*As the countdown continues downwards, the fans start to get energized again... the count ends, and Brain Dead comes running out, a steel pipe in hand!! The crazy man licks it once, then, with a sinister smile, rushes down the aisle...*

Heenan: Hey, now, wait a minute, weapons aren't allowed!!! This is absurd!

Zbysko: Did it say anywhere in the rules that weapons aren't allowed, Bobby?

Heenan: Well, no, I guess not.

Zbysko: Do you want Brain Dead coming over here so you can take it away from him?

Heenan: ... Go to it, Brain Dead!

Tenay: Could we?? Brain Dead's up and entering the ring! He immediately turns towards Phenomena, smashing him in the back of the head with the pipe!! Phenomena drops like a stone, as Brain Dead turns and starts to go after the men still arguing. He swings and nails the Boogeyman, stunning him, then takes a swing at the Clown who manages to dodge out of the way. Unfortunately, by dodging, Richter got nailed!! Brain Dead doesn't seem to care, as if Richter was his true target all along. He turns towards the Clown, who suddenly is showing a little worry. But the Boogeyman is back up! He shook off that hit pretty fast, didn't he?

Zbysko: That man is really hard to hurt!! He grabs Brain Dead's arm from behind, twisting it so that the man is forced to drop the steel pipe. SAC immediately moves in, kicking away, no, wait, Ace just came out of the corner and speared Scary Ass Clown from the side!!! The two go flying back, as the Boogeyman lets go of Brain Dead and heads towards his friend. Richter's trying to get up. The former Hardcore champ knows how to roll with heavy object hits, but he just wasn't expecting that one. Phenomena's crawling towards the ropes, probably aching for a break in the action. Brain Dead, meanwhile, has recovered his pipe. He moves over to Phenomena and starts choking him with the pipe from behind, attacking the man everyone knew he wanted to. Richter gets to his feet and heads over there, while Ace and the Boogeyman lock up. The Clown is down, and the count is on!

*The buzz sounds, and Victor D'Amor appears with a sly grin on his face... he heads towards the ring, as the fight in the ring continues...*

Heenan: It looks like more problems are in store for the Cartel, because here comes one of their hated rivals! The Cartel's losing the numbers game slowly but surely. They need to eliminate someone soon, or else they're in danger of losing control. Richter hammers Brain Dead in the back, then lifts him up and bodyslams him on the ground. Phenomena lays on the mat near the ropes, trying to get his breath back. He rolls out of the ring, beneath the ropes, so that it's legal. Smart man, it looks like Phenomena's going to take a quick break to get his head straight. The Boogeyman's got Ace in the corner, but Ace is struggling back into it with right hands. The president still has some of his moves, I'll give him that, although I still believe that he should have stayed in the back.

Tenay: He's not that type of guy, Brain. He saw an opening to get in on the action, and he took it. The only thing he likes more than fighting is money, and this gets him both. D'Amor rolls into the ring and walks over, grabbing Scary Ass Clown. The two exchange a few shots, but D'Amor shows his freshness, knocking the Clown into the corner, then kicking away into his ribcage. Richter's in control over Brain Dead, now that the steel pipe has apparently been removed from the ring. He lifts the lighter man and uses a Back Breaker to add to Brain Dead's pain. On the opposite side of the ring, Ace is fighting not to be eliminated, as the Boogeyman holds onto one of his legs, lifting him up. Phenomena's still on the outside, taking some deep breaths and playing it smart. He'll have to enter again sooner or later, though.

Zbysko: But you've got to admit, if he has to last the whole time, that's the way to do it. He'll return, though, just because of Brain Dead. Speaking of, the man just stabbed Richter in the eyes, freeing himself. He turns and uses a Jawbreaker, snapping Richter backwards to the ground. That Brain Dead does have a hard head. He's proven it again and again. D'Amor has control over the Clown currently, hitting him again and again in the corner, while Ace just somehow managed to kick hard enough to get free of the Boogeyman, staying in the ring. Phenomena finally rolls back in and moves over to where Brain Dead's going for some sort of leg submission hold on Richter. Phenomena grabs the man from behind, turns him around, and uses a Rock Bottom, crashing the man to the floor! And with that maneuver, we've got another man coming down to the ring!

*After the buzzer sounds, the fans look to the doorway, to see Black Blood come out... he has on glasses similar to Jeff Jarrett's, and he takes them off before getting to the ring, tossing them to a security guard near ringside...*

Tenay: Black Blood makes his appearance, adding another non-Cartel body to the mix. He enters the ring, where the fights continue all over the place. Black Blood gets met by Richter, who has partially recovered from some of Brain Dead's hits. He and Black Blood start throwing shots at each other. Phenomena's continuing his control over Brain Dead, cutting off his circulation with a tightly-locked sleeper. The Accelerator is following a similar approach with the Boogeyman, an arm around the man's throat from behind. They're both choking down their opposition. It's always interesting how, in the Rumbles, normal wrestling maneuvers are usually shunned in favor of chokeholds and fisticuffs. These guys aren't worrying about pleasing the crowds this time, they just want to eliminate their opponents and get the title.

Heenan: Brain Dead looks to be losing a lot of his earlier steam. Maybe because he lost his pipe. But Ace is in trouble, as he gets hit by the Clown! What happened to Victor D'Amor? The man is down, leaning on the ropes, coughing. I missed what hit him, but it must have hurt, to put him down. Ace is struggling against the two men attacking him, but he's still in bad shape from earlier, so the ringMasters are taking it to the President. D'Amor gets up and ignores the fight over there, heading towards Richter and Black Blood. Blood's got a tight headlock on the Cartel member, but he loses it when, surprisingly, D'Amor takes a right hand to him! Richter uses the distraction to lift Black Blood up, then turns the headlock into an Atomic Drop, sending Blook staggering away with a soft spot where his rear used to be. But Richter doesn't get to rest, because D'Amor was just waiting, coming forward and kneeing him in the gut! He double-underhooks the big man, lifts, and manages an Underhook Powerbomb!! Richter's got to be hurting now!

*Suddenly, the buzzer sounds... the announcers had lost track of the time because of all the fighters in the ring... Nigel Gilbreth appears and stomps to the ring, where his partners are...*

Zbysko: That makes, what, 9 men in the ring? It's really crowded in there now. The big thing is that 5 of the men are now Cartel members, giving them back the numerical superiority. The bad thing for them, though, is that only Napalm remains in the back, meaning that these guys have a long way to go. Gilbreth's taking his time. I wonder if he'll pull the same stunt his brother did. Probably not, Gilbreth surely wants himself a title. Gilbreth enters the ring, and is immediately met by Victor D'Amor, who saw him coming. Black Blood's back on Richter, going for broke against the hardcore wrestler. In one of the corners, Ace is down and out. He's been nailed a lot by the ringMasters, and no man can stand up to that. But the ringMasters aren't concerned with throwing Ace out just yet. The two men, working as a team still, move towards Black Blood, double-teaming him. Richter joins in, making it a triple-team. Phenomena and Brain Dead continue to go at it, in their own world.

Heenan: Phenomena's been in there a really long time now, and you can see that he's running low on steam. But he's still got a chance, especially with all his teammates in the ring. Nigel's got D'Amor against the ropes, pushing against him and trying to eliminate the brother of Titan 3. Victor's trying to fight him off, but Nigel's a tough man to get away from. Oh, Phenomena's now in trouble on the other side of the ring, as the Accelerator almost falls against him, grabbing him around the waist and bringing him down! Phenomena tries to fight him off, but Ace is getting on some sort of Chicken=Wing Submission hold! The Prez must be running on instinct now, switching to these kind of moves. Brain Dead stands, nearly unbalancing himself. But as he looks around, he suddenly sees something he likes, leaving Phenomena and Ace behind.

Tenay: D'Amor's struggling, but hanging by the ropes, as Nigel has him almost out! The fans are watching that one closely. But here comes Brain Dead! He grabs Nigel's legs, lifting and sending the man toppling out right along with D'Amor!!! Two men just got eliminated at virtually the same time, because of Brain Dead!! There's a man with no allegances! D'Amor and Gilbreth are both in a pile on the ground, as Brain Dead turns and heads for another target. Unfortunately, that target is two men, the ringMasters, who both turn and attack at the same time. Brain Dead is quickly overwhelmed by the numbers and sent down once again. Meanwhile, Richter's got the aching Black Blood dangling from the ropes, trying to send him out before he can have much of an effect on this one. Ace has released Phenomena from the submission hold, which shockingly worked without interference. He gets up slowly and grabs Phenomena, trying to balance him on the ropes and get him out of the ring. The count's starting up, folks!

*The fans count along again, as the clock drops, then buzzes... The Dark Angel appears, walking angrily to the ring... Chuck Woolery is nowhere in sight...*

Heenan: The Dark Angel. Wow. All the superstars are here now, aren't they?

Zbysko: Shut up, Weasal. Just like anyone else, Curtis could win this one. He's got a better draw then nearly half the wrestlers, after all. Oh, there goes Black Blood!! He tried to hang on, but Richter just kept pushing until the big man was all the way out of the ring. Blood took the fall well, but that doesn't matter, since he's eliminated. He pounds the apron, then walks away, walking past the Dark Angel, who climbs up to meet Richter. He catches the former Hardcore champ with a right hand, then leaps over the ropes with a Springboard Splash! Richter hits the mat, almost drained, as Joshua Curtis bounces up and pumps his arm. He turns... and gets tackled by the Accelerator!! Ace just dropped Phenomena back to the canvas and, seizing his opportunity, went after the man who said he could run the company better!

Tenay: Ace didn't take that well at all, and now he's showing Curtis some of his Presidential Power! Richter and Phenomena are both taking their time getting up, knowing that they both have a few seconds to get some rest in. The ringMasters, meanwhile, have Brain Dead on the turnbuckle! Scary Ass Clown is trying to get the man over and out, while the Boogeyman steps back, and looks over at Richter! Uh-oh, we might be returning to what happened earlier. The Boogeyman starts to approach Richter, who's getting to his feet, seeing the big man approach. But Scary Ass Clown, jumping off the turnbuckle, gets in front of the Boogeyman and gets him back to business. There's some real friction building between those two. I wonder why?

Heenan: Who cares? Once the Rumble is over, I'm sure they'll settle things between each other. Or Titan 3 will do it. He is the Don, after all. The Accelerator comes off the ropes and charges, hitting the Dark Angel with a Clothesline that sends him over the top rope!! Oh, but Curtis, agile as ever, manages to land on the apron, and he pulls himself back in, even as Ace turns his back, seeing the approaching ringMasters. Scary Ass Clown is taken out of the equation after a Suicide Dive from Brain Dead off the turnbuckle, dropping both men to the mat, neither moving. The Boogeyman is distracted, looking down, and Ace takes advantage with a charge, grabbing the man's head and getting a Spinning Neckbreaker! That'll put anyone down, at least for a little while. We've got bodies strewn all over the place now! And here comes one more!

*The clock continues ticking, ignoring what's going on in the ring... the buzzer sounds, and X-Dog comes out, ready to fight... he heads for the ring...*

Tenay: Talk about good timing for X-Dog! The ring is in shambles, and he's going to be a hell of a lot fresher than most of them in there! The Accelerator's just laying there, breathing. Nearby, Brain Dead is trying to get up off of Scary Ass Clown, but failing. Phenomena's actually pulling himself up, despite how long he's been in there, and the Boogeyman is again starting to rise, unbelievably. Richter walks back over to Brain Dead, showing himself to be one of the only stable ones on his feet. Curtis isn't great, but he's moving as well. X-Dog enters and immediately focuses on Curtis, lashing out at him with brute force! Curtis tries to backpedal, but he's against the ropes, a bad place to be! X-Dog proves it by taking a step back, then flying upwards with a dropkick that puts Curtis back over the ropes, and this time, he falls to the floor! The Dark Angel is history!

Zbysko: It didn't take long for X-Dog to make an impact in this one, did it? He does a few DX chops for the fans, who cheer. X-Dog and Shorty are just continuing the DX tradition on their own, and so far, they're not doing too bad a job. X-Dog turns and heads over to where Ace is laying. These two definitely have a history. Meanwhile, Richter's got Brain Dead up on his shoulders, showing a lot of strength considering how tired he must be. He drops with a Death Valley Driver, adding to the punishment that Brain Dead has taken. Phenomena is just trying to stay out of the way. The Boogeyman pulls a hurting SAC up, acting like a shield for his friend in the corner while he recuperates. X-Dog's taking serious advantage of Ace's condition, mixing up some kicks and punches before lifting the Prez up. He goes for the X-Factor, but Ace rolls out of it! Ace is too tired to capitalize on his escape, though, because X-Dog quickly moves forward and lands another shot on the jaw.

Heenan: It might be all she wrote for Brain Dead. Richter's got him up, and is pointing outside the ring. The fans see it and seem to be unsure whether to cheer or boo. They both run, with Richter tossing Brain Dead, wait, Brain Dead grabbed Richter along the way, and both topple over the ropes! Brain Dead managed to land, painfully, I'm sure, on the edge of the apron, and quickly pulled himself into safety, but Richter wasn't so lucky! Brain Dead eliminated Richter!! Now there's a surprise for you! Anything can happen at the Righteous Rumble, we knew that going in! Richter seems upset, but he also seems worn out. He turns and walks away from the ring, shaking his head. He put in a good fight, but even one mistake is too many. So another Cartel man is gone. This is interesting. X-Dog has Ace teetering, trying not to be tossed. The ringMasters are approaching, though. Phenomena, who saw Richter going out, immediately ran over and attacked Brain Dead, renewing the fight. With all this going on, we also have our next wrestler coming out!

*The buzzer sounds, and a familiar tune starts to play... as sprinkles of 'snow' come from the ceiling, a blue light surrounds the entranceway, and the Iceman appears, ready to fight..*

Tenay: What the hell? I thought it was supposed to be the Texas Outlaw next?? What's the Iceman doing here? I know we've seen him doing the 'anonymous' interviews in the past week, but I didn't know he had been resigned to wrestle here for this one!

Zbysko: Hey, he's a former tag-team partner of Ace's, Mike. If Ace wants him in, who can object? I just wonder if the Outlaw is out of the GCWA now. Anyway, let's look at who's in the ring. We've got Phenomena, still going. We've got the ringMasters, Brain Dead, the Accelerator, X-Dog, and now the Iceman. Right now, the boys from the Cartel are double-teaming X-Dog, who's trying to fight back, with limited success. It's still hard to hurt the Boogeyman, even if SAC is fading. Phenomena just went down hard from a knee lift from Brain Dead. Brain Dead isn't much better, collapsing partially on the ropes. The Iceman slides into the ring, ignoring the other wrestlers. He heads over to Ace, who's trying to get up. The Prez has taken a severe beating tonight, but you've gotta admit, at least he's still there.

Heenan: Yeah, but since he's the Prez, couldn't he have just entered at #30?

Tenay: He could have, but he didn't, Brain. He took the open slot. Anyway, Iceman has Ace up to his feet. He's shaking the man, and Ace is acknowledging him. I guess they aren't going to fight each other. They were tag champs elsewhere, weren't they? My info there is sketchy at best. Meanwhile, X-Dog is being held in midair! What a chokelift by the Boogeyman! He walks towards the ropes, intent on dropping X-Dog out! Scary Ass Clown turns back towards Ace, but he gets hit by a double clothesline!!! Scary Ass Clown is down! Ace and Ice just took his head off! The Boogeyman didn't see it, instead throwing X-Dog backwards into the corner. X-Dog slumps down, as the Boogeyman lets out a small smile. He turns, only to be nailed by the two partners! They both use ramming speed on the Boogeyman, smashing him back into the ropes! Without a hesitation, Ace and Ice drop down, each grabbing a leg and lifting! They've almost got the Boogeyman out! Phenomena's too busy taking shots to help out. Scary Ass Clown gets up and staggers towards them, only to be stopped by X-Dog's left hand, smacking him across the face. Oh, and there goes the Boogeyman, tossed out by the duo! His night is over!

Zbysko: The two former teammates really unified quickly. Unless, do you think they had this all planned out? Well, whatever it means, another Cartel member is gone, and now Scary Ass Clown is all alone! Ace and Ice move as a unit, attacking SAC, while X-Dog gets out of the way. X-Dog seems a little puzzled by it, but he doesn't mind. He turns instead to walk over towards Phenomena and Brain Dead, both of whom have very little left. Brain Dead, the one still on his feet at the moment, turns, but one punch sends him down. Phenomena's not much better, as X-Dog drops and locks on the X-Stone!!!! That's Blade's submission hold, only done by the 2-time World Champ! Phenomena's got to be very close to being unconscious after some of the abuse he's taken today! The count is running, so who is next?

*The buzzer sounds (yep, again)... Hellbent immediately appears, taking long strides towards the ring...*

Heenan: We've got another big man coming to the ring! Hellbent's got a good draw, doesn't he? Not the best, maybe, but he's still going to have some fun in there! In the ring, Scary Ass Clown just got whipped into the corner by the Accelerator. He leans there, as Iceman charges in, with a huge hit! That was the Avalanche!! Scary Ass Clown is having some real troubles in there without the Boogeyman by his side! The other camera image shows that X-Dog has released Phenomena, but not voluntarily. Surprisingly, Brain Dead got up and started kicking out at the man, helping to release the badly-hurting Phenomena from the submission hold. Hellbent steps through the ropes, and Brain Dead, seeing him, grabs X-Dog's arm and whips him towards the man. Hellbent sees it and ducks his shoulder to flip X-Dog over and out, but the DX man manages to change direction, making it into a semi-Neck Breaker! Hellbent goes down!

Tenay: It doesn't concern Brain Dead, who's going back to Phenomena. X-Dog stands and pummels Hellbent on the mat, while Ace and Ice have Scary Ass Clown in a precarious position. The Accelerator steps away, as the Iceman uses a stiff kick that sends Scary Ass Clown spilling backwards, and yes, over the ropes! The Clown manages to land on the apron, but before he can slide in, Iceman kicks out at him numerous times, finally knocking him from the apron to the floor. Scary Ass Clown is gone, and just like that, the first Cartel member to enter is the last one left of the group. The Iceman moves towards Brain Dead and Phenomena, while the Accelerator limps towards the other two. X-Dog pulls Hellbent up, positioning him possibly for a Hurricanrana. But Ace is there, grabbing X-Dog's arms from behind and holding him! With a small smile, Hellbent takes the gesture, kicking out into X-Dog's breadbasket and getting some revenge! On the other side of the ring, the Iceman caught Brain Dead with a snap kick, knocking him into the corner. Phenomena is crawling away, heading for the ropes so that he can get up.

*The buzzer sounds again, bringing the second and last Eternal member, Demon, to the ring... the large man is all smiles as he walks down the aisle towards the squared circle...*

Zbysko: I think I'm losing count. Let's see here, if Demon's walking to the ring, that means that it's true, the Rock has left along with Blade, thus forfeiting his spot in the Rumble. That's just too bad. The demise of the Night's Watch appears to be a certainty now. In the ring, X-Dog is down from the double-team, but so is Ace. Apparently Hellbent wasn't quite as appreciative of the aid as we first thought. He kicks Ace on the ground, then turns back to X-Dog, who's struggling to get up. The Iceman still is choping Brain Dead in the corner. Brain Dead's got to be about ready to go, but he's still struggling to fight back. He, just like Phenomena, is probably going to get a little more respect after this.

Heenan: Yeah, yeah. If he doesn't win, who cares? Anyway, Demon's into the ring, stepping over the top rope. He goes for the downed man, the Accelerator, pulling him up and immediately hitting the End, that Powerbomb of his!!! Ace just might be out!! Demon peels him off the canvas and drags him towards the ropes, grabbing his trunks and tossing him over!! The Accelerator is history!! Hah hah hah!!!!

Tenay: Don't let things get too personal there, Bobby. But yep, Demon took advantage of the shots from Hellbent, allowing him to toss the man out. Ace is gone. I wonder if he really cares? It's not like he could hold the European Title. Or could he? I'll have to look into that one. But for now, let's stick to the match. Demon turns, after throwing Ace out, and walks right into a boot from the Iceman, who came over to help avenge his partner! Iceman tries a few more martial arts moves to keep the goliath 7'3" monster off-balance. In one corner, Hellbent has X-Dog in a massive bearhug, crushing the life out of the man. In the other corner, Phenomena's making a gallant effort to continue, getting to his feet and, with Brain Dead in hand, slamming him into the turnbuckle repeatedly. There's not much force behind it, but then, not much is needed. These two have really been fighting most of this Rumble, haven't they?

Zbysko: Yep, ever since Brain Dead entered. There's really some rage between these two, although no one's figured out why, really. They went at it in an I Quit match at the last PPV, and they're setting up another bout in the near-future. From just tonight's activities, it's obvious that nothing is finished. X-Dog just freed himself from the Bear Hug with a thumb to the eye of Hellbent. As Hellbent staggers backwards, X-Dog hops onto the turnbuckle and comes off, grabbing Hellbent's head in midair and delivering it to the canvas!! What a move!! Hellbent is down and hurting! X-Dog's back isn't in great shape, either, but he just got in a great move to help it heal. Demon's got Iceman in the ropes, clutching five fingers around his windpipe. And we have someone else approaching! Who is it? You should know, folks!