*The timer expires, and the fans all bend to look to see who's next... walking out of the back is Shannon Shag-Nasty... he looks serious for once, punching his hands together... he makes his way to the ring...*

Zbysko: What number is Shag-Nasty? 19? 20? I guess it depends if you're counting all the surprise guests as well as the guys who have left. But Shag-Nasty is one of the favorites to win, so now things get really interesting. Demon is delivering multiple knees to Iceman's stomach, while X-Dog's back on his feet, sitting behind the downed Hellbent and putting on a Camel Clutch. Brain Dead and Phenomena are just doing what they've been doing for a very long time now: trying to take each other out. Shag-Nasty enters the ring and heads for the two who have been in there the longest. As Phenomena gets in another shot to Brain Dead, softening him up even more, Shag-Nasty walks up beside them, grabs both by the head, and gives them a meeting of the minds!

Heenan: See, that's why he's my pick. He'll be going after everyone in there, and he'll toss them all out. You'll see.

Tenay: Well, at least it's something 'positive' from the Brain, Larry. Shag-Nasty kicks Phenomena aside and grabs the lighter cruiserweight, Brain Dead, and drops with the Nasty Snap!!! He's definitely not wasting any time, is he? Brain Dead looks to be out. Shag-Nasty gets to his feet again, without any happiness showing on his face. He's simply getting the job done. He leans down and picks Brain Dead up, then flips him over the ropes! Brain Dead plunges, semiconscious, outside the ring, and we're back down to six men! Brain Dead put up a really surprising fight, but his number was just too far back, I guess, even with the Steel Pipe he had early on. Shag-Nasty turns to Phenomena, who looks to be in even worse shape than Brain Dead. Meanwhile, X-Dog's got Hellbent in the corner. He dropped the man there, and he's taking a few steps back, pumping his arms to the crowd, who are getting behind him. He runs and jumps, using his Bronco Buster to great effect!

Zbysko: Iceman is laying in another corner, sucking in some air, because Demon's walked away from him. He saw Shag-Nasty as the threat he is, so, just as Shag-Nasty pulls up Phenomena for another Nasty Snap, Demon's there, latching onto Shag-Nasty from behind and dropping him with an Inverted DDT!! Phenomena falls back down to one knee, given a temporary reprieve from an execution. Demon pulls Shag-Nasty back up and uses a Snap Suplex to bring the man down again. Demon's really found a way to stop the momentum of Shag-Nasty, hasn't he? We'll have to see what both of these guys do about the next competitor, because here he comes!

*The spotlight focuses on the entryway for the next contestant on the Title is Right... after a few seconds, a howl rings out, and a despondent-looking Animal Thug walks towards the ring... *

Heenan: Wolfpac in the House!! Heh heh heh

Zbysko: Show some respect, Brain, that's a 2-time Heavyweight Champion you're mocking there. Animal Thug got a late draw, but we haven't heard much from him lately, other than a statement issued through his lawyer that he wanted out of his GCWA contract to retire. So this truly could be his last appearance in the GCWA. Will it be a good one? In the ring, Demon's got Shag-Nasty in trouble in the ring, hoisting him up into the air above him. But Shag-Nasty's still kicking, and manages to push off and fall behind Demon, landing on his feet and getting a German Suplex! That was a good reversal from the Shag. He kicks out at Demon, then turns and runs the other direction! Oh, he caught Animal Thug napping on the way in! Animal Thug stepped through the ropes, got hit, and fell back out!!! It didn't even look like Shag-Nasty hit him hard enough for that, but the Thug didn't even try to grab the ropes! Now he's leaving again with a disgusted look on his face, as Shag-Nasty goes back over to Demon.

Tenay: Talk about a short night! But it just didn't seem like Animal Thug wanted to be here. He got his wish, I guess. In the corner, X-Dog has Hellbent's legs over the ropes on one side, and his arms over the other. Hellbent's still trying to hang on, but X-Dog's putting all he's got into eliminating the Hardcore specialist before anyone else shows up. The Iceman is back on his feet, walking over to where Demon and Shag-Nasty are. Shag-Nasty has Demon up, and is using spinning uppercuts to stun the powerhouse. Shag-Nasty senses Iceman behind him, though, and turns. Iceman looks at him, then darts by him, landing a sensational spinning sidekick into the chest of Demon, sending him plunging into the corner! Shag-Nasty looks a little surprised by that, as Iceman moves in, chopping away at the brute. Shag-Nasty shrugs and turns to where Phenomena is resting. He starts to pull the man up, but Phenomena shows he's not empty yet, kicking out with both legs into Shag-Nasty's ankles, causing him to step back in pain.

Heenan: Phenomena continues to surprise me. I thought he was just another worthless jobber, brought in to give the Cartel someone to make fun of. But Phenomena's really a worthy athlete. I guess I misjudged him. But can you blame me, with all the other jobbers running around? Phenomena pulls himself up, painfully, and ducks under a Shag-Nasty punch, springing forward and slamming his fists just under the rib cage, getting Shag to give a sharp intake of breath at the pain he just received. It appears that X-Dog can't quite get Hellbent out, because he's walking away, rubbing at both eyes. Hellbent pulls himself off the turnbuckle, then goes after him. Iceman is putting the boots to Demon, and we have our next caller on the line!

Zbysko: *shakes head*

*The clock winds down... as the timer sounds, the curtain is flung out of the way as "The Rocker" Marty Jannetty tears around the corner and flies down the aisle... the fans start going nuts as the sole remaining Night's Watchman sprints towards the ring...*

Tenay: The legacy of Blade is now headed for the ring! A lot of people picked Jannetty to win this one, when Blade left. Now we'll get to see what he really can do! The man rolls under the ropes, turns, and sees the target from earlier. He charges, as Shag-Nasty moves away from Phenomena. WOW!!! Did you see that shoulder tackle? Jannetty put all his steam into that one!! We just had a seismic event at the Rumble, boys! Jannetty and Shag-Nasty are now rolling on the mat, both going ballistic on each other! X-Dog and Iceman turn, and even Phenomena's stunned watching the fight, as the fans are screaming their heads off! The action has completely stopped everywhere but with Jannetty and Shag-Nasty! Shag-Nasty ends up on top, smashing a few shots into the Rocker's face before hauling him up and sending him into the ropes. As Jannetty returns, Shag-Nasty drops to try a Powerslam, but Jannetty doesn't concern himself with that, instead just running forward and ramming Shag again!!

Heenan: Jannetty is going nuts! I mean, I understand why he hates Shag-Nasty, and I've seen why Shag-Nasty doesn't exactly like him either. But I thought that they'd go for the elimination of each other, not try to kill the adversary in front of them! Anyway, the rest of the ring is back to normal. Demon took the break he was given to grab the front of Iceman's garb and pull him into the turnbuckle, smacking his head. On the other side, Hellbent's back in the corner, after a discus punch from X-Dog surprised him. Jannetty and Shag-Nasty continue to fight, with the Rocker pulling Shag-Nasty up and locking on a Dragon Sleeper. Shag-Nasty has too much left, though, pushing with his feet to trip Jannetty up, and both fall to the mat once again. Of course, that almost made it a reverse DDT on Shag-Nasty. Demon's got Iceman on the ropes, trying to throw him out, while X-Dog's trying again with Hellbent. And the clock is ticking again! Damn, that thing's moving faster and faster!

*We hear that delightful buzzer again... and Nightmare, the Hardcore champion, walks out and heads for the ring, pumped up for a brawl... he starts jogging to the ring, as the fighting continues... *

Zbysko: Another champion enters the mix. Nightmare's a good a person as any to win this one. He's got Rumble experience somewhere in his career, I'm sure. He heads down the aisle at a good pace. Jannetty uses the mat itself as his weapon, slamming Shag-Nasty's head into the turf several times. He starts rubbing Shag-Nasty's nose into the ground, as Shag-Nasty tries to press up. These two guys are going to fight all night, I betcha. And Hellbent is gone! X-Dog finally managed to toss him over the ropes and out to the floor! Hellbent hit hard, but he appears to be ok, if you ignore the fact that he's no longer on the possibility list. X-Dog turns after doing a tired crotch chop... and comes face-to-face with Nightmare! The two former teammates stare at each other, neither making a move. Suddenly, Nightmare turns and walks the other direction, over towards where Shag-Nasty and Jannetty are. He grabs Shag-Nasty and pulls him away from the fight, using the Death Penalty to put Shag-Nasty down!

Heenan: Now what's that about? Nightmare left X-Dog behind. Shouldn't they be fighting each other like Shag-Nasty and Jannetty are? Geez. All this mutual respect crap makes me sick.

Tenay: We know, Bobby, we know. Anyway, back to important stuff.

Heenan: Hey!

Tenay: Quiet, or we'll pull your mic again. X-Dog walks over to Phenomena, waking him out of his peaceful slumber, then Scoop Slamming him back down. Phenomena's surpassing many of our former Rumble participants. He's around 40 minutes, by my count. The next longest? X-Dog, with 14 minutes in there. Phenomena's really shown himself to be a good Rumble wrestler. But it's got to end sometime, and X-Dog wants to be the one to do it. He's got Phenomena up in the air, hanging on the ropes, as Demon struggles against Iceman, who's kicking like crazy, finally getting free of the big man. Iceman throws a couple of fingers into Demon's throat, causing him to walk backwards. Iceman then turns and sees Nightmare, and immediately leaves Demon behind. He launches a kick into Nightmare's side, surprising him. Shag-Nasty starts to get up, but Jannetty's back again with a Snap DDT. Jannetty then spits down on Shag-Nasty before walking away from him. X-Dog just got another surprise from Phenomena, who is just refusing to leave the ring.

Zbysko: And X-Dog's wide open, which is exactly why the Rocker's headed over there! Jannetty moves in, smacking his hand up into X-Dog's nose, which was already hurting from Phenomena's actions. X-Dog falls against the ropes, and Jannetty's quick to capitalize, grabbing X-Dog's legs and flipping him upwards! X-Dog tries desperately to grab the ropes, hanging by a thread, but Jannetty sees it, and brings both fists down on his, hard. X-Dog is forced to let go, dropping feetfirst to the mat outside, and we're down to 6 men in the ring, with, what, 6 to go? So a dozen still have a chance to become the new European Champion. Jannetty's unconcerned about that right now. He's got Phenomena up, and with a quick flip of the knee, we just had the Rocker Dropper!!! He's been wanting to do that for a long while, since Phenomena was accused of being one of the men who forced Blade out. Phenomena can't have anything left, as the timer's ticking down!

*Buzz.... Chris Jericho comes out, wearing his old WWF wrestling outfit... he heads towards the ring in his usual laconic style... the fans hate him...*

Heenan: Jericho's been hard to reach in recent weeks. I mean, I know he's been around, I've seen him. But he hasn't had a GCWA match in forever. Still, he's always a threat, just because of his speed in that ring. Not to mention the loopholes that made him famous.

Zbysko: Let me guess, you respect him, right?

Heenan: Well....

Tenay: He can wrestle, Zbysko. That's all that matters. In the ring, Jannetty's got Phenomena on his feet, although not under his own power. It doesn't look like the Cartel member has anything left. Jannetty lifts him over the ropes and drops him, sending him plummeting to the outside, and another wrestler bites the dust. A great day for Phenomena, but due to his entry, it's still an unfinished one for him. The man is completely worn out. Someone get him a stretcher, or call for one of the Cartel guys to carry him back, because I don't know if he'll make it on his own. As Jannetty starts to walk back, Jericho slides into the ring behind him, and gives him a Rude Awakening Neckbreaker! Jannetty is down, and Jericho looks pretty happy in there after that one! We've got a couple of separate battles going on elsewhere. Demon's struggling against Shag-Nasty's attempts to throw him out single-handedly, while Iceman and Nightmare are swinging freely at each other, mostly missing, it looks like.

Zbysko: Fatigue is everywhere in that ring, which makes the guys who have been watching in the back for an hour very pleased. The odds are getting better for them by the minute. Jericho brings Jannetty up and goes for a suplex, but Jannetty blocks it, then hits one of his own. He doesn't stop there, bringing Jericho back up for a second one, then a third, smacking the Lyinheart all over the place! Nightmare is backhanding Iceman in the corner, hard enough to get the fans ooh'ing and aah'ing about it. Wait, Iceman takes another, then grabs Nightmare's arm and turns him into the corner, then starts slashing him across the chest! These two old rivals are really going at it. They fought in the EEWF, and elsewhere, didn't they?

Heenan: That's what I heard, Larry. Boy, the GCWA really just absorbed parts of the EEWF, didn't it? Ace was the World Champ. Nightmare was a former one. Iceman held a couple belts. Wasn't Shorty there, too?

Tenay: Yeah, but that happens when a Fed closes, Bobby. The talent goes for somewhere to wrestle. Luckily, we got the best of the liter in Nightmare and Ice. Shag-Nasty is really having problems throwing Demon out. The man's still fighting, nearly as fresh as Shag is, and he's not a lightweight by any stretch of the imagination. As he struggles, Jannetty aligns a stunned Jericho and whips him across the ring, sending him crashing into the back of Shag-Nasty!! All three wrestlers fall to the mat, none being eliminated, but also none landing nicely. Jannetty stomps over, as we bring in another wrestler. Run that count, boys!

*As the 'bell' sounds, the fans look in anticipation... they look away, with boos, when Diablo comes out and heads for the ring... *

Zbysko: Since Neo said he wasn't going to wrestle in this Rumble, due to personal problems of some sort, they apparently took his slot out. Time's always a factor in these events, isn't it? Oh well. So Diablo enters the Rumble with a good draw. Wouldn't it be a shock if this man won the European Title, and headed on to face Titan 3?

Heenan: Yeah, I can hear the champ laughing now.

Zbysko: Upsets can happen, Brain. You ought to know that.

Tenay: Well, as Diablo approaches, Jannetty pulls Shag-Nasty out of the pile, dragging him to the middle of the ring. He starts to set up Shag for the Rocker Dropper, but Shag stands up straight instead, flipping Jannetty, who somehow manages to land on his feet. Shag sees it, though, and wraps Jannetty around the waist for a Belly-to-Back that sends everyone in the ring bouncing up and down! Shag and the Rocker aren't saving any energy on each other. Injuring the man is all that's on their minds, I think. That, and throw everyone else out, which is the attitude you have to have to win this.

Zbysko: Yeah.

Tenay: Good commentary there, Larry. Getting tired, are we? We can always get JR back out here. Shag-Nasty stands wearily and brings Jannetty with him, pulling him towards an available corner. Meanwhile, Jericho rolls away from Demon, who's back on his feet and getting attacked by Diablo! Talk about a size difference! Diablo uses his agility to land some quick punches, but I'm not sure they're having any possible effect on Demon, who seems to just be shrugging them off. He suddenly reaches forward, snatching Diablo and lifting him into the air, before throwing him backwards, over the top rope!!!! Diablo flies backwards, dropping into two security guards and bowling them over, another quick night for a GCWA wrestler! What a show of strength by Demon! He barely had to react, launching that man over the ropes! Diablo had no defense!

Heenan: That was brute strength, something I like to see very much! I predict that Demon's going to be holding gold sometime in the near future. Hell, he might be holding it in a few minutes from now, if he can hang on. He goes over and pulls up Jericho off the mat, while Shag-Nasty faceplants Jannetty in the center of the ring! The Rocker's feeling the burn right now, I guarantee it! Shag-Nasty, though, walks away from Jannetty, knowing that he's down for a moment. He heads over to where Nightmare and Iceman are working each other over still. Iceman's got a headlock on Nightmare, wrenching it for all he's worth, but Nightmare's lifting him a little off the ground, slowly bringing him up towards the ropes! Wait, Shag-Nasty grabs Nightmare, unbalancing both men, and sending them both over the top rope!!! What a move! Another double elimination! Nightmare and Iceman land in a heap, as Shag-Nasty wipes his hands like he just finished another dirty chore. Two of the possible favorites are gone, and we're down to four in the ring!

Tenay: Look at Nightmare and Iceman, they're still going at it as they simultaneously head down the aisle! They don't care about the Rumble anymore, they're just interested to see the other man's internal organs up close and personal! Shag-Nasty's headed back over to Jannetty, who meets him with a low shot, changing that direction! One of these four could really be the winner here, or one of the four still to come could do it! Eight men are left, and one's on his way!

*Out of the back, Shorty appears... he's walking slowly, in some pain still from his caged ladder match earlier... but he's still going to try his luck in the Rumble...*

Zbysko: We'll have to see what Shorty has left in him, guys. The man took a few too many good shots from Dynamite, so he's definitely not coming in fresh. Meanwhile, in the ring, Demon has Jericho by the scruff of his hair. He spins the Lyinheart around, probably ripping some hair out by its roots, then flings him into the corner. Jericho hits hard, flopping down in the corner. Demon continues, grabbing Jericho's arm and pulling him up, then whipping him fullspeed towards the other corner. Jericho hits and twists over the ropes due to the momentum, flying out of the ring!!! What a landing for Jericho!! He's out, thanks to Demon, who seems pretty proud of himself for that one! I hope Jericho didn't break his neck on the landing there!

Heenan: It wasn't pretty, but wrestling's not suppposed to be pretty, right, Larry?

Zbysko: That's right, Bobby. Wrestling may be a science, but we give it no hidden meanings: it's about the toughest kid on the block.

Tenay: Now I know we're getting tired. You two just agreed. That's scary. Shorty reaches the ring and rolls in, getting met by Demon, who stomps away on the injured man. But wait, Shorty rolls away, back out of the ring! That's actually a pretty smart move, because Demon can't stomp him anymore! Demon doesn't seem happy about that, as he waves outside the ring, wanting Shorty to come in so he can throw him out. Shorty takes a few steps away, shaking his head, knowing the threat that awaits him. Hey, wait a second, Jannetty and Shag-Nasty just walked up behind Demon! They each grab a leg, surprising the man, and lift, getting him off the ground!! All of the sudden Shag-Nasty and the Rocker decided to work together, at least long enough to get rid of Demon! The Eternal leader fights, grabbing at every rope he can reach. But Shorty's up on the apron, grabbing Demon by the head and adding to the shoving! Demon can't fight all three men in the position he's in, and finally falls over the ropes, to the outside!

Heenan: That's what they had to do, Mike. It was the only way to get that big man out of there! Another one bites the dust, as Shorty gets himself part of an elimination before he even enters the ring! He rolls in, but immediately gets attacked by Jannetty and Shag-Nasty, who seem to still want to clear the ring so that they can fight! Shorty's trying to swing back, but it's two-on-one, and neither man's going to cut him any slack. Jannetty doesn't like him because of his repeated claims of "fluke" losses to him. Shag-Nasty has an old score from when he entered the GCWA. Shorty's in deep s---.

Zbysko: You can say that again, especially since we're at a PPV. Jannetty and Shag-Nasty both throw Shorty into the ropes, then hit a double elbow shot. As Shorty goes down, Jannetty suddenly spins, bringing Shag-Nasty down with a big clothesline of his own! The partnership just ended! As Shag-Nasty kicks his feet in pain, Jannetty stands and grabs Shorty off the mat. Before the cruiserweight can do much other than trying to get free with his arms, Jannetty drags him to the ropes and, with one fluid motion, pitches him out of the ring! Jannetty turns back to Shag-Nasty, to finish their fight, even as Shorty, hanging onto the top rope, pulls himself back in!! He comes up behind Jannetty and jumps up, getting a sleeper on the man!!! The Rocker, shocked, is driven to his knees by the sheer surprise of the weight on his shoulders. Shag-Nasty's trying to get up, as Shorty tightens his grip on the Rocker, and the clock winds down!

*The buzz fades out (thank god), and the former European Champion, Napalm, appears... he seems pretty entertained by what's been going on in the ring, as he walks down, unmasked... *

Heenan: Uh-oh. Hey, Shag! Shag!! Watch out!!

Zbysko: Sit down, you idiot! Shag-Nasty couldn't possibly hear you above the crowd anyway! He'll have to deal with it on his own, you kiss-up! Shag-Nasty's back on his feet, rubbing away a stitch in his ribs, as Shorty continues to drain Jannetty of some of his energy. Suddenly, the Rocker stands, picking Shorty up with him, and runs backwards into the corner, flattening the man! Meanwhile, Napalm's stepped up his pace as Shag-Nasty turns his back to the entryway, walking slowly towards Jannetty and Shorty. I guess he missed the buzzer. Napalm slides in behind him, anxious to bring their bet to a close. If he eliminates Shag-Nasty, then Shag-Nasty is his slave. I think it's the same the opposite as well, but Napalm's not looking for that. He turns Shag-Nasty around and begins rocking him with punch after punch, sending the former Oblivion leader into the ropes. Jannetty doesn't seem to notice that. He's too busy punching the hell out of Shorty!

Tenay: Jannetty looks very pissed off in there now. He lifts Shorty up and drops him throatfirst across the ropes, snapping the man back. As Shorty agonizingly tries to get up, Jannetty grabs him at just the right moment, flinging him over the top rope, this time far enough out that he can't grab the ropes to save himself! Shorty is eliminated, and we've only got five possibles left, with two still to enter. Jannetty sits on the ropes for a second, breathing in some sweet air, while Napalm continues to throw Shag-Nasty around, getting a lightning-fast shot to the chin with his boot that puts Shag-Nasty to the ground! Despite what he said in his interviews, though, Jannetty's not moving towards the two to help out. He's just letting Napalm have his fun, while resting himself up. Smart move. But sooner or later, he'll need to do something.

Heenan: Yeah, but later's a lot better than sooner. Shag-Nasty's trying to fight back against Napalm, but he took all that punishment from Jannetty earlier, and Napalm's very very fresh. Jannetty's got a smile on his face, as Napalm puts Shag-Nasty into an Abdominal Stretch. He's really enjoying himself over there. The clock's ticking down again. Number #29, the second-to-last guy in the Rumble, is about to make his appearance!

*The buzzer blares... the fans look... but no one appears... after a few seconds, the fans start to wonder what's going on... in the ring, no one seems to care...*

Tenay: Ok. Who was that supposed to be again? *flipping his notebook open* Hey, that was Dynamic Dynamite's number! Where's the Intercontinental Champion?

Zbysko: I don't know, Mike. He took that one bad hit by X-Dog, and a couple of falls from the ladder into the cage, but I haven't heard anything about injuries. He may have had something wrong that we didn't know about. Or maybe he decided that, since he already has the IC belt, why take the risk? Whatever his reasoning is, it just makes one less man that we don't have to worry about. In the ring, Napalm just dropped Shag-Nasty to the mat, in a lot of pain. He waves Jannetty over with a smile. The Rocker looks happy to oblige. He walks over, kicking Shag-Nasty a few times, then points out of the ring. The fans seem into it, as Napalm leans down and grabs a hold of Shag-Nasty's trunks, hauling him up. Jannetty and Napalm both get a grip and drag Shag-Nasty to the ropes, trying to toss him out!

Heenan: Hang on, Shag!

Tenay: It could be over for our former president. The man's being badly double-teamed. But a lot's at stake here, and I'm not just talking about the European Title. Shag-Nasty's hanging on, barely, as Jannetty and Napalm start to lift him higher. Oh, wait, Napalm just kicked out, catching Jannetty flat-footed, or more to the point, flat-chested! Shag-Nasty drops, clotheslining himself on the top rope, while Jannetty staggers back. Napalm hammers him a couple more times, using the opening like he should. He grabs Jannetty's arm and sends him into the ropes, then does a somersault on the ground, coming up with a rolling Clothesline that puts the Rocker down painfully! Napalm decided why wait, and took the opportunity presented to him. Jannetty shouldn't trust anyone by now, but I guess the rage he has for Shag blinded him.

Heenan: Shag-Nasty's trying to get up now. He's taken some licks, but keeps on ticking, just like that confounded clock up there. I'm glad there's only one more buzz left. Next year, can we have, like, music or something?

Zbysko: Just rest for a bit, Heenan. You're getting fried. Napalm drops Jannetty with a Pancake maneuver, then walks back over to Shag-Nasty, getting a piece of his scalp and leaning him over the ropes, trying to seal the deal that will get him a slave for the next month! But Shag-Nasty kicks out with one leg that goes in just the right spot, and suddenly Napalm has something else on his mind!! He stomps backwards, gasping in pain, and, oh, Jannetty gets off the mat and fires up a shot of his own!!! Oh, man, two consecutive hits!! I hope Napalm remembered his cup!

*The timer clicks down to the last man... as expected, Bobby of the Wolfpac walks out, ready for the final curtain of the Rumble... he jogs to the ring...*

Tenay: One of these four is going to win this one, guys. We're nearing the end, here! Jannetty goes to the ropes, pulling himself up. Shag-Nasty hits an elbow shot on the back of Napalm's neck, knocking him down. Bobby's in the ring now, though, and immediately goes after the man standing, dropping Shag-Nasty with a boot to the head! Jannetty turns and charges, but Bobby sees him, and swings out a big arm, cutting the cruiserweight down with one swipe of his hand! Bobby's always been a powerful wrestler, and now he's got the best chance of his professional career! Oh, but wait, Napalm's back up, walking funny, but still moving. He comes from behind Bobhy, dropkicking him in the back! Bobby stumbles against the ropes, but stops himself. He spins around and starts to come forward, but Napalm's coming with a lot of momentum, hitting a running clothesline that drives Bobby out of the ring! Well, so much for that!

Zbysko: Bobby landed on his feet, but his night was nearly as short as his brother, Animal Thug's, was. Napalm turns and goes back over to Shag-Nasty, who is once again rising up to his feet. Napalm hits a few more shots to him, then pulls him to the ropes once more. Napalm really wants to toss Shag-Nasty out on his can, because having his former boss as his slave would surely be a pleasant experience, I would think. These two had that brutal street brawl at Adrenaline Rush, the unsanctioned match. But this is the one that really counts. Shag-Nasty, hanging partially over the ropes, reaches back and sticks a hand into Napalm's face. But Napalm doesn't give up, still trying to get rid of the man. Shag-Nasty's also using his leg, though, getting it in back of Napalm's and pulling, unbalancing him as well! Both men are teetering on the edge, neither willing to back down.

Tenay: But they've forgotten about the Rocker! Marty Jannetty is back on his feet, albeit probably with whiplash after that shot Bobby gave him. But he's moving, as he looks over at the two men struggling against each other, and goes off the ropes. He comes back with a running splash, hitting both in the back with tremendous force!! All three men surge over the edge of the ropes! But Jannetty manages to fall back through across the middle rope into the ring, while Shag-Nasty and Napalm plunge out, both hitting the canvas outside!!! We have a winner!! We have a winner!!!

*The bell starts ringing... Jannetty drops to his knees and yells out, loudly, with both hands in the air...*

Heenan: Wait, wait, who eliminated who??

Zbysko: What are you talking about, Weasal?

Heenan: I'm talking about Shag-Nasty and Napalm! They both went out almost at the same time, but which one tossed the other one out? Who gets the credit? Which one's the slave??

Tenay: I don't have a clue, Bobby. All that matters is that, in the end, Marty Jannetty is the winner of the Righteous Rumble, fulfilling his bet on keeping the Night's Watch name in good company! The Rocker, after losing the Cruiserweight Title to Blade in his last match, wins the biggest match so far in his career here, and is now a 2-time European Champion! He's also going to go on and face Titan 3 at the Founder's Day celebration!! What a night this has been!! We'll see everyone next week, as we begin a brand new year of GCWA wrestling action!! Good night!!!

*As the picture starts to fade out, we see Jannetty being handed the European Title... the fans are cheering the Rocker fully once more, as he raises it over his head... the picture closes out, and we return to the PPV Ordering screen...*