*We return from the break to absolue chaos! Steven Mysterio is brawling with Dynamic Dynamite, the two knocking each other into the walls around the hallway... Master Dee is in control over J.Y. Kidd, while Scott Hall is being double-teamed by Lan Ragus and Shannon Shag-Nasty... the Unexpected appears to be on the defensive, when one of the security guards enters into the mix, waffling Dynamite in the back of the head with one of his clubs! The security guard opens his shirt, showing the symbol of the Unexpected underneath! He and Mysterio throw Dynamite into the wall once more, as Shag-Nasty takes note of the change and comes over to help his ally... the war grows worse as Outcast and the rest of the Thrill Seekers appear, attacking both groups!! As everyone fights it out, the most potent image is Outcast, Dynamite, and Mysterio, all part of the Unexpected just a few weeks ago, duking it out... security (the real kind) pours into the room, trying to break everyone up, as we go back to the broadcast position... *

Tenay: Welcome back, folks. As you saw, we have a mini-war going on in the back! The Unexpected, the Thrill Seekers, and the Bastards of Oblivion were all at each other's throats! What a wild battle!

JR: Yeah, and you can beat that the non-stable guys are just happy to see the fight going on! There could even be an injury or two coming out of it, which could help another man's position in the tournament, I'm sure. What I want to know is who was that guy in the security uniform who helped Mysterio out? Is this a new individual to the GCWA, or was this just a one-night thing? Well, either way, the brawl in the back continues, with security trying to get control.

Heenan: As far as I'm concerned, guys, it's just added incentive for the people who bought this PPV. They just got a free brawl tacked onto the PPV! Ace is probably laughing his ass off, happy that the buyrate will be that much higher.

Tenay: Yeah, Ace is always about the Benjamins nowadays. Let's go to the ring, for our next match.

Dietz: Our next first round contest in scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, standing 5'7" and weighing in at 195 pounds, he is the GCWA Hard-Core Champion, Gabe "Wildman" Morse!!

*Gabe enters to his music, the Hard-Core title around his shoulder... he walks to the ring, leaving the title with the bell ringer...*

Heenan: Wildman is one of the luckiest wrestlers in this thing.

JR: Why's that Heenan?

Heenan: Because he gets to go home early, Steel is going to kill him!

Tenay: Cute, Bobby. You have to remember, Gabe Morse has looked very impressive as of late, shocking many by winning the Hardcore belt from Outcast. The man may be new here, but he has been making waves.

Dietz: And his opponent, one of the hottest rising men in the GCWA. He has been picked by our President as the man to win this tournament. Standing 6'6" tall and weighing 275 pounds, please welcome, "The Real Deal" John Steel!

*The crowd boos before he even enters, but as Steel's music plays we see one of the biggest pyro explosions of the night... Steel enters, his hands held high in the air, and walks cockily to the ring...*

Heenan: Here's one of my picks to win it all folks, John Steel!

JR: I'll admit that he's a fine wrestler, but he's such a cocky SOB that I'd hate to see him win the tournament.

Heenan: You better not let Ace hear you say that.

JR: To hell with Ace.

*the bell rings...*

Tenay: Well, enough with the two of you talking about Ace and Steel, let's get to the match. Besides, it's safer for both your jobs. Steel starts this one off first, grabbing Morse by the back of the hair and bringing their foreheads together. Morse falls backwards, but not far enough to get away from Steel booting him in the gut. The former European Champion moves in again with another hard butt of the heads, then he spins Morse and drops him with a Neckbreaker. It doesn't look like the Wildman is going to be able to do too much today. Steel brings him back to his feet, and grabs him with a Belly-to-Belly position, spinning, and dropping Morse on the mat. He covers.. 1.... but the Hard-Core Champion shows that its going to take a lot more then two moves and a few headbutts to get him out of this one. Steel smiles though, bringing Morse up and sending him into the ropes. He tries to drop him with a clothesline, but Gabe ducks it and continues into the other ropes.

JR: On this return, Morse flys through the air for a Splash, but Steel catches him, slamming him back to the ground full force. The Hard-Core Champion had better start doing something in there, or else Steel is going to just walk into the second round. Steel follows him to the ground, kneeling over him and pounding into his face. The ref counts him off, but slowly, showing that Ace really has gotten his fingers into Steel's matches.

Heenan: Well what do you expect, JR? Would you want to be the ref who disqualified Steel because he punched his opponent in the face too much? JR: Of course I wouldn't, Ace would have that man's license to officiate revoked. Steel finally quits pounding on Morse and stands, showboating to the crowd. They boo and hiss at him, but Steel seems to absorb that response and just keep going. He turns back to the Wildman, who has gotten to his knees, and pulls him the rest of the way up. He sets him up for a Piledriver, and hops as he brings it down, making it his infamous Piledriver from Hell!! This has got to be it for this match. Steel covers.... 1..... 2..... and somehow Morse gets his foot up and onto the ropes. Steel looks surprised, but he doesn't stop. He brings Morse up again and sends him into the corner. He moves in, climbing up a couple buckles and punching Morse in the face some more. Morse grabs the back of Steel's legs though, moves forward, and brings him down with an Inverted Atomic Drop. Steel crouches over, and Morse follows in with a clothesline, bringing both men down to the mat! Neither man is moving too quickly, but the Wildman seems to have found his second wind.

Heenan: And not a moment too soon, this match was heading towards an easy victory for Steel. Morse is back to his feet, a little shaken, and the Real Deal pulls himself up as well. Morse watches him carefully, then comes in quick with a standing Drop Kick. Both men pop back up, and Morse drops Steel with another quick Drop Kick. This time its Morse getting up alone, running in and dropping a knee right on Steel's face. Steel reels in pain as the Wildman hops up yet again. Where's he getting the energy? Morse grabs the Real Deal and b brings him to his feet, slinging him into the ropes. Steel returns and Morse leaps, trying a Hurricarana, but Steel counters, bringing the man down with a huge Powerbomb. Morse looks out of it as Steel covers.... 1.... 2.... and Morse finds a little extra strength to kick out again. He is the Hard-Core champion folks, meaning he can take a lot of pain in that ring.

Tenay: I don't know how much more pain he can take though, Brain. Steel stands again, simply kicking Morse in the side this time, then stomping down on his chest. Morse has shown a little bit of life here and there, but I don't think he has enough left to get out of more punishment. Steel lifts him into the air with a Gorilla Press, and slams him down to the mat. Morse has got to be finished, and Steel senses it, pulling Morse up and taking him into the corner. He sits Morse onto the top turnbuckle, follows him up for a Superplex, but Morse sticks a thumb into Steel's eye. Steel hops off the buckles holding his face as Morse stands. Morse leaps for a Missile Drop-Kick and connects, bringing Steel down to the mat hard! I don't know how Morse keeps going, but he sure has a lot of heart. He brings Steel up again, and falls with a Jawbreaker. Steel bounces backwards into the corner, and Morse follows in for a Spear. Steel moves at the last second, sending Morse shoulder first into the post!! Steel looks to take advantage, standing Morse up and wrenching the arm. He drops the move into an Armbar Submission, and Morse is crying out in pain.

Heenan: Its hard to say just how much damage that shoulder has taken, but this submission move will definitely find out if Morse has enough to go on. Morse doesn't look like he's going to tap out though, so Steel lets him go. Steel stands, spitting down at his opponent, and then bringing him back to his feet. He slaps Morse in the face once, twice, and then a third time, driving him back into the corner. He rams his shoulder into Morse's stomach, driving him hard into the buckle, but Morse tries another move, maybe using all the energy he has left, to flip over Steel and try the Sunset Flip. He can't pull Steel down however, and Steel falls on his chest with a pin.... 1..... 2...... but Morse kicks out again!

Tenay: Steel looks pissed now. He stands, bringing Morse up and sending him towards the ropes. Morse reverses though, and Steel goes the opposite direction. On the return, Morse drops his head, and Steel hops right over him. Steel turns, grabs a hold of Morse from behind and drops, hitting the Real Deal DDT!!! That should be the end of it! Steel covers..... 1.... 2.... 3!!!! Morse didn't have enough to get out of that one!!! Steel doesn't look done yet though! He pulls Morse up again, and replays his finisher!!! He has not only won the match, but now he's teaching Morse who he thinks the better man is!!

Heenan: The crowd is booing insanely, not appreciating what they're seeing. But no matter, Steel has won this one and will move on. He proved that he deserves it, too, JR. Did we see any interference in there by the Prez? No, Steel did it all on his own. He's a true fighter.

JR: Not counting the ref, right, Heenan? *sigh* Just roll the tape.

*Steel's mid-air bodyslam is shown first, followed by his Piledriver From Hell... Morse's replays consist of the Inverted Atomic Drop and the Missle Dropkick, before John Steel's multiple Real Deal DDTs flash by... *

Tenay: So now we know that John Steel, the favorite of Ace's, is moving on. The question is, who will he face in the second round? Let's find out.

Dietz: The next match is scheduled for one fall.... the preliminary matches continue! Entering the Superdome... standing 6'3" and weighing 240 lbs... he's the master of the Virus, formerly known as "The Chosen One", Marc Morrison... now he's back to his roots, known only as... Neo!!

*"Wake Up" by Rage Against The Machine starts, with the heavy electric guitar strums to start it out... Neo gets a few cheers for himself, but he doesn't seem too interested... he walks down the aisle and enters the ring with a push...*

Heenan: The compu-geek with the quick hands is back!!

Tenay: Give it a rest, Heenan. Everyone knows Neo is not the man from the Matrix movie. However, his hands are just as fast and dangerous as the character in that movie, and he's always a threat in that ring. The question is, is he still the Chosen One?

Dietz: His opponent... standing 6'3" and weighing 210 lbs... in his history in the GCWA, he has held both the European and Intercontinental Titles... now he seeks the World belt... representing himself, as well as his friend Titan 3... here is Napalm!!!

*The crowd cheers loudly as Napalm appears in the entryway, making his first appearance for a match in many months... he walks towards where Neo is waiting...*

JR: Napalm made his return last week, with some very uncompromising words to the President about how his friends have been treated. We also learned that Napalm and Richter were the thieves last month, trading titles back and forth from various people.

Heenan: Yeah, Napalm really has sticky hands, doesn't he? I tell you, I think these two have made the worst mistake of their lives. I would have had Napalm rated high as a possible winner of this tournament, but he blew it when he threatened the Accelerator.

Tenay: You think Ace will become a factor in this match?

Heenan: You never know with Ace.

*The bell rings...*

JR: Alright, we've got two of the smaller wrestlers in the GCWA going at it here. Napalm's a cruiserweight, and Neo is close. Still, Neo's got the size advantage. We'll see how he uses it. The two come together, with Napalm getting a headlock. Neo fights it off with two elbows to the stomach, then runs off the ropes and comes back with a shoulder block, knocking Napalm to his back! Napalm hops up, but then flattens back down as Neo flies overtop, using the ropes again. He rebounds as Napalm gets up, but Napalm leapfrogs him, blocking the attempt at a clothesline. On Neo's return, Napalm's feet take air with a tremendous dropkick that snaps Neo to the ground! Neo gets right back up, only to get a second dropkick. That encourages him to roll to the outside and get his bearings back.

Heenan: Quick action so far. I've always liked these light-heavyweights. They're fast, they like to take risks, and they remind me of me at my age.

JR: You're definitely no longer a lightweight, Heenan. Still, you're a lot better than Madden, I'll give you that.

Heenan: Yeah, he is a little plump, isn't he?

Tenay: Inside the ring, Napalm is waiting patiently as Morrison gets himself back together. He's saving his energy, knowing that the only way to win four matches to get the gold is to conserve your energy. Neo rolls back in, as Napalm comes forward. The two lock up again, with Napalm getting an Arm Bar, tripping Neo up and taking him to the mat. But Neo's right next to the ropes, and immediately reaches out to grab them with his free hand. Napalm's forced to release the hold before any real damage can be done. He gets up, grabbing Neo and whipping him towards the turnbuckle. Neo reverses, and Napalm's the one who meets the pads. Neo comes in a second later, leaping and splashing his opponent! Napalm couldn't get out of the way.

JR: Neo climbs the turnbuckle, using those quick fists to pound away on Napalm, and the fans seem to have a little following for this man. They're counting along. Neo doubles the usual amount, spinning his fists and landing 20 hits. Napalm's really dazed now. That's a lot of punishment to come so quickly! Neo grabs Napalm by the head and comes off the turnbuckle with a DDT, bouncing Napalm's cranium on the mat, then makes the first pin of the match! 1..... 2.. Napalm kicks out. He doesn't want to go in the first round, but then, nobody does. Neo pulls him back up, locking him and snapping over with a vertical suplex. Neo's got some nice moves early on here.

Heenan: We'll see how long it lasts. Neo gets up again, as Napalm slowly still fights to get to his feet. Neo knees him, then shoves him against the ropes. Napalm gets sent to the other side, but on the return, he puts on the brakes, stopping before Neo's kick can catch him in the face! He grabs the foot in midair, stopping Neo's momentum. Neo tries an Enziguiri kick, but somehow Napalm grabs that foot as well, causing Neo to fall backwards onto his head!! Napalm doesn't drop the feet, either. He instead drops to his back, slingshotting Neo up and onto the ropes, throat-first!!! There's a momentum-changer!! Neo drops from the ropes in a lot of pain, allowing Napalm to grab him from behind and German Suplex him to the mat. He bridges upwards, making it a pin! 1..... 2...... Neo barely escapes!

Tenay: I thought the match might be over, but Neo's still fighting in there. Napalm pulls himself up. This has been a tough match for both men. He gets Neo up and suplexes him over, a Fisherman's Suplex, for another pin attempt! 1..... 2..... and again Neo gets free at the last second! There's only an inch or so left between the ref's hand and the mat. Napalm looks a little annoyed, knowing that just a slightly quicker count would end the match, but he doesn't waste any time complaining. He pulls Neo up and Scoop Slams him. Napalm then goes to the ropes and springs off with a Moonsault, but Neo rolls out of the way!! Napalm rolls in pain, as Neo stretches to the ropes and pulls himself up.

Heenan: This match is going too long for either of these guys. They're wasting all their reserves, and one of them has a long night ahead of him.

JR: Yeah, Bobby, but if you don't win this match, you don't have to worry about the long night. That's why they're fighting so hard. Neo's the first up, as he goes over to Napalm and grabs his arms. Napalm struggles against it, but he has nowhere to go, as Neo drops back with a Mexican Surfboard!!! We've got a submission hold! The ref closes in, as Napalm shakes his head in the negative way. He's not giving up. Neo can't exactly increase the pressure. It's all up to gravity to do the work, and him to hold Napalm up there. Napalm's not going to submit. He's shaking his head, grimacing but not giving in to the pain. After a minute, Neo drops the hold, sending Napalm to the floor. That move takes a lot of energy from your opponent, but it can also tire you out as well.

Tenay: Neo pulls himself up and grabs Napalm, peeling him up. He goes behind Napalm to try a Gutwrench Suplex, but Napalm catches him napping with an elbow planted right above the eye. Neo falls against the ropes with a severe, sudden headache, as Napalm turns around, catches him with a few right hands, then skins his eyes across the top rope! That one's always painful! Napalm pulls Neo all the way to the corner, effectively blinding him. Neo's in real trouble now! Napalm's getting him in position for Agent: Orange!!

Heenan: We've got visitors, Mike, Jim!

Tenay: Huh? Oh, ok, I see what you mean! Victor D'Amor and John Steel have come down the aisle and are now at ringside! What are they doing here? We know who Steel's siding with, since Ace helped him. But what about D'Amor? It's almost a reunion of the Cartel, isn't it?

JR: You could say that, Mike. D'Amor slips around one side of the ringt, while Steel climbs onto the apron, yelling about something to the ref. The man in stripes is not amused, as he orders Steel off the apron and away from the ring. Napalm sees him and lets go of Neo, leaving him on the 'buckle. He comes over, taking Steel by surprise with a running elbow shot! Steel falls from the apron to the ground, landing on his feet, but still stunned from the hit. Meanwhile, though, D'Amor calls over to Neo and throws him a steel chair! Neo takes it without a second thought and stands, as Napalm turns to come back over. Neo takes flight, with the chair in hand, and man, Napalm just got nailed between the eyes!!!!

Heenan: That chair will never be usable again!

Tenay: Why did Neo do it, though? The ref couldn't miss it! Now he's calling for the bell, ending this match in favor of Napalm! He'll go on, while Neo is forced to leave the tournament with a loss! D'Amor and Steel enter the ring, as Neo smiles to them, then brings the chair down again, crashing it into Napalm's ribcage!!! It's all a set-up! Neo's working with the rest of Ace's goons!!!

Heenan: I didn't realize how smart Neo actually was! I guess he really IS the Chosen One, huh, Mike? He's working with the right guys, anyway! Steel, D'Amor, and Neo are all pounding away on Napalm now, showing no mercy!!

JR: Help's on the way, Bobby! Here comes Richter!! The former Hardcore Champion slides into the ring at full speed, then gets up, nailing Neo with a lariat before he can dodge! He then charges at both of the other men, trying to take advantage of his surprise! D'Amor gets knocked down by a huge right hand, while Steel tumbles against the ropes. Richter grabs Steel and tries to do a Belly-to-Back, but Steel knees him low, killing all of the momentum! D'Amor then comes back with a Double Axehandle shot to the back, and now Richter's the one in serious trouble!! OH, but wait, here comes Gilbreth!!!!

Tenay: The fans are going nuts as Gilbreth charges the ring, running at full speed, a scary sight for such a large guy! He leaps into the ring, as Steel, Neo, and D'Amor scatter to the winds, each running a different way out of the ring! Gilbreth looks around at all of them, especially Steel, daring them to come back in now that the numbers are equal. But the Ace crew is leaving, and seem happy with the events despite Gilbreth's appearance. Richter gets up, not seriously hurt, and both men check on Napalm. So have we seen the formation of the Ace Cartel, guys?

Heenan: It could be, Mike. We've known for a while that Steel's working with Ace. D'Amor also was involved, helping to screw his brother out of the World Title. Now Neo's been tempted by the money into the group, which doesn't seem to be a bad place to be right now. Still, Napalm gets the win, which means he will go on to face Steel in the next round. Will he have enough time to pull himself back together?

*The replay runs, with some of the moves... Napalm slingshots Neo across the ropes... Neo returns with a Mexican Surfboard submission.... Napalm lands some heavy suplexes... then, finally, we're shown Neo coming off the top turnbuckle with the chair...*

*The fans are cheering as we come back from the replay segment... Napalm is on his feet and is headed towards the back, with a helpful hand from Richter... Gilbreth stays close by, watching for trouble... we go to a live shot of the broadcast table...*

Tenay: As you can see, Napalm has gotten up under his own power. Obviously, Steel and the rest didn't get in as much damage as they would have liked, although that knot on Napalm's forehead sure looks painful. But I'm sure that, as long as Napalm can still move, he'll be in the ring against Steel later in the show. Well, ladies and gentlemen, we're down to two preliminary matches! Who will be the final men moving on? Dietz:

Dietz: Our next First Round match is scheduled for one fall... introducing first... weighing in 242 pounds and standing 6'5" inches tall... he is a former Hard-Core Champion here in the GCWA... now part of the Thrill Seekers... here is Phenomena!!!

*"Our Time" plays, and Phenomena steps out to a positive pop from the audience... he's wearing one of the new Thrill Seeker t-shirts... the man walks to the ring, focused straight ahead, and enters it quickly...*

JR: Surprisingly, ladies and gentlemen, we haven't heard much from Phenomena over the last week. I'm sure that he's focused and ready for this match, though. There was a rumor that the reason we didn't see the former Hardcore champ was that he was working through an illness. He looks to be in top shape now, though.

Heenan: I hope he is, I don't want to see anybody taking it easy during this thing. Outcast taking the job was bad enough.

Tenay: I'm sure Phenomena will give it his all, if only to impress his new stablemates. The man's not afraid of a little pain, after all.

Dietz: And his opponent... he is a former holder of many of the GCWA's titles, including the Heavyweight Championship... he stands at an even 6 feet tall and weighs in at 212 pounds.... he is X-Pac!

*The lights cut to the familiar green of an X-Pac entrance as his theme music plays... he enters, crotch chopping at the opening of the ramp, and the fans scream in approval... he walks to the ring, entering it, and performing his crotch chop pyro special, with Phenomena just watching... *

JR: Here's an old favorite of mine that I'm glad has made his return to the GCWA. He's been on leave for a long while, and spent a good portion of that leave in the gym, just like Breaker apparently did. X-Pac's one of the surprise favorites for this one. No one knew he was even in shape to wrestle until he appeared with Nightmare on Sixpack, battling the forces of Ace. Now X-Pac is in the tournament, ready to try for a third reign as World Champion.

Heenan: If he can manage it, my hat will be off to him, if I wore a hat. The guy's still a cruiserweight, so it's always an uphill battle for him.

*The bell rings, as Phenomena runs forward...*

JR: Here we go folks, Phenomena charging in on a surprised X-Pac and talking him to the mat. He throws a few good punches into X-Pac's face, then X-Pac rolls the move over and takes the advantage, punching Phenomena with a few of his own hard rights. Pheno rolls the hold again, then X-Pac rolls, and both men spill from the ring to the outside. We're seeing a very aggressive start to this one, and I'm not sure this a good way for both men to start this tournament. You really don't want to use too much energy going into this first match, because if you start wearing yourself out early, there's no chance for you in the later rounds. Pheno and X-Pac are both to their feet, looking up on the outside. Phenomena takes an advantage, sending X-Pac towards the steel steps, but X-Pac leaps onto them, turns, and flies through the air, connecting with a forearm to Pheno's cranium!

Tenay: I don't like these matches that get to the outside of the ring so early. Ah, that's more like it, X-Pac picks Phenomena up and slides him back into the ring. X follows him in, waiting for Pheno to get to his feet, before chopping him right in the chest. Pheno backs up to the corner, where X-Pac starts laying into him with a series of stunning, quick hooks and jabs. He finishes off with a Spinning Heel Kick, and Pheno sits down in the corner. X-Pac backs up, crotch chopping all the way, and signals for the Bronco Buster! He runs in, but Pheno lifts a leg at the last moment, catching X-Pac in a very awkward position. X-Pac falls to the mat as Phenomena gets to his feet and moves in on him. That kind of a counter can change the mood of the match for good! Pheno brings X-Pac back to his feet, and drops him with a huge Suplex. He covers.... 1.... 2.... but X-Pac kicks out of it easily enough. Pheno gets back to his feet, bringing X-Pac with him, and sending him into the ropes.

Heenan: On the return, Pheno lifts X-Pac into the air and lets him fall right back down to the mat on his stomach. Phenomena doesn't cover this time, instead pulling X-Pac up again. It looks to me like Phenomena may be trying to end this one now. He sends X into the corner, then follows him in with a Clothesline. X-Pac falls to the mat, and Phenomena climbs up to the top turnbuckle. I'm not sure what he's going to try now, but it could pretty much end X-Pac's chances at winning if he hits this. He leaps, trying to drop his knees into X-Pac's back, and X rolls out of the way. Phenomena lands hard on connecting with nothing but the mat, and X-Pac begins to get to his feet. He pulls himself vertical, using the ropes to help him up, and turns just in time to see Pheno trying to stand as well. X-Pac charges in and connects with a Baseball Slide into Pheno's back. Phenomena stumbles forward, slumped over the bottom rope. Suddenly, X-Pac is off the ropes on the other end, through the air, and he crashes down on Phenomena's back, pushing his throat straight into the rope. Phenomena crawls away choking, then turns and sits in the corner.

JR: Oh no, X-Pac is about to make due here, he charges in for his Bronco Buster and hits it, riding Phenomena in the corner. He stops and backs off to the center of the ring. Slowly Phenomena gets up and stumbles forward. X makes to kick him in the stomach, but Phenomena grabs the foot and drops X-Pac with a huge clothesline before he can go for an Enziguiri. Both men fall to the mat, and it looks like this one just took another twist. Pheno gets to his feet first, helping X up as well. It looks like he's going to try and end it now, pulling X-Pac up for the Sub-Zero. He starts to run, and X-Pac reverses, dropping Pheno face first with the X-Factor!!! What a reversal!!! X-Pac makes the quick pin, grabbing both legs.... 1..... 2...... 3!!! And X-Pac is moving on to meet the winner of Dynamic Dynamite and the Dopeman in the second round!

Tenay: That match was a little quicker than some of the others, which could give X-Pac an advantage later on. Phenomena just went for his finisher at the wrong time. X-Pac's always been the king of reversals, having earned a victory over Titan 3 early in his career with his ability to turn anything against its user. Phenomena took the chance that X-Pac wasn't fresh, but the 2-time World Champ proved him wrong, and made it a match-ending mistake with one quick X-Factor.

*X-Pac's attempted Bronco Busters are shown, first the one that painfully failed, then the successful one... Phenomena's attempt at the Sub-Zero is then run, with it being reversed into the X-Factor.... the replays then run out, with X-Pac looking happy at winning his first match of the night...*

------------------------------------------------------------------ Dietz: The next, and last, preliminary match is scheduled for one fall... introducing first, standing 6'4" and weighing 223 lbs... he's a former Cruiserweight Champion, and now is working on his own, free of the shackles of the Bastards of Oblivion 2000.... the hardcore 'legend'... the Dopeman!!

*"Dopeman" by Less Than Jake plays (over the speakers, the band couldn't make it)... the fans cheer as the Dopeman walks out, ready to rumble... he heads for the ring at a good jog...*

JR: The Dopeman has had an interesting 2000 so far, wouldn't you say, Mike?

Tenay: It has been a wild year for him. He went from Brain Dead, a hardcore expert who rarely could come up with the victory, to the Dopeman, who won match after match, went to a draw with Andy Gilbreth in a good fight, and won the Cruiserweight Title for a brief period from Steven Mysterio. Still, he's had some problems of late, leaving the BOO2K suddenly. Attacking Dynamite and Shag-Nasty last Sunday cost him his belt.

Heenan: Yeah, stupid move. All he had to do was pin Mysterio. Dynamite and Shag-Nasty had set it up for him. But the Dopeman threw it away, and thus he lost his belt. Now he's facing one of the men who did it. This should be a good fight!

Dietz: His opponent... standing 6'7" and weighing 275 lbs... he's one of the long-term members of the GCWA, a man who is infamous for his attitude towards wrestling... he's the current 3-time Intercontinental Champion, only one of two men who have ever managed that feat... representing the Bastards of Oblivion 2000... here is Dynamic Dynamite!!

*"Make Me Bad" by Korn heralds the appearance of Dynamic Dynamite... the fans boo loudly, even throwing objects at the IC champ... Dynamite is followed by OG Thug and Jenna J... you can see that he's still a little disheveled after the brawl in the back, though no obvious bruises or bloodstains are visible... the group heads down the aisle towards the ring...*

JR: Here comes one of your picks, right, Heenan?

Heenan: Oh yeah. I've always gotta go with the bad guys. Dynamite's not afraid to go for the eyes. That's why he's held so many title belts during his career. This tournament is Dynamite's best chance yet to hold the gold he's watched throughout the life of the GCWA. It's not that I want him to be the champ. I just think he deserves it.

Tenay: That's rather touching, coming from you, Brain. Let's not forget, Dynamite's a seasoned hand inside the ring. The cheating is a factor, but because of that, most people overlook his in-ring skills. The Dopeman's in for a brawl.

*The bell rings...*

JR: Dopeman's got a serious size disadvantage, but he rarely lets that bother him. He comes in, and these two are going at it hand to hand! Look at those fists fly! Obviously we still have some hard feelings between these two after what went down last week!

Heenan: Well, duh, JR! It's only been a week for crying out loud!

JR: Heenan..... oh never mind. They're in the corner, and surprisingly, the Dopeman has the upper hand! He's leaning WAY back, firing in with all his force, and he's rocking Dynamite! The ref is warning about closed fists, but Dopeman really doesn't give a crap! He's just smacking away at his opponent! Oh, wait, Dynamite jabs forward with a right cross under the chin, then grabs Dopeman by the head, twisting him into the corner! Dynamite delivers multiple kneeshots, using the ropes for leverage, as he crushes the cruiserweight in the corner! Dynamite then lifts Dopeman onto the corner, only to slam him across the ring! Dynamic Dynamite truly has some power, doesn't he?

Tenay: He's always had strength, due more to his size than anything else. But his mind has always been more dangerous than his body. Dynamite goes over to where the Dopeman is getting up, snapping a foot up into his face! Dopeman flips onto his back, covering his face with his hands, as Dynamite steps closer and drops a leg across his neck! Dynamite makes the cover.... 1..... 2... Dopeman kicks out. Dynamite immediately pulls both to their feet, locking the Dopeman and snapping him over with a suplex. He tries another pin, and gets another two count. I guess Dynamite really would like a quick victory in this one.

Heenan: I told you, Mike, this guy is smart. A quick pin helps out tremendously in these tournaments!

Tenay: I know that, Bobby, I've seen more than one, after all. Dynamite brings Dopeman up again, to try another suplex variation. But Dopeman somehow twists away from it, to roll into Dynamite! He pulls him down for a pinfall! 1..... 2..... Dynamite escapes with the match continuing! He and Dopeman get up, with Dynamite angrily throwing a wide right hand at the cruiserweight. But Dopeman ducks under it and locks Dynamite around the waist, lifting and dropping him to the mat with almost a reversed side slam!!! Dynamite's stunned, as Dopeman grabs the ropes and hauls himself to his feet, and the fans are going nuts! Dopeman's just shown Dynamite that he's got a little strength in his own right! He uses the ropes, pushing himself upwards, then dropping back down for a short Guillotine Legdrop, then goes for another pin.... 1..... 2...... Dynamite kicks out!

JR: Wow, both of these guys want the pin, don't they? We're seeing more cover-ups here than in Whitewater and Watergate combined! Dopeman gets both men back up, slashing his hands into Dynamite's throat to stagger him. He raises Dynamite's head and slams his elbow into it, again and again, two hard objects bashing against each other. Dynamite falls against the ropes, completely on the defensive, as the Dopeman runs to the other side and rebounds, coming back for a splash! He leaps, and Dynamite ducks, sending the Dopeman to the outside!! Oh, wait, Dopeman managed to grab hold of the top rope! He pulls himself up and turns, as Dynamite looks proud about what happened. Dopeman braces.... and OG Thug grabs his legs! Dopeman kicks him away, but Jenna J had time to yell out a warning, and Dynamite turns and runs back, clotheslining the Dopeman off the apron and to the floor!!

Heenan: That's what the managers are for, boys! OG Thug just earned his paycheck again! Dynamite decides not to wait for the count to continue. He leaves the ring, dropping down next to the Dopeman. After a couple of kicks to the ribs, Dynamite grabs the Dopeman's arm and whips him into the steel steps with a horrendous crash!! Dynamite's laughing now at the turn of events. But, ummm, is Dopeman smiling, or is that just me?

Tenay: The man has always thought pain was his friend, Bobby. I truly think that Dynamic Dynamite might be making a terrible mistake taking this match to the outside. He walks over, only seeing the downed man, and pulls him up. He's startled by the man's smile, and the kick up the middle doesn't help a bit!! Dynamite drops to his knees in agony, as the Dopeman steps back and kicks out, knocking Dynamite the rest of the way to the outside mats! The Dopeman then turns and shoves a spectator out of the way, getting his chair! He's losing it! The ref is screaming at him to drop the chair, or else he'll DQ him. The Dopeman doesn't seem to care. No, wait, I may have been mistaken. He puts down the chair, apparently listening to a fan at ringside, and instead pulls Dynamite up and rolls him into the ring. The Dopeman follows.

JR: Dopeman nearly threw this match away. But he came to his senses in time to continue the tournament. Dynamite's pulling himself up, while the Dopeman heads to the turnbuckle. He takes his time, balancing himself and waiting, as Dynamite reaches his feet. Then the Dopeman leaps... or tries to, because OG Thug just hit the ropes! Dopeman loses his balance and falls off, hitting the mat facedown! The ref severely reprimands OG Thug, and the two talk, with the ref looking inclined to throw this one out. OG Thug's pleading that it was just an accident, but everyone knows better. Still, this is a major match in the tournament. Disqualifications are not what the Accelerator, nor the fans, want any more of. In the ring, Dynamite's reacting to what has happened. He comes over, stomping away on the fallen wrestler, doing as much damage as possible. Dynamite's in the driver's seat, now!

*Suddenly, from the speakers, "American Badass" by Kid Rock begans blasting over the speakers, and everyone looks towards the back... after a few seconds, two people come out and head towards the ring...*

Tenay: What on Earth? We've got a couple headed towards the ring, people! I don't recognize the lady, but the guy looks really familiar. Oh, I know, that's Buff Brian!! One of Dynamic Dynamite's old stablemates in the New Age Cliq before Dynamite betrayed them! Does this mean he's back in the GCWA? And why is he showing up here??

Heenan: Maybe he's here for the tournament? I mean, it IS worth watching!

JR: Or maybe he's here to get revenge on Dynamite! The lady stays in the aisle, as Buff Brian moves to the other side of the ring, grabbing OG Thug and pulling him off the apron! OG Thug turns, sees him, and runs for his life!! The guy can really move when needed! Meanwhile, in the ring, Dynamite went for his Hangman DDT, but was blocked, then rolled up for a pin. But the ref was preoccupied with OG Thug and Buff Brian, so he didn't see it in time. The Dopeman gets back up very slowly. These two have fought a war in their first match! The Dopeman gets Dynamite up and whips him into the ropes, no, Dynamite uses his bulk to reverse it. Dopeman comes back towards Dynamite, who goes for a Powerslam. But Dopeman uses his speed, sliding between the larger man's legs! Dynamite spins around, but the Dopeman grabs him and drops with the Brain Stopper!!!!

Tenay: That could do it!! The ref is watching closely, as neither man is moving. Wait, now Jenna J is up on the apron, screaming at the ref about interference! I didn't see any, anyone else?

Heenan: Do I care? Look at her jump around!!!

JR: .... yeah....

Tenay: Snap out of it, guys! Jenna J's got the ref's attention, too, as he goes over to listen to the complaint. But wait, now the lady who came down with Buff Brian climbs up on the apron as well, and she's telling Jenna J to get back down! The two start yelling at each other, as, in the ring, the Dopeman rolls over and makes the cover. Of course, there's no count. The Dopeman stands and looks at the ref, as Dynamite gets to his feet unsteadily behind him. Buff Brian grabs the ropes and enters the ring, coming up behind Dynamite! He spins him around, shoves him... then moves forward and grabs Dopeman, taking him out with the Final Shot!!!!! Buff Brian just knocked the Dopeman out!! He leaves the ring, as Dynamite is laughing! This was another set-up!! A plan by the BOO2K!!! The ref turns, as Dynamite lifts Dopeman up long enough to drop back with the Dynamic Pain! Dynamite with the cover.... 1..... 2....... 3!!!!!!

Heenan: Dynamite continues in the tournament, fair and square!!!

Tenay: What on earth were you watching?? Wait, don't answer that, it's pretty obvious what you two were watching. With Buff Brian's help, Dynamic Dynamite is moving to the second around! Let's go to the replay.

*We're shown the major moments of the match, Dopeman getting sent into the steel steps, and smiling about it... Dopeman hits a Guillotine Legdrop.... Dynamite throws his opponent across the ring with a bodyslam from the turnbuckle... finally, we get to near the end... the Brain Stopper, the Final Shot, and the Dynamic Pain are all pictured...*

Tenay: Well, the entire crowd of ladies and guys are gone now, headed to the back. The Dopeman looks dazed in the ring, but he's moving, which is very good after two finishers in a row. You people at home think you've earned your money back yet? Well, don't leave yet! That was just the First Round of action!! We now know that Dynamite, along with Mysterio, Rage, Breaker, Nightmare, Steel, Napalm, and X-Pac, are the winners! Those eight are the ones moving to the Quarterfinals of the Warriors of the Ring tournament, and the ultimate victor is still up in the air!!! We'll be back in a minute!

*In the back, Michael Breaker is seen by himself... he's not with the BOO, just like he wasn't there during the brawl... Breaker and an older man are talking... the man tells him that he could really win it all tonight, and he can do it with the fans... Breaker seems unsure, and talks, refering to the man as his dad.... he talks about Shag-Nasty, and the dad looks disgusted... the two continue to confer as we go to the break...*