple X. X-Dog looks around with a smile, then raises the mic back up to his lips. *

X-Dog: Now that I’m standing here in this ring, with all you fans cheering me, I think I’ll do one other thing. Silverfreek didn’t have the guts to come out here and fight me. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have to have a fight. So if anyone in the back cares to take on the Circuit Champion, then get out here, and let’s give these fans a show!

* The crowd explodes as X-Dog throws away the mic, tossing it in the general direction of Penzer. He walks to the ropes, leaning over them and looking towards the back. Some time goes by, as X-Dog patiently waits for anyone to take his challenge. Just as it’s looking like nothing’s going to happen, “Blaze of Glory” by Bon Jovi starts over the speakers, and the fans go beserk as “The Dragon” Kevin O’Connor walks out!! *

Heenan: What in the world?? What’s O’Connor doing out here? He can’t be accepting this challenge, can he? The guy’s got a World Title match later tonight! It would be crazy for him to put himself into a match earlier in the night, especially against someone like X-Dog!

Tenay: Yeah, but remember, JR, the guy is desperate to get rid of some of his energy. He was walking around the arena just to kill some time. The thought of wrestling now instead of later must be awfully tempting to the young wrestler.

JR: Besides, X-Dog was talking about him just a few minutes ago, and you know the mindset of the Dragon right now. He’s pretty unstable.

Heenan: Yeah, but still!

Tenay: X-Dog doesn’t seem to care. He’s waving his arms, taunting O’Connor to come down to the ring. And here he comes! The Dragon’s moving towards the ring with purpose! Oh, wait, someone’s behind him, it’s…. President Shag-Nasty??

* The President darts around O’Connor, moving pretty fast for a guy currently dressed in a suit. He pushes against O’Connor’s chest, keeping him from going any further, even as X-Dog continues to yell from the ring to let him come. Shag-Nasty talks to O’Connor rapidly, probably ordering him to the back so that he doesn’t ruin his chances for the main event. O’Connor looks steel-eyed at X-Dog, then shakes his head and walks back the way he came, getting more boos from the crowd. Shag-Nasty grabs a mic from an attendant and turns back to X-Dog. *

Shag-Nasty: Back for only a week, and already causing trouble. You should feel lucky, X-Dog, that I was here to stop O’Connor, or else you would have found out earlier than necessary who the better man is. You’ve got yourself a free win and a title shot. Don’t push your luck.

* Shag-Nasty turns and follows O’Connor up the ramp, while X-Dog shakes his head in the ring area with an angry expression on his face. As he leaves the ring, the announcers come back on. *

JR: Boy, for a second there, I really thought those two were going to go at it. It probably would have been an exciting match, too, but then, I wouldn’t want anything to take away from the main event World Title match tonight.

Heenan: No, that’d be horrible! Thank god the President was on the ball. Maybe he can keep O’Connor under wraps from now on until it’s time for the fight!

Tenay: We’ll just have to see, Bobby. No one ever knows what’s going to happen at a GCWA Pay-Per-View. We have a lot more action on the way, and a bunch of titles on the line, coming up in just a little while. But first, we’re going to take a short commercial break to show you all the fine GCWA products that you can order online from our website!

* Before we go to the sales commercial, the camera goes to the back, where a limo can be seen pulling up in the back. The driver gets out and moves around to the side, while dialing on his cell phone. He stops before he gets to the door and starts talking. *

Driver: Ok, Ace, he’s here. No, the other one. No, sir, I’m not sure when the other limo is due, he didn’t take the same shortcut I did. Ok, I’ll send him right up.

* The driver reaches out and grabs the door handle, starting to open it. That’s exactly the moment the guys upstairs decide to go to the commercial. Care to buy an Ace hat? Only $19.95.

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