*As we come back, the Accelerator is pictured inside his office... the door opens, and the man in the mask walks in...*

The Accelerator: What the hell? Oh, it's you, the phony. What do you want? I'm busy here!

Mask: It's time, Ace. It's not going to go on any more.

The Accelerator: What? Who are you? Pretty brave of you, waiting until Steel took off. Scared of him? Well, that's fine by me. So what's not going to go on anymore?

*The masked man takes his time walking around to the other side of the desk... Ace is on his feet, cautious but still sure of himself... the masked man looks into his eyes...*

Mask: Your greed will end. Your desperation for power will end. Your reign will end.

The Accelerator: *laughs* Is that all, or do you want to tack on anything else?

Mask: Just one more thing. My Suspension.... will end....

*The masked man reaches up, pulling off his mask.... showing himself to be Titan 3!!!!!! The Accelerator actually backs up, completely shocked... Titan 3 grins, a mad look, then shoves the desk to the side and moves in.... Ace defends himself, as they smash together, and the punches start flying... the cameraman, showing that he's not a brave man, runs for it... we fade back to the main desk...*

Tenay: I don't believe it!!! Titan 3 is back!!! The man who literally ruled the GCWA for so many months has crashed Crescendo 2000!!! I think our President is in a lot of trouble up there, guys!

JR: You don't know the half of it, Mike! Steel's down here for the main event! Ice is tired from the European Title match! They kicked out Punisher, who's obviously not going to come help the Prez now, and D'Amor's not here anymore! The Prez is all alone!

Heenan: This is not good.

Tenay: Well, there's nothing we can go, Heenan, except to continue the show. It's time for the match that everyone, around the world, has been waiting for! Who's leaving with the most prestigious title in the South?

Heenan: Hell, Mike, it's the biggest title in the world!!

JR: Until the XCW World Title is given out, I'll agree with you, Brain. Let's look at the tape, and see how this all came about.

*The tape begins at Return to Greatness, with Michael Breaker getting the free victory over X-Dog, and his subsequent fight with Ace Thug... Breaker's pictured giving an interview, with the Heavyweight Title around his waist... we're shown the first Breaker/Dynamite match, where interference from Ace Thug cost Breaker the title... Dynamite's shown on the turnbuckle, with the Heavyweight strap finally in his hands... we flip to Breaker/Dynamite II, where John Steel, as the Enforcer, attacks both men... Breaker's mental facilities are shown deteriorating, as some of his surreal tapes are run... Steel/Breaker II leads to Dynamite at the broadcast table, where he attacked Steel... Breaker went after Dynamite, throwing him through the table, and all three brawled... each of them give a brief interview segment, then the tape ends...*

Tenay: That tape just runs a shudder down my back. I hate seeing the way I fell. It makes my head hurt.

Heenan: Yeah, Mike, I need to train you in the art of dodging. Did you see how fast I moved there? It's taken me years, but it really helps. I'll give you some lessons later.

Tenay: Y'know, I think I'd appreciate that, Bobby. Anything to avoid something like that next time.

Heenan: Oh, it'll be easy. First off, you need to...

JR: GENTLEMEN! Could we?

Tenay: Sorry, JR, got carried away. Let's send it to Penzer for the call.

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the main event of the evening.... three men will enter the ring, each with his heart set on one piece of gold... are you ready? *cheers* C'mon, this is live on PPV! Are You Ready? *explosion of cheers* Then Let's Get It On!!!!!

*A huge pyro and flame explosion erupts around the ring, as Penzer stands, unfazed, in the center... the fans love it... Penzer goes back to talking...*

Penzer: What's Buffer got that I don't? Introducing First.... standing 6'6" and weighing 275 lbs.... from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania... the former 2-time European Champion... from the Presidential Stable.... here is "The Real Deal" John Steel!!!

*As "El Phantismo" by White Zombie bangs over the speakers, Steel walks out, to the boos of the crowd... he takes them in stride, with a comfortable smirk on his face, as he heads for the ring... *

Heenan: Here he is, my pick to win the big one!

Tenay: John Steel definitely has to be considered a major threat tonight. We've heard about his domination in another federation when the GCWA temporarily closed down. Since he came back, the Real Deal has been a serious force. He came very close to earning the belt at Warriors of the Ring 2000, where he beat three people only to lose to Breaker at the end. Now Steel's coming in fully refreshed, and ready to show us what he's made of.

JR: If he's not careful, Breaker WILL show us what Steel is made of. Breaker's been pissed at Steel for a long time now. Steel seems to be the main point of Breaker's mental problems, as showcased by the match they had a few weeks ago. Here's hoping that the two of them can settle things here tonight.

Penzer: Next... standing 6'9" tall, and weighing in at 310 lbs... from Los Angeles, California... he's a former Hardcore and Heavyweight Champion, known as a true competitor... from the Thrillseekers.... Michael "The Man" Breaker!!

*The same distorted Breaker theme plays, as Michael Breaker walks out, wearing a very unusual outfit... half of it is his normal wrestling gear... the other half is a bright orange, not unlike the old Bastards of Oblivion outfits... he marches towards the ring with a wild look in his eye...*

Heenan: Somebody check Bellevue, I think someone's made a break for it!

JR: Make jokes if you want, Brain, but without any mercy in his mind, Michael Breaker has become that much more dangerous. No one really knows what he's going to do tonight, or even who he's going to be. If I were in this match, I'd be very concerned.

Tenay: Michael Breaker is one of the largest athletes in the GCWA. Add in an unstable brain, and you've got a very frightening individual.

Penzer: Their opponent... standing 6'7" and weighing 275 lbs... from St. Louis, Missouri... from the Bastards of Oblivion 2000... with his manager, OG Thug... the current GCWA Heavyweight Champion.... Dynamic Dynamite!!!

*As "Peace Not Greed" by the Kottonmouth Kings plays, the Heavyweight Champion makes his way out and heads down to the ring.... OG Thug is with him, although the valets are nowhere to be found... Dynamite hands the belt to OG Thug and enters the ring, looking very cocky...*

JR: You have to consider this Dynamic Dynamite's biggest match ever. He's finally reached the top of his profession, but to stay there, he's got to defeat two of the best wrestlers in the world today. Also, Triple Threat rules are in place, which means that Dynamite doesn't have to be involved in the decision to lose the belt! If Breaker pins Steel, this one's over.

Heenan: Yeah, Dynamite's really got his work cut out for him. But you have to admire the man's courage in signing this match. He could have said that only one will be fighting him, but no, he made sure that both Breaker and Steel made the trip to Salt Lake City. Dynamite's got the courage and the skills to win out here, and become known as one of the greatest champions ever.

Tenay: I'll tell you this much, Bobby. If Dynamite survives, he will definitely have earned it. All three men want the gold, and only one's going to get it! Ring the bell, let's get started!!

*The bell rings...*

JR: This is always the interesting part. Who pairs against who? Breaker makes the choice himself, nailing Steel with a right hand, then going after Dynamite as well! He catches Dynamite on the way in, stunning him with a few quick punches, then turns back and blocks a Steel shot, booting him in the stomach! Steel bends in pain, allowing Breaker to grab him by the head and throw him into Dynamite! We just began this match and we already have a noggin-knocker!! Steel falls to his knees in pain, as Breaker focuses totally on Dynamite, backing him into the corner and choking away on him, wanting revenge on the man who took his title away. I don't think we're seeing "The Man" right now. This looks like the "God" personality!

Tenay: He's looking very vicious in there to begin things, JR, as the ref calls for the break. A disqualification would be a huge letdown, and I really doubt that it's going to happen. Steel is already back up, but he's not moving in just yet. He seems to like seeing Dynamite get choked down. But when the ref shouts another warning and starts to count, with no reaction from Breaker, Steel moves in, knowing that a DQ allows Dynamite to keep the strap. He nails Breaker in both sides with two fists, causing him to drop Dynamite in pain. Steel then pulls Breaker out of the corner, turning him around and twisting him to the mat with a roll-up!!! 1..... 2.. Breaker kicks out easily. Both get up, but Breaker's quickly back down again, as Dynamic Dynamite leaps from the turnbuckle and scores a Double Axehandle blow! Steel smiles, and the massacre is on, as both men start stomping away on Breaker!

Heenan: See? That's why you don't attack both wrestlers. You make a deal with one, and it helps you out immensely. What shape will Breaker be in to win the belt now?

JR: I personally wouldn't trust Steel OR Dynamite as far as they could throw you, Brain. But your point is noted, because the two men are severely double-teaming the big Breaker. They pull him up, lock him, and manage to get him into the air, suplexing him backwards to the turf. Dynamite and Steel stand, and Dynamite points downwards with a smile. Steel smiles as well, and drags Breaker up. They both get a hold on the big man, who's trying to fight against the doubleteam, and lift him up, dropping him across the top rope! Breaker takes a bad bounce on the rope and flips to the outside, barely managing to hit feet-first before he collapses to the ground. But as Breaker lands, Dynamite doesn't hesitate. The truce is immediately over, as he moves in, surprising Steel with a knee into his gut!

Tenay: Partnerships rarely last in this type of match. Dynamite pounds on Steel's back, finally driving him to the ground, then kicks him full in the face! Steel rolls in pain, as Dynamite follows him, still with his smile in place. He grabs the Real Deal and pulls him up, then catches him with a Scoop Slam and makes the cover. However, it's way too early, as he gets only a 1 count. Dynamite pulls Steel back up, wait, Steel elbows him in the chops, then lifts Dynamite up with a Reverse Atomic Drop!! Dynamite hops backwards in pain, leaving him wide open for a massive lariat! Steel just took his head off! Steel takes a second to breathe, even as Breaker starts climbing back into the ring!

JR: Steel turns and sees the man, though, and runs at him, smashing him with both arms at full speed! Breaker falls backwards off of the apron, back to the thin padding on the outside! Steel looks back at Dynamite, then leaves the ring, moving out after Breaker. He pulls the heavyweight up and slams him headfirst on the guardrail, then sends him back into the ring. But as Steel's entering, Dynamite makes the cover!! 1..... 2..... Steel breaks it up with a big set of boots. Steel pulls up Dynamite almost angrily, lifts him into the air, and attempts to slam him on Breaker, who rolls out of the way. The effort isn't wasted, however, since Dynamite takes the hit. Breaker hauls himself up, and goes after Steel, and now we're back to a boxing match!

Heenan: Fists have really been the story of tonight, haven't they? Wrestling moves are only secondary to punching your opponent unconscious!

Tenay: It does seem to be happening a lot at this pay-per-view. But men always like to fight that way. It's a human instinct. Breaker takes control, though, using his brute force, not to mention a trip from Dynamite, to get a grip on Steel. He lifts the Real Deal up by the throat, holding him in the air for a few seconds before Chokeslamming him!!! Steel shudders on the mat, as Breaker gives a roar to the crowd, who are firmly behind him! But Dynamite's climbing back to his feet! He slips behind Breaker, locking on a surprise Full Nelson on those big shoulders, yanking Breaker off-balance and putting him into some pain. Breaker starts struggling, trying to break free, as the pressure is applied. The ref checks, but submissions are a rarity in main-event matches.

JR: Steel is recovering, pulling himself up by the ropes, as Breaker continues to try and break loose from the hold. He drags Dynamite towards the ropes, getting a foot through. This forces the break, and after a couple of warnings, Dynamite agrees, releasing the hold. He pulls Breaker around and uppercuts him twice quickly, stunning the man. He then grabs the arm and sends him, no, reversal, the Heavyweight Champion goes across instead, right where John Steel is waiting with a Back Bodydrop outside of the ring!!!! Oh, man, what an impact by Dynamic Dynamite!!! He landed horribly there, and that padding just could not have helped! Steel doesn't even notice, however. He's braced, as Breaker, hoping for the advantage, runs in himself! Steel gets a Drop Toe Hold, though, tripping Breaker to the mat, and the fight continues in the ring.

Heenan: Hey, OG Thug! Get your butt over there, your man needs ya!

Tenay: He saw, Bobby, no need to shout. Steel and Breaker are both back on their feet, with Steel using his forearm to his advantage, leaving welts on the face of "The Man". But Breaker seems to be shrugging them off! Steel looks a little worried now. He goes for a shot to the kidneys, but Breaker blocks it, grabbing the leg and holding it, as the fans cheer! Steel raises his hands, looking around for some aid, but Dynamite's still down outside the ring! Breaker lifts the leg, forcing Steel to fall backwards, then grabs the other foot, twisting over into a huge Boston Crab maneuver! That's almost as far up as the Walls of Jericho!!

JR: He is wrenching Steel with everything he can muster, and you can see by Steel's face that the pain is tremendous! Breaker's submissionist background is usually forgotten behind his brawler exterior, but this man can hurt you in so many ways! Steel's saying, or rather yelling, "No" to the ref, but he's also not able to make any progress towards the ropes! He's got 300 lbs of muscle on him, keeping him clutched in a painful world! On the outside, OG Thug is frantically pulling Dynamite up and pointing towards the ring, knowing that every second is critical. Dynamite looks in, sees the submission hold, and immediately grabs at the ropes, springing himself into the ring. Breaker sees him, but Dynamite's coming in too fast, hammering him and breaking the hold.

Heenan: Steel drops his feet to the mat almost with a sigh. Did you ever think you'd see the day where the BOO Heavyweight Champion would save the right-hand man of the President from the Enforcer of the Thrillseekers?

Tenay: That's why everyone watches these Pay-Per-Views. You never know what you're going to see. Dynamite is now the man in the best shape, as he pounds away on Michael Breaker. He spins the big man into the corner and starts slamming his head into the 'buckle, counting up to 10. The fans aren't in the mood to count for him. Oh, but here they go! Breaker takes the 10 hits, then rises up, reversing the shots and delivering the same count to Dynamite! The fans start chanting out, and at 10, Breaker releases Dynamite, who falls backwards to the turf, holding his head protectively. Steel is trying to get to his feet, putting aside the pain in his spinal cord. Dynamite is also starting to get up, even as Breaker takes a small breather. He moves in, grabbing Dynamite and pulling him up into a Torture Rack!!!

JR: That's the beginning of the Man-Breaker!!!! The match could be over in just a minute here!! Dynamite's yelling out, trying to figure out how to get free, as Breaker crushes his back into two pieces! Steel is up, though, and comes in, kicking Breaker in the chest! Breaker staggers, dropping Dynamite to the right, oh, and as Dynamite goes down, he applies the Dynamic Pain!!!! What a variation!! Dynamite rolls on top.... 1....... 2..... Steel stops it!! He violently kicks away at Dynamite, getting him off of Breaker, then makes the cover himself!!! 1..... 2..... NO! Breaker threw him aside!! This one's still going!

Heenan: Good! I don't want it to end! These guys are putting on a hell of a show tonight! Breaker tries to stand, then falls back to his knees, obviously dizzy. From that shot he took, he could possibly be concussed. Dynamite and Steel both are having back problems thanks to the submission holds, but they've also been looking out for the other. Steel's back up, grabbing the Heavyweight Champion and pulling him up. He whips him into the corner, full power. Dynamite hits hard and leans there, hurting, as Steel reaches down, hauling up Breaker and throwing him the same way! Breaker splashes into Dynamite, crushing him into the turnbuckle! Oh, and here comes Steel, taking flight and splashing into Breaker's back as well!!!! Wow!! Dynamite has been flattened, as Steel staggers backwards with the ropes as his guide. Breaker falls onto his back, not moving. Oh, wait, Dynamite falls forward as well, and we have another cover! 1..... 2...... Breaker just barely gets his shoulder up! That was close!

Tenay: I thought that might be it, because Steel was out of position to break it up. But Breaker found just enough energy to kick out. Steel comes back in, looking disgusted, whether in himself or his opponents is unknown. He grabs Breaker and brings him up, but Breaker lifts his legs out from under him and Sidewalk Slams him!!! Now all three wrestlers are on the ground! The ref starts counting, a nice slow one, as the wrestlers each fight their own personal battles to recover. Breaker's struggling to his feet, but he has a long way to go. It looks like Dynamite's winning the race. He's up, considering both of his opponents like a true champion, trying to judge who the better one to attack will be. Breaker is up, now, shaking his head clear. The ref asks him if he's ok, and Breaker just shrugs, reaching down for Steel at his feet.

JR: Yeah, but look what Dynamite just did! OG Thug handed him something, maybe a chain of some sort, and the champion has wrapped it around his fist! The ref didn't see it, and doesn't suspect a thing, as Dynamite charges over. Breaker sees him coming and turns, blocking the loaded punch, and firing back with his own! Dynamite stumbles backwards by the multiple hits, then Breaker bends him over and lifts with a huge Powerbomb!!!! Dynamite is down!! Breaker makes the cover... 1..... 2.... Steel makes the save!! Man, is this match ever going to end?? Steel hammers Breaker again and again, then pulls him up, balancing him long enough to drop backwards with a Snap DDT!! It's not the Real Deal, but it's close enough! Steel makes the cover.... 1..... 2...... Breaker kicks out!

Tenay: This war keeps going! Steel exhaustedly pulls himself up, looking down at Breaker, who is again moving, looking for which way is up. Dynamite, also, is on his way up, trying to get his bearings. Steel drags Breaker up, smacking him across the face with an open hand. Ooo, that was a mistake, as Breaker's eyes go wide with rage! Steel steps back, surprised, but Breaker reaches in, grabbing Steel and snapping him over with a Fisherman's Suplex!!! 1..... 2...... Steel escapes at the end!! Breaker was that close to winning the title for a second time! Breaker and Steel both push themselves back up, and start to lock up again. Meanwhile, Dynamite's on his feet, and he's running in, still with that chain around his wrist!! Steel somehow senses him and ducks to the right, but Breaker didn't have the warning, and gets nailed right in the jaw, dropping backwards!!

Heenan: Tiiiimmmmm-bbbbuuuuurrrr!!!!

JR: Breaker is down and possibly out!! But Dynamite's offbalance, and Steel takes advantage, grabbing him by the head and landing the Real Deal DDT!!!!!! Dynamite just got whacked!!! Steel takes a knee, breathing for just a second, then notices that Breaker isn't moving to intercept him. He makes the cover on the champion..... 1...... 2...... 3!!!!!!!! It's over!!!!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen.... your winner.... and NEW GCWA Heavyweight Champion..... "The Real Deal" John Steel!!!!

Heenan: He's done it, just like I said he would!! John Steel is the Real Deal, he's the Champion!!!

Tenay: What a match!! Steel truly earned this one, because both Breaker and Dynamite were inches away from wins at numerous occassions!! John Steel brings the Heavyweight Title back to the camp of the President!! This has been another historic night, folks, and I'm sure you'll want to see it again and again, so remember, if you didn't record it, we'll be showing a replay for the next week! Good night, folks!!

*In the ring, John Steel is handed the Heavyweight Title, and he drops in the corner ala Kurt Angle, celebrating in his own way... Michael Breaker is out of the ring, holding his jaw and wondering what happened.... Dynamic Dynamite's just now rolling out of the squared circle... Steel puts the belt around his waist, still grinning from ear to ear... the image switches to the Accelerator's office.... it is completely destroyed.... the desk is in multiple pieces... the whereabouts of Ace and Titan 3 are unknown... replays start playing of events throughout the night... it ends up with shots from the big main event match, and ends with Steel's smile... we fade out...*