*The shot returns from the brief product commercial to show the head referee being carried out of the still-smoky locker room... his face has been bandaged up, but he continues to say that he's alright... he tries to get off the stretcher, but is pushed back onto it... we return to the announcers...*

Tenay: Well, we're really not sure what happened in the back. We know there was some sort of small explosion, which led to a burning cabinent, as well as apparently singing Tyrell Jones, our head referee here at the GCWA. I don't know if anyone else was injured, we'll look into that, as well as the cause of the explosion. For now, though, let's go to the ring, for our next match.

*A tape starts rolling, showing two faces: Marty Jannetty and Steven Mysterio.... many of their various confrontations are pictured, from the fight where Lilpun won the Cruiserweight Title, to when Jannetty won the belt from Mysterio... we switch to present day, when Jannetty came down to help Nightmare against both Mysterio and X-Pac... Jannetty then laid down a solid challenge to Mysterio, which was finally accepted after a lot of debate... the two men's comments are thrown back and forth... *

JR: It's very obvious that Jannetty and Mysterio have their problems to work out inside the ring. Jannetty really wants to be the Cruiserweight Champion for a fourth time. Mysterio wants to stay the champ at least a while longer. Let's go to the ring and see who's the better man tonight!

Penzer: The next match is scheduled for one fall, with NO time limit... it will be for the Cruiserweight Championship of the World... first, the #1 contender, standing 6'1" and weighing 224 lbs... he's held many belts throughout his career in the GCWA, including three reigns thus far with the Cruiserweight Belt... now with the Night's Watch.... "The Rocker" Marty Jannetty!!

*"Keep The Faith" by Bon Jovi starts, and Marty Jannetty walks slowly out of the back to the cheers of the fans... he's heavily taped around the middle, and also looks dazed... he starts to turn around and head back, then changes his mind and goes to the ring instead...*

Tenay: I don't know, guys. Jannetty's in no shape to wrestle tonight, be it mentally or physically. He took some real hits in helping out his partners in the Night's Watch earlier, and after seeing Blade reappear, which was obviously a surprise to him, well, Jannetty's not really in the ring right now.

Heenan: The man is unstable, I'll say that. He's just lucky that his career isn't on the line. Ace decided to veto that one, since Jannetty never actually agreed to it. Still, this could be a bad night for the Rocker if he doesn't pull his ass together quickly.

Penzer: His opponent... standing 5'3" and weighing 120 lbs... he's been with the GCWA almost since the beginning, wrestling in more matches than anyone else in the year 1999... the lightweight who never goes away... currently with the Unexpected... the 3-time Cruiserweight Champion... "The Star" Steven Mysterio!!

*"Noboby Does It Better" by Nate Dogg blasts out, and the champion walks out looking very confident... the fans boo him, but it doesn't bring him down as he gets to the squared circle, where Jannetty is just standing in his corner...*

Heenan: You can say whatever you want about the way Mysterio has been wrestling in the year 2000. But it's easy to forget that he has held the Cruiserweight belt for most of the year thus far, ever since he took down Napalm in the tournament. He is a champion, and in my opinion, he deserves to have it.

*The bell rings...*

JR: Well, first he's got to get past a former World Champion. The two lock up, with Mysterio going into the ropes. Jannetty flattens out as Mysterio goes overtop. He gets to his feet and leapfrogs Mysterio the second time, then turns and tries a dropkick. But he telegraphed that one badly, and Mysterio stops his momentum. Jannetty misses by a long shot and drops to the mat. Mysterio comes forward to take advantage, but Jannetty uses his arms to propell himself back up quickly, catching DMX by surprise. Jannetty swings wildly, but Mysterio ducks under it, turning it into an Atomic Drop! Jannetty staggers forward, only to get clotheslined from behind! Mysterio's on the attack now! He really wants to take Jannetty out!

Heenan: Of course, he is being helped by the remnants of the attack from Dynamic Dynamite earlier. Jannetty's slower and not thinking straight. The Star lifts Jannetty up and sends him into the corner, following him in. Jannetty tries to use the ropes to spring upwards, but Mysterio was ready for it, stopping in time. Jannetty lands, his back still facing Mysterio, who grabs him from behind and hits a German Suplex, then turns it into a Bridge! The ref dives downward... 1.... 2.... Jannetty kicks out! Mysterio looks disappointed. He wanted a quick victory tonight, just to get rid of his competition. I don't blame him. Even injured, the Rocker is dangerous.

Tenay: Jannetty gets back up to his feet, looking even worse for wear. He droops over, arms hanging, like the tape's holding him up. Mysterio smiles and moves in, grabbing Jannetty around the head. But the Rocker suddenly locks him up, then suplexes him, smashing him backwards! Jannetty wasn't as hurt as he was acting, I take it! Jannetty stands and waits, as the stunned Mysterio gets to his feet. He darts in, wrapping him up from behind and rolling him up! 1.... 2.... Mysterio kicks free. both come to their feet quickly, showing their remarkable resilency. Both of these guys are magnificent athletes. But only one can win. They lock up again, with Jannetty getting the hip toss, putting Mysterio on the mat. Jannetty grabs Mysterio before he can get to his feet, wrapping through his feet and locking on a Figure Four!! Jannetty knows that he's not as high-flying as he'd like to be right now, so he's grounding Mysterio as well!

JR: I don't think a Cruiserweight Title match has ever ended in a Submission victory, guys! But Jannetty's going to try anyway, twisting the legs in the wrong directions! Mysterio's struggling towards the ropes, which luckily aren't that far away from him. He digs in, pulling himself the inch he needed to grab the ropes and end the hold. Jannetty finally releases it, dropping his legs. He pulls himself up, while Mysterio stays on the ground, trying to put his knees back into their sockets. Jannetty's pulling himself together. He's rubbing at his aching back, feeling only tape, but he seems to be doing better than the Star, who's working his way up. Jannetty comes in, grabbing him by the head and landing a DDT! Mysterio rolls in pain, allowing the Rocker to move on top of him for a pin attempt! 1..... 2...... Mysterio kicks free!

Heenan: Jannetty's giving it a good effort, I've got to admit. But can he keep this up? Look, he's already starting to lose focus again, glancing around the ring like he expects Blade to show up.

Tenay: He's a good wrestler, Bobby. He'll adjust. Jannetty gets Mysterio to his feet and goes to whip him into the corner, but Mysterio reverses it, and Jannetty goes instead, smashing backfirst!! Oh, man, Jannetty's face just went completely white! He's on the ground, writhing in pain. Who knows what kind of damage that impact just did, added to the bat injuries?? All Mysterio sees, though, is that Jannetty is down. He moves into place and charges, coming down onto Jannetty with his Ruff Ryde maneuver! Jannetty shudders in pain, as Mysterio finishes off the move and gets off of him. Mysterio looks down, seeing how things look, and quickly grabs Jannetty's legs and drags him towards the center of the ring, then makes the cover on the injured man..... 1....... 2...... 3!!!!!!! Wow, what a sudden ending!

JR: Mysterio didn't even need his finisher! After the impact Jannetty made with the corner, he didn't have much left. The Ruff Ryde apparently took the rest of it! So, finally, we didn't have an upset. Mysterio stays the Cruiserweight Champion, in a much shorter battle than anticipated. We can only hope that Jannetty's ok. Mysterio doesn't seem to care at all. He walks away from the man, telling the ref to forget him and to get his title for him. The ref decides to agree with the man and goes for the belt. Meanwhile, our trainer is out and talking with Jannetty, who's at least partially conscious. They're conversing now. The Rocker may have to be carried out on a stretcher. Oh, wait, Andy Gilbreth has come to the ring, and look at Mysterio get out of it!

Heenan: Do you blame him? Look at Gilbreth's face, he looks absolutely ticked off! He doesn't concern himself with Mysterio, though. He takes a knee next to Jannetty, checking on one of his teammates. I wonder where Titan 3 is. Do you think he's still getting his eyes checked?

Tenay: Maybe so, Bobby. Well, while they're looking over Jannetty, let's roll the replay. Heenan?

*Heenan talks his one through the replay, which shows only a couple of moves from the match... Mysterio is pictured at the end with the belt, looking very pleased with himself... we return to real life...*

JR: Well, they're going to have to stretcher Jannetty out. His back's just in too bad shape. They tried to tape it up, but he really shouldn't have come to the ring. Gilbreth's sticking tight inside the ring, waiting for his match that's coming up. Jannetty is stabilized inside that stretcher. We'll see what we can find out about him later on tonight. What? Oh, ok, we've got footage from the back, hold on a second. Ok, what's going on?

*The image shows Blade watching a television... the fans cheer somewhat as Blade is pictured on the large screen... he looks introspective, but not necessarily depressed about Jannetty being carried off... he also looks a little angry... he sees the camera and leaves the room a second later... *

Tenay: That was strange. You'd think Blade would be coming to see how Jannetty is, but he looked like there isn't a connection between those two anymore. We'll just have to see how that one works out. But seeing as how Gilbreth is already waiting for his match to begin, let's send it down to Penzer for the announcement.

Penzer: The next match is scheduled for one fall... it will be for the GCWA Internet Title... first, the challenger... standing 6'7" and weighing 275 lbs... he's a former 2-time Intercontinental Champion and 1-time Tag-Team Champion... the master of the Dynamic Pain... coming down on his own to the ring, as per Gilbreth's stipulations... he is Dynamic Dynamite!

*"Make Me Bad" by Korn plays, and Dynamic Dynamite walks out of the back... the crowd explodes in hatred for him as he marches down the aisle... he's still holding the baseball bat that he used earlier, and looks pretty cocky about what he's done already tonight... before he can get far, though, Andy Gilbreth charges from the ring and goes after him! *

Heenan: The monster is loose! Gilbreth is physically charging a man with a baseball bat!! Dynamite, shocked, still gets the bat up, swinging underhand into Gilbreth's side. But Gilbreth barely slows, ramming into Dynamite and sending the bat flying backwards! Dynamite and Gilbreth are now trying to beat the hell out of each other!! Look at Gilbreth go, throwing those fists that are big as bricks at his opponent! Get out of the ring, Penzer! Don't bother announcing Gilbreth, he's here, just run and ring the bell!

*The bell sounds, as the fight continues on the outside...*

JR: Gilbreth knows that, because of the man he's fighting now, both Jannetty and Titan 3 are suffering from bad injuries. It cost Jannetty the Cruiserweight Belt, and who knows what shape Titan 3 is in. We know about Gilbreth, though. He's pissed. He brings the staggered Dynamite up and flings him into the side of the guardrail, nearly flipping him over it. Gilbreth moves forward, latching onto Dynamite from behind and lifting him up, before back-bodydropping the man into the middle of the aisle! Dynamite's already faring pretty badly in this one! Gilbreth gets up, angrily dragging Dynamite to his feet and towards the ring. He throws Dynamite into the ring, then follows, climbing upwards and rolling in. Oh, but Dynamite takes advantage of Gilbreth's anger, stomping away as the man comes in. Dynamite's gotta be more focused in this fight. You have to wonder if that was his plan all along.

Tenay: Dynamite's always been about mind games, JR. That's why he's well-known as Mr. PPV in the GCWA. Dynamite continues belting away on Gilbreth, not daring to let the man up. He steps in and gets a Reverse Toe Hold, dropping downwards onto one of Gilbreth's large legs, snapping him down! Gilbreth groans in pain, but Dynamite continues to rise up, then drop back onto the leg, snapping it again and again! This is certainly part of Dynamite's plan, taking out the champion's legs! Gilbreth's still struggling to get up, but Dynamite's not going to allow it. He turns his attention to the front of Gilbreth, stepping in and putting the downed man into a Camel Clutch, pulling back on the head. Gilbreth's completely lost control of this one.

Heenan: It looks great to me, Mike. Dynamic Dynamite is showing his great talent of taking down even the greatest wrestlers at pay-per-views. He's a true genius when it comes to PPVs. Boy, I envy OG Thug. That guy found his talent, and his way to success.

JR: Uh, it's not over yet, Heenan. Dynamite's looking good, but that can always change. Right now, though, Gilbreth is using his powerful upper body to drag himself to the ropes, even with heavyweight Dynamite on top of him. As he gets to the ropes, Dynamite is told to release the submission hold. Dynamite does, in a matter of speaking, with both hands raking the eyes of Gilbreth along the way! The ref complains, but Dynamite denies having done anything. He shrugs the ref off, and finally pulls Gilbreth up, He twists Gilbreth around and uses a Hangman DDT, or what he calls Ultimate Pain, then rolls the man up and covers him for the pin.... 1...... 2....... Gilbreth gets free! That was a close one! Gilbreth nearly finally lost that belt of his! Dynamite stands up again and goes for that leg one more time, twisting around it and pulling at it with a Dragon Whip maneuver.

Tenay: This is a new type of style for Dynamite. He changed his usual brawling attack to really take Gilbreth out of his game, and astonishingly enough, it's worked pretty well so far. Dynamite stops the attack for a few seconds to straighten himself out, then grabs Gilbreth by the arms and pulls him up. He grabs Gilbreth's head and starts to go for the Dynamic Pain, but that was what Gilbreth was waiting for. He throws Dynamite off of him, knocking the man to the ground! Dynamite is shocked, but still gets up quickly enough. Unfortunately, Gilbreth was waiting for him, flinging up a big boot that knocks Dynamite to the ground! Gilbreth hops on one foot, getting the blood flowing through it again and pulling himself back together. He lifts Dynamite up off his hands and knees and picks him up into the air. With a quick thrust, Dynamite is nailed by a Spinebuster, and there's no doubt that Gilbreth is gaining momentum here!

JR: That anger is flaring back up again, and now that Gilbreth's not being held down, he's moving towards taking Dynamic Dynamite out of this one! He picks the 6'7" tall man back up into the air, and over his head!! Dynamite's struggling, but he's way up there, in a Gorilla Press! Oh, and now Andy Gilbreth is starting to spin around, making both Dynamite and the crowd, and us announcers, dizzy! This is his Old Glory maneuver!! Gilbreth is twirling like in an Airplane Spin, and finally lets loose of Dynamite, who spins almost a whole 'nother turn before hitting the mat!! I don't think Dynamite has anything left after that one! But Gilbreth isn't trying for the pin. He's a little dazed from the spin, but he's moving towards the corner anyway, climbing up it and balancing himself. He flies off with the Kaiser Krunch, and Dynamite doesn't move in time, getting flattened!!

Heenan: Aw, nuts.

Tenay: That's why you don't pick favorites, Heenan. You're bad luck. Gilbreth makes the pin, locking up Dynamite's legs as a precaution.... 1..... 2....... 3!!!!!! Andy Gilbreth is still the GCWA Internet Champion! He pulls himself off of Dynamite and slowly gets up, grinning as the title gets brought to him. Gilbreth raises the title over his head to the cheering fans, then signals for something else. Oh, he wants a mic, to go for the other half of the stipulations for tonight! He drops it in front of the recovering Dynamite, who just looks at it. Dynamite gets himself up, not feeling great but now having to finish his part of the deal. Gilbreth can be heard yelling that Dynamite tell him about how he has to cheat to win. Dynamite looks at him, then raises the mic to his lips.

Dynamic Dynamite: I cheat. I like it. Deal with it.

*Dynamite steps forward and slams Gilbreth in the head with the mic, smashing it into pieces! Gilbreth takes two or three steps back, shaking it off, as Dynamite rolls out of the ring and departs... Gilbreth looks pissed off once more, and steps out of the ring to follow the man to the back... both disappear through the entryway...*

Heenan: Dynamite better run all the way back to the hotel and have his bags packed. I wouldn't want to have a ticked-off Gilbreth nearby, that's for sure. Roll the clip, let me do my job.

*The tape shows Dynamite's early tackle by Gilbreth... it's followed by Dynamite hitting the Ultimate Pain, as well as other moves... but the final ones are Gilbreth's; the Spinebuster, the Old Glory, and the Kaiser Krunch... the mic shot is also shown...*

Tenay: We've got more action right around the corner, so don't go anywhere! After all, you paid for this! Stay tuned!

*The medic is circling around Titan 3, who has some sort of first aid cream rounding his eyes... he looks at the man, who asks how many fingers he's holding up... Titan says, with a smirk, 3, which is correct... but the medic isn't quite convinced at the way Titan 3 is seeing at the moment, so he continues working as we fade out...*