*The picture explodes onto the PPV Ordering Screen, shredding it dead center with a hole the size of a small warhead... the rest of the artificial screen crumbles and falls out of sight, as the picture becomes the shot of a nuclear warhead exploding... the wave of the explosion seems to head right towards the camera, as soldiers, tanks, buildings, and other objects are blown away in its wake... the wave hits, slamming the camera with unbelievable force... as it shakes, the images appear... the New Age Outlaws are shown going at it with the Hardy Boys... Josh Curtis flings Phenomena into the guardrail... the Punisher locks on the Painkiller on a victim... John Steel leaps and nails a foe with a double axe-handle... Animal Thug powerbombs another adversary, followed by X-Pac and Nightmare locked arm-in-arm in a serious struggle... the picture ends with another shot of the warhead exploding, this time showing an iceberg beneath it... Iceman and Titan 3 appear side-by-side, glaring at each other... the shots end, and we move towards the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, where the crowd's cheers can be heard even outside the building... the camera passes through into the garage, spinning around and showing the coming of a limosuine... the limo's license plate reads "Watch 1"... it parks, and one of the doors opens, showing "US" Andy Gilbreth... Titan 3 can be seen behind him... Gilbreth looks over past the cameraman and, startled, dives back into the car... the cameraman quickly moves as, out of nowhere, Dynamic Dynamite and OG Thug run up and start smashing the car with baseball bats!! Dynamite in particular smashes in the window where Gilbreth was moments before... the announcers come online...*

Mike Tenay: Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to welcome you to Blood on the Battlefield 2000, but right now we have more important things to worry about!! Apparently Dynamic Dynamite and OG Thug have decided to launch a pre-emptive strike against the Night's Watch right at the beginning of the show! OG Thug's letting the front grill have it, while Dynamite's still smashing at the door, bending it shut! This is lunacy at its best, JR!

Jim Ross: Dynamite and OG Thug have really taken Gilbreth and Titan 3 by surprise here, with their bat attack! Oh, look, there goes the driver, he's high-tailing it out of there, oh no!! OG Thug just nailed that rent-a-driver in the ribcage, and he collapses to the floor!! Titan 3's coming out the other side now, wait, Jenna Jameson's there! She nails Titan 3 in the face with what looks like mace!!!! The World Heavyweight Champion falls back into the car in pain, as OG Thug leaves the driver to come around to that side. He kicks the car door closed and starts hammering away on it, while Dynamite's going for what looks to be a... gasoline can!!

Bobby "The Brain" Heenan: Oh, this is going to be a barbeque!!!

Tenay: Oh my god, he couldn't, I don't care how evil he is!! Dynamite kicks the driver one more time, just for the hell of it, then walks around the car pouring the gas out! What can Gilbreth and Titan 3 be doing in there? Did Gilbreth get nailed by the glass from the broken window? I don't know, but this isn't good!

JR: Wait, Mike, Dynamite is down!! Hey, that's the Rocker!! Marty Jannetty ran out and tackled Dynamite from behind at full speed, knocking him partially into the limo! OG Thug comes around as Jenna takes off. Jannetty catches Dynamite with a couple of quick punches, then turns and dodges the swing from OG Thug, instead dropkicking him over the hood of the car! OG Thug topples to the ground, but the distraction allows Dynamite to get up and smack Jannetty in the back with that steel bat!!!! The Rocker drops to the ground as Dynamite swings again, smashing down on top of him with brutal accuracy! Dynamite starts to swing a third time, but gets distracted by the noise of the car door to his right being ripped off its hinges!!!

Heenan: Here's Andy!!

JR: You're right, Bobby, Andy Gilbreth is destroying that bent-up car door to get out, and Dynamite, realizing that he's lost his advantage, is taking off, pulling OG Thug along with him. Good timing, too, because Gilbreth is now out of the car, and he looks furious! There's a cut or two on his face, nothing to get concerned about. He sees Jannetty starting to stand in pain, and gives him a hand. Jannetty waves him off, saying that he's fine, so Gilbreth goes back to the car to check on the Heavyweight Champion, who is pulling himself out despite his inability to see! I wonder what kind of damage we've got there!

Tenay: Hopefully nothing too serious, JR, that man's got a match later tonight against a very tough competitor! Well, folks, things got started with a bang, much as what's becoming expected from the Blood on the Battlefield PPV. We'd like to thank you for ordering this, as millions of others are, and we assure you that you won't be disappointed at the quality of the action involved. As you probably already know, I'm Mike Tenay, joined for this Pay-Per-View with my colleagues, Jim Ross and Bobby Heenan. Guys, what do you think about this opening volley by Dynamic Dynamite?

JR: I'd say it was successful, at least in part, for the Unexpected. The Night's Watch took some serious hits early on! Titan 3's vision is going to be blurry at least for a while, while Jannetty's back was blistered by that bat of Dynamite's. Both Mysterio and Iceman should be very pleased with their teammate's work today.

Heenan: Yeah, Dynamite got them with a good plan, and superb timing. One thing I wanna know, though, is why wasn't Jannetty riding with the Night's Watch? Is there friction there?

Tenay: ..... wow, that's actually a smart thing from the Brain. Maybe tonight's broadcast is going to mean a change for you, Heenan.

Heenan: I doubt it.

JR: Well, anyway, let's talk about what's going on tonight! We've got the Ladies Championship Match between Angel and newcomer Passion! That alone makes tonight historical! Joshua Curtis is taking on Phenomena for the Hardcore Title inside of a Hell In A Cell, which could be the shocker of the night! A bunch of tag-teams are meeting up in a Battle Royale to decide who deserves a shot at the titles in later weeks, while Victor D'Amor and the Punisher finally finish off what they've started in the past. We've got "The Real Deal" John Steel trying to get his first gold in the GCWA by dethroning the multi-time champion, Animal Thug. X-Pac will once again try to scale the mountain and bring the Intercontinental Title into his collection by upsetting Nightmare. Then, of course, we have the Unexpected-Night's Watch Triple Header. Marty Jannetty tries to take the Cruiserweight belt from Steven Mysterio. Dynamic Dynamite challenges Andy Gilbreth for the Internet Title. And in the main event, we'll see Iceman and Titan 3, for better or worse, lock it up for the top gold in the company!!

Tenay: That's going to be one for the highlight reels I bet, JR. Well, we're about ready to start things off tonight with a big-time match that has many people watching! It's the start of the women's division in the GCWA, the battle to see who becomes the first champion. Which one will prevail, the seasoned Angel or the newcomer, Passion? Let's send it to David Penzer, who somehow beat out Dietz for tonight's festivities. David?

David Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, you've arrived at the GCWA Blood on the Battlefield 2000 Pay-Per-View! *cheers* The first match of the evening is scheduled for one fall, with NO time limit... it will be for the Women's Heavyweight Championship! First, coming down the aisle, she stands 5'6" and weighs 125 lbs... making her debut in the GCWA... known as a high-flyer when she's wrestled... here is Passion!

*Passion appears in the entryway with pink lights surrounding her... she smiles at some of the fans along the aisle, as she heads towards the ring... *

JR: I'm going to like this division.

Heenan: Control yourself, JR. Hey, wait, did I just say that? What's wrong with me tonight????

Tenay: Both of you settle down, we've got a long way to go. Passion here is what many called an unknown factor. We haven't heard much about her, other than the fact that she's wrestling her first match for the Woman's Title. We're soon going to discover what this lady is all about.

Penzer: His, er, her opponent... standing 5'9" and weighing 135 lbs... she's currently undefeated in the GCWA at 2-0, and looks to stay that way by winning the title tonight... the submission artist whom everyone loves to see work... Angel!

*Angel's entrance is similar yet different to Passion's, as she walks through the haze and heads straight for the ring, ignoring the fans in her anticipation of the match...*

JR: Angel's in the house! The toughest lady I've seen in a long while is here to rumble, and I can't wait to see it. We've already seen Angel take out Chloe Barnes and that W.O.P. guy. Now she's coming for Passion's scalp!

Heenan: I'd say almost everyone has Angel as the favorite in this one. She's got the experience here in the GCWA. All she has to do is stick to her gameplan, and she can be a champion after tonight.

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: Well, the Women's Title is sitting right over there on the attendant's table, waiting for someone to claim a pinfall or submission to get the belt. The two ladies come together, showing that Angel does have a slight height advantage. Will size be a factor with these ladies? We'll soon find out. Heenan, what are you laughing at?

Heenan: *l* Oh, nothing, nothing, keep talking, Mike.

Tenay: Anyway, the ladies lock it up and try to get their opponent into the corner. Angel wins the battle, pushing Passion back and into the corner, where the ref calls for the break. Angel backs away, then comes back with an elbow shot to the face! Passion rocks in pain, but doesn't have time to feel it as Angel wraps both hands around her and gets a Double Hip Toss out of the corner! Passion crashes to the ground, as Angel wastes no time. She goes up to the top of the turnbuckle, showing her guts. But Passion recovers too quickly, getting up and hitting the ropes to drop Angel down onto them! Passion then runs up, practically leaping up onto the turnbuckle with the woman, and uses a Frankensteiner maneuver to flip her to the mat!! Nice move by Passion! She goes for the cover after one move.... 1...... 2.. Angel kicks out.

JR: I think Angel's more stunned at what happened than anything. She barely puts up a fight as Passion yanks her to her feet by her hair, then slings her into the ropes. Angel comes back into a stiff-arm clothesline, dropping her again. Passion then runs to the ropes and comes back with a legdrop, that misses! Passion rolls in pain holding her backside, to the cheers of the male fans, while Angel pulls herself up and grabs the ropes for some stability. She looks over at Passion with some renewed respect, but doesn't let that stop her. She comes forward, kicking Passion in the gut as she tries to get up, then lands a version of the Pedigree! Passion's head bounced like a basketball! Angel doesn't worry about the cover yet, instead standing up and once more heading for the turnbuckle.

Heenan: Hey, guys, we've got a lady coming down the aisle. Actually, 'lady' may not be the right word for this one.

Tenay: What? Hey, that's Eva Barnes, the manager of Victor D'Amor! What's she doing down here? Well, for whatever reason, she is here, although she's not entering the ring, instead just watching, even as Angel comes off the top rope with a big splash! She hit it perfectly onto Passion, immediately making the cover.... 1...... 2........ Passion kicks out at the last second! Angel looks a little disappointed, but she's got a lot more where that came from. It looks like she's ready to use it, too, as she stands and grabs both of Passion's legs! She looks to the fans, who are now cheering, because they know what's coming next! Passion's trying to fight her way free, but Angel's got her set-up! Wait, Barnes is coming into the ring!!

JR: The Black Widow is standing behind Angel! Before she can figure out what's going on behind her, Angel gets locked around her arms and lifted up and down with a German Suplex!! The ref backs away, out of the line of fire, as Barnes pulls Angel up again and throws her into the corner, then comes in herself, headbutting her!!!! Angel drops to the ground in pain as Barnes spins back and runs towards the recovering Passion, twisting her over and rolling her up!! Why's she doing that, she's not a part of this match!

Heenan: Tell that to the referee! Not only is he not calling for the DQ, he's down and starting to count!!! 1..... 2....... 3!!!!!! We have a winner!

Tenay: Yeah, but Eva Barnes isn't even a part of this match!! How'd she get the pinfall? What is that referee thinking?? Angel's slowly pulling herself up, holding her head in agony. Barnes doesn't stay around to chat with the two women, instead rolling out of the ring and grabbing the Women's Heavyweight Title, putting it over her shoulder as she heads down the aisle. Well, I don't understand it, but apparently "The Black Widow" Eva Barnes is the new Women's Champion! This could easily be called a major upset. Roll the tape, Heenan.

*Heenan narrates the replay, from the Frankensteiner maneuver to Barnes' sudden appearance, ending with the Black Widow holding the new title up for both women in the ring to see, as she heads down the aisle...*

JR: Well, we've had our first major shock of the night, in our first match. What's going to happen next? Let's find out. Take us to the next bout, Penzer!

Penzer: The next bout is scheduled for multiple falls, as this will be a Tag-Team Battle Royale! The rules are simple: when one person on a team is thrown over the top rope and to the floor, that team is eliminated... the last team remaining gets the victory, and will be moved to the top of the tag-team contenders list! Now introducing the teams involved in tonight's battle royale... weighing a combined 518 lbs... trying to earn themselves a reputation in the ring for now... Matt and Jeff, the Hardy Boys!

*The Hardy Boyz theme music hits, and the two guys come out side by side towards the ring... neither looks that focused, looking around at the crowd like they still can't believe they're wrestling at a GCWA PPV...*

Heenan: These kids look really raw to me, JR. I know they did a lot in the WWF, but we really haven't seen anything of worth out of them as of yet. Maybe tonight they can show us tonight, esepecially if they ever want to be given a tag-team title shot.

Penzer: Next, he's wrestling on his own tonight, standing 6'4" and weighing 260 lbs... he's done a lot in the GCWA over his career, but is still looking for his first title reign... the man known for his fiery disposition... may I introduce Wildfire!

*As "Haunting Me" by Stabbing Westward begins its build-up, a wall of flame erupts around the doorway... the fans cheer as Wildfire walks through the flames and heads towards the ring with barely a sound, stomping towards the ring and leaping onto the apron, looking in...*

Tenay: Wildfire looks to be building a small following ever since his return to the ring a few weeks ago. Still, he's in for a serious fight. I can't remember anyone ever winning a tag-team battle royale by himself, although guys like Andre the Giant and Paul Wight were big enough. Even if the Hardys or the Outlaws go first, Wildfire would then be double-teamed. Still, he wanted in this match, so he's getting in it.

Penzer: Finally, the last team entering the Battle Royale... weighing a collective 504 lbs... seeking another major win to propell them towards the Soldiers of Fortune... the Road Dogg Jesse James... Bad Ass Billy Gunn... the New Age Outlaws!

*As usual, James is on the mic as he comes out with Gunn to the DX Outlaws theme... he talks all the way to the ring, then throws down the mic and enters the ring with his partner, as Wildfire is already being attacked by the Hardy Boyz... the bell rings...*

Heenan: Let's rumble!

Tenay: These matches are always fun to watch! We've got five men in there, going at it all over the place, each wanting to quickly throw two men out to get the victory! Wildfire is trying to fight off Matt Hardy, as the two go at it in one corner. Meanwhile, the New Age Outlaws are staying together, pulling Jeff out of the mess and pounding on him, driving their fists down onto the man. Gunn and James both lock the Hardy up and double-suplex him, driving him down and taking away some of his energy. Meanwhile, Matt's up on the turnbuckle, landing shot after shot into Wildfire's cranium. He counts to 10, showing that he can, then hops off and boots Wildfire in the stomach once for good measure. He then turns and sees that Jeff is once again being double-teamed, as Billy Gunn lifts and Gorilla Presses him to the mat, followed by a sped-up version of James' Shake Rattle 'n' Roll kneedrop!

JR: A devestating combo leaves Jeff in a bad way. Matt leaves Wildfire behind and starts moving towards the duo, but Wildfire's not done yet by a long shot, grabbing Matt from behind and getting a Full Nelson Slam! He just rocked Matt Hardy's world! Wildfire looks down at the hurting Hardy, then suddenly dashes forward, surprising the New Age Outlaws and getting a lariat hit on both of them!!! The fans erupt as Wildfire, the long shot, stands and looks around at the devestation in the ring. He drags Jesse James up and Scoop Slams him downwards on top of Jeff Hardy, knocking down two with one hit, then turns and meets the charge of Billy Gunn, exchanging rights and lefts with Bad Ass. As the two men fight, Matt Hardy pulls himself up and moves towards his brother, checking on him, then grabs James on the way up, whipping him towards the corner. James crashes into the padding, as Matt runs forward for a splash. Unfortunately for him, the Roaddogg moves out of the way, and Matt hits the corner with all of his momentum!

Heenan: That'll shake anyone up! James grabs Matt from behind and starts driving him into the turnbuckle headfirst, shot after shot. Jeff is up, though, and he runs in to help out. But James moves and trips him up, causing Jeff to crash into Matt's back! Jeff falls backwards holding his arm in pain, while Matt is just dead-weight in the corner. Jesse James decides not to waste any more time, reaching down and grabbing the trunks of Matt. He lifts him and, before Jeff can do anything, flips him over the edge of the turnbuckle to the floor below! The Hardys have been eliminated!!

JR: We're down to two groups, the New Age Outlaws, and the 'team' of Wildfire! Jeff pulls himself up and looks disgusted with what just happened. He rolls out of the ring and just walks down the aisle, apparently leaving behind Matt. There's some definite friction there. Anyway, back to what's happening in the ring. Wildfire is setting Billy Gunn up for what looks to be the Fire Hazard, but before he can get it going, Jesse James is there, smashing both fists into the back of his head! Wildfire drops to his knees, stunned, allowing the duo to pound away on him, driving him to the mat. They don't stop there, though, kicking away on his body, trying to take him out enough to eliminate him from the match! As we said early on, it's looking bad for Wildfire, because he's all alone in there against one team, and the New Age Outlaws are not the guys you want to be alone against!

Tenay: Agreed, JR. Billy Gunn drags Wildfire to his feet, holding his arms as Jesse James shows off with a couple of stylish punches to the face. Gunn then pulls Wildfire to the center of the ring, locking him up and lifting for a Jackhammer Powerbomb!! The whole ring just shook with the impact, as Bad Ass shows off his strength in there! James is laughing as Gunn stands over Wildfire. Gunn points towards one side of the ropes, then the other, as the fans yell out. I think Gunn's ready to end this one! Oh, but wait, Wildfire kicks upwards, and Gunn drops to the mat in agony!!!

Heenan: That's why you don't just stand over a guy and taunt them! You have to do it from the side, everyone knows that!

JR: Wildfire pulls himself up, swinging and knocking Gunn down with one punch, then turns, only to be dropkicked in the face from the Roaddogg! Wildfire falls into the ropes, and James quickly runs forward, trying to lift the man out! Wildfire's kicking, fighting, and holding out, not ready for his night to end yet. James is struggling, too, though, trying to get rid of the final opponent. Billy Gunn pulls himself up, and walks very slowly towards the two men, obviously hurting from that kick he took. He gets there just as James gets kicked in the face and falls backwards, as Wildfire gets his feet back on the mat, only to be nailed with a chop to the chest from Gunn. Bad Ass then locks him up and Snap Suplexes the man, ending his flurry of attacks. Wildfire's in really bad shape in there now.

*Suddenly, at the entryway, the speakers come on, blaring out the beginning chords of "The Kids Aren't All Right" by Offspring... the fans are turn and look, shocked, as the smoke puffs out, and a man in a trenchcoat walks out... he throws off the coat, showing his face through the smoke, and goes quickly towards the ring... the crowd explodes....*

Tenay: Hey! HEY!!! That's Blade!!! The former Heavyweight Champion is here!!! He's coming down to the ring at a gallop, as James and Gunn both stop and stare, in complete shock! Blade slides into the ring and gets to his feet with one push, dodging a swing from James and nailing him with a Discus Clothesline! Gunn charges in, only to get a dropkick that snaps him backwards! Blade's apparently coming to the aid of his erstwhile brother, Wildfire! Man, this crowd is going beserk at seeing Blade again!!

JR: Well, it has been a couple of months since Blade's wrestled here, Mike, and the guy's always been a fan favorite! Wildfire's back on his feet now, as James gets up and is met by Blade. The fists are flying in one corner, while Wildfire locks Billy Gunn up and drops him with a variation on the Diamondcutter that he calls the Torch maneuver!! Billy Gunn might be out cold after that hit! James and Blade are really going at it in the corner, the Roaddogg trying to retake the advantage. He slugs Blade below the chin, then starts to whip him across the ring, but Blade reverses it, then spins into the Guillotine Drop!! James kicks at the mat in pain, even as Wildfire pulls the stunned Gunn to his feet and pulls him to the turnbuckle, using it to land the Fire Hazard!!! Billy Gunn is definitely out of it now!! Wildfire quickly pulls him upwards and flips him over the top rope and out of the ring. Gunn, at the last second, tries to grab at the ropes, but he can't hang on, instead falling to the pads below and ending the match!

Tenay: That makes Wildfire and Blade the winners here tonight!! Blade really turned things around with his shocking appearance, and the New Age Outlaws couldn't cope with the fresh man. What a turnaround! First Eva Barnes appears and takes the Women's match, and now Blade reappears to get the victory for his brother! Does this mean these two men have put aside their differences and are going to work as a team again? They're standing side by side, as the fans are chanting wildly, yelling Blade's name out. Wow, this is amazing! Let's look at the replay.

*The replay gives a rundown of the big moves in the match... the Shake Rattle 'n' Roll Kneedrop is followed by a shot of Matt Hardy leaving the ring... Gunn hits the Jackknife Powerbomb... Blade's appearance leads to the Torch and the Fire Hazard.... the final shot is of the two brothers standing next to each other, looking at the crowd instead of the man next to him...*

*As the replay ends, we're shown a locker room in the back... Marty Jannetty is getting white tape wrapped around his midsection, helping the bandage up the injuries he took earlier... Jannetty is ignoring the medic, though, instead simply staring at the television set, where the shot of Blade is just now fading away into the entryway... Jannetty looks completely shocked....*

JR: We're two matches in, both of them ending in major shockers, and we're just getting started! The next match, you could say, does have a small history of a feud between the two wrestlers. Both of these men have increased their stock in the GCWA over the past month, and now look to get a major PPV victory to move them towards a title shot. Let's go to the tape.

*The clip starts with a shot of Punisher's first appearance in the GCWA, taking out the first man to use the name before he could depart... a few other victims of Punisher are pictured, coming up to, finally, Chris Jericho.... when Punisher gets on his submission finisher, Victor D'Amor comes out and attacks him, both men savagely kicking and beating on the newcomer... later on, D'Amor is shown winning over Chaos, then being assaulted by Punisher from behind... Punisher put D'Amor into the Painkiller and held him until Chris Jericho and John Steel showed up to help out... the two men make various comments heading towards the PPV, with Punisher demanding a Hell in a Cell, and D'Amor telling him it'll be a regular match... fade back...*

JR: D'Amor and Punisher have had their problems in the recent past, and now it's time for them to settle things between them with a good old-fashioned brawl! Penzer, take us to the action!

Penzer: The next match is scheduled for one fall, with NO time limit... introducing first, standing 6'8" tall and weighing 310 lbs... he's the leader of the Cartel, known for his brutal tactics and his undeniable athletic ability in the ring... the brother of Titan 3... accompanied by the new Women's Champion, the Black Widow Eva Barnes... he is Victor "The Sniper" D'Amor!

*D'Amor and his girl walk down the aisle, Barnes wearing the gold she got earlier in the night proudly around her waist... D'Amor gets to the ring and signals to her, and she opens the ropes for him to step through...*

Tenay: I'm not a fan of D'Amor by any stretch of the imagination, but I must admit, he's already doing well tonight. He said that Barnes would win the gold, and she did, even if she wasn't part of the match. That victory might still be debated by the Committee, but that's for another time. Right now, D'Amor's looking to make it 2-0 tonight for him and his mistress, by taking out Punisher.

Penzer: His opponent, standing 6'5" and weighing 285 lbs... he's the undefeated newcomer who has been tearing up multiple divisions since he first appeared on the scene, and now is going to try and decapitate the head of the Cartel... the master of the Painkiller... Punisher!

*"Bring the Pain" by Method Man sounds throughout the arena, and Punisher walks out, right over the skull-symbol that he's been using... he glares over at Eva Barnes before entering the ring to face his nemesis...*

JR: Punisher said that he wanted this to be a Hell in a Cell match, like Phenomena and Curtis are going to have later tonight. But D'Amor disagreed, so we're having a normal, regular match. This means that Punisher has to keep one eye out for Barnes, who will probably be willing to try something if it'll help her man win.

Heenan: She's a big-time distraction. I mean, she's a model, that holds any man's attention! If she wants to, she can come over here and distract us for a while!

JR: Not a bad idea, Brain.

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: Alright, you two, calm down. Remember, that's the Women's Champion, which means she could probably beat both of you up. Anyway, down to the action. Both men lock up in the middle of the ring, which is quickly turned into an Arm Wringer by D'Amor. Punisher struggles against the hold for a few seconds before reversing it with a quick move. A second later, though, D'Amor catches Punisher with a thumb to the eye with his free hand, stopping any momentum that he was starting to build. As Punisher tries to clear his vision, D'Amor shoves him into the ropes, then whips him off of them towards the other side. Punisher returns with an attempt at a clothesline, but that's stopped cold after a boot to the midsection, followed by a Suplex that slams him down. D'Amor stands up, dragging Punisher with him, and bodyslams him down, using his size advantage.

JR: D'Amor needs to keep on this man. Punisher's a fiercesome competitor, and the only way to really keep him down is to keep attacking him. D'Amor's not paying heed to that advice, though. He's strutting a little bit, pointing at his girl, who's clapping madly for him. D'Amor turns back, where Punisher has gotten to his feet, and moves in, swinging away. Multiple head shots land, nearly spinning Punisher around. D'Amor continues the attack with a knee to the stomach, then reaches down and lifts Punisher up, plunging backwards with a Samoan Drop! Punisher's having a lot of trouble in there currently. D'Amor makes the pinfall.... 1...... 2... Punisher kicks free. D'Amor should have locked the legs, but then, I'm not sure he really wants this one to be over. He gets up with Punisher in his hands, and tries a Side Slam, but Punisher blocks it, and instead DDTs the Sniper!!

Heenan: Nice reversal! I guess Punisher's not just working through the motions after all, he still wants a win here. Still, he's hurting from some of the earlier attacks, and moving really slowly to his feet. D'Amor stands himself up and comes in, but gets his right hand blocked. Punisher instead delivers his own punch. He blocks a few more shots, firing back each time with a fist to the face, then stops waiting for D'Amor to swing. Punisher knocks D'Amor into the ropes with right hand after right hand, as the fans really start to get to their feet, gathering behind the undefeated newcomer. Punisher clocks D'Amor one more time, then steps backwards, getting some distance. As D'Amor raises back off the ropes, Punisher comes forward, hitting a clothesline that sends the big man flipping to the outside!

Tenay: Luckily Eva Barnes wasn't in range, although the way she acts, you'd almost think she'd be willing to be a cushion for her man. Instead, Victor's just sitting on the ground, holding his back where it collided with the edge of the apron. Punisher moves to the other side of the ring, hitting the ropes and coming back with a baseball slide into the back of D'Amor's head! D'Amor crashes forward, knocking into the railing, as Punisher comes out of the ring following him. He grabs D'Amor and sends his forehead back into the top of the 'rail, to the cheers of the fans standing there, then whips him into the stairs, no, reversal, Punisher crashes into the stairway and flips right over it! That impact hurt everyone in the building! D'Amor staggers backwards, leaning on the edge of the apron. He looks around and grabs a folded chair, getting it in his hands. The ref, still in the ring, orders him to put it down, saying that he's risking a DQ.

Heenan: All he's doing is using what he's got, Mike, because while the ref's busy with D'Amor, Eva Barnes is choking Punisher down with a leather belt! She's hanging on, choking for all she's worth, as Punisher tries to get the woman off his back. Barnes lets go and walks away just as quickly as she appeared, leaving Punisher gasping on the pads. The ref is suspicious, but can't do anything, as D'Amor puts down the chair and yanks Punisher up, slamming his head into the edge of the apron before rolling him into the ring. D'Amor follows and drops an elbow, then tries another pinfall... 1.... 2..... Punisher escapes! D'Amor looks disgusted with the ref's count, but leaves him alone. He drags Punisher up and gets a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker to great success, increasing the pain on the face of Punisher.

JR: This has been a rough match for both men, but Punisher's really been on the defense throughout this one, because of D'Amor and the Black Widow's involvement. D'Amor gets Punisher up one more time, perhaps planning to use his Silencer, but wait, Punisher socks him in the gut, then spins and drops him with a Neckbreaker!! D'Amor's kicking on the mat in pain, as the crowd starts clapping and cheering, trying to inspire Punisher onto greater things! These guys hate Victor D'Amor so much, they'll cheer anyone! Punisher gets to his feet, weary but moving, as D'Amor starts to stand. Punisher quickly moves around him, grabbing both arms and dropping with the Pain Bomb!!! How on earth did he get D'Amor up, even for just a few seconds it took to smack him down??

Tenay: Punisher is a determined guy, JR, He's hurting now, but so is D'Amor. Punisher grabs for the ropes, pulling himself up slowly but surely, as D'Amor just tries to figure out where he is. Punisher is on his feet now, and moves over to D'Amor, grabbing for his legs!! He's trying to lock on the Painkiller!!!! D'Amor realizes the danger he's in, and struggles with all his might to keep the move from being locked on. He's squirming, trying to head towards the ropes, as Punisher fights with his large legs to get him over. Wait, Eva Barnes just slid some sort of container into D'Amor's outstretched hands! Is that one of those compact make-up kits or something? Oh, D'Amor opens it and flings the contents into Punisher's face as he bends over to try and turn the man! Punisher just took a blast of powder to the eyes and mouth!!! He drops the legs and falls backwards, clawing at his face, as the ref moves towards the ropes, having caught a face-full himself!

Heenan: Damn ref, can't you dodge? D'Amor pulls himself quickly up and grabs Punisher, going for the Silencer!! He picks Punisher up, just as the ref waves his hands, calling for the end of the match!! I think he just DQ'ed Victor D'Amor for using the unknown substance!! D'Amor drops Punisher downwards, pounding him into the mat, then turns and goes after the blinded ref, who's no match, even if he could see! D'Amor picks the ref up and hits the Silencer, snapping him in two practically, while Eva Barnes rolls into the ring! Punisher gets out of the squared circle, trying to clear his eyes with the curtain that hangs over the apron, even as Barnes raises D'Amor's hand. But it's Punisher's music that's playing over the speakers now, because he's going to get the PPV victory!

JR: We've got a downed referee, another blinded wrestler taking a knee outside the ring, and two people who just lost leaving in triumph! Confusing? Maybe this'll help. We'll be back.

*The replay runs, showing many great maneuvers by both men... D'Amor's Samoan Drop and Punisher's Pain Bomb roll by, and the replay is concluded by multiple angle shots of the powder flying into Punisher's face... *

*We go backstage, where smoke can be seen clinging to the roof of the hallway... the cameraman hustles down towards the source of the smoke, a room marked "Referees"... two refs are out of the room, hacking and coughing and trying to clear their lungs from the pain... an attendant appears out of nowhere with an extinguisher and runs into the room, spraying the fire extinguisher around... you can hear startled shouts within, and someone calls for a doctor... inside, there's a brief shot of the head referee holding his hands over his face while another guy checks on him... a security guard tells the cameraman to leave, and the picture fades out...*