JR: We're back, and we're ready to finish things off tonight! We've got 3 new champions. Will we gain two more before the night is out? Take it, Penzer!

Penzer: Our next bout is scheduled for one fall and is for the GCWA Intercontinental Championship! Introducing first... weighing in at 120 pounds, and standing 5'3" tall... fighting out of Los Angeles, California... he is the GCWA Cruiserweight Champion... "The Star" Steven Mysterio!

*"Nobody Does it Bettter" by Nate Dogg kicks in and he enters to a very positive pop from the crowd. He runs down the aisle, hitting the fans with high fives along the way, then enters the ring.*

JR: The man of a million nicknames is here now ready to wrap another belt around his waist. In his GCWA career, Mysterio has done almost everything.

Tenay: It's been said in the back that Mysterio is tired of being thought of as only a "Cruiserweight" Champ. Although that's been where a lot of his success has come from, Mysterio's looking to move into the major belts here tonight.

Penzer: And his opponent... weighing in at 275 pounds and standing 6'7" tall... from St. Louis, Missouri... he is your GCWA Intercontinental Champion... representing the Bastards Of Oblivion 2000... Dynamic Dynamite!!!

*Dynamite steps out to "Peace not Greed" by the Kottonmouth Kings, led by OG Thug, and followed by an enormous Oblivion pyro set. As the pyro cools down, the boos almost echoing, Dynamite whispers something to OG, who nods, turns, and goes backstage. Then, Dynamite charges the ring.*

JR: It looks like Dynamite wanted to fight this one alone, sending OG backstage. He slides into the ring as the bell rings, quickly hopping back to his feet. He charges Mysterio, who swings, but Dynamite ducks it and hits the brakes. He turns, only to be met with a quick jab to the face, and another, staggering the champion backwards. Mysterio grabs hold of him and sends him the other way into the ropes. Dynamite returns, and Mysterio is up, bringing his man to the mat with a Head Scissors Takedown. Both men are quick to their feet however, and Dynamite comes in again, only to receive a Drop-Toe Hold. Dynamite hits the mat face-first, then rolls to the outside to catch his breath.

Heenan: This one is starting off a little too fast for Dynamite, and that's the way Mysterio like to do things. Dynamite hears the ref counting, and the cheers for Mysterio from the fans, but he seems to be ignoring them. Finally he climbs back up into the ring, demanding that the ref escort Mysterio away. He enters, then walks towards his opponent, the two of them locking up. Dynamite takes the advantage, wrenching Steven's arms back behind him, but Mysterio reverses, grabbing hold of Dynamite's wrist, executing a back flip, then sending a Heel Kick into the champion's face. Dynamic hits the mat, and Mysterio covers.... 1... but its way too early for any of that. Mysterio gets back to his feet first, bringing up Dynamite. He locks on for a Suplex, getting Dynamic half way over, but Dynamite shakes his legs and falls back to the ground. Now, Dynamite brings Mysterio up for a Suplex, but falls instead with a Brainbuster. Mysterio is hurting now, but Dynamite doesn't look through. He brings Mysterio back to his feet and slings him towards the corner.

Tenay: No, he holds onto Mysterio's arm and brings him back, dropping him to the mat hard with a clothesline. But he isn't done there. He brings Mysterio up again, and drops him with another clothesline. Then he pulls him to his feet once more, locks on a Belly-to-Belly, spins, and drills it. He covers.... 1.... 2..... and Mysterio gets a shoulder up. That one was close, but it's going to take more then a few clotheslines and a Suplex to keep Mysterio down. Dynamite doesn't seems fazed however, bringing Mysterio up one more time. He hooks on a DDT, but Mysterio punches out of it with a shot to the ribs. Mysterio now backs off the ropes and charges, but Dynamite drops him back to the mat with a boot to the face. He grabs a handful of hair, doesn't find any, and instead pulls on an arm, bringing Mysterio up once more. In typical Dynamite style, he slaps the Star right across the face.

JR: Dynamite still has that Bastard mentality, taking any chance he can to humiliate his opponent. The slap seems to have awakened Mysterio however, and he responds with a hook to Dynamite's ribs. He connects on another, then another, driving the champion back into the corner. Now he's wailing away at him with a flurry of jabs and hooks, and Dynamite looks to be in trouble. Mysterio quits punching, climbs up to the second buckle, and kicks Dynamite right in face. Double D falls forward to the mat, and Mysterio shouts to the crowd, who cheer him back. He climbs up the buckles now to the top, sizes Dynamite up, and Frog-Splashes right on his back. He rolls him over.... 1.... 2..... but Double D finds a way to get out of it.

Heenan: This match has shifted once again, and I don't think Mysterio is done just yet. He brings Dynamite up again, once again locking on a Suplex, and this time connecting. Quickly he runs to the ropes and comes back with a fast elbow drop across Dynamite's chest. He's up again, springing off the ropes once more, flipping on his return, and landing the flip with a Legdrop on the champ's throat. He covers again..... 1..... 2..... and once again Dynamite finds a little extra to get out of it. Mysterio has got to be looking for something to end this one. He gets to his feet and charges the buckles once more, but Dynamite is up quick as well. He charges and spears Mysterio in the back, sending his colliding into the buckles. Mysterio is now heaped over the corner as Dynamite looks to finish him off. He lifts him up onto the top, climbs up after, and locks on a Back-Drop. He lifts... and drops in the center of the ring!! That was a huge move!

*As the announcers continue to talk, we switch to a picture from the back... Derek Mobley is shown, watching on a television monitor... he shakes his head in disgust, muttering something about the two "suckas" in the ring... he then smacks the television with his hand, sending it to the ground in pieces... we return to the match in progress, with the announcers not knowing what just took place in the back...*

JR: The only problem with that Super-Back-up is that it seems to have taken a toll on both men, seeing as how neither one of them is moving in there. The ref is starting to count in there, already at 4.... 5.... 6..... and the crowd seems to be reacting to something. What? Hey, it's Lan Ragus and the J.Y. Kidd! They're coming down the ramp slowly, ignoring the boos from the audience. Mysterio is to his feet first, slung over the bottom rope and using those ropes to help him stand. He doesn't see the Bastards heading towards the ring. Dynamite is up to knee now in the middle of the ring, and Mysterio, now to his feet, helps him up the rest of the way. He slings Dynamite into the corner and charges. He sets him up, and hits the Short Sensation! He covers.... but Lan Ragus is up on the apron! The Kidd takes advantage, stealing a chair from the bell ringer and sliding into the ring. Mysterio gets up, ducks a swing from the Kidd, then clotheslines him over the top rope and to the floor! Mysterio turns back to Dynamite, but Double D is up, kicking Mysterio in the gut, moving in, and drilling him with the Dynamic Pain! Ragus hops off the apron as Dynamite covers..... 1..... 2...... 3!!!! And this one is over!

Penzer: Here is your winner... and STILL the GCWA Intercontinental Champion.... Dynamic Dynamite!!

Heenan: Dynamite pulls off another win! What a champion!

JR: He cheated Brain!

Heenan: He won, and he still has his belt, JR. That's all that counts in this industry!

Tenay: It isn't over in the ring though guys. Mysterio is now being attacked by J.Y. and Ragus. Dynamite has gathered his belt and left to the backstage, but the other Bastards are still on Mysterio. Ragus drops now, locking on his painful submission move, the Execution, as the Kidd continues to stomp away anywhere he sees Mysterio exposed. The two of them are really putting a number over on the Cruiserweight Champion. But wait, who's this charging the ring?

JR: I recognize him from the back, Mike. That's Johnny Wonder, Mysterio's new running mate! He slides into the ring with a chair in hand, wasting no time drilling the steel into J.Y.'s face! J.Y. falls out of the ring, barely able to get to his feet, with a fresh trail of blood running out of his nose. Ragus has broken the hold and escaped outside to J.Y., but Wonder might have been too late. Mysterio is barely moving in the ring. As he checks on Mysterio, why not take us through the replays, Brain.

Heenan: It's always me doing your work for you, huh? I tell you, sometimes I wonder if you guys know how lucky you are to have me.

*The other announcers sigh as Heenan starts in on the explanations... the main moves covered are the Short Sensation and the Dynamic Pain... *

JR: Well, it looks like Mysterio's able to walk out of here, with help from Johnny Wonder. Does this mean the war between the Unexpected and the BOO2K is back on? We'll just have to see.

Heenan: I love wars. They're always part of the mystique of wrestling, after all. So, Mike, what's next?

Tenay: It's time for the main event! Michael Breaker finally defends the belt he won at Warriors of the Ring 2000! Let's go to the ring, and to David Penzer!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the main event of the evening... two men will vye for the greatest title in the GCWA, the Heavyweight Strap... one will leave with the gold... one will leave in shame... are you ready? *cheers* No, really, are you READY?? *louder cheers* Then Let's... Get... It... ON!!!!!!

*The place explodes once more, as the crowd starts chanting for the Man Breaker.... *

Penzer: Introducing first... standing 6 feet tall and weighing 212...

*"Sweating Bullets" plays over the speakers, followed by the boos of the crowd, as the Accelerator walks out onto the ramp... he waves to Penzer and raises his mic...*

JR: He's out here again?? Now what's going to happen??

The Accelerator: Save the vocal chords, Penz. We've got a change of plans. Settle down, folks, this'll just take a second, I swear. Breaker? I know you're right backstage, I saw you. Come on out here.

*Michael Breaker's new theme plays and the fans get to their feet... after a second or so, Breaker, wearing the Heavyweight Championship, walks out onto the ramp, looking towards the Accelerator... Ace motions him closer, then brings the mic back up...*

The Accelerator: Alright, Breaker. Here's the deal. X-Dog's playing like he's injured, and has stayed home. I don't believe it, and I'm sure you don't either, but it's within his contract to declare himself unfit to fight. If he doesn't want the title shot, it's fine by me. It's stuff like this that leads wrestlers to retirement. Trust me. Anyway, because of this, you're getting yourself a free defense and a notch on your belt. Congratulations. However, before you get too cocky, I've cooked up a little surprise for you. I've got a man in the back who I owed a favor to, and tonight, he's collecting. So the fans are not going to be disappointed, Breaker. They're getting a Heavyweight Title match.

Tenay: Wait a second.... Ace is talking about his phone call from the beginning of the show! Then it wasn't Nightmare he was talking to! Who else is there that's Ace's old friend? Is Iceman getting a shot? Or is it someone else?

The Accelerator: Let's play announcer, shall we? Introducing one of the legends of the GCWA... a 2-time Heavyweight Champion... a man who will always deserve a shot at the title... introducing the one and only Thug of the GCWA!!!

*Pyro explodes all around the Accelerator and Breaker, including one very close to Breaker's face, blinding him... "I'm Back" by Eminem starts to blast over the speakers, and the picture of a howling wolf appears on the screen... the big man comes out of the back, immediately going after Breaker with lefts and rights, sending him backwards down the ramp, as Ace steps out of the way, grinning...*

The Accelerator: Ace Thug vs. Michael Breaker! You'll only see it here!

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: So we have a surprise main event! Michael Breaker gets a victory over X-Dog, but now he's got to defend the title against a very different foe! Animal Thug is a legend in the GCWA, there's no doubt about it! He was the third person ever to hold the Heavyweight Title! Breaker's in for a war!

Heenan: Don't get his name confused, Mike. He's the Ace Thug now.

JR: Ace, Animal, it's all the same, Heenan. Right now, "Ace" Thug is in control, pulling the blinded Breaker towards the ring and slamming him facefirst on the apron, before rolling him inside the ring. Ace Thug climbs up and enters, as Breaker gets to his feet and finally starts throwing some offense of his own, kicking away with a big boot to the gut of the Thug, stopping his momentum. Breaker then grabs Thug's arm, sending him into the ropes. On the return, Thug tries a shoulder block, but Breaker barely seems to feel it. They stare at each other for a second, then Breaker hits the ropes and comes back with a lowered shoulder of his own. Once again, the two collide, with little effect. Breaker heads to the ropes once more and returns, ducking under a Thug clothesline and charging back with a running Spear!!

Tenay: Nice hit! Both men crash to the ground, with Thug taking the worst of it. Breaker gets up, finally having time to remove the Heavyweight Title from around his waist. He grabs Ace Thug on the way up and gets a hammer lock, punching away on the man's head. But Thug shows his strength is still intact, lifting Breaker off the ground just enough to deliver an Atomic Drop! Breaker bounces off and hits the ropes, nearly toppling to the outside. He gets his feet back under him and turns, only to take a massive two-handed punch from the Thug! Breaker falls into the ropes, getting his arms tangled in them. The champ is now defenseless! The Thug takes immediate advantage, stomping away and trying to take the starch out of his opponent. There's no doubt here that Animal Thug, or Ace Thug, wants to become the first 3-time Heavyweight Champion!

Heenan: Well, duh, Mike. Something like that could guarantee a placement in the Hall of Fame, not to mention the prestige and fame that comes with it.

JR: After a few more hits by the Thug, the ref intercedes, ordering him back while he works on freeing Breaker. He untangles the ropes, and Breaker slumps to the ground. Ace Thug immediately tries the pin.... 1..... 2.. Breaker kicks out. The Thug gets right back up with Breaker in tow. Boy, what a battle of Goliaths! Both of these guys are near 7 feet tall! It's been a while since we've seen someone come in nearly as large as Breaker!

Tenay: The Thug brings him over with a Belly-to-Back, then gets up and plants a knee into the man's stomach, NO, Breaker sat up, dodging the blow, and Ace Thug is holding his knee in pain! Michael Breaker hops up to his feet, rubbing his side. He slams a fist dead center into the Thug's forehead, sending him backwards. After a few more combinations, Breaker gets a hold of Animal Thug's head and drops with a DDT. He tries a cover.... 1..... 2... the Thug gets free, and the Heavyweight Title Match continues. Breaker pulls the Thug back up and whips him into the corner, then moves in himself, slowly but surely. He slams his knee into the midsection of the Thug, then steps back and uses his foot right into Thug's throat, choking him down as the ref counts. Breaker releases, then looks to the fans and starts pumping his arms! I think he's going to try to end this one quickly!

JR: But can he get the Thug up in that Torture Rack of his, the first part of the Manbreaker?? I mean, this is no IRS we're talking about here! Breaker slams another boot into the Thug, then hauls him out of the corner and leans over, trying to get Ace Thug into the air and onto his shoulders. But Ace Thug has other ideas, spinning away from Breaker while simultaneously reaching for the man's head, snapping him with a Neckbreaker!! Both wrestlers are down, in this violent confrontation! Who's going to win out? Who's the next champion?

Heenan: Dynamic Dynamite!

JR: ..... What???

Heenan: He's headed down to the ring, JR, along with Shannon Shag-Nasty! Why he's there, I don't know, but he's definitely interested in this one!

Tenay: Maybe because he was declared the next man to get a title shot, this Thursday at Torrent. Dynamite's here to get involved! But the match has already started, and has been going on for some time now! What's the point? In the ring, both men are to their feet, and are locked in a vicious power struggle, each trying to get the leverage to send their opponent backwards. After a few seconds, Ace Thug suddenly steps back and to the right, unbalancing Breaker and allowing the former 2-time champ to lock him up and get a Backbreaker to fall! Michael Breaker's really having a tough time tonight, but who can blame him? He trained for a cruiserweight, and Ace Thug is anything but one.

JR: Ace Thug tries another cover... 1.... 2... Breaker kicks out. He's still the heavyweight champion, at least for now. The Thug stands again, grabbing onto Breaker's legs to apparently try a submission hold. But wait, Dynamic Dynamite is in the ring, coming up behind the Thug and locking him, then dropping with the Dynamic Pain!!! The Thug is down and hurting, as Dynamite quickly goes after the champion, pulling him up and using his Ultimate Pain maneuver on him!!! The match is now officially chaos!!! The ref is signaling for the bell. I think this fight is going to be tossed out. Too bad, it was really looking good!

Heenan: Dynamic Dynamite just wiped out both the contender and the champion!! I knew it, guys! Dynamite is the next Heavyweight Champion of the GCWA!!

Tenay: Anything's possible in the Global Championship Wrestling Association, I'll give you that, Bobby! We're out of time, and the pay-per-view is coming to an end! Be sure and join us this Thursday!! We'll see you there!

*Dynamic Dynamite climbs the turnbuckle, saluting himself and spitting at the booing fans... he seems thrilled with the turn of events... but suddenly, Michael Breaker is back up, dazed but still able to think... he moves over, grabbing Dynamite by his trunks and yanking him off the turnbuckle to the mat! Breaker then leans over and starts slugging away on Dynamite, who has gone from on top of the world to fighting from the mat... Ace Thug grabs for the ropes, trying to get up, as Shannon Shag-Nasty watches from ringside, a hard to decipher expression on his face... we fade out...*