*As the picture starts up, Victor D'Amor is shown when he first appeared, challenging Titan 3 and the Cartel, saying that he in actuality owned the stable... Andy Gilbreth is also pictured, denying the remarks of the newcomer... D'Amor is shown brawling with Nigel Gilbreth, with both spilling over the ropes to the floor in the Righteous Rumble... we switch to the fight between Victor and Nigel, where the Internet Champion showed up to attack him... the next clip shows Victor talking with police, which is quickly followed by the arrest of Nigel Gilbreth... then, after the D'Amor-Phenomena match, Andy comes out, hitting the Kaiser Krunch... this leads to the present day, as the replay goes straight to Tom Dietz...*

Dietz: The next match is scheduled for one fall. It will be for the GCWA Internet Title! *some cheers* First, the challenger, standing 6'8" and weighing 310 lbs. He's the brother of the World Champion, and said to be the future owner of the Cartel, Victor "The Sniper" D'Amor!

*D'Amor really gets a surprising reaction from the fans, who cheer for the man who's been battling the Cartel... D'Amor doesn't care how the fans react, as he walks towards the battlefield, where he'll be going for his first title in the GCWA...*

Heenan: D'Amor's tough, I'll give him that. He took some heavy shots from the Cartel just last week, when he was going after Phenomena. He may have managed to get Nigel Gilbreth arrested, but he's still got a long way to go before he's able to get to his brother, Titan 3.

Tenay: The obstacles do look fierce for the man. Tonight is a major test of his abilities, as he faces a foe whom no one else has managed to defeat in singles competition in months! We're finally going to see D'Amor tested, and somehow, I don't think it'll be pretty.

Dietz: His opponent, standing 7'2" and weighing 350 lbs, he's now thought of as one of the greatest Internet Champions ever in the GCWA. The powerhouse of the Cartel, he's here to both defend his title and get revenge for his incarcerated brother. Andy Gilbreth!

*Gilbreth's family woes get no sympathy from the fans in the crowd, who boo him unmercifully... he glares at a few fans holding up a banner that reads "Boom! Boom!", then approaches the ring...*

Tenay: Gilbreth's had his hands full recently. From watching his brother and confidante, Nigel, get arrested and taken away right in front of him, to trying to seek out the mysterious "Boomer" who might or might not be a traitorous member of the Cartel, you have to wonder if Andy will be fully focused on this match tonight. He'd better be, if the look on D'Amor's face is any indication.

*The bell rings...*

Heenan: This could really be a good one, boys! Gilbreth really hates D'Amor, and I'm sure the feelings are mutual. These two are ready to kill each other. With the Internet Title, Gilbreth's prize possession, on the line, I bet these guys fight to the death!

JR: That would be interesting. I wonder if Ace has insurance for that?

Tenay: Knock it off, guys. Gilbreth and D'Amor waste no time moving against each other. They're pounding away, looking to knock their opponent out with violent jabs and roundhouses. Gilbreth's got that reach advantage, and he uses it, snapping Victor's head back with repeated shots. With the Sniper stunned momentarily, Andy comes in, lifting him up with a Scoop Slam! There aren't too many people that can bodyslam D'Amor, but Gilbreth's never met a man he couldn't slam to the mat. D'Amor tries to pull himself up, but Gilbreth shoves him back down with the bottom of his boot, continuing the pressure despite the ref's warnings. He's just grinding D'Amor into the canvas! The ref counts to 5, then calls for the break, and Gilbreth consents, not wanting to lose on a technicality. He reaches down and hauls D'Amor up, wait, the Sniper got off a retalitory strike! I'll give you one hint, fans, it wasn't in the breadbasket!

Heenan: Oooo, the pain, the pain!

JR: Gilbreth's big, but Victor reared back and fired away! The ref is severely chastising D'Amor, who's barely listening to him. I think even the stripes is feeling that one, he's walking a little funny! D'Amor's back on his feet, wrapping one arm around Gilbreth's head. He's locking him up, but the man's too big! But D'Amor's got him set up, and, there, I was wrong, he got him over with a Snap Suplex! Cover that man! The ref drops... 1..... 2... Gilbreth kicks out. He may be feeling the pain in the lower half of his body, but he's still not willing to give up his gold for anyone. D'Amor seems less than pleased, but that's the way it goes. He gets Gilbreth up and knees him, in the stomach, mind you, then pulls him over to the corner, where he starts introducing Gilbreth's nose to the post over and over!

Heenan: That's a good way to slay a behemoth. I just wish they'd bring out their weaponry! A sledgehammer, or a table, or even a sturdy rock!

Tenay: Calm down, Bobby. When'd you get so bloodthirsty, anyway?

Heenan: I've been hanging out with my agent a lot.

JR: I guess that explains it, Mike. Anyway, back to the fight, where D'Amor miscalculated something, because he's now outside the ring! He's getting up, having landed right, but Gilbreth is on his way out as well. The ref starts his count, as he's supposed to do, while Gilbreth comes off the apron dropping both fists into D'Amor's back, knocking him back down with the force of the blow. Gilbreth doesn't stop there, grabbing D'Amor and throwing him into the railing facefirst! Both of these guys are going to need nosejobs after this. Gilbreth takes a few seconds to catch his breath, leaning on the railing, while D'Amor is down and struggling to get himself up. The champion pushes off the railing with his arms, probably still feeling that low blow he took earlier, and reaches down, grabbing D'Amor under the arms and tossing him back into the ring. He climbs in himself, stopping the count at 17.

Tenay: No one wants to see a double countout at a pay-per-view, that is guaranteed. Gilbreth goes over the ropes to enter the ring, then uses them, bouncing slowly off of them and dropping with an elbow shot, then a pin attempt... 1.... 2..... D'Amor kicks out of it. Gilbreth pulls himself and his opponent up, then sets him up for a piledriver! Can he get the Sniper up? NO, D'Amor uses all his strength to turn it into a back Bodydrop! That's the highest I've ever seen Gilbreth in the air! D'Amor drops to both knees, in pain, while the Internet Champion is just lying, with one leg painfully collapsed under the other! These two have gone at it like wild dogs. Even with both of them down, you can still sense the animosity flowing between them.

Heenan: Do you expect anything less? Nigel's in the slammer, Victor was injured before he even got to the United Center, and both have been beating the crap out of each other for the past 10 minutes! D'Amor's pulling himself up again. He's looking to end this right here, right now! He steps forward, dragging Andy Gilbreth to his feet and wrapping his arms around him. He's going for the Silencer! If he hits this, he could kill the man! He's going for it, trying to turn Gilbreth's large frame around for the plunge to the mat. But Gilbreth's fighting against it, and he's just too big! D'Amor drops him back to the mat, allowing Gilbreth to get an arm up around the man and lift him, hitting a horrendous version of the Rock Bottom!! What a hit! The Sniper's legs are just kicking weakly in the air, as Gilbreth shoves off the mat to get to his feet that much quicker. He staggers, lightheaded, but grabs the top rope and uses it to steady himself, then heads for the turnbuckle!

JR: Gilbreth's going up! D'Amor's still down and in a lot of pain, even as Gilbreth sets himself and jumps off, hitting the Kaiser Krunch with a devestating impact!! The whole ring bounced up and down from that one! Gilbreth's already grabbing a leg as the ref drops to his knees for the count... 1..... 2..... 3!!!! Andy Gilbreth pulls off the victory, getting yet another defense of his prized title! How many more times will this great warrior retain the belt before he finally gets into World Title contention?

Heenan: He deserves it. I've been saying for months that Gilbreth is a future World Title holder. He proved it again here tonight, taking down a very tough test! Let's go to the replay.

*The tape runs, showing various maneuvers... unfortunately for males in the audience, the low blow by D'Amor is shown again... the Rock Bottom and the Kaiser Krunch finish out the replay, and we return to the broadcast location...*

Heenan: I really didn't need to see that low blow again.

JR: Suck it up, Bobby. We've still got a lot of matches to get through here tonight.