*The screen is blank, something new after the bland PPV Ordering Screen... after a few seconds, you hear music building up... it's the beginning chords of Rob D's "Clubbed To Death" tune from "The Matrix" soundtrack... the GCWA symbol appears during the first solemn chords... we see Titan 3's World Title appear... the name "Titan 3" is obliterated from the front of the title... the music changes to the rock beat, and wrestlers are seen walking towards the camera... Steven Mysterio and Outcast walk through some smoke, wearing Unexpected t-shirts... Nightmare and X-Pac are seen coming down another alleyway, X-Pac doing a crotch-chop while Nightmare stays his usual self... Marty Jannetty is pictured standing on a rooftop, looking out... his Night's Watch shirt is fluttering... the Bastards of Oblivion 2000 appear, with Shag-Nasty putting both arms on the shoulders of Michael Breaker and Dynamic Dynamite... Shag-Nasty has a big smile... Napalm and Richter are seen smashing through a doorway, walking out into the street... Rage storms out of what looks to be a burning building... all of the wrestlers converge in the middle of a street, still walking... the widescreen takes them all in, as they stop at the same moment, striking various poses... above them, etched across the night sky, you can read "Warriors of the Ring 2000".... we switch to the screaming fans inside the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, where everyone is completely hyped about the World Title Tournament about to take place.... the place is filled to the brim, with the sold out crowd announced to be around 71,430, a good thousand above what's supposed to fit in the massive dome... signs are everywhere, and almost every wrestler has at least one fan representing them with a poster or banner... we move through the explosions of pyro, heading towards the announcing booth, where three men are waiting....*

Mike Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the biggest explosion of wrestling history ever seen in the GCWA!! You've paid the money, and you're going to get it back in spades, because it's time for sixteen men to enter the ring and battle it out for the greatest title in the land! The Warriors of the Ring are about to enter this place and implode it, and the fans can't wait! I'm Mike Tenay, and with me, as usual for these PPV events, are Jim Ross and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan!

Heenan: That's right, Madden! I made it and you didn't! I'm the Main Event material!!

Jim Ross: Yeah, Heenan, keep the delusions to a softer volume, alright? Mike, it's a pleasure working with you again. I like having another guy who's serious about the sport to talk to.

Heenan: Hey!

Tenay: I second that, Jim. Heenan and Madden can be so hard to deal with sometimes.

Heenan: Now wait a second...

JR: Yeah, they're usually a pain in the...

Heenan: Hold it!! Damnit, I've been in this sport longer than both of you guys, so I don't want to hear another word about me not being committed to it!!!

Tenay: Ok, ok, Bobby, take it easy. JR and I were just messing with you. Just take a deep breath, and talk to us about what's happening tonight.

Heenan: Nah, I don't feel like it.

JR: *grumble* Ok, folks, here's what you've paid to see. We've got some of the best wrestlers who have ever entered the squared circle coming to the ring. The European and World Heavyweight Titles hang in the balance. The man who walks out of here with the Heavyweight strap will have had to have faced and beaten 4 individuals, all of them just as anxious to hold the belt that's been left up in the air! It's almost like an Iron Man match-up, in that each match will take a little more from the competitors. Whoever wins tonight will have surely earned it, and will deserve to be called World Champion.

Tenay: Let's watch a quick tape, to let those who have been hiding in a storm bunker or something learn what has brought us to what's happening tonight. Roll it!

*We're shown some of the defenses of Titan 3, as he tosses some of his opponents to and fro... he delivers the A-Bomb on one of them... then we switch to what happened a few weeks ago... Ace delivers the challenge to Titan 3, saying that if the champion didn't defend the title against the Prez that night, he'd be stripped... Titan 3 gets blocked in his locker room, unable to answer Ace's count, so Ace strips the belt and suspends him... Ace's trials with Gilbreth are then pictured, from Titan 3's appearance during the tag-team title match costing Gilbreth the tag gold, to John Steel's ambush on the Internet Champion... Ace bars Gilbreth from the World Title Tournament, and instead releases the list of wrestlers who will compete, including surprise entrants Napalm, Nightmare, and X-Pac on Sunday... an interview from each competitor is shown, each saying that they'll win the belt... we go back to the broadcast booth...*

JR: A lot has happened in the last month. Tonight, most of it will be solved. The GCWA's vacant titles will be filled, we can be sure of that. The finalists in the tournament will both get a belt. The big news, of course, is that Andy Gilbreth was dropped from the tournament, due to Ace setting him up, and using Gilbreth's rage against him. Gilbreth was almost everyone's favorite to win the belt after Titan 3. Now it's an open field. Any of the sixteen could layer some upsets. Tonight would be perfect timing to be your best. Let's talk about favorites, gentlemen. Mike?

Tenay: It's not easy to pick, JR. We've got so many greats. But I have to say, I like the way X-Pac looks. The man is in very good shape. He's prepared himself well for his return, and he's also a two-time World champion with experience in how to deal with the pressure. X-Pac's my pic.

JR: I had a tough time narrowing it to one choice as well. But I finally decided to go with Napalm. The man is determined to fight for his old friend, Titan 3. He's one of the most well-conditioned in the tournament, and he's more rested than most. With his background, he's got a good chance.

Heenan: I couldn't narrow it down, myself.

JR: How surprising.

Heenan: I'm looking at three picks. The men from the BOO2K, and the man working for Ace. Dynamic Dynamite, Michael Breaker, and John Steel all have some power working behind them. Anyone who believes that having the President or the Commish in your corner doesn't help, is a moron.

Tenay: It's true, Heenan, I'm not arguing. I just wish you could pick just one. Oh well. Maybe someday. Anyway, before we get to our first match, we have to show something that happened earlier in the day. We were lucky enough to have our cameras there. Roll the tape.

*We're shown a backstage area, as a sports car pulls into a parking space in the garage... X-Pac gets out, alone, and pops the trunk, going back there to get his work clothes... he turns suddenly, looking cautious, as Steven Mysterio comes up...*

Mysterio: Sorry, 'Pac, didn't mean to startle you. I've got something to say before we get whole thing underway. Just give me a second.

X-Pac: Talk away, Steve.

Mysterio: X-Pac, buddy boy, I've been thinking a lot about our friendship as of late. You're right... I'm the one who needs to get things straight and get with it. So I'm here now to do exactly that. Will you accept my apology, for old time's sake?

*X-Pac stands there for a second, thinking, then comes forward, shaking Mysterio's hand... they act like old friends again, as X-Pac grabs his bag and shuts the trunk... they head into the building, still talking... cut back to live shot*

JR: So as you saw, we had a partial reformation of the former tag-team champions X-Rated. Does this signify a reunion, since Mysterio has the tag belts? Or will Dee be his partner? We still don't know, and we probably won't find out for sure tonight. Well, I think we've gone through enough stuff without our first match...

Heenan: That's for sure.

JR: ... but be assured that this whole show isn't based around Heenan's mouth! It's time to start up the biggest one-night tournament the planet has ever seen! Let's go to Tom Dietz for the call!

Dietz: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the Warriors of the Ring World Title Tournament to begin! *crowd cheers, overwhelming him for a minute* Our First Round match up is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, one of the newer members added to the GCWA's roster. He stands 6'2" and weighs in at 236 pounds. He is Dagger!!!

*"Superbeast" by Rob Zombie plays, and Dagger steps from behind the curtain onto the rampway... the crowd cheers him positively and he smiles... he walks down the ramp, slapping hands with a few of the fans along the way...*

JR: Here's one of my favorite new talents here in the GCWA, Little Dagger. I really see a lot going for this kid.

Heenan: Yeah, but JR, do you really think he has what it takes to win this tournament, or to get by the first round for that matter?

Tenay: Brain's right, for once. I'm not exactly sure that this guy is going to be able to stand up to Steven Mysterio. But then again, anything is possible.

Dietz: And his opponent, he is the leader of the Unexpected as well as the GCWA's Cruiserweight and Tag Team Champions, weighing in at 120 pounds and standing a mere 5'3", being led to the ring by Master Dee, Steven "The Flyin' Fury" Mysterio!!

*"Nobody Does It Better" by Nate Dogg kicks in, accompanied by a loud boom of pyros... the Star steps out, excited and pumped, with Master Dee at his side... he wears the Cruiserweight Championship around his waist, while holding both of the Tag Team titles in his hands... they walk down the ramp... Mysterio, after handing the belts to Dee, hops up to the apron and yells into the air...*

Heenan: This should be one hell of a match. Mysterio says that he's a prophet, claming that his prophecy of being the first man to hold three titles at once will come true here tonight, JR. And I'll have to say that he's got one of the best shots at doing it.

JR: I'll say that he's got just as good a chance at pulling this one off then any of the other man in the tournament.

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: That's the way to stay unbiased JR. Anyhow, in the ring, Dagger moves in to start things off. Our two competitors lock up. Dagger takes an early advantage with his size, pushing Mysterio back towards the corner, but Mysterio slips away from him. Mysterio quickly gets behind Dagger, knocking him in the back of the neck with a forearm. Dagger stumbles a bit, and Mysterio follows in, grabbing the man from behind and flipping him over for a Backdrop. Only Dagger counters, flipping in the air and landing on his feet. Mysterio turns just as Dagger charges in and drops him with a clothesline. Mysterio gets back to his feet quickly, only to be dropped with another clothesline. Mysterio hops up again, charging in on Dagger, who uses the Star's speed to send him into the ropes. On his return, Dagger lifts Mysterio into the air for a Powerbomb, but Mysterio reverses this time with a Head-Scissor Takedown, spinning Dagger to the mat.

JR: This one has started off fast and furious, both men reversing the other's attempts. They both get to their feet, eyeing each other coolly, and lock up again. Once again Dagger seems to have an advantage, pushing Mysterio back and connecting with a chop across the chest. Mysterio shakes it off and connects with a chop of his own, stinging the Little Man's skin. Dagger seems unfazed however, sending a chop back onto Mysterio, and Mysterio chops back. The two exchange a few more chops, the crowd really getting into it, each chop sounding off louder and stinging deeper. Mysterio chops again, and as Dagger pulls back for his next chop, Mysterio moves in with a jab to the jaw! Dagger takes a step backwards, giving Mysterio enough room for another punch to the face. Dagger leans against the ropes, and Mysterio grabs him, sending him across the ring. Dagger returns, and Mysterio drops his head, sending the bigger man over and out of the ring to the floor!

Heenan: That may not be a good spot to be in with Master Dee outside! Dee is standing over Dagger as Dagger gets to his feet. Dagger looks quite shaken up, not noticing that Mysterio has climbed to the top turnbuckle and looks to leap. Dee has Dagger's attention as Mysterio flies through the air and connects with a Drop Kick!! Mysterio falls to the floor, but he looks fine, while Dagger has spilled over the guardrail and into the crowd. Mysterio gets to his feet, reaching over the rail and pulling Dagger back up. He adds a couple a punches to Dagger's face as he lifts him, then sets him up for a Suplex over the rail. The move connects, leaving Dagger on the ground holding his back as Mysterio gets to his feet again. Mysterio celebrates some with his new friend, Master Dee, before bringing Dagger back to a standing position. He grabs him, moves to toss him right into the ringpost, but Dagger reverses, sending Mysterio face first into the steel. Dee looks confused as Mysterio stumbles backwards, only to be grabbed by Dagger again, lifted, and brought down with an Atomic Drop. Dagger smiles, shaking off the pain from earlier, and tossing the stunned Mysterio back into the ring. He follows him in, both man on their feet now, and Mysterio back pedals away from his opponent.

JR: It looks like Dagger might be taking a good advantage here, as Mysterio is trying to get away from him. He backs into a corner and Dagger grabs him, only to be kicked in the gut quickly. Mysterio hops up two buckles, grabs Dagger by the head, and spins, dropping the man with a hard Tornado DDT off the buckle. Mysterio quickly covers... 1.... 2.... but Dagger kicks out of it. Mysterio looks to the ref, who holds up two fingers, and he shrugs, standing and bringing Dagger up with him. He sets him in the center of the ring for a Russian Leg Sweep, but Dagger elbows him. Mysterio still has a grip, but another elbow to the face ends that as Mysterio steps back. Dagger swings with a huge right hand, but Mysterio ducks it, catching Dagger as he spins, and dropping him face first with a Reverse Leg Sweep. Mysterio covers again.... 1.... 2.... and once again Dagger kicks out. This time Mysterio gets back to his feet and heads for the turnbuckle. He climbs, stands on top, and waits for Dagger to get to his feet.

Tenay: Dagger looks shaken up in there, JR, and it looks like any second Mysterio could end this thing. Dagger is up now, not aware that Mysterio has jumped, trying to hit a Body Splash. Dagger turns, and at the last moment, catches Mysterio in mid-air. He holds him there, then tosses him over his back and to the mat with a Fallaway Slam. Mysterio hits the mat hard, and Dagger looks to take advantage, climbing the same buckle Mysterio was just on. He sizes Mysterio up, then just falls, nailing him head to head with a Falling Headbutt from the top rope! That one looks like it hurt both men, but Dagger somehow seems okay. He moves over and pins..... 1..... 2...... but Mysterio gets a leg up at the last moment. This has really been a back forth match, both men taking the momentum at different times, but it isn't over yet. Dagger gets to his feet, pulling Mysterio up with him. He grabs him and sends him into the corner. He charges in, but Mysterio raises a knee and connects with his chest. Dagger staggers backwards and Mysterio hops over him, rolling him up with a Sunset Flip. The ref drops.... 1..... 2.... and Dagger rolls the flip over pinning.... 1.... 2.... and Mysterio rolls the pin over again taking the advantage... 1.... 2..... and Dagger kicks out of it!! This is great!

Heenan: I haven't seen moves like that since I was in the ring!!

*Both JR and Tenay look at Heenan, who keeps talking, oblivious...*

Heenan: Both men get up now, looking at each other once again. Dagger moves in and Mysterio swings with a left, missing. Dagger takes the advantage to connect on a couple shots of his own, then backing off and springing off the ropes to drill Mysterio with a forearm. Mysterio goes down, as Dagger runs and hops off the bottom rope for a Moonsault. He connects and pins, but Master Dee hops onto the apron taking the ref's attention. That could have been the win for Dagger, but instead he gets back up and moves towards the ref. Mysterio, shaken, gets to his knees just as Dagger returns to him and drills him with a Low Blow. Master Dee hops off the apron as Dagger stumbles into the corner. The Star follows him in, grabs him, then sets him up and hits the Short Sensation!! He covers Dagger..... 1..... 2..... 3!!! And it's Mysterio who'll be moving on in the tournament!!!

JR: It may not of been the cleanest of wins for the Star, but he'll take it, moving on to Round Number Two, one step closer to claiming his third title here in the GCWA currently. That would definitely be a new record, guys. Let's run the replay, with as much of this great match as we can get in!

*With Heenan commentating, we see many of the great moves... Mysterio's dropkick to the outside, spilling Dagger over the guardrail... Dagger landing the Swan Dive Headbutt... the combination of Sunset Flip pin attempts by both men... finally, we end with the low blow, then the Short Sensation...*

*Master Dee and Mysterio celebrate, holding all of the belts and walking towards backstage... in the ring, Dagger is slowly getting to his feet, hurt, but raising his hand towards the fans' cheers...*

Tenay: We saw some great talent by Dagger. He really came here to fight, and his match against Steven Mysterio was a great way to start this tournament. It really showed you how strong some of these competitors' desires really are. I tell you, if Dagger continues to improve the way he is, we're going to have a serious title contender soon enough. The man fought like a warrior in there, living up to the billing!

Heenan: And it was just the first match! Are all the rest going to be like this? Damn, I hope so! Let's keep it going, Dietz! Get us to the next one!

Dietz: Just for you, Heenan... the next preliminary match is scheduled for one fall... introducing first... standing 7'0" and weighing 363 lbs... the largest man involved in the tournament... recently arrived from parts unknown to wrestle in the GCWA... he is Rage!!

*Fire and brimstone around the entranceway show Rage's arrival, as he walks through it, to the mixed reaction from the fans... they're still not sure how to react to the masked man... Rage steps over the ropes, entering the ring...*

Tenay: This guy has had people talking upsets up and down the line. He may have just debuted last week in the GCWA, but he also looks like a potential threat in this tournament to go all the way. I mean, look at him! The man is huge!

JR: He does tower over most of the competition, Mike. We'll see if size truly does matter here in the GCWA.

Dietz: His opponent... standing 6'1" and weighing 220 lbs... he's a former Hardcore Champion, and is representing the Unexpected here... one of the toughest men around, known for Burning Out opponents... here is Outcast!!

*As "Voodoo Child" by Jimmy Hendrix plays, Outcast makes his appearance... the crowd doesn't quite know how to respond to him, either, but many still cheer the man who was a champion not long ago... Outcast slides under the ropes, a marked difference from his opponent...*

Heenan: Outcast has been one of the surprises this week. It's been very suspicious how, out of all the wrestlers, he's been the least vocal. From what I've heard, though, a lot's been going on behind the scenes.

JR: Whatever THAT means. Outcast is still a threat, despite the major size disadvantage here. He's always been quick on his feet, and if Hardcore becomes necessary, he's one of the men in the GCWA who will leap in headfirst. Still, in a normal match, against this Goliath, he's got his work cut out for him.

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: Here we go, match #2 of the Prelims! Who's going to move on? Outcast and Rage circle each other once, both looking a little cautious. Neither's rushing in at any rate. They finally move in against each other, and... did Outcast trip? No, no, wait a second, Outcast is flat on the ground, not moving!! Rage looks around, then drops, making the cover! What in the world? The ref looks stunned, as Rage looks back up at him with those eyes of his. The ref reacts, making the count.... 1...... 2....... 3!!!! I don't get this at all, gentlemen!

Heenan: I've gotta admit, I'm with you on that one as well, Mike! Even the Brain isn't sure why Outcast would just give up this shot for the World Title! He just handed it to the newcomer, Rage, giving him a major boost! Rage is now moving on to the quarterfinals, completely fresh! Wait a second, Outcast is calling for the mic, as Rage stands, arms crossed.

JR: I'm anxious to see what the little guy has to say in there, Bobby. Hopefully, he'll explain his actions.

Outcast: You all may be wondering why I just laid down for Rage. It's because I don't care about the World Title. All I'm interested in is the Hardcore strap. Rage and I are starting a group, but we're not the only members. Cue the music!

*"Seek and Destroy" by Metallica plays, as the fans all glance towards the entryway... after a few seconds, the Dopeman and Phenomena walk out side by side, both with grins on their faces... they're both wearing new t-shirts, the writing on which can't quite be made out... they come to the ring, joining Rage and Outcast...*

Tenay: These four individuals are forming a stable? Wow! Look at the talent in that ring now, guys! You've got the top-rated newcomer, and giant, in Rage. Phenomena and Outcast have both recently held the Hardcore Title, and the Dopeman was the Cruiserweight Champ a week ago. These guys really could go far!

Outcast: You fans are looking at the new bloods. We're the ones who are going to take the GCWA over. You can refer to us as the Thrill Seekers! Now, I know, being the new guys in town, we're going to have to compete with the BOO and the Unexpected. Well, you all better watch out, 'cause we're coming to take care of all of you!

*Outcast drops the mic, and the four men leave, with "Seek and Destroy" playing again... the fans aren't really sure how to react... many are cheering, however... *

JR: That was a stunning announcement from Outcast, bringing another strong stable into our midst! Not only that, but Rage has gotten a major boost by his new stablemate into the next round!

Heenan: And a major fight became a major disappointment, JR. I wanted to see this one go all over the place, damn it! Oh well, I guess we have more than enough matches. What's the next one, Dietz?

Dietz: The next match is scheduled for one fall... in the continuation of the first-round preliminary matches of the WOTR Tournament! *cheers* First, coming down the aisle... standing 6'4" and weighing 255 lbs... coming off a successful victory last week in his debut... here is Ian R. Schyster, otherwise known as I.R.S.!

*IRS appears, briefcase in hand, as the fans deeply boo him... he doesn't care, instead wagging his finger at a few of them leaning over the rail... he enters the ring and drops his 'case to the side, preparing himself for a fight...*

Tenay: These fans just do not like the man in the ring, guys.

Heenan: Yeah. I'm not a big fan of Dietz, either.

JR: Shut up, Weasal. Just shut up.

Tenay: Anyway, talking about I.R.S., we're looking at a man who was very impressive a week ago in his match against Chris Nateli. Many have said, though, that they were surprised a rookie, after one match, would be put into this tournament for the greatest belt in the land.

JR: Yeah, Rage I can understand. He and the Accelerator worked together in the ICWF, so it's not a surprise he was allowed in this. Rage is also a 7-foot giant, which is always appealing to a promoter. But I.R.S. is still an unknown. He beat one unestablished wrestler. Can he take down the men in this tournament? We'll just have to find out.

Dietz: His opponent... making his return to the ring after serious injuries... he's a member of the Bastards of Oblivion 2000... and is known as a former Hardcore Champion.... he is Michael "The Man" Breaker!!

*Breaker walks out cool and calm, with fans mostly booing him as well.... a few cheer, just because they hate the I.R.S. so much... Breaker seems to hesitate at the ring apron, looking at the fans... he glances around, then enters the ring...*

Heenan: Here he is, the man who represents one-half of the BOO in this one. Breaker's given his personal assurance to Shannon Shag-Nasty that he will bring the World Title into his camp. I've heard that Shag-Nasty wants it, more than anything else, to spite Ace.

Tenay: That wouldn't surprise me, Heenan. Ace and Shag-Nasty have been feuding since the day Shag appeared in the GCWA, with his music, "Shagging Bullets". I've heard a lot of rumors that people are predicting Breaker as a possible winner tonight. He's looking like he's gotten into better shape since we last saw him. Do we have that tape ready? Alright, then, roll it.

*The replay rolls, showing the logo of the GCWA Bastard's Ball held back in December '99... the Long Way Down match between Neo and Michael Breaker takes place, on top of the steel cage.... the two men battle it out for a few minutes... Breaker seems to have the upper hand, as two factions, the Accelerator's group and Degeneration-X, have it out on the ground floor... Titan 3 is shown climbing the cage, coming from the crowd... he gets to the top and, to everyone's surprise, attacks Breaker... he punches the big man in the jaw, then throws the shocked wrestler off the roof... Breaker falls 20 feet or more, and smashes through a table, shattering it... Breaker is shown being carted off on a stretcher... the shot ends...*

JR: I remember that moment clearly, Mike. We were all there, after all. We had the energy of Titan 3 betraying Shag-Nasty and causing him to, at least temporarily, be thrown out of the GCWA. More than that, though, no one knew if we'd ever see Michael Breaker in the GCWA again. The man was laid up in the hospital for a while after that one. It's taken this long for him to work himself back up into good enough shape to compete in the GCWA. Thanks to Shag-Nasty, Breaker is now in the tournament to prove he's still got what it takes.

*The bell rings...*

Heenan: It truly is inspiring, isn't it? Just like Buff Bagwell, or Dave Dravecky, Breaker has returned. Will he be as impressive as someone like Kerry Wood, though, or will his body fail him like Bo Jackson?

Tenay: Wow. That was a lot of baseball there, Heenan.

Heenan: I try to keep up.

Tenay: So who do you have in the World Series?

Heenan: Well, there's always the Yankees, and the Braves. But I think...

JR: Hey, guys, could we? The match is beginning!

Tenay: Oops, sorry, JR. Ok, Breaker and IRS are circling each other. IRS looks almost cocky in there. They lock up, with IRS trying for an Arm Wringer, but Breaker responds with a knee into the man's gut! IRS bends in pain, allowing Breaker to quickly lock him and lift, Power-Bombing him!! Wow, Breaker didn't waste a second there! He had IRS locked and in the air within seconds! There was no defense for the rookie! Breaker quickly picks the man up and throws him into the ropes. As IRS comes back, "The Man" leans and grabs him, flipping him around for a Spinebuster!! Two huge moves early on here, and Breaker is looking enormous!

Heenan: IRS is getting audited in a very rough manner!! Breaker pulls the man up again, lifting him into the air, showing his power, before slamming the man down. Breaker is destroying his first opponent! He drops for the first cover... 1..... 2..... IRS barely kicks out. Already the man is in a lot of trouble.

JR: Yeah, Breaker's looking like he spent his rehab totally in the gym. He does look to be in great shape, with very little back troubles. I'm impressed. Breaker brings IRS up once more, smacking him in the face. He turns him around and drops backwards with a Back Body Drop, bouncing Ian R. Schyster off the mat! I.R.S. is barely even trying to get up. Breaker has been devestating to say the least. Breaker brings him up one more time, pointing to someone in the crowd. I wonder who? Anyway, Breaker puts IRS in position, and starts to pick him up for the Manbreaker! But wait, IRS reaches up with his left hand and rakes the eyes, saving himself from the rack! Breaker drops him, trying to clear his eyes, as IRS falls to his knees and lets loose with a vicious-looking low blow!!

Heenan: That was his only hope. IRS is a smart wrestler, I guess.

Tenay: That definitely shifted the tide, Heenan. Breaker's down, and trying to pull himself back together, as IRS climbs to his feet. Schyster looks pretty hurt, but a few dirty tricks still have given him the advantage. He pulls Breaker up, thumbing him in the eye one more time and ignoring the ref's warnings. He pushes Breaker into the corner, then climbs up, slugging away. The crowd decides that they don't want to chant along. IRS gets to 10, then raises his hands, as if he's the champ. Wait, Breaker grabs him by the legs and moves forward with a couple of quick steps! Before IRS can do anything, he gets a Reverse Outsiders' Edge!!!!

JR: My god!! There's nothing left of IRS after that one!! Breaker wipes a hand across his face, looking at the sweat there. He flings the droplets at Ian's downed body, then pulls him up and sets him into the Torture Rack!!! He's bouncing up and down, breaking the spine of Ian R. Schyster!!! The ref moves in, and, yes, IRS is submitting!!!! He's giving up!!! Ring that bell!!!

Tenay: Michael Breaker wins his first match, utterly destroying IRS!! But wait, he's not done yet! Only half of the Manbreaker has taken place!! Breaker spins IRS from the Rack into a Low Down variation, and IRS is gone!!! What's more, the fans are loving it! Breaker took down the IRS man, so everyone in the crowd, whether they're fans of the BOO2K or not, is very pleased with him! Roll the tape!

*The replay consists of Breaker's moves, just like the entire match did... the Powerbomb, the Spinebuster, the Reverse Outsiders' Edge, and finally the Manbreaker are all shown, giving us a quick view of the destruction dealt out by the BOO member... *

*The medics are out with a stretcher, as Ian R. Schyster is still down in the ring... the fans are chanting "Audit, Audit, Audit" as IRS is slowly lifted and placed through the ropes...*

JR: It looks like they're going to have to help IRS to the back. The man was, well, I guess you could say he was "broken". Michael Breaker just became a serious contender in my mind. We're three matches in, and there's no reason to stop now! Dietz?

Dietz: The next preliminary match is scheduled for one fall... coming to the ring... he stands 6'1" and weighs 224 lbs... he's held the Cruiserweight Title 3 times, and also has on his career list reigns with the Tag-Team and European Titles... the Excellence of Execution of the GCWA, here is "The Rocker" Marty Jannetty!!

*Jannetty appears with a rush of cheers... he's wearing a Night's Watch t-shirt... he makes his way down to the ring...*

Tenay: Marty Jannetty is entering this tournament as the sole competiter for the Night's Watch. He's fighting for Titan 3 and Andy Gilbreth, two men who have both been screwed out of the shot at the belt by the Accelerator. Can Jannetty do what he's never done before, and bring back a World Title?

Heenan: Anything can happen. But the guy's so old, I doubt it.

Dietz: His opponent... standing 6'5" and weighing 265 lbs... he's held the GCWA World Heavyweight Title twice in his career... now he's returned for a third run... the man, the myth, the Nightmare!!!

*Nightmare appears out of the back to another roar from the crowd... he's got a fan following, no doubt... Nightmare walks down the aisle and enters the ring, looking over at Jannetty with a grim smile...*

JR: Nightmare, with X-Pac, surprised everyone with their appearance last week on Sixpack. They came out of nowhere to enter the ring and even the odds for Marty Jannetty and Andy Gilbreth. That has to make you wonder whether Ace himself will make an appearance during this match.

Heenan: I don't know, JR. I think Ace has already done the damage, pairing these two to face each other. Just when there was a chance of linking the two as, if not friends, then partners, Ace found a way to set them against each other in the first round.

Tenay: It was a random draw, Heenan.

Heenan: Yeah, that's what Ace says, anyway.

Tenay: Hmmmm. Good point.

*The bell rings...*

JR: Alright, here we go. We've seen these two guys fight before, for various belts. Nightmare won the last one to become the Intercontinental Champion. Now there's a lot more gold on the line. This should be a war! Can Jannetty dispatch an old foe, or will Nightmare move on towards a goal that no one else has ever reached, being a three-time World Champion?

Heenan: Hey, JR, they've already bought the PPV. You don't need to badger them with rhetorical questions.

Tenay: Man, this is going to be a long night. Anyway, Jannetty and Nightmare lock up. Neither is able to get much leverage, though, pushing the other back. Jannetty twists away, getting an arm lock behind Nightmare, who tries the elbow approach, then twists around himself, reversing the hold. The Rocker reaches through his legs, but Nightmare's feet dance out of the way. Jannetty then pushes backwards, sending both men into the ropes. He gets free, turning and whipping Nightmare across. But Nightmare doesn't let go, instead reversing the whip. Jannetty rebounds on the other side and comes back, right into a Knee Lift that sends him into a 270-degree spin to the mat! Jannetty tries to get up quickly, but Nightmare's right there, with a lariat that shudders the veteran wrestler.

JR: So much for friendship between these two, huh, Mike? Jannetty is pulled up by his hair and sent into the corner with a vicious shove. Nightmare's right there with him, sending a few express punches in before leaning down to lift Jannetty onto the turnbuckle. Is Nightmare going to take air? Oh, he's locking up for a Superplex, early on in this one! It appears Nightmare has decided to adopt the strategy of quick moves for a quick win! But it's backfiring here, as Jannetty blocks the maneuver, then turns the Superplex into a backwards plunge, with both men falling from the 'buckle! Jannetty lands on top with almost a splash variation, and makes a quick cover! The ref, out of position, dives over.... 1..... 2... Nightmare kicks out! That would have been a shockingly-quick end to this one! Jannetty and Nightmare both get up, with Jannetty nailing Nightmare in the stomach, then locking his leg around his opponent's head!! But before the Rocker Dropper can be attempted, Nightmare sits up, flipping Jannetty around! Jannetty lands on his feet, but Nightmare spins with a Discus Clothesline, smashing him into the ground.

Heenan: Nightmare's looking a little better early on in this one. He's always been a tough man to beat in the ring, no doubt. That's why he's one of a select few to be a two-time Heavyweight Champ. Nightmare pulls Jannetty up and DDTs him, then goes for the cover.... 1..... 2.... the Rocker pushes a shoulder up. Nightmare gets up again, pulling Jannetty along with him. He steps behind him, twisting him with an Abdominal Stretch. Nightmare's going the smart way, wearing down his opponent. The ref stays close, checking, but Marty doesn't want to give in just yet. He shakes his head no every time the ref asks. Nightmare realizes that submission isn't going to cut it, at least not yet, so he releases the cruiserweight. He then steps behind him again, grabbing his arm and sticking it through his legs, preparing for one of his favorite moves, the Pumphandle Slam! He performs the first part, lifting Jannetty up onto his shoulder... but Jannetty slides off to land behind him, and keeps going, turning it into a Reverse DDT!!!

Tenay: Jannetty just rang Nightmare's bell with that one! These guys are battling like crazy in there. Jannetty, on the mat, rolls over, making the cover.... 1..... 2..... Nightmare kicks free. The match continues! Jannetty pulls himself up, rubbing his arm. I wonder if he hurt it on the way down? He ignores the pain, instead lifting Nightmare up and whipping him into the ropes. As Nightmare returns, Jannetty, braced in position, leaps and kicks, landing his version of the Superkick!!! Nightmare collapses to the mat, shuddering! That could be the end of this one! Jannetty makes the pin.... 1...... 2...... NO!! Nightmare's still in it!! I thought that move could do it, but Nightmare's in the mood for more fighting!

JR: A true champ will fight as long as he can. Jannetty looks very astonished at the kick out, but he's also well-seasoned in the ring. He knows that once the ref rules, the match must go on. He gets up, pulling Nightmare with him, and punches him. Nightmare responds with a punch of his own! It rattles Jannetty, but he comes back with another shot. Nightmare again answers it, then starts blocking the attempts of his foe, while still landing his own! He drives the Rocker into the corner, slugging him again and again, as the fans cheer loudly for him! It's always surprising who the fans will get behind! Nightmare doesn't bother with trying the turnbuckle this time. He just hip tosses Jannetty instead, flipping him to the canvas. Nightmare then moves in, planting an elbow, then making the cover.... 1...... 2...... Jannetty finds the resolve to get free!

Heenan: Where are they getting the energy for this? And where's that energy going to be after this match?

Tenay: They're both expending a lot to make it to the next round, Bobby. But that's the luck of the draw. Both are fighters. Nightmare slowly gets up, shaking his head. He drags Jannetty up, then throws him towards the corner. Jannetty hits hard and hangs on the 'buckle, as Nightmare steps back, then charges in, aiming to take the Rocker out! But Jannetty, with almost a sixth sense, moves to the right just in time, and Nightmare impales himself on the turnbuckle!!! That one hurt for sure! Jannetty falls behind him, pulling the former World Champ down with a Schoolboy Pin! 1..... 2....... Nightmare escapes!! Lots of pin attempts in this one! Jannetty and Nightmare pull themselves up like weary boxers, going for the 10th round. Jannetty grabs Nightmare and punches him a couple more times, then tries for a Fisherman's Suplex. But Nightmare slips free, either because of fatigue from Jannetty, or his own athleticism. He slams Jannetty's head down on his knee, rattling him, then he locks him and drops with the Fame-Asser!!!

JR: He hit Jannetty with a version of his own move!! Jannetty might be out!! But that's not enough for Nightmare! He's stepping over and grabbing the ankle, putting on the Nightfall!!!! The submission hold is in place!! Does Jannetty have enough to get free from this? I'm not even sure he's moving! That last move may have knocked him unconscious! The ref checks, looking at Jannetty, then turns around and signals for the bell! He's calling this match, and giving the win to Nightmare!! The former 2-time champ is moving on in the brackets after a great match!

Tenay: It was that and more, JR! Let's go to the video tape!

*A lot of moves are shown... Jannetty's falling press slam off the 'buckle... Nightmare's Discus Clothesline... the Rocker lands his Superkick... then Nightmare's final moves, the Fame-Asser and the Nightfall, are pictured... Heenan speaks through the replays, blabbering as always...*

JR: Alright, folks, we're four matches in, with the biggest PPV of the GCWA 2000 era going at high speed! We're going to take a short break, then return for the second half of the preliminaries, so don't go anywhere! After all, you paid for this!

*Before we cut to a promotional bit, we head to the backstage area... Mysterio is tiredly walking with Master Dee and the Outsiders back to their locker room for a brief rest... Outcast is, of course, not with them... they come to a large area of the backstage area, where they run into Shannon Shag-Nasty and the men of the Bastards of Oblivion 2000! Only Michael Breaker is not among them... the two groups come together, both talking trash to the other, as security appears out of nowhere to step between them.... the two groups continue to talk until the break...*