Heenan: We're back, and they've gotten the Kingfish out of the ring, so now we can continue with the action! It's time for another match I've really been waiting for. Dynamic Dynamite's a two-time IC champ, while Richter's a hardcore extremist who always takes it to the next level. This should be a true brawl!

Dietz: The next match is scheduled for one fall, with only one stipulation: the winner of the match gets a title shot of his choice! Introducing first, standing 6'7" and weighing 275 lbs, he's been both the tag-team and Intercontinental Champion. Now he wants a shot at the World Title, but has to get past a tough man to get it. With his manager OG Thug, he is Dynamic Dynamite!

*Dynamite and OG Thug walk confidently to the ring, whispering to each other and laughing... Dynamite climbs into the ring, stretching out his arms and posing for the booing fans...*

JR: Dynamite's been on a strange run as of late. As the leader of the new Age cliq, he went a long time with the Intercontinental belt, only losing it recently to Napalm. But the biggest question would be, are the nAc still together? We haven't heard from Buff Brian, Trasher, or Arson in a long time. Dynamite's been the only one fighting for the group, making you wonder if it's still a stable or not.

Heenan: So what are you asking us for, we don't know!

Dietz: His opponent, standing 6'8" and weighing 277 lbs. He's a former Hardcore Champion, looking to regain his rightful place on top of the violent division. A member of the Cartel, and a truly sick individual, he is Richter!

*Richter comes out like he's happy with the announcing by the new guy... he's wearing a Cartel shirt, with the symbol stenciled on the back... he walks quickly to the ring, with OG Thug dodging out of his way... Richter enters the squared circle with very little hesitation, despite the talent awaiting him...*

Heenan: Richter's another of my favorites. He's just so damn violent! He'd beat up his mother, if his Ma had the Hardcore Title. The man is scary as hell, and everyone who faces him has to also face the threat of losing a limb or two for the cause. I can't wait to see what he does to Dynamite!

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: So the two foes face off. This could also be seen as a personal feud between these two, since Napalm, Richter's main man, did walk away with Dynamite's favorite title. The two are facing each other, both in defensive positions. Richter's grinning from ear to ear, while Dynamite's treading back and forth on his feet, braced for impact. Wait, now Richter's taking off his shirt, getting the ladies on their feet! What? He's wearing another one underneath? That's strange. Hey, he just tossed the first t-shirt to Dynamite! What the hell is going on here?

JR: It looks like we're down another match, Mike! Dynamite's putting on the Cartel t-shirt, as Richter looks on, still wearing that grin! So Dynamic Dynamite's joining the elite stable, with some of the best wrestlers around? Oh, this doesn't bode well for the GCWA! Dynamite and Richter shake hands, as OG Thug comes in, excited as he usually is. The ref is just shaking his head. Apparently this is just going to be another No Contest in the life of Dynamite, Mr. PPV.

Heenan: Damnit.

Tenay: Brain, you're actually mad because of these events? This kind of duplicity seems to be right up your alley!

Heenan: Yeah, but, damnit, I wanted to see these two go at it and hurt each other! I'm telling you, the next match better be worth it, because I might just have to take off if it's not. What's the next one, anyway?

*You can hear paper shuffling from Heenan's side, as the cameras focus on Richter, Dynamite, and OG Thug leaving the ring as a group... the fans are throwing anything and everything they can get their hands on... Tenay takes over for the lost Brain...*

Tenay: We're about ready to head downstairs, where the final bout between Brain Dead and Phenomena is set to begin. Remember, Heenan? The guy with your name?

Heenan: Eh, he's just a copycat. Everyone wants to be the Brain.

Tenay: At any rate, let's get to the action! We don't need an announcer, and we don't need a referee, really. The first one out of the boiler room will get the victory. Do we have that live feed yet, guys? Oh, ok, there it is. Alright, folks, you're seeing the recesses of the Arena we're in. There's Phenomena, waiting against one of the pipes. I wonder why he's smiling like that? And where's Brain Dead? Wait, we're being told to switch to camera 2. What's up, guys?

*The switch takes place, picturing Brain Dead fighting his way through around half a dozen Chicago Police Officers! He has one pair of hand-cuffs dangling from one of his wrists... the Chigago PD are struggling against the insane hardcore wrestler, to no avail... Brain Dead fights past another one, then goes into the open Boiler Room door, which is shut behind him... we switch back to the camera inside the room...*

Tenay: Interesting that the fight started before Brain Dead could even enter the boiler room. I take it those police officers are still looking to arrest him after his 'attack' on the Cartel mansion. Brain Dead may not want to leave the Boiler Room now, with all those cops waiting outside.

Heenan: I don't know why he's fighting them so hard, Mike. I mean, from what I've heard, he didn't do that much damage to the Cartel mansion. The police may have gotten him on vandalism, but that's not even a prison sentence. However, resisting arrest is, the big idiot.

JR: Be easy on him, Bobby, the man isn't right in the head.

Tenay: Anyway... while we've been blabbing, the fighting has started. Phenomena met Brain Dead as he came in, and the fists started flying back and forth. Both men spilled down the stairs in the fight, but now Phenomena's the one in control right now, though, bodyslamming Brain Dead onto the concrete floor. That cement has no give, so even one shot will make you hurt! Brain Dead immediately starts sitting up, but Phenomena, standing behind him, jabs forward a kick to the back of the head, knocking him back down. Phenomena walks away, heading towards the stairway up already! He wants the win, and probably wants to see the man dragged away by the cops as well!

JR: He needs to do a little more than that, Mike. Brain Dead's already back up with a sadistic grin, and he's got that lead pipe of his in hand! He runs forward, socking Phenomena in the skull and dropping him off the stairs to the right, where he crashes into some loose metal tubing!! The things roll away from both men, as Brain Dead jumps off the stairway himself, smacking that steel rod of his down onto Phenomena, who tries, and only partially succeeds, blocking it with his hands. It may be a short stairway, but Brain Dead was able to get a lot of momentum by jumping high off of the railing! He gets Phenomena up and sends him hard into the wall. As Phenomena rebounds from the pain, Brain Dead charges forward with a shoulder block, and Phenomena gets jetted right back into the same wall! Phenomena falls flat onto his face, as Brain Dead lets out a vicious war cry!

Heenan: He's nuts! Thank god he's in the basement, while we're up here in the stadium with all these humanoids!

Tenay: I will say that I'm glad to be here instead of there, where it's become a very violent place. Brain Dead is getting Phenomena up again. This time he sends Phenomena into a row of boxes! But Phenomena reverses the whip, and Brain Dead goes through the boxes instead! Papers are everywhere! Did these guys keep their tax records down here or something? I hope not, because if they used to be in order, they're nowhere close now! Brain Dead pulls himself out of the boxes, which gave pretty easily, but they slow him up enough for Phenomena to recover and come forward with a leap, hitting a Flying Forearm on the man! Both fall into the boxes, crushing them some more, but now Brain Dead isn't as quick to get up.

Heenan: This match hasn't done much so far, but both men are starting to look fatigued in there. Phenomena gets out of a piece of a ruined box and latches onto Brain Dead, setting him up for a Pedigree! He drops the hardcore fighter to the ground, probably giving him some bad paper cuts. Brain Dead is not moving now, as Phenomena stands up and goes out of the wreckage, heading for the stairs again. He's got a small smile on his face. In the back, Phenomena said that he wanted to win this one without the Cartel behind him, getting a fair win in the last time that these two fight. He's looking pretty good in there right now, ain't he?

JR: That can change at any moment, Bobby. Brain Dead's still got something left, because he's pulling himself up. This time, though, Phenomena saw him rising. He shakes his head, then runs back down the stairs, gaining momentum and charging at Brain Dead! The two collide, with Phenomena using his speed to drive Brain Dead back into the boiler!!! A huge flame just exploded in the room!! Damn, did they just break the main boiler?? Both are down, and, hey, oh damn, smoke is filling the room! We can hear the cameraman starting to cough, so the camera is shaking up and down. I think Phenomena's moving a little, but that's all I can tell. That smoke's getting thick. Someone tell those policemen to call the fire department, we might need them!

Tenay: I just hope the arena has a back-up system that's coming on. I don't think that what they hit is irreplacable or anything, but I'm sure it's a key piece of the puzzle. What? Oh, alright. We're going to the outside camera now, so we really don't have a clue what's happening in there. As you can see, some of the police officers have grabbed the fire extinguishers that were along the hallway, and are waiting impatiently for someone to get out. We may have to end this match prematurely. We don't want the fire in there to really catch in the building, not with so many fans here tonight to watch the show!

Heenan: But it's been a great match! Let's not end it like that, these two have to settle their problems in there! Wait a second, the door's opening! It's.... the cameraman. Get back in there, you dumb moron! We need to know what's happening!

Tenay: The guy can't breathe, Bobby, there's too much smoke!

Heenan: So get him some scuba gear and send him back in!

JR: Do you always have to be like that, Bobby?

Tenay: Unfortunately. Ok, I think I see something moving in there. Was that a cry of pain I just heard, or just one of the pipes? I can't make it out. Someone tell the man to zoom in. Ahh, that's better. Ok, that is.... Phenomena! Phenomena is making his way out! He's got a scorch mark across the side of his face, and various cuts and scrapes, but he's the one leaving the room first! He steps through the doorway, coughing violently, as the ref proclaims him the winner of the Boiler Room Match! What a bizarre ending to this one!

JR: But what about Brain Dead? Is he still in there? And is the fire still burning? Send in the cops, they'll get to the bottom of it. Heenan, do the replay, ok?

Heenan: Sure thing.

*Heenan starts talking as the smoky replay runs... the falls off the stairway, the lead pipe, the Pedigree into the boxes, and the final crash into the boiler are all highlighted in the review...*

Tenay: Another stunning review by the Brain. We still have one more shot from the Boiler Room, though. The smoke is starting to clear up a little, thanks to those fire extinguishers. There's Brain Dead, sitting next to the pipe. Hey, he's handcuffed to part of it! I guess Phenomena used the smoke to allow him to keep Brain Dead held to the pipe, while he himself escaped! And now Brain Dead's easy pickings for the police!

Heenan: Bummer for him. Let's get to the next match!

Tenay: Ok, ok, Weasal, settle down.

*The tape starts to roll, showing Tower and Demon teamming up together in the Eternal... the two seem like brothers, as Demon helps Tower become the Hardcore champion... then the match vs. the ringMasters is shown... Demon chokeslams Tower, leaving him easy pickings for the ringMasters... Tower then signs the match between the two, to settle it once and for all... we return to the United Center, and Tom Dietz...*

Dietz: The next match is scheduled for one fall. It is a Loser Leaves Town match! *cheers* The winner of this match stays in the GCWA. The loser walks out the door with severage pay! Coming down the aisle, he stands 7'1" and weighs 300 lbs. He's a former Intercontinental and Hardcore Champion, looking to leave his former partner behind. He is Tower!

*Tower, with a solemn look on his face, heads down the aisle, not even responding when something a fan throws is ontarget... he climbs up the apron and steps into the ring...*

Dietz: His opponent, standing 7'3" and weighing 325 lbs. He's a monster of a man, and the former leader of the Eternal. From the Dark Side, always looking to "End" a wrestler's run, he is Demon!

*Demon appears in the entryway, letting out a scary cackle... he then stomps down the ramp, towards the ring, where Tower, now looking angry, prepares himself...*

Heenan: Both of these guys are monsters. They're also both ready to injure the other severely, if they get the chance. I always love Loser Leaves Town matches, because you're assured that both men will beat the hell out of each other, just to stay in the organization. They're not wasting any time, are they, already going at each other's throats! Literally!

*The bell rings...*

JR: The two men have each other in a double chokehold! Amazing! Is one going to be able to lift the other into the air? They're both huge, so it's hard to believe anything like that could happen! Wait, Demon's using that slight advantage to press the issue, shoving Tower backwards and breaking his hold! Tower struggles against the now-solo chokehold, as the ref watches. Shouldn't he be breaking it up? This isn't no holds barred, this is a regular match!

Heenan: Do you blame him? Those are two 7-footers! They'd tear him apart!

JR: ... you make a good point, Brain.

Tenay: For once. Tower manages to get free by raking both hands across Demon's face as he leaned in, a classic mistake by the big guy. As he tries to clear his vision, Tower comes off the side of the ropes and charges with a Shoulder Block and moves neither of them! The ground shook, but that was about it! Demon dares him to try again, and with a glare, Tower does, hitting the ropes again. He rebounds with another titanic hit, and Demon again doesn't move! We've got two unbelievable forces in there! Tower goes off the ropes one more time, with Demon moving out of the way this time. Tower comes back from the other side, as Demon goes for a clothesline. Tower's underneath it, and on the comeback, hits a half-spear, bringing Demon to the mat! Now they're really going at it, slugging each other, rolling on the canvas! The ref gets out of their way by climbing up the turnbuckle, as they roll back and forth.

JR: Tower gets control somehow, smashing fist after fist into Demon's open face! He pulls the behemoth up, whipping him into the nearest corner. Fortunately for the ref, he chose a different corner to hide in. Tower moves in, leaning over and ramming him right back in, using his shoulder to perfection into Demon's midsection! After a couple of shots, he brings Demon out of the corner for real, and drops him with a neckbreaker! Tower then steps over him and looks to the crowd, getting a small reaction, then turns Demon over and puts him in a Boston Crab! He's got Demon's large legs locked in, and the dark one is in a lot of pain! He wasn't expecting this today, JR! But Demon continues to shake his head no, and probably has too much energy to submit this early in the game. He starts pulling himself towards the ropes, reaching out with his arm, and yes, he gets a grip on the lower line, forcing the break!

Heenan: Demon's not the type to submit. He's not even the type who showers!

Tenay: Ugh. Let's put that one behind us, never to be seen again, ok, guys? Tower's pulling Demon up, but Demon grabs his head, hitting a Jawbreaker that snaps Tower back down! Demon grabs the ropes and pulls himself up, still looking like an unstoppable force, which he is. Meanwhile, hey, we've got some masked guy coming down the aisle! It's Rawkus, that new guy who's been hanging around the building recently! What's he doing here?

JR: Well, he was saying trash about both Tower and Demon, Mike. Maybe he's coming out to prove himself to them or something. But this is a Career match, he really shouldn't interfere!

Heenan: He's going to, though, JR! He's stepping up on the apron even as we speak! Wow, he's almost as big as the two guys in the ring. He's no small cruiserweight. But Tower and Demon are a strong force, unified or not. What's he going to do? Tower's still struggling to get up from a Scoop Slam from Demon, who turns to face the new threat. He takes a wild swing, obviously surprised, but it's blocked, then gets returned to him. Rawkus lands hit after hit on the wrestler, then whips him hard into the corner, following him in with a big splash! Tower's pulling himself up now, as Rawkus braces Demon partially on the turnbuckle, then flips off, HEY!!! That was.... no, it couldn't have been Da Killa!! Could it have??

Tenay: I... I'm not sure, Bobby, but the proportions would fit!! Tower's on his feet now, looking shocked at what just happened. He charges 'Rawkus', who meets him with a lock-up, lifting him into the air with the Accelerating Thug!!!! Tower gets slammed down hard, probably knocking him cold instantly, and I guess that about settles our discussion!!! The masked man puts a hand on both fallen men, as the ref counts.... 1.... 2..... 3!!!!!! 'Rawkus' eliminates both Tower and Demon!! So are both their careers with the GCWA over? Oh, now he's taking off his mask!! Yes, we were right, it's Animal Thug!!!!

JR: The 2-time World Heavyweight Champion has returned!!!!

Animal Thug: *after grabbing a mic* This isn't a game, it's the start of the takeover. You can't do anything about it. The new millenium's going to belong to the Thug! IF YOU'RE COOKING.... WHAT THE THUGS.... ARE SMELLING!!!!!

*The crowd, already on their feet, explode with the catchphrase, as Animal Thug lets out a screaming howl... a few pyro explosions go along with him... the place is jumping...*

Tenay: Animal Thus is back!! I can't believe it! He's always been one of the greatest ever in the GCWA. Everyone in the back just got the warning that he's ready to start tearing down all illusions of greatness. I bet one in particular, Titan 3, is sitting up and taking notice.

*The replay rolls, showing the chokes, the Boston Crab, and the final earthquaking hits of Da Killa and the Accelerating Thug... Animal Thug posing is the last thing seen before a brief commercial break, advertising GCWA merchandise...*