*The black screen takes the place of the preview running, as the time for the show is reached... a few seconds later, we're shown the shot of a bustling metropolis... men and women in suits are walking to and from work... traffic looks packed up and down the roads... the shot changes to a faraway shot, as something begins to happen... pebbles are rolling down the face of the cliff near the city... a rumble fills the air, as the land shown begins to break apart... people are seen running in terror as windows shatter due to the severity of the earthquake, possibly an 8.4 or higher... buildings start to crumble, one in particular falling into the ground and being enveloped... as all this is happening, a song begins to creep in... it sounds a lot like "Shoots and Ladders" by Korn... flashes begin appearing amidst the carnage in the now-quaking city... Demon chokeslamming his opponent... Richter breaking a man with the 8.0 through a table... Phenomena just before he used the Sub Zero.... Dynamic Dynamite and Shorty, seemingly face-to-face... Marty Jannetty and Shag-Nasty duking it out in one of their matches, showing the fury lodged between each.... Napalm holding the European Title over his head... finally, a shot of Titan 3 rises higher than the city... Titan 3 smiles, then waves his hands in a "C'mon" gesture... a fire erupts, and when it clears, the still-standing sign surrounded by wreckage reads simply: GCWA Righteous Rumble...

*A shot of the fans is shown, as they cheer inside the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, Tennessee... many have signs for their favorite wrestlers, the ones that they want to win the Rumble... others have t-shirts or other accessories on from the GCWA catalog (available now)... as the fans continue to cheer, we zoom in, live, on The Professor Mike Tenay, the Living Legend Larry Zbysko, and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan... *

Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen, the first great event of the year is now upon you! You've paid for it, so now it's time to get your money's worth, in the most anticipated bout this year! Welcome to the Righteous Rumble! Tonight, 28 men, at last count, will enter the ring one by one, decided by the drawing held earlier this month. Each will get their chance to strut their stuff against their competitors in a heated battle, with another man entering every other minute, until all have stepped into the ring. The last man remaining in the ring will become the new GCWA European Champion, be crowned the Righteous Rumble winner for the year 2000, and, along with all that, will go to Founder's Day, February 1st, to face the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, which will presumably still be Titan 3! Thus, there is a lot at stake in this match, guys.

Heenan: Which is why I'm here, of course. Everyone needs a play-by-play man to explain to them what's happening, since most of them are just dumb humanoids.

Zbysko: You would say something like that, Weasal. But you can't spoil my mood tonight, because we're starting the year with a bang, the way it should be! For the past week, we've listened to lots of guys talk about how they're going to win it. But it's time to put the pain where their mouths are, because we've got a fight coming up that will boggle the mind!

Tenay: Many people are bringing back their thoughts to this match possibly being like the Warriors of the Ring battle. I think this one will mean more, with the title and other items on the line. But will we see similar things? Will someone be able to last all the way, shocking everyone with his resilency? How many fights between these guys will become personal? Biggest of all, will we have the impact that the last one had, when Nightmare made his first appearance in the GCWA? I tell you, I can't wait for that one. Unfortunately, we have to, because one match has been assigned for before the Rumble. Two men have been wanting a shot against each other since the Adrenaline Rush. They're going to be our opening match tonight, and they've really rigged up a doozy for us, right guys?

Heenan: It sure seems like it, Mike. We've got Shorty, X-Dog's partner, who still feels that X-Dog should be the Intercontinental champion after OG Thug's actions at Rush allowed Dynamite to escape with the belt in hand. Dynamic Dynamite immediately agreed to allow Shorty his chance, only this time, it's going to be a Steel Cage Ladder Match! How's that for a rough time? Personally, I don't agree with this match. I think Dynamite and Shorty really screwed this up.

Zbysko: What are you talking about, Bobby?

Heenan: Isn't it obvious? Both Dynamite and Shorty have late numbers in the Righteous Rumble. Dynamite's #29, for pete's sake. Yet both are going to waste their energy early, badly hurting their chances for winning the Rumble. Dynamite, as the IC Champ, should have vetoed this match in favor of being fresher in his quest to become the first simultaneous Intercontinental and European champion. But he wanted this one, and so did Shorty, so we're going to do it. As long as they're entertaining, who really cares if they win the Rumble, right?

Tenay: Sounds good to me, Brain. The cage is already in place, and as you can see, the title is hanging from the top of the cage, barely within reach even on the ladder. Two ladders are inside the cage, attached by prongs to each side. Either one might be the one to get the opponent to the top, to where the IC belt now resides. Let's go to outside the ring, where David Penzer is waiting, mic in hand.

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen... the first bout is scheduled under Ladder Rules... the first man to reach the title and pull it from the top of the cage will be the Intercontinental Champion... first, the challenger... standing 5'3" and weighing 110 lbs... he's a 2-time Cruiserweight Champion and 1-time holder of the European strap... he's here to right a wrong, and to settle things with Dynamic Dynamite once and for all... from X-Rated... here is Shorty!

*Shorty marches to the ring under his own rhythm, as per usual... he climbs quickly into the cage and points out to the cheering fans, doing a brief spin around... he then continues to bounce to the beat... *

Tenay: Shorty's always been the toughest fighter his size anywhere in the world. He's gone into so many battles, it's hard to keep straight who he's fought. It's almost easier to talk about who he hasn't fought, really. The Consistency Award winner this past year, Shorty's looking to have himself a big beginning to the GCWA 2000 era.

Zbysko: It's true, Mike. One thing we can't forget is that, by being number 27, Shorty also has a chance tonight to be both the Intercontinental and European Champion. What a night that would be. I guarantee that Shorty's not going to accept nothing less.

Penzer: His opponent... standing 6'7" and weighing 275 lbs... he's held various belts in his GCWA career, and is currently continuing as the 2-time Intercontinental Champion... managed by OG Thug, and a member of the new Age cliq... Dynamic Dynamite!

*The boos are deafening... Dynamite comes out alone and walks towards the caged ring... he struts towards the cage door, where Shorty is waiting for him... Shorty kicks the surprised champion in the face, grabs him by the hair, and violently drags him into the cage... the fight begins between the two, both firing punches... the door shuts, the lock is put in place, and the bell rings...*

Heenan: We're not waiting for this one, Shorty wants this one to go now! But he needs to be careful. Many only see the devious side of Dynamic Dynamite, but you can't ignore his wrestling skill. Everyone remembers his deal with Marty Jannetty, and his trick on X-Dog at the last PPV. But most forget that he beat a tough Tower cleanly with his Dynamic Pain to first become the champion. I like this man, and although I don't agree with his timing, I do think that he can defend that belt tonight.

Tenay: Well, it looks like we're going to find out right now, huh, Brain? These two are not worrying about wrestling right now. They're more concerned with attacking each other, trying to add some pain. We can surely assume that both are thinking about a quick end here. That belt is hanging tantilizing right above them, and if they could get it quickly, then their chances are better later in the night. But first your opponent has to be down and out, and that's always tough to do without pain to yourself.

Zbysko: Talk, talk, talk, can't you guys see that a match is going on? Dynamite takes control, throwing Shorty hard into the cage. He grabs Shorty as he stumbles back and lifts him from behind by the throat, hitting a reverse Chokeslam!! What a move to start this one! That one hurt the Short one, but Dynamite's not headed for the ladders yet, knowing that he needs to use some more of that violence he so loves. He lifts Shorty up and whips him into the ladder, set on the cage! Shorty slumps to the ground, as the ladder falls on top of him. Good double shot by Dynamite, who's looking very powerful in there right now. He jogs over to where Shorty's laying and kicks the ladder a few times for good measure, knocking it back down on top of the cruiserweight, then pulls it off of him. He lifts the ladder and puts it into place, then starts to go up.

Heenan: Is this going to be a quick one? That'd suck! Dynamite climbs to almost the top of the ladder, reaching out. But Shorty's back up, and a dropkick sends the ladder, and Dynamite, falling downwards! OH, and Dynamite hit the cage on the way down!! What a hit! That'll change the path of this match! Shorty gets to his feet, already moving slow from the shots he's taken. Remember, neither of these guys are known for their Hardcore talents. Getting thrown into steel hurts!! Trust me, I know! Shorty closes up the ladder in the center of the ring, then goes over to Dynamite, who looks dizzy. Dynamite throws a fast punch, though, catching Shorty by surprise and knocking him back. Dynamite pushes off the side of the cage and grabs Shorty, who comes alive, nailing him in the ribs, then jumping in the air, locking his legs around Dynamite's throat and using a standing Hurricanrana to flip Dynamite over, on top of the ladder!!! Dynamite just had his spine rearranged, and if Shorty gets his way, it's not going to be free of charge!

Zbysko: We can definitely see that neither of these guys are worrying about the Rumble later on. They're going for the kill, right here, right now! Shorty gets up, having avoided the hit into the ladder himself, and goes to the other side of the cage, grabbing the ladder that was attached there. He brings it over to the center of the ring, where Dynamite's trying to get up. Shorty looks at him, then grabs the ladder in both hands and swings it at Dynamite, who takes it in the chin and does a 180 before he crashes to the ground!! Is there a dentist in the house? Shorty immediately sets the ladder up, then starts to climb, even as Dynamite tries to push off the mat. Shorty's climbing most of the way up, but he's still got a long way to go. That title's pretty high up there, and while Dynamite, 6'7", only has to get to the 3rd ring or so from the top, Shorty, 5'3", has got to go all the way, and maybe more! He's almost there, as Dynamite gets to his feet.

Tenay: Dynamite sees what's happening and reaches out, shaking the ladder. Shorty hangs on, sliding down a few rungs but not dropping to the ground. As Shorty tries to get his feet back onto the ladder, Dynamite turns and picks up the other ladder! What's going to happen here? He sets it up right near Shorty's ladder, and goes up, just as Shorty starts to climb again as well! Both reach the same height on the ladder, nearly at the top, each keeping the IC Title in their sights! Dynamite leans on the ladder, nailing Shorty in the face, but Shorty hangs on and swings back, and now we have a fight high in the air, with the title now more than ever on the line! Suddenly, Shorty leans back, dodging a Dynamite punch, then kicks out, hitting Dynamite's ladder, which tilts and falls backwards! Oh, but it also slides, hitting Shorty's ladder as well! Both ladders fall backwards, and both Shorty and Dynamic Dynamite break their necks in the fall!!! Man, is a countout going to be issued? I'm not sure either man can get up from that!! They're both laid out in the ring, Dynamite with a ladder across his stomach, and Shorty next to his. Both are still breathing, but that's about all we know!

Heenan: They're strong guys, Mike, relax. This match can't end until one or the other gets the title. If one of them is dead, then the other one has a pretty easy time of it. OW!

Zbysko: And that was just a backhand, Heenan. So talk about the wrestlers, and stop giving the insurance companies reason to shut this place down!

Heenan: Ok, ok! Umm, neither wrestler is moving yet, wait, Dynamite just shoved the ladder off of him! He's not getting up that fast, but he's showing more movement than Shorty is. Dynamite staggers to his feet, and there is some blood across the back of his hand, as he wiped his brow. He's fallen into the cage twice now in this match, and that can't be healthy. He walks, mostly straight, towards Shorty, who's finally trying to sit up. As Shorty grabs the edge of the ladder to steady himself, Dynamite kicks it, closing it on Shorty's fingers!! Shorty yells in pain, then, with one hand cradled in his hand, he gets up, trying to lash out at Dynamite. But the champion was ready, dodging the blow and, after locking him, drops Shorty onto the ladder with the Dynamic Pain!!! Shorty's out. There's no other possibility, guys.

Zbysko: This has been a painful one to watch, but I think you're right for once, Brain. Shorty's not moving, as Dynamite grabs the other, open ladder, and starts to painfully climb. He almost looks hesitant, seeing as how the last two times he's climbed up, he's gone down. He gets to the top, as the fans continue to try and chant for Shorty to get up. But it's too late. Dynamite stretches out, and grabs the title, pulling it down into his hands. Someone rings the bell, ending this one, because Dynamic Dynamite is still the GCWA Intercontinental Champion in a great defense here tonight. He didn't even need OG Thug, apparently. The fans don't seem happy, but Dynamite has a pretty big smile on his face as he unsteadily comes down the ladder. I wonder if either of these guys will be in any shape for the Rumble, which is the next match on the agenda.

Tenay: I'm sure they'll show, Larry. I just don't know if either one will be fresh enough to survive it. They've unlocked the cage, as Dynamite looks down at the unmoving Shorty. He's still smiling, as he turns and sees X-Dog!!! The former 2-time HW Champ is in the ring, out of nowhere! Dynamite has no chance to react, as X-Dog grabs him, then hits the X-Factor, smashing Dynamite down and knocking him out right on top of the IC Title!!!! Dynamite's out, as the fans' boos turn to cheers! X-Dog kicks Dynamite once more, then goes over to Shorty and helps the ailing wrestler up. Loaning him a shoulder, he begins to take Shorty to the back. Dynamite's still down, and now he's the one who might need to be helped from the ring. What a battle, and what an ending!

Heenan: If you say so, Mike. X-Dog took advantage of Dynamite's condition there, and I don't believe you guys should be talking about it like that.

Tenay: After what Dynamite and OG Thug did to X-Dog at the Adrenaline Rush, do you really think that anyone's going to fault him for going after Dynamite like that?

Heenan: Just as long as you don't give the 'heels' grief if they pull the same thing, Professor.

Zbysko: Ok, Heenan, just shut your trap, and we'll leave this behind. OG Thug's in the ring now, checking on Dynamite, who's slowly coming to. He's hurting, but no matter what Shorty and X-Dog do, Dynamite's walking out of here with the Intercontinental Title still around his waist. They're raising the cage, getting it out of the way and repairing the ring for the big Righteous Rumble, which is just around the corner, folks! Wait, what's that? Something's happening in the back, so let's go to it already!

*The shot shifts to an odd camera angle of the ceiling... after a second or two, the cameraman is able to correct it, as Marty Jannetty and Shannon Shag-Nasty brawl on the concrete down one of the many hallways in the arena! It's a public hallway, as fans, who came to use the nearby facilities, are cheering on the two men as they pummel each other... Shag-Nasty sends Jannetty into the wall, but Jannetty absorbs it, then spins and charges, tackling Shag-Nasty and bringing him back down... security shows up, to the boos of the fans... but as they try to separate the two, they break loose, still brawling... they plunge through the crowd of fans, who stop cheering and run for cover... security moves in again...*

Tenay: Looks like Shag-Nasty and Jannetty found each other, guys! Both of them kept saying that they'd be looking for the other one before the Rumble. The question is, which one of these two found the other one first? Was this an ambush, or just a surprise encounter? I don't know, all that matters is that the Rumble's coming up, so stay tuned to your live broadcast, as we show a brief promo of what's about to occur!

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