*We return from the short break to see Shannon Shag-Nasty in his Vice President's office, hard at work, apparently... he's talking on the phone, apparently discussing a business proposition with an unknown wrestler... just as he's hanging up, Richter pushes past the cameraman and leans on the desk, glaring at Shag-Nasty...*

Richter: Alright, V-Prez, I'm going to say this just once. My partner's got a concussion, and wasn't that good to begin with anyway. It's going to be me against Phenomena and Outcast, and probably the rest of the Thrill Seekers as well. So I want my Hardcore Title match made into a Triple Threat, and I want it No Interference. If Outcast has a problem with that, he'll have to deal with it.

Shannon Shag-Nasty: You just burst into my office and start making demands, huh? You're lucky I'm in a good mood, Richter. Ok, I'll grant your wishes, since I'm a nice guy. Morse is out, and I'm sure we can keep things from getting out of control. I've got it all arranged.

*Richter nods once, then leaves as quickly as he came, as Shag-Nasty gets back on the phone, asking for a room somewhere in the arena... we go back to ringside...*

Tenay: We're back from our short break, ready for the four matches left on tonight's card. There will be at least two more new champions to go with the new Internet titleholder, Dopeman. The first of those two matches is next, as we have two old adversaries going at it! Roll the footage!

*We see the images of Titan 3 and Iceman, side by side... the image switches to Titan 3, continually coming through with the Heavyweight Title still around his waist... Iceman's challenges towards him are answered by Titan 3, and the two sign up to meet at Founder's Day '00... the duo's battles are shown, with Steven Mysterio shown helping Iceman get the 1-2-3... Ice holds up the Heavyweight strap, only moments before the decision is reversed... next, we're shown the Zamboni in front of Titan 3's dressing room, preventing him from battling the Accelerator and, thus, losing him the World Title... then Iceman is pictured, with him laying on the ground in a heap, after a violent attack from Titan 3... the final image shows Iceman talking and saying that, as the Commish, the European Title will be his... the footage ends...*

JR: There is definitely history between Titan 3 and the Iceman. Will it be settled here tonight? The winner walks away with the European Title. The loser heads home for a short vacation, then tries again. Let's go again to David Penzer for the call.

Penzer: The next match is scheduled for one fall... there is no time limit... it will be for the vacant European Championship! *cheers* Introducing first... standing 6'5" and weighing 238 lbs... from Oyster Bay, New York... he's a former Hardcore Champion, and currently holds the position as the Commissioner of the GCWA.... the martial arts Phenom... the Iceman!!

*A good portion of the crowd boos as Ice appears, with "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath playing in the background... Ice still gets a few cheers as he removes his mask in the ring, however, ready for combat... *

Heenan: Here he is, the man I've come to admire in recent months. It was brilliant how he and Ace worked it to get the Heavyweight Title away from Titan 3.

Tenay: Now, now, don't jump to conclusions, Bobby. We never saw Iceman with the Zamboni, and he's never admitted to being involved in the screwjob. For all we know, Ice was blameless.

Heenan: Uh-huh. Whatever you want to believe, Mikey.

JR: All that really matters, guys, is that we have what could have been a main event match taking place right now! The Iceman is a great wrestler, but he's only gathered in one title in his time with the GCWA, and that was for about a week. Another reign would truly help his wrestling credentials, not to mention giving the Commish a little more respect.

Penzer: His opponent... standing 6'6" and weighing in at 290 lbs... from Miami, Florida... he's held many belts in the GCWA, but is most known for the longest Heavyweight Title run in the history of the federation... one of the legends of the GCWA... Titan 3!!!

*"Tales of a Scorched Earth" by Smashing Pumpkins hits the air, and the fans explode with a loud ovation for the superstar... pyro ignites all around the stageway, covering it up with smoke and bright lights... you can see someone coming out and waving to the fans... boos start in the middle of the crowd, and quickly spread, as the Accelerator becomes visible... he heads for the ring, holding the European Title...*

Tenay: What the... what's the Accelerator doing out here? Where's Titan 3?

Heenan: Oh ho ho! I'm sensing that we're about to witness another chunk of history, guys. This oughta be good!

*The Accelerator enters the ring, as the Iceman stays back, watching him carefully... Ace pulls out a mic and waits for the 'chant' to die down...*

The Accelerator: Alright people, settle yourselves down. I know, you were expecting that has-been, Titan 3, out here. But you don't have to worry about that. You won't be seeing him. This may be the new GCWA, with the new alliance with the XCW federations, but that doesn't mean that Titan 3 has served his time yet. I suspended that former wrestler indefinitely, and I don't see any reason to revoke that. Whoever screwed that up when they booked the match will be dealt with, by the way. I don't like my fans being taken like that.

JR: Now there's a laugh. Everyone knows that the Accelerator personally approves each and every card. He had to have known about Titan 3 being listed on it. He just set this up to embarrass the man!

The Accelerator: Of course, whatever happens with Titan 3, that doesn't stop the fact that we still need a European Champion. I thought about this, and since my man John Steel will be a major competitor for the Heavyweight Title, and will later strip it away from Michael Breaker, I believe that we need someone who truly deserves the belt. Well, Iceman... since you appeared here today, and since you're obviously in great shape, I'm making it official. You get yourself a free win here tonight, and you are now the European Heavyweight Champion. Congratulations. Here's your title.

*The fans start booing even louder, as Ace hands off the European Title to the Iceman, who looks a little surprised... he looks around at the crowd for a few seconds, then shrugs and puts the belt around his waist...*

The Accelerator: Wear it with pride, Ice. You deserve it. Oh, by the way, fans, I do want to make one other announcement. You remember that Gilbreth guy, the former Internet champ, I believe? Well, some of you may recall that he laid a hand on me at the last pay-per-view, interrupting me while I worked to make things great for you guys.

Tenay: Actually, I believe he stopped you from interfering, and threw you off the cage. Ace is trying to change history again.

The Accelerator: Now, I have one rule that truly has to be followed. That rule is, you don't lay a hand on the man paying the checks. Andy Gilbreth, you went far and beyond that, and you know it. So from this moment on, Gilbreth is no longer a wrestler in the GCWA! He is fired, canned, whatever term you want to use...

*Suddenly, "Ride of the Valkyries" by Richard Wagner begins playing over the speakers for the second time that night, and the fans again cheer as Napalm strides out onto the rampway... he looks around, then heads for the ring, sliding inside of it with a glare at Ace and Ice... Ace looks annoyed, while Ice is in a karate defensive posture... Napalm has a mic...*

Napalm: Did you really think I was just going to let you get away with this, Ace? Handing a prestigious title to Ice, your friend, is wrong. And I'm the man who sets things right.

The Accelerator: Go backstage, Napalm. You've already wrestled tonight, and this is none of your concern, no matter how much you want to suck up to the fans.

Napalm: It's my concern when you continue to tarnish the image of a great wrestler. Titan 3 should be back in the GCWA, Ace, you know it and I know it. You screwed him out of his contract to get him suspended. It's time to get the man back! As for you, Iceman, if you had even a shred of dignity, you'd toss this belt right back in Ace's face!

The Accelerator: Now just a damn minute, Nape! Ice here rightfully deserves the belt, because he's worked hard to achieve it! I think you're just scared that my guy here is going to break your precious record for European Title defenses. You're a heartless coward, Napalm...

*Napalm steps forward suddenly, grabbing Ace by the front of his tuxedo jacket with both hands, startling him... before he can do anything, though, Ice flies forward with a stiff kick to Napalm's ribs, then, when he bends over in pain, spins and nails him in the face... Napalm crashes to the ground, as Ace carefully dusts off the front of his sit...*

JR: Now, c'mon, that just isn't right! Napalm had a rough match earlier, he's in no shape to be taking on two men!

Heenan: I agree, but he did lay his hands on Ace, didn't he? As the Prez said, that's something that leads to punishment! Napalm should have stayed in the back where he belonged.

*"Satch Boogie" by Joe Satriani comes out over the speakers, and the fans' boos become cheers as Richter races to the ring... Ace quickly heads over the ropes, and Ice follows, hesitantly... Richter enters the ring and watches them leave, single-file, down the aisleway, then checks on Napalm, who's quickly recovering...

Tenay: Alright, it looks like things are settling down. So here's what we know, fans. Titan 3 is still suspended. The Iceman is the new European Heavyweight Champion. Andy Gilbreth has been let go from the GCWA. And, of course, Napalm is not at all happy with the circumstances. He and Richter were close friends with both Titan 3 and Gilbreth, so I'm sure they're looking for revenge. We'll have to see what happens in the coming weeks.

Heenan: I can't wait, Mike, because you know Nape's going to want some revenge for that stiff boot to the face he took.

JR: I'm sure there will be repercussions for that one. I'm still wondering whether Ice is allied with Ace or not. He reacted instinctively with those kicks, but they don't appear to have been meant to injure. Those were just to stun Napalm, and get him off the President. Well, however Ace and Ice are connected, we need to continue with our card. Napalm looks ok. He's headed for the back, as Richter watches him go. He's ready for the Hardcore Title match, it looks like.

Tenay: Yeah. He's wearing that Accomplice mask again. I guess he just feels the need to have it over his face, since he returned with it to the GCWA. Richter's got a tough job ahead of him in this upcoming bout. Let's go to David Penzer for the ring announcements.

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen... the next bout is scheduled for one fall... it will be for the Hardcore Championship! *cheers* Before we announce the wrestlers involved in this fight, allow me first to introduce the special guest referee, signed for this bout by the Committee!

Heenan: We've got a special ref?? Why wasn't I told about this? I HATE being the last to know!

Tenay: Calm down, Heenan, none of us knew either.

Penzer: Standing 6'5" tall, and weighing in at 265 lbs... he's held the Hardcore Championship an unprecedented three times in his career, as well as two reigns with the GCWA Heavyweight Title... introducing Nightmare!!

*Richter stands in the ring, amazed, and the crowd explodes, as Nightmare walks out of the back to his Korn theme... he heads towards the ring, wearing a cut-off referee shirt... he enters the ring and looks at Richter, nods, then backs out of the way... *

JR: Richter looks a little shaken in there, and I can't blame him. Nightmare, the former Hardcore Champ, is the referee, rather than one of the contenders? Will he call it straight down the middle, or will he favor one of the sides?

Tenay: What I want to know is, was this who the Accelerator was talking to at the beginning of the show? Did Nightmare ask for this favor, to be the ref of this match? The long history between the Accelerator and Nightmare is well known, after all.

Heenan: Don't forget, Mike, Shag-Nasty said he'd make sure there was no interference. Nightmare's a good a person as any, I would think.

Penzer: Now for the actual competitors... first, already standing in the ring.... wrestling out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania... weighing 277 lbs, and standing 6'8" tall... he is a former Hardcore Champion with his heart set on returning to the top of that division... here is Richter!!

*The fans cheer as Richter climbs up on the turnbuckle and salutes them... a brief patch of his music plays, but it's quickly cut off...*

Tenay: Richter has been considered the favorite in this one to regain the Hardcore Title. But now that Morse is out of the competition, Richter is facing two other former Hardcore champions on his own. It may be considered a Triple Threat, but it's also going to be fought like a handicap match.

JR: Whoever wins here will be following in Nightmare's footsteps, that's for sure, Mike. Only Nightmare has won the title more than once. That's going to change tonight, guaranteed.

Penzer: Next... coming down the aisle... at 6'5", 242 lbs... from Los Angeles, California... he's also a former Hardcore Champion... he is a member of the Thrillseekers, known for his great abilities... Phenomena!!

*A version of Kid Rock's "Bawitaba" hits, and some fans still cheer as Phenomena moves down the aisle towards the squared circle... Richter watches him carefully as he rolls into the ring... *

Heenan: Here's the guy with the least on the line tonight. Er, unless you want to count Morse.

Tenay: You're right, Brain. If Phenomena gets the victory, he becomes the Hardcore Champion. However, unlike Richter and Outcast, if he gets pinned, he does not have to leave the GCWA. All Phenomena would take would be the loss on his record. Everyone knows that Phenomena wants another belt around his waist. Of course, we also know that Phen wouldn't mind giving the win to his teammate in order to eliminate Richter from the competition.

Penzer: Our final competitor stands 6'1" and weighs 220 lbs... wrestling out of Mexico City, Mexico... he has held both the Internet and Hardcore Championships in his career with the GCWA... now he risks it all to regain his old belt... from the Thrillseekers... here is Outcast!!

*The fans are openly hostile as Outcast heads for the ring, with Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" playing in the background... *

JR: Outcast is laying it all on the line in this one. If Richter manages to pin him, or makes him submit, Outcast's career is over. He'll have to pack up his locker and head home. He and Richter have really started a personal feud this week, enough to make both of them put their careers in the balance. Still, you've got to think Outcast has the upper hand. He and Phenomena are sure to work together against their Hardcore opponent.

Heenan: Outcast is tough enough on his own. With Phenomena helping him, things look bleak for Richter's chances.

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: It begins! One of the most anticipated matches of the night is about to blow the roof off of this place. Richter and Phenomena are already exchanging lefts and rights as Outcast hustles down to the ring. Nightmare is staying out of the way, watching cautiously. Richter hammers Phenomena with a couple of quick rights, then whips him off the ropes to the other side. But as Richter tries to go for a clothesline, Outcast dives into the ring and grabs one of his feet, unbalancing him enough that Phenomena can return and land a huge shoulder block! Richter drops onto his back, and Phenomena and Outcast both get up and grab his legs, dropping a double elbow! This match is hardcore. Anything is allowed.

Heenan: I just wish they weren't starting in the ring. There just aren't that many weapons there, Mike.

Tenay: It'll pick up, don't worry, Brain. Phenomena and Outcast bring Richter back up and lock his arms, preparing for a double suplex. But Richter blocks it, then somehow uses his enormous strength to bring both men up and down in a Fallaway Suplex!! That was a tremendous power move. Richter gets back up quickly, grabbing Phenomena by the back of the head and launching him over the top rope! Phenomena crashes to the ground, as Richter turns and blocks an Outcast punch, then returns one of his own. He nails Outcast repeatedly, then wraps Outcast up and shoots him over the ropes as well, right down on top of Phenomena!! The teammates spill to the floor, with Phenomena looking like he took the worst of it, as Richter steps through the ropes to the apron, then drops off with a Double Axehandle into the skull of Outcast!

JR: Richter's looking impressive early on, against two men, but how long can he hold out? He pulls Outcast back up and shoots him into the guardrail, sending him flipping over, then turns towards Phenomena, who is trying to pull himself back up. Richter moves in, grabbing Phenomena by the throat and tossing him in the other direction, into the ringpost! Phenomena staggers, holding his head, as Richter grabs a chair from Penzer and moves in, smashing him hard in the forehead, right where the hands were. Phenomena drops, and Richter makes the first cover, with Nightmare being right in position... 1.... 2.. Outcast is there, slamming his own chair across Richter's back! He nails him a few more times, adding to the destruction, then pulls Richter off of Phenomena and grabs his arm, bringing him down with a variation of the Crippler Crossface!

Heenan: Some of that Canadian training is showing up now. Nightmare stays close, watching, but Richter is already struggling to get free, pushing with his much larger frame to get off the ground. Outcast realized that the hold wasn't working, however. He gets up, releasing the hold, and pulls the big man to his feet. He then locks him up and flips him with the Bad Trip maneuver onto the hard floor!! Outcast shook him up with that one! He makes the cover... 1.... 2.... Richter kicks out. His career continues, albeit for a little while.

Tenay: Phenomena is getting himself up. He looks like his head's really bothering him from those chair shots. Hopefully we aren't going to lose a second man from this match due to a concussion. Outcast isn't that interested in his partner right now, though. He grabs Richter off the mat and sends him hard into the edge of the apron, causing Richter to slide to the ground in pain. Outcast yells something to Phenomena, who nods and moves away. As Outcast stomps away on Richter, Phenomena reaches under the ring, pulling out a table! This could get ugly. Phenomena sets it up nearby the other two fighters, bracing it. Meanwhile, Outcast pulls the stunned Richter up, dragging him towards the table. Outcast gets close enough to the table to try something, as Phenomena moves out of the way. Outcast pulls Richter onto the table, both trying to keep their balance as it moves to and fro. Outcast looks at the crowd, then grabs Richter's head to try the OD! But wait, Richter blocks it! He gets an arm around Outcast's upper torso instead, giving him the Death Penalty through the table!!!!!

JR: That thing broke like a wet paper towel!! Outcast could be gone from this one! The ref is in range again, as Richter ends up on top... 1.... 2... Phenomena stops things with a boot to the head, even as Outcast raises up a shoulder despite the pain! How Outcast is still moving is beyond me. That would kill a normal person. Of course, you don't get into the GCWA by being normal.

Heenan: That's true, JR. Why else would they have let you in?

Tenay: Ok, guys, we have enough action to call before you two going at it. Phenomena hauls Richter up out of the wreckage and delivers a Snap Suplex, driving Richter down. Richter still tries to get up afterwards, but he's a little too slow, giving Pheno a chance to back up, then charge with a running lariat that sends Richter on a 180 to the ground! Remember, these guys aren't fighting in the ring, they're on the floor, which has virtually no give! Phenomena moves back over to Outcast, trying to help him up, wait, Outcast with the roll-up on Phenomena!! The pin is there.... but Nightmare's not counting! As a matter o'fact, he's shaking his head! Phenomena kicks free and gets up, looking surprised at the special ref, who points out something to him. I can't understand what he's saying, but I think we might have a new rule that the Thrillseekers didn't know about!

JR: Maybe this is how Shag-Nasty is keeping it fair! He's made it so that Phenomena and Outcast cannot pin each other for the victory, they've got to take down Richter! Phenomena's arguing, as Outcast pulls himself up using the railing. In the aisleway, though, Richter is back on his feet! Not only that, he's got the ring bell! Nightmare sees him coming and dodges to the right, but Phenomena's just a hair slower, not having as much time to move. Richter clangs him on the head, sending him crashing to the ground, then falls on top of him for another cover! 1...... 2...... NO!! Outcast made the save, dropping both fists onto Richter's back. The double-team is still working against Richter, no matter how hard he continues to fight. Outcast pulls him up and quickly lands his OD maneuver, this time on the ground!!! That could do it!! Outcast with the cover.... 1..... 2...... and Richter gets a shoulder up!!

Heenan: The man's got to be running on fumes, but he's not willing to give up! Outcast has to knock him completely unconscious to end this one, and, frankly, I don't know what Outcast has left! You can tell his shoulder is in a bad way from that table shot. There's definitely blood on the back of his shirt. How much longer can any of these men go on?

Tenay: We don't know, Heenan, that's why we have the matches. Outcast gets Richter back up and takes him over to the guardrail, flipping him over it into the fans' domain. Outcast then follows, driving punch after punch into Richter's spinal cord. These guys both want the Hardcore Title, and they're willing to kill each other to get it. Outcast smashes Richter down with a quick faceplunge to the concrete, and once again tries the cover. Nightmare's slightly out of position, trying to get past the fans, but he manages it and drops.... 1...... 2..... Richter kicks out! Outcast is really frustrated now. He gets up and starts arguing with Nightmare, who shrugs and points to the crowd. There's not much he can do about that. Meanwhile, back in the aisle, Phenomena is still on the ground. He's moving, thank god, but he's not up to his feet just yet after getting his bell rung.

JR: Richter's trying to get up himself, as Outcast leaves Nightmare to pull the man all the way up. He positions him, then uses an uppercut to send Richter reeling. Outcast continues with the punishment, landing a series of hits. They're deep within the standing-room-only crowd now, who look to be hysterical from all the action going on right next to them. One fan even grabs at Outcast, who turns and locks him, dropping him with the OD!!!! We've got an unconscious fan, we need the medics out here pronto!! I don't think Outcast really meant to do it, he just reacted on instinct, and now a fan pays for trying to get to close to a Hardcore battle. I hope he's alright.

Heenan: I hope he doesn't sue us!

Tenay: Richter saw what happened, and now looks fired up! He grabs the stunned Outcast from behind and spins him, then locks him around the waist and drops backward with a Release German Suplex!! Outcast crashes to the ground, nearly taking out a few more fans. Luckily, security is doing their best to keep the area clear. Richter gets back to his feet and pulls Outcast up, throwing him bodily into a steel chair, sending Outcast flopping painfully over it to the ground. Richter then runs forward, using the chair as a launching pad to hop up and drop a leg across Outcast's throat! There's something you don't see from Richter that often. He makes the cover, and once again Nightmare dodges some fans to get to the count.... 1..... 2..... and Outcast escapes!! How much longer can this match go on??

Heenan: It could be forever, Mike. We've got a title, two careers, and a big payday in the balance! Neither of these guys are going to quit! Ace is a genius for signing this bout!

JR: I wouldn't go that far. All of these guys wanted the shot, and they're getting it. Medics are checking on that injured fan now, to see if he'll be ok. Meanwhile, Richter pulls Outcast up and starts to head back towards the aisleway, pulling him bodily along. I think Outcast is in bad shape right now. Richter lifts him onto his shoulders in a Fireman's Carry, then drops with a Death Valley Driver, smashing him into the ground!! Is that going to be it?? Richter with another cover.... 1..... 2..... and once more, NO!!! Outcast somehow escaped again! Even Nightmare seems surprised that he managed to get a shoulder up. Richter doesn't even bother to look at the ref. He starts to pull Outcast up, then suddenly spins... as Phenomena comes out of nowhere with a baseball bat, swinging and breaking it across Richter's ribs!!!!

Tenay: I could have sworn Phenomena was out of this one, but he had just enough time to rest and get a weapon, and now Richter's back on the ground! Phenomena, weary, drops the remains of the bat and falls onto Richter, making the cover.... 1..... 2..... and Richter gets out!! The match continues, with no end in sight! Phenomena, Outcast, and Richter are all bleeding now from various wounds. Bones are at the very least bruised up. Fatigue settled in a long time ago. Yet all three are still moving upwards, trying to continue! Phenomena is the first one up, grabbing Richter by the trunks and flipping him back over the rail, into the aisle. He slowly crawls over after him, as Outcast pulls himself up from the ground, wiping the sweat and blood from his eyes. Nightmare hops nimbly over the rail, obviously still very fresh.

JR: Phenomena sees his chance to finish things, I believe. He removes part of the padding along the aisleway, taking away even that slight cushion, as Richter again drags himself up. Phenomena comes over, booting him in the stomach, then locks him for the Sub-Zero!! He lifts, no, Richter's fighting him, trying to block it with all his strength. Phenomena tries again, and again Richter stops it, then lifts up, flipping Phenomena overhead to the mats behind him!! Phenomena lands at a bad angle, but still tries to get up, even as Richter turns. He puts his arms around Phenomena, setting him, and lifts, dropping him on the concrete with the 8.0!!!!! Dear god, that Brainbuster may have just left Phenomena in a hospital bed for the rest of his days!! Richter lands on top of the man, as Nightmare, right there, makes the count.... 1...... 2...... Outcast is too late... 3!!!!!!

Penzer: The winner... and now 2-time GCWA Hardcore Champion.... Richter!!!

Heenan: He did it!! Richter overcame the odds, despite a very tough battle from Phenomena and Outcast, and got the belt! Not only that, but no one's losing their career because of this! Oh well, can't have everything.

JR: That was an unbelievable fight, guys. We may be seeing this one on a highlight reel in the future. Outcast is helping Phenomena up, obviously depressed about not pulling off the victory. Richter is struggling to regain his own feet, as Nightmare walks to the ringside area and brings back the Hardcore Title, handing it off to the new champion. Nightmare seems pleased with what happened. I guess he thinks there's a worthy champion replacing him, after all the carnage we just witnessed.

Tenay: Maybe so, JR, but that doesn't change the fact that Nightmare's got a mic in his free hand!

Nightmare: Congratulations on your win, Richter. You deserve the belt. But when you go to sleep tonight, remember one thing: that belt isn't going to be around your waist for very long. Sweet dreams.

*Nightmare drops the mic and walks away, heading up the ramp, as Richter, incredulous, watches him go...*

JR: What does that mean? Is Nightmare returning to active status after this?

Tenay: It could be, Jim. I'm willing to bet that there's going to be a lot more discovered here over the next few weeks. Run the replay.

*We're shown oh so many moves... from the Rock Bottom through the table to Outcast's OD, to the final 8.0... the last picture is of Nightmare handing the belt to the triumphant Richter...*

Tenay: We've come down to two matches left on the card! Two of the biggest belts in the GCWA may change hands! We'll be back!

*The camera image switches to a shot of the arena garage... the Accelerator can be seen, flanked by two security guards, looking around the area... Ace smiles, and you hear him say "Here we go" as headlights can be seen coming into the entrance... the car stops, and the image fades out...*