Tenay: We've seen the tapes, we've seen a couple of fights, and we know what's next, so let's not waste anymore of our viewers' time. Penzer? Explain to us the Rumble!

Penzer: Gladly, Mike... Ladies and Gentlemen... it is now time for the main event of the evening... this bout will determine the next GCWA European Champion, and the new #1 Contender to the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Titan 3... anyone can win this honor, whether this is their first match, or the next in a long line of battles in the GCWA... it is now time to introduce the #1 and 2 wrestlers of the Global Championship Wrestling Association's Righteous Rumble!!! Are you READY?? *loud cheers* Then let's get it on!! First, the man who drew #1.... standing 6'0" and weighing 220 lbs... the master of the Maui Massacre... Hurricane!

*The fans give Hurricane a few boos as he walks down, but he's mostly ignored...*

Zbysko: The guys at the beginning of this Rumble are the ones that the fans just can't believe in. Very few people have walked in as one of the first and made it all the way to the end. Can Hurricane do it? You never know.

Penzer: And now, the wrestler who drew #2... standing 6'5" and weighing 242 lbs... he's the newest member of the Cartel, and looks to be the first man to ever go from #2 to the end... the man known as Phenomena!

*Phenomena gets a much louder reaction, as most of the non-Cartel fans boo him... he shrugs it off with an intense expression, knowing how long he could be in the ring... he rolls in...*

Tenay: Phenomena's said to have become a better athlete since joining the Cartel. I can't say that I know about this, but I do know that he currently has a win streak that goes all the way back to November, I believe. Phenomena's been on a roll, and was certainly a prime catch for the Cartel. But this is surely his greatest test yet.

*The bell sounds, and the Rumble is underway...*

Zbysko: Here we go, the Righteous Rumble is about to explode! Phenomena and Hurricane immediately move in, slugging each other. Phenomena ducks under a swing, though, and gets a headlock on Hurricane. He tries to hold it, as Hurricane struggles to get free, finally pushing Phenomena into the ropes. Phenomena is sent across, but hits a shoulder block on the way back, that knocks Hurricane down. Phenomena moves in, grabbing Hurricane on the way back up and gets him with a Double Underhook Suplex, tossing him backwards to the mat! Hurricane's size is not helping him here. He starts to get up, but Phenomena's there again, kicking him in the stomach and locking him up! Oh, wait a second, he's got him up, and there's the Sub Zero!!!!! He just snapped Hurricane down like a tree hit by lightning!

Tenay: You mean a tree hit with frost bite, don't you, Larry? Hurricane's in a lot of trouble now. He's still kicking, but not very much. Phenomena brings the cruiserweight back up, then moves to the ropes, and tries to throw him out! Hurricane grabs the ropes with one hand, hanging on, but he's really dazed. Oh, and there he goes! Phenomena already tossed one out, and we've had a very poor showing from the Hurricane! Well, heck, now we have a couple of seconds to fill, don't we? Ok, guys, quick, who are your favorites? I'm going with Napalm, since he wants to become the European Champion again.

Zbysko: I'll say Marty Jannetty. He said he's dedicated this match to Blade, and I believe him. He's got a good number, too, not as good as Napalm, but maybe good enough.

Heenan: I like both of them.

Zbysko: Heenan! Give us a pick, off the top of your head, now!

Heenan: Uh, ummm, well, let's see.... Shag-Nasty, yeah, Shannon Shag-Nasty. He's a good guy, and he's tough, and he's a force to be reckoned with...

Zbysko: And you owe him for your contract extension.

Heenan: That, too.

Tenay: Ok, the countdown's begun, guys. We're about ready for man #3. This is almost a restart of the beginning, since Hurricane went so fast. Phenomena's still very fresh. So who is it?

*The buzzer sounds, and Trasher appears... he wastes little time, racing to the ring, as Phenomena comes to meet him...*

Heenan: It's the trash man! Now we're really going to see a fight! Either that, or Phenomena's going to toss him like yesterday's disposal.

Tenay: Why didn't we keep JR? Phenomena and Trasher lock up, each trying to get the upper hand. Phenomena uses his upper body strength to muscle Trasher into the corner. There's no ref in there to break it up, they're all on the outside, watching for someone to fall and hit the ground. Phenomena gets a chokehold on Trasher, trying to drain him of some of his energy. Trasher struggles, trying to push Phenomena's arms away, but to little avail. So, using his friend Dynamite's tactics, Trasher goes to the eyes, raking away, finally breaking the choke. Phenomena stumbles back, blinded, allowing Trasher to hop onto the second turnbuckle and dive off with a clothesline that puts Phenomena down!

Zbysko: This is as good a time as any to head up the turnbuckle. If you wait for more people to show up, the risk factor climbs step by step. Trasher's back up, aiming a pinpoint dropkick that knocks Phenomena back down. Trasher's looking for some redemption, I think, after that loss to Shorty in the I Respect You match. He's really going after Phenomena, slamming him with Axehandle after Axehandle to keep the man offbalance. He then locks up Phenomena for a piledriver, but Phenomena breaks out of it, flipping Trasher over instead with a reversal! Trasher lands behind him, trying for a Sunset Flip, but Phenomena's able to drop down and start slugging the man. It's not like the Sunset Flip would do much anyway, but Trasher was reacting on instinct. Phenomena brings the man up and drags him to the corner, slamming him facefirst into the turnbuckle, as a few Cartel fans keep the count going while the rest seem unhappy.

Heenan: So far, Phenomena's been strong in there. He took a few hits from Trasher, but he's bounced back nicely here. He whips Trasher towards the other corner, no, Trasher reverses. Phenomena hits on the other side, and Trasher charges in towards him. But Phenomena rolls back out of the corner, and Trasher hits the turnbuckle with a splash that drives him backwards! Phenomena immediately takes advantage, grabbing Trasher's legs from behind and trying to roll him over the ropes! Meanwhile, the countdown has started again! Who is it this time? I can't find my format sheet. Well, whoever it is better hurry, if he wants to help Trasher, who's hanging on, desperately trying not to leave like Hurricane did!

*At the sound of the buzzer, no one appears... a few seconds later, Tower finally comes through the curtain.... he walks slowly towards the ring, climbing up onto the apron and looking in...*

Zbysko: Now we've got some beef in the ring, in the form of the 7'1" monster known as Tower! He steps through the ropes, as, surprisingly, Trasher continues to hang on for dear life! Tower sizes up the situation and moves in. Instead of helping Phenomena, though, he grabs the man instead, turning him around and lifting him into the air before bodyslamming him the other direction! Trasher drops back into the ring, already exhausted, as Tower simply ignores him. He goes after Phenomena, who's trying to get up. The two lock horns, with Tower easily overpowering the smaller man. He grabs Phenomena's arm, supports him, then lifts him in a Suplex. The impact had to hurt! Trasher's pulling himself up, as Tower finally deigns to acknowlege him. He waves Trasher over, and the two start kicking on the downed Phenomena! What's with the team-up? Are these guys linked together in some way we don't know about?

Tenay: I doubt it, Larry. Tower's just using his brain. The next couple of people to enter the Rumble are Cartel members, so Trasher could be Tower's only ally in the next few minutes. Why fight him, when he can be an adequate shield? Besides, they're doing a real number on Phenomena! Trasher reaches down to pull the man up, and he whips him towards the ropes. Phenomena returns, right into a big boot from Tower! Phenomena's down, and getting torn up! Tower confidently turns to where Trasher's leaning over Phenomena, trying to bring him up again. Oh, and Tower just gave Trasher what almost looked like an Axe Kick, slamming the man on top of Phenomena! I guess the teamwork is over! He rolls Trasher off of the man, then lifts Phenomena himself. He's got the man up, and then brings him even higher with a Chokelift!!

*As the choke continues, the buzzer sounds, and Richter appears, flying towards the ring...*

Heenan: Here comes another Cartel boy! As Richter dives under the bottom rope, sliding in, Tower literally tosses Phenomena away, down to the mat, and spins, meeting his former enemy with blow after blow! The two are rocking each other, and I'm having flashbacks to their Hardcore matches! They roll into the corner, still just using their fists, as Trasher pulls himself up, holding the back of his head. He turns and sees the fighting, and moves towards it, even as Richter starts taking the lead with some wicked head shots that rock Tower back. But Trasher, for some reason, still sides with Tower, grabbing Richter's arm from behind! Richter spins, immediately using a Discus Lariat to take Trasher's head off, then turns back, but Tower got his opening, and he moves forward at ramming speed, knocking Richter down with a shoulder shot and dropping on top of him, whaling away on the downed Cartel member!

Tenay: Phenomena's starting to get up. He's got a hand over his throat, and when you consider how long he was held in the air, it's pretty impressive that he's getting up this quickly. He immediately moves to Trasher, letting Richter fight his own battle. He brings Trasher up, spinning him around and hitting a killer DDT that must have taken the last of Trasher's strength. Phenomena carries the man to the corner, and begins again to try and toss the man out. Meanwhile, Tower has his boot in Richter's throat, and is leaning on him, cutting off the oxygen. Tower lets out an evil laugh, as he sucks away a good portion of Richter's energy. Phenomena nearly has Trasher out, but he looks over and sees what's happening. Leaving Trasher dangling on the turnbuckle, he turns and runs over, hitting a Splash into Tower's back, knocking him against the turnbuckle! Tower seems to barely feel it, though, and turns to where Phenomena's quickly backing up, trying to think of another strategy.

Zbysko: Oooooo, bad move by Tower, turning his back on Richter. Even short of breath, Richter's able to deliver that low shot, that immediately takes Tower to his knees! He felt that one! Phenomena moves forward, getting a leg around Tower's neck and dropping him headfirst to the mat, and now the Cartel is really in charge! Richter gets up and kicks Tower a few times, keeping him from getting up, as the countdown begins again. Of course, we know who's coming.

Heenan: We do?

*Buzz.... out comes Andy Gilbreth, walking slowly down the aisle... *

Tenay: We have the Internet Champion, a man who has been very hard to beat in recent months. He's not bothering to rush, since his brothers seem to have everything in hand... or do they? Phenomena just got nailed from a partially recovered Trasher, who dived off of the turnbuckle and got a Flying Splash! Richter seems not to care, since Tower's still trying to get up. He locks onto Tower from behind, putting on a Full Nelson, while Trasher wearily pulls Phenomena up and towards the ropes. Gilbreth, meanwhile, is just now stepping up onto the apron. He comes through the ropes, and walks towards Trasher and Phenomena. Trasher has one of Phenomena's legs up, but the young Cartel member is working to kick free. Andy Gilbreth lands a hand, spinning Trasher around and sending him to the mat with a stiff punch to the jaw!

Heenan: That'll leave a mark! He just plastered Trasher, and now the odds are seriously in favor of the Cartel, and getting worse by the minute, literally! Gilbreth gives Phenomena a few pats on the cheek, then laughs. I think he likes the draw he's gotten. Richter has released Tower from the Full Nelson, and instead has him in the corner, spreading his legs on the ropes! Uh oh. I don't think I can watch this. Richter's pulling a Dustin Rhodes! Gilbreth is laughing louder now, as Phenomena is angrily choking away on the downed Trasher. Someone ring the bell, and give the win to the Cartel. These guys are going to crush anyone that comes in from now on.

Zbysko: Maybe, Bobby, and maybe not. We'll just have to see. Meanwhile, someone hand Tower a piece of music, preferably in a high range, because he just took a really bad shot!!! Richter's just pounding away on him now, keeping him hung up in the corner, while Gilbreth goes and relaxes in the corner. He looks over at Phenomena, then Richter, then... hey, where's he going? Wait a second... Andy Gilbreth just stepped over the ropes, and now he's on the ground again!!! He just eliminated himself!!! What in the world is going on, why'd he do that?

Tenay: You've got me, Larry. I mean, I can kind of understand, since the European Title wouldn't mean much to the Internet Champ, and since I'm sure he doesn't want to fight Titan 3, his group leader. But still, to eliminate himself like that? There must be something going on. It's obvious Richter didn't know about it, because he's suddenly ignoring Tower. He's trying to get the word from Gilbreth, who says something like they have it in hand. I don't know, I don't think I'll ever understand that guy, Larry. Whatever else is going on, it's obvious that Gilbreth wasn't interested in the Rumble.

Zbysko: Man, that's strange. Oh, in the ring, Tower's getting up! He comes behind Richter, still walking a little more 'spread' than usual, and grabs him from behind, leaning him over the ropes!!! All of the sudden Richter's stopped complaining to Gilbreth and started fighting to stay in the Rumble! Tower's trying to push the man over, and Phenomena doesn't know what's going on over there, because he's trying to lift Trasher out! But Gilbreth saw it! He turns and comes back, swinging upwards and clocking Tower in the side of the head! Hey, refs, do your job, send the guy to the back! Richter uses the chance he's given to slip back in, and he nails Tower on the other side of his head, shaking him up. They're finally getting Gilbreth out, who shoves one of the refs away and laughs again. We've got the count again!

*As the count finishes, the Scary Ass Clown appears, with the usual smile painted onto his face... he walks past Andy Gilbreth with barely a glance, intent on the fun in the ring...*

Heenan: This is going to be good. I bet we have only Cartel members left to fight it out at the end of this one, guys. Tower is still struggling against Richter, as the two lock their arms together. Phenomena, meanwhile, has Trasher dangling by a thread. And there he goes! Tower falls to the outside, smashing hard onto the mat out there, and he is eliminated! We're down to four men, all but one of them a Cartel member. We also know we have one more coming. Phenomena turns and drives a fist into the back of Tower's head, and once more the two Cartel members drive the man to the mat with continuous pounding. Scary Ass Clown rolls into the ring and comes up behind him two partners, yelling out! They both jump and turn in defensive positions, and the Clown nearly drops to his knees laughing!

Zbysko: There's the Clown for you, always looking for the joke. Richter starts laughing along with him, while Phenomena goes back to work, kicking away on Tower, who must be running on empty by now. The Clown and Richter move in as well, and the three men bring Tower up. Scary Ass Clown heads for the turnbuckle, while Richter positions Tower and lifts, hitting the 8.0!!! The ring shook from that aftershock, and I think Tower's about done here. But to add to it, here comes SAC with the Pogo Stick from the turnbuckle!!! Tower is busted up now. Wait, we've got a disturbance at the entryway. It's the Boogeyman!! He just threw a couple of the accountant-types we have back there out of his way, and now is heading for the ring! Oh well. If he doesn't want to wait for his count, that's fine with me. He's on his way.

*Belatedly, someone in the back sounds the buzzer, officially making the Boogeyman number 8...*

Tenay: Who's going to tell him that he can't, after all? That's a big man, and if he wants to be with his tag-team champion/partner, so be it. Scary Ass Clown has seen him, and is gesturing for him to come down, as Phenomena adds his own touch. With a little help from Richter, Phenomena gets Tower up in the Sub Zero, bringing him down hard! Someone toss that man out, there's not much left of him after his constant Cartel attack! The Boogeyman just entered the ring, to the celebration area. The Clown points to Tower, and the Boogeyman just nods and moves in. He brings Tower up, then sends him back down with Lithium!!! The Cartel members come together in a circle around the downed Eternal member, each with a firm smile on their faces. I think Tower's about to take a trip over and out.

Heenan: It sure looks like it. The Boogeyman and Richter pull the man up, then, after one more shot by Phenomena, Richter brings the broken man over to the ropes. Tower is still trying to stand, a great show of strength in itself, but he has nothing left. Richter's got him onto the ropes, then just shoves him over, and Tower plummets to the ground, out of this one. The Cartel has four members in there, and whoever is next is in for a rough time. Now, supposedly, this is where these guys are supposed to go at it. That's the way the rules read. But that's obviously not going to happen. They're just talking, as Phenomena gets himself a much needed rest. He was first, after all. What's the count at? 12, 13 minutes so far for him? Not bad, not bad at all. Well, the count's starting again. Who's the unfortunate who's going to be coming down? Whoever it is, the odds are really against him.

*The count finishes, and the buzzer sounds, but no one shows in the entrance... the Cartel members start to laugh and go back to talking, as the fans wait... the curtain remains closed...*

Heenan: ...... Ok.

Tenay: I believe, yes, according to the format, that was Blade's place. Unfortunately, Blade left the GCWA due to some problems he was having, so despite his high ranking in the Pre-Rumble poll, he's not here to compete. I guess the Cartel realizes it, because no one's #9. Wait a second, someone just came out, and he's racing down the aisle! Hey, that's the Accelerator!!!! The President has appeared, and he's got his wrestling gear on!! The fans suddenly explode, as Ace leaps up onto the apron! Scary Ass Clown spins, surprised, as Ace rocks him with a right hand, then comes over the ropes, clotheslining both him and the Boogeyman!! Phenomena sees it and gets up, only to get a punch in the face to go back down!! Ace is on fire!! He locks up with Richter, and the two are lashing out at each other, each remembering what happened between them at the Adrenaline Rush!!!

Zbysko: I guess Ace decided to enter himself to fill one of the holes made in the last week! And what an entrance! He timed it perfectly!! He snaps the less-fresh Richter down with a DDT, then turns, pumped up! Oh, and the ringMasters both attack en masse, landing hit after hit, driving Ace back into the corner!! The Boogeyman locks his hands around the President's throat, while Scary Ass Clown lands some body blows. Momentum means a lot, but even the element of surprise doesn't work when you're facing 4 men at once! Richter's back up. He sees the attack going on, and moves in, actually shoving Scary Ass Clown towards the ropes! The Clown dangles for a second, almost going over, but the Boogeyman reaches over and grabs his garb, pulling him back. That's how angry Richter is right now! He starts to pound away on Ace, blow after blow, knocking him to his knees.

Tenay: Yeah, but the Boogeyman doesn't understand what just happened! He grabs Richter from behind and yanks him backwards! Richter, tripped up, falls to his back, as the Boogeyman angrily starts to drop down for another choke. Scary Ass Clown grabs the Boogeyman and talks to him, trying to calm him down, and for once we see a little disagreement, at least, in the Cartel! Ace is pulling himself up, as Phenomena moves in, kneeing the Prez in the stomach and keeping him in the corner, while the ringMasters and Richter try to settle things between them. Richter doesn't look very happy, and neither does the Boogeyman. We've got another countdown, get ready for number 10!