*After the brief commercial break takes place, offering the viewers the absolute best deals on GCWA merchandise, we return to the Superdome, where the Hell in a Cell is almost complete... attendants are walking around, checking to make sure that everything lined up, as others finish putting in the bolts to secure it... we go once more to where the three announcers are sitting...*

Tenay: It's been one of the longest nights in GCWA history. Sixteen great warriors have been whittled down to two men. We've got two belts on the line! Who's leaving here the Heavyweight Champion? Who's walking out with a 3-1 night, decently becoming the European champ? It's all come down to this!! The 15th fight of the night, a new record for the GCWA, is coming your way!

JR: That's right, Mike. We're going to see two men come down here, both running low on juice, fighting in one of the most strenuous type of match ever invented? How could these guys manage to fight a great normal match, much less a Hell in a Cell? Will either man have enough left after this one to be able to raise the title up? This is the match for all the marbles. One of these men will have come so far, only to be able to watch as the other one gets the top gold in the GCWA, the first to hold it since Titan 3's victory in the Elimination Invitational match back at the Bastard's Ball. Who's it going to be? It's time to find out!!

Dietz: Ladies and gentlemen.... you've sat on the edge of your seats for a long while, watching as wrestlers won and lost... you've strained your eyes to see the greatest competition professional wrestling has ever known... and now it's time to conclude tonight's festivities... it is time for the Main Event of the Evening!! Are you ready?? *cheers* Two men are going to enter the Hell in a Cell, in the Finals of the Warriors of the Ring Tournament.... one will walk out the World Champion... are you Ready? *More cheers* Then Let's Get It On!!!

*Pyro explodes from every corner of the arena, lighting up the place... the crowd screams out, and the energy flowing through the place is unbelievable... Dietz waits for the sound to die out, then continues....*

Dietz: Introducing first... coming from the backstage area.... he has proven that his past injuries do not hinder him in the ring... he has defeated 3 men tonight, moving himself into the finals... he is the former Hardcore Champion.... from the BOO2K.... Michael "The Man" Breaker!!!!

*Breaker strides out of the back, with the BOO Anthem playing behind him.... most of the crowd is cheering for him... he heads towards the ring... he's soaked in sweat, with some bloodstains on the back of his shirt... but he doesn't seem to be letting up....*

Tenay: Michael Breaker has truly impressed everyone tonight. No one thought that he would be in the Finals at the beginning of this tournament. I mean, we knew he could wrestle, but the man's been in a hospital for the past few months in rehab! For him to come back like this is truly remarkable. Whether he wins in the main event or not, he has shown the fans that he is one of the top stars of the GCWA.

Heenan: He's destroyed IRS, eliminated Nightmare, and even got by a man-monster in Rage, thanks in part to Shag-Nasty. Now Breaker's got his goal in mind: beat Steel, and earn his first World Title.

Dietz: His opponent... he's the man whom everyone was hoping would fall.... he is a member of Ace's Cartel, a man who has proven how he works... after taking down 3 other individuals, he's looking to earn the World Title in the Cell from Hell... introducing "The Real Deal" John Steel!!!!

*As "Freak on a Leash" plays, Steel comes out, looking as cocky as he did before... scrapes and bruises are evident, though, across his body, from the battles he's taken place in tonight... Steel walks down to the cell and goes through the door, where Breaker is waiting for the action to begin one more time....*

Heenan: Steel's done it all tonight. I mean, look at it! He's won over the Hardcore Champ, Morse, the former European Champ, Napalm, and the former 2-time Heavyweight Champ, X-Pac! The man is on a serious roll!

Tenay: Don't forget, though, he was given some help in the latter two matches, once from the Accelerator, and once from that pair of brass knucks he had. I wonder if he's still got them? The ref isn't bothering to check.

*The bell rings...*

JR: The match for two vacant titles begins! Breaker hears the bell and comes forward at a quick rate, catching Steel by surprise. He slugs the man repeatedly, going to try and take him out quickly! Breaker grabs hold of Steel and twists him, sending him spinning into the side of the cage, and the fans are already on their feet, wondering what's going to happen! Breaker grabs Steel's arm and whips him to the other side, into the cage once more. Steel hits hard, but reacts to the running Breaker, dropping out of the way. His feet trip up "The Man", who goes into the cage wall hard! Breaker leans against the metal, already tired, as Steel gets himself up and grabs him from behind, dropping him with a Russian Leg Sweep! Steel rolls on top, but not for a cover. Instead, he starts punching Breaker in the face! This is a Hell in a Cell! There's No DQ! There's No Countouts!! This is the war of the night!!!

Tenay: Damn straight, JR! Steel uses a closed fist to chip away at Breaker. But wait, Breaker grabs Steel with both arms, rolling over so that he's on top! He becomes the attacker, firing both hands into Steel's face! We haven't seen much worth of wrestling in this one so far, but the fans don't seem to care, either! Breaker stands up, pulling Steel with him, and again launches him into the cage. As Steel falls backwards, Breaker catches him, lifting and Back Body Dropping him!! The impact is noisy, and so's the crowd, as Breaker makes the first pin attempt.... 1...... 2...... Steel kicks out! We can't forget how long these guys have already been fighting. This match could end at any time. Breaker brings Steel to his feet and spins him around in his grip, using a Backbreaker! Steel's hurting in there.

Heenan: Breaker's still got some strength, tired or no. He gets Steel up once more, and sends him towards the cage, no, reversal by Steel, double-reversal by Breaker, Steel heads the opposite direction, crashing into the door of the cage and falling through!!!! Steel's on the outside! What a hit!! Those morons working the gate didn't bother to lock the door, so now Steel's in worse shape than he would have been! Breaker walks over and steps through the door, and now both men are out of the cell. Breaker grabs Steel, pulling him off the ground, as the ref follows. Hey, what are the rules here? Is it Falls Count Anywhere? Or does it have to be in the cell?

Tenay: Y'know, I don't know about that one, Bobby. Either way, the ref is staying close. Breaker starts to pull Steel back towards the cage, but the Real Deal has those brass knuckles back on!! He pulls away from Breaker and swings, smashing him in the stomach and bending him over! Steel then brings both fists down on the back of the neck, and Breaker drops to the ground. Steel rolls him over and makes a cover on the outside. The ref answers our question by dropping to make the count.... 1.... 2.... NO! Breaker kicks out! Steel gets up and points his fingers into the ref's face, but the ref doesn't seem to be listening to him. Steel pulls Breaker up again and puts him against the outside of the cage, then walks off, looking for a chair. He shoves a guy out of his seat and grabs one. By this time, though, Breaker is turning. Steel comes in trying to swing, but he misses, hitting the side of the cage instead with great impact. Breaker then kicks out, catching Steel in the stomach, then grabs the chair and makes Steel's head ring!!!!

Heenan: Was that the bell I just heard, or just that man's skull??

JR: Breaker drops the chair to the ground and falls against the cage wall. Both of these men were spent before they even got to the ring. Steel is already pulling himself up, as Breaker takes a moment to focus. "The Man" moves forward, but catches an elbow in the breadbasket from the Real Deal. Breaker stumbles backwards, leaning on the wall, as Steel stumbles the other way. He walks a little bit, then looks up at the Cell. He then starts climbing it!!! Now this is insane!! Why would Steel want to take this thing to the top of the cage??

Tenay: It's simple, JR. Steel knows what Breaker went through because of the Long Way Down match. Now he's trying to instill a little more paranoia into the man! Breaker recovers himself and sees where Steel is going. He hesitates, looking around at the crowd, who are cheering for him, telling him to go for it! Breaker makes his decision, and now he's going up the cage as well! Steel gets there first, pulling himself up, as Breaker makes the long climb. I hope the cage roof can hold these two! Breaker pulls himself up, as Steel runs over to try and kick him loose! But The Man is ready, grabbing Steel's ankle and throwing him offbalance. Steel fights to fall the right direction, dropping to his back, as Breaker pulls himself up the rest of the way. Steel gets up as well, and now both men are slugging it out on top of the steel cage!!!

Heenan: Meanwhile, Mike, Shannon Shag-Nasty has come to ringside!

JR: Wha? How'd I miss that?

Heenan: Because you don't see the small details, Jim. Besides, it's a great match. So why's Shag-Nasty here? I hope not to catch Breaker if he falls. That'd be a bad idea.

Tenay: I don't know, Bobby. Shag-Nasty seems to just be watching for the moment. He's almost like Breaker's manager, after all. On top of the cage, Steel takes control, using almost a Pedigree to bring Breaker facefirst with the mesh on top of the cage! Breaker's down. Steel doesn't go for the pin, though, mainly because the ref doesn't get paid enough to climb up there. Instead, Steel stomps away, trying to make Breaker instinctively roll away. Breaker takes the hits, though, trying to push himself up. Steel steps behind him, getting a Reverse Chin Lock. We have a submission hold on the top of the cage!! Of course, the ref isn't there to ask, so it isn't quite a traditional hold. Breaker struggles against it, pulling at Steel's arms to loosen his grip. Suddenly, Breaker boosts himself upwards, then drops back down with a Jawbreaker!!! Steel clutches his mouth and falls backwards, luckily, for him, landing still on the top of the cage.

Heenan: And now the Accelerator is walking to the ring, Mike!

Tenay: Wow! We have the Commissioner and the President of the GCWA watching from ringside, as their two men battle it out way up there in the lights! This is just the apex to this wild night! On the top, Breaker is on his feet. He grabs Steel by the head and snaps him with his knee, bouncing Steel backwards. Steel rolls, going off the side of the cage!!! Steel's quick hands are the only thing that saves him from meeting the fans close up. He grabs the side of the cage, stopping his plunge. AFter hanging there a second, Steel does the only thing he can do. He starts climbing back down. Breaker sees it and poses for just a second on top of the cage, as if proclaiming himself the king of the mountain. The fans love every minute of it, and even Shag-Nasty is smiling below. Breaker then starts climbing down, as Steel is almost to the ground floor.

JR: Steel drops the the floor, having made it without a plunge. I think some of the fans are disappointed. Oh, but wait, Shag-Nasty just came around the side of the cage and waffled Steel from behind with a chair!! A "steel" chair at that!! Steel falls to the ground, stunned, as Shag-Nasty prepares to swing again. But Breaker looks down and sees it, then angrily drops from halfway up the cage, knocking into Shag-Nasty and stopping his attack!!! Shag-Nasty falls to the ground, then starts to get back up, but Breaker isn't having any more! He grabs Shag-Nasty and tosses him into the cage, headfirst!!! Shag-Nasty falls to his knees, and we have rebellion in the ranks of the BOO again!!!!

Heenan: Now what the hell did Breaker do that for? Shag-Nasty was just trying to help him out!

Tenay: He said it earlier, Bobby. Breaker wants to win the belt on his own. Shag-Nasty decided to interfere anyway, so Breaker knocked him down! Breaker turns back to Steel.... and the chair that was dropped nails him on the top of the head!!! Breaker falls backwards, as the Accelerator laughs! He put a lot of muscle behind that one, beheading Michael Breaker!! Ace turns back and helps up Steel, who's not as picky about who helps him in a match. Steel sees Ace's handiwork and smiles. Both men move in, making this almost a handicap match! They pull up Breaker and send him flying into the cage, at full velocity! Breaker is down, as Ace's group seems to be in control!

JR: Steel pulls Breaker up and drags him towards the cage door, while Ace looks down at Shag-Nasty and shakes his head. The Commish pulls himself up, still stunned by what happened, then comes in eye contact with the President. Both of the forces are staring each other down! Ace smiles, as Shag's face, for once, is displeased. The two start mouthing off at each other, showing the anger that's always been between them. Inside the cage, Steel rolls in Breaker, then follows, having the cell door fully sealed behind him. The World Title match is continuing no matter what! Steel pulls up the tired Breaker and and grabs his neck, spinning down with a Neckbreaker! Steel makes the cover, as the ref is still inside the cage..... 1....... 2...... Breaker kicks out!!!

Tenay: I don't believe it. What could he possibly have left? Both men have to be running on fossil fuel right now. Instincts are driving them. But the fight continues nonetheless! John Steel pulls up his adversary and drags him to the side of the cage, pulling Breaker facefirst across the metal. Breaker somehow comes to from the pain, though, grabbing hold of the mesh with one hand, while slamming an elbow into Steel's face with the other! Steel drops backwards, as Breaker falls to his knees.

JR: Oh, and on the outside of the cage, the fans are exploding!!! Look who just came out of the back!!!

Heenan: What are those two doing out? They're not on the format??

Tenay: WHAT format, Bobby? If Steven Mysterio and Andy Gilbreth want to come out, there's nothing to stop them! Mysterio and Gilbreth come down the aisle side by side, both running at a good pace. Ace and Shag-Nasty looked like they were about to come to blows, but now they're reacting to the men coming at them! Mysterio charges at Shag-Nasty, taking him offguard, and hits a Spear, taking him down!!! Gilbreth doesn't bother with wrestling maneuvers. He just swings fists, as he and Ace finally get it on, much to the crowd's satisfaction!!! Look at them brawl on the outside!!! My word, this has almost turned into a Triple Main Event!!! We've got Shag-Nasty/Mysterio, Gilbreth/Accelerator, and the big one still going on inside the ring!!!! I have NEVER seen anything like this in the GCWA's long history!!!

JR: I don't believe this is going on!! Inside the cage, Breaker's still in charge, hitting a massive Powerbomb on John Steel! He makes the cover, but the ref still only makes it to two before Steel kicks out. Their willpower is phenomenal! Outside, Shag-Nasty has gotten some control back, being on top of Mysterio and throwing some fists. The Accelerator is trying to match up with Gilbreth, as the two continue to practice boxing lessons. Which one do we follow? We've got two matches on the outside, on different sides of the cage, while the World Title match continues as if nothing else is happening! It's nearly too much to watch!!!

Heenan: So stick to the good one, JR! Breaker's still inside the ring, fighting for the biggest, baddest belt in all the world! Steel's struggling to get back into it. How long has it been now? 15, 20 minutes? And they're still going at it! Breaker delivers another bodyslam, then tries to plant an elbow. But Steel rolls at the last second, instinctively knowing when to dodge. Both men are on the ground again. Steel rolls back over, making another cover..... 1...... 2...... nope, Breaker easily gets a shoulder up from the loose pin attempt. I hope we have stretchers ready for both of those guys.

Tenay: Yeah, they might both need a stay in the hospital for observation after tonight. Steel pulls himself painfully upwards, using his knees for balance. Breaker rolls to his right, deciding to climb up the cage to get to his feet. There's not much left of both men. Outside, Mysterio managed to retake control over Shag-Nasty, getting a shot into his windpipe. Mysterio climbs behind the man, getting on a partial sleeper, to the fan's cheers. Meanwhile, and I can't believe I'm saying this, Ace and Gilbreth are headed towards the top of the cage!!!! Ace got free from Gilbreth by taking a coffee cup from the Spanish Announcing Table and smashing it over the man's head. Ace then started climbing up. Now he's on top, taunting Gilbreth, who is too angry to consider doing anything else but go up after him!!!

Heenan: This is the craziest match I do believe I've ever witnessed!! The men in the cage are still fighting away. Steel's in control, choking Breaker in the corner. Breaker's having trouble getting away from it, as Steel works to knock the man unconscious from lack of air! He's speaking to Breaker, telling him to just give up, that he's the favorite, the man who will win it all. Breaker's not responding, probably because of the blockage around his throat. On top of the cage, Gilbreth and Ace are going toe-to-toe again, with Ace having the advantage. Gilbreth climbed right up into it, didn't he?

JR: Both of those men are risking a lot! Ace is laughing, though, not concentrating on the danger. He continues to use his large arms to bash down on Gilbreth, keeping him from rising. Ace then points around the arena, smiling, as he grabs Gilbreth by the neck for the Ace High! No, wait, Gilbreth blocks the Diamondcutter variation! He lifts the Accelerator into the air, and with a burst of strength, throws him off the top of the cage!!!!!! Look Out Below!!!!!

Heenan: The Accelerator just destroyed the Spanish Announcing Table, not to mention some of the Spanish announcers!!!!

Tenay: That was a tremendous collision!!! The Accelerator is not moving!!! Gilbreth's on top of the cage, looking down at the President, as the fans are going ballistic!! The Hell in the Cell has had the traditional plunge from the top!! The Accelerator has pleased the fans, you can give him that! But the man might need medical attention, and I mean immediately!!! Wait a second, what is Gilbreth doing?? He's lining himself up, positioning himself on top of the cage. Oh my god. He wouldn't... he couldn't.... oh, MAN, HE DID!!!!!


Heenan: HOLY S***!!!!!!

*Gilbreth dives off the top of the cage, coming down with the Kaiser Krunch onto the announcing table, and the Accelerator... the remains of the table shatter everywhere, and both Ace and Gilbreth aren't moving... the wreckage is almost like the center of a bomb explosion... it takes the announcers a few seconds to get it back together...*

Tenay: I do not believe what I just saw!! Gilbreth turned all his rage into an enormous weapon, and we may have just seen the end of the Accelerator!!!!! Can any man survive what he just took?? For that matter, what shape is Gilbreth in now? He's not moving either!!!

JR: It's worth talking about, Mike, but not now. Believe it or not, we've still got the main event match to talk about!!! Steel just tried another pinfall after a suplex, but it didn't work. I don't know if any of the men in the ring know what just happened outside of it. I don't know if they'd even care, because the World Title is still on the line, and the battle is still going!!!! Steel gets up, weary, but in control. He pulls Breaker up and tries to send him into the cage, but he doesn't have the strength. Breaker stumbles and drops to one knee, with both hands clinging to the cage. They're spent, utterly spent. Steel comes in, trying to pull Breaker up to try again. Breaker turns and launches out with a Low Blow of epic proportions!!!!!

Heenan: Eiiiii!

Tenay: Steel will need a bag of ice after this one!!! Breaker pulls himself up, grabbing the aching adversary, and twists under him! He's going for it, but does he have enough left?? YES! With a burst of strength, Michael Breaker picks Steel up into the Rack, followed by the Lowdown!!! One more time, the Manbreaker makes an appearance in the Superdome, and the fans are explosive!!! Breaker rolls over, making the exhausted cover, and the fans count along with the ref...... 1........ 2........ 3!!!!!!!! It's over!!! It's over!!!! We have a new World Heavyweight Champion!!!!

JR: Michael "The Man" Breaker comes from obscurity to the top position in the land!!! What a fight!!! What a night of unbelievable action!!!

Heenan: I can't believe it. I picked right!! Breaker was my pick all along!!! You heard me, I said it!!

Tenay: The Warriors of the Ring 2000 Tournament is over!! We asked Who Would Survive, and now we know!! Michael Breaker becomes the new World Titleholder!!! We don't know if he's still with the Bastards of Oblivion after tonight. We don't know if the Accelerator and Andy Gilbreth will be able to do anything after tonight. We don't know the condition of a lot of wrestlers. All we know is that Michael Breaker has the biggest belt in the land, while John Steel's fight earns him the European strap!! It's been a great night!! I hope everyone feels they truly got their money's worth!! Good night!!!

*Michael Breaker is shown inside the cage, cradling the World Title... he can barely stand, but the adoration of the fans has given him enough energy to slowly raise the belt to the lights... Steel is still down, exhausted... he'll get the European Title later on... it's Breaker's moment... outside of the cage, Gilbreth is up and looking into the cage... he's holding his arm at a bad angle, but he also seems pleased... behind him, in the wreckage, the Accelerator is still not moving... he's unconscious.... we see some of the exciting moments of the night start to play, amid the credits... Mysterio and Dagger flying around the ring... Nightmare and Breaker suplexing off the turnbuckle, out of the ring.... Steel and Napalm going toe-to-toe... X-Pac in mid-X-Factor on Dynamic Dynamite... Steel and Breaker brawling on top of the cage... Ace's fall from the cage, followed by the SUPER Kaiser Krunch... finally, Breaker's shown in his one moment of pride, posing on top of the cage.... a split-image shows this, and him holding the World Title... we fade out...*

*PPV Ordering Screen... gives time for the repeat of GCWA Warriors of the Ring 2000...*

*OOC: Thanks go out to: Master Dee, for the first banner (on the PPV page); Mike, for the 2nd banner; and Shaughnessy, for writing 6 of the matches... thanx for the great PPV, guys!