Tenay: Ok, we're back from that short break. Sorry about that, but even us announcers need a stop in the action occassionally, and besides, they had to get the cage in place! That's right, it's now time for the highly anticipated Hell in the Cell match between Joshua Curtis and Phenomena! These guys faced each other once before, and Phenomena managed to come out on top at the last second. Can he do it again? Let's find out. Penzer?

Penzer: The next match is scheduled for one fall, inside the Steel Cage! It will be for the Hardcore Championship... first, coming towards the ring... he stands 5'9" and weighs 175 lbs... he's becoming a household name in wrestling today, and looks to get his first gold in the GCWA... introducing the Dark Angel, Joshua Curtis!

*Curtis walks out with his usual theme playing, and does seem to have some of the fans behind him.... he is alone, without Chuck Woolery, as he heads inside the cage...*

Heenan: Here is a kid whose stock has increased a lot recently. Why, I'm still not sure. The guy's become a heavy contender throughout many categories. He still hasn't managed to gain a title, but tonight could be his night.

JR: This guy's got spunk, Heenan. He's been fighting his way to respectability for a while now. By beating Phenomena tonight, he would finally join the upper crust of the organization. I'm anxious to see if he can do it.

Penzer: His opponent... standing 6'5" and weighing 242 lbs... he's been mowing down talent throughout the year 2000, retaining the Hardcore Title, his first belt, against many adversities... the Hardcore Champion... "The Game".... Phenomena!

*"Our Time" plays, as Phenomena walks out of the back with the gold firmly around his waist... he grins and continues on his way to the cage, only stopping for a second to hand the belt off...*

Tenay: Really, if you look at it, you wouldn't expect either of these guys to be in a major title match like this. But both Curtis and Phenomena have made leaps and bounds recently. Phenomena's been on a real roll, with the Hardcore Title around his waist for a while now. The biggest thing, though, is that this man's career is young yet. He's still got a long ways to go.

*The bell rings, and the door is shut...*

JR: Here we go, surprisingly one of the most anticipated matches of the night. Who's going to pull out the victory? Phenomena and Curtis lock arms, going for the first advantage. We really have a difference in wrestling technique here. Phenomena likes to try to keep things technical, although he's become more known for his Hardcore abilities of late. On the other side, Curtis is the speedy man who nearly took the Cruiserweight belt not long ago. It's an intriguing match-up, to be sure. Curtis manages to take advantage with a side-step, slipping behind the champion and wrapping both arms around his head, quickly going for a sleeper hold! That's not usually a hold you start with, especially against a taller man like Phenomena. True to form, Phen pushes Curtis backwards into the side of the cage, shaking it and him.

Heenan: Phenomena spins around and grabs Curtis, again sending him into the side of the cage, then pulling him off of it into a Bridge maneuver! Phenomena's wasting no time! 1.... Curtis kicks free. Phenomena gets up with him and quickly lashes out with a shot that staggers the young man backwards. Phenomena smirks and moves forward, then manages to move fast enough to catch Curtis' foot on an attempted boot to the midsection. But Phenomena's not ready for Curtis to leap up with an Enziguiri kick to the back of the head, chopping the larger man down to the mat! Curtis hops up to his feet and gets Phenomena up as well, then immediately brings him down with a Hurricanrana! Phenomena just got flipped! Curtis jumps up again, adrenaline pumping through his system as he goes towards the cage, actually running up the side a few feet and back-flipping off of it to get a version of a Splash onto the champion for the cover! 1..... 2...... No, Phenomena kicks out.

Tenay: The pins are fast and furious in this one. So far, it's not what you would call a typical Hell in a Cell Hardcore Match! Curtis gets up with Phenomena in tow, and whips the man towards, no, Curtis goes into the cage wall instead! Nice reversal from the champion. Curtis is dazed and confused from the hit, easy pickings for Phenomena, who spins him and drops him with a DDT! Curtis just got planted. Once again, the momentum in this match changes. Phenomena claws his way upwards, trying to focus. He pulls Curtis up, only to bring him right back down with a Russian Leg Sweep. The Dark Angel looks to be fading fast, as Phenomena makes another cover.... 1..... 2..... Curtis gets a shoulder up at the last second!

Heenan: I've gotta say, Mike, I'm a little down about this one. It's been a good, clean fight. That's not fun. Where's the really Hardcore element that everyone was expecting? Why aren't they on top of the cage, getitng thrown off of it? There's no tables breaking, no chairs coming into play, it's, well, not what I wanted!

Tenay: Nonetheless, it's been a good match thus far, Bobby, so be quiet and keep watching. Phenomena's gotten to his feet, and higher, going up part of the cage to get some height. It's a Hell in a Cell match, so there is a roof, but Phenomena can still get some distance. He gets as high as he wants, then pushes off the cage, dropping with his leg extended for a Guilotine shot. But Curtis sits up and dives out of the way, causing Phenomena to hurt himself! He rolls in pain with his hands covering a sensitive place, while Curtis struggles to get to his feet, even with the cage helping him. He moves over and grabs Phenomena by the head, jettisoning him into the cage wall with all his strength! Phenomena bounces off the metal, then gets thrown in again, then a third time, by the suddenly determined Curtis!

JR: He's going beserk! And Phenomena's been cut open! He's bleeding just to the side of his right eye, not a bad place, considering the blood's not running into his eyesight. Curtis pulls Phenomena away from the cage and into the center of the caged ring, setting him up. He lands a knee to the guts of the champion, then grabs his head and goes down with the Dark Days, landing it!!! Phenomena drops like a broken balloon, and we may have a new Hardcore Champion coming down the pike! Joshua Curtis drags himself over, having spent himself with his rage, and makes the cover.... 1....... 2....... NO!!! Centimeters away from victory, Phenomena fought out of the haze and raised a shoulder by pure instinct! Curtis is stunned!

Heenan: So am I! What's he running on, after those hits he took? Pride? Wheaties? What?

Tenay: He's a competitor, just like Curtis and most of the rest of our wrestlers here. Curtis pulls himself up and looks towards the cage walls, which prevent him from trying the Angel Splash the way he might like to. He shakes his head and pulls the semi-conscious Phenomena up, locking his head for the Dark Drop! Wait, Phenomena uses his feet to shove, pushing both into the cage, Curtis hitting backfirst! This allows Phenomena to get free. He gets up and, seeing the Dark Angel bend in pain, locks him and lifts! With the last of his strength, Phenomena drops with the Sub-Zero!!! The cage just rattled almost out of its hinges!!! Both men are down and not moving! I think either could have a pin now, if they'd wake up and make the attempt! But Phenomena spent himself there! Wait, no, I was wrong, he's slowly moving towards his opponent! This could be it! Hey, who's that shaking the cage??

JR: Huh? Man, that guy's huge! Get a cameraman around there! He's literally tearing the side of the cage off!!! I don't believe it! Wait, there, from camera 2, switch the live feed, is that.... yes! That's Nigel Gilbreth, the brother of the Internet Champion who was sent away to a prison term a while ago! What's he doing back here?? Wow, he's torn off enough of the cage for him to get through, even as Phenomena makes the cover..... 1...... 2....... 3!!!!!! Phenomena is still the Hardcore Champion!! But as he stands up to celebrate, Gilbreth grabs him and, with one fluid motion, smashes him down with a Chokeslam!!! Phenomena was already out of gas! He took that one full force! Gilbreth reaches down and smacks Phenomena across the face, a mocking gesture, then goes over to Curtis, helping the hurting wrestler up. Oh, man, now Nigel's got a mic. Let's listen in.

Nigel Gilbreth: "Here are the future tag-team champions of the GCWA!!! Right here and now!!! THE ANGEL OF DEATH, JOSH CURTIS, and me, THE PATRIOT SLAYER, ALGER VON AYRIAN!! WE ARE THE HELL'S ANGELS!!! We stand right here before you all and issue a challenge to the winners of the Tag-Team Battle Royale for a shot at the Tag-Team gold that my former brother now holds!! We'll take on any tag team with the guts to take on HELL!!!!"

*Von Ayrian throws down the mic next to the unconscious Hardcore Champion, then pulls Curtis towards the doorway, taking the 'real' exit... Phenomena slowly moves his head, trying to get up despite the pain... he asks a ref what happened, completely broken up...*

Tenay: How's that for another shocker?? Not only has Nigel Gilbreth returned, he's returned as the hated Nazi, Alger von Ayrian! To go with that, he's actually laid out a challenge to both Blade and Wildfire, as well as his own brother, Andy Gilbreth, who holds the tag belts with Titan 3! Another bomb has dropped on the Battlefield tonight! Roll tape!

*The replay focuses on the top flying moves by both men... Phenomena's missed legdrop is shown side-by-side Curtis' backflip off of the cage... the Dark Days and the Sub Zero are also shown before the replay ends...*

Tenay: We've had a lot of stuff happen throughout the night here in Atlanta, Georgia. What's going to be next? Well, for that, we have to go to the videotape, to talk about the European Title match upcoming. Play it, boys!

*The tape shows Animal Thug's victory over Marty Jannetty to win the European Title a few months back... Animal Thug's smiling face is replaced by a shot of his Wolfpac belt... soon after, a few shots of John Steel performing his favorite moves rolls by... Steel's shown watching Animal Thug in the ring, defending his belt... he then lays out the challenge to Animal Thug, believing that he can get the gold from the man... he runs and finds the Thug entering the building, and a brawl breaks out... the two men fight for the majority of the month, including Steel causing Animal Thug to lose a Non-Title match to Reverend Lowdown... we switch to a shot of David Penzer in the ring... the replay has ended...*

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen... the next match is scheduled for one fall, with NO time limit... the winner will take home the European Title... first, the challenger... standing 6'6" and weighing 275 lbs... currently undefeated in the GCWA, and going for his first title reign... he's a member of the Cartel, and a powerhouse in his own right... "The Real Deal" John Steel!

*Steel stomps out to the ring, as his theme music plays in the background... he looks certain of himself, even if the crowd doesn't seem to respect him... the Real Deal enters the ring...*

Heenan: I still say that this is a future champion, Mike. I like him for tonight. Animal Thug's not the same man he used to be. It's time for the new breed to take over, and Steel is such a strong guy! He looks to be a success for a long time to come.

Tenay: It's possible. I won't deny that the man has some serious skills. But it's always a dicey gamble facing the Thug in the squared circle. Steel's win-loss record is about to get a major test.

Penzer: His opponent... standing 6'11" and weighing 288 lbs... he's held the World Title twice, the Tag-Team and Hardcore Titles once, and his current belt, the European Title, three times.... the leader of the Wolfpac, and one of the legends of the GCWA... Animal Thug!

*The howling begins... it's hard to tell whether the fans are howling first or not... with the howls comes the theme music of the Wolfpac, followed by the European Champion... Animal Thug gets a rousing ovation on his way to the ring... *

JR: Animal Thug's a true champion. He's come back from so many adversities. He's left the GCWA on various occasions, and yet come back to get the gold once more. I think he's a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame here someday, when he retires.

Heenan: Maybe so, JR. But a lot of people in the back are talking about how he's seemed listless as of late. Some think that he's not at all prepared for John Steel. I guess we'll find out.

Tenay: I guess so.

*The bell rings...*

JR: The belt is on the table, and these two are ready to fight for it! They come together, for the lock-up, no, forget the lock-up, they're just pounding on each other now! Animal Thug uses his bulk to drive Steel backwards with shot after shot, knocking him into the ropes. He then grabs Steel's arm, whipping him towards the other side. Steel reverses it, hanging onto the arm, but Animal Thug has the final say, shooting Steel back the way he came and sending him toppling over the ropes! Steel falls to the outside, dropping to one knee, even as the Thug climbs out after him. Animal Thug jumps off the apron for an Axehandle shot, but Steel recovers and fires a fist up into Animal Thug's gut, knocking him offcourse to the ground.

Tenay: Animal Thug shouldn't try to take air, it just doesn't suit him. Steel gets up on the outside, as the ref starts his count. He pulls Animal Thug up, then slams him into the apron, stunning the Thug enough so that Steel can roll him back into the ring. Steel follows, climbing up onto the turnbuckle and leaping into the ring, catching the Thug with a Missle Dropkick that smacks him down! Steel's looking good in there so far. He comes up, pulling Animal Thug part of the way up before driving his elbow into the man's back repeatedly, apparently trying to sever that vertebrae of the champ's! Steel continues the punishment, pulling the Thug's head across the top rope eyes first, causing a serious burning sensation! While the Thug is blinded, Steel grabs his arm and pulls, hitting a massive clothesline! Steel tries the cover... 1..... 2..... Animal Thug kicks out!

Heenan: That was a close one. I told you, Mike. We're seeing a different Animal Thug in there today. He's just not fighting like he usually does. Maybe he'll get fired up and we'll have a good match, but right now, he's getting dominated.

JR: Steel brings the man up and locks him for his Piledriver maneuver. Can he get Animal Thug up? No, Animal Thug struggles against it, still having something left, and he's definitely no lightweight! Steel tries again, but again can't get the champion up, and this time the Thug uses it against him, back-dropping him! Steel hits on his back, absorbing the blow with his muscles, then starts to get up. But Animal Thug turns and locks him up, dragging him upwards and driving him upwards with a Vertical Suplex! Steel's down, and the Thug's finally doing something!

Tenay: The Champion rises back up, straightening his neck to get out the kinks. He pulls the Real Deal to his feet again, pulling him up and landing a Backbreaker maneuver, using his knee to brutal effect! Steel drops to the mat, feeling every inch of his spine, as the Thug falls for the pin attempt, but only gets a 1 count. Steel's got a lot left. Animal Thug hauls him up again and puts him into a Bearhug, tightening across his ribcage to crush the life out of him! Steel fights it, telling the ref to get away from him, as he works to break free. He won't give up, no matter how much pressure Animal Thug gives. Steel tries to get his arms free, but, failing that, resorts to slamming his forehead into the Thug's, causing both men to stumble backwards!

Heenan: They rang each other's bell! I love it! Who has the harder head between them, the Thug or Steel?

JR: Nobody knows, and nobody cares, Heenan. Steel gets his bearings first. He moves in, dodging a weak swing from the Thug and using a quick chop to the throat to unbalance the man again. As the Thug falls against the ropes, struggling to get his windpipe working again, Steel sets himself, gets a grip, and drops with the Real Deal DDT!!! He spun Animal Thug right into it! What a move, that could do it!! Steel rolls down and makes the cover on the man..... 1...... 2...... 3!!!!!!!

Tenay: Another upset takes place!! We have a new champion in the Real Deal John Steel, who's bringing home the second gold this night to the Cartel! Animal Thug just didn't seem to be completely focused on his objective, while Steel stayed his dangerous self, eliminating the competition with his classic finisher! John Steel is the new GCWA European Champion, winning his fourth match here. Care to take the tape, Heenan?

*As Heenan talks, we see Steel catching Animal Thug with the missle dropkick... the Backbreaker from the Thug... and the final Real Deal DDT that made Steel a champion for the first time... fade out again...*