Tenay: We're down to two matches, both with a lot laid down on the line! Let's go to the video tape!

*The tape begins after X-Pac, then X-Dog, vows to become the first circuit champion in the GCWA... he fights valiantly against many opponents, but can't manage the victory... Nightmare is pictured winning the Intercontinental Title over Jannetty, and defending it against a few opponents... X-Pac's challenge is laid down, as Nightmare tells him he has to fight Steven Mysterio for the shot... the two fight to a draw as Nightmare attacks both men... the fights continue, with Jannetty aiding Nightmare against the duo... it finally is decided that Nightmare and X-Pac will fight in a singles match for the belt... Nightmare's stipulations, including putting his career on the line, are highlighted...*

JR: There's so much riding on this match, guys, that it's hard to think about. This could be Nightmare's last match in the GCWA, or it could be the last time, ever, that X-Pac gets to compete for the Intercontinental Title, which would be almost as devestating to him. Which person is going to take the hit? Penz?

Penzer: The next match is scheduled for one fall... it will be for the Intercontinental Championship! *cheers* First, the challenger... standing 6 feet tall and weighing 212 lbs... he's held almost every belt in the GCWA at least once, including multiple reigns as the World Heavyweight Champion... but his one main goal still lies ahead of him.... the leader of the Unexpected, X-Pac!

*X'Pac's DX Theme sounds, and green smoke fills the aisleway as the former DX leader appears, doing a few crotch chops... he walks towards the ring, either ignoring the booing fans, or simply withstanding them... he enters the ring with a roll...*

Heenan: We might see X-Pac's dream realized tonight. He's been wanting the Intercontinental Title for months now. Of course, we might also see it become pointless if he loses tonight, since he'll never again be able to try for it. X-Pac's going to be more determined than we've ever seen him, Mike.

Tenay: That may be, Heenan, but he's still at a slight disadvantage in this one, since he's not the one with his entire career on the line.

Penzer: His opponent... standing 6'5" and weighing 265 lbs... he's also been a World Heavyweight Champion multiple times, and is currently the GCWA Intercontinental Title-holder... the leader of Degeneration-X, and one of the toughest hombres to appear in years... Nightmare!

*"Freak On A Leash" blasts out as Nightmare walks towards the ring, absorbing the cheers of his fans... he stalks quickly down the ramp to get involved in the action...*

JR: Nightmare made the gutsy decision to put his career on the line in this match. Some have said that was foolish, but he agreed, so now he's got to prove he deserves to stay in the GCWA. Will he still be on the roster after tonight's festivities? It's up to him and X-Pac.

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: Things start quickly in this one, as X-Pac charges in at Nightmare. But the champion dodges to the right, turning the man's movement into a Hip Toss! X-Pac hits hard, but jumps right back up and comes in again, only to have a flash of deja vu as Nightmare flips him again! X-Pac again tries to get up quickly, but this time Nightmare locks up his head and starts pounding away with his free arm, playing the drum! He smashes into X-Pac's skull again and again, sending that brain of his rattling in every direction, then suddenly drops downwards with a reversed DDT!! X-Pac shudders on the mat, as Nightmare pulls himself up, ever the champion.

Heenan: X-Pac needs to do a little better than that if he wants the belt any time soon.

JR: Nightmare pulls X-Pac up and starts to send him into the ropes, then instead pulls him in, kneeing him in the guts. He lifts X-Pac up into the air, dropping backwards with a Fallaway Slam, then makes the cover.... 1..... 2..... X-Pac kicks free. We nearly had a very short match. Nightmare stands up, dragging X-Pac with him, wait, X-Pac with the roll-up, 1..... 2.... Nightmare barely escapes! He jumps up and kicks at X-Pac, who waits and locks onto his leg, getting a Dragon Snap Takedown!! Nightmare is on the ground clutching at his leg, and you wonder if the tendons snapped on that maneuver! X-Pac gets to his feet and quickly takes advantage, pulling Nightmare over and wrapping him into a partial version of the X-Stone!!! Boy, I didn't expect to see that one so soon!

Tenay: X-Pac saw an immediate advantage, and he darted in to use it! Of course, he doesn't have it on the way he'd like, I'm sure. Nightmare's already trying to squirm loose from it, as the ref circles both men. Nightmare's not one to submit, but this will take away some of his energy reserves. After a quick check, the ref signals that the match continues, as Nightmare struggles, getting one arm free. X-Pac, realizing that it isn't going to work, lets go, pushing Nightmare off to the mat. Both men get up at about the same time, with X-Pac landing the first hit, a serious punch to the jaw. But look at Nightmare grin through it! He swings himself, catching X-Pac with a shot to the face, and the true brawl is on! Both men go wild throwing punches, with Nightmare seeming to enjoy it more and more!

Heenan: The guy is certifiable, Mike! He's enjoying the pain that X-Pac's giving him with those punches! He grabs X-Pac's arm, whipping him into the ropes, then goes for a lariat that X-Pac's able to duck under. The challenger comes back with a leap, smashing Nightmare to the ground with a Spinning Side Kick! That knocked the smile off his face, I'll bet!

JR: It surely didn't make him happy, Bobby. At least, I hope not. Nightmare struggles to get up, but X-Pac just took control with that shot he gave him, and doesn't plan on just giving it up. He wraps his leg around Nightmare's head for a Fame-Asser. But Nightmare, knowing the move, darts upwards, flipping X-Pac in a complete 360! X-Pac lands on his feet and bounces right back up, snapping his legs upwards and bringing Nightmare to the canvas with a Head-Scissor Takedown! X-Pac quickly tries a cover.... 1...... 2....... Nightmare kicks free. His career continues, for now. X-Pac stands, slightly frustrated since he thought he had the gold. He goes to the turnbuckle, climbing up it, while Nightmare tries to recover from the abuse he's taken. He pushes off the mat and stands, but X-Pac flies off the turnbuckle with an elbow extended, smashing him in the forehead and knocking him back down!

Tenay: That was a heavy-duty shot that may allow X-Pac to finish things off! Yes, he's grabbing Nightmare and pulling him up into position. He grabs the man's head and brings it down in a final display of earthshaking force, as the X-Factor lands!!! We might have just seen the climax of a great career! X-Pac rolls the champion over and covers him, as the referee drops down next to them..... 1....... 2....... Nightmare raised his arm!! The champion still had enough left, even after the finisher, to kick out!! X-Pac shakes his head in astonishment. He's got to find something else in his arsenal to take the champion out of the match. X-Pac pulls Nightmare up and drags him to the turnbuckle, somehow managing to push the larger man onto it. He goes up as well, locking Nightmare for a Superplex! But wait, Nightmare's fighting it! He stands on the turnbuckle with X-Pac in his arms, leaping off the turnbuckle with a Flying Powerslam!!!!

Heenan: Damn!! That reminded me of Ace! Nightmare, more than anyone, probably knows how devestating the Accelerator's finisher is, so he used a variation of it there with pure instinct! We've got two completely demolished men laying in the ring. Nightmare got bounced off of X-Pac by the impact against the mat, and is laying to the side. He slowly turns and reaches out with one arm, covering X-Pac's chest.... 1..... 2...... X-Pac pops up a shoulder!! Another close call, but this one again continues!! What a fight this has been! Neither man wants to end things this way. Nightmare's trying to get up, still hurting badly from the punishment he's taken tonight. He grabs at the ropes, as X-Pac slowly rolls onto his stomach, trying to rise up. Nightmare's there first, though, sliding towards X-Pac and lifting him up from behind. He wraps an arm around X-Pac's throat and slams him down with a violent Rock Bottom!

JR: Another possible end here! Make the pin! Nightmare covers him.... 1..... 2....... X-Pac kicks out one more time!! Nightmare hits the mat, spent and not sure what else to do. He slowly crawls around X-Pac and tries to lock on the Nightfall, but X-Pac rolls away from him and pushes off with his arms to get up. Nightmare gets up as well, firing a heavy punch towards him. X-Pac ducks it, then lashes out with a shot to the chest, following it with a second X-Factor!!!! Nightmare is down and out, and this time X-Pac's wasting no time making the cover..... 1....... 2........ 3!!!!!!!!!

Tenay: We have a winner!! X-Pac has taken down Nightmare to become the GCWA Intercontinental Champion!!! He's done it, he's got the Circuit Championship!!! This also means that Nightmare has lost the match for his career! This is an unbelievable moment for the GCWA, guys! Nightmare's been a major player for a long time, does he really have to leave the GCWA now? X-Pac's celebrating wildly, almost going to tears for his victory as they hand him the belt. Months of frustration were just erased by this win here. Nightmare rolls onto his side, trying to pull himself up. He's got to deal with the fact that things don't always work out the way you plan them. This one's going to haunt Nightmare for a long time.

*The tape rolls with all of the action that just occured, from the Hurricanrana to the Spinning Side Kick to the Flying Powerslam... both X-Factors tell the tale at the end, as X-Pac gets the gold for the first time, completing the circuit...*

JR: This has been a wild night, hasn't it? We've had Eva Barnes shock everyone by winning the Women's gold. Blade and Adolf von Ayrian reappeared on the scene. We have three new champions so far going into the main event, the match that people have been waiting for for a long time. Let's get to it, show that promo!

*The first image shows Titan 3 and Iceman talking about one another... the clips switch back and forth from their various comments about the other... Titan 3's brawl through the back halls of Ice is shown, as well as Ice's involvement in the steel cage match Titan 3 had with Nightmare... Ice demands a World Title shot, and Titan 3 finally decides to allow it, when the Accelerator comes out on Ice's side... the two talk about each other constantly for the better part of a week....*

Heenan: Everyone wants to see this match. So why are we not starting it? Penzer, that's your department, get it going!

Penzer: Alrighty then, Heenan... Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the main event of the evening... the World Heavyweight Championship is on the line! Are you ready? *cheers* Then let's get it on!!! First, the challenger... standing 6'5" and weighing 238 lbs... he's a former Hardcore Champion, now allied with the Unexpected... long-time partner of the Accelerator to go with his many accomplishments in other organizations... he is the Iceman!

*Ice walks out of the back to both cheers and boos... many fans still remain unsure of where he stands, considering where the Unexpected have gone during the night... Iceman walks to the ring and removes his mask, tossing it away... he yells out, then waits... *

Tenay: The Iceman has become a major player in the GCWA over the past few months. He defeated Nightmare for the Hardcore Title, a division that he wasn't known for. He's fought the good fight against some great opponents. He's also friends with Ace, which is why he seems to be getting this major main event match. Can Ice do what no one has managed for so long? Can he take the World Title from Titan 3's grasp?

Penzer: His opponent... standing 6'6" and weighing 290 lbs.... he's a former 2-time Internet Champion, and has come a long way since then, remaining the World Heavyweight Champion for the past four months... the leader of the Night's Watch, and one of the most powerful individuals in wrestling today.... here is Titan 3!!!

*"Tales of a Scorched Earth" by Smashing Pumpkins is heard, and the fans start to chant for the World Champion... after a few seconds, Titan 3 appears... he walks out onto the ramp, blinking and glancing around him... the gold is prominent around his waist... Titan 3 heads towards the ring...*

Heenan: So how's the vision, Titan 3? Can you see how many fingers I'm holding up?

JR: Weasal!! What, do you want him to come over here and kick your ass before he gets near Ice? Put your hand down!

Heenan: Ummm, good idea, JR. Go, Titan 3, you can do it!

*The bell rings...*

JR: Just relax, Heenan, that's your best bet for survival. We'll soon know how well Titan's eyesight is. I'm still not sure what exactly Jenna J shot into his eyes, whether it was mace or some other concoction, but it didn't help the man, we can be relatively clear about that. As Titan 3 enters the ring, Ice comes over quickly, using those quick chops that are his trademark to put the champion off his game. He slices his open hand across Titan's throat, causing him to reel back in pain. Ice then hops into the air, extending his foot into the chest of the champ, knocking him backwards and down to the mat! I think we might be seeing the start of an upset here!

Tenay: It's a little early to tell, JR, but it's always a possibility, especially the way most of the matches have gone tonight. Ice grabs Titan 3 back on the way up and goes for a karate chop to the head, but Titan ducks under it and charges, tackling the man! Both fall to the mat, with Titan 3 going hog-wild with his punches! He's firing everything he's got at Ice right off the bat, probably still pissed off about what Dynamic Dynamite did! After a couple more shots that continue to rock the Iceman, Titan 3 brings himself and his opponent up, slinging Ice into the corner. As Ice hits, Titan 3 spins and runs in after him. But Ice gets his feet up, giving Titan 3 a cold reception as he charges into them! Titan 3 staggers back, holding his face and, mainly, his still-burning eyes, as Ice hops onto the second turnbuckle and comes off flying with a crescent kick ala Steve Blackman, nailing the champion and knocking him to the ground! Iceman makes the routine cover.... 1....... 2.. Titan kicks free.

Heenan: It's a little early yet to take out Titan 3 with one move, although that was a doozy. Iceman's come to fight, while Titan's looking a little slow in there.

JR: Hey, Heenan, the guy's having trouble seeing, what do you expect, perfection from him?

Heenan: He's the World Champion. Shouldn't he be able to handle adversity?

Tenay: Geez, you two are a broken record, you know that? Let's concentrate on the match, alright? Currently, Ice has Titan 3 in the corner. He climbs up and starts pounding away with an open hand, and some of his fans count along. They only get to seven, though, as Titan 3 locks onto Ice's legs and walks out of the corner, smashing Ice down onto his back! There was an impact crater formed in the middle of the ring from that one! Ice clutches at his neck, trying to roll, while Titan 3 brings himself to his feet, to the cheers of the crowd. He walks forward, grabbing Iceman and pulling him up, then dropping him back down with a Death Valley Driver!!

JR: Titan 3's definitely got power. He's known for his brawling ability, but he's really also an all-around wrestler, with many different talents. The World Champ leans over, picking Iceman off the mat, and steps around him, putting on an Abdominal Stretch! The champ's going to try and weaken his opponent just a little more, not a bad strategy. Ice is immediately wincing from the strain, but shakes his head as the ref asks him the usual questions. This is a World Title match, and no one wants to submit during one of those. I don't care how bad the pain is. Titan 3's keeping Ice firmly in place, not letting him near the ropes. That's why the Abdominal Stretch is a great submission hold. Since you're being held up, it's hard to slide towards the ropes, which is the usual method of escaping.

Tenay: Finally, after a long period of pain and suffering, Titan 3 releases the hold, dropping Ice to the mat. Titan 3's looking pretty confident now. He tries a pin cover, only to get a 2 count. Ice manages to kick out clean, causing Titan 3 to have to think about some other maneuvers to use. He gets up and points to a part of the crowd, then lifts Iceman up and braces him up behind the champ, in position for the Ground Zero!! He pushes his arms up, getting Ice into the air, who's kicking and struggling suddenly, not wanting to be hit by this one. He drives out with his legs and manages to catch them on the ropes, causing Titan 3 to lose his balance. Both men fall to the right, crashing right into the referee!! Dick Williams is down and out!! He's rolling right out of the ring from just the impact!!

Heenan: Damnit, there goes another ref. They're dropping like flies tonight. Someone call to the back and get another one out here, or else we'll be here all night!!

JR: This isn't good. With the ref out of it, anything can happen there in the ring. We need another official, are any available? Well, go and check, god damn it!

Tenay: Calm down, JR. It'll be alright. This has happened before, someone will come to the rescue, don't worry. In the ring, Titan 3's slowly getting up, holding the back of his head from the landing. Ice is also getting up, so it's a race. Who gets up first? It's the champ, Titan 3. But Ice comes in second with a great leg sweep that topples the man backwards! Titan's back on the canvas, while Ice pulls himself up. We still have no ref, so there's no point in trying for a pinfall. Ice instead drags Titan 3 to his feet and pushes him into the corner. After chopping him three times, Ice pulls Titan 3 out and goes for the Avalanche! But Titan 3 blocks it, then lifts, back-body dropping Ice into the corner!!! What a hit!!! Ice is splayed on the turnbuckle, while Titan 3 is on the mat, shaking his head, but also pumping his fist, energizing himself! Oh, and here comes.... hey, is that Tyrell Jones? I thought they took him out of here?

Heenan: Guess not, Mike. You can't keep a good referee down, even if he is severely burned. The guy's bandaged up, but he can still hit the mat. It's not like you need to be 100% to be a ref, y'know?

JR: Alright, so we have a referee. Good timing, too, because Titan 3 is getting back to his feet! He drags himself up, grabbing Ice on the turnbuckle and bodyslamming him off of it!! The Iceman falls to the mat, a long drop. He's quickly covered by the collapsing Titan 3, as the ref drops down next to them.... 1......... 2.......... Iceman kicks out! That was a close one, and a slightly long count from the ref might have saved the guy there. Titan 3 doesn't care, though. He's pulling himself up again, yanking Ice with him, and sets him for the A-Bomb!! Ice is still moving and fighting against it, but Titan 3's got the leverage..... what the hell???

Heenan: Did you see that? I mean, did you SEE that??

Tenay: I sure did!!! The referee just took Titan 3 down with a huge dropkick!! I didn't even think Tyrell could get off the ground in his condition, but he just smashed Titan 3 backwards! Ice drops to both knees, saved, as the ref runs forward and, hopping off the top rope, gets a Tornado DDT on the World Champion!!! This is unreal!! Wait a second, the ref, he's taking off a few of those burn bandages, and, hey, that's not Tyrell, that's the Cruiserweight Champion, Steven Mysterio!!! The Star just ko'ed Titan 3!! Iceman gets a helping hand to his feet, and staggers over to where Titan 3's still fighting to get up. Ice locks him and uses the Avalanche, bringing both back down! He covers the champion, as Mysterio hits the mat.... 1... 2... 3!!!!!!!! I don't believe it!!!! I can't believe it!!!! We have a new World Champion!!!!

JR: This has got to be the biggest shocker I've seen in years, Mike!! Mysterio and Iceman fooled everyone, and have pulled off the steal of the millenium by getting the pin on Titan 3!!!! What an upset!!! Mysterio pulls Ice up and raises his arm in triumph, as he calls for the World Title to be given to him. Titan 3's out on the mat, just breathing. The double-team at the last second proved to be too much for the man! I... I'm in shock, guys, take over.

Heenan: Glady, JR. This is the greatest show of teamwork that I've seen in the GCWA thus far. Mysterio helped out his partner, legally, of course, and now we have a new World Heavyweight Champion!! Oh, look, here comes the Accelerator towards ringside! He must be pleased with what's happened. He gets the gold and comes into the ring, as Ice and Mysterio stand and wait him, Ice grinning. He can't believe it worked, either, but he's more than willing to take the title. Ace walks up to the two of them, and.... is he wagging his finger at them???

Tenay: What's Ace up to? He's got a mic, hang on...

The Accelerator: Ice, Mysterio, I didn't build the GCWA to work like that. Sorry, boyo. Decision denied. By order of the President, the winner of this match.... and STILL GCWA World Heavyweight Champion... *crowd explodes* Titan 3!!!!!

*Ace crosses over to where Titan 3's trying to sit up, ignoring the words from Ice and Mysterio.... he drops the title next to Titan 3, who grabs it with one hand...*

Tenay: Ace is reversing the situation, I guess disqualifying Iceman!! Another strange twist in this wild night of Blood on the Battlefield 2000! Ace's friend had the gold, but Ace isn't going to let it happen! Ice is stunned! Oh, but Mysterio's not, he just nailed Ace in the back of the head with an elbow!!! Ice joins in, both attacking the President with rapid punches, overwhelming the man!!! Titan 3 gets up and tries to help him, but Ice spins and lands a Crionic Kick, driving him backwards and through the ropes to the outside!! Ace is down, as Mysterio grabs the World Title and smashes him aside the head!! Oh, here comes Andy Gilbreth, charging down to the ring, as both Ice and Mysterio take off. But Ice still has the World Title!!! What's going to happen now?? Ladies and gentlemen, we've got to go, since our time for the PPV is just about up. We'll let you know on our next show exactly what's going on, so be sure not to miss it!! Thanks for tuning in!!

*Ice disappears into the crowd with the World Title, with Mysterio following him... Gilbreth ignores the two, checking on Titan 3's condition... the Accelerator rolls out of the ring, falling off the apron to the cushions outside... a security guard comes over and helps the President, who appears to be stunned but not seriously hurt.... replays of what has occured during the night are shown, from Eva Barnes getting the Women's Title, to the Hardcore Hell in a Cell Match, to Nightmare's final moments in the ring.... fade to ordering screen...*