*We see Steel, D'Amor, and Neo all standing with the Accelerator in his office... Ace hands over a sizable roll of cash to Neo, who takes it gladly... Ace thanks Neo for his 'sacrifice', and says that he's signed on with the best... Neo nods, and Ace turns to the other two and tells them that it's all set up... and that John Steel's the next champion... Steel smiles... we fade to the broadcast table again...*

Tenay: We're back from the break, and ready to start the quarter-finals! In a hour and a half, we've narrowed down the tournament from 16 to 8 men. They're in various stages of disarray, but all are still feeling the urge to get some gold tonight! Who's got enough guts to win two matches in one night, to get to the semi-finals? Who's feeling the pain and will fall? I wanna know, don't you? Let's go to the ring for the first quarterfinal match!

Dietz: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for our first match of the Quarterfinals!!! *cheers* Introducing first, the leader of the Unexpected, being led to the ring by Master Dee, and his new ally, Chris Krash... he's the Cruiserweight and Tag Team Champion of the World... Steven "The Flyin' Fury" Mysterio!

*Mysterio enters with Dee to his side as his music, Nate Dogg's "Nobody Does It Better", plays... the man in the security outfit, apparently Chris Krash, follows right behind... The CW belt is again around Mysterio's waist, and the Tag Titles are hanging from Dee's arms... the crowd cheers him as he walks to the ring, handing his title to Krash and stepping inside...*

Heenan: Well, here's the Star, edging by Dagger in the first round to make it this far. Does he have enough to get by Rage here in the second?

JR: I don't know if he does or not, Rage is quite fresh, having walked into the second round with Outcast handing him a victory.

Tenay: Yeah. But remember, Mysterio was in the first match of the evening. He's had some time to recuperate. However, he may have wasted that in the multi-stable brawl earlier. We'll just have to see how the double-title-holder is feeling.

Dietz: And his opponent, a member of the newly formed Thrill Seekers... the masked man, being led to the ring by Tori, Rage!!!

*Rage enters to his music and a gigantic pyro explosion with Tori behind him... the brawl earlier seems to have had little effect on him, as he walks as confidently as before... he walks coolly and calmly to ring, eyeing Master Dee as he walks up the steel stairs...*

JR: Rage is a huge threat in the tournament for the title, and having hardly even broken a sweat in the first round, I'm not sure how Mysterio is going to survive this.

Tenay: Mysterio has pulled the most bizarre victories out of nowhere before, surprising even the harshest of critics, so do not count him out of this one.

*the bell rings...*

JR: Here we go, the Star standing back from Rage, and I can't say that I blame him. Rage waves Mysterio forward, but Mysterio isn't taking the bait just yet. Rage moves closer to him, and Mysterio evades him, kicking at the back of his knee. Rage shakes it off, but Mysterio kicks again, trying to bring the big man down. Star is going to have to be a lumberjack in this one against one of the biggest trees in the GCWA. Star kicks again, this time Rage side steps the kick, and drops the Flyin' Fury with a shoulder block. Mysterio gets back to his feet quickly, but Rage is on him, hammering him in the back with a huge right arm. He holds Mysterio up, lifting him with both hands in a choke and tossing him into the corner. Rage charges in, but the Star gets out of the way, running back and springing off the ropes. He leaps, hitting a Dropkick that barely moves the monster. Mysterio, back to his feet, moves in with a Spear, but Rage pushes him off and to the mat.

Heenan: It doesn't look like Mysterio is going to get very much against Rage, who is just tossing off every blow that comes his way. That man is absolute bulk, and Mysterio just doesn't have what it takes to bring him down. Mysterio, getting up slower now, is met by Rage, who grabs a handful of scalp. He drags Mysterio over to the corner, bashing his head into the buckle. He drags him over to another corner, and performs the head bash again into the buckle. He turns him around, resting him in the corner, and shoves a giant boot into his throat, choking him. The ref counts and at 4 Rage lets the choke go. Mysterio falls to his knees, his hands around his neck, trying to squeeze in some oxygen. Rage pulls him to his feet again by the hair, tossing Mysterio into the ropes, and lifting him high into the air on the return. Mysterio crashes back to the canvas, hitting hard on the drop. Rage puts a foot over his chest and the ref drops.... 1..... but Mysterio easily lifts a shoulder into the air. Rage only looks down at him, stomping down hard on his chest. He bends over, pulls Mysterio to his feet, and tosses him over the top rope to the floor.

Tenay: Mysterio is really taking more punishment then he needs, I don't see any way he can get out of this one. Dee is over next to his man, trying to help him up, and Rage steps over the top rope. Rage makes his way to the floor, pushing Dee aside, and pulling Mysterio up again. He clocks him coldly with a right fist to the face, then lifts him, dropping him throat first on the guardrail. Mysterio tumbles to the floor, but Rage isn't through. He brings the Star up, sends him towards the steps, and raises his arms as Mysterio crashes into them. The crowd is booing Rage, most of them behind the Star in this one, but I think they're going to be disappointed. Rage re-enters the ring, stepping over to the other side as the ref counts Mysterio. Rage rests against the corner, not seeing Master Dee behind him. Dee, a chair in hand, hops onto the apron and swings the chair. It connects with Rage's back, crouching him over, but Rage pops back up. He turns to Dee, who swings the chair again and lands a blow across Rage's face. Rage reels backwards as Mysterio enters the ring again, Dee back on the floor. Mysterio sees his chance and moves in quickly, cutting the big man's legs out from under him with a shoulder to the back of the knee. Rage falls onto his knees. The Star runs off the ropes and connects with a Baseball Slide to bring Rage the rest of the way down.

JR: Master Dee has once again given Mysterio a boost in this tournament! Rage is struggling to get back up, but Mysterio is on his leg again, stomping the right knee into the ground over and over. Rage tries to crawl away, ending up in the corner, where the Star boots head in the face for good measure. Mysterio backs away now, running in, and landing his Ruff Ryde on the big man! Mysterio is taking some kind of an advantage, hopping off his opponent and regaining himself. Rage tries to climb to his feet, but Mysterio charges in, this time hitting his Spear fully!! Rage slams into the buckles, and Steven climbs up on it, kicking him square in the jaw. Rage falls to the mat, and Mysterio follows in, dropping with a quick elbow to the back of Rage's skull. Mysterio then gets to his feet, quickly leaps onto the top turnbuckle, and executes a Moonsault. He soars through the air and crashes down on Rage's back. He flips him, covers.... 1..... 2.... and Rage kicks out with strength, sending Mysterio into the air briefly!

Heenan: Somehow Mysterio has come back in this one, I never doubted that he would.

Tenay: Sure about that Brain?

Heenan: Positive. Mysterio sizes up the big man again, dropping with a fist to the face. Rage looks like he's in some serious trouble now. Steven brings him to his feet and pushes him back into the ropes. Rage comes back, accelerating. Mysterio tries a clothesline, but Rage catches the arm. He bends it behind Mysterio's back, bringing the Star to his knees. Mysterio flips forward back to his feet, then he back flips out of the armhold. He spins, drilling Rage with a Spinning Heel Kick, but Rage hardly looks affected! Something has pumped the big man back up. Maybe he's not just called Rage due to his looks, guys. Rage reaches forward, grabbing Mysterio with a hand over the throat. He lifts him, just as Dee hops on the apron again distracting the ref. That's twice this match and the third time in the tournament that Dee has gotten involved. Mysterio is raised up and slammed with a huge Chokeslam, and Rage covers him, but the ref is talking to Dee. Tori runs over, quickly nailing Dee right in the groin! Dee falls from the apron to the floor, and Tori points to the ring. The ref turns and drops.... 1..... 2..... but Mysterio kicks out of it at the last moment!

JR: Rage clearly had the match won then, but Dee gave Mysterio enough time to recover. Rage seems quite upset, backing the ref up into a corner, but the ref holds up two fingers and shakes them wildly. Rage turns back to Mysterio, bringing him up and sending him into the ropes. He tries a clothesline, but Mysterio ducks it. Mysterio turns, hops onto the big man's back, and locks on a Sleeper. Rage tries to pull Mysterio off of him, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. Rage falls to a knee, Steven still holding him tightly. Rage slips to both knees, and it looks like Mysterio might have this one locked up. Slowly, Rage quits struggling and falls to the mat, Mysterio still locked on with the hold.

Heenan: Anyone ever seen the Princess Bride? Heh heh.

JR: That one with Andre? I mean, shut up, Brain. We're watching a match! The ref raises the big man's arm, to see if he's still in the fight... it falls once.... it falls twice... and it falls, NO! Rage keeps his arm in the air barely, suddenly reawakening. Mysterio lets go and falls, backing back into the ropes. Rage swings at him, but Mysterio dodges that blow and hops up onto the Sleeper again! Rage has to know he won't be able to get out of this move twice. He backs off madly, spilling both himself and Mysterio over the top rope and to the floor!

Tenay: Both men are just lying there now, neither able to get up, that was one hell of a crash. The ref is counting. What happens if there's a double count out? Does the winner of Nightmare and Breaker get a bye to the final? I'm not sure about that, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. Rage is up, crawling into the ring, and slowly trying to get to his feet again. Mysterio is up again too, moving towards the corner and climbing the buckles. Mysterio waits for Rage to stand, the fans on their feet now. Rage is up, turning to Mysterio. Mysterio leaps for a splash, and Rage catches him, spinning, and landing a huge Powerslam. He hooks the leg.... 1.... 2..... 3!!!! and Mysterio is out of it!! Rage moves in the tournament, while Mysterio is going to have to settle for that loss. That was a huge Powerslam, knocking everything Mysterio had left in him right out of him!!

Heenan: I knew Rage would make it to the semifinals, never had a doubt.

JR: Oh, Brain, why do you even try?

Heenan: Huh? Well, whatever. the only question now is will Rage meet Michael Breaker or Nightmare? Who do you think Tenay? Tenay? Why aren't you talking to me?

Tenay: Just call the replay.

*Rage's Gorilla Press Slam, Master Dee's chair shots, Mysterio's Moonsault, and the final Powerslam are all displayed, one after the other, with Heenan talking very biased about Mysterio's chances, completely changing his tune from earlier in the match... *

JR: We've got one of the men going to the Semi-Finals. Now we find out whether the former 2-time World Champ, or the powerhouse, gets to join Rage there. Dietz?

Dietz: The next Quarterfinals match is scheduled for one fall... walking down the ramp... he destroyed IRS earlier tonight to earn his way into this match... representing the BOO2K... the former Hardcore Champ... Michael "The Man" Breaker!

*Breaker comes out to the BOO theme, still looking like he's in good shape for this fight... some of the fans are still giving a few cheers for Breaker's annihilation of the tax man, and Breaker seems to be enjoying it... for the most part, though, there's a lot of BOOs... *

Heenan: Breaker dismantled the competition earlier, sending Ian R. Schyster out on a stretcher after the beating he handed out. Really, I'm thinking Breaker's an even bigger possibility of winning tonight, after the walkthrough he had. He and Rage both had easy runs in the first round. Rage used it to win over Mysterio. Can Breaker turn it up again to get past a man who's held the strap on the line twice before?

Dietz: His opponent... standing 6'5" and weighing 265 lbs... he made his return to the ring in the first round after a long absence, defeating Marty Jannetty... introducing the 2-time Heavyweight Champion of the World, representing himself... here is the Nightmare!!!

*A Korn variation hits, and the fans get on their feet as Nightmare walks out... he looks slightly battered after the war with Jannetty, but doesn't seem to be taking it too seriously... he comes to the ring with purpose, jumping up and entering...*

Tenay: Nightmare really made an impact in the first match, cleanly beating Marty Jannetty, by submission no less! That's why Nightmare was a favorite of many coming into these finals. He knows how to fight one match at a time, and how to conserve his energy.

Heenan: Still, Mike, we're avoiding the major argument.

Tenay: What's that?

Heenan: How is it that Nightmare was allowed back into the GCWA? The guy lost a Career match to X-Pac, for crying out loud! When you lose a Career match, that means that you're through in the federation! There shouldn't be a way to get back in!

JR: From what I've heard from the wrestlers in the back, Bobby, Nightmare's back because of a small clause in the match contract. It stated that, if X-Pac won the Career match, which he did, Nightmare could only be re-signed to the GCWA if X-Pac ok'ed it. As you saw, X-Pac and Nightmare returned together, in the same car. That makes me pretty sure that X-Pac was alright with the arrangement.

Heenan: I guess. Damn, I hate loopholes!

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: That may be the most shocking thing I've heard from you tonight, Brain. The two men lock up, with Breaker obviously being the fresher one. He pushes Nightmare into the corner, and the ref calls for the break. Breaker does, raising his hands as he steps backwards. Nightmare looks a little surprised, but doesn't look a gift horse in the mouth. He comes out of the corner to the center of the ring, where the two lock up again. This time, Nightmare uses his skills to spin around Breaker, locking up both arms with a Full Nelson! Breaker's immediately struggling to get free, straining both of his arms mightily. He manages to get one arm free, which allows him to twist around and reverse the Full Nelson. Now Nightmare's the one in pain, as he tries to pull both men towards the ropes with only his feet. He reaches out with a foot, but that gives Breaker the advantage he needs, as he lifts with a huge Full Nelson Slam!

JR: That one shook the fans up. They almost seem a little undecided. Some are even rooting for Breaker now! Very strange. You don't cheer a member of the BOO.

Heenan: Maybe they've finally realized that evil is good!

Tenay: *shakes head* On with the match. Breaker hoists Nightmare up and whips him across the ring. On his return, Breaker drops his head, and Nightmare takes full advantage with a boot to the face! Breaker stands straight up, staggering backwards in pain, and Nightmare comes forward with a clothesline, sending both men spilling out to the floor! Both men crashed downwards at different angles, and both are down outside! The fatigue from earlier is all over Nightmare's face, and I guess even tossing around a guy like IRS can tire you out, because Breaker's breathing hard as well. Nightmare pulls himself up, as Breaker does the same. But they're in Nightmare's turf now. He grabs Breaker by the head, slamming him into the apron! Breaker's taking a lot of abuse to his brain in there. Nightmare then sends "The Man" into the guardrail, nearly reshaping the metal, as the fans jump out of the way.

JR: Nightmare then moves forward, punching Breaker repeatedly as he rests on the metal. The former World champ knows what he's doing. He pulls Breaker up and aims him towards the ringpost, no, Breaker reverses, and with a loud crash, Nightmare is down! Breaker stumbles and gets his bearings back, then he grabs Nightmare and rolls him into the ring, following. Both men beat the count by a couple of seconds. Breaker pulls Nightmare to his feet and locks him up, lifting and dropping back with a Brainbuster!! A move like that really could end this one! Breaker makes the pin.... 1...... 2...... Nightmare kicks out! Breaker ignores the ref's two fingers, instead standing with Nightmare in his arms. He brings him over with a Double-Arm Suplex, throwing him down. Nightmare's in real trouble in there. Breaker comes over and turns him, stepping on for a Cobra Clutch! He's bending Nightmare's neck back, trying to do what the man did earlier, by making his opponent submit!

Heenan: Those large arms of Breaker are putting a lot of pressure on the upper spine of Nightmare, and it has to hurt like blazes! But Nightmare's too Hardcore to let a little pain stop him. He's not giving up, no matter how many times the ref asks. Little by little, Nightmare struggles towards the ropes. No matter how hard Breaker fights, he can't stop him. Nightmare reaches the ropes with one hand, barely getting his fingers on them, and that causes the ref to call for the break. Breaker seems reluctant, but he lets up, standing. Nightmare's hurt, though. How much more can the ex-champ take?

Tenay: I don't know, but if Nightmare wants to be a three-time champ, he'd better find the resolve somewhere. Breaker brings the man up and gets a Snap Suplex, then tries another pin, hoping that his opponent is too weak from escaping the submission.... 1...... 2...... Nightmare raises a shoulder! The bout continues. Breaker stands, grabbing Nightmare's arm to haul him up, then pulls him over to the corner. He slams Nightmare's head into the turnbuckle 10 times, with some of the newly-found fans counting along. He then lifts Nightmare onto the turnbuckle! This is unlike Breaker, attempting a high-risk maneuver, but he's feeling pretty good right now. He sets Nightmare up, locking him for a Superplex! He tries once, twice, but Nightmare's got his feet locked, keeping it from happening. Oh, wait, Nightmare's reversing it! MY GOD!!!

JR: The crowd is going beserk, as Nightmare just reversed the Superplex to the outside!!!!! They plunged off the 'buckle, both men crashing down on the padding out there! Jesus!! Someone call the medics, this could be serious!!! Nightmare and Breaker are both in a heap, and neither of them is really moving to get up! Even the ref is speechless! He's not counting, he's just looking down on both men, probably debating whether he should call the match, so that the two individuals can get medical attention. Wait, Nightmare's reaching up, pulling himself to his feet by clinging to the apron!!

Heenan: How's he getting up after that?? I mean, that was INSANE!

Tenay: It's something that'll be remembered after this tournament is over with, I guarantee, Bobby! But the will to win is still driving both of these men! Look, Michael Breaker is starting to get up as well! But he's also got a hand to his back, which could mean serious trouble for the Man. We showed the replay of his brush with death earlier, and the surgery and rehabilitation that followed. So how much can that back take? Nightmare reaches over, the rest period done with, and grabs Breaker. He uses his fist a couple of times, then rolls Breaker back into the ring. Nightmare follows, standing, but limping. His leg doesn't seem to be working the way it used to. Nonetheless, Nightmare takes his position at the feet of Breaker, pulling him towards the center of the ring! Oh, this could be it! Nightmare drops, twisting Breaker into the Nightfall!!!!

JR: The submission hold that worked against Jannetty has been reapplied, and Breaker's face is now contorted with agony!!! The ref checks, then checks again, but Breaker shakes his head in the negative! Something's really driving this man. He's not willing to just give it up! Breaker's clawing at the ground, dragging himself towards the ropes. Those arms of his are really helping! Nightmare's trying to put on the brakes, but his bad wheel is failing him. They're fighting their way towards one of the corners.... yes, Breaker made it! The ref is calling for the break, and Nightmare can't believe it! Breaker fought his way out of the Nightfall!! Nightmare grabs the ropes and pulls himself up, battle-fatigued. Whoever wins this fight is going to have a lot of trouble with Rage, that much is for sure! Nightmare stretches his leg, getting some circulation back, as Breaker claws his way to his feet, latching onto the turnbuckle pads for balance. Nightmare comes in again, kneeing the man in the stomach, then slipping his leg over him for the Fame-Asser! NO! Breaker instead lifts Nightmare in the air, catching him and applying the Manbreaker!!!!

Heenan: I don't believe it!!!!

Tenay: What a reversal!!! Breaker has Nightmare in the Torture Rack half, and he's bouncing up and down, crushing Nightmare's vertebrae! Nightmare's not submitting, but he has nowhere to go!!! Breaker moves forward, step by step, to the center of the ring, and then... LOW DOWN!!! Nightmare's down and out!!! Breaker makes the cover..... 1...... 2...... 3!!!!!!!!! Michael "The Man" Breaker has upset Nightmare, taking him out of the tournament!!! That was a tremendous match, just like most of them tonight have been! Nightmare put up the fight everyone knew he would, but Breaker would not be denied!! Run the replay, I want to see some of these again!

*The tape rolls, and we see some of the big moves... the camera mostly focuses on the Superplex to the outside, showing multiple angles while Heenan talks about it... we then see the Nightfall applied, then the reversal from the Fame-Asser into the Manbreaker, getting Michael Breaker his second victory...*

Tenay: So now we know that Rage and Michael Breaker will be the duo facing off in the semi-finals. One of them will go to the Finals, guaranteed to get a title out of the battles. The question we have now, though, is which two wrestlers will win the next 2 matches, for the second bracket to be complete? We can find out right now! Dietz! Take us there!

Dietz: The next match is scheduled for one fall.... it is the third of the four Quarterfinal matches! Introducing first... he stands 6'6" and weighs 275 lbs... he's a former European Champion, and rumbled past the Hardcore Champ Gabe Morse to get to where he is... "The Real Deal" John Steel!!

*"Freak on a Leash" by Korn plays again, and John Steel comes out... he gets booed worse than ever as he marches towards the ring, seemingly cocky about his chances...*

Tenay: Steel managed to smash his way past Gabe Morse earlier, not an easy task. But now you've just got to rate him as a major favorite in this one.

Heenan: As I recall, he WAS one of my pics.

JR: Yeah, from the man who couldn't choose. Still, I have to admit, Steel's going to be in much better shape for this fight than Napalm. He and the rest of Ace's Cartel did a lot of damage to the former European champ.

Dietz: His opponent... standing 6'3" and weighing 210 lbs... he managed to slip past Neo in the Prelims... now he's looking forward to some revenge... the former European and Intercontinental Champion.... Napalm!!

*Napalm walks out from the back to the cheers of the audience... he's got his ribs taped from some of the hits earlier, and there's a welt on his head from that devestating chair shot... but he's on his feet, and he looks angrier than ever... *

Tenay: Napalm's walking tall, but you have to wonder about the condition of his ribcage, not to mention the headache he's got to have! Steel, Neo, and D'Amor really did a number on him earlier.

JR: Some serious shots were landed, Mike. But Napalm's still moving, which means he's still got a chance.

*The bell rings...*

Heenan: Alright, the fight that many people thought could show who will be in the finals is right here! Napalm and Steel, two of the best, and two former European Champions. I love this job.

Tenay: I'm sure you do, Heenan. We start things off quickly, as Napalm's not in the mood to wrestle. He and Steel are throwing lefts and rights, both flailing away, landing as much punishment as they can! These two just don't like each other! Napalm, surprisingly, takes control with a series of left hooks, sending Steel into the corner. Napalm runs in, apparently for a splash, and Steel darts to the right, dodging. But Napalm not only puts the brakes on, he also springs onto the turnbuckle, then leaps off with a Backwards Moonsault!! Steel couldn't get out of the way in time, and both men collide!! Napalm lands on top... 1....... 2.. Steel kicks out! Boy, that was a long count, JR. I get the feeling Napalm's fighting the almighty dollar of Ace again.

JR: He's got an upward battle, Mike, especially being bruised and battered. That Moonsault hurt him almost as much as Steel, I think. He's up, but he's leaning on the ropes, with a hand over his stomach. Steel, meanwhile, pulls himself up. He sees Napalm and charges, but Napalm drops, pulling down the top rope at the same time! He was playing opossum! Steel flips over him to the outside, crashing down onto his back!! Napalm breathes deeply for a second, pushing the pain down, then runs to the ropes and comes back, catching a recovering Steel with a baseball slide! Steel falls against the railing, as Napalm comes out to face him. But Steel kicks out, using the rail, and catches Napalm in the chest!! Napalm gasps and backs up, so Steel pushes himself up and moves forward, clotheslining Napalm to the ground!

Heenan: Steel's a smart man. Not only did he decide to work for Ace, he also is going to concentrate on those ribs. That's what I want to see from the future World Champion.

Tenay: We'll see, Bobby. This match is long from over. Napalm gets sent into the apron, splaying across it in pain. Steel then steps behind him and gives him a boost into the ring, following him in. The Real Deal lifts Napalm up and snaps him over with a Suplex, then goes for the cover.... 1... 2... Napalm kicks free! And that ref is definitely prejudiced. Steel still grumbles at him for a 'slow' count before bringing Napalm back up. He whips him into the corner, then comes in himself at a slow pace. He smacks Napalm across the side of the jaw, then locks on a Choke Hold! At least the ref's not totally biased. He calls for the break, and starts counting. Steel lets go before the count gets to five, then grabs Napalm by the arm and sends him to the other side. Napalm hits hard, backfirst, and collapses to the ground. He's at a serious disadvantage here.

JR: He was from the moment he came in, Mike. John Steel is strutting now, happy with the way things are going. He drags Napalm up again and lifts him into the air, dropping down with a Gutbuster!!! God, that could have broken some bones, guys. Napalm's groaning in there, as Steel makes another cover.... 1.... 2.... and Napalm kicks out!! That was a more respectable count, and Steel doesn't like it. Now he's really growling at the ref, who is just waving his two fingers, letting him know the count. Maybe we jumped the gun about that guy.

Heenan: Yeah, you guys are always so paranoid. So who says Ace paid off the ref? The guy's just doing his job, and he's trying to do it fair.

Tenay: Steel leaves the ref alone, coming back to Napalm. He brings him up, no, roll-up!!! 1..... 2..... Steel escapes!! That was nearly the end of this one! Steel gets up first, and angrily stomps like crazy on Napalm's back, as he just tries to shield his injured chest. Steel finishes his tirade and pulls Napalm up again. He sends him into the corner, then walks towards him... but Napalm kicks out once, twice, three times, slamming away at the man's midsection! Steel leans over, gagging, as Napalm hops to the second turnbuckle and leaps off with a Blockbuster!!!! That was pure desperation, but it appears to have paid off!! We have two downed wrestlers in the ring!

JR: Napalm's hurting badly, but he doesn't care about the pain so much as his urge to at least beat Steel, the man who helped attack him. That fire is pushing him onwards. Yes, Napalm sits up first! The crowd is going nuts, as the man gets to his feet painfully. Steel reaches his knees, but Napalm runs forward with a Knee Lift under the chin, and the Real Deal is back on the mat!!! Napalm's starting to grab momentum!!! Oh, no!! We've got a repeat from earlier!! Neo and Victor D'Amor just came out of the back, and are on their way to the ring! I get the feeling we're going to see some more interference, gentleme.... Wait!! Andy Gilbreth and Richter are out!! Gilbreth spins D'Amor around and starts nailing him, while Neo and Richter come to blows! We've got a war in the aisle!

Tenay: You had to know that Gilbreth and Richter weren't going to be caught by surprise again! They're out here to take down any and all impediments to Napalm's run! In the ring, Napalm locks on a Boston Crab, trying to stretch the will out of John Steel. The Real Deal is ignoring the ref's calls for submission, instead intent on the ropes that are nearby. He's crawling towards them at a slow pace. In the aisle, Gilbreth snaps D'Amor over with a bodyslam, then drops, going after him. Those two had a wild feud not long ago, and apparently the feelings are still there. Neo's getting knocked around as well, seeing as how he's wrestled tonight, while Richter hasn't. Another man comes out of the back, though. Chris Jericho is headed down the aisle to help out! The Cartel is complete! Oh, wait, here comes Marty Jannetty!!! The Rocker, fresh from losing in the first round, runs down the ramp and tackles Jericho!! Look at the two roll down the ramp!!

Heenan: What is this, some sort of battle royale? It's crazy! Someone get security out and escort all those guys to the back. I'm more interested in which of the guys in the ring has the strength to win.

JR: Well, right now, Napalm's still in control. He pulls Steel up, after Steel made it to the ropes, and chops away at him with open hands. He's rattling the man! The ref is moving his eyes between the action taking place, trying to take it all in. Napalm stumbles for a second, breathing hard again. The tape on his ribs isn't helping that much. But he continues to fight, sending Steel into the ropes, no, reversal by Steel, and.... what the hell? Someone on the outside just tripped up Napalm!! He falls to his face, hurting, thanks to that masked man!

Tenay: Hey, that guy's wearing a mask just like the Thief one that Napalm was wearing for a while!! Well, whoever it is, he just shifted things around, didn't he? Napalm landed facedown, which means he hit chestfirst, with a lot of momentum! He still tries to push himself up, but Steel comes in, grabbing him and bringing him down with the Real Deal DDT!!!! Napalm's toast!! John Steel makes the cover..... 1..... 2..... 3!!!!!!! "The Real Deal" John Steel continues on in the tournament, thanks to the masked man!!

Heenan: Who was that masked man?

JR: It's hard to tell, Bobby. Who's wearing the mask, and doing the bidding of the Accelerator? Wait a second, the man just entered the ring, with some sort of cane in hand!! Steel, celebrating, turns and faces the man, as he wags the cane.... then pulls off the mask, showing it to be the Accelerator himself!!!!! The President is in the ring, with a huge smile!!! Steel laughs, and the two men stand tall in the squared circle, with everyone booing!

Heenan: The President pulled off another upset!!! John Steel defeated Napalm in the center of the ring! What a great night!

Tenay: The two don't have much time to celebrate, though, Bobby, because Gilbreth, Jannetty, and Richter just left their respective sparring partners behind to enter the ring! Ace and Steel motor out of there, as the group surrounds Napalm, checking on him. Napalm's had a wild night! He nearly pulled off the victory over Steel despite his rib damage. But Ace proved the final factor, and there was nothing left for Napalm to do!

*We're shown some of the moves, from Napalm's Backwards Splash to the trip which led to Steel's Real Deal DDT... Ace is also pictured pulling off his mask... the final shot is of Gilbreth glaring at the retreating duo... *

Heenan: Well, I'm having a great night. How about you guys?

Tenay: Shut up, Heenan.

JR: Exactly. They're helping Napalm to the back, and we're not in the mood to hear your bragging. Dietz, take us to the next match.

Dietz: Our final Second Round contest is scheduled for one fall... welcome first, being led to the ring by Jenna Jameson... he is the Intercontinental Champion of the World... he defeated the Dopeman earlier tonight... representing the Bastards of Oblivion 2000... Dynamic Dynamite!

*Dynamic Dynamite enters, Jenna holding his Title in her hands... "Make Me Bad" by Korn is playing... he walks to the ring, looking a little tired from his first match, not to mention the brawl...*

Tenay: Dynamite had a tough contest against Dopeman, sliding by with the help of Buff Brian, who I assume has entered into the ranks of BOO 2K.

JR: That's the most unstable stable of them all, ready to blow at any moment, and yet always enlisting more men to their duty. One of these days Shag-Nasty is going to get exactly what he deserves.

Heenan: And what's that JR?

JR: ......

Dietz: And his opponent.... the man who moved past Phenomena in the first round of tournament earlier tonight... he is a former DX member and 2-time Heavyweight Champion.... X-Pac!!!

*X-Pac enters to his theme and the bright green lights of his former stable... he performs his crotch chopping pyro special from the stage, then runs to the ring, sliding in as the bell rings...*

JR: Here we go! These two are ready to fight! Dynamic stomps on X-Pac as he slides in the ring, keeping him from getting to his feet. Dynamic stomps again, keeping X-Pac controlled to start this one off. He pulls X-Pac up now, and sends him into the ropes. X-Pac ducks a clothesline, and bounces back towards Dynamic, who grabs him and brings him down with a Backbreaker. He then drops X-Pac to the mat and kicks down at him again, drilling him square in the chest. Dynamite has control of this match now to start things off, bringing X-Pac up to his feet, scooping him and slamming him back down. He backs up to the ropes, comes back, and drops a hard knee onto Pac's chest. X-Pac looks like he must of taken a lot more punishment from Phenomena then it appeared.

Heenan: Maybe he should have been smart like Dynamite, and not ran down to the ring, JR. What a waste of energy.

JR: No comment. Dynamic drops down over X-Pac now, slugging him with left and rights to the face. The ref is counting, but Dynamic doesn't seem to heed the warning, punching away. Finally he gets off of the former World Champ, only to drop back down with a choke. It looks as if Dynamite is really trying to cause some pain here, and why not, we know there's no love lossed between these two. X-Pac and Dynamite have both been in the GCWA for a long time, and they've never gotten along.

Tenay: Well, with X-Pac making amends with Mysterio earlier today, more elements of tension have been added between these two. Dynamic is Mysterio's former running buddy. Anyhow, Dynamite quits his choke and stands, receiving a loud boo from the arena around him. Dynamite only smiles, waving over to Jenna, who waves back with a grin of her own. Dynamite returns to X, who has gotten to his knees. X-Pac throws a punch into Dynamic's gut, trying to gain some momentum. He punches again, getting to his feet, but Double D quickly plunges a thumb into X's eye, ending his momentum. Dynamic then grabs hold of him, pulls him up, and drops him with a Brainbuster. He covers.... 1..... 2.... but its too early for the win, as X-Pac gets a shoulder up. Dynamic yells at the official, who only shakes his head. The men get back to their feet, with Dynamite sending him towards the corner. X-Pac hits the buckles hard, falling to the mat. Quickly, Dynamic slides out of the ring, grabs a hold of X-Pac's leg, and swings it into the post! The ref screams a warning, but Dynamic ignores him and swings the leg into the turnbuckle again!

Heenan: That's a dirty way to fight, and I love it. Like I said, that's what makes Dynamite a favorite here tonight. Dynamic climbs back into the ring, pulling X-Pac away from the corner, and working on the leg more, dropping elbows onto the knee. He stands up and twists the knee inwards, causing X-Pac to scream out in pain. The easiest way to keep a man like X-Pac on the ground is to break the leg. We all know that Pac likes to fly, but Dynamic is preventing that from happening. It also looks like he's going to try and have X-Pac give this one up, locking on a figure four leg lock. X-Pac is reaching for the ropes, but Double D has him right in the center of the ring. X-Pac is yelling in there, but he's also shaking his head no to the ref's questions. The crowd is starting to stomp in unison, trying to get X-Pac motivated, and it seems to be working. He's trying to roll over, to reverse the pressure of the lock onto Dynamic, but Dynamite is fighting it. X-Pac almost has him turned over, but Dynamic breaks the hold and gets to his feet. He moves in for a stomp, but X-Pac rolls out of the way. Dynamite moves in again, but X-Pac gets to his feet and uses a Drop-Toe Hold on Dynamic. Dynamite falls towards the corner, his face landing right on the bottom buckle!

JR: It looks like X-Pac is going to have the upper hand now, limping over to Dynamite, lifting his leg into the air, and smashing his knee down to the mat. X-Pac grabs Dynamite, pulling him up with a fist full of hair, and turns him around. He grabs him, flipping him over with a Snap-Suplex. He brings his opponent to his feet again, sending Double D into the ropes. Dynamic comes back quick, and X-Pac sends him over his head with a Backdrop. Dynamite lands hard, as X-Pac staggers, the leg still bothering him. But X-Pac isn't done. He brings Dynamite up again, hooking him up with a Neckbreaker and crashing down to the mat. He covers.... 1.... 2..... but Dynamic gets out of it. X-Pac, not too surprised, brings Dynamic up again. He chops him across the chest once, hard enough to sound off loudly and force a Whooo from the crowd, then sends him into the corner. He follows him in, coming in hard for a clothesline, but Dynamite grabs the ref and pulls him in the way! X-Pac collides with the ref and falls back to the mat, the ref joining him.

Tenay: Look at this, JR! Dynamite is quickly leaving the ring and grabbing a chair. He slides back in and walks over to X-Pac, slamming the edge of the chair right into that hurt knee! He does it again! Now, he sets the chair up, X-Pac's leg lying in the fold of it, and climbs the buckle. It looks like he just might be trying to cause some very serious injury here. He leaps with a huge elbow, coming down on the chair and smashing X-Pac's knee! It may have just been my faulty hearing, but I think I heard a pop! Dynamic is hurt too, rolling around and holding his elbow. Both men are on the mat, the ref is on the mat, and here comes Jenna with the IC strap in hand. She enters the ring and bends over Dynamite. He sees her, taking the belt and standing. He leans over and pulls the chair away from X-Pac, dropping it outside the ring. Jenna pulls X-Pac to his feet and stands him up. He's barely able to stand, his leg must be close to breaking. Dynamite moves in, the belt raised to head level, and looks to smash X with it, but X-Pac kicks with his good leg, nailing Dynamite in the gut. The belt falls to the ground and X-Pac follows in, grabbing Dynamite and bringing him down with the X-Factor, right on the belt!!!

Heenan: That took all of X-Pac's energy though, Professor, and neither man is moving in the ring. Jenna, shocked, grabs the belt and leaves the ring again, watching now from the outside. She's really unsure what to do. Where's OG Thug? Why isn't he out here? Is he negotiating with Buff Brian or something?? Both men are lying on the mat knocked out, X-Pac breathing hard while Dynamic hardly seems to be breathing at all. If either man could get a cover right now this match would surely be over. The ref is coming too now, and he sees both men on the mat. He starts counting, quite slowly, and.... look at this folks, Buff Brain is making another trip down the aisle! I don't know what he's doing here, but it can't be good for X-Pac.

JR: Isn't it obvious Brain? Double D has a little insurance this evening.

Heenan: I don't know why he would cheat though. He's so good!

JR: Give me a break.

Tenay: In the ring X-Pac is finally getting to his feet, hopping on his good leg. Dynamic, too, is standing up. X-Pac moves in again, pulling Dynamite up and lifting him for a Suplex, but his leg gives out underneath him and both men crash to the ring. Dynamic lands atop X-Pac and he pins.... 1...... 2......... but somehow X-Pac finds enough left in him to kick out. This match is incredible. It was a slow count, but it's Dynamite's fault for having knocked the ref senseless. Dynamite stands again, bringing X-Pac with him. He slings X-Pac to the corner, but X-Pac falls in the center of the ring before he even gets a running start. That leg is in really bad shape. Dynamic smiles, moving in and twisting the leg again. X-Pac is screaming, but not submitting, as Dynamic leans in and twists harder. That leg is going to break before long. The ref is asking X-Pac what he wants to do, and X-Pac only shakes his head, slower and slower. He may be passing out from the pain in there JR.

JR: I wouldn't doubt it. Men like X-Pac don't give up, they'd rather just pass out in the middle of the ring. Dynamite looks like he's had enough of it though, and he's going to try and end it. He brings X-Pac up again, and sets him up for the Dynamic Pain. X-Pac shoves him away. Dynamic crashes into the buckles and stumbles back towards X-Pac. X-Pac grabs him and drops with a Reverse DDT!!! I don't know where X-Pac is finding the energy to perform any of this, but he is still in there. He gets back to his feet, Dynamite not moving, and climbs the turnbuckle. He stands on it, his back to Dynamite, and performs the X-Drop!!! We haven't seen that in months!!!!! X-Pac lands it, flattening out on Dynamite with a huge hit!! He pins..... 1.... 2.... and Buff Brain is in the ring stomping on X-Pac's back!! The ref calls for the bell, giving X-Pac the win, but not stopping Brian in there. He stomps away at X-Pac's knee, as Dynamic slowly gets helped to his feet by Jenna. Dynamite shakes his head clear and joins Buff Brian, both stomping away at X-Pac now, trying to break that leg, but here comes Mysterio and Master Dee!!! The two slide in the ring, running the bastards off, but their work is done. X-Pac moves on, but he may not be able to even walk out of the ring to the semis against Steel.

Heenan: What I don't understand, JR, is why Dynamite went to all that trouble, just to help a member of Ace's crew? Or is this a plan to soften X-Pac up, in case he makes it to the finals? Oh, I don't know.

Tenay: Just sit and think, Bobby. You'll figure it out. And we'll enjoy the quiet. Well, folks, we've got 4 people left. Rage, Michael Breaker, Steel, and X-Pac. One of these four is a future World Champion. One of them will hold the European Title. Who's it going to be? Who's going to manage it? We'll find out after a quick break! Stay with us!!

*In the ring, Master Dee and Mysterio continue to check on the hurting X-Pac.... Mysterio calls for a stretcher, but X-Pac's voice clearly states that he's fine... he pulls himself up, with both men giving him a shoulder to lean on... the fans cheer loudly for the DX man, as he looks around at the crowd...*

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