*The PPV Ordering screen fades out, and the picture becomes a shot of the Presidential office... the Accelerator is sitting at his desk, angrily talking on the phone...*

The Accelerator: Yes, that's what I said.. uh huh... no, he still hasn't shown up... I guarantee to you that the man is going to face a suspension, whether he's injured or not! So we'll do what we talked about, right? Ok... yeah... can you be here in two hours? Fine... I'll see you then... oh, and consider the favor repaid... yes.... alrighty then... Peace...

*Ace hangs up the phone, and sits back in the chair, with a pleased smile on his face... *

The Accelerator: It's good to be back. Heh heh heh heh.

*The picture shifts from the Accelerator, changing to the GCWA logo... after a few seconds, it begins to shine... a bright light sprinkles across it, then slams into the banner, shattering it.... loud trumpets play in a historic tune, as visions of the past are shown... "Stone Cold" Steve Austin battling Animal Thug at the first ever GCWA ppv... Phoenix going toe-to-toe with Heavy P... Marty Janetty squaring off against Blade... Shannon Shag-Nasty exchanging blows with Darkstarr... DMX flying from the turnbuckle to crush an unknown wrestler.. Titan 3 holding the World Heavyweight Title... the image slowly fades away, and the music tunes out... after a few seconds, a massive rock theme hits, and the still images become moving ones, as wrestlers fly all over the ring... Richter is shown smashing someone through a table... Outcast performs the Burnout... Garrett Jax flies off the turnbuckle with a double axehandle, while, on the split-screen, the Dopeman grins wickedly after a painful shot to the head... the Iceman and Titan 3 are shown locked in position, trying to outmuscle the other while staring into the other's eyes... Dynamic Dynamite brings a man to the ground with the Dynamic Pain, while Steven Mysterio leaves the turnbuckle to hit the Short Sensation... finally, Michael Breaker is pictured, holding up the World Title that he won at Warriors of the Ring 2000... behind him, the eyes of X-Dog are seen, staring... the words "Return To Greatness" appear on the screen for a few seconds, then fade out... we go live to the Reunion Arena in Dallas, Texas, where the pyro has been ignited... explosions go all the way up the aisle and into the ring, as flames ignite all four corners... the sold-out crowd is screaming, excited to be in attendance to the return event of one of the greatest federations in the world... some signs are pictured, among them: "I Wanna Be Hardcore", "Every Man Has a BREAKING Point", and "Ice Cracks Under A Titan's Weight"... we zoom in on the broadcast table, near the ring, where Mike Tenay, Jim Ross, and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan are seated... *

Mike Tenay: Hello, fans! Your dreams have been answered! Your wish has been fulfilled! The Global Championship Wrestling Association is back in business, and looking better than ever!! Things have changed a lot in the last month, as many of us were concerned about the GCWA's complete future.

Bobby Heenan: You're telling me, Mike. I sent out a bunch of resumes, but never got a response. I guess the mail's a little slow nowadays, with all the postal worker strikes and all. Anyway, it's good to be back with you guys here, tonight!

Jim Ross: Out of money, huh, Bobby?

Heenan: No, no, I'm fine. Of course, if you want to give me some capital to work with....

JR: Not a chance, Weasal. For those of you tuning in on the faith that the GCWA will be as good as it ever was, you made the right decision. Tonight is going to be a fantastic night of wrestler, very much worth the fee that you paid to get the event on your tv. We've got 5 title matches tonight, all of which look to have the best wrestling in them. Things couldn't be better, eh, Tenay?

Tenay: I seriously doubt it, JR. For a time, we weren't even sure the GCWA was going to return, after the serious injuries to the President, the Accelerator inflicted by one of our former wrestlers, Andy Gilbreth. As most of you know, Ace was thrown from the top of a steel cage, then jumped on by Gilbreth, leaving him out of action. Luckily for us, not only is Ace a quick healer, he also used the time off to work out a deal for the GCWA, putting us into the XCW Alliance! This gives the GCWA a great talent market to work with, and really inspires our wrestlers to go all out when they're with us, to show off to the other federations. Tonight should be the start of something special. Tell us about the matches, Heenan.

Heenan: Oh, why not. Well, folks, coming up tonight, we've got the Cruiserweight Contenders match between Joshua Curtis and Napalm. The winner gets a Cruiserweight Title shot next week. The Dopeman and Garrett Jax will battle it out for the Internet strap, in what has been refered to as a "gimmick" bout. The gimmick is really unknown at this time. We've got the Iceman and Titan 3 renewing acquaintances for the vacated European Title, then Steven Mysterio and Dynamite Dynamite will brawl for the IC strap. Four men will battle fiercely to try and earn the Hardcore Title. Finally, in the main event, Michael Breaker gets his first official defense of the GCWA Heavyweight Title, as he goes against X-Dog, a former 2-time champion. With all that, how could you NOT spend the 30 bucks to get this?

JR: For once we agree, Bobby. We're expecting at least three titles to be around new waists tonight, filling the GCWA ranks. Who's going to be leaving here with some gold? We'll soon find out. Let's go to the ring, where David Penzer has returned to bless us with his golden voice and brass...

David Penzer: I'll take it from here, JR. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the opening bout of Return to Greatness!! Are you ready? *cheers* Then let's get it on!!! The first match of the night is scheduled for one fall, with a 20-minute time limit... the winner of this bout will receive a Cruiserweight Title shot... introducing first... from Penns Grove, New Jersey... standing 5'9" and weighing 175 lbs... looking to move towards his first title reign in the GCWA... the man who needs no gimmick... Joshua Curtis!!

*"What If" by Creed plays on the speakers, followed by Joshua Curtis striding out of the back... he heads for the ring, amid a combination of cheers and boos...*

Heenan: Y'know, I've been watching Curtis this week, and I do believe that he is building himself into a true contender. He looks stronger than he used to, at least. Maybe the boy is finally ready to become a man in the GCWA.

JR: Well, it is true, Heenan, that a lot of people are thinking that Curtis' decision to give up on his "Dark Angel" persona was a smart one. Curtis is now focused only on wrestling, which means that he and Napalm are sure to give us a good fight.

Penzer: His opponent... from Hartford, Connecticut... weighing in at 222 lbs, and standing 6'3" tall... he's a former European and Intercontinental Champion, and now seeks to move up and claim the Cruiserweight strap... Napalm!!

*"Ride of the Valkyries" by Richard Wagner starts the fans cheering, as Napalm appears in the entryway... the cruiserweight gives some of the fans a high five along the way, but appears focused on Curtis, who's standing and staring in the ring...*

Tenay: After all he's been through, it's good to have Napalm here in the GCWA. Napalm was a favorite in the Warriors of the Ring tournament before the Accelerator and John Steel tricked him, turning Neo into an assassin-for-hire. Since then, we've heard that Napalm's been healing, along with his partner Richter, and his sensei master.

Heenan: Was he healing or hiding, Mike? I heard that Napalm was embarrassed after losing to the Real Deal, one of the best wrestlers this federation has ever seen. I think maybe the real reason that Napalm wants the Cruiserweight Title is because he doesn't want anymore of Ace or his friends.

JR: That is completely ridiculous, Heenan, and you should know better. Napalm's wanted the Cruiserweight Title ever since Mysterio and X-Dog scammed him out of it at the beginning of 2000. Napalm's finally getting his chance to move up. But he's got to get past Curtis first.

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: Alright, we're set to begin things here. Just to let everyone know, the decision was made from the head office today that this match is to be No-Interference. Anyone who decides to try and change the match's outcome will be suspended immediately. There is also no special referee, despite the wishes of a few wrestlers, namely Steven Mysterio. I guess the Accelerator decided that a clean bout between these two stars would be more popular to the fans.

JR: It works for me, Mike. Napalm and Curtis quickly circle each other, as the ref stays out of the way. They lock up, with Curtis quickly getting behind Napalm while wringing his arm upwards. Napalm struggles for a second, then reverses it, spinning around Curtis, who immediately responds with an on-target elbow shot, stunning Napalm and allowing Curtis to turn and fire multiple punches into the man's face. Curtis drives him back to the ropes, then grabs the arm, whipping him towards the other side. Napalm returns, and Curtis leapfrogs him, landing and turning around as Napalm rebounds again. He jumps high again, this time with a dropkick that smacks Napalm in the jaw, dropping him onto his back.

Heenan: I love watching this cruiserweights. They're so fast, and light on their feet! Josh gets back to his feet easily, pulling Napalm up. He tries a Snap Suplex, but Napalm blocks it with a foot, then brings Curtis up and down instead, bouncing off the mats. Both men rise up and lock arms, with Napalm winning out with a quick Hip Toss. As Curtis pulls himself back up, Napalm charges, arm outstretched, and clotheslines him right over the top rope! Curtis mainly manages to land on his feet, before falling to the ground, saving himself some pain. He grabs at the apron and pulls himself up, as Napalm rebounds on the other side and runs in, pushing himself up and over the ropes for a Suicide Splash! Oh, but Curtis saw it and dived out of the way, and Napalm crashes to the ground, completely unprepared for it!! That could be a major turning point!

JR: That was simply bad timing by Napalm. I guess he thought the fall had rattled Josh Curtis more than it did. The ref starts the count, as Curtis drags Napalm up and whips him into the railing, backfirst. Napalm falls back to the ground, hurting, as Curtis grabs the apron and hauls himself up. He points down at Napalm almost mockingly, then runs along the apron and jumps, dropping both knees on top of the cruiserweight! These guys are always insane. That's why we like to watch, I suppose. Curtis gets back to his feet with only a small limp, shaking off the pain. He brings Napalm back up and pulls him to the apron, sliding him in, then follows. Curtis then tries to make the cover... 1..... 2... Napalm kicks out.

Tenay: There was too much time spent on the outside for the pin to be successful, but the attempt had to be made. Curtis gets back to his feet and charges towards the turnbuckle, climbing up. He positions himself, as Napalm fights to his feet. Curtis dives off, attempting a shoulder block, but Napalm manages to catch him in midair, turning into a variation of a Reverse Atomic Drop!! Curtis drops in pain, as Napalm grabs the ropes to keep from falling. We're just getting warmed up, and both of these men are showing their fatigue. Curtis pulls himself back up, only to take a boot to the midsection from his adversary. Napalm then gets the double underhook, and performs a Pedigree! He goes for the pin.... 1.... 2.... no, Curtis gets free. Napalm doesn't miss a beat. He's right back up, coming off the ropes and dropping his leg across Curtis' throat, then tries again.... 1..... 2.... again Curtis escapes. Napalm shakes his head and gets back up, pulling Curtis along with him, as the ref moves out of range.

Heenan: This one's been back and forth so far, but Napalm's starting to show his resolve in this one. Good to see the man's still got the will to fight, huh, JR?

JR: Whatever, Heenan. Napalm sends Curtis hard into the corner, then comes in himself with a mighty splash. Napalm then climbs up the turnbuckle, hammering away on Joshua as the fans chant along, counting up to 10. Napalm, not satisfied with what he's done, climbs higher, pulling Curtis up with him. He sets him for a Frankensteiner, trying to bring him down hard. But Curtis locks a leg around the ropes, stopping the momentum just enough to turn the Hurricanrana into a Powerbomb variation!!! Both men stay down for a second, then Curtis rolls over, making the cover.... 1..... 2...... NO! Napalm raises a shoulder, and the match continues. Curtis looks a little perturbed, but he should have made the pin a little faster.

Heenan: So says the man not taking the punishment. Joshua Curtis works his way vertically, bringing Napalm up with him. He gets a lock on him and drops with the Dark Days maneuver! That could do it! Curtis with another pin.... 1..... 2..... Napalm is up again! Man, I'm not sure Curtis has enough left in him to put this man away. Napalm is a machine!

Tenay: That's not going to stop Curtis from trying, though, Bobby. He's already headed up the turnbuckle for another high risk maneuver. He raises both hands and spins off with the Angel Splash! No, Napalm got his knees up!!! Another rude awakening for Joshua Curtis. Both men are down, as the ref starts the mandatory 10 count. I would hate to see a double countout after his battle. Curtis appears to be getting to his feet first, although it's a close race. Curtis sees Napalm and takes a swing, but misses, as Napalm ducks, then hooks him and lifts for a Back Body-Drop! Oh, but Curtis lands on his feet and grabs Napalm from behind, pushing him into the ropes for a pinning combination. Napalm hangs onto the ropes, though, and Curtis falls backwards on his own. Without a second's hestitation, Napalm hops upwards onto the middle rope, and springs backwards with a Moonsault, crashing down onto Josh Curtis! He makes the pin.... 1...... 2..... NO! Curtis is still alive!

Heenan: What is fueling these guys? There's not even a title on the line!

JR: Sometimes the shot is just as important as the belt, Brain. You ought to know that. Napalm peels Curtis off the mat and sends him flying into the turnbuckle, then follows him in, landing some boots to the gut before lifting him upwards. Curtis is hurting, there's no doubt about it. That missed 450 might have injured some ribs. Napalm gets him onto the turnbuckle and starts to lock him for the Agent: Orange maneuver he's well known for, as Curtis starts to struggle against it, trying to hold onto the pads. Napalm's not to be stopped, though, as he gets in a kidney shot, then lifts Curtis up, dropping down with his finisher!!! Both men hit hard, but Curtis obviously takes the brunt of the hit, as the fans cheer, seeing the great move take place. Napalm makes the slow cover, grabbing at the legs.... 1.... 2..... 3!!!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen... the winner... Napalm!!!

Tenay: That was a terrific match-up to open things tonight, guys. Curtis showed a few of his moves, and seemed poised for the upset. But Napalm's experience proved to be too much. This means that next week, Napalm will get a Cruiserweight Title match against Steven Mysterio. That should be a great duel, don't you think?

Heenan: Yeah, it should, but we've got so much more to watch tonight that I don't feel like looking so far ahead. Let's roll the replay!

*Heenan talks us through some of the great moves of the match... the leap off the apron, the Moonsault, the Dark Days, and finally the Agent: Orange are shown in sequence... the replay ends... *

*We go to the back, where there's a shot of a hallway... crashing noises can be heard... the cameraman moves forward, and we see Gex Spellmen walking out of a dressing room, with the shattered remains of a lamp in his hand... he drops the light at the cameraman's feet, and walks away... the cameraman enters the room, panning around, and we see Gabe Morse lying on the ground, a bloody welt on the back of his head... you can hear the cameraman calling for help as we return to the broadcast location...*

Tenay: What on earth was that all about? Spellmen leveled Gabriel Morse! Did Morse say something to provoke this, or is Spellmen just a loose cannon??

Heenan: I think Spellmen just wanted to make a name for himself at the pay-per-view. He thought he deserved to be on the card, but he was left off of the matches by the Accelerator, so he created a fight for himself. Won it, too.

JR: Won it? He came from behind and ko'ed Morse! How is that a victory? We'll just have to see if Morse even makes it to the Hardcore Tag-Team match later this evening. For now, though, we've got to decide an Internet Champion!

Penzer: Our next bout is scheduled for one fall, and is for the Internet Title! Introducing first... being led to the ring by Angelina Jolie... standing 5'10" and weighing 195 lbs... from Seattle, Washington... you knew him as Blade, now welcome him as Garrett Jax!

*"The Last Resort" by Papa Roach hits, followed by a spectacular pyro, and Jax steps out with his new valet. They pose at the top of the ramp for a moment, then make way to the ring. Jax enters while Angelina struts around the outside.*

JR: Here he is, one of my personal favorites in the GCWA. Jax has had a long career here, starting way back when in the early days of the GCWA, and now he returns to help us return to greatness.

Heenan: He's got a new image, a new attitude, and a new valet. And may I add that Angelina is looking....

Tenay: Please Brain, for once in your life, try and keep one of our telecasts professional.

Heenan: I'm always a professional, Mike. I just wanted to say that, in my professional opinion, Angelina is looking hot!

Penzer: And his opponent... he stands 6'4" tall and weighs 223 lbs... wrestling out of Raleigh, North Carolina... one of the many men with a new attitude here in the GCWA, and a former Hardcore Champion... from the Thrillseekers... please welcome Dopeman!

*"All My Best Friends Are Metalheads" by Less then Jake plays over the PA and Dopeman receives a positive pop from the crowd, much like Jax's own. He makes his way to the ring, hardly noticing Angelina on the side, and slides in. The bell rings.*

Tenay: And this one is under way folks. Jax moves in quickly on Dopeman just as he gets to his feet. They lock up, Jax taking an early advantage, backing his man into the corner. Dopeman struggles against it, but Jax sends an early shot into the stomach with a knee. He flips Dopeman over that knee now to the mat. Dopeman is fast to his feet however, backing away from Jax to measure him up. The two move in to lock up once more, and Jax once again takes advantage. He sends Dopeman into the ropes, but misses on the return with a clothesline. Dopeman springs off the other side to come back, and Jax hits the mat forcing Dopeman to leap over him and bounce off the other side. Jax gets back to his feet and drops his head, but it was too soon, as Dopeman suddenly stops and boots Garrett in the jaw.

JR: Garrett stands up holding his face, but quickly hits the mat with force as Dope drops him with a charging clothesline. It looks like Dopeman is going to run the pace of this match now. He helps Garrett back up, locks on a Neckbreaker, and drops to the mat with the impact of the move. Dopeman makes an early cover hoping for a surprise, but Garrett kicks out with energy after just a one count. Dopeman gets back to his feet, bringing Jax up with a handful of his scalp. The ref warns Dopeman, but Dope doesn't seem to hear him. He swipes Jax across the chest with a stiff slap, but Jax shakes it off, slapping Dopeman back across his own chest. The two exchange blows now, neither man backing off the others attack. Jax slaps twice now, reeling Dopeman back, but Dope moves in with a fast uppercut taking Garrett by surprise. Garrett stumbles backwards, and Dopeman is on him, locking him up with a Fishermen's Suplex. He brings Garrett down and holds it with a bridge.... 1.... 2..... and Jax kicks out with only a second to spare.

Heenan: That was a close one, Garrett had better start paying attention or else he could be out of this one. Dopeman brings Garrett back to his feet and sends him into the corner. He charges in for a Splash, but Garrett is out of the way, and Dopeman collides hard with nothing but turnbuckle. He slowly takes a step backwards, and Jax is on him, dropping him quickly with an inverted DDT. Garrett gets back to his feet, moves to the buckles, and climbs to the second. He leaps with a Moonsault from that second turnbuckle, and lands it, but he doesn't look done yet. He brings Dopeman back to his feet for another move, lifting him into the air, and dropping him throat first on the ropes. Dopeman falls to the mat again, and Garrett is back up the buckles, this time climbing to the very top. He turns towards Dopeman, leaps, and drops down with a big Legdrop across the throat. He covers..... 1..... 2...... and Dopeman barely finds room to lift one of his shoulders.

Tenay: You want to talk about a close fall, well that was about as close as it gets. Jax looks a little surprised after the onslaught he just unleashed on Dopeman, but I doubt he's even close to being out of moves. He brings Dope back to his feet and backs him into the corner. He climbs up, possibly looking for a Hurricarana, but Dopeman grabs hold of his legs and falls forward, bringing Jax down hard on the mat. That took the momentum right out of Garrett's attack, and might of brought the flow of the match back to Dopeman. Dope is slow to capitalize on it however, and he and Garrett get to their feet at the same time. Dopeman moves in, dodging a wild swing from Jax, and connecting with a boot to the face. He grabs hold of Jax, sends him to the ropes, and follows in with a clothesline, sending Garrett over the top rope and to the floor!

JR: This could be a big opportunity for Dopeman to get some rest, but it doesn't look like he wants it. He climbs to the top rope and sizes Garrett up, leaping just as Garrett gets to his feet and crashing down on top of him! Both men are outside of the ring now, and the official has started his count. Dopeman stands Jax back up, grabs him with a fistful of hair, and slams him face first into the guardrail. Now he takes hold of him from behind, lifts, and executes a perfect Backdrop onto the floor mats. That move takes a lot of steam off of a competitor. Dopeman pulls Garrett up once again and slides him into the ring. Slowly Garrett gets to his feet, and it looks like Dopeman is having a few words with a fan at ringside. He needs to pay attention to what's going on in the ring, as Garrett springs off the ropes and charges. Dopeman turns just in time to meet Garrett's boot in his face with a Baseball Slide. Now Garrett moves quickly outside of the ring and brings Dopeman back to his feet.

Tenay: These guys seems to want the match outside for some reason, and that only means its going to be dangerous. The ref is counting quite slowly, not wanting a double count-out to end this one. Garrett applies a headlock, sending a few quick sharp punches into Dopeman's kisser before tossing him toward the steel stairs. Dopeman reverses it however, and its Jax who finds himself headed to the stairs. Jax leaps just before collision, hoping onto the stairs with one foot. He leaps backwards, spinning in midair, and connects with a wicked kick across Dopeman's face. Dopeman falls to the floor and Jax lands perfectly on his feet. He brings Dopeman up again and slides him into the ring, following him by climbing to the top buckle. He waits for Dopeman to stand, who does so wobbly, then leaps with a huge Spinning Heel Kick, bringing Dopeman down once again. He covers.... 1..... 2.... and Dopeman kicks out once more! How did he find the strength to do that?

Heenan: I haven't seen that kind of prowess since I....

JR: Can it Brain. We know the only time you show prowess is at an all you can eat buffet. Jax and Dopeman are both back to their feet now, Jax sending Dopeman into the corner. He charges in with a clothesline and connects, nearly sending Dope out of the ring. He then ducks his head and rams his shoulder into Dopeman's stomach repeatedly, then, as if that wasn't enough punishment, he climbs up the turnbuckle and starts in with some punches to the face. Dope snaps out his daze however, grabs hold of Jax's legs, steps forward, and drops him into an inverted Atomic Drop. That's a tender area to take a shot in. Jax slouches away, but Dopeman doesn't let him get too far, running in and dropping him with a Bulldog. Dopeman looks to capitalize on Jax now, taking hold of his leg, wrapping it up, and applying a strong Figure-Four in the middle of the ring. This could be it folks!

Heenan: One of the most classic and painful moves in the game, folks. Jax has hardly anywhere to go and nothing to do but take the pain full force. Angelina is screaming to her man from the outside of the ring, but it just might not be enough, as Jax screams out in pain. The ref is beside him asking that all important question, but Jax refuses to tap out. He continues to shake off the ref, slipping a bit to his shoulders.... 1.... 2..... but he pops back up again. I've seen men pass out from this move, but I don't think passing out is a part of Garrett's character. Now, perhaps pain being his motivator, Jax is trying to turn the lock over and send the pressure into Dopeman's legs. He has it half turned. Dopeman trying to fight against it, but no! Garrett has turned the hold over and now the screams are coming from Dopeman's mouth!

Tenay: There doesn't seem to be much pressure to the hold, however, and Dopeman begins to move towards the ropes. He's within reach and grabs onto the middle rope. Garrett breaks the hold, but neither man seems to be getting to his feet too fast. Garrett has a bit of an advantage, getting to his feet first, but Dopeman is right there with him. Dopeman charges, but misses with a forearm shot. He comes back off the ropes, and Jax locks him up, spins, and crashes atop him to the mat with a Powerslam! He hooks the leg..... 1.... 2...... but Dopeman kicks out once again! What has gotten in to this guy?

JR: I'm not sure, but it looks like it may be about time to end it for him. Garrett climbs up to the top buckle, marking his man one more time, but Dopeman is suddenly up to his feet. He slams two hands down on the top rope, causing Jax to take a hard seat on that top turnbuckle backwards. Dopeman moves in, climbing up the turnbuckle, and locking on a Reversed Suplex. This move looks ungodly!!! Dopeman lifts and connects!! Jax has got to be out of it now! Dopeman rolls over for a cover.... 1..... 2..... 3!!!

Penzer: Here is your winner... and NEW Internet Champion... the Dopeman!!!

Tenay: That was one hell of an impromptu move, but it worked! Dopeman has his arm raised in the air now, while Jax is consoled on the mat by his valet, Angelina. Brain, go ahead and take us through the replay, I want to see that move one more time!

*Heenan quickly begins talking, his favorite pasttime, as the replay runs its course... we see most of the incredible moves, from the trips outside the ring to the majors kicks of Jax... we end on multiple replays of the Reverse Superplex... *

Tenay: Alright, fans, we've got to take a short break. But we'll be back in just a few, to give you exactly what you want more of! Don't go away!

Heenan: Yeah, you paid for this, you might as well watch it!

*We go to another shot of the backstage area, which shows the Iceman leaving his dressing room and heading for the ring, ready for his European Title shot... the screen splits, and we're shown a door with the label on it: "Titan 3"... cut to commercial...*