*In the back, the medics are checking on X-Pac's leg... he winces everytime they touch it... one of them turns to Mysterio and says that he shouldn't go back out there... X-Pac hears, and tells him not a chance, that he'll be going out there no matter what.... Mysterio comes in close to talk, but X-Pac continues to shake his head, as if refusing to submit... we go to the front...*

Tenay: It's been a tremendous night of action and intrigue, ladies and gentlemen. We started with 16 men, all willing to do what they had to just to be able to get the World Title. After 12 matches, we're down to four individuals, two of whom will be leaving here as champions! The anticipation is flowing through this place! Who's going to be in the finals? We're ready to find out! Let's go to the ring, and Tom Dietz!

Dietz: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have reached the Semi-Finals!! *Loud cheers* The winners of the next two matches will be the ones to fight for the GCWA Heavyweight Championship of the World! Coming down the aisle... he's been impressive tonight, with victories over IRS and Nightmare... he's the sole man left representing the Bastards of Oblivion 2000.... the former Hardcore Champion..... Michael "The Man" Breaker!!

*Breaker appears with the BOO2K theme, but many of the fans don't care... he's getting cheered by most of the crowd in attendance... Breaker looks around in shock, then smiles... he stomps down to the ring and pulls himself in...*

Tenay: It appears that, while he's still tired from the battle with the former 2-time champ Nightmare, Breaker is thriving on the crowd tonight! He's survived some unbelievable moves, and dealt out his own, and the fans really seem to appreciate it. I don't remember the last time a BOO member was cheered like this.

Heenan: It just goes to show you how popular killing an IRS man can make you.

Dietz: Breaker's opponent... having moved through two other individuals to get to this point... he's impressed with his size and his power, as well as his ability to absorb pain... showing that he deserves to be in the GCWA... the 7-foot monster.... Rage!!

*Rage comes out to an explosion of flames on either side.... the fans still aren't sure about him... some give a few cheers, while others boo him... he doesn't care... he heads down the ramp and goes purposefully to the ring...*

Tenay: This guy's become a major contender, and he's only been here a few weeks. It's amazing how well he's looked in this tournament, and a lot of people are wondering if he can really pull it off. Can a man enter a federation and simply take it over?

JR: He's tough alright. Plus he was granted that free pass by Outcast. So although he had a good match with Mysterio, Rage is still fresher in many ways than Breaker is. Not to mention taller.

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: Let's see how these two individuals are feeling, shall we? Breaker and Rage immediately lock up, testing each other's strength. Neither budges the other, however. They break apart, looking at each other, and Rage slowly raises a hand, calling for a game of Mercy. Breaker thinks to himself, then decides to go for it, locking first one hand then the other. The two come together, each going for the leverage. They're both struggling with all the might they've got. Slowly, Rage takes advantage due to his height. Breaker's fighting, but he's also dropping, as Rage pulls himself even higher, twisting the fingers of his opponent! Breaker drops to one knee, and he's in a lot of trouble! The ref is watching, although I doubt he's expecting a submission from one of these.

JR: Breaker's trying to bite back the pain and get himself back up. But Rage has him tucked in tight. Breaker shakes his head at the comments of the ref, then puts renewed effort into getting up. He slowly but surely raises up, inch by inch, despite Rage's struggles! Rage is bearing down, trying to keep the fingers in a painful position. But Breaker uses it against him, suddenly dropping backwards and using his legs to propell the big man over him! Rage flips, landing on his back, as Breaker hops to his feet, shaking out the aches in his fingers. Rage quickly gets back up, but Breaker comes in, nailing him in the face again and again, knocking him into the corner! Breaker is going toe-to-toe with this powerhouse, and he's looking good!

Heenan: Hey, Breaker's no slouch when it comes to power, guys. He's not Mysterio or Outcast. He's a big guy.

Tenay: True, Bobby. Thanks for your input. Breaker stays in the corner, trying to wear down the masked man with chops and kicks. He adds on the punishment, blasting away with his large legs and planting them in his opponent's midriff. Rage is having trouble getting going in this match. Of course, he did take some chair shots from Master Dee. Have they affected him for this one? Breaker pulls Rage out of the corner and tries to set him up for a suplex. But Rage blocks it, then shows his great strength by lifting Breaker up and dropping him across the top rope!! Breaker gets his stomach 'pumped'! He coughs and drops to the apron, landing on his feet. But Rage darts forward, shoulderblocking Breaker to the outside!

Heenan: Wow! Breaker flew from the apron into the guardrail!! Those fans got a rude awakening, didn't they? Lucky for them they were at least partially into the match, or else they couldn't have gotten out of the way! Breaker's hurt. He drops to his knees, grasping at his back, as Rage steps over the ropes and comes to the outside. He grabs Breaker and pulls him over, locking him by the throat and tossing him in the other direction, into the post!! Breaker drops to the mat, in bad shape, as Rage leans over him, dragging him up and tossing him into the ring. Rage is looking strong thus far. He climbs in, rolls the pained Breaker over, and makes the cover.... 1...... 2...... Breaker kicks out! So was that a really slow count, guys? Let me guess, Shag bought the ref off, right?

JR: Ok, Heenan, we get the point. Jumping to assumptions isn't good. Geez. Rage pulls Breaker up and brings him in, going for a Scoop Slam. But Breaker fights back, surprising Rage with an uppercut! Rage's head snaps back, putting wrinkles into that mask of his. Breaker then locks his arm around Rage, lifting him and dropping with a Rock Bottom variation!!! The ring just shook like an atom bomb hit it!!! Breaker quickly makes the cover.... 1..... 2...... NO!! Rage kicks out!! The match continues! Man, these two have both been through some huge brawls tonight. How much more do they have to expend on this? It's Rage's second match, and Breaker's third! Both are exhausted, I believe. Breaker pulls himself up, popping his back in the process. He brings Rage up and snaps him into the corner. Rage drops in backfirst, then can't dodge as Breaker charges, landing a shoulderblock!! Rage was splattered in the corner with that one! Breaker quickly decides to continue the punishment, getting underneath Rage and hooking him. With a mighty burst of power, Breaker lifts and gets a Belly-to-Back Suplex on the big man!! Another cover.... 1..... 2..... Rage kicks out again!!

Tenay: What are these two going on? Breaker is low on energy, I think. He thought he could finish it with that maneuver, but Rage still has untapped reserves. "The Man" pulls Rage up again, trying to think of what he can do to finish this. He gets a lock on Rage's head, prepping for a DDT. But before he can bring them down, Rage straightens up, lifting Breaker with his arm, then getting a Side Slam!!! Breaker's legs are kicking frantically from the pain of the impact, as Rage takes a second to compose himself. These guys aren't backing down an inch. They know that a win here gets them to the gold. Rage lifts himself up, his intestinal fortitude pushing him to his feet. He lifts Breaker up and gets a Gutwrench Suplex, then goes for the pin.... 1..... 2..... Breaker will not give up! The match continues, and the fans are loving it! Breaker is brought up by Rage and locked. He's set for a Piledriver! Rage looks around at the fans, many of whom aren't sure about how they feel. He lifts, then spikes Michael Breaker into the mat!!!

Heenan: Oh, man, that's gotta be it! How could anyone kick out from that? 1..... 2...... DAMN!! Breaker's still alive!!!

JR: He's so determined to prove himself, Bobby, that he's going to have to be unconscious to be pinned!! Rage can do that, too, if need be. He stands up... as Dynamic Dynamite comes to the ring!!! Dynamite starts to climb up onto the apron, as the ref immediately comes over and orders him to the back! Rage starts to pull Breaker up, then sees Dynamite. He hesitates, between wanting to finish the job on Breaker, and wanting to go get Dynamite. Unfortunately for him, he has to deal with choice #3, and Breaker wraps his arms around Rage and somehow manages a release German Suplex!!! Rage is down, but so is Breaker, as the ref continues to argue with Dynamite. He's not going to let the BOO member in the ring! Dynamite starts to step in anyway, but the ref threatens to DQ Breaker if the IC Champ enters the ring.

Tenay: The ref is serious, too. You can see Dynamite considering it, looking in at the carnage in the ring. Rage and Breaker are both struggling to get up from the abuse they've taken. Wait a second.... Shannon Shag-Nasty's coming in from the opposite side!! The ref doesn't see him, he's too preoccupied with Dynamite! Rage turns, right into Shag-Nasty, who drops him with the Nasty Snap!!!! Rage is down again!!! The Commish quickly rolls out of the ring and starts pounding, cheering on his teammate. The fans are really booing this one! They're not happy with the interference! Breaker gets to his feet, unaware of what has happened. He leans on the ropes, exhausted, then sees Rage down. He comes over, lifting the man up, and puts him into position, landing both parts of the Manbreaker!!!!! What strength!!!

JR: The Low Down plants Rage in the ring, as Breaker makes the cover... 1...... 2....... 3!!!!!! The ref makes the count, and Breaker moves to the finals, now guaranteed of at least taking home the European Title!! Rage was cheated out of this one by Shannon Shag-Nasty and the BOO2K!!! Breaker's helped up by Shag-Nasty and Dynamite, both of whom are cheering on the BOO member who's going to the finals!

Heenan: Once again, one of my pics wins. I told you guys. The power behind Breaker is too much to fight! That's why Shag-Nasty had him enter this tournament! He knew, with his help, Breaker could go far!!

Tenay: Yeah, thanks to Shag-Nasty, Rage's run is over. Let's roll the tape.

*A lof of the moves from this one are shown... Breaker's Rock Bottom on Rage.... Rage knocking Breaker all the way to the guardrail... Rage's ChokeThrow and Piledriver... Shag-Nasty's interference, mainly the Nasty Snap... and the final Manbreaker... all roll by, with commentary...*

Tenay: Would you look at the face of Breaker? He watched the replays on the big screen, and now he looks pissed! He turns to Shag-Nasty, saying something to him. Shag-Nasty's smile fades, and he shrugs, talking to his old friend about what happened. He reaches out, but Breaker smacks away the Commish's hand! He looks really unhappy with Shag-Nasty's interference! Shag-Nasty holds out both arms, as if to say "What did you want me to do?" Breaker walks away from him and Dynamite, though, rolling out of the ring and heading towards the back. And some of the fans are still cheering him! Shag-Nasty and Dynamite follow, puzzled to say the least.

*As Breaker walks off, we're shown a shot of Ace's private office... he's watching the events on a big screen, as well as being able to walk out the side door to look off the balcony... Ace is nodding at what just happened... he says "Perfect."... we go back to the broadcast location...*

Heenan: Alright, we know now about Michael Breaker getting the chance of a lifetime. Now it's time for our second semifinal match, pitting John Steel against X-Pac. That is if X-Pac can even make it to the ring.

Dietz: Our next semifinal match is scheduled for one fall and will determine who will meet Michael Breaker in the finals... welcome first to the ring.... representing the GCWA as Ace's chosen one.... "The Real Deal" John Steel!!!

*Steel enters to a large pyro explosion as his music, "Freak on a Leash", plays... he looks to be in good form, even after his tough match with Napalm... the fans still hate him... he enters the ring and waits...*

JR: Steel may have an easy time getting into the finals, he's basically fighting a crippled man.

Tenay: It's a shame that X-Pac had to take so much punishment on his knee in his last match. Don't forget the other advantage Steel has, either. He's got Ace in his back pocket, which is possibly why he's here in the Semi-Finals to begin with.

Dietz: And his opponent, the man who defeated Phenomena and Dynamic Dynamite earlier tonight and now hopes to move on to the finals.... X-Pac!!!

*X-Pac's theme plays and he hobbles out... he looks to be in slightly better shape, a brace around his knee now, but he isn't putting much weight on his left leg... he steps into the ring and the bell sounds...*

JR: Steel is leaning back in the corner, a grin across his face. I don't think he expects much of a challenge here. X-Pac moves in slowly and the two lock up, Steel taking the advantage and shoving X-Pac to the ground. X-Pac stands again, and Steel invites another lock up. They do, and Steel just sends X-Pac to the mat once more. X-Pac gets back to his feet, this time staying back. Steel moves in to lock up again, but X-Pac surprises him with a jab to the jaw. Steel reels, then punches X-Pac right back. The two continue exchanging blows, X-Pac taking a slight advantage with his faster punches. Steel stumbles backwards into the ropes, and X-Pac uses the momentum to send him bouncing off the ropes and across the ring. Steel returns, and X-Pac hops off his good leg to hit a forearm across the Real Deal's face. Steel falls to the mat, X-Pac on him immediately with punches to the face. Steel rolls the move over however and takes over, sending huge fists down on X-Pac.

Heenan: X-Pac really shouldn't have allowed Steel even to get close to him, but now it's too late. Steel brings X-Pac up and back down with sweep of that bad leg. Steel smiles, stomping on X-Pac's brace. X-Pac screams out, his knee an obvious weakness now. Steel looks to capitalize, but X-Pac kicks up with his good leg hitting Steel right in the kisser. X-Pac gets back to his feet and backs off. Steel charges in, but X-Pac side steps him and spins with his Spinning Heel Kick, using his brace as a weapon almost. Steel falls to the mat, and X-Pac moves to the bottom rope, flipping and hitting a Moonsault. He still flies even with the injury, that's amazing! He pins..... 1.... and Steel kicks out quickly. X-Pac leans up, grabs Steel by the hair, and smashes his head back into the mat. He then stands, bringing Ace's hopeful up with him. He sends him into the ropes, grabs him on his return, and slams him to the mat with a forward fall. Steel has been taken by surprise, thinking that X-Pac would have little left.

Tenay: I have to say that I've been taken by surprise as well! I didn't think X-Pac would be able to contend in this match, but he is now. He brings Steel back to his feet, putting him in a full nelson and lifting him up. He slams him down, springs off the ropes, and leaps for a Leg-Drop, but Steel rolls out of the way. Steel gets to his feet now, shaking off the blows he's taken, and bringing X-Pac back up. He applies a Fisherman's Suplex, then keeps it held with a bridge for the pin.... 1..... and X-Pac kicks out of it. Both men start to get up now, Steel reaching over and grabbing X-Pac by the head. He leaps and drops with a Bulldog. X-Pac is starting to look a little out of it, and that may just be what Steel needs. He pulls X-Pac up again and sends him into the corner. He walks over to him, pulls him up, and sits him on the top buckle. He may be looking to end this one with just one more move. He climbs up, but X-Pac punches him in the stomach. Steel falls back down, allowing X-Pac to leap off with a clothesline and drop him. X-Pac quickly moves in to cover..... 1.... 2..... and Steel gets a shoulder up.

JR: X-Pac isn't out of this one by far yet. He brings Steel back up again, but Steel throws a European uppercut into his chin. X-Pac stumbles backwards, and Steel sends him toppling over the ropes with a shoulder. X-Pac hits the mats outside and Steel follows him out. He pulls him up, pulling his head back and slamming him face first onto the apron. He follows this by sending X-Pac on a trip, crashing him into the guardrail. He moves in with a stomp to the chest, followed by another. X-Pac looks about finished, the wear of his previous matches showing now. Steel scoops him up over his shoulder and looks to ram him into the post head first. X-Pac slides off Steel though, adding in a shove and sending him face-first into the post. Steel comes backwards, and X-Pac grabs him, dropping him back with a Russian Leg Sweep. Quickly, X-Pac climbs back onto the apron, sizing up Steel, and dropping down on him with a knee to the throat. This match is going right back and forth.

Tenay: The ref isn't even counting this one, not wanting a double count out. If that happens, well, it won't. X-Pac stands Steel up again, moving him over to the guardrail and slamming his head into the metal. He then punches Steel in the face, sending him over the guardrail and into the house. X-Pac follows him over, laying in with a few more punches to the face as he drags him towards the back. These two are headed towards some of our technical equipment back there, and I'm not sure I like the looks of that. X-Pac slings Steel towards a speaker, sending him crashing into and over it. Steel hits the concrete out there hard, and X-Pac looks confident now. He pulls Steel up, and sets him up for a DDT. However, Steel hits him with a shot to the ribs, breaking the hold. X-Pac backs off and Steel charges in. X-Pac just lets him come, reclaiming his hold, and using Steel's momentum to drop him down on the concrete with the DDT after all! If X-Pac could get a pin out there this one could be over, but the falls only count in the ring.

Heenan: He must have heard you Tenay, because X-Pac is bringing Steel back to the ring, sending him shots to the face while he does. Steel suddenly stops though, wrapping his arms around X-Pac and lifting. He falls backwards, bringing both men down, X-Pac taking most of the impact. Steel is slow to get up, but he does manage to. He turns on X-Pac, stepping right on his brace. X-Pac screams out and Steel smiles. He pulls X-Pac to his feet now and drags him back over through the crowd. He lifts him in the air and sits him down on, the guardrail uncomfortably between his legs. Steel seems to be laughing now as he steps over the guardrail. He looks back at X-Pac and kicks the bad knee again, crushing it between his foot and the guardrail. X-Pac just spills over, landing by the ringside now. Steel reaches down and pulls Pac up again, tossing him into the ring. Steel follows in and kneels beside X-Pac. Hurriedly he pulls the brace off of his knee and tosses it out of the ring. It looks like he's going to work that leg now.

JR: X-Pac may have to take a couple of weeks off to recoup that leg after this tournament in over. Steel flips X-Pac over and pulls the leg up, in a Half Boston Crab, putting pressure right on the knee. X-Pac is once again crying out in pain, but I don't expect him to tap out. It doesn't look like Steel does either, but he continues the pressure, maybe hoping X-Pac will just pass out. X-Pac is trying to get out of the move. He reaches back and grabs Steel's foot. He pulls it forward, loosing Steel's grip enough to slip away from him. Steel turns, however, and drops a knee into X-Pac's back. X-Pac lays on the mat, Steel standing over him. Steel reaches down and pulls X-Pac up. He lifts him and brings him down with an Atomic Drop. X-Pac stumbles away, crashing into the turnbuckles. Steel follows him over, grabbing the back of his head and looking to smash him into the buckle face first. X-Pac slap him away, however, and takes Steel by the head, crushing him down into the turnbuckle over and over again. Steel falls backwards, and X-Pac climbs up to the second buckle. He leaps off, bringing his good leg across Steel's throat. He pins.... 1...... 2..... X-Pac could be, no! Steel kicks out at the last second.

Heenan: Both men have taken a wild amount of punishment, and this could be either man's match! X-Pac stands now, grabbing Steel by the legs. He drops, sending Steel flying towards the turnbuckle and the official! The ref is crushed between Steel and the buckles, knocking him out! Not again! Steel falls backwards and X-Pac spins him, kicking him quickly, and then dropping him with the X-Factor!! X-Pac pins, but the ref is totally out of this one. X-Pac stays on top of Steel for a moment, then stands, hobbling over to the ref. He shakes him, unaware that Steel has gotten up one knee. Wait a second? What's Steel doing?

Tenay: He's reaching into his tights and pulling out a pair of brass knuckles! The ref is semi-awake now, and X-Pac turns back to Steel. Steel throws a low blow, reeling X-Pac over, and then Steel, standing at the same time, throws a massive uppercut into X-Pac's jaw with that loaded fist!! X-Pac falls to the mat, Steel throws the knuckles out of the ring, and the ref, now fully back into reality, missed it all. Steel walks over to X-Pac, pulling him back to his feet, then drops him with the Real Deal DDT!!! He covers...... 1....... 2........ 3!!! The Real Deal John Steel is going to move on to the finals!! He's cheated his way into the final match against Michael Breaker and will be walking out of New Orleans with a title! How and the hell did he do it?

JR: You can sure as hell bet this call won't ever be reversed either, not with Ace backing the Golden Boy. I hope Breaker finishes him once and for all. Give us the replay, Heenan.

*We're shown a combination of moves from the two wrestlers, all over the ring... from X-Pac delivering moonsaults and kicks, to Steel's attack on the injured leg... the X-Factor, then the brass knuckle Real Deal DDT, finish out the roleplay...*

Tenay: What a night!! Ladies and gentlemen, we're down to two men!! Either Michael Breaker or John Steel will be the new Heavyweight Champion!! It could really go either way! Both men are 3-0 tonight, and looking for win #4 in just a few minutes!! I can't wait for it!

*Suddenly, "Sweating Bullets" hits the airwaves, and the fans all turn their heads towards the back... the boos come loud and often as the Accelerator appears on the 'Tron, still in his office... he's smiling as he looks at the camera...*

The Accelerator: Just a quick word, folks. I hope you've all been enjoying tonight's festivities. I know I have been. We're down to our two challengers, aren't we? It's been a crazy night. I was watching earlier when Shag-Nasty became personally involved in the match between Rage and Breaker. That annoyed me, because I wanted this to be a pure tournament. But that's alright. I've decided to make an executive decision. The World Title match needs to be interference-free, right? Well, then, let's put it inside a cage. No, even better. Let's make it Hell in a Cell!!! That's right, we're going to have a Hell in a Cell match to decide the winner, and the rightful World Champion!! So just give us 15 minutes to set up the cage, and then we'll have our main event! Peace!

Heenan: So the main event is now a Hell in a Cell?? What an announcement!! We're going to have one more unbelievable match!!

Tenay: Yeah, but it also does two other things, Heenan. For one, it gives Steel, who just finished wrestling a match, a chance to recover! Two, it gives Steel a small psychological edge, because the last time Michael Breaker dealt with a cage, he was flying off of it!

Heenan: Yeah, well, there's that too.

JR: *shakes head* Well, folks, you've heard it here. We're going to take a short break, and then we'll be back with the cage assembled, and the wrestlers ready to brawl!! Stay with us!!!

*In the back, a split-screen shows two things... one on side, Breaker is back in the dressing room, talking with Shag-Nasty, and telling him that he wants to do it on his own... Shag-Nasty doesn't seem to agree... on the other side of the screen, Steel walks down the hall from the entryway, going to rest for a few minutes... fade out...*

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