Tenay: Two matches left. Is everyone ready to see who can pull off the victory? I thought so. We're already running long on time, so let's just get to it! The next match-up has been building since November '99, so it's about time that a few things were settled! Play that tape, boys!

*A tape starts, picturing Napalm standing next to Shannon Shag-Nasty, Michael Breaker, and other Bastard of Oblivion members... each are smiling, not knowing what's coming soon enough for the group... Titan 3's betrayal of Shag-Nasty at the Bastards' Ball sends him out of the GCWA... the next shot is Shag-Nasty returning, distracting Napalm during a fight and costing him his prize, the European Title, to Animal Thug... Napalm and Shag-Nasty exchange a few words here and there, then meet at Adrenaline Rush in an unsanctioned Street Fight, brawling all the way from the alleys to the ring... the match was not considered official, and thus not counted... Shag-Nasty and Napalm then talk about the bet at the Rumble, with whoever gets eliminated first becoming a slave... both spill out at the same time, as Marty Jannetty wins it... the two argue later about who left first... the next shot is Napalm winning the Intercontinental Title from Dynamic Dynamite, with Shag-Nasty watching from the wings... the two come together a few more times, then the picture stops running, returning us to the ring...*

Dietz: The next contest is scheduled for one fall. It will be for the Intercontinental Title. The challenger stands 6'7" and weighs 265 lbs. He's a former World, IC, and Tag-Team champion, as well as a former President of the GCWA. He is Shannon Shag-Nasty!

*Shag-Nasty walks out wearing an Unexpected t-shirt... the fans still give him a few boos, not forgiving him for his early actions in his career... Shag-Nasty looks a little annoyed at that, but continues to the ring...*

Heenan: Shag-Nasty is still the man in my book. I just wish he was still deceitful. Hey, maybe he still is! I can't wait to see him as the World Champion again!

JR: Anything's possible, Bobby.

Dietz: His opponent, standing 6'3" and weighing 210 lbs. He's known as one of the greatest European Champions ever, and is now seeking to switch that to the greatest Intercontinental Champion ever, the man from the Cartel, he is Napalm!

*Napalm takes some heavy booing from members of the arena audience... he just doesn't care... he walks calmly to the ring, taking the IC belt off along the way...*

Tenay: Napalm's one of the toughest men in the business, especially for his size. You'd think he'd stay exclusively in the cruiserweight division, but like a few other guys around his size, he's become more than just some short guy trying to make his way in what used to be a big man's world. The way Napalm and Shag-Nasty hate each other, this should be a brutal match.

*The bell rings...*

JR: The animosity between these two, from the elimination of Shag at the Bastard's Ball to the Street Fight they both had at Adrenaline Rush, makes the tension in the air unbelievable between these two hated rivals! They lock up, with Napalm getting the edge with a headlock. That lasts about two seconds, as Shag gets his arms around the champion and flips him overhead! But Napalm lands on his feet, and as Shag-Nasty turns, he gets a foot to the face! Shag takes a step back with a hand over his mouth, as Napalm wastes no time, hitting the ropes and coming back with a shoulder block. But Shag saw him coming, and Napalm's the one who ends up on his back. Shag immediately pulls Napalm up and shoots him into the ropes. As he comes back, Shag-Nasty wraps around him and turns him with a Powerslam! The pin attempt.... 1..... 2.. Napalm kicks out.

Tenay: Already the punishment's starting to take its toll, but we still have a long way to go in this one. After pulling up his opponent, Shag-Nasty kicks Napalm repeatedly, then turns him around, lifting him with a Back Body Drop! Shag tries a cover, but gets another 2 count. Shag stands and walks towards the ref, grabbing him by the jersey and talking to him in an annoyed voice that carries over the crowd. The ref is just shaking his head, as Shag-Nasty lets go and walks back over to Napalm. Wait, Napalm wraps up his legs and pulls him down into a pin! 1.... 2.... Shag-Nasty barely escapes! Both men rise up, with Napalm taking the advantage with a knee lift to Shag's chin! Shag staggers back, which leaves an opening for Napalm to hit a spinning Neckbreaker!! Shag-Nasty's stunned and on the mat, as the Intercontinental Champion goes to the turnbuckle!

Heenan: We're about to have the Napalm explode! He comes off the turnbuckle in one fluid motion, dropping his leg across Shag-Nasty's throat! Ouch! C'mon Shag, kick out! 1..... 2..... Shag's out of it! Whew!

Tenay: I hate it when you get so personal with the wrestlers. It just isn't professional.

Heenan: Please, Tenay, it's not like I'm sleeping with him or anything.

Tenay: .........

JR: Napalm is back on his feet, hauling Shag-Nasty up. He again knees him in the jaw, then hooks him and goes for a backslide! But he may have miscalculated that weight advantage again, because Shag's fighting it. We have a test of strength going on inside the ring. After a while of struggling between them, Shag wins out, bringing Napalm into the pinning combination! 1..... 2..... Napalm barely gets out of it. Both get up, with a kick to the gut slowing Napalm down. Shag comes in, lifting him with a German Suplex. Napalm's taken some real serious hits in this one. Shag gets back to his feet and grabs Napalm's legs, locking them against his side. He drops backwards, catapulting Napalm upwards onto the turnbuckle!! Napalm just took a massive impact up there, as Shag-Nasty gets back up with a grin on his face. He walks slowly towards the turnbuckle, where Napalm's just dangling. Did his head hit the post?

Heenan: I think he's out cold! It's all yours, Shag, drop the man off the corner and pin him! You've got the belt!

Tenay: Shag-Nasty is climbing up the turnbuckle, pushing Napalm back onto it fully. Napalm's eyes are shut, he just might be out! Shag's really smiling now, as he stands, preparing for a Superplex! Wait, Napalm's suddenly come alive with a flurry of punches! He fooled the man into thinking he was out!! Multiple shots get through Shag-Nasty's guard, unsteadying him. Napalm reaches forward, locking him up, and they both come off the turnbuckle, into the Agent Orange!!!!! Shag-Nasty is out!!! Napalm's nearby, not moving that quickly. He's just breathing. Maybe he did take a hit from that turnbuckle maneuver, but he really turned it against Shag-Nasty! The ref starts a count, since both are down currently. Slowly Napalm moves, rolling to his right and covering Shag-Nasty with one arm! 1..... 2...... Shag lifts a shoulder!!!

JR: Napalm can't believe it. He shakes his head and pushes off the mat to get up. Shag-Nasty's still not moving much. But that anger between himself and Napalm gave him just enough energy to get out of the loose pin. Napalm heads for the turnbuckle again, climbing up it ever so slowly. Shag-Nasty sits up, obviously unsure of where he is. Napalm sees him, and is just waiting. Hey, did he just pull something out of his shorts? What's he got in his hand?

Tenay: I don't know, I don't see anything. Napalm comes off the turnbuckle with a wicked flying punch to the head, and Shag-Nasty drops like a stone to the mat! Napalm quickly covers him, as the ref hits the canvas... 1..... 2...... 3!!!!! Napalm is still the Intercontinental Champion!!

Heenan: NOOOOOO!!!! He cheated, Mike, that isn't right!!

JR: Right or not, it's happened. I'm surprised you're the one complaining about cheating, though, Bobby. Napalm's retained his belt, once again proving that size isn't the only factor to being a winner. The Cartel retains another belt, keeping the changing of titles to a minimum tonight.

*With a heartbroken Brain too sad to speak, Tenay talks about the moves during the match, from the powerslam and the slingshot maneuver to the Agent Orange and the Flying Punch that ended the night for Shag-Nasty... the replay ends...*

Tenay: Well, we've put nearly a dozen matches to bed tonight, giving the fans all they could want and more! But the biggest one is still to come! Anything can happen in this one, we could have a new World Champion, or the old one could manage to get another defense for himself! It's going to be a hell of a fight!

*The screen switches to a picture of Marty Jannetty accepting the Night's Watch t-shirt from Blade and the rest of his crew... Titan 3, meanwhile, is pictured in his suit, running the Cartel the way he thinks it should be done... the next shot is of Blade's retirement speech, with a sad-looking Jannetty nearby... Jannetty swears that he'll win the Righteous Rumble, the European Title, and the #1 Contenders spot for Blade... this he does, tossing out the last two opponents to win the title and the chance against Titan 3... the two speak on each other over the next month... Titan 3 also plays a big role in Jannetty's loss to Richter due to a foreign object, which was tossed in by Titan 3 but which Jannetty took the blame, and the loss, for... the two are pictured face-to-face... *

Heenan: Jannetty's old but experienced. Titan 3's younger but possibly stronger. Which will have the advantage? I don't have a clue, and I've never been much for guessing. Just send them in, and let's see a fight!

Dietz: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the main event of the evening. This match will be for the Heavyweight Championship of the World! First, the challenger, standing 6'1" and weighing 224 lbs, he's been Cruiserweight champion 3 times, a tag-team champion once, and is in the midst of his second European Title reign. He's looking for his first run as World Champion. He is the Rocker Marty Jannetty!

*Jannetty appears out of the back, wearing a Night's Watch shirt... he says hello to some of the fans, who seem a little nervous after the 'incident' at the gym... he then heads for the ring, European Title in hand...*

Tenay: Jannetty's had a pretty good month, considering. In December, he lost the Cruiserweight Title, then he lost Blade to retirement. In January, he won the Rumble and retained the European Title despite a tough fight from Richter. Now he's got his chance at the belt he's never won. I'd have to think that Jannetty's one of the most deserving, since he's spent so much time with the GCWA. But he's still got to get past one of the greatest champions this fed has ever seen.

Dietz: His opponent, standing 6'6" and weighing 290 lbs. He's devestated opponents for the past 3 months, and looks to continue doing it until he decides it's not fun anymore. The current GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, and the leader of the Cartel, Titan 3!

*Most of the fans boo as Titan 3 appears, with a few notable exceptions... Titan 3 walks towards the ring confidently, removing the title along the way... he tosses it to an attendant, nearly knocking him down, then enters the ring, where Jannetty's standing calmly...*

Heenan: Titan 3's looking to be the man of 2000, Mike. I really think he was the man of '99, too, but seeing as how he was only there in the final months, I guess that couldn't happen. But since he's bettered himself, he's been unbeatable. Can Jannetty possibly take down the champion of the new millenium?

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: Titan 3 looks supremely confident in there, and can you blame him, with the winning streak that he's had lately? He moves towards Jannetty, who flies out of the corner with absolutely no notice, catching Titan 3 by surprise with a quick lariat! It doesn't knock the champion down, but it stunned him enough for the dropkick to follow up behind the clothesline! Titan 3 rocks backwards, trying to stay on his feet. Jannetty bounces back up and hits another dropkick, this one launching Titan 3 over the top rope! He managed to get most of his weight on his feet before he fell over, but it still must have hurt! Not to mention that it's embarrassing for the man!

JR: That was not a planned trip, Mike, Titan 3's just lucky he had the ability not to crack his skull open on the floor outside the ring! He gets up, angrily hitting the side of the apron. His jaw's definitely bothering him now, and, well, who's surprised? Jannetty's light in comparison to Titan 3, but he can still put a good 230 lbs into your face, and that'll hurt anyone. Titan 3 turns back to the ring and grabs the ropes, about to pull himself up. But Jannetty's not going to allow him the gentle entry! The Rocker comes flying over the top rope, doing a somersault suicide dive that drives Titan 3 back out to the floor!!!! Both men are down! What a move by Jannetty! The cruiserweight just used his talents to the fullest, putting the World Champ on the defensive! Jannetty gets up and lifts Titan 3 back to his feet, whipping him into the edge of the apron! That really digs into your back, a pain that doesn't go away for weeks.

Heenan: Jannetty's looking like he's in pretty good shape in there right now. He gets Titan 3 back up and shoves him into the side of the ringpost, another devestating shot, then grabs him by the trunks and rolls him into the ring. Jannetty's really come to fight this one out! I'm impressed, but I still don't think he has enough to put down Titan 3. Could I be wrong? Titan 3's trying to stand in the ring, as Jannetty waits on the apron. He springs up on the top rope and soars in for a splash attempt, but Titan 3 ducks, sending the Rocker overtop! But Jannetty, acting like he planned it, grabs the champ's legs on the way down, trying for a flying Sunset Flip! Oh, but Titan 3 just unlocks his knees and drops onto Jannetty's chest, pummeling him unmercifully! The champion is showing his anger now! Titan 3 hates to be embarrassed, and Jannetty was making it look too easy there for the first few minutes.

Tenay: Not anymore, Bobby. Titan 3 finally stops punching Jannetty at the request of the ref and pulls him to his feet. With a shot to the throat, Jannetty staggers back into the ropes. Titan 3 moves in, lifting Jannetty onto the 'buckle and following him up. What's Titan 3 up to, he's not an ariel specialist? Well, he's going to try something anyway, as he braces Jannetty, lifting him in the air and bodyslamming him off the 'buckle to the mat! Jannetty is on the ground, stunned, as the Champ raises his arms, showing remarkable balance! He leaps off, dropping a Flying Elbow right onto Jannetty's ribcage!! I've never seen Titan 3 do that before! He's pulling out all the stops in this one! That might be as devestating as his finisher! He makes the cover.... 1...... 2...... NO! At the last second, Jannetty kicked out. Titan 3 lifts the man off the mat and puts him onto his shoulder. He looks around, then drops the Rocker with a Shoulder Breaker! Jannetty is really taking a beating in there now! Titan 3 leans down again to pull the European champ up. Oh, but Jannetty kicks out, catching Titan 3 with a surprise shot. Jannetty hops to his feet, grabbing Titan 3 by the head and springing off the ropes for a Tornado DDT!!!

JR: Both men are down! This has been a very physical contest! What a bout! The two champs are giving it all they've got, making this a very worthy main event match for Founder's Day! Jannetty stretches out, grabbing the ropes and pulling himself up. He's hurting, that much is obvious. Titan 3's also still moving, pushing himself up with his hands, trying to shake the cobwebs free. Jannetty, meanwhile, is moving towards the turnbuckle! He climbs up and turns to his opponent, but Titan 3's already on his feet, climbing up the same 'buckle! He and Jannetty exchange a few shots, fighting for the advantage. Jannetty manages to twist free of Titan 3's grasp, trying a Hurricanrana. But the World Champion blocks it with his feet, then Powerbombs his opponent! What a move!! Titan 3 drops to the mat, tired out, as Jannetty just lays and breathes.

Heenan: This has been a terrific fight! Jannetty really is worthy of his place as the number 1 contender. Unfortunately, Titan 3 might be more worthy. Both men are down and out, as the ref continues to count. Titan 3 is reaching for the ropes, to get a handhold to help himself out. Jannetty's not moving. That powerbomb probably knocked him cold! Titan 3 finally manages to get his feet beneath him, pulling himself up. The ref asks if he wants to continue. Stupid question. Dumb ref. Titan 3 ignores him, walking slowly over to Jannetty, who's still down. After a second of introspection, Titan 3 drops on top of him, grabbing both legs for a cover attempt! 1...... 2...... Jannetty kicks free! Too much time had passed for the Powerbomb to work to end the match. But Titan 3's got a lot more where that came from. He pushes to his feet and grabs Jannetty by the hair, raising him up. He smiles at the Rocker before wrapping both hands around his throat and powering him into the air! A chokelift from Titan 3!!!

JR: Wow, that takes a lot of strength, because Jannetty's not THAT light! After a few seconds in the air, Titan 3 slams Jannetty down, then tries another pin.... 1..... 2..... Jannetty gets a foot on the ropes! Titan 3 looks at the ref, then spots the foot. He shoves Jannetty forward, away from the ropes, then tries again.... 1...... 2..... Jannetty manages to kick out. Titan 3 looks extremely displeased. He's feeling the effects of this match, and is probably ready to get the victory before the Rocker can pull anything else out to use against him. He drags Jannetty to his feet and goes for a bodyslam, but Jannetty jumps away from him, and spins, with a sensational kick to the chin!! Sweet Chin Music lives again!!! Titan 3 is down, repeat, down! Jannetty isn't much better, though. He's literally drapped partially across the ropes, holding the back of his head. He turns and steps forward, jumping into the air and falling on top of the Champ! The ref is right there! 1..... 2...... NO!! Titan 3 kicks out!!

Tenay: I thought that could be it, but Titan 3 had just enough left to get free of the pin! Jannetty pulls himself to his feet, then looks around at the fans. He's ready to complete his destiny and become the champion! He drags Titan 3 up and wraps a leg around his head, then starts to go for the Rocker Dropper... but Titan 3 lifts his head instead, and the Rocker does a backflip! He lands on his feet, but Titan 3 moves in quickly, locking him up and hittting a version of the A-Bomb!!!!! What a twist! Titan 3 is immediately on Jannetty, grabbing both legs once again..... 1...... 2....... 3!!!!!!! Titan 3 is still the World Champion, despite some great moves from the Rocker!!

Heenan: Wow! What a way to end this, folks! I'm exhausted!

Tenay: I'm not surprised. This has been a great night, ladies and gentlemen, and I hope everyone enjoyed it! As Titan 3 celebrates, and as Jannetty's checked on, I'm Mike Tenay, saying No Pain, No Gain, No Fame! Good night!!

*The final tape runs, with the credits, showing images from the night... Dark Angel in mid-Angel Splash... Richter and Dynamite shaking hands... 'Rawkus' pulling off his mask to show the return of Animal Thug... Gilbreth slamming D'Amor... Napalm being sent towards the turnbuckle by Shag-Nasty... Mysterio and Waltman double-teaming Scary Ass Clown... finally, replays of the past main event, from Jannetty's Sweet Chin Music to the final A-Bomb that ended the Rocker's hopes of becoming the champion... we click off, ready for the next playback...*