*The picture shifts off the Ordering screen to pure blackness for a short while... you can hear a dramatic theme starting to build in the background, as the first picture of the screen is shown... it's a shot of the Accelerator walking out the first night of the GCWA, announcing to the world that the dynasty has begun... the next shot is a picture of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Animal Thug fighting it out at Blood on the Battlefield... it's a slow-motion sequence... Phoenix is pictured fighting against Heavy P... shots of LilPun, Darkstarr, and DMX all flash by... Blade does an ariel dive against Marty Jannetty... the Four Horsemen raise their four fingers to the camera... the logos of the Wolfpac, Degeneration-X, the BOO, and the Fatal III all crash together in a fireball, which leads to the music shifting to an electric guitar... the picture becomes more animated... Phenomena and Brain Dead are each shown beating the hell out of each other... Demon's chokeslam on Tower flies by, followed by Andy Gilbreth sending a man through a table with a Chokeslam... the Second Coming and X-Rated are pictured, all four fighting it out, with the ringMasters pictured above them, raising the tag-team titles... Iceman uses the Avalanche on a jobber, while Nightmare breaks a chair across a man's back... Napalm and Shag-Nasty fight it out on the street... then Marty Jannetty flies back into the picture, hitting a Flying Rocker Dropper... Titan 3 is pictured last, sending another hapless opponent through the A-Bomb, then raising the World Title with a grin... the music dies down, at least in volume, and the Accelerator is pictured again... "The Dynasty... Continues..." He points his finger at the screen like a gun, and 'fires'... another fireball erupts, and the words GCWA: Founder's Day appear... the crowd can be heard in the United Arena in Chicago, Illinois... the place is completely packed... the camera shifts downwards to where fans of all shapes and ages are letting loose for their favorite wrestling organization.... the signs are everywhere: "Expect the Unexpected", "Hell's Freezing Over, Nightmare!", "I Feel A Thug Comin' On", and others highlight the many spectators waving them.... we focus on Mike Tenay, Jim Ross, and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan... *

Tenay: Hello, fans, and welcome to the biggest show you've ever seen! The GCWA is celebrating its 1-year anniversary, and it's going to be celebrated in style, as almost all of the top talent in the GCWA is wrestling tonight, injuries or no! Some of the fighting tonight is going to be unbelievable! Upsets are in the making up and down the card. How many new champions will we have tonight? There's a chance that 5 titles could change hands! No one really knows what's going to happen tonight!

JR: All I care about is that we're the announcers, Mike. Ace decided to be nice and allow us to keep our PPV jobs at least. We still need to talk to him about those newcomers, though.

Heenan: Talk all you want, JR. I've got my guaranteed contract until the end of the year. Too bad Zbysko's was only until February 1st, huh? Maybe he'll get a job somewhere else, you never know.

JR: Nice, Bobby. The man's been your broadcast partner for a year now!

Heenan: Yeah, but them's the breaks. Let's talk about the action!

Tenay: Good idea, Bobby. Tonight, we've got everything that you could want. We've got a Loser Leaves Town match between Tower and Demon, which will result in one of them no longer wrestling in the GCWA! We've got grudge matches up the wazoo. Richter and Dynamic Dynamite are going to go at it for a shot at a title belt, while Brain Dead and Phenomena fight for the final time, this time inside of a Boiler Room! D'Amor and Gilbreth will finally meet up for the Internet Title. We've got the Texas Tornado Tag-Team Title Match! Iceman and Nightmare renew acquaintances for the Hardcore Title! Shag-Nasty and Napalm try to settle their differences for the IC belt, and, in the main event, Marty Jannetty seeks to finally reach that final step, pulling the World Title from the grasp of Titan 3! Any one of these bouts could be a main eventer elsewhere. Here, it's just something you expect!

JR: Of course, you left out one, Mike. Apparently Ace decided that, due to crowd reaction, it wouldn't be a smart idea to have David Penzer and Howard Finkle go at it on live tv. It was a very good decision, because neither of the pantywaists wrestled that well. The fans were chanting for someone to show up and take 'em both out. But, with a handy Fisherman's Suplex, shocking everyone just by its good form, Penzer got the victory over the Fink. That makes him still the announcer, at least on Saturday nights. Good for him. The Fink was just too old to be wrestling.

Heenan: It wasn't that bad, JR. At least they beat each other up, right?

Tenay: Anyway, let's get to the real matches, right now!

Tom Dietz: The next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, standing 5'11", the master of the Hollywood Scream, Dylan "The Rage" Cage!

*Cage makes his way down to ringside without much fanfare... he rolls in and looks around at the people in attendance with a blank stare...*

Dietz: His opponent, standing 5'9" and weighing 175 lbs, one of the future stars of the GCWA, he is the Dark Angel Joshua Curtis!

*Curtis enters about the same way Cage did... he comes down the aisleway with both eyes locked firmly on his objective... beside him is his on-and-off tag partner, Chuck Woolery...*

Tenay: From what I've heard in the back, both of these guys are soon to experience pushes in the Cruiserweight division, where the competition is a lot less fierce than it once was. This match-up here could show which truly deserves the shot at Stephen Mysterio, the current champion.

Heenan: That just shows you how badly the division has deteriorated, Mike. With guys like Blade, DMX, Darkstarr, and others retired, and with Jannetty, Waltman, and Napalm focused on other goals, the guys with the least experience are going to start getting a chance to earn their first gold. Ok, so both of these boys have taken their lumps and probably deserve their shot. But I still think Ace is struggling to keep the division alive, with Shortstuff sitting on top of it.

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: You're very negative tonight, you know, Heenan? But that's fine, you go ahead and be negative. It makes me look better. In the ring, the two cruiserweights are sizing each other up. The Dark Angel actually has the experience edge in this one, I believe, but Cage is the taller and larger of the two. All-in-all, I'd say that this is one of the least predictable matches of the night. The two men lock up, with Cage immediately trying for the arm bar. Curtis reverses it with a roll, though, bending the arm the wrong direction. Cage fights to get free, deciding to use the arm bar as the start of a whip into the ropes. The Dark Angel hits the ropes and returns, ducking under a clothesline attempt by "Rage", but upon his return, his splash attempt misses when Cage drops to the mat. Both men are moving very fluidly at the start of this one.

JR: True Cruiserweights usually do, Mike. Curtis is right back onto his feet, but he steps into Cage's hip toss maneuver, flipping the Dark Angel onto his back. Finally, a wrestler gets the advantage in this one. Cage moves in quickly, hitting a running lariat that knocks his opponent back down to the ground. Curtis gamely tries to rise quickly again, but a dropkick to the face finally 'convinces' him to stay down for a little while longer. Cage had a nice offensive flurry there. He decides to keep it going, slipping behind and grabbing Curtis' arms. He rolls backwards, lifting Curtis into the air in a Submission hold! Curtis is struggling, hanging in midair, as Cage keeps the pressure on him, holding him upwards! The ref watches, but Curtis isn't near submitting. After a few more seconds, one of the Dark Angel's feet comes loose, and Cage is forced to break the entire hold, dropping Curtis to the mat. He tries a quick cover... 1.... 2..... Curtis kicks out.

Heenan: Cage is in control, though. He pulls himself up, gathering Curtis and getting him off of the canvas. Curtis is looking tired in there, from the hits he's taken. Dylan gives him an elbow in the chin, to add emphasis to the exhaustion, then latches onto his arm and whips him towards the corner. But Curtis shows that he's not out of energy yet, reversing it and sending Cage hard into the turnbuckle pads! Cage stumbles backwards for the hit, only to have Curtis leap onto his shoulders and drop him backwards for a pinning attempt! 1..... 2..... Cage barely kicks loose. Both men hurry to their feet, but Curtis gets there first somehow, locking up with Cage and dropping backwards with a Russian Leg Sweep! Where has Curtis suddenly got all his energy from? I thought he was wasted!

Tenay: Apparently not, Bobby! The Dark Angel is drawing on reserves that we didn't know about! Despite some of the shots he took early on in this one, he's looking like the fresh man now! He pulls Cage back to his feet, Snap Suplexing him over, no, I was wrong, it's a Fisherman's Suplex! 1.... 2..... Cage again gets free at the last second. Curtis is doing all he can now to get the victory here. He gets to his feet once more, this time going for the turnbuckle! What's Curtis going to try? He looks down upon Cage, who's trying to pull himself up. After a pump of his fist, Curtis leaps off for a Blockbuster attempt... but Cage gets out of the way!!! The Dark Angel just pancaked himself!! What a plunge! Cage pulls himself back up after his dive, while Curtis just rolls in agony! He landed badly, but at least managed to get the hands up before he hit the turf with his head!

Heenan: He was risking too much, and he paid for it. It happens, Mike. Some guys just aren't perfect like myself, or even Hennig for that matter. In the ring, Cage is locking Curtis up. He snaps him over with a Gutwrench Suplex, then points to the turnbuckle himself! It's time we heard the Hollywood Scream! I love this maneuver! Cage is up on the top of the turnbuckle, with Curtis still flat on his back! He comes flying off, corkscrewing downwards, but the Dark Angel gets out of the way! Cage hits hard, as Curtis rolls to the side of the ring, where Chuck Woolery is! Did Woolery get Curtis' attention or something? If he did, then he's earned his managerial stripes! Cage is in a heap where he landed, while Woolery is trying to fire Curtis up, slapping him lightly on the face to bring some sense back. And Curtis is getting up! He moves towards the downed Cage slowly, as the ref watches on.

JR: Curtis looks ready to put this one away, guys. He lifts Cage up, who looks to be really holding onto his rib cage. Curtis spins him around, locks an arm around his throat, then drops with the Dark Days maneuver!! Cage just got shown the way of the dark side! But Curtis isn't done yet. He's going up for the Angel Splash! This would seal the deal, if he lands it. Curtis comes spinning off the turnbuckle and lands right on top of Cage, as Woolery starts jumping excitedly on the outside! The ref makes the count.... 1...... 2..... 3!!!! Joshua Curtis is a winner on Founder's Day!!

Tenay: Not a bad fight. Does that make up for the Fink and D'Penz, JR?

JR: Well, it's a start. Roll the tape!

*With Heenan talking along, the replay rolls by, mainly focusing on the Dark Days and the Angel Splash... Heenan botches the name of a few moves, but gets through it... *

Tenay: Our next match was put together simply because the two men wrestling in it supposedly have a history in another fed. I've almost got the feeling that these two used to be friends, JR.

JR: Yeah, something about the way LK talks points to a betrayal somewhere before by the Kingpin, aka Vito Corleone. We'll just have to see what happens between these two. Dietz?

Dietz: The next match is scheduled for one fall. It is labeled a Grudge Match, which really means that anything goes! First, standing 6'0" and weighing 260 lbs, making his debut tonight. Formerly known as Vito Corleone, now he's simply the Kingpin!

*The music plays, but no one shows... the fans seem a little angered by the delay, wanting to get to the bigger matches... after some time passes, the music stops, then restarts, playing LK's theme... the fans get pumped as LK appears, walking towards the ring with the Kingpin on his shoulders....*

Heenan: What the...

Tenay: Apparently LK didn't feel like waiting for the fight, guys. The Kingpin looks to be unconscious! Is that blood on his face? LK comes into the ring, dropping the Kingpin over the top rope! That's a heavy guy to do that with, too! LK just looks like it's another day on the job. He steps through, putting one foot on top of his opponent! The ref looks around, hoping for someone to tell him what to do. LK looks questioningly at him, and the ref shrugs and calls for the bell!

JR: Ok. This should be exciting. *shakes head* LK continues his pin, and the ref counts.... 1..... 2..... 3. The Kingpin never really made it to the ring. He either got ambushed in the back, or tried to start the fight early and paid for it. Either way, LK gets himself a very easy win here. Wait, he's got the mic.

LK: I've said it before, and I'll say it again: if you want to showcase my talent you gotta give me some competition, man. Demon was nothing, I sent him back to hell. The Kingpin here isn't worth half a cent. Just give me a Pit Match, and you will be happy with the results. That's all I've got to say, so hit my music.

*LK walks out of the ring and heads down the aisle... the ref checks on the Kingpin, who hasn't moved since he was brought down...*

Heenan: Well, that's just great. Throw that match out the window, huh, guys?

Tenay: Unfortunately so, Bobby. The Kingpin was no competition for LK, who looks like he's going to be a tough man to beat in the near future. We need some medical attention in the ring. Once we get that done, we'll be back. Stay tuned, we have a lot more action upcoming!

*As the Kingpin is slowly rolled onto a stretcher, the camera goes to the back, where Stephen Mysterio and Sean Waltman are pictured talking about their upcoming shot... Waltman keeps telling Mysterio that he'll do his best, and that he won't let his partner down... *