*As we return, we once again see that horrible-looking suit, as Jones, the reporter, moves down a hallway towards the Bastards of Oblivion dressing room... he waves to the cameraman to follow him as he approaches and knocks...*

JR: You mean we have to watch this guy again??

Heenan: Quiet, JR, this is going to be great!

*Jones waits until the door opens... OG Thug is standing there with a smile on his face...*

Jones: Uh, hi, OG Thug, I was thinking that I could possibly get an interview with the champ tonight.. Would you ask him if he has the time for it please?

*OG laughs a little bit as you see him disappear into the locker room, where he and Dynamite converse... he re-opens the door and laughs again...*

Jones: SO what did he say?

OG Thug: Foo, "The Franchise" ain't got no time for you. He told me to let you know that he only deals wit the big reporters, and not some gaudy dressed bush leaguer that has no knowledge of the big time. Hell man maybe you should go back to WCW or the WWF.

Jones: Come on I just need a couple of minutes with the champ! I need this!

*OG reaches back inside of the locker room and grabs ahold of the Heavyweight title, and he laughs and starts to talk again.*

OG Thug: There now you got the champ!

Jones: You are not the champ. Dynamic is! Why can't I talk to him right now?

OG Thug: Didn't you hear me once already? The Franchise is too busy for you. Hell, he is getting ready for the match tonight he is having and all you can do is walk around here and hound the wrestlers? Hell, I will answer a question for you, but then you are going to have to get out of here 'cause your suit is gonna make me throw up!

*Jones looks at his suit wondering what OG is getting at. He then straightens his tie again, and thinks of a question to ask...*

Jones: What is on Dynamic's mind as he prepares for his match tonight?

OG Thug: Man how many times do you have to hear? He is "The Franchise"! Yes he goes by Dynamic too, but if you don't start calling him Franchise then you are going to get something you don't like! As for how his mind is... well, you will just have to wait and see!

*OG says that and then you see him walk inside of the locker room, and Jones knocks on the door again. Dynamic opens the door this time and he chuckles at the sight of the suit...*

"The Franchise" Dynamic Dynamite: Get your ass out of here! I don't have time for you. Go interview some little bush leaguer like Steel, or Breaker. Hell, the Spellman boys are down the hall in the infirmary if you need to talk to someone!

*Dynamic gets right in Jone's face and then you see Jones start to run off as Dynamic laughs along with OG and the ladies... we return to the ringside area...*

Heenan: Hah hah hah!!! I knew it, I knew the Franchise would run him off!

JR: Jones just isn't having a good day, is he?

Tenay: Talk about a guy who shouldn't have debuted at a PPV. Maybe he'll improve in the coming weeks. For now, Jones, go back to the hotel and go to sleep. Forget tonight ever happened.

JR: Honestly, I don't really care that much about Jones. What I do care about is that, a while back, we saw the Hardcore fight starting in the back. Is it still going on? Are those guys still fighting? What's the deal?

Tenay: Man, with the burning of the Internet strap, I completely forgot about it! Do we still have a cameraman back there guys? Hello? What's going on, why haven't we been kept informed?

*You can hear static over the line, as Tenay waits, impatiently...*

Heenan: Where is he? Didn't we have him following the fight, to tell us when it got close to finishing, or at least until the referee showed up? What in the hell is going on back there?

Tenay: I have no clue, Bobby. I'm switching to another frequency. Hello, are you receiving? Hello? Oh, ok, there you are. Does anyone know what's going on with the Hardcore Title match in the back? Yeah, yeah, get a cameraman over there. Thanks. Ok, folks, apparently we've got a referee who's been following them around, but his location, along with the wrestlers, is a little bit of a mystery.

JR: This is kind of frustrating, Mike. Who knows what we've missed! With everything that's happened tonight, why did we not watch?

Tenay: There's just too much going on, JR. Guys have been reappearing everywhere. A title has been burned, others have changed hands. This night is simply wild. We've got a cameraman headed down the hallway where they were a while ago, and other contacts running around to find what they can. If this is a typical Hardcore match, there will be a wave of destruction to follow.

Heenan: So much destruction.... missed.

Tenay: Calm down, Bobby. Ok, someone's found something. Connect us, let's see what's happening.

*The picture shifts to a moving camera, shifting back and forth as if worried.... chaos is everywhere.... there's broken pieces of wood, possibly the remains of a chair, and torn-up paper scattered throughout the hallway.... some of the lights are flickering from some damage, and more than one is completely out... glass from the lights is across the floor... the cameraman zooms in on one place, showing the shattered remains of a camera, and an unconscious man laying next to it... *

JR: Oh, man, I guess that explains it. The cameraman got knocked out during the battle. Damn, first a title, then an expensive camera. Ace must be pissed.

Heenan: Think we can salvage any film from the camera, JR?

JR: Doesn't look like it, Brain. It's pretty badly broken. It might have been used on one of the wrestlers, the way it's bent up.

Heenan: Damn.

Tenay: Well, we've got medics on the way to look over the cameraman. He must have taken a serious hit. Since he's laying in the wreckage of a doorway, I think we know what happened there. Hell, though, we don't even know who's been fighting! Is Nightmare in the arena? Which one of the "Masks" is involved? Is Ragus still around, or is he fighting the Kidd still? Man, this is the most confusing match yet!

JR: Well, we've got the cameraman following the trail, now. He's headed down some stairs, and, is that blood smeared on the wall? Oh, man, did they fall down the staircase? Geez, that had to have hurt. There's lots of damage here. The cameraman is watching his step, which is a good thing. If we lose another camera, Ace will have a heart attack.

Tenay: We're in the basement now. There's a broken mop in the middle of the dark, brick hallway. Oooo, brick. Man, I don't even want to think about that. Wait, did you hear that? I thought I heard a crash! Someone tell the cameraman to hurry up, he's almost there! Get around that corner!

Heenan: Alright, I'm on the edge of my seat! Let's see who's fighting who!

*The cameraman nearly goes sliding as he turns the corner, but manages to keep his feet... the first thing seen is the referee, who is wearing a splattered striped shirt... it's not blood, but it's definitely gooey... he sees the cameraman and looks surprised, probably wondering how he's back on his feet, not knowing about the second man being sent... behind him, with so much blood on his face he's hard to recognize, is Joshua Curtis! He still has an intense look on his face, as he raises up a piece of a table and slams it down onto the back of Richter! The Hardcore Champ falls to the ground, obviously hurting... he's got a dozen different cuts across his back, and his mask is a tattered ruin on his face, which can be seen clearly... the Hardcore Title is nowhere to be seen, possibly lost in the wreckage... Curtis collapses onto Richter for the cover... 1.... 2..... Richter kicks out... *

Heenan: Yes!! We finally have the match!! But it's only Curtis and Richter? No Nightmare? No Ragus? .... oh well, this'll do! Keep it going, guys!

Tenay: Look at them! This has been a titanic struggle, that's for sure! Curtis has to have lost a lot of his blood supply, to judge by the gash on his face! I wonder what made that? Curtis is slowly getting up, looking over at his opposition with a dark glare. He wants this to be over, I'm sure, but he also wants the gold around his waist. He stumbles backwards, pulling himself upright against the wall. Richter himself is trying to get up, throwing aside the pain as if it was a solid object. But Curtis is now moving again, coming back in with a large boot to the side of Richter's ribs. The Hardcore Champion rolls backwards, aching, and really looks like there might be more damage under there than we've seen.

JR: Maybe when they fell down the stairs? A lot of damage was surely done there. Curtis has Richter up. He whips Richter into the side of a pipe, and Richter staggers backwards, scorched from the heat of it. Curtis lets out an almost maniacal laugh, but it's cut short as Richter spins at the sound and clotheslines Curtis to the concrete!!! Both are down in a pile again!! Richter's on top, though, so the ref drops and makes the count.... 1..... 2..... Curtis gets free!

Heenan: That was a close one! Curtis' head has to be keeping him from responding quickly. Richter pushes off, slowly rising upwards. He gets Curtis off the ground as well, and they head off down the hallway, with the ref and the cameraman following. That's it, stripes, cameraboy, don't lose them now, or else you'll have an irate Bobby Heenan after you!

JR: I'm sure they're suitably scared now, Brain. Who wants a rabid Weasal after you?

Heenan: Yeah, I... HEY!!

Tenay: It looks like Richter and Curtis are inside one of the electrical rooms now. This isn't good. Any of those panels could probably short out a life here. Richter doesn't seem to care, though. He whips Curtis into the side of the wall, shooting sparks everywhere!!!! Curtis comes forward, only having been connected for a second, but he's groaning in pain! Richter steps in, locking him around the waist, and lifting him upwards, flipping him over with a Release German Suplex!!! Curtis is sprawled against the wall, his feet in the air, but Richter's not getting up that fast himself. He's obviously running low himself. The Hardcore Champion drags himself over, draping an arm over Curtis, as the ref is there once more.... 1..... 2...... NO!!! Curtis kicked out again at the last second!! The boy's got a serious fighting spirit going on! Richter gets up again, saying something to the referee. I couldn't quite make it out.

Heenan: I could, but I'm not going to repeat it, not even on a Pay-Per-View!

JR: Richter drags Curtis off the ground and aims him towards another circuit board, sending him in, no, reversal by Curtis, and Richter smashes into it instead, with another explosion of electricity!!! Parts of the building have to be going dark everywhere!! Richter lets out a loud yell, then drops, bonelessly, to the ground! Man, both of these guys have now felt the juice!! Curtis sees the opportunity, and brings his shocked body upwards enough to make the cover.... 1...... 2..... NO!!!! Once again, we have a kickout, and the brutality continues!! Tell those medics that are working on the cameraman to get down here and stay close! That may be the only way to save these guys' lives!

Tenay: I should say so, JR! If only we could get an ambulance down here! Curtis is barely even trying to get up. There's no countout for him to worry about, so there's no rush. The ref is watching with a lot of concern. Curtis starts to press upwards, then falls back down again, coincidentally making another cover.... 1..... 2.... and again Richter kicks out instinctively. Curtis reacts to the count as well, rolling backwards towards the wall. He uses it, arching his back to get himself to his feet. Richter's on his knees, wiping away at his burned and battered backside. At least neither caught on fire, right? Curtis stumbles over, limping, and brings Richter to his feet. They're going back out of the room now, and down the hallway. Where are we in the arena? Are we underneath the fans now, or somewhere else? Hell, these could be utility tunnels for all we know, and these two have left the arena already!

Heenan: Who knows, Mike, and who cares? This is great! Curtis skids Richter along the brick wall, taking a few particles of skin away from him, then turns and tries for the Dark Days!! But Richter blocks it with the last of his strength, then lifts, literally bouncing Curtis off of the low ceiling with that toss!!! Curtis hits, then falls back down the 9-10 feet, smashing into the concrete floor! What a combination!!! Curtis is down and out!! Richter shakes off the pain, laying against the wall, breathing heavily. I hope he doesn't pass out, then this match will never end. The ref asks, since submissions count, but Richter angrily swats at him.

JR: It's not like he's going to give up with Curtis down. Curtis is actually still struggling to get up, relying on instinct now that everything else is about gone, as Richter turns, and grabs him. He locks him up, lifts, and there's the 8.0!!!!! Wow, that one just shook a few earthquakes up and down the Utah area!! Richter tiredly makes the pinfall, and the ref is right there..... 1...... 2...... 3!!!!!! It's over!!!

Penzer: *from the ring* Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner.... and the GCWA Hardcore Champion.... Richter!!!!

Tenay: What a battle! And we only saw a small portion of it, too!

Heenan: There isn't much left of either wrestler. Richter isn't celebrating, he's just gulping air, while Joshua Curtis isn't moving at all.

JR: You have to hope that both wrestlers will turn out ok after this one. What a battle! Let's see the tape!

*The replay shows some of the more painful moves that happened... Heenan takes personal delight in the 'bounce' off the ceiling... as the tape ends, another one begins...*

*In the back, the Iceman is shown talking to the Accelerator and John Steel outside the President's office... Ace tells them not to worry about Punisher and Napalm, but to go and get their titles... Ice and Steel leave, as Ace shakes his head and goes back inside.... nearby, we see the man in the Richter mask watching... we return to the ringside area...*

Tenay: So the Hardcore Title is now officially back around the waist of Richter, if they can find it in the wreckage. Actually, if they can find either belt, weren't there two?

Heenan: Yeah. But one's enough. We'll start the lackeys looking right away, while the two stiffs head to the hospital.

JR: How considerate, Brain. As long as the ring is clear, though, we might as well go to the next match. Have we got the footage?

*The replay begins with a shot of Titan 3, the long-time Heavyweight Champion.... Ace is pictured, telling Titan 3 that, if he doesn't show up to fight him, he loses the belt and is suspended.... Titan 3 is trapped in his locker room, giving the President his leeway to kick the man out... Andy Gilbreth is shown next, battling the Accelerator... the main thing shown is the flip off the top of the cage at Warriors of the Ring... the image shifts, and becomes a shot of the Thief and the Accomplice as they attack certain wrestlers, including the Iceman.... we're shown the image of Ace's face, when they take off their masks to reveal themselves as Napalm and Richter... Napalm swears that he'll set things right in the GCWA for Gilbreth and Titan 3... at WOTR2K, Napalm is shown in a bitter war with Steel, losing the match in part because of D'Amor and Neo... switch to a few weeks later, when Iceman, as part of Ace's crew, gets the European Title thanks to the fact that Titan 3 is still suspended... Napalm immediately appears, demanding that the travesty be righted... Napalm and the Iceman are shown more than once fighting it out at arenas across the South... the final image shows Napalm and Iceman staring at each other, with the European Title between them.... *

Heenan: How's that for a review? Wow, this has been going on a long time!

Tenay: Yes, which means it's time to end it here and now! Penzer?

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, our next match is scheduled for one fall and is for the GCWA European Championship! *cheers* Introducing first... the challenger.... weighing in at 222 lbs and standing 6'3" tall... from Hartford, Connecticut... he holds the record for the most European Title defenses in GCWA history.... Napalm!!

*"Ride of the Valkyries" by Wagner plays over the PA and the crowds burst with excitement. Out steps Napalm to a nice pyro set. He makes his way to the ring, but, halfway down the ramp, Iceman charges down with his belt in hand, drilling Napalm in the back of the head! Napalm falls and rolls the rest of the way down the aisle. Ice grabs him and rolls him into the ring, dropping his belt on the outside. He enters as well and the bell rings.*

Tenay: After the skirmish earlier, it looks like Iceman just couldn't wait anymore for his shot against Napalm! Many have been talking about this match as a deciding factor for the Commissioner. Is he a true champion, as he claims, or is he an unworthy holder of the title, as Napalm has been saying since Iceman was awarded the title back at Return to Greatness? One of these men will be vindicated after tonight.

Heenan: This is one of the matches I have truly been waiting for, Mike. Neither man likes the other, they want to kill each other, and hell, one of them just might end up dead!

JR: People don't die in the GCWA, Heenan.

Heenan: Well.... they could! Anyway, our Commish has the advantage here early, thanks to his sneak attack on Nape. He kicks Napalm in the stomach, not once, not twice, but three times. Now he boots him in the face. This is going to be one of those insulting matches where the both competitors try to make the other one look quite bad. I love it!

JR: Please.

Heenan: It looks like Ice has had enough with the kicking, and he brings Napalm up to his feet. He sends him into the ropes, but Napalm reverses it, holding onto Ice's arm and dropping him with a big shoulder to the chest. Ice hits hard, but bounces back up, only to be caught with a clothesline from Napalm, sending him back down to the mat. Napalm is on him now, punching away at the champ. The ref tries to pull him off, but Napalm isn't having it. He pushes the ref away and keeps punching. He doesn't want to DQ himself before this match is even really underway.

JR: He must of heard you Brain, because he's up now. He brings Ice up as well and flings him towards the other side. Ice hits the ropes and grabs them, flipping himself to the outside for a breather. I don't think he was expecting this kind of fight from Napalm, what with his attempt at knocking him out at the start of the match. While Ice catches his breath, Napalm watches him, finally deciding he's had enough. He slides out of the ring and gives chase. Ice sees him and rolls back in the ring, Napalm following, but Ice takes advantage and stomps Napalm's back. Now the Iceman lets him stand, sets him up, and drops him with a Fisherman's Suplex! He holds it.... 1...... but Napalm kicks out. Way too early for that sort of business.

Tenay: Iceman doesn't look shocked though. He stands, pulling Napalm up with him. He sends him into the corner hard, following in with a big clothesline. Napalm tries to fall, but Ice keeps him up, sending him all the way over to the other corner. Ice charges in again, but Napalm drops his head and sends Ice over the buckle and to the floor outside! Napalm staggers forward, hurt from the shots he's taken, while Ice tries to get to his feet. Napalm turns towards Ice, who grabs his ankles and pulls him to the outside. Both men look a little shaken up, but they begin to exchange punches outside the ring! Neither man wants to give this one up!

Heenan: Napalm takes the advantage, hitting two direct shots to Ice's jaw. Ice stumbles backwards heading up the ramp. Don't these guys know they could be counted out?

JR: When was the last time you saw a Pay-Per-View match end in a count-out, Heenan?

Heenan: Earlier tonight, with the Spellmens. You could probably still be counting! Both men are on the ramp now, but it's Napalm getting off the moves. He grabs Ice, sets up the Suplex, and hits it hard on that metal! Now he stands, kicking Ice right in the ribs! This is horrible! The Commish is in a lot of trouble! How could Ace let this happen?

JR: You know, Brain, you kiss more butt then a...

Heenan: Enough about me, JR! Stay professional!

JR: *mumbling something*

Tenay: Temper, boys, the show's almost done. Napalm brings Ice to his feet again, sending him full steam towards the ring. Ice drills the outside of the ring hard then falls to one knee. Napalm moves in again, bringing Ice up and slapping his hard across the chest. I bet they could hear that one at BYU! He slaps again, and what a sting! Napalm rolls Ice into the ring now, following in slowly. Ice gets to his feet, and Napalm is there, connecting on a Belly-to-Belly and driving Ice into the mat! He covers.... 1..... 2...... but the Commish shows us why he's a wrestler too and kicks out!

Heenan: Napalm doesn't seem at all bothered, it looks as if he wants this match to go on. He reaches down and locks on a Sleeperhold. Ice is sitting there, fighting against it, but with little effort.

JR: Napalm is applying quite a bit of pressure, pushing his knee into the champ's back as he holds on the sleeper. This could be the end of the match.

Heenan: No way! Ice would never fall asleep in the ring. He's a.... he's.... he's out of it! Where's the Presidential Stable?

Tenay: Don't you remember, Bobby? The Iceman said he didn't need the stable to help him beat Napalm tonight. He basically ordered them not to interfere.

Heenan: Well, yeah, but Ace ranks higher on the food chain, doesn't he? C'mon, Ace, be a true President! Help your friend!

JR: The ref is checking the arm of the Commissioner...... 1..... 2...... and with a sudden burst of energy Ice fights to his feet, grabs Napalm's head, and falls to the mat with a Jawbreaker! Both men go sprawling! Nobody's moving in there now! That sort of move is one of the only ways to get out of a sleeper, but it puts quite a beating on both fighters. The ref is counting, now at six, but Ice is getting to his feet. He stands, trying to get his wits back together. He seems to be alright, moving towards Napalm again. He reaches down and pulls him up, but Napalm catches him in the stomach with a quick punch. Ice still tries to pull Napalm up, only to get another punch in the stomach.

Heenan: Napalm stands now, backing up and coming off the ropes. He tries a clothesline, but Ice grabs his arm and brings him down into a Crippler Crossface!! That's what he calls the Ice Crusher! Napalm is fighting it, but a move like that is hard to get out of! Ice pulls back, adding on even more leverage, and there isn't much that Napalm can do! He's trying to move towards the ropes, but Ice is putting too much into it! He might tap out!

JR: He isn't going to tap out! Napalm doesn't tap out!

Tenay: Napalm's screaming out in pain in there! If it's one thing we know, it's that Ice knows how to apply a serious submission hold. Napalm's in the center of the ring, and Ice has all the leverage he needs and then some, as the ref leans over both wrestlers. I don't think there's much he can do, JR. This could really be it!

Heenan: Tap out!!! Go ahead, you wuss!!

JR: Heenan!

Heenan: Oh no! Napalm is dragging Ice towards the ropes now. He's getting close, his fingertips are the only thing between him and the ropes! He reaches out with one last effort, and Iceman breaks the hold. He stands and kicks down at Napalm, driving his boot into his kidneys. Napalm looks almost dead in there. Ice brings him to his feet now and sends him into the ropes, but Napalm leaps on the return! Where did he find the energy? Iceman saw it coming however, and he hits the mat, sending Napalm right into the ref!! The ref spills over the top-rope and to the outside, and he has got to be out of it!

Tenay: So much for those defensive classes that the President has been teaching. That ref didn't even try to move out of the way. Napalm looks down at the ref with a sour look on his face, then turns back to Ice. Iceman charges him, but Napalm drops his head and sends him over with a back-drop. Iceman pops back to his feet and charges again, only to be raised in the air, spun, and brought down with a powerful Spinebuster! What a move! It looks like Napalm is going to take this one to the finish! He brings Iceman up and sends him into the corner, following in with a hard spear. Now he lifts Ice up, sits him on the turnbuckle, and follows him. He lifts him up, sets him, and leaps.... drilling the Agent Orange!!!! What an impact!!! This one is done!

Heenan: No!!!

JR: Yes sir! Yes sir! Napalm is going to win this one! He covers.... damn it! The ref is still out! Look at him.... 1.... 2..... 3..... 4...... 5...... 6...... he could of won this thing four times by now! Napalm looks pissed off, and well he should be.

Heenan: He was the one who knocked out the ref, JR! The Commissioner had nothing to do with it. If Napalm hadn't been so clumsy, maybe this match would be over. Of course, maybe the European Champion would have kicked out, had he heard the slap on the mat. He is a Champ, after all.

Tenay: You're dreaming, Bobby. This one was over, because the Agent: Orange was applied perfectly. Ice is just now starting to move. Napalm's up, with a disgusted look on his face. He reaches out of the ring, pulling the ref off the floor and to the apron. After a few shakes, the ref awakens, and Napalm turns back to cover Ice again, only to be drilled with a low-blow!! Napalm falls to his knees in pain, as the ref, still recovering, doesn't even give a warning!

JR: What a way to take back control! The Commissioner pulls himself to his feet, wiping the sweat out of his eyes. He moves in, pulling Napalm to his feet long enough to set him for the Avalanche!!! There it is, he just nailed Napalm to the mat!! The Iceman makes the cover, as the hurting refere drops next to him..... 1..... 2....... 3!!!!!! Oh, I don't believe this!!!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner.... and STILL GCWA European Champion.... the Iceman!!!

Tenay: I've got to say that this is going to be a hard loss for Napalm to take. He had it won, and had the title in his hands, but in the end, the referee proved to be the deciding factor. The Iceman escapes by the skin of his teeth.

Heenan: What are you talking about? The Iceman just proved to the world that he is a deserving champion! He took Napalm down in the center of the ring, just like he said he would! He didn't need the Presidential Stable, or anyone else. He beat Napalm fair and square, and there's nothing that Nape can do about it! The Commissioner is one of the great stars of our sport, and he is the rightful European Champion!!

JR: Let's just roll the replay, guys.

*Heenan excitedly talks his way through the showing of the replay, which mainly focuses on the big moves, such as the Ice Crusher, the missed splash that took out the ref, the Agent: Orange, and, finally, the Avalanche... we return to the booth... *

Heenan: After seeing it again, I feel even more confident in what I've said. I'm glad Ice is still the champ. What a battle!

JR: Yeah, so you've said, Brain. I've got a question for you, though. Did you notice anything funny about the referee at the end there? It seemed to me like he almost intentionally moved in front of Napalm, like he was supposed to get hit.

Tenay: Interesting thought, JR. He did seem to move the wrong direction when the splash came his way.

Heenan: Oh, you guys are just making excuses. The referee just reacted badly. What do you expect, he's not an athlete! So he dodged the wrong way. It's not like he could have faked that hit! If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go lead an Iceman chant.

JR: Heenan, sit back down, we're not done here yet! We've got one major match left on the card, folks, and it's coming up next! You don't want to miss it! Three of the finest athletes of our generation are set to battle it out for the Heavyweight Title! We'll be back!!

*With Heenan having trouble getting enough fans to chant with him, and with Tenay and JR watching him, both with disgusted looks on their faces, we go to a three-split screen... Michael Breaker is storming down a hallway, flexing his fists... Dynamic Dynamite and Shannon Shag-Nasty are deep in conference, with Adrian Rockwell, the new Internet Champion, standing behind them.... and John Steel leaving the office of the Accelerator, where the cheers for the Iceman can still be heard (from Ace, not the fans)... Steel promises more of the same on his way out.... as he leaves, the masked man disappears around a corner, watching him go... he then steps out, smiling... we fade for an equipment commercial...*